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DEPARTMENT: Engineering Technology


NAME OF COURSE: Programmable Logic Controller and Motor

Control Systems

NAME OF INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Mehdi Abolhassani


Office Hours: Tu 3PM-5PM, Mon 3PM-5PM

The information contained in this class syllabus is subject to change without
notice. Students are expected to be aware of any additional course policies
presented by the instructor during the course.

Learning Objectives

1- To understand general principles of motor control systems.

2- To learn the methods for motor protection.

3- To learn starting methods for various electric motors.

4- To learn electronic control of electric motors.

5- To understand variable-speed control of various electric motors.

6- To learn basic concepts of programmable logic controllers for motor control applications.

7- To understand basic open-loop and closed-loop control algorithms for electric motors.

Major Assignments/Exams

Mid-Term Exam 30%

Final Exam 40%

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Pop Quizzes 15%
Home Works/Projects 15%

Required Reading

- Industrial Motor Control, 7th Edition

Author: Herman
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN-10 1133691803
ISBN-13 9781133691808

- Class Notes

Recommended Reading

1) Electrical Machinery Fundamentals, 4th Edition

Author: Chapman, S.J
ISBN: 0-07-246523-9
Publisher: McGraw Hill, New York, NY

1- Review of Motor Control Systems Equipment
a. Manual starters( Ch.3)
b. Overload Relays(Ch.4)
c. Relays, Contactors(Ch.5)
d. Motor Starters(Ch.5)
e. Control Transformer ( Ch.6)
f. Timing Relays ( Ch.7)
g. Pressure Switch and Sensors ( Ch.8)
h. Flow Switches and Sensors ( Ch.10)
i. Limit Switches and Micro Switches ( Ch.11)
j. Temperature sensing Devices ( Ch.14)
k. Hall-Effect Sensors ( Ch.15)
l. Proximity Detectors ( Ch.16)
m. Photo Detectors ( Ch.17)

2- Program Logic Controllers

a. Introduction and Basics (Ch.53)
b. Programming a PLC (Ch.54)
c. Analog and Digital Sensing ( Ch.55)

3- Schematic and Wiring Diagrams ( Ch19-25)

a. Timed Starting
b. Developing Wiring Diagrams

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4- Motor Control system functions
a. Forward-Reverse Control ( Ch.29)
b. Jogging and Inching Control ( Ch.30)
c. Sequence Control (Ch.31)

5- Motor Starting Methods and Controls

a. Starting Methods for DC Motors ( Ch.33)
b. Solid State DC Drives (Ch.33)
c. AC Motor Starting Methods (Ch.36)
d. Resistor and Reactor Starting for AC Motors( Ch.37)
e. Autotransformer Starting ( Ch.38)
f. Wye-Delta Starting ( Ch.39)
g. Part Winding Starters (Ch.40)

6- Braking (Ch.43)
a. Mechanical Brakes
b. Dynamic Braking

7- Wound Rotor Induction Motor Control ( Ch.44)

a. Manual Control
b. Speed Control
c. Frequency Control

8- Synchronous Motors Control (Ch.45)

a. Starting a Synchronous Motor
b. The Brushless Exciter
c. Direct-Current Generator
d. 6-Step BLDC Control

9- Variable- speed Control (Ch.46)

a. Solid-State Control
b. Variable Frequency Drives

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