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Global Elementary Units 8, 9, 10
Students will be able to use the present continuous and the present simple to contrast facts, habits and routines to activities happening at the moment or around the moment of
speaking. They will also talk about their transport preferences and ask and give directions.


FESI Announcements Pairs. The best way to get around town Individual.
Ss will make a radio announcement to inform FESI ss about changes in the transport Ss will write a report to describe transport trends around the world.
and to provide them with indications of alternative ways to move around.
Pre-task: Ss are required to do research about transport habits around the world.
Task: Teacher will assign a different city or town to each student.
The bus service in the lines FESI- La Raza, FESI- Rosario and FESI- Suburban Train are Task:
not operating today because theyre repairing the vehicles. Make a radio Whats the latest trend in transport in your town? Do people in your country use an
announcement to spread the word and provide your peers with directions to get to unusual transport? How do people in your city or town move around?
the different destinations. What transport do you recommend to tourists?
The traveling website wants to know. Write a report to share the
information with the rest of the world.


- Action verbs in the present
participle form: cooking, going, etc My mother works in the morning. I think
Describing and
W - Daily routines shes in her office and shes drinking Speaking
E - Parts of the day & days of the coffee in this moment. - SB page 101 Speaking &
about what
E Ongoing week. Writing Ex. 2
people are
K actions - Places A: What is your best friend doing right - Talking pictures*
doing at the
- Prepositions: at, in now?
moment of
1 - Expression I think (that) B: I think that shes sleeping. Its early and * Use images from the SB
she wakes up late. or bring your own.
Time expressions
- right now, in this moment
Methods of transport
By bicycle/bike, by boat, on foot, by
metro/subway, by motorcycle/ My parents go to work by car and my
motorbike, by train, by bus, by car. brother and I take the bus or the metro. Reading
SB page 90
WB page 53
Railway records
Talking about A: How do you go to school? WB page 56
peoples Collocations about transport B: I usually go by bus, but sometimes I
preferences - Take the train/ bus/ metro travel by car.
and habits - Travel by train/ bus/ car/ metro
regarding - Go on foot. A: Do you travel by bike?
transportation - Get/ go to school/ work/ home. B: I hardly ever travel by bike. I take the
SB page 90 bus and the metro every day. Speaking
Frequency adverbs SB page 90 Vocabulary Ex. 2 & 3 SB page 91 Speaking.
W - Every week, day, night
E - Always, sometimes, never.
K Verbs in the present participle
Im having exams this week; therefore Im
1 Listening
Verbs in the past tense studying in the afternoons.
The / / sound.
This week Julian is going to work by bike SB page 91 Pronunciation Ex.
Time expressions 1- 2. Track 3.22-3.23
Now, at the moment, these days, because his car broke down last Sunday.
WB page 55 Pronunciaton 1
Talking about nowadays, this morning/ week/ Track 1.24
activities month/ year. More people in my city are now using the
happening bike and not the bus or metro. Its free
At the Present and fast.
around the Phrasal verbs
moment of Go up/ down
speaking. Some biology students are planting trees
Recycle: and plants around the school because
- Daily routines theyre working on a reforestation project
- Days of the week and parts of the this month.
Reading & Listening
day Pedal Power
WB page 52/ SB page 91
- Conjunctions: so, therefore, SB pages 90, 91 Reading EX 1-
because, so, but. 3. Track 3.211
- Question words: what, how, why
Im not going to school this month
because Im recovering from a surgery.

Claudia is on a special diet nowadays. She

Talking about isnt eating any vegetables or fruit.
activities not Writing
happening Verbs in the present participle My group and I arent taking the 7 am A Descriptive Paragraph:
around the form. class this week because the teacher is Transport in my city these
moment of sick. days.
Verbs in the past tense Use WB page 53 Vocabulary
W The majority of students in my school 1B as model.
E Time expressions arent taking the bus to the suburban
E Now, at the moment, these days, train, theyre walking instead.
K nowadays, this morning/ week/
WB page 52/ SB page 91
month/ year.
1 At the Present
Time A: Hello neighbor! Are you taking the bus
Phrasal verbs
Go up/ down
B: No, Im not. Im driving my car Speaking
A: Why are you driving? Making Conversation
B: Because the mechanic finally fixed my SB page 93 Speaking
Asking about - Daily routines
activities and - Days of the week and parts of the
events day
A: The CETRAM Rosario is closed, how are
happening - Conjunctions: so, therefore,
you going to work these days?
around the because, so, but.
B: Im traveling by train and going on foot.
moment of - Question words: what, how, why
I take the suburban train and then I walk
to work. And you, what transport are you
A: Im taking three different buses.

SB page 93 Grammar Ex. 3

- Conjunctions
- Action verbs in the present
participle form: cooking, going, etc
- Simple past tense I always traveled by bus or metro, but
- Daily routines now Im driving because I got a new car. Reading & Listening
- Parts of the day & days of the SB page 92 Vocabulary &
Its fast and nice.
week. Reading. Ex 3 Track 3.25
- Places Most people in our country go to work by
- Prepositions: at, in metro, but nowadays a lot of people are
The Present Contrasting - Time expressions: Now, at the using the bike instead because its healthy Listening
Time: Facts, things that are moment, these days, nowadays, this and it doesnt pollute the environment. SB page 92 Listening Ex. 1, 2
W habits & generally true morning/ week/ month/ year.
Track 3.26 Written
E routines vs. and habitual - Methods of transport The Line 2 of the metro isnt working this A report
E activities actions to - Collocations about transport week because theyre repairing it. WB page 58 Writing
K happening at events
However, theyre offering free bus
the moment happening Big Numbers transport to metro users. Speaking
1 or around the now or around 135, 800, 55000, 103458.
moment of the moment of Making conversation
SB Vocabulary & Reading Ex. 1,2
The Safe Transport in FESI usually starts SB page 93 Speaking
speaking. speaking. WB 54
at 8 pm, but there arent any buses in line.
Words to describe quantities I think its not working today.
The majority
Most people
SB page 93 Grammar Writing
A large/ small number of
A report
WB page 57
Extend vocabulary
Come and go
SB page 92
WB page 54
Words related to transport
Get on
Get off
Change line/transport

Words & Phrases to give

A: Excuse me, how do you get to the
directions. Reading
Bellas Artes museum?
Turn left/ right English Place Names
B: Take the metro line 2 and get off at
Its on the left/ right SB page 99 Reading
the Bellas Artes stop. Go out the metro
Go straight on Oral
W and walk to Alameda Central.
Its straight ahead. Directions
E A: Thanks!
Asking and Walk up/ down SB page 98 Speaking Ex.
Directions giving Go down/ up Listening B.
directions. Walk/ Drive to Conversation in London
A: Excuse me, were looking for the
SB page 98 Listening Track
1 library.
Phrases to ask for directions 3.41
B: Ok. Go straight on. Its on the right.
How do I get to?
A: Thank you very much.
How can I get to?
Im looking for
SB page 98
Im trying to get to Speaking
How do I get to?
Places in town SB page 98 Speaking Ex. A
Street, avenue,
Restaurant, school, post office, etc.

SB page 98
Global Elementary Units 8, 9, 10
Students will use adjectives to describe feelings, places, people, food, situations and else to compare and contrast them as well as identifying their similarities and differences.
They will also state the purpose of objects and actions.


Report: Language Students Profiles. Teams Hi ________! Individual
Students will elaborate a report to describe English students at FESI. Students will write an e- mail to let a friend/ family member know what life is like in
another country/ city.
Pre- task: Prepare a 6 question-survey to find out what language students think about
the English language, the language skills, the courses and teachers at FESI, and also Task:
why they decided to learn English and the reasons why they chose the courses at Youre living in another city/ country now and life is different from your hometown.
Iztacala. Write an e-mail to a friend or family member telling them about your life now and how
its similar or different to your old lifestyle. Consider the place, people, food, weather,
Task: What are FESI English students like? transport, etc. And mention some good and bad experiences youve had too.
1. Carry out a survey to find out more about them and their opinions and preferences. Use SB page 101 Grammar as an example.
2. Use the answers to make a report and present your findings to the class.
Take the report on SB page 100 as an example.
A: How are you today?*
Adjectives to describe feelings &
B: Im a little nervous, I have an important
exam today.
Happy, excited, relaxed, optimistic,
enthusiastic, calm, joyful, great
A: Why are you sad?*
Sad, unhappy, depressed, lonely,
W B: Because I had a fight with a friend. Listening
miserable, blue, gloomy, bored
E Feelings
Describing Scared, afraid, shocked, anxious,
E Feelings & A: Are you angry?* SB page 94 Vocabulary &
how people worried, hysterical, nervous
K States B: No, Im not. Im hungry! Listening Ex 1 & 2 Track
feel. Angry, irritated, annoyed, mad.
3.31- 3.36
Hungry, thirsty, homesick
2 A: How does Grecia feel?*
SB page 94/ WB page 54
B: She feels calm. The presentation went
Emphasizers well.
Really, very, extremely
*The book doesnt provide with materials to
A little (bit)
practice this notion.
Adjectives to describe feelings &
I get angry when my sister takes my
clothes. I get happy when I see my friends.
Extend vocabulary
Get+ adjective
Johana gets hungry when she watches
Get angry, sad, happy, etc.
food ads. Or cooking shows.
W SB page 94
Describing and
asking about Emphasizers A: Do you get nervous when you take an Speaking
E Feelings &
changes in Really, very, extremely exam? SB 94 Vocabulary & Listening
K States
mood and B: Yes, I do. I get really nervous. Ex. 3
state. Relative pronoun: when
A: Does Johana get mad when you take
Everyday life situations her clothes?
Watch a programme on tv, meet B: Yes, she does. She gets really angry.
people, take an exam, have a class,
talk to the teacher, have breakfast, SB page 94 Language Note
go to parties, etc
Adjectives to describe people, food, Im really happy here, the town is as big
Stating activities, places and objects. as our hometown and Germans are as
W similarities kind as Mexicans.
E between two Adjectives to describe feelings &
E or more states I felt homesick sometimes during my stay
Culture Shock
K people, places, in Warsaw because Mrs. Jonassens food
food, Asas was as delicious as moms food.
2 situations and
objects.1 Verb to be affirmative form in the At first the weather was as hot as in
simple present and simple past Mexico during the summer.

The textbooks do not provide with resources to teach or practice this notion, teacher s required to bring his own materials.
Adjectives to describe people, food, The food here isnt as delicious as
Stating activities, places and objects. Mexican food and people arent as kind as
W differences they are back home.
E between two Adjectives to describe feelings &
E or more states I enjoyed Canada and The USA, but the ORAL
Culture Shock
K people, places, Canadians werent as fun as the
food, Asas Americans. Here & There
2 situations and Answer the following
objects.2 Verb to be negative form in the The weather in Europe isnt as nice as it is question:
simple present and simple past in South America.
tenses. Why did you choose to
Adjectives to describe people, food, Mexicans are warmer than English people. study English at FESI and
activities, places and objects. However, Ive met very kind people in not in another school or
Nice, kind, honest, generous, caring, England. language center?
respectful Justify your answer by
Reading & Listening
Delicious, warm, spicy, good The winter is much colder in Canada than comparing the English
Comparing Culture Shock
W Fun, interesting, expensive, cheap in Mexico. Ive never been so cold! SB page 94- 95 Reading Ex. 2- courses at FESI with
and other places. Take into
E Hot, cold, warm, snowy, rainy 3. Track 3.37
contrasting consideration: the
E Big, small, old, new, modern I feel better than when I first arrived here.
Culture Shock people, places, length of the courses,
K Im happier and more relaxed. Ive gone
food, the type of course, the
Comparative Adjectives to fabulous places and met very Speaking
situations teachers, the facilities,
2 Happier, taller, hotter than interesting people. Culture Shock
objects. etc.
More interesting than SB page 94 Ex. 4 & 5
Buildings in big cities are higher than in
Emphasizer small towns. Writing
Much E-mails
WB page 52 SB page 95 Writing

You need a passport to travel to other

countries. Writing & Speaking
Preposition TO
W Making definitions
Chris doesnt use his computer to do SB page 97 Vocabulary &
E Stating the Everyday life objects
homework or school work, he uses it to Speaking. Ex. 2- 4
E Infinitive of purpose of Camera, credit card, passport,
play games.
K Purpose objects. phrase book, suitcase, toothbrush,
wallet, purse, umbrella, cell-phone,
Use your dictionary to look for words you
2 map, computer, jacket, car, etc. Listening & Speaking
dont know.
SB page 97
Weak & Strong forms
SB page 97 SB page 97 Pronunciation
Track 3.38- 3.39

The textbooks do not provide with resources to teach or practice this notion, teacher s required to bring his own materials.
Im from Chicago and I travel to the US
every summer to see my family and Reading & Speaking
friends. Global Migration
SB page 96 Reading &
Speaking. WRITTEN
Clarissa studies English to get her degree
Preposition TO and to have better job opportunities.
W Reading Why did you migrate?
E Stating the Why did you go? Youre an emigrant.
Verbs in the infinitive form I went to Paris for the summer to learn
E Infinitive of reasons why a SB pages 96, 97 Write a report stating
K Purpose person does or some French and travel around the
Concepts: country. the reasons why you
did something. decided to migrate.
Migration, immigrant, emigrant.
2 Listening Use the text Whay did
SB page 96 My grandparents had a party last month
Tips for long flights you go? In SB page 97 as
to celebrate their 40th wedding
WB page 55 Listening Track
anniversary. an example.

SB page 96, 97 Writing

WB page 53
A report
SB page 100 Reading, Writing
skills; Language Focus.
Global Elementary Units 8, 9, 10
Students will use adjectives and superlatives to describe the appearance and personality of different people. They will also describe and compare different rites of passage from
different countries. At the end of the lesson, students will be able to write a speech to introduce a person.


Modern Role Models. Pairs. Im very pleased to welcome. Individual.
Students will give a presentation to introduce a person they consider to be a role Students will write a speech to introduce a speaker to their schoolmates.
model from the XXI Century.
Pre-task: Work with activities SB page 112 Preparing to write.
Pre- task: Write the following names on the board: Mark Zuckerberg, Emma Watson,
Malala Yousafzai and make students reflect on the following questions. Task:
a) What remarkable people under 40 years old do you know? The English Department is going to have a cycle of conferences about language
b) Who do you consider to be a good role model for young people? learning. They have invited teachers and researchers from other countries to speak at
c) Why is he/she a good role model? Whats he/she like? the conferences.
d) What important things has he/she done? The students from the English courses are going to introduce the speakers and your
teacher chose you to present one of the speakers.
Task: Write a speech to introduce the person to your school.
Who are the XXI Centurys role models? Give a presentation about a person you
consider to be a good role model for young people in the present days.

The best thing about a wedding is the

Reading & Listening
W Stating which
Rites of Passage
E celebration or The first haircut is the most important
SB page 104 Ex. 1, 2 Track
E The Highest rite of passage Superlatives rite of passage for Mongolians.
K Degree is at the upper Ex: The tallest, the most important
or lower limit WB page 59 Ive gone to all my cousins graduation
3 of a quality. parties, the best one was Elisas.
Rites of Passage
Life Events
SB page 104 Ex. 3.
Graduation, wedding, etc. SB page 104, 105
WB page 61/ SB page 104

Rites of passage3 Pozole is the most delicious Mexican

The first haircut, quinceaera, dish Ive ever eaten.
Stating which SB page 104
W For me, the listening section is the
person, place,
E Recycle: hardest part of the final English exam. Oral
situation, etc
E The Highest -Simple present and past tenses
in a group is at
K Degree -Present Perfect: life experiences, Did you know that the hottest place on Rites of Passage
the upper or
achievements. earth is the Lut Desert in Iran. SB page 105 Speaking.
lower limit of
3 Ss will give a short
a quality.
I think that the most interesting subject presentation about a
in my major was Phonetics. rite of passage they
consider important.
WB page 59

Its recommended that both teacher and students do research on the matter previously.
What are you like? A: What are you like?
B: Im not very outgoing, but Im really
Adjectives to describe personality friendly.
Nice, polite, kind, rude, impolite
Shy, friendly, outgoing, introvert, A: Whats Jenny like?
easy- going. B: Shes kind and polite, but she isnt
Honest, responsible, irresponsible, outgoing.
hard- worker, smart, respectful,
loving, lazy, My sister Clara is very friendly and
W outgoing. She goes to a lot of parties and
E Idioms to describe personality knows lots of people. Shes a social
E Descriptions: To be a pain in the neck butterfly.
what a person
K Personality4 To have eyes like a hawk
is like.
To have ones head in the clouds A: Whats your boyfriend like?
3 To have nerves of steel B: Hes very talkative and outgoing, hes
To have a big mouth really smart and loving too. Hes very
To be a couch potato down to earth.
To be down to earth
To be a social butterfly A: Salvador is really irresponsible.
B: He isnt irresponsible, hes lazy.
Recycle: A: Youre right, hes a couch potato.
- Verb to be
- Comparatives & Superlatives. A: Whos the craziest person you know?
- Very, really, extremely, a little B: My cousin Camila.
(bit), not very

Rita Levi Montalcini is one of the most

Recycle: Reading
famous scientists in the world.
Grammar A speech
She was born in Turin, Italy and studied
- Simple present and simple past SB page 112 Ex. 1, 2
W medicine at the Turin Medical School
E Providing a
Descriptions: - Present perfect tense: life
E detailed She has won a Nobel Prize and shes
Peoples experiences & achievements
K description of older than other Nobel winners. Shes
profiles Writing
a person. the oldest living person to have a Nobel
Vocabulary Writing a speech
3 Prize.
-Adjectives to describe appearance SB page 112 Writing skills;
Rita has taught in a number of
& personality. Language focus.
Universities all over the world and has
- Comparatives & superlatives
won many prizes.

The textbooks do not provide with materials to teach or practice this notion, teacher must bring his own.
Parts of the body & face
SB page 106, 107/ WB page 62

Adjectives to describe appearance

- Tall, short, thin, heavy, pretty,
medium height,
- Handsome, good- looking, etc.
My head is big and my nose is small.
- Brown, black, blonde, red, hazel Listening
- Short, long, big, small, round, SB page 106 Vocabulary &
Im very tall and a little heavy. I have got Listening Ex. 3 Track 3.48
shoulder length,
short curly brown hair and one piercing
- Curly, straight, wavy, spiky,
in my right eyebrow, but I havent got
- Bald, shaved
SB page 107
any tattoos.
Nouns to describe a persons My friend Francisco is really tall and thin. Body Styles
appearance He has got blue eyes and short dark hair. SB page 106 Reading.
Famous Characters
Tattoo, piercing, birth mark, scar, He has got a beard, but he hasnt got a
W dimple, freckle, mole, beard, moustache.
Write the description of
E moustache, sideburn, bangs, a one of your favorite
Describing Vicente isnt very handsome, but heeasy Writing
E Descriptions: perm, TV/Movies/ Video
what a person on the eye. Hes tall and a little heavy, Describing a person
K Appearance games characters, but
looks like. hes got blonde hair and blue eyes. SB page 107 Writing
Emphasizers & Modifiers dont mention who
3 - Very, really, extremely she/he is.
- A little (bit), not very Eli and Abril are twins, but Eli is taller.
Can you guess who your
Abril is a little vertically challenged.
Reading classmates described?
A: The actor James McAvoy is the most Body Piercing
- To be
handsome man on earth. He isnt very WB page 64, 65
- To Have got / havent got.
WB page 60 tall and hes got blue eyes and dark hair.

Idioms to describe appearance B: I think James McAvoy is ugly as sin.

To be easy on the eye
Game: Guess Who.
To look the picture
To have a poker face
To be thin on the top
To be ugly as sin
To be vertically challenged.

-Comparatives & Superlatives
English 6
Global Elementary Units 8, 9, 10

Students will describe peoples clothing preferences and habits as well as the outfit theyre wearing at the moment to identify and differentiate them from others. They will also
talk about the world of advertisement and describe health problems and symptoms


Which one do you ? Survey. Teams Id like to say a few words. Pairs
Students will carry out a survey to find out what products are the most popular ones Students will write a speech to thank for an award they were given.
among FESIs population.
Pre-task: Work with activities on WB page 66 Reading, Writing skills and Language
Pre- task: Focus.
1. Teacher brainstorms everyday life products and their different brands. Ex. Bottled
water: Bonafont, Epura; Cold medicine: next, desenfriol, tabcin; etc; Cable TV: Izzi, Task:
dish, sky Your ad. has won the Amateur Advertisement of the Year Award. You cant attend
2. Students form teams and teacher assigns a product to each team so they can the ceremony because you had surgery last week. Write your thank you speech so
prepare a set of questions about it. they can read it at the ceremony for you.
Use the phrases on WB 66 Writing Useful Phrases in your speech.
What brands do FESI students prefer? What are the most and least popular ones?
Carry out a survey to find out which everyday life products brands are the most
popular ones among the FESI community why they consider them the best ones.
Report your findings to the rest of your class.

Its advisable to carry out this task among other level 6 groups.
Health problems and symptoms
-Headache, toothache,
stomachache, backache, earache,
sore eyes/ throat/arm, a cold, a Speaking
cough, the flu, a stomach flu. Talking pictures
A: Hello Dr. Martnez
SB page 110 Warm up
B: Hello Mr. Vazquez. Whats the
Broken/ Twisted + body part
B: I dont feel well. I have a terrible
W My arm, eye, neck, etc + hurts
E Listening
Talking about A: Can I see, please? SB page 110 Listening Tracks
E Health Imperatives
health B: Sure 3.55- 3.56
K problems (not) Take, drink, eat, rest,
problems. A: Ok, take some antacid with every
meal and dont drink coffee or soda.
4 Medicine
B: Thank you doctor.
-Aspirin, antacid, cough syrup, cold
pills, muscle cream, antibiotics, Listening
SB page 110 Language Focus SB page 110 Language Focus
pain killers,
Track 3.57
Recycle: Frequency adverbs
-Parts of the body and face.
- Positive and negative adjectives to
describe states and feelings
SB page 110 Speaking

Jeans are my favorite piece of clothing. I

W Describing a Clothes & Accessories like wearing them because theyre Listening & Speaking
E persons Dress, pants, shirt, t- shirt, blouse. comfortable and versatile. Pronunciation
E Clothes & dressing Necklace, blacelet, watch, etc.
K Outfits preferences SB page 108/ WB pages 62, 63 SB page 108 Pronunciation.
Melissa loves fashionable clothes. She Tracks 3.51- 3.53
and habits.
Expressions wears fancy dresses and elegant high-
an article/piece/item of clothing heels every day.
Verb When I was a child I didnt like skirts and
Wear dresses, I always wore sporty clothes Listening
W SB page 108 and sneakers. History of fashion
Describing a
E SB page 109 Listening. Track
persons past
E Words to describe clothes My brother Carlos loved wearing hats as 3.54
K Comfortable, uncomfortable, a child, he usually worn a black winter
stylish, fancy, elegant, fashionable, hat. He sometimes wore our
and habits. Speaking
4 unfashionable, casual, designer, grandfathers hat.
formal, informal, light, warm, loose, The most useful clothing
fitted, skinny, sporty, versatile Recycle: Simple past tense, frequency adverbs item
SB page 109 Listening Ex. 4
Colors Today, Im wearing casual clothes
Red, blue, green, yellow, orange, because Im not working.
pink, brown, white, black, purple, Writing
fuchsia, lilac. Carolina is wearing a light purple skirt
and dark gray shoes. Her outfit is very Youre an au-pair/
W Extend your vocabulary stylish today. couch surfer and your
E Identifying a Light + color hosts are picking you at
E person by Dark + color. There are 12 people in my class. Two the airport. Send them
K what he/she SB page 109/ WB page 63 persons are wearing white clothes and Speaking a text message
is wearing at only three are wearing shoes. SB page 108 Vocabulary Ex. 3
describing your
4 the moment. Recycle: appearance so they can
Weather conditions Its cold so all my classmates are wearing regonize you when you
jackets or coats. arrive.
Recycle: Frequency, current activities,
conjunctions: so, because;
People started using buttons around
2000 ac in the South of Asia. The first
One, ones ones were for decoration.
WB page 60

W Making Persians created the first high heels, but Listening & Reading
Recycle Medieval Europeans wore the first Audio SB page 109 Listening
E reference to a
Reference to - Clothes modern ones. Track 3.54 & Audioscript
E subject or
singular or - Colors 3.54 SB page 157
K subjects
plural subjects - Everyday life objects Casa de Toos pozole is tasty, but the
- Food most delicious one is my grandmas.
4 mentioned
Which one(s)? SB page 109 Listening
SB page 109 Wb page 63 Pronunciation &
Recycle: Simple past tense, simple present Listening.
tense, s possessive.
A: Could you pass me my bag, please?
B: Which one is your bag? There are 4
W here.
which one or
E A: The blue one.
ones from
within a group
K A: I bought ice- cream, which would you
of similar or
like, mango or strawberry?
4 B: Strawberry!
SB page 109

English advertising goes to
The best things in life are priceless, for the movies.
everything else use MasterCard. SB page 111 Reading
Words related to advertising and Oral
cinema Pain away, the most effective painkiller
SB page 111 Language Focus in the market. Cheaper with better taste Amateur
E Making an
Advertisements than others. You can say the pain good- Speaking Advertisement
K advertisement
Recycle: bye. SB page 111 Speaking Pairs. Make a tv or
- Adjectives to describe objects cinema ad for a
- Comparatives, superlatives. Recycle: Preposition To: infinitive of medicine or clothing
purpose, action verbs, modal verb can item.
(possibilities) Writing
Making an outline.
Use the text as sample
SB page 105 Speaking
English 6
Global Elementary Units 8, 9, 10

Students will talk about their preferences regarding leisure and free time undertakings to compare and contrast the different activities. They will also use the simple future tense
be going to to talk about plans and intentions regarding leisure and entertainment.


Health Awareness Day Fundraising Party Pairs.
Students will carry out an awareness campaign to inform young students about Students will write an e-mail to inform their classmates about a fundraising party.
different health tips. Task:
Pre-task: Carry out a class discussion about the topic Important health habits for One of your classmates had an accident and he needs help to pay his medical bills.
young people. Set example: Brushing your teeth three times a day. Write ss ideas on Your group decided to throw a party the next week to raise money and help. Some
the board students from your group are going to sell drinks and food, some bands are going to
Task: play and there are going to be artistic performances too.
The English Department is going to have a health awareness day for students from a Write an e-mail to students from other groups to tell them about the party. Mention
secondary school near FESI. Make a poster and prepare a four-minute talk to inform the different plans you have and why you organized the event.
your audience about important health habits.
Choose one of the following topics for your talk:
- Self- hygiene
- Sexual health
- Emotional and mental health
- Eating habits, sleeping habits, etc.
In my free time, I often read books or go
to the park with my dogs.
Leisure & Free Time Activities
- Do puzzles, sports, nothing I never do puzzles for leisure, they arent
- Read books, comics, newspapers, fun.
W magazines
Talking about,
E - Play video games, board games, Sebastian always plays videogames in
and describing
E cards, sports his free time. Speaking
leisure and
K WB page 68 SB page 114 Vocabulary &
free time Speaking Ex 3
activities. When we were in high school, my friends
5 Extend vocabulary and I played cards during the break.
Fun vs Funny
SB page 114/ WB page 69 Recycle: frequency adverbs, simple past tense.

SB page 114 Oral

WB page 68 Traveling Plans
Doing puzzles is difficult sometimes.
W Carry out SB page 117
E Describing Speaking Ex. 1-3
Walking is relaxing and healthy. Listening Encourage ss to use the
E Leisure & Free leisure and
K Time Activities free time Masters of fun structure ing + noun
Watching TV is not very interesting. SB page 114, 115 Reading. Ex
activities. in their speech.
- ing form + noun 1, 2. Track 3.58
Going to the movies, watching tv, SB page 115
playing cards, reading, having
coffee with friends A: What do you like doing in your free
Adjectives to describe activities B: I love reading novels and watching
Difficult, easy, hard, relaxing, noir films. And you?
Describing stressing, healthy, unhealthy, A: I like watching documentaries and
W expensive, cheap, safe, dangerous, movies, but I hate watching TV for
E fun, boring, funny, entertaining, etc leisure.
about free Speaking
K Expression A: Celeste loves playing games, she
time and SB page 115 Grammar Ex.
leisure To not mind doesnt mind playing videogames or 2, 3
5 board games.
B: I love playing videogames and board
games too.

Recycle: Verb patterns (love, like, dont mind,

I think swimming is the healthiest and
most relaxing activity because you
exercise all your body and relax in the
W Comparing
Reading comics isnt boring, its more
E and
interesting than reading magazines, and
E Leisure & Free contrasting Reading
collecting comics is one of the most
K Time Activities free time and Masters of fun
common hobbies around the world.
leisure SB page 114, 115 Reading. Ex
5 activities. 1, 2. Track 3.58
Studies say having fun is one of the most
important things in life. Having fun
makes people happier and healthier.

SB page 115 Masters of fun

Im going to Europe next month. Im Writing an informal e-

going to visit my grandma in the South of mail

Places in a city/ country France and then travel to Italy and Spain. Reading & Speaking Carry out WB page 75
Beach, castle, church, monument, Malta fact life Preparing to write &
museum, restaurant, sports Mario is going to get married in Iceland SB page 116 Reading &
next winter. Hes going to move there Listening. Track 3.59 Writing.
W Talking about stadium, market, shop, airport, etc
SB page 116/ WB page 69 after the wedding.
E leisure and
Personal Plans
E entertainment A: Are you going to Betys party? Listening
and Future Future time expressions
K plans and B: No, Im not. Im going to have dinner SB page 116 Listening Track
Intentions. This afternoon, next Saturday,
future with my friends this weekend. Were 3.60- 3.66
tomorrow, in two days, etc.
5 intentions. going to an Italian restaurant in
English in Use Coyoacan.
Be + going to + place
Recycle: Simple Future Tense (Be going to) Reading & Writing
SB page 117
Writing an informal e-mail
SB page 117/ WB page 67 WB page 74 Reading;
Writing skills & Language
English 6
Global Elementary Units 8, 9, 10

Students will share their past experiences regarding sports and leisure in order to describe and enquire about events that happened at specific and unspecific moments in the


Playing to learn Teams My favorite game Individual
Students will prepare a three-minute talk about a habit, sport, game or leisure activity Students will write a composition to describe their past experiences regarding sports,
that can help people. leisure and games.

Pre-task: Students are required to do research on their preferred sports games and Task:
leisure activities. Ask them to look for information about their history and A popular leisure website is looking for the 10 most popular leisure activities among
development. the millennial generation. Submit a composition about your favorite game or leisure
Allow students some time to organize and think about the game, sport, etc. activity so it can be included in the top 10. The composition must answer the following
The city government is concerned about the populations health, theyre looking for Whats the name of the activity?
new ways to inform and encourage people to have a healthier lifestyle; they want Why is it the best?
people to pass some time a day doing a relaxing or exercising activity. When did you first play/ do/ practice it?
They invite university students to submit 3 minute-video capsules to inform the Have you participated in tournaments or contests? Which ones?
population about different ways to relax and exercise. The selected videos are going to How has it influenced your life?
win $15, 000 and will be played in the different Metrobus lines, the capsules will be
uploaded to YouTube too. The writers of the best 5 compositions will win two tickets each for any concert of
Submit your video. Describe the activity and why its helpful, mention some facts their choice.
about its history and what important things it has accomplished.
I played basketball when I was in high
Talking about Verb phrases: sports school. We won a local championship in
sports and (Verb + -ing/- ball) 2004 and a national one in 2006. It was
leisure events Football, basketball, wonderful.
that took Swimming, running,
place at a Lacrosse, water polo, I traveled to Russia with my
specific SB page 118/ WB page 70 grandparents two years ago; we went to
moment in different cities and towns but my favorite
6 Collocations Listening
the past. one was Moscow, it was very colorful.
(Play + sport/ game) SB page 118 Vocabulary Ex. 2
(Go + sport) Track 3.68
Recycle: Simple past tense
Correcting (Do + exercise/ discipline)
Play soccer, play chess I didnt go to California in 2003, I went
information Oral
W Go skiing, swimming, there in 2004.
about sports Speaking Pairs.
E Do yoga, do gymnastics
and leisure SB page 118 Vocabulary Ex. 3
E SB page 118/WB page 70 The Worldcup wasnt in Mexico in 1968, 1. Students will prepare
Finished events that
K it was in 1970. a set of questions to
Events * didnt occur at
a specific Words related to sports find out heir
6 Team, player, match, game, race, We didnt win the championship in 2006,
moment in classmates
field, court, track, referee, it was in 2007.
the past. Listening backgrounds and
championship, tournament, Music and exercising personalities. The
competition, captain, sponsor, A: Did you go camping to the beach last WB page 71 Listening model in SB page 133
trophy, medal, etc. summer?
Enquiring can be used as an
B: No, I didnt. I went to the beach but I
when and outline.
W Extend vocabulary stayed in a hotel.
whether a
E (Suffixes - ful/ - less) 2. Students will share a
sports or
E Painful, painless, A: Did you win a basketball tournament
leisure event shot report about their
K Careful, careless when you were in high school?
happened at a findings in order to
Playful, beautiful, wonderful B: No, I won a soccer tournament.
specific SB page 118/ WB page 70 describe their
6 A: When did you win a basketball
moment in classmates profiles.
the past. Recycle: free time and leisure B: I won the basketball tournament
activities, time expressions: past, when I was in secondary school.
one & ones.

Although students are familiar with the simple past tense grammar, this is the first time they work with this notion, its advised to pay close attention to the use of time
I have never participated in a
Verb phrases: sports tournament.
Talking and
(Verb + -ing/- ball)
asking about Football, basketball, My brothers seen the Stars Wars
experiences Swimming, running, movies more than seven times.
E Sports and
E leisure Lacrosse, water polo,
achievements A: Have you ever won a medal in a Reading
K experiences SB page 118/ WB page 70
people have competition? Language Play
and SB page 123 Reading;
had regarding Collocations B: No, I havent. And you?
6 achievements. Language Focus
sports and (Play + sport/ game) A: Yes, I have won two.
leisure (Go + sport)
activities. (Do + exercise/ discipline) Recycle: Present Perfect (life experiences and
Play soccer, play chess achievements)
Go skiing, swimming,
I have played dominoes professionally.
Talking about Do yoga, do gymnastics
W SB page 118/WB page 70
events that Johana has participated in national
have chess tournaments. Speaking
E Words related to sports
happened at SB page 125 Speaking
K Team, player, match, game, race,
Events that an unspecific My brother and I have played rugby.
field, court, track, referee,
happened at moment in
6 championship, tournament,
unspecific the past. I have traveled to different countries;
competition, captain, sponsor,
moments in Ive been to Peru, Canada and The US.
trophy, medal, etc.
the past. *
W Talking about
I havent won a sports trophy
E events that Extend vocabulary
E have never (Suffixes - ful/ - less)
Juan Carlos hasnt practiced pilates Listening
K happened at Painful, painless,
any moment Careful, careless Word Bingo
We havent played cards SB page 71 Pronunciation
6 in the past. Playful, beautiful, wonderful
W SB page 118/ WB page 70
Events that Asking about A: Have you won a trophy?
happened at whether an Recycle: free time and leisure B: No, I havent
unspecific event has activities, time expressions: past,
moments in happened or one & ones. A: Has Pepe seen the football match?
the past.* not. B: No, he hasnt.

The textbooks do not provide with resources to teach this notion.
A: Which sports have you practiced?
W Enquiring B: Ive played soccer, baseball and Ive
Events that Verb phrases: sports
E about which practiced karate to.
happened at (Verb + -ing/- ball)
E sports and
unspecific Football, basketball,
K leisure events A: Which classic horror movies have you
moments in Swimming, running,
people have seen?
the past.* Lacrosse, water polo,
6 experienced. B: I have seen all Chukys films, and I think
SB page 118/ WB page 70
all the classic ones.
(Play + sport/ game)
(Go + sport)
(Do + exercise/ discipline)
Play soccer, play chess Reading & Listening
Go skiing, swimming, A ball can change the
Do yoga, do gymnastics I have played dominoes professionally; I world
SB page 118/WB page 70 have gone to Russia and China. I went to SB page 118, 119. Reading Writing
China in 2008 and I won the second place Track 3.69
Words related to sports in the competition. A personal e-mail
Events at Team, player, match, game, race,
Talking about 1. Carry out SB page
W specific field, court, track, referee, David has gone camping to different
events that 124 Preparing to write
E moments in championship, tournament, Mexican beaches. He went to Michigan Speaking
occurred at Ex. 1.
E the past vs competition, captain, sponsor, in 2013 and he visited Zipolite last year SB page 119 Speaking
specific and
K events at trophy, medal, etc. 2. Carry out SB page
unspecific My neighbors and I have played lots of 124 Writing Ex. 1- 4
moments in
6 moments in Extend vocabulary football matches and we have
the past.
the past. (Suffixes - ful/ - less) participated in tournaments too. We won Reading
Painful, painless, the neighborhood kids cup when we Chess
Careful, careless were 12. WB page 72
Playful, beautiful, wonderful
SB page 118/ WB page 70 SB page 119/ WB page 68

Recycle: free time and leisure Writing

activities, time expressions: past, An e-mail to a friend
one & ones. SB page 124 Reading,
Writing Skills, Laguage Focus,