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Language Map SB

Question Syllabus Vocabulary Grammar Speaking & Skills

Are you British? Countries & nationalities Verb be present Introduce yourself & greetings

1.1 Subject pronouns Ask & answer about nationalities

Are you an excellent actor? Adjectives (opinion) A / an Give opinions
1.2 The alphabet Position of adjectives
Numbers 11100
How do you spell your surname? Common objects Verb be Wh- questions Spell your name
1.3 (singular & plural) Demonstrative pronouns Ask for & give personal information
Are these your glasses? Colours Possessive adjectives Talk about possessions
1.4 Adjectives (opposites) Describe an object
Whats your full name? Complete a form
How are you? Greetings Meet people & social interaction
When do you get up? Go (to) + places in town At / on (time) Describe routine
2 2

2.1 Days of the week Tell the time

What do you do in the mornings? Morning routine Present simple Talk about morning routine
2.2 Time phrases Sleep habits
Do you use your mobile phone a lot? Family members Talk about how people use mobile
2.3 phones
Mobile phone uses
2.4 Who do you live with? Who, Where, What Present simple Talk about family members
How old are you? How old? How often? Frequency adverbs Process personal information
How do you celebrate your birthday? Birthday activities Expressions for celebrating
Review 1 p. 26
3.1 Whats the weather like? Weather & temperature Its raining vs Its rainy Talk about the weather

Are you busy at the moment? Months & seasons Present continuous Talk about seasons & months
3.2 Daily actions Describe whats happening
What are you doing? Everyday activities Present simple vs Ask & answer about jobs

3.3 Jobs present continuous Contrast what people are doing to

what they usually do
What are you doing tomorrow night? Weather Present continuous for Talk about future arrangements
3.4 future
Future time phrases
Why are you learning English? Need / want / have got to Obligation Analyse your English
3.5 Prepositions to, for
Are you thirsty? Adjectives (feelings) Informal English Make offers
4.1 Do you like tennis? Sport Talk about sport / the Olympics

4.2 Can you drive a tractor? Abilities Can / short answers Talk about abilities
What are you wearing? Clothes & accessories Can Talk about other peoples abilities

4.3 Describe what people are wearing

Is your wardrobe organised? More clothes & accessories Possessive pronouns Talk about how people organise /
share their wardrobes
Do you like beauty salons? Spa facilities Read for details
What shoe size are you? Clothes sizes Punctuation Shop for clothes
Review 2 p. 48
Is there a shopping centre on your Public places There + be (present) Talk about public facilities

Do you like watching TV? Free time activities Love / like / not mind / hate Describe a neighbourhood / town

5.2 Adjectives (describing places) + verb + -ing Talk about free time activities
Too / either vs also
What do you like doing on holiday? Housework Say what you like doing
5.3 Holiday / free time activities Compare free time activities
Have you got a cat? Types of holiday Imperatives Leave a message for a house-sitter
5.4 Instructions Object pronouns Express preferences about holidays
Whats a staycation? Word formation Understand instructions
Do you live near here? Ask for / give directions
Review 3 p. 60

Grammar p. 118 ID Caf p. 138 Writing p. 148 Pronunciation p. 154 Audio Script p. 156

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Language Map WB
Question Syllabus Vocabulary Grammar Speaking / Skill

1 Are you British?

Numbers 1-10 Verb be (present) Introduce yourself
1.1 Countries & nationalities

1.2 Are you an excellent actor? Adjectives (opinion) Give opinions

How do you spell your surname? Common objects Demonstrative

(singular & plural) pronouns

1.4 Are these your glasses? Adjectives & colours Possessive adjectives

Whats your full name? Greetings Give personal

1.5 information

2 When do you get up?

Days of the week Talk about routine
2.1 Time
Go to (a / the / )

What do you do in the mornings? Morning routine Present simple Describe your morning

Do you use your mobile phone a lot? Family s uses

2.3 Mobile phone uses

Who do you live with? Present simple Answer personal

2.4 information questions

How old are you? Special occasions Frequency adverbs Process personal
2.5 information

3 Whats the weather like?

Weather & temperature Its raining vs Talk about the weather
Its rainy

3.2 Are you busy at the moment? Phone phrases Present continuous

What are you doing? Daily actions Present simple vs

present continuous

What are you doing tomorrow night? Present continuous for


3.5 Why are you learning English? Adjectives (feelings) Prepositions to, for

4 4.1 Do you like tennis? Sport Talk about sport

4.2 Can you drive a tractor? Abilities Can Talk about abilities

4.3 What are you wearing? Clothes & accessories Can Talk about clothes

Is your wardrobe organised? Possessive pronouns,

s & Whose

4.5 What shoe size are you? Shopping

5 Is there a shopping centre on your Public places There + be (present) Describe a town


Do you like watching TV? Housework Like / love / hate + -ing Talk about likes &
5.2 Free time activities dislikes

5.3 What do you like doing on holiday? Holiday activities

5.4 Do you have a cat? Instructions Imperatives

5.5 Whats a staycation? Adjectives Give directions

Audio Script p. 54 Answer Key p. 60 Phrase Bank p. 64 Word List p. 70

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Finally, an English course
Welcome to you can understand!
Famous song lines
illustrate language
from lessons.
Contextualised picture
Lesson titles are questions you learn dictionary to present
to answer during the lessons. and review vocabulary.

Word stress
in pink on
new words.

and prevent
your errors.

World of English:
interesting facts
and study tips.

Skills: extra listening in Action: communication Authentic videos present

and reading practice. in common situations. topics in real contexts.

A complete Grammar
reference with exercises.

Caf: sitcom videos systematically
to consolidate language. recycle language.

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Cyber English: the English
of digital technology.

models for

practice. R boxes: extra
grammar and

Make it
speaking to
express your
identity in

Easy Autonomous Learning system integrates

all components for comprehensive autonomous study.

Workbook to
practise and

Phrase Bank to
practise common
Pictures to present and
practise Pronunciation.

Audio Script
activities to

Portal: practise activities, games,

extra audio, videos... and more! The ideal opportunity
for you to learn English!

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1 Are you British?

1 Vocabulary: Countries and nationalities

A 1.1 Listen and circle the correct phrases. C 1.3 Match the nationalities to the countries,
Introduce yourself your classmates. 1-8. Guess the pronunciation. Listen to the
questions from a Yes / No game to check.
Hi! / Hello! My names Martin / Judy
Hi! Pleased to Peruvian 4 American
and Im Brazilian / British / American. Argentinian Canadian
meet you too!
Im from New York / London /
Chinese Spanish
Manaus. Pleased to meet you.
Japanese British

D 1.4 Listen to the complete game and tick or

B 1.2 Match flags 1-8 to the countries. Listen to cross the nationalities. Can you remember the
the game to check. Whats your score? eight questions and answers?
Argentina Peru
Are you Peruvian? No, Im not.
Canada Spain
China The UK
Japan 4 The USA
E 1.5 MAKE IT PERSONAL Listen to and read
World of English. Now say the nationalities
of the countries near your country.

1 2 3 4 World of English
The most common suffix for nationalities in English is -AN.
For example: Italian, Chilean, Russian, Indian.

Stress the syllable before -AN or -IAN. Exceptions:
American, Mexican, Dominican, African.
5 6 7 8

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2 You are not alone,
I am here with you.

5 6 7 8

2 Grammar: Verb be and Yes / No questions

A Complete the verb be table. Use contractions where possible.

Verb Be Common Mistakes
Are you C
Short Answers You are chinese?
Youre Italian. Are you Italian? Yes, I . / No, I . I am
Yes, im.
Hes Mexican. he Mexican? Yes, he is . / No, he isnt.
Shes Colombian. she Colombian? Yes, she . / No, she .
Its Portuguese. it Portuguese? Yes, it . No, it .
Grammar p. 118

B 1.6 Listen to the example dialogue. In pairs, do the same.

A: Identify a person / place from this lesson. B: Ask about the country or nationality.

Number 4 is Number 6
Is it in Mexico? Is he Argentinian?
the Alhambra. is Messi.

No, it isnt. Its in Spain. Yes, he is.

C 1.7 Listen to check. Are all your answers correct? Workbook p. 4


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1.2 Are you an excellent actor?

3 Vocabulary: Adjectives
A 1.8 Listen and put the positive and negative adjectives in the correct group.

cool excellent fantastic great horrible intelligent interesting OK rich ridiculous terrible

Common Mistakes
cool horrible Hes a person interesting .

Its a city very cool .

In English, the adjective comes before the noun.

Grammar p. 118

B 1.9 Listen to six opinions of people and places. Complete 1-6 and the rule box with a / an.
1 Hes a great player. 4 Shes OK person. R Use before a consonant sound
2 Shes cool girl. 5 Its horrible city.
and before a vowel sound.
3 Hes rich man. 6 Its interesting country.

c MAKE IT PERSONAL In pairs, give your opinions about five people or places on pp. 6-7.

I think Messi is a Erm, no. I think Yes, yes. Shanghai

fantastic player! shes a great actress. is a very cool city!

Yes, hes fantastic. And I think And Shanghai? I think

Megan Fox is a terrible actress. its an excellent city!

4 Pronunciation: The alphabet

A 1.10 Match the pairs of words to the pictures in B. Listen, check and repeat the words and vowel sounds.
a shoe two a car a heart a pen ten a nose a rose
1 a plane a train three a tree nine wine

B 1.11 Listen to the letters in the table and notice the vowel sound.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

e i a u

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Its fun to stay
at the YMCA. 1.2
c 1.12 Listen to these letters and put them in the correct column. World of English
GKNPSTVWXYZ The nine most common letters in
English are:
E (12.51%) N (7.09%)
D 1.13 Listen and repeat after each beep.
T (9.25%) S (6.54%)
A (8.04%) R (6.12%)
E 1.14 Listen to and read World of English. What are the most and
O (7.6%) H (5.49%)
the least common letters in your language?
I (7.26%)
I think the number one letter is The three least common are:
J (0.16%) Z (0.09%)
Q (0.11%)

5 Vocabulary: Numbers 11-100

A 1.15 Complete the numbers next to the prices. Listen, check and repeat with the correct stress.

12c 14p 16c 18 20p

11 tw lv
$13 f rt n
15 s xt n
17 e ght n
$19 tw nt y

eleven th rteen f ft n s v nt
n n n t n

B 1.16 How do you say these numbers? Listen to a tourist in a bank and repeat the numbers with the
correct stress.


Thirty, forty...

C 1.17 Listen to sentences 1-8 and circle the number you hear.
1 18 80 85 3 20 11 12 5 15 50 55 7 06 60 16
2 17 70 73 4 19 90 99 6 14 40 43 8 13 30 33

D MAKE IT PERSONAL Play Bingo! Complete the bingo card with numbers from 1-20 as in the model.

Student A: Call numbers 1-20 (not in order).

Class: Say Bingo! when you complete one line. Workbook p. 5

6 20 13
2 10
3 17 5
18 9
14 15 12
1 11
19 7 8
4 16

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1.3 How do you spell your surname?

6 Listening
A 1.18 Listen to five dialogues and circle the names you hear.

Jack / Jake Cyber English

1 First name: Surname: Noore / Moore
2 Full name: Peter / Dieter Queen / Quinn In texting we use letters and
Rochelle / Roxalle Johns / Jones numbers to represent words. Say
3 Full name: these messages in standard English.
4 First name: George / Jeorge Surname: Wessex / Essex
5 Full name: Joy / Joi Boscombi / Boscombe
R U 18? C U L8R@5:30

b MAKE IT PERSONAL In pairs, practise the dialogues with your own name.

is it OK 4 U? TXT me B4
U go
Whats your How do you
name, please? spell that?
The symbol @ = at
Martin Roberts. M-A-R-T-I-NR-O-B-E-R-T-S.

C 1.19 Listen to Karin making a booking and complete the form.

Minerva Hotel
Name: Karina
Address: Drive
Telephone: Area code ( )
Email: @ .com

7 Grammar: Verb be Wh- questions

A Order these words to form questions. Match them to the answers. Practise them with a partner.
3 4 5 1 2
1 your / name / ? / what / s 0244 8764033
2 ? / from / are / where / you
3 your / address / ? / what / s Coventry, UK
4 phone / your / ? / number / s / mobile / what 85 Brown Street
5 s / ? / email / your / address / what 1 Ken Shaw Grammar p. 118

B MAKE IT PERSONAL Role-play. Sit back to back. Take turns calling the International School of English
and giving your information.

International School of English

First name: Surname:
Phone: Email:


006a015-U1-TNC1A.indd 10 24/03/2015 13:15

You can stand under my
umbrella, ella, ella, ella. 1.3

8 Vocabulary: Personal objects singular and plural

A Match the words and objects, a-k. Paircheck.

k a bag a pen
i earrings a phone
glasses a sandwich
j keys an umbrella
a laptop a wallet
a lipstick

e d

Common Mistakes
These are
b This is my glasses.

B 1.20 Listen and number the objects in A in the order you hear them, 1-11.

c 1.21 Listen and complete the rest of the dialogue. What exactly is the problem?

Officer Sorry, maam, but have a big .

Woman What? But, dont understand!
Officer That lady over there says these her
Woman  h, no! But, no, no, no.
O re a gift!
A rich passenger on the plane gave me those
earrings and I
Officer Oh, dear. Please come with me

d Complete with this / that / these / those. Use the picture and AS 1.20 on p. 156 to help.
Demonstrative Pronouns R This and these dont have
the same pronunciation.
Singular Plural
This is short // + /s/, and
Use for objects or people with you / near / here. these is l-o-n-g /i/ + /z/.
with other people /
distant from you / there. Grammar p. 118


A: Point to an object in the classroom and ask Whats this / that or What are these / those?
B: Answer, then swap roles. Workbook p. 6

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1.4 Are these your glasses?

9 Grammar: Possessive adjectives

A 1.22 Listen to these six dialogues after a party and match them to pictures 1-6.

I think its phone. Hey! Those are crisps!

Is this sandwich, Jake?
Are these keys?
I think its phone. Come on, Jake! These are crisps!

No, they arent earrings. Thats laptop! Are these glasses?

1 2

3 4

5 6

Grammar p. 118
B 1.22 Listen again and complete the phrases in A with:
Common Mistakes
herhismyourtheiryour her
Lisas online with your boyfriend.
John loves your girlfriend.


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We all live in a
yellow submarine.

10 Vocabulary: Adjectives and colours

A 1.23 In pairs, take the quiz. Match the answers to questions, a-j, and photos, 1-10. Listen, check and
repeat the colours.


1 2 3 4 5

Can you name?

a. A popular Beatles song. Blue Suede Shoes
b. Ozzy Osbournes old, British, heavy metal band. Black or White
c. A common fruit and a colour. Red Hot Chili Peppers
d. A pretty cartoon animal and a very bad detective. Green Day
e. A type of sugar and a classic Rolling Stones song. j 9 Purple Rain
f. An Elvis Presley rock n roll song about shoes. Orange
g. A Californian band thats also the name of a vegetable. Black Sabbath
h. An American band famous for the big hit American Idiot. Yellow Submarine
i. A Michael Jackson song about two colours. Brown Sugar
j. A famous Prince song, album and film. The Pink Panther

6 7 8 9 10

b Match the bold adjectives in the quiz to their opposites, 1-5. Test your partner.
1 good
2 new
Whats the opposite
3 light of heavy? Light.
4 small
5 ugly

c 1.24 Listen to descriptions of five items in the cartoons on p. 12. Name them after the beep.

Theyre small and black,

d MAKE IT PERSONAL In small groups.
and theyre cool.
A: Describe an object in the room and give your opinion of it.
B and C: Ask questions and guess what the object is. Are they your glasses?

Yes, they are!

Workbook p. 7

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1.5 Whats your full name?

Skills Completing a form

A Read and answer 1-4.

1 Whos from the UK? 3 Whos a teenager?
2 Whos not European? 4 Wheres Amy from?

asseport No.
Passport No./P
r G
C h a rles Bouv ie b ir t h (1)
F ull n
ame d at e of S ur na m e /Nom
5/26/85 M U R PH Y
Name: Lucas Singh b ir t h
Fra n ce /Prnom s (2)
coun t
r y of G iv en na m es
Age: 14 yrs. 8 mos. G IL L IA N JA
dress ationalit (3)
Date: Sept. 1st 2012 cu r r e
nt ad
le, Nice B R IT IS H C IT
e d e Vil ance (4)
Nationality: Indian 354 R u Date of birth
/Date de naiss
15 FE B /
d at e ance (6)
/Lieu de naiss
Place of birth
8/14/12 Sex/Sexe (5)
F )
e /Date de dlivrance (7
D at e of is su T 09
16 O C T /O C

Las t nam e

K en C h a n g
C ou nt ry of bi

D ep ar tm en t:
rt h: C hi na
Name: Amy Johnso
n Brazil
H um an R es ou Bir thd ate
rc es F
Sex: F Age: 18
kc ha ng @ su nt
Te l: 7 6 5 -3 0 0
ec h. co m 27/10/1981
0 E xt : 1 4 5 an
Nationality: Americ
Ave, New York
Address: 25 Highton

B Re-read the forms and find different ways to refer to:

1 Name (4 ways):
2 Age (3 ways):
3 Nationality (3 ways):

C 1.25 Listen and complete this registration form. Do you use telephone banking?

Telephone banking registration Bartley City Bank

Name: Account number:

Telephone: Email:
No, I use the internet.

D MAKE IT PERSONAL Choose a form from this page. Ask a partner questions to complete it with their
information, then swap roles. Present your partner to the class.

This is my friend, Tadek Kost!


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How are you? 1.5

in Action Meeting people

A 1.26 Listen to two colleagues and tick the six phrases they say.
Asking Answering
How are you? Fine, thanks.
Hows it going? Im well, thanks.
asseport No.
Passport No./P How are you doing? (Pretty) Good, thanks.
93793670 What about you? Not much.
Whats up? Things are good.
Whats new?

b 1.27 Listen and repeat the other phrases. Which response from A is repeated?

C In pairs, practise similar conversations with any possible combination of the phrases in A.
ce (6)
u de naissan
Hi! How are you? Im well, thanks!
Fine, thanks. What about you?
ance (7)

d 1.28 Listen to six dialogues. Write the number of each conversation in the box.

I dont understand. Thank you! Im sorry.

Oh, sorry. Youre welcome. Dont worry about it.

Excuse me? Can you

See you later! say that again, please? Excuse me.

Bye for now! Sure Oh, Im sorry.

e MAKE IT PERSONAL In pairs, imagine youre the people in photos 1-5. Role-play conversations using
expressions from this page. Act out your favourite one to the class.

1 2 3 4 5

Workbook pp. 8, 64

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2 When do you get up?

1 V ocabulary: Activities and days of the week

A 2.1 Listen and match the photos to the go activities.
1 go to a caf go to a party
go to church go to school
go to the gym go to the supermarket
go home go to work
B Complete 1-4 with these expressions. Use:
gogo togo to ago to the

1 go to a when we dont know exactly which place were going to.
 when we know exactly which place / there is only one.
3 with home.
Common Mistakes
4 with school, work, church.
I go to the house at 8pm.

C Cover the phrases in A. In pairs, remember the eight go activities.

4 3
D 2.2 Complete the days of the week. Put them in order, 1-7.
Listen to check.
4 Wed n e s d a y Mon
Sun Thu
Fri Tue

E Race the clock! In pairs, race to say the days in order. Do it

on your own, then simultaneously.
Sunday, Monday, Only ten seconds! Well done!

F When do you do the activities in A? Compare with a partner.

Are your routines similar?

I go to the supermarket on Sundays. What about you?

I go to the supermarket on Saturdays.


016a025-U2-TNC1A.indd 16 24/03/2015 13:57

I dont care if Mondays blue. Tuesdays grey and
Wednesday too. Thursday I dont care about you. Its 2.1

6 7 8

2 Listening
A 2.3 Listen and number the times, 1-8, in the order you hear them.


quarter quarter


B 2.4 Listen to two short interviews and write the days and times. Common Mistakes
1 The woman gets up at in the morning. She goes to school at . s
She goes to bed at . She gets hours sleep a night. What the time is?
2 The man goes to work at , to . He gets home at . At what time do you?

C 2.4 Listen again and complete phrases 1-6 and the R box with on or at.
1 6am 4 8.30am R Use for times.
2 around 10pm 5 Saturdays and Sundays
Use for days.
3 Friday 6 around 6.15pm
Grammar p. 120
D In pairs, take turns asking and answering 1-4.
1 get up?
From Monday to Friday, 2 go to bed? And at the weekend?
what time do you 3 go to school / work / university?
4 get home from work / school?

Workbook p. 9


016a025-U2-TNC1A.indd 17 24/03/2015 13:57

2.2 What do you do in the morning?

3 Reading
A 2.5 Read the report and complete the table. The World Sleeps
The OECD (Organisation for Economic
On average, how many hours do Cooperation and Development) reports that:
people in these countries sleep?
The French get an average of 8 hours and
France 50 minutes of sleep a night compared to the USA with
The USA hours and 38 minutes.
, and
Korea The Koreans only sleep 7 hours and 49 minutes a night
Japan the Japanese about 8 hours.

B MAKE IT PERSONAL Do a class survey.

1 What time do you get up: 2 What time do you go to bed: 3 On average, how many hours do
a in the week b at the weekend? a in the week b at the weekend? people in your lesson sleep?

4 Vocabulary: Morning routine

A 2.6 Match the pictures and phrases 1-10. Listen, check and repeat.

1 brush my teeth 4 get up 7 make the bed 10 wake up

2 exercise 5 have breakfast 8 shave
3 get dressed 6 leave home 9 have a shower


016a025-U2-TNC1A.indd 18 24/03/2015 13:57

She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah!
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah! 2.2
B 2.7 Listen and say the action after the audio.

C 2.8 Listen to Jim describe his morning routine.

Match these time expressions to his actions in A.
10 at around 6.30 for 30 minutes
not immediately 8am

D MAKE IT PERSONAL Describe your morning routine He wakes up at 8 a.m., but he doesnt get up...
to a partner.

I wake up at 6am. Then I get up at around 6.15 ...

E 2.9 Listen / watch the video and remember

Mr Beans routine.

F In pairs, compare your morning routine with Mr

Beans. Are they similar or different?

Mr Bean wakes up at 8, but I wake up at ... R In narratives:

Then = After that

5 Grammar: Present simple

A Complete with the form of the verb in brackets.
Subject Verb Common Mistakes
1 I home at 6am. (leave) s
She/He wake up at 6am
2 You to school at 7.30am. (go)
3 My sister her bed in the morning. (make) He/She haves an iPhone.
4 My dad a shower at night. (have) doesnt
She dont wake up before 9am
5 My brother and I (We) up at 6am. (get)
6 My partners (They) breakfast at 10am. (have) Grammar p. 120

B In pairs, narrate Jims morning routine. A: Youre his mother / father. B: Be interested.

c 2.10 Make the sentences in A negative. Listen to check.

Mr Bean doesnt
D In pairs, remember four things Mr Bean doesnt do before he leaves home. before he leaves home.

Workbook p. 10


016a025-U2-TNC1A.indd 19 24/03/2015 13:57

2.3 Do you use your mobile phone a lot?

6 Reading
A 2.11 Listen and read the web survey. Who are the people in the pictures?

How do your friends and relatives use

their mobile phones?
My husband takes My sister doesnt use
photos on his mobile her phone to talk.
1 phone and emails She texts her friends
them to me at work! when shes at school!
Hi! How [Jan, Edinburgh]
[Ruben, Mexico City]
are you?
My friend uses a hands-
My dad texts
free device when hes in
when hes in the
traffic and he always calls
car. Thats really
his friends on his way to
work. [Lucia, La Paz]
[Rob, London]
4 My son plays games and
3 A pizza, uses English language
My mum watches
please? apps on his mobile
films on her
phone. [Yuri, Tokyo]
[Kenan, Istanbul]
My boyfriend orders pizza
from his phone so
its ready when he gets ho
me. [Maria, New York]

b Re-read. Match people 1-7 to their phone uses. Cyber English

1 Rubens sister watches films.
Common nouns like text and email are
2 Jans husband orders pizza. now used as verbs.
3 Robs dad texts in the car. Does this happen in your language too?
4 Marias boyfriend texts friends when shes at school.
5 Lucias friend phones friends on his way to work.
6 Yuris son takes photos and emails them.
7 Kenans mum plays games and uses language apps.

c MAKE IT PERSONAL Class survey.

Carla uses her phone to send and
1 Do the survey. Tick or cross in column 1. receive texts and to go online. She
takes photos, writes emails, listens
2 In pairs, ask and answer. Put your partners answers in column 2.
to music and posts tweets too.
3 Report your answers. Whos the class mobile phone king or queen?

Do you use your mobile phone: 1 2 1 2

to send and receive texts? to post tweets?
to listen to music? to watch TV / films?
to take photos? to make videos?
to play games? as an alarm clock?
to read and write emails? as a satnav?
to order food? as a dictionary / translator?
20 to go on Facebook (or other social networks)? to record your English lessons?

016a025-U2-TNC1A.indd 20 24/03/2015 13:58

We are family. I got all my sisters with me.
We are family. Get up everybody and sing.

7 Vocabulary
A 2.12 Listen to and read this TV advert. Then complete the Griffins family tree.

Meet the Griffins!

Peter Griffin and his wife, Lois, live in Quahog, USA. They
have got three children. Meg is their first child and their
only daughter. Chris is their teenage son and Stewie
is his baby brother. Hes just one year old. The family
is completed by Brian, the talking dog, and Peters
parents, Francis and Thelma. Watch this programme
every weeknight at 11.30pm on Channel 44.

Francis Thelma


Chris Hi, Im Brian.

B Complete the family table with words from the advert.

female male male and female
grandmother grandfather grandparent(s)
mother father (s)
sister sibling(s) / twin(s)
son child(ren)
niece nephew
husband couple
aunt uncle
R  tress the first syllable on all the two and
cousin(s) three syllable nouns in this group.
Be careful with child /a/, but children //.

Common Mistakes
parents relatives
I have two fathers: my mum and dad. The others in my family are my parents. Writing Bank
go to p. 148

C In pairs, test each other on the relationships in A.

Whos Lois Thats Chris.
Peter. And whos
Stewies brother?

D MAKE IT PERSONAL In small groups, draw another famous family tree (from TV, cinema, literature) and
write a short advert for the show. In your advert, answer these four questions:
1 What are their names? 3 Where do they live?
2 Who is who? What are their relationships? 4 What is different or interesting about them?

E Exchange adverts with another group. Do you know the family? Do you like their advert?
Workbook p. 11

016a025-U2-TNC1A.indd 21 24/03/2015 13:58

2.4 Who do you live with?

8 Grammar: Present simple

A There are two different types of questions. Match the word order to each type.
Present Simple Questions Common Mistakes
Do you
1 Information questions. Where does Peter live? You live in Europe?
2 Yes or No questions. Do you live in Poland? does
When he gets up?
Auxiliary verb + Subject + Infinitive verb? A S I
Use the auxiliary do / does to ask questions.
Question word + Auxiliary verb + Subject + Infinitive verb? Q A S I

Grammar p. 120

B Are these A S I or Q A S I questions?

1 Whats your full name?

2 Are you Spanish?
3 Where do you live?
4 Do you live with your parents?
5 Where exactly in the US do you plan to travel to?
6 Do you know anyone in Alaska?

C 2.13 Match questions 1-6 in B to these answers.

Listen to check.
Yes, my sister lives there.
Miguel Hernandez. But, please, call me Mickey.
No, I dont. I live with my girlfriend.
In Madrid, I work there.
Yes, I am. Im from Valencia.
Alaska. They say its a beautiful place.

World of English
Both have and have got are used to talk about illnesses as well as possession (things we own), relationships (e.g. family
members) and characteristics (e.g. brown eyes). Have got is more common in British English and have is more common
in American English, although both are used and understood everywhere English is spoken. The two versions are formed
differently in questions and negatives:
Ive got a pet rabbit. / I have a pet rabbit.
Have you got a girlfriend? / Do you have a girlfriend?
I havent got any money. / I dont have any money.
Be careful: have got cant be used in every situation and tense that you can use have, for example: I had an accident,
NOT Id got an accident, and you cant use contractions with have like Ive a car.

9 Pronunciation: Question intonation and silent e

A 2.13 Look at AS 2.13 on p. 157. Listen again and notice how the intonation in each question goes up
or down at the end. Complete the rules.

R I n Yes / No questions the intonation usually goes .

In information questions the intonation usually goes .

B Complete 1-5. Take turns asking and answering the questions. Use the correct intonation.
1 you got a brother? 4 s your fathers name?
2 many cousins have you got? 5 they live in your town?
3 s your mothers name?

016a025-U2-TNC1A.indd 22 24/03/2015 13:58

I know, I know its you. You say hello and then I say I do. Where dyou
wanna go? Who dyou wanna be? What dyou wanna do? Just stay with me 2.4
C 2.14 Listen to and read World of English. Find three more words from this lesson with a silent e.

World of English
A silent e at the end of words is a common aspect of English.
Of the 100 most common words, these 12 end with a silent e.
are before come here little give
make more some there where take

10 Listening
A 2.15 Listen to Miguel talking to a friend about these three photos. How many questions do you hear?
Who are the people?

B MAKE IT PERSONAL In pairs, show photos of your family and say who they are. Ask two questions about
each photo.

This is my brother, Carlos. He lives in Canada. This is Susan, my

brothers wife.

Where does he live? And who is this woman?

Workbook p. 12

016a025-U2-TNC1A.indd 23 24/03/2015 13:58

2.5 How old are you?

Skills Processing personal information

A Read the online interview with Ginny Lomond and complete questions 1-10 with the correct verb.

1 What is your full name?

2 And how old you?
3 Do you a boyfriend?
4 Where you live?
5 And where your family live?
6 How often you visit your dad?
7 Great! Do your brothers or sisters near to you?
8 I see. And what you do at the weekend?
9 OK, and what time do you to bed during the week?
10 And our final question! you exercise regularly?

Oh, I always go to L.A. in December to stay with him. I usually go to bed at 11pm, Monday to Thursday,
L.A. is fantastic! but I sometimes go to parties!
No, I dont exercise. Well, only occasionally (when I 
No, I dont. Anyway, people dont want to date a famous person.
walk). Im a little bit lazy! I live in Paris.
Well, my mom lives in Paris and my dad lives in L.A. 1 Virginia Maria Lomond.
I sleep a lot and occasionally go for a walk. And I never No. Im an only child.
work on Monday so I often go to bed late on Sunday. Common Mistakes
Erm OK, Im 23.
Im (years old)
I have 21.

B 2.16 Match the questions to the answers in the interview. Listen to check.

C MAKE IT PERSONAL In pairs, role-play the interview. Then swap roles.

A: Ask the ten questions. B: Give your own true answers.

D Find and underline five examples of frequency adverbs in the interview.

Frequency Adverbs

never occasionally sometimes often usually always

Grammar p. 120

e MAKE IT PERSONAL Write five frequency questions to interview a partner using the go activities on p. 16.
In pairs, take turns asking and answering.

How often do you go to the gym?

I never go to the gym!


016a025-U2-TNC1A.indd 24 24/03/2015 13:58

How do you celebrate your birthday? 2.5

in Action Celebrating

A Match the words to the photos.

Enjoy your meal!
Happy birthday!
Happy New Year!
Have a good trip!
Merry Christmas!

1 2

3 5 6

B 2.17 Listen to check. Try to remember the answers too.

C What do you say on occasions 1-6? Practise with a partner.

1 before dinner 3 your mums birthday 5 on 25th December
2 a wedding 4 before a friend goes on holiday 6 on 1st January

D MAKE IT PERSONAL What do you usually do on your birthday?

1 Complete the table and compare answers with a partner. Find one thing you do differently.

Common Mistakes

have a special meal at home

go to a restaurant In Christmas Day = a specific day
or date.
drink and eat special foods

have a party On Christmas = a festive period.

give and receive gifts

wear special clothes

I always have a special meal
go to bed late at home on my birthday.

spend a lot of money

dance and sing I dont often eat at home

on my birthday. We usually
go to the cemetery go to a restaurant.

2 Now talk about what you do on these other occasions:

at Christmas on New Years Eve

at Easter on Boxing Day Workbook pp. 13, 64, 65


016a025-U2-TNC1A.indd 25 24/03/2015 13:58

R1 Grammar and Vocabulary

A Picture dictionary. Cover the words on the pages D Play Draw it, name it! A: Go to p. 8 ex. 4 and draw
below and remember: six objects for B to name. Swap roles. B: Go to p. 11
ex. 8 and draw six objects for A to name.
6 8 countries and nationalities
11 11 personal objects How do you say
13 11 colours this in English?
15 5 short dialogues for photos 1-5

16-17 8 go activities I think thats

a person.
1 10 morning routine verbs
25 6 phrases for special occasions
154 22 picture words for vowels

B MAKE IT PERSONAL In pairs. A: Spell sentences 1-3 for E MAKE IT PERSONAL Complete the questions with do
B to write. Swap roles for 4-6. Are 1-6 true for you? or does. In pairs, ask and answer.
1 What you do on your birthday?
2 you give gifts to your family at Christmas?
3 you eat a special meal on Christmas Eve?
4 your mother usually have a party on her
1 M Y C I T Y I S I N T E R E S T I N G. birthday?
2 J A Z Z I S G R E A T. 5 What you do at weddings in your culture?
6 What your brother (or sister) do at Christmas?
3 I A M F R O M N E W Y O R K C I T Y .
F Match the responses to phrases 1-8.
1 Thank you. Good, thanks.
4 M Y F A V O R I T E C O L O U R I S G R E E N.
2 Whos this? Not much.
5 M Y E N G L I S H I S H O R R I B L E . 3 Whats new? Its Jackie.
6 T H E P R E S I D E N T I S F A N T A S T I C . 4 Congratulations! Thanks!
5 How are you? Youre welcome.
6 See you later. Purple and white.
7 How old are you? Bye for now.
8 What colour is your house? 17.
C R1.1 Complete with verb be. Use contractions
G Correct the mistakes. Check your answers in units
where possible. Listen to check. In pairs, practise
1 and 2. Whats your score, 1-10?
the dialogue.

Receptionist What your name?

Common Mistakes
Sandy Sharon Clarke. 1 Are you colombian? Yes, Im. (2 mistakes)
Receptionist you English? 2 That is a umbrella ridiculous. (1 mistake)
Sandy No, I Irish.
3 David loves her girlfriend. (1 mistake)
Receptionist Where in Ireland you from?
4 John go to home after school. (2 mistakes)
Sandy Dublin.
Receptionist T
 hat very nice. What 5 My girlfriend has got 20 close parents. (1 mistake)
your address? 6 At what time you go to school? (2 mistakes)
Sandy 76 Burton Road. 7 My father work in the city. (1 mistake)
Receptionist And what your email address? 8 At Saturday, my mum dont get up early. (2 mistakes)
9 My brother has 25. (1 mistake)
Receptionist Thank you. Here your key.
Room 89.
10 When he works? (2 mistakes)


026a027-review1-TNC1A.indd 26 24/03/2015 13:59

Skills Practice R1

A Listen to the text on p. 20. Then go back and read it. G MAKE IT PERSONALHow often do you do these
Was your listening successful? activities on weekends? Compare with a partner.
Any big differences?
B Match the phone phrases. Read the text to check.
How do you spend your weekends?
1 send online
Friday Saturday Sunday
2 make a meeting exercise
3 take the dictionary get up early
4 go a (text) message go shopping
5 use a photo go to bed late
6 organise calls meet friends
play sport
watch TV
There are about 6 billion mobile phones in the world,
thats 87% of the worlds population. Lets take a look at I usually meet friends on Fridays. How about you?
how people use their phones.

I use it every day. I cant imagine life without it! I

send about 30 to 40 messages a day and I use the dictionary H MAKE IT PERSONALComplete 1-6 and compare your
at school. answers in pairs. Any surprises?
I havent got a mobile phone. I think they are unhygienic. 1 is a rich old man.
And they ruin conversation! I use my girlfriends 2 is a pretty American actress.
phone to phone people.
3 is an excellent song.
Oh, wow! I love my cool, new phone! It does everything 4 is an interesting new movie.
I can go online, make free calls and it even understands me
when I speak to it! 5 is a cool small piece of technology.
6 is a fantastic big city.
I use it for work. I make calls from
the car to talk to clients or organise meetings for the day.
I Mini role-play.
I dont use my digital camera, I take photos A: Youre a guest at a hotel. You want to leave your bag
on my phone.
in their safe. Pay by credit card.
B: Youre the receptionist. Ask A for this information:
name; ID card number; room number; description of
C R1.2 MAKE IT PERSONAL Listen and complete with bag; contents of bag; credit card number.
always, often, usually, sometimes, occasionally. Are
you similar to any of these people?

D R1.3 Listen to a football fan. Circle the correct

1 Im 17 / 70 years old.
2 My town is 13 / 30 km from Barcelona.
3 He goes to 19 / 90 games at the Camp Nou Stadium.
4 Bara have 14 / 40 international cups. Good afternoon. How
5 They have over 16 / 60 domestic cups. can I help you?

E R1.3 Listen again and answer 1-4.

Hi. Do you
1 Whats his name? 3 Whos his favourite player? have a safe?
2 Where does he live? 4 When are their birthdays?
J R1.4 MAKE IT PERSONAL Question time.
F In pairs. A: Describe family A. B: Describe family B. 1 Listen to and answer the 12 lesson titles in units 1 & 2.
2 In pairs, practise asking and answering. Use the map
A B of the book on pp. 2-3. Where possible, ask follow-up
questions too. Can you comfortably answer them all?

Are you Spanish? What city are

you from?
No, Im Peruvian.


026a027-review1-TNC1A.indd 27 24/03/2015 13:59

3 Whats the weather like?

50 50

40 40 d

30 30

20 20
b 1 2
10 10

0 0
10 10

20 20

5 6 7

1 Vocabulary: The weather

A 3.1 Read World of English and complete the weather table. Listen to a school teacher to check.

World of English
Some letters have special roles. the sun a cloud wind fog rain snow
Use S for:

1 plurals: keys. noun

2 possession: Johns keys.
3 verb be (is): Johns American.
4 the third person: He lives in Miami.
Y is a common ending for adjectives:

happy, crazy, sleepy.

adjective sunny
With weather nouns, add -y to form the
adjectives: rain rainy. Words ending
consonant-vowel-consonant double the verb X X X X to rain to snow
final consonant: sunny.

Common Mistakes
B Match the temperature words to the correct thermometer position, a-d. Whats
cool hot c warm
Hows the weather like?
Is hot.
C Cover A and B. In pairs, look only at the photos and thermometer and try
to remember all ten weather words. Its winding.
D 3.2 Listen and name the two photos the pupils are talking about. The times good.

E In pairs, do the same. Take turns describing photos 1-10 and guessing the place. Use its + adjective.
Its really hot and sunny. Is it photo 1?

028a037-U3-TNC1A.indd 28 24/03/2015 14:01

Here comes the sun. Here comes
the sun and I say its alright

3 4

8 9 10

2 Listening
A 3.3 Listen to the weather forecast and number the places in the order you hear them, 1-5. Why do
they say the weather is mad?
Usually Now
the Alps
the Amazon rainforest
the Atacama Desert

B 3.3 Listen again and complete the table in A with adjectives / words for each place. Is the weather
mad in your country?

c Complete these three questions from the programme. R Its raining now / in this photo. = at the moment
1 And s the weather in Chicago?
Its usually rainy / snowy in May. = generally
2 s the weather usually like there?
3 Whats it this year?

d MAKE IT PERSONAL In pairs, ask and answer about the weather in the photos and in your city / country.
Use the model and point to the photos as you ask.

Whats the weather usually And whats it like

like in the Amazon forest? at the moment?
Hmm. Its rainy. Its very dry. Workbook p. 14


028a037-U3-TNC1A.indd 29 24/03/2015 14:01

3.2 Are you busy at the moment?

3 Reading
A 3.4 Study the months. Is the stressed syllable the same (S) or different (D) in your language? Listen to
check and put your hand up for your birthday month.

January February March April May June

July August September October November December

B Read the text from an encyclopaedia and:

1 write the seven missing months. N World of English
2 circle the names of three more seasons in paragraph 1.
W East In American English,
3 find two more seasons in paragraph 2.
people say fall
4 find the names of one continent and two countries. instead of autumn.
5 find the words to complete the compass.

Four seasons or two?

Countries with a temperate climate, like the ones in
Europe and North America, have four very defined seasons:
hot summers in June, and August; cold winters
in December, January and , with heavy snow
in some countries; cool, windy autumns in September,
and November and warm springs in ,
April and .
In contrast, tropical regions, especially around the
equator, have only two seasons: the dry season and the
rainy season. So, in places like India, West Africa, Central
America, the north of South America and the north coast of
Australia, the rainy season is in their winter ( ,
July and ), and its accompanied by very high

C 3.5 Listen and read to check. Any pronunciation surprises?

D MAKE IT PERSONAL In pairs, answer the questions. Any big differences between you?
1 Which months correspond to which seasons in your country?
2 Whats your favourite season? Common Mistakes
Its J
3 What are three things you usually do in your favourite season? Is usually hot in january in Australia.
4 What are three things you dont usually do in your favourite season?

I usually watch a lot

Me too. And I dont go out
of TV in the winter.
a lot in the rainy season.


028a037-U3-TNC1A.indd 30 24/03/2015 14:01

Just about half past ten, for the first time in history its
gonna start raining men! Its raining men! Hallelujah!

4 Grammar: Present continuous

A 3.6 Match photos 1-6 to the actions. Listen to five phone calls to check. Which action dont you hear?

1 2 3 4

5 6

buying food
World of English
cooking dinner
Learning key phrases is a great way to sound fluent! Common phone phrases
doing homework
riding a bike Are you busy? Phone you later. Dont worry. Sorry, wrong number.
running in the park No problem. I cant hear you. The phones busy. My batterys dying.

talking on a landline

B 3.6 Listen again and tick the phrases you hear in World of English. Who says them?

C 3.7 Guess (1) what Maddie wants company for and (2) how the story ends. Listen to check.
1 To have dinner. To go to a sports event. Shes feeling lonely.
2 She gets depressed and cries. She finally finds a friend. She goes to a bar and has a drink.

Present Continuous
1 Complete the examples with the verb be. Common Mistakes
She talking on the telephone. Subject + be + verb + ing m
I working on a new project.
I running. Subject + be + not + verb + ing
What they doing? Question word + be + subject + verb + ing
2 Cross off the wrong options. Grammar p. 122
Use the present continuous for actions that happen every day / at the moment / sometimes.
Pronounce the -ing ending //, not /ing/.

D Look back at pages 18-19 and test a partner. A: Point to a picture. B: Say what Jims doing. Swap roles.

Whats he doing in this picture? Hes waking up.

E MAKE IT PERSONAL Role-play a conversation like Maddies. A: Youre calling five friends to do something.
B: Youre As friends. Make different excuses. Swap roles.
Workbook p. 15

028a037-U3-TNC1A.indd 31 24/03/2015 14:01

3.3 What are you doing?

5 Listening
A 3.8 Listen to the advert. How many times do they ask the same question?

B 3.8 Listen again and number the other phrases in the order you hear them, 1-6. Whats your favourite
advert at the moment?
Chad here. Just watching the market recap, drinking an import.
Hey, Brad, whos that? That is correct. That is correct.
Hey, Chad. Pick up the cordless. This is Brad.

C 3.9 In pairs, listen to the sound effects. What are the people doing? I think somebodys cooking.

D MAKE IT PERSONAL A: Mime actions for a partner to guess. B: Say what A is doing.

What am I doing? Youre watching TV and drinking coffee.

6 Grammar: Present simple vs present continuous

A In pairs, can you recognise the celebrities in the photos? What do they do?
Whos this?

I think this is Pink.

What does she do?

Shes a singer.

1 5

B Match photos 1-6 to these actions. What are they doing? World of English
In pairs, take turns asking and answering.
The usual question for jobs is What do you do? What
walk her dog carry a shopping bag does s/he do?
ride a bike run You can also use: Whats your job?
watch a football match talk on the phone his occupation?
her profession?
But use subject + be + article to answer all of them.
Whats Pink doing? Shes riding a bike. What do you do? Im a singer / an actor.


028a037-U3-TNC1A.indd 32 25/03/2015 11:46

Dont stop me now. Im having such
a good time. Im having a ball.

C Jake Pappas is a celebrity journalist. Read the grammar box and answer 1-2.

Present Simple vs Present Continuous

1 Read a-d and write PC (present continuous) or PS (present simple).
a Jake talks to his editor every morning. c He usually works from 8 to 5 in his office.
b Hes interviewing Emma Stone right now. d Today Jakes doing a lot of different things.

2 Match the rules. talk about routines.

a Use the present continuous to talk about a break in routine.
b Use the present simple to describe actions in progress now.
describe habits. Grammar p. 122

D In pairs, take turns copying the model. A: Cover the usual schedule. B: Cover the today column. Use your
imagination to talk about his night.
What time is it?

Time Usual Today Its 8am

8.00am talk to my editor interview Emma Stone What does Jake

12.00pm have lunch at his desk eat at a restaurant with Benicio Del Toro usually do at 8am?
2.00pm write an article walk in the park with Jay-Z
5.00pm edit texts feed Liv Tylers dog He talks to his editor.
6.00pm feed the dog have dinner with Mr X and Mrs Y Whats he doing today?
Hes interviewing
10.00pm Emma Stone.

E 3.10 Read the text and cross out the wrong verb forms. Circle the six time expressions. Listen to check.

Following the royals

Kate Middleton has / is having a famous beauty ritual, and our reporters
follow / are following her today. At the moment, she goes / is going into
her favourite hairdressers, where she gets / is getting her hair done every
morning. She washes / is washing and dries / is drying her hair here every
day after she runs / is running in Hyde Park. Our photographers register / are
registering every moment of her routine today and our reporters talk / are
talking to her hairdresser. Read a full review of all this tomorrow on our site.

7 Listening
A 3.11 Listen to a gossip programme interview and write T (true) or F (false).
1 The reporter is talking to Kate. 3 Kate is visiting a public place at the moment.
2 William and Kate work in Wales. 4 William is working now.

B 3.11 Listen again and answer the questions. Do you like celebrity gossip?
1 What does Prince William do? 3 What does Kate Middleton do as part of her routine?
2 Whats Prince William doing now? 4 Whats Kate doing now?
Workbook p. 16 33

028a037-U3-TNC1A.indd 33 24/03/2015 14:02

3.4 What are you doing tomorrow night?

8 Reading
A 3.12 Look at the photo, read the TV guide and choose the right words in definitions 1-3. Is this the
type of programme you like to watch?
No, I only watch the news.

Storm Chasers is a TV programme about teams of people who

travel around 700,000 square miles of the American Great Plains
every spring, when tornadoes are very common. Whats their
objective? To go inside a tornado, document everything and survive!

1 A storm is very strong fog / wind and rain / sun.

2 A chaser is a person / object / machine who is trying to capture something.
3 A plain is a large area of flat / snowy / high land.

B 3.13 Listen to and read the rest of the TV guide and match 1-7 to what they refer to.
1 Tuscaloosa their next destination
2 5 the number of people theyre evacuating
3 14,000 a famous American singer
4 Reed their location
5 2,000 the class of the tornado
6 Missouri a storm chaser
7 Bob Dylan their vehicles weight

Whats happening in tonights episode?

Today the teams of meteorologists are studying the weather conditions in Tuscaloosa,
Alabama. Theyre reporting a really strong tornado (class 5) for tomorrow morning. Team
leader Reed says, Tomorrow were helping to evacuate a population of about 2,000 inhabitants
and were filming all the action. I cant wait! The teams can go right inside tornadoes in their
special 14,000-pound vehicle, Dominator. Its an exciting and very dangerous profession it
takes a lot of courage to be a storm chaser.
After that, they have to decide what to cut to make the programme. And then, next week,
theyre travelling to Missouri to chase more tornadoes and answer their big questions: What
happens in the centre of a tornado? How can we predict or stop them? Well, as Bob Dylan
sings, The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind!

028a037-U3-TNC1A.indd 34 24/03/2015 14:02

I know it sounds funny, but I just cant stand
the pain. Girl, Im leaving you tomorrow. 3.4
C Re-read and complete the table with the Storm Chasers activities. What do you think about their activities?
Today Studying weather in Tuscaloosa Common Mistakes
Tomorrow is leaving
He goes tomorrow in the morning.
After filming the action
Next week Im meeting with her the next week.

I think theyre mad!

9 Grammar: Present continuous for future

a Underline seven verbs in the present continuous in 8B. Say if they refer to a present or a future action.

b Expand this list of future time expressions.

morning week R  se the present continuous to
Monday talk about future arrangements.
tomorrow next spring Im spending Christmas with
night my family.

Grammar p. 122

c 3.14 Listen to the interview and write R (Reed), C (Chris) or J (Joel).

1 , and are travelling to Mississippi tomorrow.
2 is filming the storm.
3 and are studying the photos from the satellite.

d 3.15 Read the teams notes for today and role-play an interview with one of the members.

Reed Joel
Chris of the tornado - prepare the eq ation
* find the centre rm
film the trees in the ar ed - email the info
install microphones & ea * calculate its spe
to the TV station

Cyber English
What are you doing Im finding the centre And what about Chris, Email is now a common verb. I am emailing
today, Reed? of the tornado and whats he doing? my friend. Many other nouns are now
calculating its speed. verbs: I skype my cousin in New York every
weekend. Lets google the answer.

e MAKE IT PERSONAL Write your own diary. Then talk to a partner about your plans.

Today after class

Tomorrow morning
The day after tomorrow
Next weekend

What are you doing today after class? Im going home. Workbook p. 17

028a037-U3-TNC1A.indd 35 24/03/2015 14:02

3.5 Why are you learning English?

Skills Analysing your English

A 3.16 Read the introduction to the questionnaire. True (T) or false (F)? R U
 se have got to to
1 We know exactly how many people speak English in the world. express obligation.
Sorry, Ive got to work.
2 The questionnaire is for the authors of this book.

Home About us Adult Courses Prices

Why are you learning English?

Approximately 25% of the world speaks or is now learning to speak English, and
this number is rapidly increasing. Please help the team to learn more about
our users motivation and experiences. Complete our questionnaire, checking all
relevant answers, and let us know.

1 Why are you learning English?

a Ive got to: for my current or future job. for school. for college.
b I want to: for pleasure. I love learning languages.
c I need to communicate online: in writing. speaking.
d to communicate with other people face to face
e to pass an exam
f to travel
g to emigrate
h other (what?)

2 Which are the three most important for you? Number them 1 to 3.
a grammar b vocabulary c pronunciation d listening
e speaking f reading g writing h all equally

3 Which items in 2 do you find the most difficult?

4 How often do you do these things in English outside class? Mark them:
E = Every day V = Very often S = Sometimes O = Occasionally N = Never
a readb studyc writed listen to music / the radio
e watch TV / movies f speak to people g other (what?)

5 What do you like about your classes?

the coursebook the CD-ROM the ID students website
the teacher my classmates other?

B Answer the questionnaire. In pairs, explain your answers to your partner.

Im learning English for many reasons. I need it Im going abroad next year and

C Read Common Mistakes and the R box. Then explain the use of for, to and have to in question 1 above.

Common Mistakes
to to R
I need learn English for study. Use to + verb and for + noun
verbs (have to,
to for
I have got learn English to my job. need to, can) dont have a Writing Bank
job continuous form. go to p. 149
Im needing to get a new work.


028a037-U3-TNC1A.indd 36 24/03/2015 14:02

Are you thirsty? 3.5

in Action Making offers

A 3.17 Listen to two friends and answer 1-5. Common Mistakes

1 What time is it? m not y
2 Whats Linda working on? I dont have hungry, but Im with thirst.
3 When has she got to finish it? Would
Do you like a drink?
4 How many more pages does she have to write?
5 Is she tired?

B 3.17 Listen again and write Marks three questions. Guess what happens next?

Maybe Linda decides to go home? Yeah, maybe. Or

C 3.18 Listen to check your guesses. What does Linda want?

D 3.18 Read World of English and listen again. Who says each informal expression, Mark (M) or Linda (L)?

E 3.18 Listen again. In pairs, role-play the dialogue using the picture clues.

Mark Linda World of English

Informal language is full of
U/1? contractions, incomplete
sentences and omission of
no Grammatical English
Are you tired?

Do you want to go home?

Yes, (please).
Would you like a biscuit?

Informal English

You tired?

Wanna go home?

Yep / Yeah!

(Like a) biscuit?
U R great !

F 3.19 Match these questions to the offers. Listen, check and repeat. Practise the different responses.
Questions Offers Responses
Are you bored? Do you want a sweater / my jacket? Yes, please. Great!
Are you cold? (Do you) want a sandwich / a biscuit? Sure. Why not?
Are you hot? Would you like a coffee / to go home? Yep / Yeah!
Are you hungry? (Would you) like a drink? Uh-huh, just
Are you thirsty? Do you want a cold drink / an ice-cream? No, thanks.
Are you tired? Wanna go out for a drink? No, really, Im fine.

G MAKE IT PERSONAL In pairs. A: Mime an adjective. B: Ask a question and make an offer from the table
in F. A: Respond.
Are you bored? Would you like to read my newspaper? Workbook pp. 18, 65

028a037-U3-TNC1.indd 37 24/03/2015 16:47


Do you like tennis?

3 4

Todays Exciting
Events at the
Olympic Games

5 7


038a047-U4-TNC1A.indd 38 24/03/2015 14:38

No time for losers, cause we are
the champions of the world. 4.1

1 Vocabulary: Sports
A 4.1 Match the words and sports. Try to pronounce them. Then listen to part of a sport
programme to check. Find two reasons why they are in two groups.
7 basketball
soccer / football
Common Mistakes
volleyball I love the games.
Maybe its
because the first I dont like the water.
four we play I hate the soccer.
cycling (bike riding) Dont use the with plural nouns, non-count
running nouns or to talk about things in general.

B MAKE IT PERSONAL Listen and repeat what your teacher says only if its true for you.

Teacher: I like tennis.

Some students: I like tennis.

C 4.2 Listen to more of the sport programme and check in A the five sports Eddie mentions.
Can you remember the six countries too?

D 4.2 Listen again and match the times and places. Remember the last thing he says.
1 9.00 the Igloo
2 9.30 North Park R The is pronounced /thi:/ before a vowel sound.
3 10.00 the Olympic Arena th/i:/ The Igloo, the Olympics.
4 10.30 the Olympic Stadium th// The Central Courts, the USA.
5 11.00 the Central Courts

E 4.3 Listen to four interviews and order the sports you hear, 1-7. Which person is American?
baseball golf
World of English
skiing surfing
football skateboarding American and British English are
similar, but not always the same. In the
soccer USA, people call this sport soccer,
but the British call it football.
F Answer in pairs. Which sports are in this lesson And the Americans call this sport
1 need a ball? football, but the British call it
American football.
2 need a net?
3 can you practise in the sea?
4 is your favourite to watch / practise?
5 is your country usually good at in the Olympics?
6 is the most dangerous?

Our country is
usually good at
For me, the most
dangerous is
Workbook p. 19


038a047-U4-TNC1A.indd 39 24/03/2015 14:38

4.2 Can you drive a tractor?

2 Grammar: Can questions / short answers

A 4.4 Its Marks first day at the gym. Listen and complete the form.

Name: can, but not very well
Age: cant (at all)

B Ask two friends the same questions. Follow the model. How many yes answers can you get?
Can you run Thats one. Two. OK, can Common Mistakes
two kilometres? Can you swim? you play tennis? C you
You can to play well football ?

Yes, I can. Yes, I can, but No, I cant.

not very well.
Grammar p. 124

C MAKE IT PERSONAL Can you do it?

1 Ask the class Can you + sport? questions. Whats the most popular sport in the class?
2 Ask Can you + activity? about other abilities. Mime what you cant express in English.

R Possible activities
play musical instruments (the piano,
the guitar, the saxophone)
speak French, German, Chinese
drive a tractor
cook well
sing in harmony

Can you drive

a tractor?

I think so. I can

drive a car.

Can you sing

in harmony?

No, I cant sing at all!


038a047-U4-TNC1A.indd 40 24/03/2015 14:38

I believe I can fly.
I believe I can touch the sky. 4.2

3 Reading
A 4.5 Listen, read and match the six photos to the abilities.

Ten Keys to Success 1 to use Google efficiently 6 to speak two common languages
2 to understand directions 7 to dress appropriately
To fly high in the modern world,
3 to cook the basics 8 to bargain well
certain abilities are essential. Here
4 to remember names 9 to flirt and not look ridiculous
are our top 10 in no particular order:
5 to use simple tools 10 to make a good first impression

To comment or add more ideas, click here.

World of English
-tion and -sion are two of the most common noun suffixes. The
stress is always on the syllable before them:
occasion / expression / profession / information / pronunciation

B Cross or tick the list according to your ability. Interview a partner. What are his / her top five abilities?
= I cant at all. = I cant very well. Can you use
No, I cant! I always
= I can. = I can very well. simple tools?
ask my dad to help me.

C Choose the five most important ones for you.

Im at school and dont have a job, so my most important five are

4 Listening
A 4.6 Listen to a job interview. Circle the job that Maddie wants. Rate your comprehension, 0-4:

She wants to be: a babysittera journalista secretarya teacher

0 = only a few words 1 = some parts 2 = about half of it 3 = most of it 4 = all of it

B 4.6 Listen again and complete with can or cant. Now re-rate your comprehension, 0-4.
1 Maddie speak Spanish very well.
2 She play volleyball and tennis, but not very well.
3 She text fast.

C Order these words to make questions. Then ask a partner.

1 any / can / other / languages / speak / you / ?
I can speak just one language and a little bit of English.
2 can / how / languages / many / speak / you / ?
3 fast / can / you / text / ?
4 sports / play / can / what / you / ? Workbook p. 20 41

038a047-U4-TNC1A.indd 41 24/03/2015 14:38

4.3 What are you wearing?

5 Grammar: Can
World of English
A True (T) or false (F)? A lot of English words have more than
one meaning. Can, for example, means:
Can be able to I can speak English.

be possible to Can you help me?

Can / cant is the same for all persons.
be allowed to Can I go to the toilet?
Short answers are Yes, I can. and No, I cant.
an object Thats a can of Coke.
Use can to express ability, possibility and permission.

Grammar p. 124
B 4.7 Complete sentences 1-6 with can or cant. Listen to check.
1 I dance very well, but my wife . Shes a very good dancer.
2 My mother cook really well. Her food is delicious.
3 My best friend play rugby or cricket. He doesnt like team sports.
4 I skate, but I ski at all. Skiing is too difficult!
5 My friends play football very well. They play every weekend.
6 you do any martial arts? No, I .
For me, number 4 is
C MAKE IT PERSONAL Modify the sentences in B to make them true for you. half true. I can skate
Compare in pairs. Be careful with the pronunciation of can / cant. Any surprises? well, but I can ski too.

6 Listening
A 4.8 Obama says: Yes, we can! In his opinion, what can we do? Listen and tick the items he
a voice
a room
a flat
a house
a city
a state
a country
a nation
the people
the world

B In pairs, reproduce the speech. Follow the model. Can you remember the last sentence?
One voice can Yes, and if it can change a
change a room. , it can change a .

C MAKE IT PERSONAL Complete with can / cant. In pairs, compare. Do you have exactly the same opinion?

1 One person change the world.

2 One country affect the world intensely.
For me, number 1 is true. For example, a person
3 One president change the future of the world. like Mark Zuckerberg can change the world.
4 The opinion of one person change a community.

038a047-U4-TNC1A.indd 42 24/03/2015 14:38

I cant believe the news today. I cant close
my eyes and make it go away.

7 Vocabulary: Clothes
A 4.9 Listen to the presentation of JKKs fashion show. Whos JKK? Do you like the designs?

JKK: toda ys desig ns for tomorrows world.

2 9



7 15

11 12

5 8
Dylan Marissa Justin Sheila

B 4.9 Match 1-16 to the clothes items. Listen again to check and circle (S) if the stressed vowel sounds
of the clothes and colours are similar or (NS) if they arent.
a silver belt NS S a pink skirt NS S
a brown blouse NS S beige socks NS S
blue boots NS S a blue suit NS S
a golden coat NS S blue shoes NS S
a yellow dress NS S a green T-shirt NS S
black sandals NS S a white tie NS S
a purple shirt NS S grey trainers NS S
orange shorts NS S blue trousers NS S

C In pairs, cover the photos. What can you remember? Common Mistakes
Whats Dylan wearing?  he always wears a green shirt
Hes wearing a purple shirt,
and a grey trousers to school.
D MAKE IT PERSONAL Look at your classmates for a minute. In pairs, take Hes using a suit.
turns remembering and describing each other without looking. pairs of
She has got two jeans.
Shes wearing a pink jumper and brown trousers. Who is it?

E MAKE IT PERSONAL Use your mobile phone. Find photos of different people and describe them to your partner.

This is my brother Peter. Hes on holiday in a hotel in Germany. Hes wearing . Workbook p. 21

038a047-U4-TNC1A.indd 43 24/03/2015 14:38

4.4 Is your wardrobe organised?

8 Listening Born on April 18

2006, Suri Holmes
Cruise (daughter
A 4.10 Listen to an interview with
Georgia Brown. How many pairs of each of Tom Cruise and
item has Suri got? Katie Holmes) is
a very fashionable
shoes trousers
young lady.
jeans pyjamas

B 4.10 Listen again. Which five phrases

does she use to avoid being exact (and
having legal problems)? Check your
answers in AS 4.10 on p. 159.

Georgia Brown, a
serious Suri fan who
writes a blog about
her clothes.

9 Reading
A Look at the avatars. What do they tell you about the people writing the comments?

I imagine shes rich.

Maybe a model?

Is it impossible for two people to share wardrobe space?

Posted by Victoria Zuylen

Not impossible, but difficult. At home its only me and my husband.
My clothes are always organised, but his are not! Sometimes we have
problems, but I usually just ignore my husbands part.

Posted by Kyle
I confess: Ive got more clothes than my wife, so my wardrobe is
enormous and hers is not. Our children are not very organised, but
they tidy their wardrobes I never look at theirs! My sons is full of
sport equipment too balls, rackets, skis, etc. Horrible!

Posted by Tanya
In my house, we dont say mine or yours. Everything is ours. Our
Angie wardrobe is small but clean and organised. We share space and clothes.
We occasionally have a discussion like this: Whose jumper is this? Its
yours! No, its yours! A big advantage of living with your twin sister!

B 4.11 Read the forum and guess the pronunciation of the words with pink letters. Listen to check.

038a047-U4-TNC1A.indd 44 24/03/2015 14:38

Oh, oh, oh, sweet child o mine.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, sweet love of mine. 4.4
C Complete with the names from the forum. Is your situation similar to avatar 1, 2 or 3?
1 lives with her sister. 4 doesnt share wardrobe space.
2 lives with her husband. 5 doesnt have a problem sharing.
3 lives with his wife and children. 6 finds it difficult sharing.
I havent got a wardrobe.

World of English Common Mistakes

Some words sound the same, but have different meanings. These glasses are the mines.
F or example: there theyre their. Whose
Theyre their keys over there, on the table. Of who is this pen?
Other common examples include: Its of Maria.
buy by bye our hour

to two too wear where

10 Grammar: Possessive pronouns

A 4.12 Look at the highlighted phrases in 9A and complete the table. Listen, check and answer 1 and 2.

Possessive Pronouns
my his our 1 How many end in -s?
your her their 2 Is the final -s pronounced /s/ or /z/?

Grammar p. 124
B Complete the R box with mine, s or whose:

R Use to ask about possession.

Use after a noun to indicate possession.
Use possessive pronouns, for example , to
replace possessive adjective + noun in a sentence.

C Here is a REALLY BAD POST from the forum its full of mistakes! Find and correct five mistakes with
possessives and five with articles.

Posted by: Sorry for my English but I'm trying to practise.

I live with the my parents, my brother and my sister. I dont have wardrobe in the my
room, but mine sister has got wardrobe in her, so we share that space. Ours wardrobe
is organised, but my brothers is very disorganised. My parents have got big bedroom,
so they have two separate wardrobes. My mothers wardrobe is big and my father is small.

D MAKE IT PERSONAL Use these ideas to write your own post for the forum. Compare in pairs.

1 I live with . / I live alone.

I share a bedroom
2 My wardrobe is big / organised, but my wifes / husbands / sisters / brothers is .
with my sister.
3 I share my wardrobe with . / I dont share my wardrobe.
4 In my wardrobe I have .
Workbook p. 22 45

038a047-U4-TNC1A.indd 45 24/03/2015 14:38

4.5 Do you like beauty salons?

Skills Reading for details

A Quickly look at the text and answer 1-3.

1 Wheres it from?
The Internet. A book. A magazine.
2 What is it?
A poster. An advert. A blog.
3 Underline the names of the four different areas.

All Yours!
Do you like to combine your clothes and your hair style?
Do you want a special diet?
All Yours! is the perfect place for you. There, in the same ultra-modern centre, you can find:

Super Salon with hairdressers, manicurists and pedicurists available from 8am to 10pm seven
days a week.
The Really Rich restaurant that serves low-calorie foods, specially prepared by a nutritionist.
Be Beautiful boutique with unique fashion designs from around the world.
Marvellous Me massage suite for men and women our fantastic therapists can eliminate all
your stress.
All Yours!

B Re-read and write true (T) or false (F). World of English

1 All Yours is basically a shopping center. The suffix -ist is NOT stressed.
2 The stylists work on Sundays. Our dentist is an artist.

3 Its possible to eat, buy clothes and exercise there. The suffix -ique is stressed.
She uses a unique technique.
4 Its only for women.
5 Five different jobs are mentioned.

C Find the words in the text that mean:

1 the opposite of different = 3 possible to have =
2 very recent = 4 the opposite of high =

D 4.13 In pairs, try to pronounce the words with pink parts. Listen to check. Any surprises?

E Whats your favorite area of All Yours? Why?

I really like Super Salon. Me too. I love to go to beauty salons.

038a047-U4-TNC1A.indd 46 24/03/2015 14:39

What shoe size are you? 4.5

in Action Shopping for clothes

A 4.14 Listen to the dialogue and complete 1-3. Predict how it ends.
1 The mans at a 3 The colour he wants is
2 He wants

B 4.15 Listen to part two of the dialogue and answer:

1 Whos the jumper for? 2 Why does he want it in blue? 3 Do you think the shop assistant is good at his job?

C Look at AS 4.14 and 4.15 on p. 159 and find:

1 the preposition we use before colours;
2 the verb that means to test clothes on your body;
3 the name of the room where we go to do this.

D 4.16 Listen and complete a short version of the dialogue. What three changes do you need to make if
he asks for jeans?

Shop assistant Can I you? World of English

Jason Yes, please. Can I the in the window? Clothing sizes in English
Shop assistant Sure! What ? Weve got it in , blue or . are becoming universal:
Jason , please. S for small
Shop assistant All right. What ? M for medium
L is large
Jason Extra .
XL means extra large
Shop assistant small in blue? OK, just a , please. Here you .
Jason Thanks. Can I it on?
Shop assistant Sure, no problem. The changing are over .
it = one item
E 4.17 Listen to World of English. Then practise saying the sizes.
I like
Do you have S, M, L or XL on the clothes youre wearing?
them = plural

F In pairs, practise the dialogue in D. Use clothes items from this unit.
Be careful with singular and plural forms.

G 4.18 Punctuate part 3 of the dialogue. Listen to check. Cover the lines and practise from the pictures.

Jason nothanksjustthejumperhowmuchisit

Shop assistant fortynineninetynine

Jason greatheresmycreditcard
R = apostrophe
Shop assistant thankyoupleaseenteryourpinnumber
. = full stop
? = question mark
Jason thereyougo
- = hyphen
Shop assistant heresyourreceipthavealovelydaybyejackson , = comma

H MAKE IT PERSONAL Role-play shopping for clothes. A: Youre the customer. B: Youre the shop assistant.

Hi, I like these black shorts. How much are they? Workbook pp. 23, 65, 66

038a047-U4-TNC1A.indd 47 24/03/2015 14:39

R2 Grammar and Vocabulary

A Picture dictionary. Cover the words on the pages E Cross out the incorrect response.
below and remember. 1 When are you leaving?
a Every day.
2 10 weather words
b Tomorrow morning.
30 4 seasons
c In two weeks.
31 6 activities
38-39 2 Can I see the jumper in the window?

7 sport
41 6 abilities a Sure. What size?
43 16 clothes items b Sure. How much?
47 the shop dialogue c Sure. What colour?
154 10 picture words for diphthongs
3 Here are the boots.
a I like them.
B Complete with weather adjectives and the month. b How much are they?
1 In December (12), New York is usually very c o l d. c Can I try it on?
2 Lima is a very c y city in (7).
4 Are you busy at the weekend?
3 London is a r y place in (10).
a No problem.
4 The coast of Canada is very f y,
especially in b Yes, Im working.
5 It is s y in Bariloche. Winter there starts in c No. What are you doing?
(5). 5 Can you sing?
6 Sydneys very s y, especially in (2). a I can, but not very well.
7 La Manchas very w y in (8). b Not at all.
C MAKE IT PERSONAL Match questions 1-3 to answers c Can I?
a-c. Complete a-c so theyre true for you.
6 What sports can you play?
1 Whats the weather usually like in your city in July? a No, I cant.
2 Is it raining at the moment? b I can play cricket and tennis.
3 Does it usually rain a lot in your city? c I cant play sport.
a , does / doesnt.
b Its . F MAKE IT PERSONAL In pairs, ask and answer 4-6 in E.
c , is / isnt.
G Correct the mistakes. Check your answers in units
3 and 4. Whats your score, 1-12?
D R2.1 Circle the correct alternatives. Listen to
check. In pairs, practise the dialogue.
Common Mistakes
Tim Hello?
1 Hows the weather like? (1 mistake)
Shannon H
 i, Tim. This is Shannon. What are you
doing / do you do? 2 Is raining. (1 mistake)
Tim Oh, hi, Shannon. I m watching / watch 3 The time is bad today. (1 mistake)
the football match.
4 Is usually cold in december in the US. (2 mistakes)
Shannon Oh? Who s playing / plays?
5 She studying at the moment. (1 mistake)
Tim You re joking / joke, right?
6 What your friend doing now? (1 mistake)
Shannon T
 im, you re knowing / know that I m
not liking / dont like sport. 7 He goes to Europe the next month. (2 mistakes)
Tim  ine. The Rovers and the Giants are
F 8 Patty can to play very well the tennis. (3 mistakes)
playing / play at the moment.
9 Gloria is using a blue jeans. (2 mistakes)
Shannon And who s winning / wins?
10 Of who are these shoes? Theyre of Jane. (4 mistakes)
Tim  he Giants, 3-1. They re always winning /
always win. I m hating / hate them!
Shannon Sorry to hear that! Er do you want /
are you wanting to go out later?


048a049-review2-TNC1A.indd 48 24/03/2015 14:40

Skills Practice R2

A Listen to the texts on pp. 30, 44 and 46. Then F R2.3 Read the blog page. Can you guess the
go back and read them. Was your listening missing words? Listen to check your answers.

B R2.2 Listen to an interview with Paralympic

champion Rob Jones and number the questions
in the order you hear them, 1-4.

What do you like doing when youre not
swimming or watching your team?
And do you like football?
What are you doing these days?
So, Rob, whats your favourite sport?

My name is George Valenzuela and I twenty-

three years old. I live in Australia. My parents are
originally Chile, so I speak Spanish
very well. I love sport. I go to the beach every day, and I
surf and swim when the is good. Its usually
very and sunny here! I love it!
Im a very casual guy. I usually shorts and a
T-shirt during the day, and jeans at night. When its cold,
I sometimes wear jumper, but I dont like it
very much. I prefer to wear summer .
C R2.2 Listen again and correct 1-4.
1 Well, I love singing, of course.
Write an email to me! Perhaps we go to the
2 Yes, I love to watch my team win. beach together next summer .
3 I like to read to children with disabilities.
4 Im working hard to prepare for the next
Panamerican Games.
G Answer questions 1-4 about the blog page.
D Match the words from the interview to their 1 Why can George speak Spanish well?
2 What sports does George usually practise?
1 Paralympics
3 Whats the weather usually like in Australia?
2 disability
4 What does he like to wear?
3 beat the record
H R2.4 MAKE IT PERSONAL Question time.
a a physical or mental problem
1 Listen to and answer the 12 lesson titles in units 3 & 4.
b to go more quickly than anyone before
2 In pairs, practise asking and answering. Use the
c the special Olympic Games for athletes with
map of the book on pp. 2-3. Where possible, ask
follow-up questions too. Can you comfortably
E Use the information in B and C and role-play the answer them all?
interview in pairs. Swap roles.
Whats the weather Is it rainy too? Whats
like today? the temperature?

Its very cold.


048a049-review2-TNC1A.indd 49 24/03/2015 14:40

5 Is there a shopping centre on your street?
a b

d e

Common Mistakes
We go to the library to buy books.


050a059-U5-TNC1A.indd 50 24/03/2015 14:42

Theres nothing you cant do

now youre in New York.

1 Vocabulary: Public places

A 5.1 Read World of English. How do you pronounce places 1-8? Listen to check. Name one real
example you like of each.

World of English 1 a bar 9 a bookshop

2 a club 10 a library
Many English words are similar in your
language. This means you can recognise 3 a hotel 11 a shopping centre
them and only need to focus on spelling 4 a museum 12 a cinema
or pronunciation differences. 5 a park 13 a racetrack
6 a restaurant 14 a river
I really like the Japanese restaurant on 7 a stadium 15 a swimming pool
my street. Its excellent. 8 a theatre

B 5.2 Match photos a-g in the brochure to places 9-15. Listen to check.

C 5.3 Listen and check the places you hear, 1-15. Which one didnt you hear? Which is the most
interesting place in your opinion?

I think the most interesting place World of English

is probably the racetrack.
Many grammar items are similar in your language too.
For example, the superlative = the most + adjective.

2 Grammar: There is / are

A 5.4 Read the grammar box and complete extracts 1-4 with a, any, are or no. Listen to check.

There is / are Common Mistakes

Theres a
Have one famous monument.
There is no Is there a? There are no / There arent any
Singular There is a No have public toilets.

There are no Are there any?

Is there
Plural There are Have a theatre?
There arent any

Grammar p. 126
1 There seven museums in the city centre.
2 Theres famous racetrack at Churchill Downs.
3 There arent swimming pools in the centre of Louisville.
4 There are worries here.

b In pairs. A ask B four Can you questions about Louisville. Swap roles. Can you go to the movies?

go horse racing swim in the sea go to the cinema go to the theatre Yes, you can. There
ski watch soccer go shopping stay in a nice hotel are four multiscreen
cinemas in Louisville.

c MAKE IT PERSONAL Compare your hometown to Louisville. Find four differences.

In Louisville theres a baseball stadium but

theres no baseball stadium in my hometown.
Workbook p. 24

050a059-U5-TNC1A.indd 51 24/03/2015 14:42

5.2 Do you like watching TV?

3 Reading
A 5.5 Complete the brochure with a, an, is, are, or
no. Listen to check.

Come to Markington!

Its a great place to live. There two museums and 1

great public library. There also a cinema, so
you can see film if you want. Theres shopping
centre, and there lots of cool shops and
historical bank. Markington has two hotels: theres
old traditional hotel and there a new modern one,
so you can choose where you stay. There are clubs,
but there a bar inside one of the hotels. For food
lovers, there two delicious restaurants, one French,
the other Polish, and interesting caf too. Were
going green too! The city centre is only for pedestrians,
so there are cars to ruin the peace. See you soon! 2

B Which picture is Markington, 1 or 2? Explain. Its picture , because

C In pairs. A: Look at the pictures and answer. B: Dont look! Ask A Is there a? Are there any?
questions to find four differences between the two pictures.

D MAKE IT PERSONAL In small groups, describe a town or neighbourhood you know.

Make a brochure.
is an OK place to Writing Bank
live. There is a big go to p. 150

4 Vocabulary: Free time activities

A 5.6 Read Sandys list of activities and match seven of them to photos a-g.

w w w. s a n d y b l o g . c o m

Sandys Blog Here are the ten things I do most often every week. Can you guess a
my order of preference? To help you, number one is video games.
lin os

I love them !!! Psst! Use the emoticons to help you.

ph ut
ab e


cleaning the house  oing to the gym / exercising

cooking going to work
eating out playing video games 1
going online shopping
going out with friends watching TV

Click here to hear my answer. Do you think Im weird?

Cyber English
In digital messages use emoticons to show how you feel.
Im joking. Im happy. / I like it.

I dont mind. Im surprised!

Im sad. / I dont like it.


050a059-U5-TNC1A.indd 52 24/03/2015 14:42

I dont mind spending every day out
on your corner in the pouring rain

B 5.7 Guess Sandys order of preference, 1-10. Listen to her to check Too / either = also
your guesses. Also goes after the pronoun.
Too / either go at the end of a phrase.
C 5.8 Listen again to Sandys ten sentences. Repeat and mime them. Use too with positive verbs.
Use either with negative verbs.

D MAKE IT PERSONAL List ten things you do every week and number them in order of preference. In pairs,
compare. Find two things you have in common. Do you think your partner is weird?

I dont mind walking, I dont mind walking either

and I love watching TV. and I love watching TV too.

5 Grammar: Love / like / not mind / hate + verb + -ing

A Study the common mistakes. Complete rules 1-3 with to + infinitive and / or verb + -ing.
Common Mistakes
R Use:
I like to watching TV. = I like watching TV.
to 1 love, like, hate + .
I hate swim. = I hate swimming. 2 (not) mind + .
cooking 3 as the subject of the sentence.
I dont mind to cook.
To eat out is fun!
Grammar p. 126

B Order these words to make sentences. Then change them so theyre true for you or your friends.
1 like / football / dont / I / watching / .
2 friend / loves / go / to / cinema / my / best / the / to / . My brother loves playing
3 mind / dont / shopping / I / going / . football, but I hate it.

4 parents / love / games / playing / my / video / .

5 to / cycling / favourite / way / exercise / my / is / . Workbook p. 25

b c d

e f g


050a059-U5-TNC1A.indd 53 24/03/2015 14:42

5.3 What do you like doing on holiday?

6 Pronunciation
A 5.9 Listen and complete 1-4. Then match them to photos a-d.

a b c d

1 I dont mind cleaning bathroom. 3 I hate doing washing.

2 I love tidying room. 4 I like doing washing up.

B 5.9 Listen again. Underline the two most stressed words in sentences 2-4.
R Words with meaning usually have more emphasis.
Form words like be / do / a / the / to / for / at usually
dont have emphasis, so we say them faster.

C How do you feel about the housework in A? Write four sentences and practise saying them.

D In pairs, compare your feelings about housework. Do you agree?

I dont mind doing the washing I dont agree. For me, doing
up, but I hate doing the washing. the washing is OK, but I hate

E 5.10 Guess what housework people hate the most, and how many hours parents and children spend
doing chores. Listen to a survey report to check. Do you agree?

7 Listening
A 5.11 Read the advert for the show and look at
the photo. Try to guess the answers to 1-3.
1 How old is she? The Got Talent franchise
2 What does she love to do? is a very popular TV tal
ns of
3 When does she do it? show. There are versio
it in more than 30 countr
B 5.12 Listen and check your guesses. What is Before the contestant
she going to perform?
shows his or her talent,
theres always a short
C MAKE IT PERSONAL Imagine youre on a talent
introduction of the perso
show. Introduce yourself and say what you like
doing and when you do it.

Good evening everybody, Im

and I love to .


050a059-U5-TNC1A.indd 54 24/03/2015 14:42

Dance the night away. Live your
life and stay young on the floor

8 Vocabulary: Holiday
A 5.13 Listen and repeat 1-8, but choose and say I like or I dont like before the activities.

B 5.14 Match 9-14 to the photos. Listen to check. Subject Emily Josh You
1. camping
2. cooking
3. dancing
4. drinking wine
5. eating out
6. shopping
7. swimming
8. visiting museums
9. kayaking
10. reading novels
11. sightseeing
12. snorkelling
13. sunbathing
14. having a lesson

a b c

d e f

C 5.15 In pairs, listen to Emily and Josh. A: Tick Emilys likes in the table. B: Check Joshs likes. Paircheck,
then listen again to confirm. Do you think they can go on holiday together?

I think they really cant go on holiday together, because

D MAKE IT PERSONAL Tick the activities you like doing on holiday. Are you more like Emily or Josh? Why?

I love swimming, and I dont like World of English

camping, so Im more like Emily.
Like can be both a preposition and a verb.
Im like my mother. = similar to (preposition)
We both like relaxing. = enjoy (verb) Workbook p. 26

050a059-U5-TNC1A.indd 55 24/03/2015 14:42

5.4 Have you got a cat?

9 Reading
A 5.16 Quickly read two ads for holidays and answer 1-3.
1 Which countries are the ads for?
2 What kind of holidays are they?
3 When can you go?
5 Oceans of Peace!

Our cruises offer great

Yoga Rica!
options for everybody who
enjoys being in the sun.
What to do: swim, snorkel,
Discover our yoga or kayak in clear waters, visit
retreats offered by loc ancient Mayan pyramids,
and international yo walk through a fantastic rain
professionals. forest, go sightseeing in

class, 7
small towns or dance all night.
What to do: do a yoga Dont miss the spectacular
meditate, read good
, walk in
relax, have a massage
sunsets, the best margaritas
herbal tea.
the forest and drink
of your life, and local cultural
3 festivals.
Dont forget to spend some
d tours to an
Dont miss our guide
time in a hammock on the
erfalls, rivers,
active volcano, wat ship, doing absolutely nothing!
tiful beaches.
mountains and beau
your day with
Dont forget to finish 8 When to go: Mexico is a year-round
n meal in our
a gourmet vegetaria 4 destination and the fun never stops.
international restaur
in Costa Rica.
er re treats all year round
When to go: we off

B 5.17 Match the bold words in the ads to photos 1-8. Listen, check and repeat the phrases.

C Re-read and answer C (cruise) or Y (yoga). Justify your answers. Which holiday:
1 offers more history and culture?
2 offers high quality food? I prefer the yoga retreat, because Common Mistakes
3 has great drinks? I enjoy relaxing on holiday. I dont going
like going to clubs and parties. I enjoy to go to the beach.
4 do you think is more relaxing?
5 do you prefer?

050a059-U5-TNC1A.indd 56 25/03/2015 11:49

Dont feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message
at the tone. Cause today I swear Im not doing anything

10 Listening
A 5.18 Match the verb phrases to objects a-g. Listen, check and repeat. Mime a phrase for a partner to say.
d feed the cat open / close the windows
give the cat some water pick up / put the post on the table
feed the dog water the plants
take the dog for a walk dont let the cat out

d e f g

B 5.19 Listen to a voicemail message for a house sitter. Number the activities in A in the order you
hear them, 1-8.

C 5.19 Listen again and complete Loris notes with these pronouns. What does each pronoun refer to?

Common Mistakes
1- Open the windows and close again every day. her
Give him some water.
2- Pick up the post and put on the table. him
nd 3- Feed Fish in the morning and evening (dont give more than two plates a day). Dont forget to take her
for a walk.
4- Dont forget to give some water (dont let out).
5- Feed Chips, take for a walk (dont take near the road). Grammar p. 126

D MAKE IT PERSONAL Imagine youre going on holiday. Complete this list of instructions. Then leave a
voicemail message for your partner. Use AS 5.19 on p. 160 to help you.

1- Dont forget to . 4- Remember to .

Hi, just to say,
2- Please, . 5- . please, dont
3- Please, dont .

Workbook p. 27

050a059-U5-TNC1A.indd 57 24/03/2015 14:42

5.5 Whats a staycation?

Skills Understanding instructions

a b
A 5.20 Match the pairs of opposite adjectives
to pictures a-d. Listen, check and test a
1 boring fun / interesting
2 expensive cheap Whats the opposite
of far?
3 safe dangerous
4 tidy untidy Near. c d

B 5.21 Read about the two types of holiday, 1 and 2. Match them to their best definitions.
You take a holiday at home. You go and stay in another persons home.

HOLIDAYs for less!
1 Couchsurfing helps you stay
free of charge
in about 250 countries around
the world.
tional network
2 is an interna
ers. Members A staycation is a holiday tha
with more than 3 million memb t you spend at
their homes. In home! Its a way to have a res
offer people a place to stay in t from work and
another members your routine without spending
return they can stay for free at much money.
and professionals. Maybe it sounds boring, but it
home. Members are students doesnt have to be.
or both! Here are some tips to make you
You can be a surfer or a host r staycation fun.
what to do:
If you want to couchsurf heres Spend time at home. Invite
friends to use your
e references and a pool or sunbathe in your garden
Find a host who has positiv .
complete profile. Visit your local parks and mu
seums. Sometimes
ilar interests. there are really cool things in
Look for a host who has sim your hometown.
ential host. F ind out about local festiva
Write a request to your pot ls in your area.
Change your routine don
Be a good guest. t do what you
lp with the usually do every day. Do som
Dont be rude or untidy! He ething different.
housework. Get up late. Change shops. Eat
different foods.
Write a reference as soon as Take a bus, cycle or walk for
a change.
to help other couchsurfers. Relax and dont think about
work until your
staycation is over.

C Re-read. Are these statements T (true) or F (false)?

1 Couchsurfing only happens in one country. 4 Staycations are always boring.
2 You dont pay to couchsurf. 5 People on staycation dont go out.
3 Couchsurfers write references. 6 On a staycation the idea is to do different things.

D 5.22 Listen to six sentences from the text and say staycation or couchsurfing after each.

World of English
E MAKE IT PERSONAL In pairs, talk about the things you like and
English adapts very fast to changes in our
dont like about both types of holiday. Use the adjectives in A.
world and new words are invented every
day. Many are a combination of two words.
In my opinion, a
Yes, but it can be boring. to couch + surf = couchsurf
staycation is cheap.
a stay + vacation = staycation
an emotion + icon = emoticon

050a059-U5-TNC1A.indd 58 24/03/2015 14:42

Do you live near here? 5.5

in Action Giving directions

A 5.23 Match the phrases to photos 1-6. Listen, repeat and mime them.

1 2 3 4 5 6

a corner 1 go straight ahead turn left

cross over at the traffic lights a stop sign turn right World of English
Language is not just words! You can
express a lot that you dont know how
B In pairs, share what you know about San Francisco in one minute. to say using mime and gesture.

I know its a city on the west coast of the USA.

C 5.24 Listen and order the tourists questions, 1-4. How many people does he speak to?
Is there a cinema around here?
Common Mistakes
Are there any bookshops near here?
Wheres the shopping centre? Do you know where is the stadium ?

Do you know where the library is?

D 5.24 Listen again and complete 1-4. Pine St
Mason St

Powell St
Hyde St

Grant Ave
Do you think he understands the last
man? Union

Square Park

1 Its front of you Market


Geary St et S

Street. Cross at the traffic lights. k

YOU ARE ar 3r
orth St

M d
2 Go ahead on Market Street HERE! St
Van Ness

and turn on Fourth Street. Go Geary St Metreon

straight for one street. On the OFarrell
A Center
Museum of
Modern Art

of Fourth and Mission Street. St. Station

G St


3 Turn on Grove Street. The Westfield lso


Shopping Center
4 Go straight ahead for about Turk St Car Park

streets. The bookshops on your . 5t 4t

h h
Turk St

St St

e Ave
G olden Gat
E In pairs, use the language above to ask
Hyde St

for and give directions to places 1-4. Start

at Powell Street Station.
D ar
t 6t

1 City Hall City Hall 4t


Public h


Library 7t
2 the Museum of Modern Art Grove St h

St wy
3 Union Square Park kF
Van Ness

n ic


Fo me

4 a Car Park
Franklin St



h h

10 St St
th 6t K
St h

F MAKE IT PERSONAL In pairs. A: Give directions to your home from school. B: Follow the directions on a
map until you find where A lives.

Leave the school and turn left. Go straight ahead for two blocks. My house is on the left.
Workbook pp. 28, 64, 66

050a059-U5-TNC1A.indd 59 24/03/2015 14:42

mid-term review
Play Thirty Seconds.
4 to 8 players. Divide into 2 teams. Talk about the topic, answer the
question or do the activity on the
From the start, teams go in
square. Maximum 30 seconds per
opposite directions.
person. Take turns starting to talk
Toss a coin. each time.
Heads Tails The winning team is the first to
move 1 square. move 2 squares.
complete the full circuit.

Morning The
routine weather
ies Spare
ilit time
A b activit
+/ ies

Hi, Im
Nice to meet you.
Your I really like / hate
town I think
In my opinion,
Really? I think
What about you?

A celebr
e /
you lik Next
li k e
dont weeken
How often do
you go to the

060a061-review3-TNC1A.indd 60 24/03/2015 14:28

W inn
Eac h
e r 's Pr
winn ize
to th er t a
e clas lks
sec o s f or
n d s. 30
The t
Your opic?
Hou se
wor k
Spell +/ Holid
f ull na activ ay

Intro elf
yours /
/ Age
io nality

How often do you?

Where do you?
Do you like?
OK, lets finish.
Whose turn is it? Why are you
Its your turn. learning
You go first. English?

famil Sport
season Describe
a friends

060a061-review3-TNC1A.indd 61 24/03/2015 14:28

1 Verb be
I am Im Im not
You are Youre Hes / Shes / Its not
He / She / It is Hes / Shes / Its Youre not
European. European.
We are Were Were not
You are Youre Youre not
They are Theyre Theyre not

Use contractions in spoken English.

Short answers
Yes No
Are you from the UK? Yes, I am.
No, Im not.
Are you British? Yes, Im British.
Is he a great player? Yes, he is. No, hes not. / No, he isnt.
Is she an excellent actress? Yes, she is. No, shes not. / No, she isnt.
Is it a Chinese phone? Yes, it is. No, its not. / No, it isnt. Common Mistakes
Are you students? Yes, we are. No, were not. / No, we arent.
Are they actors? Yes, they are. No, theyre not. / No, they arent. Is he Polish?
he is
We usually answer yes / no questions with a short answer. Are you Spanish? Yes, I am. Yes, hes.
Do not use contractions with short answers.

2 Position of adjectives
Chicharitos a Mexican football player. Russell Crowe is a fantastic actor.
Istanbuls a great city. This is a green book. Those are green books.

In English, the adjective comes before a noun, and doesnt have a plural form.

3 Verb be Wh- questions

Whats your address? Where are you from? Why are they here?
Whens your birthday? Whos he? How are you?

The key Wh- question words are: what, when, where, which, who, why, and how.
Wh- question words come before the verb.
Answer Wh- questions with a complete answer.

4 Demonstrative pronouns Wheres the cake?

This is my pen. (Its with me.) / These are my keys. (Theyre here.) Singular Plural
Use this or these for things or people that are with you or near you (here). This is our school. (here) These are your books. (here)
Thats my pen. (Its on the table.) / Those are my keys. (Theyre there.) Thats your teacher. (there) Those are their chairs. (there)
Use that or those for things or people that are with other people or
distant from you (there).

5 Possessive adjectives
Subject pronoun Possessive adjective Possessive adjectives go before a noun or an adjective + noun.
I My car is blue.
You Your green glasses are on the table.
He His new laptop is fantastic.
She Thats her teacher.
It Look at this key! Its colour is red.
We Our friends are here.
You Please, switch off your mobile phones.
They Their city is really cool. Hi, Im your teacher. My names Bruno.

062a071-Grammar-TNC1A.indd 118 24/03/2015 14:46

1A Complete 1-5 with verb be. Use contractions when 1B Make questions. Answer 1-5. Use short answers when
possible. possible.

Unit 1
1 He not from the UK. He Turkish. 1 you Chilean?
2 We not Hawaiian, we Mexican. 2 Camp Nou Stadium in Spain?
3 It not an Irish flag, it an Italian flag. 3 Keanu Reeves American?
4 They from NYC, but the Statue of Liberty 4 you and Mark friends?
from France! 5 Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson British?
5 His name not Harry. It Daniel.

2A Correct the mistakes in 1-5. 2B Order 1-5 to make sentences.

1 Shes a girl cool. 1 interesting / is / Brussels / an / city / .
2 Theyre not actors terrible. 2 actor / fantastic / a / Antonio Banderas / is / .
3 Prague is a city excellent. 3 players / are / they / great / .
4 Youre a player fantastic. 4 is / a / ridiculous / it / film / .
5 Is it a phone Chinese? 5 excellent / I / student / an / am / .

3A Order 1-5 to make Wh- questions. 3B Correct the mistakes in 1-5.

1 the name of / what / in Denmark / s / that place / ? 1 Hows her name?
2 are / when / home / you / ? 2 Whats your favourite actor?
3 who / your / s / friend / ? 3 Is where his laptop?
4 your / of these / car / which / is / ? 4 Why is our lesson?
5 email / s / what / your / ? 5 Whos your favourite city?

4A In pairs, take turns pointing to the objects and asking 4B Complete with the correct demonstrative pronoun.
about the picture.

What are those? 1 is a blue rucksack.

Those are...
2 Is your friend Tina?

Whats this? 3 are my friends, Dan

and Mary.
This is...

4 is not my phone number.

is my number.

5 is my email address.

5A Correct the sentences 1-5. 5B Complete with the correct possessive adjectives.
1 Her name is Jos and hes from Spain. 1 name is Daniel and Im from Mexico.
2 I think his name is Mary. Shes Turkish. 2 This is friend. name is Karina.
3 Are you in its classroom? 3 We are in English class together. school is
4 This is your teacher, Ms Jones. We are in his class. in Cambridge.
5 Thats not our phone. Your phone is on the table. 4 This is our teacher. name is Bruno.
5 Our classmates are from all over the world.
nationalities are Argentinian, Japanese, Peruvian
and Spanish!

062a071-Grammar-TNC1A.indd 119 24/03/2015 14:46

1 Present simple
Unit 2

I wake up at 7am every day. (routine) Subject

You never study before tests. (habit)
I / You / We / They live do not / dont live in Paris.
It takes about 7 hours to fly from New York to London. (fact)
We have a meeting today at 2pm (scheduled event) Use I, you, we, and they + the infinitive form of the verb. (I)
Use the present simple: Use do + not before the verb. Contraction = dont.
for routines, habits, repeated actions;
for facts;
for scheduled events;
with phrases of time.

Third person singular: He, She and It + s

He / She studies doesnt study languages.

Most verbs, add -s: knows, speaks, plays.

Verbs ending in -ch, -sh, -ss, -x, or -o, add -es:
ch watches; sh washes; ss kisses; x mixes; o goes.
Verbs ending in consonant + -y: cut -y + -ies: study = studies.

The auxiliary do ends with o, thats why it takes -es (does) in the third
person. Why does Superman have an ?
When we use the auxiliary, the main verb goes back to the infinitive: Because he is the third person.
He works here. He doesnt work here. He hates kryptonite, he loves Lois
She likes it. She doesnt like it. and he doesnt like bad guys!

2 Present simple
(O) (O)
Do you like sport? Yes, I do. / No, I dont. When do you get up?
Does he live here? Yes, he does. / No, he doesnt. What does Joe have for breakfast?
Does she play tennis? Yes, she does. / No, she doesnt. Why does Sue work at night?
Do they work near here? Yes, they do. / No, they dont. How do they go to school?

To form a yes / no question use: To form a Wh- question use:

Auxiliary verb (do / does) + subject + infinitive (+ object) = Question word + auxiliary verb (do / does) + subject +
(O) infinitive (+ object) = (O)
Short answers use: do / does or dont / doesnt.

3 Frequency Adverbs
How often do you drink coffee?
I always have coffee for breakfast. always usually often sometimes occasionally rarely never
How often does he exercise?
He rarely exercises.
When do you go to the gym?
I go to the gym at 7am on Mondays and Wednesdays. = I go to the gym twice a week.
And I go swimming every Saturday. = I go swimming once a week.

Use time expressions not frequency adverbs to say how many times something occurs.

4 Prepositions of Time I always eat salad for lunch.

I sometimes go to work at around 5.15am. I go to the gym on Tuesday. R Be careful:

Dad always visits me at Christmas. She always remembers you on 5th May.
In July, but on 4th July.
Use at with times and periods. Use on with a specific day or date.
In September, but on
Our holidays always in January. 20th September.
Use in with a month or year.

062a071-Grammar-TNC1A.indd 120 24/03/2015 14:46

Unit 2
Mary and Jack Marek

Mr Jones
Jane Andy

1A Match the verbs to the characters, then complete 1-5. 1B Make negatives about the people in A.
1 Marek at 8am. (not leave home)
exercise drive walk have breakfast leave home
2 Jane every day. (not exercise)
3 Andy and Jane at 8am. (not have breakfast)
1 Jane at 8am.
4 Mary and Jack to work. (not walk)
2 Mr Jones to work every day.
5 Mr Jones to work every day. (not drive)
3 Andy Jane to school by 8.30.
4 Mary and Jack at 8am.
5 Marek in the morning.

2A Circle the correct auxiliary in 1-5. 2B Order 1-5 to make Wh- questions.
1 What time do / does they get up every day? 1 have / breakfast / you / do / when / ?
2 When do / does he leave for work in the morning? 2 go / where / he / morning / does / every / ?
3 Do / Does you live with your parents? 3 up / usually / time / what / she / get / does / at / ?
4 Where do / does people go shopping in this town? 4 at / they / gym / often / exercise / the / how / do / ?
5 Dont / Doesnt we have school on 25 December?
5 who / visit / when / go / you / do / you / France / to / ?

3A Complete the dialogue with auxiliaries. 3B Match 1-5 to the frequency adverbs.
A Wow, youre here! you always come to 1 They study on Mondays, never
lessons this early? Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. always
B No. I always get here this early on Mondays. 2 She goes to the office on Tuesdays often
A I see. Well, the class always start on time? and Thursdays. rarely
B Hmm, sometimes it , but occasionally it 3 He likes to relax and play video sometimes
. We never know. games every day.
A Hey, that girl always sit at the back of the 4 They dont travel together.
classroom? 5 We visit our parents twice a year.
B Yes, she . And she always listens to music
before the lesson.
A I that, too. Well, who love music,

4A Circle the correct preposition. 4B Order 1-5 to make sentences.

1 We are always in class at / in / on 3pm. 1 always / does / at / he / homework / 8pm / his / .
2 Jackie is never at / in / on time for work. 2 morning / breakfast / eat / usually / I / at / 7.30 / every / .
3 You can complete this language course at / in / on 3 is / holiday / doesnt / work / he / on / Monday / because /
fifteen hours. there / a / .
4 His birthday is at / in / on Monday. Lets have a party! 4 watches / at / she / always / TV / weekend / the / .
5 They start the term at / in / on January. 5 a / twenty / in / exam / we / minutes / have / .


062a071-Grammar-TNC1A.indd 121 24/03/2015 14:46

1 Present continuous
Unit 3

Subject Present of be Verb + ing + object Wh- questions

I am / am not
Wh- Present
You / We / They are / are not reading this box. Subject Verb + ing + object
word of be
He / She is / is not Who am I talking to?
It is / is not raining right now. Why are you / we / they driving fast?
Use the present continuous for actions in progress now. When is he / she running that marathon?
Where is it raining now?
Im watching the news on TV. We often use contractions in questions and responses.
Its snowing. Whats she doing?
In sentences, contract the subject + verb be. Shes watching the weather forecast.
Youre not listening. = You arent listening.
Shes not sleeping. = She isnt sleeping.
In sentences, contract the subject + verb be or verb be + not. Present participle (ing) Spelling rule
Do not contract am + not (I amnt). Shes listening to her
favourite song. Most verbs, add -ing.
Yes / no questions Theyre playing a game.
Present of be Subject Verb + ing + object Im making a cake. Verbs ending in -e, cut -e + -ing.
Am I Verbs ending in
Theyre running a
Are / Arent you / we / they listening to the news? marathon.
(CVC), double the final C + -ing.
Is / Isnt he / she
Look! Mikes boxing now. Dont double consonants X or W.
Is / Isnt it raining now?
Verbs with two or more syllables
We usually answer yes / no questions with a short answer. Shhh! The films ending in CVC, double the
Yes / No + subject + present of be + not. beginning. final consonant WHEN the last
Arent you coming with me? Yes, I am. / No, Im not. syllable is stressed.

2 Present simple vs present continuous

Routine / habit Now, developing, or breaking routine
It never snows in March. Look, its snowing! (now)
I go to the hairdressers every Saturday. Im driving to the hairdressers. (now)
We usually buy food after work. Were not going to the market today. (breaking routine)
I go to the university. Im working on my maths project. (developing)
Use the present simple for a daily habit, routine, facts, or scheduled events.
Use the present continuous for an action happening at the moment or a break in a routine. We also use it to describe long processes
in progress that arent necessarily happening right now, e.g., Im working on a degree in Computing (but Im not studying today).
Adverbs of frequency and time phrases can help you decide when to use present continuous or present simple.

Present simple Present continuous

always, sometimes, usually, often, every day, at the moment, at this moment, just, right
occasionally, never, first, next, then now, just now, now, still
Verbs for emotion, senses or mental states
These verbs are not used in present continuous. Use the present simple.
Note: People sometimes use the phrase Im loving it! in informal conversation.

Correct Incorrect
He believes you. Hes believing you.
She doesnt understand. Shes not understanding.
They like this party. Theyre liking this party.
Do you remember everything? Are you remembering everything?
Do you remember everything?
More verbs for emotion, senses or mental states:
adore, appear, be, believe, dislike, hate, have, know, like, look, love, mean, prefer, remember, see, seem, smell, sound, surprise, understand, want.

3 Present continuous for future

At the moment / now Future It is very common to use present continuous to talk about plans and events in
Hes dancing with his Is he coming to the the near and distant future.
friends at the party. party tonight? We usually use time expressions to give an idea of when something is happening:
Quiet, please. Were Were watching the after class, later, in a few minutes, today, tomorrow, tonight, this term, this week, this
watching the news. news after dinner. afternoon, in the summer, next week, next month, next year.

062a071-Grammar-TNC1A.indd 122 24/03/2015 14:46

1A Complete 1-5 with the present continuous.
1 Look, it today. The sun is out! (not / rain) 4 Is she and to music at the same

Unit 3
time? (read) (listen)
2 The leaves because of the wind. (fall)
3 Why your homework? (not / do)
5 Excuse me, I the post office. (look for)

1B Take turns asking and answering questions about the picture.

Raoul Samantha

Elena Victor

Whats the weather like?


Amy Paulo

2A Correct the mistakes in 1-5.

Hello. What do you Hey, where does he go? Im having a salad.

do? Are you busy? We having a meeting in What are you liking with
1 a few minutes. your burger?

No. I watch TV Where is she buying her 3 Im not believing 5

right now. clothes? I am wanting to I am not knowing. youre all finally Oh, Im always
go there too! He talk on his mobile here. Wow! ordering chips
2 phone in the hall. 4 and a Coke.

Yeah! She looking Yeah, and we stay at a

great. I think about great hotel! Were loving
buying the same dress! Paris in the summer.

2B Circle the correct form of the verb.

1 I am talking / talk to you on the phone and walking to my lesson.
2 We always are cooking / cook dinner before we watch TV.
3 I am not believing / dont believe the news.
4 She is riding / rides a bike to work, because her car is at the garage.
5 Hes not at the office, so he emails / is emailing us from his smartphone.
What are you watching?
Nothing. Im listening to the radio.

3A Read 1-5 and write P for present or F for future. 3B Circle the correct adverb.
1 Were walking home now and talking on our 1 Were going to the supermarket this afternoon / after.
mobile phones. Do you want to come?
2 Youre not coming home until Christmas. 2 Next summer / Today Im spending my holiday in
3 Hes beginning his term in January. Mexico and Morocco.
4 Im leaving for Paris tonight. 3 Are you still / always watching that TV programme?
5 Were standing on the platform and waiting for 4 Is the director yet / still planning to film the film in
the train. Venice?
5 Theyre coming to watch the concert this evening /
every day.

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1 Can for ability
Unit 4

Subject Modal Verb + Object

play the piano.
I / You can
drive a lorry.
He / She / It cant
speak English.
We / They cannot
dance well.
Can is a modal. The form is the same for all persons (pronouns).
It means be able to: I can play tennis. = Im able to play tennis.
I cant understand Chinese at all. But I can speak Japanese.
He cant swim very well, but he can run.
We cant play the piano at all, but we can sing well!
She cant play golf, but she can play tennis very well. He cant play the saxophone very well.
Use well, very well, (not) at all to describe the level of your abilities.

Modal Subject Verb phrase Short answers
Can / I / you / he / come to the party?
Yes, can. / No, cant.
Cant she / we / they play the guitar?

2 Other uses of can

You can read about the school on their website. (possibility)
Can I please see your passport and driving license? (request)
You can use my car, but you have got to come home by 10pm. (permission)
Can you please pick me up after school? (favour)

3 Possessive pronouns
Possessive adjective Possessive pronoun
This is not my jacket. Mines blue.
I think your keys are on the table. These keys arent yours.
Are those his glasses? No, these green glasses are his.
Is that her phone? No, this Blackberry is hers.
These are our sandwiches. But those biscuits arent ours.
I think your coats are over there. Are they yours?
Their house is beautiful. Which house is theirs?
A possessive pronoun substitutes a possessive adjective + noun.
Use Whose to ask about possession.
Whose book is that?
That book is Jennas. Its hers.
Possessive s
Isnt that Ninas car?
Add s to names (and nouns) to indicate possession.
This is someones money, but not mine.
Its Jamess iPad. = Its James iPad. Names ending in -s, use s or just an apostrophe after the letter (s).
Isnt that your parents house? Regular plurals add an apostrophe after the s.
Which are your childrens toys? Irregular plurals add s.


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1A Complete 1-5 with can / cant plus these verbs. 1B Look at the pictures and write what each person can /
cant do in 1-5.

Unit 4
1 Lee can , but he cant .
2 Martin cant , but he can .
1 He loves football. He very well.
3 George cant , but he can .
2 Those are our new bicycles. We to ride!
4 Janice can , but she cant .
3 This hotel has got a nice pool. Its too bad I .
5 May cant , but she can .
4 I dont know how shes a secretary. She .
5 Where you for a great holiday?

Lee Martin

George Janice


2A Read 1-5 and write A (ability), P (possibility), or R 2B Write Wh- questions for 1-5.
(request). 1 We can be at the train station by six oclock.
1 Can you come to a party on Saturday night? 2 You can take the train from Central Station.
2 Can you tell me how to get to Firth Street? 3 He cant play football or cricket.
3 Cant we get tickets for the film tonight? 4 My mother can cook really well!
4 Can I use your car this weekend? 5 We can serve your breakfast from 7 to 10am.
5 Can she play the piano and sing?

3A Read and complete 1-5 with a possessive pronoun. 3B Add the possessives (s) or ().
1 Im a musician. That guitar is . 1 Those are not my shoes, those are Marcus.
2 Marcy is always talking to somebody! I think that 2 Where is your grandparent house?
phone is . 3 My sisters rooms are yellow and blue.
3 Your trainers are blue, not red. Are you sure these are 4 That is James desk. His dad office is over there.
? 5 Her friends phone numbers are in her contact list.
4 Its really cold in here. Are those jumpers ?
5 It looks like Joes wallet, but I dont think its .
Hes travelling.

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1 There is / there are
Unit 5

Theres no
Singular There is a park near the river. hospital near here.
There isnt a
There are no
Plural There are 20 people in the room. animals in there.
There arent any
Use There is / There are to express existence in a physical space.
For negatives, use There is / There are + no or There isnt / There arent + a / any.

There is / there are / short answers

Short answers
a bank near here? Yes, there is.
an answer to the question? No, there isnt.
any tourists here? Yes, there are. Common Mistakes
Are there
any good restaurants in the city? No, there arent.
Is there a bank here?
Isnt a swimming pool around here? Yes, there is. / No, there isnt.
there is
Arent any cups on the table? Yes, there are. / No, there arent. Yes, theres.
Do not use contractions in short answers.

2 Love / like / not mind / hate + verb + -ing

I love swimming.
You like camping.
Tom likes reading novels.
Nina doesnt mind waking up early.
We hate cleaning the house.
They hate playing golf.
Use these verbs + a gerund (verb + -ing) or + to + infinitive, except not mind:
I love to go out at the weekend. = I love going out at the weekend. Common Mistakes
Use the gerund (not the infinitive) as the subject of a sentence. working
Swimming is my favourite sport! I dont mind to work late today.
Playing tennis is great exercise.

3 Object pronouns
I love animals, but I dont think they like me.
Youre always trying to help. But whos helping you?
He says people dont understand him.
Shes not coming. But, why dont you phone her?
Your bags on the floor. Please put it on a chair.
Dont worry, were ok. Everythings fine with us.
The windows are open, can you close them, please?
Use an object pronoun to substitute the object of the sentence.
It and you (singular and plural) have the same form for both subject and object pronouns. All the others are different.
Note: We usually refer to an animal with a name as he/him or she/her.
Our dog, Bill, is great. Hes really friendly! We all adore him.


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1A Complete 1-5 with verb be. 1B MAKE IT PERSONAL Order 1-5 to make sentences. Then
change them so theyre true for you.
1 There a racetrack in Ascot, Berkshire.

Unit 5
2 There very important horse races at the 1 city / is / football / there / an / enormous / stadium /
track. my / in / .
3 Were happy because there a new cinema 2 this / restaurants / neighbourhood / any / around /
near us. arent / there / .
4 There three nice hotels and two museums 3 exhibition / is / good / the / museum / a / at / there /
in this city. art / .
5 In our city, there a famous statue next to 4 in / shopping centre / no / there / is / neighbourhood /
the station. this / .
5 street / my / there / swimming / a / on / isnt / pool / .

2A Circle the best choice to complete 1-5. 2B Correct the mistakes in 1-5.
1 My son really loves reading / read comics. 1 Anna loves wash the car and to clean the bathroom.
2 He doesnt mind to have / having piano lessons twice 2 I hate to reading novels. I like read biographies or
a week. true stories.
3 All our friends love playing / play and watch / watching 3 He dont mind to see a romantic film sometimes.
football. 4 We love to eating out at the weekend. We hate to
4 I really like go / going to the cinema. cooking at home.
5 We hate shop / shopping and to doing / doing the washing. 5 They hate to doing the washing, but dont mind to do
the washing up.

Attention campers and hikers! Welcome to the Peak View National Park.

3A Circle the correct object pronoun in 1-5. 3B Complete the dialogue with object pronouns.
1 The ranger, Jack, works at this station. Please respect him / her / it. A I often come to this park. I really love .
B Same here! The ranger, Jack, is so friendly. I like
2 There are eagles in the park. Please dont feed it / them / us. a lot.
A Yeah, and there are eagles in the forest, but we never
3 Cars are not allowed. Leave their / they / them in the car park. see .
4 Dont leave rubbish at the campsite. Throw him / her / it in the bin. B Lets find someone who can help see an
5 We are here to help. Tell us / we / me what we can do for you. A The ranger, Sarah, gives eagles medicine and food. Lets
talk to .


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ID Caf 1 An excellent reunion
Before watching F MAKE IT PERSONAL Have you got a nickname?
What do people usually call you?

My name is Kathleen, but

my friends call me Kathy.
Whats your nickname? Please, call
me Fred.

After watching
A Complete 1-3 with the correct word.
A True (T) or false (F)?
1 This Andrea. Shes at class reunion.
1 Mrs Grandbys an old classmate.
2 This her brother. name is August.
2 Andreas Genevieves cousin.
3 Thats cousin, Genevieve. She Canadian.
3 Ignatius Dansburys a great guy.
B MAKE IT PERSONAL Whats your opinion of class or 4 Joe Belluccis a rock star.
family reunions? Talk in pairs. 5 Johnnys Andreas old boyfriend.
6 Ignatiuss in a class above August and Andrea.
I think class 7 The cute guys from the band are from Canada.
reunions are fun.
B Ask and answer questions about the
statements in A. Correct the false answers
Not me. I think
with a partner. Talk in pairs.
theyre boring.

Is Andrea Augusts
While watching
No, shes not.
A Watch the video and listen. Wheres the reunion? Shes his sister.
in an apartment at a school
at a restaurant in a gym C Complete the spaces and match the greetings
to the speakers 1-5. Theres one extra person.
B What are on the wall? Check what you hear. 1 Andrea Oh, hey!
class photos maps 2 August , how are you?
paintings signs 3 Mrs Grandby Hey, , whats up?
4 Genevieve Im so happy to see you!
C Where are they from? Listen and complete the table.
5 Joe
Classmate Country / City Nationality
D In pairs, take turns saying phrases 1-12
with the correct intonation. Who says them,
England August, Andrea, Genevieve, or Joe?
Kitty Irish
1 Guess whos here?
New York
2 Isnt that...?
Johnny British
3 Thats ok! Just not for me!
D Watch and tick all Genevieves nicknames you hear. 4 Forget about it!
Gen Jenny
5 Really?
Gigi Vie-Vie
6 Wait, isnt your middle name...?
Gertrude 7 Thats not the point.
8 Dont you say it!
E What are Augusts nicknames? Watch and tick the 9 Get it?
nicknames you hear. 10 Stop it!
Auggie Augustus Iggy 11 Dont worry!
Gigi Guto 12 Dont drop it!


072a076-IDCafe-TNC1A.indd 138 24/03/2015 14:49

The critic 2
Before watching B Order Rorys routine 1-5.
He sits down at a table.

ID Caf
A Complete 1-7 with a word from the box.
Rory comes to the caf.
criticguitarshowreview Rory orders coffee.
video cameravoice He waits for Genevieve to take his order.
He drinks his coffee and dreams.

C Whats Genevieves timetable? Tick (M) morning,

(A) afternoon, or (N) night.

Genevieve M A N
practises the guitar for two hours.
has a lesson.
goes to work.
1 Genevieve plays the and writes songs. gets up.
2 The listens to music and writes about it. writes a song.
3 The is very good. Five stars! sings at the caf.
4 Genevieves a good singer. She has a very nice
. After watching
5 Rory has a to record the show.
6 Andrea and August are at the caf to watch A How do they feel? Complete 1-4. Why is Rory upset?
Genevieves .

B In pairs, tick what you think Rory and the critic

do / dont do. Take turns asking and answering 1 Genevieve feels about the show.
about your guesses. 2 The critics at Rory.
3 Andreas to hear Genevieves music.
4 Rorys and leaves the caf.

Rorys upset because when Genevieve

talks about the critic, he thinks

B What do they do? In pairs, talk about August,

Andrea, Rory, Genevieve, and the critic.
Rory The critic
leaves the caf goes find Rory
uses a video camera. writes a review posts a video gives advice
wears glasses. plays guitar plays soccer listens to music
listens to music. gets upset writes songs
sits at a table in the caf every day.
drinks a cup of coffee. Rory gets upset.
What does Rory do?
writes on a tablet. He leaves the caf.

What does C How many hits does Genevieves video get online?
He records Genevieves show.
Rory do?
He doesnt write on a tablet. 5 9 19 95

While watching D MAKE IT PERSONAL The critic writes reviews. What

kind of reviews do you read? Compare in pairs.
A Watch again and match the sentences to the art dance fashion
speaker. music film products
1 Andrea Shes the best there is. theatre
2 August That was awesome. Good job!
What kind of reviews
3 Genevieve You have an amazing voice. I read film reviews
do you read?
before I go to a film.
4 Rory Its my dream!

072a076-IDCafe-TNC1A.indd 139 24/03/2015 14:49

3 Storm tracker
Before watching B In pairs, take turns asking and answering about
1-8 in A.
ID Caf

A Whats he doing? Look at the photo and tick.

Is Daniel filming
No, hes not. August
the storm?
is filming the storm.

After watching
a Write T (true) or F (false).

August Daniel
is looking in a bag.
is sitting on a sofa.
is using a computer.
is checking a list.
is standing behind the sofa.
is holding a smartphone. 1 Augusts using a tripod.
2 The storms coming at 4:44.
B In pairs, take turns describing August is 3 The clouds are moving slowly.
what August and Daniel are doing.
4 Daniels talking into a microphone.
5 Theres lightning in the sky.
C Put the nouns into the correct column.
6 Its raining while August is filming.
videodisccloudssmartphoneapp 7 They are making the video before the rain comes.
lightningmicrophonestormwindzoom lens 8 Daniel drops the microphone.
9 August keeps the camera steady.
Video camera Other 10 They get wet because of the rain.
equipment equipment
b Order the story 1-9. In pairs, take turns saying a
line of the story at a time.
Daniel and August get wet and go home.
Daniel and August are checking their list and
While watching Daniel asks about the tripod.
Daniel invents the storm tracker.
A Whats Daniel doing / not doing? Write Y (yes)
August doesnt bring the tripod.
or N (no).
Daniels annoyed with August.
Augusts filming Daniel and the camera isnt steady.
August and Daniel drive to the field.
August records Daniel while the storms passing
over them.
Theres lightning when they are making the video.

c MAKE IT PERSONALWhat do you take photos of? Do

Daniels you use a camera or a video camera? Do you use a
1 having shaky hands.
2 preparing the equipment. I use my smartphone to
3 forgetting the keys. take photos of friends.
How about you?
4 driving the car.
5 keeping the camera steady.
6 getting an internship. Ive got a good camera
7 filming the storm. to take photos of nature
and architecture.
8 introducing his storm tracker.

072a076-IDCafe-TNC1A.indd 140 24/03/2015 14:49

Whose action hero? 4
Before watching

ID Caf
A Look at the photo. Where are Andrea and Lucy?

B Correct the sentences.

1 Lucy and Andrea cannot take an exercise lesson.
2 Andreas film project is due next week.
at a tennis court at a gym at a stadium
3 Andrea cant do gymnastics.
B What is it? A sport, a skill, or an activity? 4 Martial arts is Andreas taste.

Sport Skill Activity 5 Lucy shakes Andreas hand and says hello.

1 acrobatics 6 Paolo says they cannot join the lesson.

2 be flexible
3 be strong What sports
does Lucy like?
4 gymnastics
5 dancing
6 kickboxing Martial arts is Lucys
7 martial arts taste, not Andreas.

C MAKE IT PERSONAL Tick which are true for you and

correct the mistakes.
1 I can sing. After watching
2 I can do acrobatics.
A Complete with his / her / their or noun + possessive s.
3 I can do martial arts.
1 Lucys going home to work on script.
4 I can box, but I cant do kickboxing.
2 Paolos taking Andrea to lesson.
5 I can dance, but I cant sing.
3 Lucy can text Paolo number.

D MAKE IT PERSONAL In pairs, take turns asking and 4 Andrea can also be in film.
answering can / cant questions about the activities 5 Theyre going to exchange numbers on
in C. mobile phones.

Can you sing? No, I cant. B Complete this extract. Does Andrea like Paolo?
What about you? Lucy Hey, whats up?

Andrea I want to take an exercise class. Summer

While watching
Lucy S
 ummer? I only think about
A Tick what they can or cant do. action film. Its due next week.
Andrea Lucy Paolo Andrea  class should I take? Jim ?
can cant can cant can cant Marie ? Whose class best?
talk to Paolo
Lucy  ou see that guy over there? Whatever
join the class taking.
do acrobatics
Andrea Martial arts? Thats taste, not mine.
do gymnastics Lucy I think I just found new action hero.
Lets go.
be an action hero
help someone Andrea No, I talk to him!
catch up
Lucy Yes, you . Come on.


072a076-IDCafe-TNC1A.indd 141 24/03/2015 14:49

5 Miss GPS
Before watching C True (T) or false (F)?
1 Daniel doesnt mind driving.
ID Caf

A Tick the things you need for a road trip.

2 Andrea likes reading a map.
1 a GPS / satnav 5 a map
3 August really likes having a map with him.
2 a backpack 6 food
4 Lucy loves hearing the voice of the GPS.
3 extra batteries 7 a mobile phone
5 Daniel hates using the GPS.
4 a charger 8 a car

B MAKE IT PERSONAL Talk in pairs. What do you like to use After watching
when you travel to a new place?

I like using GPS. Not me. I dont like GPS. I

Its easier. prefer using Google maps.

C Match each verb phrase with a noun.

1 map gets you from one place to another
2 car p icks up a signal so you can make a call
3 GPS saves people time A What happens on the trip? Tick the sentences
that are true. Correct the false sentences and
4 technology shows roads and motorways compare with a partner.
5 mobile phone can give you directions by voice
1 They get lost.
D In pairs. What do you think theyre going to use for 2 Daniel forgets to plug in the GPS.
their trip? 3 The GPS batterys dead.
4 August has a strong signal on his mobile phone.
They are going I disagree. I think theyre 5 They stop the car and ask for directions.
to use the GPS. going to use a map. 6 Andrea uses a map and gives directions.
7 August gets a signal on his mobile phone.

While watching B Who says it? Match 1-8 to the characters

Andrea (An), August (Aug), Daniel (Dan),
A Complete the dialogue with these verbs. Lucy (Lu).
An Aug Dan Lu
Andrea I using maps. Especially old maps. 1 I love using maps.
Daniel Here she is. Miss GPS. You ? Especially old maps.
Lucy Technology all the fun out of traveling. 2 Theyre like works of art.
Daniel I disagree. Technology time.
3 Who uses maps
Andrea Come on. Lets not time arguing.
August And a GPS helps us traffic. A map
cant do that. 4 Are you kidding me?
Daniel And I hearing the sound of my GPS We dont go anywhere
girls voice. without Miss GPS.
Lucy I hearing that voice. Its so annoying! 5 Technology takes all the
fun out of traveling!
In pairs. What do you think about
6 Technology saves time.
using technology?
7 Lets not waste time
I love using technology. arguing.
I dont mind using
I use my computer and 8 GPS helps us avoid
technology, but I only use
smartphone every day. traffic.
the computer once a day.


072a076-IDCafe-TNC1A.indd 142 24/03/2015 14:49

An informal profile 1 Writing
A Read Cristinas profile and complete her registration form.

Hello! Im Cristina Gonzalez and Im from Spain. Im 17 years old. Now

I live in Warwick, England, and I go to school here 5 days a week.
Sometimes, I dont understand what people say, but Im a fast learner!
I go to the gym every weekend too and I sometimes go to parties with
my fantastic boyfriend, Alex! I love him! Warwicks a cool place with an
excellent cricket team, the Blue Jays. Alex doesnt like cricket but I
dont care. Go Jays go! Please email me at

Register now

E-mates The best place to make friends

Surname: Gon
First name:
Country of residence:
B Read Write it Right!, then underline seven more
contractions and five more connectors in A. In a relationship with:
Write it Right!
In informal writing, use contractions: Im, I dont.
Use a variety of connectors: and, but, also.

C Find and correct 10 more mistakes in this reply to Cristina.

LU_PORT: Hi, Cristina, my name is Luis, im portuguese and I have 19 years. Wow! You live in England
that is excelent. I live in Porto with my mother and father and I have a lot of parents here. I too study
english, but its very dificult! My brother play cricket, perhaps you can meet him, hahaha! Pleas email me
at and tell me mor about England.

D From the texts in A and C, which questions can we answer about Cristina (C), Luis (L), or both (B)?
1 Where are you from? B 7 Do you go to school?
2 How old are you? 8 How often do you exercise?
3 Whats your full name? 9 Have you got any brothers or sisters?
4 Where do you live? 10 Do they play sport?
5 Who do you live with? 11 Have you got a boyfriend / girlfriend?
6 Whats your email address?

E Your turn! Write your profile email to Cristina (about 80 words).

Before While After

Answer questions 1-11 in D. Give Use contractions and a Check it carefully and / or
extra information too, e.g., your variety of connectors. email it to a partner before
opinion. giving it to your teacher.


077a079-Writing-TNC1A.indd 77 24/03/2015 14:50

2 A language profile

A Read two student profiles and label the diagrams.


Personal Details
My na mes Mateo
and Im 24 year
s old.
ls Why are you lear
Personal Detai ning English?
Engl ish is im
porta nt for my ca
ta and Im 20. reer. I of ten have
My na mes Mar docu ments in En
gl ish and I hope to read
ning English? soon. Al so, Im go to get a promot
Why are you lear so Engl ish ing to New York ion
ve lli ng ot her countries, Which aspect of
next month!
I lov e tra
go Ba rbados and lang uage is the
. I wa nt most important
is very importa nt  For me, the mos
t importa nt th ing for you?
New Zealand. of ten di fficu lt to is pronunciat ion.
u? com mun icate w Its
t important for yo ith people beca
guage is the mos they ca nt unde use
Which aspect of lan . I ne ed rsta nd me an
ki ng d I ca nt unders
rta nt th ing is spea them. Its very fru ta nd
 me, the most impo en I go on holiday.
strat ing!
people wh What aspect s of
com mun icate lang uage are yo
u good / bad at?
od / bad at? Im terr ible at
pe ct s of la ng uage are you go spea ki ng! I wa nt
to spea k to ot her pe
What as to say Engl ish but it isnt ea sy.
t go od w rit ing. I know how and use a dict io
I like read ing be
cause I ca n go slo
Im no spel l! I like na ry. I th in k Im wly
bu t th ey ar e di fficu lt especial ly beca good at voca bu
word s, angi ng opin ions
. Im use many Engl ish la ry,
spea ki ng people and exch Ita lia n word s! word s are sim ila
r to
never stop!
good ta lk ing, in fac t, I How do you prac
m? tise English outsi
de your clas sroo de your clas sroo
w do yo u pr ac tise English outsi ws
I dont have
much time to pr m?
Ho so I read the ne work a lot. I occa ac tise at home be
rnet al l the time, siona lly watch Br ca use I
I use the inte nada on line. iti sh fil m s and re
an d ta lk my cousin s in Ca the su bt itles. I ne
ed to prac tise m ad
En gl ish ore!
5 5

5 5 5 5
0 0 Speaking
5 5 5 5
name: name:

B Read Write it Right! In Mateos profile, circle five more words / phrases followed by to + infinitive.
Write it Right!
To + infinitive and prepositions are often difficult to remember. When you
read, try to notice phrases and then use them when you write and speak.
5 5

C Notice the underlined preposition phrases in Mateos profile. 0

Complete Martas with to, for, with, at and in.

D Complete the diagram for you. Rate each aspect of language 0-5.
5 5
E Your turn! Write your language profile in 80-120 words.

Before While After

Use the diagram in D and the Use prepositions carefully. Read a partners profile
questionnaire on p. 36. and draw their diagram.


077a079-Writing-TNC1A.indd 78 24/03/2015 14:50

A city brochure 3

A Look at the photos. Do you know where these places are? Which one do you prefer? Why?

B Read the text and answer questions 1-8.

1 Wheres a good place to start the day? 5 What are four good places to eat?
2 Wheres a beautiful place for photos? 6 Is there a romantic place in this city?
3 Whats a good place to go when it is rainy? 7 What can tourists do at night?
4 Whats a good place when it is sunny? 8 Is this city famous for anything?

A Day in Chicago!
Theres a lot to see and do, so come on, lets go! First, have Route 66, the first highway across America. There are
breakfast at Valois Cafeteria on East 53rd Street. Barack Obama hundreds of restaurants for lunch, theres a Russian caf, an
sometimes eats here, so you know its delicious! Irish pub and an American hot-dog restaurant.
After eating, take the underground to Millennium Park. This is Go to the Magnificent Mile after lunch and shop in the three
an enormous park in the city centre with lots of monuments, big shopping centres and then go up the tall John Hancock
free events and beautiful views of the city and the lake. Before Observatory Tower, its very romantic! Chicago is famous for
leaving, visit the Bean and take a photo in the reflection. the blues, so finally, you have to visit a blues club at night try
After that, walk to the Art Institute to see old and modern art. Buddy Guys Legends, its fantastic!
When you leave the museum, cross the road to the historic

C Look at the underlined words and answer questions 1-3.

1 Do adjectives come before / after a noun? 3 Are adjectives pluralised?
2 Do adjectives come before / after the verb be?

D Order these words to make sentences. Write it Right!

1 is / wine / for / France / famous / .
Use sequencing words to order actions:
2 the / try / cheese / local / . before, after, when, first, finally, then, etc.
3 spectacular / a / there / view / is / . You can take photos in the park. After that,

4 mountains / can / in / beautiful / the / walk / you / . go to the museum.

5 visit / amazing / can / you / museum / the / .
A fter taking (or After you take) photos, go
to the museum.
Before going (or Before you go) to the
E Read Write it Right! and find eight sequencing words in B. museum, take some photos in the park.

F Note your answers to the questions in B for your town or city.

G Your turn! Imagine a tourist is coming to your town. Plan a day for him.
Before While After
Use your notes for F. Give extra Use adjectives and a variety of Check it carefully and / or email it to a
information too, e.g., your opinion. sequencing words. partner before giving it to your teacher.


077a079-Writing-TNC1A.indd 79 24/03/2015 14:50

Sounds and usual spellings ! Difficult sounds for non-native speakers

To listen to these words and sounds, and practise them, go to the pronunciation section on the portal.

/i:/ // ! // ! /u:/

i u
! !

e (r)
! ! !

/i/ three, tree, eat, receive, believe, key, B, C, D, E, G, P, T, V (r)/
/ shirt, skirt, work, turn, learn, verb
// six, mix, it, England, women /(r)/ door, four, talk, author, law
// book, cook, put, could, woman // man, fan, bad, apple
/u/ two, shoe, food, soup, true, suit, Q, U, W // sun, run, cut, umbrella, country, love
/e/ pen, ten, heavy, pair, area, their, F, L, M, N, S, X, Z // sock, clock
// bananas, pyjamas, confuse // car, heart, part, art, dark, fast, R


e a a

/e/ plane, train, made, stay, they, A, H, J, K // nose, rose, home, know, toe, road, O
/a/ nine, wine, night, my, pie, buy, eyes, I, Y // ear, sphere, hear, year, near
/a/ house, mouse, town, cloud /e/ bear, chair, fair, square, hair
154 // toys, boys, oil, coin

154a155-Chart-TNC1A.indd 154 24/03/2015 14:52


our lips !

p b m w
our teeth
! ! !
+ another

f v

the tip of ! !
the tongue

t d n l
the front of
the tongue

s z
the back of
the mouth

k g h
the tooth
/t/ ! /r/ ! /j/ !

t d r j
/p/ pig, pie, open, top, apple /s/ snake, skateboard, kiss, city, science
/b/ bike, bird, describe, able, club, rabbit /z/ zoo, zebra, size, jazz, lose
/m/ medal, monster, name, summer // shark, shorts, action, special, session, chef
/w/ web, watch, where, square, one // television, treasure, usual
/f/ fish, feet, off, phone, enough /k/ cat, cake, back, quick
/v/ vet, van, five, have, video /g/ goal, girl, leg, guess, exist
// teeth, thief, thank, nothing, mouth // king, ring, single, bank
// mother, father, the, other /h/ hand, hat, unhappy, who
/t/ tea, taxi, hot, stop, attractive /t/ chair, cheese, kitchen, future, question
/d/ dog, dress, made, adore, sad, middle /d/ jeans, jump, generous, bridge
/n/ net, nurse, tennis, one, sign, know /r/ red, rock, ride, married, write
/l/ lion, lips, long, all, old /j/ yellow, yacht, university

154a155-Chart-TNC1A.indd 155 24/03/2015 14:52

Audio Script
1.17 Notice the stress in the numbers. O I see Are these your glasses?
Unit 1 P Yes, they are.
1 Im eighty-five today. Happy birthday to me! O Ok... And whats that?
2 My address is seventy Dove Close. P Come on! Thats a sandwich!
1.2 Notice s = /z/. 3 Ive got eleven brothers and sisters! O Exactly! But you cant enter this country
4 This book is ninety-nine dollars. with food, maam!
A OK. Lets check. 5 Hmm, I think its fifteen miles to Los Angeles. P Oh-oh. Sorry, its my first time here.
B Flag 1 is China. 6 The number after thirty-nine is forty. O I need to take that. Thank you. Right, and
A Yes. One point for you. And number 2? 7 I have sixteen classmates in my English lesson. what are those?
B Spain. 8 Thirteen hours on a plane Im very tired! P These are my earrings. Look. Arent they
A Yes! Two points. beautiful?
O Hm yes, theyre very beautiful. Please,
B Number 3 is Japan. 1.18 Notice the stress in the questions. wait a minute, ok?
A Yes!
B Flag 4 is the USA. 1 A Name?
A Yes! Thats four points! B Jack Moore. 1.22 Notice // and //.
B 5 is the UK. A How do you spell that?
B J-A-C-K M-O-O-R-E. L = Lara R = Rosa J = Jake E = Ed
A Correct!
B And country 6 is Peru. 2 A Good afternoon, Im Dieter Quinn. 1 L Hey! Those are our crisps!
A Right! Six points! And number 7? B How do you spell that? R Come on, Jake! These are their crisps!
Stop eating them!
B Its Canada and 8 is Argentina! A D-I-E-T-E-R Q-U-I-N-N.
J Sorry.
 es and yes! Thats eight points for you! 3 A First name and surname, please?
2 J Are these your earrings, Rosa?
Very good! B Rochelle Johns.
R No, they arent my earrings. Theyre ugly!
A How do you spell that? Are they your earrings, Lara?
B R-O-C-H-E-L-L-E J-O-H-N-S.
1.4 Notice the sentence stress. L Yes, they are. Hmpf! Thanks.
4 A Whats your name? 3 E Where are my glasses?
1 Are you Peruvian? No, Im not. B George Wessex. R Er Are these your glasses, Ed?
2 Are you Argentinian? Yes, I am. A Can you spell that, please? E Yes, they are. Thanks.
3 Is your camera Chinese? No, it isnt. B Sure. Its G-E-O-R-G-E W-E-S-S-E-X. 4 R G ee, what a party! Look at this mess! Is
4 Is it Japanese? Yes, it is. 5 A Name, please? this your sandwich, Jake?
5 Is Justin Bieber American? No, he isnt. B Joy Boscombe. J Hmmm Yes, it is. Its good!
6 Is he Canadian? Yes, he is. A How do you spell that? R And are these your keys?
7 Is Penelope Cruz Spanish? Yes, she is. B J-O-Y B-O-S-C-O-M-B-E. J Yes, they are, thanks.
8 Is Madonna British? No, she isnt. 5 R Is that your phone?
E No, I think its her phone.
1.19 Notice /m/ and /n/ endings. R Hey, Lara. Is that your phone?
Notice its_in connects like one word. L No, it isnt. My phones new. I think its
J = Jonathan K = Karina
his phone. Jake, is that your phone?
Number 1 is Machu Picchu, its_in Peru. And J W elcome to telephone bookings, Cambridge.
J Oh no! Wheres my phone?
number 2 is the Taj Mahal, its_in India. Photo This is Jonathan. How can I help you?
R Is this your phone?
3 is Shanghai, its_in China. And photo 4 is the K Hi, Jonathan. Can I make a booking, please?
Alhambra, in Granada. Its_in Spain. Number J Phew! Thanks! Yes, thats my phone
J Of course, no problem. I need a little bit of
Er... Hi, Mum!
5 is Megan Fox, shes American. And photo information from you, OK? Er, whats your
number 6 is Lionel Messi. Hes Argentinian. 6 E Oh, no! Is that your laptop, Rosa?
Number 7 is Salma Hayek. Shes Mexican. And R No, it isnt. Is that your laptop, Lara?
K Karina Spalding. Thats K-A-R-I-N-A Karina
8 is Keanu Reeves. Hes Canadian. S-P-A-L-D-I-N-G. L Oh, my God! Yes, it is! Thats my laptop!
Its new!
J Where are you from? Are you Italian?
K No, Im not Italian. Im Spanish, Im from
1.8 Notice the connecting sounds.
Barcelona. 1.24
1 This_is cool! Whoa! J And whats your address, Ms Spalding?
K Erm, it isnt a Spanish address. Its English, 1 Theyre small and red The earrings.
2 Wow! This is an excellent car!
OK? 75 Birch Drive, Thirsk, T-H-I-R-S-K, 2 Theyre big and blue. There are two in the
3 I love New York. Its_a fantastic city!
Yorkshire, YO7 5JP. picture The sofas.
4 Mmmm! This pizza is great!
J Thank you. And whats your telephone number? 3 Theyre small and brown The glasses.
5 Yuck! This coffee is horrible!
K Its area code (02568) 675-893. 4 Its not big or small, its new and its on the
6 Barack Obama is a very intelligent man. J Thanks. And whats your email address? table The laptop.
7 Yeah, China is an_interesting country! K Its 5 Its small and black The phone.
8 This restaurants_OK. J Thanks. Now what type of room
9 Nah! Bill Gates is_a very rich person!
10 This group_is ridiculous!
1.25 Notice the sentence stress.
1.20 Notice the sentence stress.
11 No, no, no, hes_a terrible actor! Terrible! M = Mark J = Justine
P = passenger O = officer M G ood evening! Welcome to telephone
1.16 O G ood morning. Im sorry, maam, but we banking registration. My names Mark. How
need to check your bag, please. can I help you today?
A A hundred dollars, please. P No problem. Here you are. J I need to register for telephone banking.
 K, thats thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, O Ok, lets see. A wallet, a laptop, keys, hm a M Certainly. I just need some information.
eighty, ninety, a hundred. One hundred phone, a pen, an umbrella, hm... whats this? Whats your name?
dollars. Thank you, sir. Have a great day. P Oh, this is a lipstick. Look! J Justine Wallace.

082a086-AS-TNC1A.indd 82 24/03/2015 14:53

Audio Script
M How do you spell that? 4 I have an important meeting on Wednesday. 4 Do you live with your parents?k
J J-U-S-T-I-N-E W-A-L-L-A-C-E. 5 Only two more days of work its Thursday. No, I dont. I live with my girlfriend.
M Your account number, please? 6 Today is Friday. Lets go to a bar after work! 5 Where exactly in the US do you plan to
J Its 106924. 7 Great! Its Saturday! My favorite day! No travel to?m
M And whats your address, Ms Wallace? more work for the weekend! A laska. They say its a beautiful place.
J 18 Jeffrey Drive, thats J-E-F-F-R-E-Y Drive. 6 Do you know anyone in Alaska?k
M Thank you, and whats your phone number? Yes, my sister lives there.
2.3 Notice the stress in the time.
J 707 is the area code and the number is
988 3405. 1 quarter past ten.
M Thanks and whats your email?
Notice the intonation at the end
2 six oclock.
J Its jwallace26 at webmail dot com.
of each question.
3 eleven oclock.
M Thanks, now lets talk about passwords 4 midday. M = Miguel W = woman
5 half past six.
W Hm... Whos this?m
1.26 6 quarter to six.
M Thats my brother, Juan.
7 midnight.
W Uh-huh. Does he play football?k
A Hi, Judy! How are you? 8 nine oclock.
M Yes, he does! He loves football.
B G ood, thanks. What about you? Whats new?
W And whos that?m
A Oh, not much. Things are good.
Notice the vowel sounds. Which M Thats my sister, Martina.
B So, are you ready for the meeting?
one sounds different? W So you have a sister! Where does she live?m
M In Alaska. And, those are my parents.
1.28 Notice the sentence stress. Int = interviewer W = woman M = man
W Wow, Alaska! And, do your parents live
Int H i, Im doing a survey about sleeping there too?k
GF = grandfather GD = granddaughter habits. What time do you get up? M No, they live in Barcelona.
1 GF Heres your gift! Happy birthday! W Er, erm, at six oclock in the morning. I go to
GD Thank you. school at quarter to seven.
Int Thanks. And what time do you go to bed?
GF Youre welcome.
2 A Excuse me. W Hmm. At around ten pm, during the
Review 1
B Oh, Im sorry. week. Maybe midnight on Friday and
3 A Oops, Im sorry. Saturday.
Int So you get about eight hours sleep a night?
B Dont worry about it.
4 A See you later! W Yeah, thats it Bye!
My name is Elio, I am 17 and I live in La Floresta, a
B Bye for now! Int Thanks.
small town in Spain about 13 km from Barcelona.
W = waiter C = customer Int Hello, were doing a survey about working Of course, I support Bara the best football team
hours. What time do you go to work? in the world! Im a member of the club and go to
5 W Weve got a great fish special today.
M Hmm I go to work at half past eight. all 19 league matches at the Camp Nou stadium.
C Excuse me? Can you say that again,
Int Every day? I sometimes go to watch European matches too.
M No, no. Monday to Friday. I dont work on Barcelona have a fantastic record 14 international
W Sure I said we have got a great fish
Saturdays and Sundays. cups and over 60 domestic cups. My favourite player
special today.
Int And when do you get home from work? is Messi hes absolutely incredible. And we have
6 W Would you like to order now?
M Well, I usually get home at around quarter the same birthday the 24th June.
C I dont understand.
past six in th evening. OK? Bye!
W Oh, sorry. Are you ready to order?

2.8 Notice the word stress. Unit 3

Unit 2 Well, I wake up at around half past six, but
I dont get up immediately. I stay in bed for 3.1 Notice the sentence stress.
three or four minutes, then I get up and make

2.1 Notice to /t/ and to a /tuw/.

my bed. Then I exercise for thirty minutes. T = teacher C = class
After that, I have a shower, shave, get dressed
 oday, lets look at the weather symbols. This
Int = interviewer and have breakfast coffee, juice and cereal.
yellow circle means the sun, or sunny weather. A
Then I brush my teeth and, finally, leave home
Int When do you go to these places? cloud means cloudy, obviously, and this symbol
at around eight am.
A I go to a caf every day before class for a coffee. means wind or windy. The next symbol is for fog
B I go to church on Sundays. or foggy weather. The cloud with these little lines
C I go to the gym after school. 2.9 means rain or rainy weather. And the white cloud
D I usually go home after work. with stars means snow or snowy conditions. OK?
He wakes up at eight am, but he doesnt get up.
E I want to go to a party but Ive got to work. C Yes, Miss!
He sleeps again. He gets up, he makes his bed,
F I go to school Monday through Friday, and T A nd for temperature, we usually just say hot,
he exercises, he shaves, then he leaves home.
Saturday morning too! warm, cool or cold. Any questions?
G I go to the supermarket on Saturdays. C No, Miss!
H I go to work at eight oclock. 2.13
Notice the intonation at the end
of each question.
1 Whats your full name?m
2.2 Notice the stress on weekdays.
Miguel Hernandez. But please call me Mickey. A OK, in this photo, the weather is beautiful.
1 Sunday, lovely Sunday! 2 Ok. And are you Spanish?k B Yes, its hot and very sunny.
2 Oh, no! Tomorrows Monday. School! Yuk! Yes, I am. Im from Valencia. A Perhaps its Cancun?
3 Wow, its only Tuesday four more days 3 Where do you live?m B And in this photo its hot.
of work. In Madrid, I work there. A Yes, and it isnt raining. Its very dry.

082a086-AS-TNC1A.indd 83 24/03/2015 14:53

Audio Script

3.3 Notice the s endings. R Hi, Maddie. Rep And what are you and Joel doing?
M Hi, Rita. Are you running? R Well, were meteorologists, so were
B = Bob M = Mary J = Joe R No, Im not running! Im riding a bike and studying the photos from the satellite to
B E verywhere, the weather is mad! Take the my batterys dying. Phone you later? get to the center of the storm.
Amazon rainforest, for example. Its usually M Of course Bye. Rep Well, good luck.
very rainy there, but now no rain for three G Thanks.
months! The Amazon river is down by ten
metres. Its mad!
Notice the connections for similar
sounds. 3.17 Notice have to /f/ and kind of /v/.
F  rom the forest to the desert: the Atacama
Desert is usually hot and sunny 350 days a M = Mark L = Linda
M = Maddie S = Sean
year. This year, the days and nights are cool
and cloudy. Its mad! M I dont believe_this. One_more call. Thats it. M H ey Linda, what are you doing? Its half past
S Hey, Maddie. Long time_no see. How are twelve in the morning.
A nd hows the weather in Chicago, the
Windy City? Mary, tell us. Whats the things? L Oh its you, Mark. Umm Im working on
weather like in Chicago? M Good! Er, Sean, are you busy? this report. I have to finish it by tomorrow.
M Well, Bob, no wind for us! This month, every S Er, well, Im doing_my homework. M Ah. Is it a big one?
morning, its cool and foggy. Its mad! M Oh, never mind L Yep, I still need to do three more pages.
B Thanks, Mary. Lets go to the Alps. Those S But Im just finishing. What are your plans? M Ooof. You tired?
beautiful mountains. Whats the weather M I have two tickets to todays match. Sanford Stars L Yeah, kind of.
usually like there? Its snowy, right? And and Kilburn Kicks. It starts at_three oclock.
whats it like this year? Tell us, Joe? S So we have_thirty minutes! Lets go!
3.18 Notice the connecting sounds.
J Uh-huh. Its warm and theres absolutely no M Are you saying yes?
snow. Skiing is impossible. Its mad! S Of course! Why are you surprised? M Wanna go home?
B How about Cancun, that fantastic beach? M You have no idea Meet you outside the L No, Ive really got to finish this tonight.
Well, tourists go to Cancun to enjoy the hot underground. Lets go! M Ok, so would_you like_a coffee?
weather, but this summer: its cold. Really
L Are you having one?
cold. Its mad!
M Yes.
Whats the weather like where you are? 3.11 Notice /h/.
Any mad weather stories? Write to us at L Yes, please, then. Black, no sugar. Rep = reporter F = friend M Do_you want_a sandwich too?
Rep T
 oday on Shhh! Top Secret, were L No, thanks.
talking with an intimate friend of Kate M Biscuit?
3.6 Notice s = /s/ or /z/. Middletons Shhh! No names, remember! L Uh-uh, Im really not hungry.
So, Miss X, welcome to our show. M Ok. One coffee, coming_up.
E = Eli M = Maddie R = Rita
F Thank you. L Thanks. Youre great!
Mi = Michael S = Susan P = person
Rep So, whats the routine of the royal
E Hello? couple? Shhh!
M Eli? This is Maddie. Are you busy?
E Actually, yes. Im cooking dinner. Whats up?
F William is a helicopter pilot, and he works
and trains at a base in Wales. Kate doesnt
Unit 4
M Oh, no problem. Phone you later. have a paid job, but she goes to the
E OK, bye. supermarket and helps her husband like
any other wife. Shhh! 4.2 Notice the word stress.
S Susan.
Rep Thats interesting. And do you know what
M Hi, Susan. This is Maddie. T = Tracey E = Eddie
they are doing now? Shhh!
S O h, hi, Maddie. Sorry, Im running in the T Wow! Tell us about it, Eddie!
F Yes! This afternoon Kate is visiting a
park. I cant hear you. Shall I phone you later?
hospital near the base and William E H i Tracey! Yeah, its the 2nd of July, and
M Sure, Susan. Talk to you later. is flying a helicopter to Scotland on a well, what a day of sports at the Olympics!
S Bye. military mission. Shhh! A very exciting morning here at the
M OK, er, bye. Not my day today, is it? Let me Rep Well, thank you for talking to us! Olympic complex. First, we have basketball
try Michael. F Youre welcome. Shhh! at the Olympic Arena. Its the semi-final
between Cuba and Russia, at nine am. Then,
Mi Michael Rogers speaking.
at nine thirty at the Olympic Stadium we
M Hey, Michael! 3.14 Notice the word stress. have football, Uruguay versus Italy. What a
Mi Maddie, darling. How are you doing? difficult match! At ten am we have tennis,
M Great. Rep = reporter R = Reed mens doubles, at the Central Courts. After
Mi A re the tomatoes fresh? Sorry, darling. Im C = Chris G = the guys that, at half past ten at North Park we have
buying some food. Whats up? womens volleyball, the USA and Australia
Rep T
 oday were interviewing one of the
M Well, I have going for a bronze medal. And at eleven, its
teams from the TV show Storm Chasers.
Mi These tomatoes here? Fresh? Really? Er, Hi, guys. time for cycling at the Igloo. The mens five
sorry, Maddie. thousand meter final! And thats just this
G Hi.
M Oh, youre busy now. Dont worry. Bye. morning! Tracey, its impossible to decide
Rep Whats the name of your team?
Mi Bye, darling. Lovely talking to you. what to watch!
R Dominator.
M S  o, Michael is busy, too. Perhaps Rita Marques?
Rep Dominator, right. And you are?
Let me try her. Er the phones busy
R My names Reed Timmer, this is Chris 4.3 Notice intonation = speakers emotion.
 h, someone is calling. Maybe one of my Chittick and this is Joel Taylor.
friends is finally free now. Hello? Rep So, what are your plans for tomorrow? Int = interviewer Ja = Jane
P Gregory Hanes, please? R Were travelling to Mississippi tomorrow. M = Mark K = Karen J = Joe
M Er, Im sorry, this is not his number. C Were predicting a big storm there. Int E xcuse me, Miss? Can I ask you a question?
P Oh, sorry. Wrong number. Rep And whos filming the action? Ja Yes?
M H umph. Typical! Well, let me phone Rita again. R Chris. Hes our videographer. Int Whats your favorite sport?

082a086-AS-TNC1A.indd 84 24/03/2015 14:53

Audio Script
Ja Skiing. I lovek to ski. J Hmm. OK. Can you play tennis?k J Even her pyjamas?
Int Nicek! Thanks. M No, no, I cant play tennis at all. I hate tennis. G This is a big secret, but the rumour is that
Ja Youre welcome. J I see. Well, so you can run in the gym every shes got more than a hundred pairs of
day, and our swimming lessons are pyjamas for summer, for winter, to sleep at
Int Hi, er, have you got a moment?
home, to sleep in hotels
M Er, OK.
J Do you think shes got a future as a model?
Int Whats your favourite sport? 4.6 Notice // and /e/. G No, not a future. A present! She is the most
M Its golfm. Absolutely, golfk. To play andm to
J = Joel M = Maddie important, most famous, most wonderful
watch. Bestk sport in the worldm!
child model in the world.
Int Thanks. J Hello. Im Joel Clinton. I have your
curriculum vitae here and I want to ask you J Thanks, Georgia. Ladies and gentlemen, a
K Er, hi! Excuse me! some questions. big thank you to Georgia Brown, author of
Int Sorry, er, hello! Have you got have time to M Sure.
the blog Suri and Me A Universe of Clothes.
answer one question? Go online and check it out!
J There is no information about your language
K Er, what question? abilities. How many languages can you speak?
Int Its for a questionnaire. Whats your M Er, one. I speak a little Spanish. 4.14 Notice the connections.
favourite sport?
J Como ests?
K Let me think. Its definitely notm football. I S = sales assistant J = Jason
M What?
hatem football.
J Hmpf. Yes, I can see you speak very little S Can_I help you?
Int You mean soccer?
Spanish. Anyway, Im also interested in your J Yes, please. Can_I see the jumper_in
K Oh, yeahk, soccer. Thatsk what you call it athletic abilities. Can you play any sports? the window?
M Er, a little, yes. S Sure! What colour? Weve got_it_in black,
Int Uh-huh. J What sports can you play? blue or green.
K Er is skateboarding a sport? M I can play volleyball and tennis, but not J Er, blue, please.
Int Well, yes, I guess so. very well. S All right. What size?
K So its skateboardingk. I absolutely lovek J Not perfect, but OK. One more question: can J Extra small.
it. you text fast? S E xtra small_in blue? OK, just_a moment,
Int Ok, thanks then! M Yes, I think so. please. Here you are.
K Is that all? J How many words a minute can you text? J Thanks. Can_I try_it_on?
Int Yes. Thanks very much! M I dont know about 40, I think. But wait? S Try_it_on? Er, sure, no problem. The
K Oh, no problem! Why are these questions relevant? Isnt this changing rooms_are_over there.
Int Excuse me? a job interview for a position as a babysitter?
J Er? What? J No, I want a nanny, and I want my son to
have the best education! 4.15 Notice the t and silent t.
Int Sorry, but, er... Have you got time to
answer one question? M And how old is your son? S T
 ry it on? Er, sure, no problem. The changing
J Er, I guessk. But only onem! J Two! rooms are over there.
Int Whats your favourite sport? J Thank you.
J To watch or to play? 4.8 Notice can = /kn/ or /kn/. S Do you need any help, sir?
Int To watch and to play. J No, no, its perfect.
One voice can change a room. And if one J What do you think? Blue is Jacksons
J Well, I like to watch baseballmon TVm,
voice can change a room, then it can change a favourite colour. Isnt it, Jackson?
but, you know, I dont playk baseball. I love
city. And if it can change a city, it can change
to surfk. I go surfingk every weekend. S A nd for you, sir? We have wonderful
a state. And if it can change a state, it can
Int Watch baseball, and surf. Thanks a lot. T-shirts, trousers, jackets, suits
change a nation. If it can change a nation, it
J Youre welcome. Byek.
can change the world. Your voice can change
the world.
Notice the intonation in yes / no Review 2
questions and Wh- questions. 4.10 Notice /d/ and /g/.
J = Janet M = Mark J = Jim G = Georgia R2.2
J H i, Mark. My name is Janet and Im your J S o, Georgia, why a blog about Suri Holmes
instructor. Cruise? Shes only a little girl! G = Gale R = Rob
M Oh, hi, Janet. Hows it going?m G Well, Jim, shes not a regular little girl. Shes G A nd here with us today we have the
J G ood. I need to ask you a few questions. Is the daughter of two big film stars. And, Paralympic champion, Rob Jones.
that OK?k most importantly, she loves clothes! Hello, Rob.
M Sure. J OK. Is it true that her clothes cost R Hi, Gale. Its lovely to be here.
J Whats your full name?m 3 million dollars? G So, Rob, whats your favourite sport?
M Mark Swift. S-W-I-F-T. G Thats what they say. According to some R Well, I love swimming, of course.
J Swift, OK. How old are you, Mark?m paparazzi, shes got fifty different pairs G And do you like football?
M Im 23. of shoes. R Yes, I love to watch my team play.
J OK. Can you run two kilometres?k J Wow! Thats a lot. G Cool, and what do you like doing when youre
M R un? I dont think I can walk two G Maybe for you, Jim, but not for me or Suri. not swimming or watching your team?
kilometres! Thats why Im here. J How about jeans? R Well, I like to help other children with
J O K, great! How about swimming?m Can G The numbers are not precise. People say disabilities.
you swim?k shes got only has thirty pairs of jeans. G Thats great. And a final question: What
M E r, yes, I can, but not very well. I need J Only? are you doing these days?
lessons. G Of course! Jeans are not very chic. Shes also R Im working hard to prepare for the
J W e can help you with that. Lets see Can got fifty-five pairs of trousers. next Paralympic Games. I want to beat my
you ride a bicycle?k J Oh, wow! own record.
M A bike?k Yes, I can. But I dont like cycling. G She rarely wears the same thing twice. G Nice. Well, thank you for talking to us

082a086-AS-TNC1A.indd 85 24/03/2015 14:53

Audio Script
today, Rob. 5.10 Notice the //s. 5.19
Notice the pronunciation of
R Thank you, Gale! object pronouns in speech.
Listen to this! Statistics show that cleaning the
bathroom is at the top of the list of housework Hi, Lori! Thanks for house sitting for us
that people hate the most. And, on average, during our holiday. Hope you dont have
Unit 5 parents report spending 8.6 hours at home any problems.
each week doing housework. But children Just a few things to remember.
say they spend only 4.9 hours on housework. Uh, when you come in, please pick up the post
and put it on the table.
5.1 Lucky children!
Um, yeah, please open the windows every day
and close them again when you leave oh and
M = man W = woman
Notice main sentence stress water the plants, please, every day.
 ice places near here? Well, theres a bar, on content words and at the Feed Fish (thats the cat!) in the morning and
and a club and a hotel. end of phrases. evening, but please dont give her more than
W A nd theres a nice museum, a park and 2 plates a day. Shes enormous! Oh and dont
N = Natalie J = judge forget to give her some water and, please, dont
theres a very good restaurant.
let her out.
M And a small stadium, oh and an old theatre. N I m Natalie and Im ten years old and I
Please, feed Chips the dog too and take him
love to sing. Ive been singing ever since I for a walk in the morning and afternoon, but
was four. I sing at school, I sing at home, I please, please, dont take him near the road
Notice the word stress. sometimes sing when Im eating my dinner! because hes very nervous.
I would like to be a singer and a diva and I Call me if you have any questions. Thanks
Welcome to Louisville, the largest city in
definitely want to be like Beyonc. again! See you in two weeks. Have fun! Bye.
Kentucky! Its a great place to visit. Situated
J Hello, darling.
on the Ohio river with a population of about
N Hello.
750,000, its the City of Parks. There are 122 5.24
Notice /i/ and /e/ sounds.
J Whats your name and how old are you?
parks in the city. T = tourist
N My name is Natalie and Im ten years old.
In the city centre there are seven museums, J And what are you doing today? 1 T E
 xcuse me.
and three theatres, plus the Louisville Ballet, N Well, Im going to sing a song called No One A Hi. How are you doing?
Orchestra and Opera. from Alicia Keys. T Oh, hi, good, thanks, er, wheres
Louisville is home to the famous Kentucky J OK, yeah I know that one. Good luck, darling. the shopping centre?
Derby horse race, sometimes called the A Its in front of you on Market Street.
Cross here at the traffic lights.
Greatest Two Minutes in Sport! Theres a
Notice the pronunciation of the T Thanks.
famous racetrack and a museum at Churchill
ing form. A No problem. Have a nice day!
Downs. Theres also a football stadium and
2 T Excuse me.
a baseball stadium in the city. If you like J = Josh E = Emily B Sorry. Me tourist. No English!
shopping, there are three enormous shopping J L
 ets go on holiday together, Emily. What do T Oh, OK, sorry.
centres to choose from. you like doing on holiday? T E xcuse me. Is there a cinema around here?
And for readers, theres a fantastic public E W
 ell, I love sunbathing and swimming. How C Yes, there is. Go straight ahead on
library with branches all over town. about you? Market Street and turn right on Fourth
 mm, well, I dont really like swimming Street. Go straight for one street and the
Kentucky is the home of KFC (Kentucky Fried
cinema is on the corner of Fourth and
Chicken), but we dont only eat fried chicken! or sunbathing, but I love snorkelling and
Mission Street.
There are restaurants of all kinds here. kayaking. I sometimes like to have lessons or
3 T E xcuse me. Do you know where the
to visit the museums to discover more about
There arent any public swimming pools in the library is?
where I am.
centre of Louisville, but there are six pools in D Im sorry?
 o you? I prefer reading novels and eating T The library?
the city, so everything is easy. And of course
out and drinking wine and dancing, nothing D A h, yes. Um, uh, I know! Go straight
there are bars, clubs and four cinemas, and
cultural for me. ahead on Market Street for four streets.
seven world-class hotels, just in the city centre
J What about sightseeing? Turn right on Grove Street at the stop
E I like sightseeing, but not too much. sign. Then, erm, uh, go straight ahead for
So come to Louisville there are no worries one street and the library is on the right.
J And camping? Do you like camping?
here, just relaxation and fun. T Thank you.
E Not really. I hate shopping and cooking
4 T Erm, er, excuse me, are there any
when Im on holiday. I just want to relax.
E Sorry. No time, bye!
Notice // and /a/. Notice the J T
 hose are the things I love doing on holiday!
T Hmpf Excuse me. Are there any
position of also and too. Hmm
bookshops near here?
F Yes, my friend, there are.
Well, I love playing video games. Its my
Notice spelling and stress. T Good, er, where are they?
favourite thing in the world. I also love going out F Oh, yes, sorry. Theres one on Market
with my friends. I like to shop and I like to eat 1 a yoga retreat Street. Go straight ahead for about four
out. And, um, I like going online too. And I dont 2 a wonderful waterfall streets. The bookshops on your left,
mind going to work. I also dont mind cooking 3 a beautiful beach before the stop sign.
T Sorry, can you say that again?
sometimes its fun, but I dont like going to the 4 a cup of herbal tea
F Im sorry. Theres one on Market Street.
gym very much. I dont like watching TV either, 5 a relaxing cruise
Go straight ahead for about four streets.
but the one thing I really hate is cleaning. I hate 6 a yellow hammock The bookshops on your left, before the
cleaning the house! What about you? Are you 7 a fantastic rain forest stop sign. OK?
similar? Or am I weird? 8 a spectacular sunset T Er, thank you.

082a086-AS-TNC1A.indd 86 24/03/2015 14:53

Are you British? 1.1
1 Put these words in the correct column.


Countries Continents

2 1.1 Add n, an or ian to make the adjective. 5 1.2 Listen and complete dialogues 1-6.
Listen, check and repeat the countries and
adjectives with the correct stress. 1 2 3

3 Separate the numbers 1-10 and complete the

puzzle with vowels.

o t h g n v

n n s 4 5

e n t n x

w s

t h r f r f v

4 Read a-f and write the country or nationality.

Where in the world?

1 A Are you British ?
a My country is an island in the Atlantic
next to the UK. People in my country speak B No, Im not . Im Ir .I from Dublin.
English and Irish. Im from Ireland . 2 A Hugh Jackman Amer ?
B No, he . He Austr .
b Im from Milan, in the north of . 3 A you Chinese?
B No, I . Im Kor .
4 A Freida Pinto Por ?
c I come from an enormous country in Europe
and Asia. The capital of my country is B No, shes Ind . She from Mumbai.
Moscow. Im . 5 A Are they Ameri ?
B No, . They Bri .
d My native language is Mandarin. 6 A Is Javier Bardem Mex ?
Im . B No, he . He Spa .

e My new digital camera is a Canon. 6 MAKE IT PERSONAL Complete the introduction

Its from . with your details.
A Hi! My names Martin, nice to meet you. Im
British and Im from London.
f The famous Machu Picchu ruins are in my
country. Im . B Hi! Nice meet you . My
names . Im . Im from

087a091-WB1-TNC1A.indd 4 24/03/2015 16:57

1.2 Are you an excellent actor?
1 Check the correct sentences. Correct the 6 1.4 Match these pairs to the correct vowel

mistakes in the wrong ones. sound group a-g in 5. Listen to check.

a Maradona is a interesting person. d she me
b Shanghai is a fantastic city. hi five
c Steven Seagal is an horrible actor. a top a watch
d You are a excellent actor. no a nose
e She is an OK writer. blue you
f It is a special city. a name Spain
g The UK is an rich country. ten yes

2 Order the words in a-e to make sentences. 7 1.5 Listen and complete dialogues 1-4.
a terrible / I / a / Batman / is / think / film / . Calculate the final number.

b is / player / Luis Surez / excellent / an / .

c I / is / So Paulo / a / city /great / think / .

d a / actor / cool / Robert Pattinson / is / .

e country / think / India / interesting / I / is / an / .

3 MAKE IT PERSONAL Write three and three

opinions. Use these words to help you.

an actor a football player a film a musician

a restaurant a song your city

Batman is a great film.

I think my city is not an excellent place.

Cyber Tool
Email your opinions to a friend. 1 A Hi, these shorts and these sandals, please.
B  OK, the shorts are euros and the sandals
euros. The total is euros.
4 1.3 Listen and write eight famous TV channels.
2 A New York. Thats dollars.
a e
B Wow! Er OK. Heres .
b f
A Thanks. Heres your ticket and
c g dollars.
d h 3 A How much are the doughnuts?
B cents each.
5 Cross out the word with the different vowel
sound in a-g. A Wow! Can I have , please?
B Thats dollars. There you go. Enjoy!
a a plane a train are
4 A Valentines Day is going to be perfect, huh?!
b a shoe go two
B Yep! red roses and bottles
c a sock a clock a name
of wine.
d ten a tree three And the roses cost pounds each.
e a pen eight twelve A Thats pounds! Thats ridiculous!
f nine wine six

g one go a rose 8 1.6 Listen to check the final number.

087a091-WB1-TNC1A.indd 5 24/03/2015 16:57

How do you spell your surname? 1.3

1 1.7 Listen and complete the form. 5 Put these words in the correct plural box.

actress bag city country earring glass
First name:
nationality phone sandwich student

Hotel address: Hotel , Sea Parade.

Phone: + ES

Email: @ .com

2 1.8 Ask questions using what. Follow the model.
Model: Name.
You: Whats your name?
Model: Full name. 6 1.9 Circle the correct word in dialogues 1-5.
You: Whats your full name?

3 Re-write as a text / sms dialogue. Use text

language for the underlined words.

A: Where are you? Where R U?

B: At school.
A: Coffee before

B: OK. See you soon.

Cyber Tool
Send a text message to a friend in
English. And change your phone
language to English for extra practice.
1 A This / That is my new boyfriend.
B Oh, wow! Hes cool.
4 Order the letters to spell five common objects. 2 A This / That is my familys flat. It has a great
Then find the secret object. view.
O A P P T L E Y K B Wow! You are lucky. I cant see anything from
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 my flat.
3 A This / These are my new earrings. Do you
W I N D C H A S like it / them?
B Erm. They / It are interesting.
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

4 A Excuse me. What are these / those?

18 19 20 21 22 23 24
B  It / They are mangos. Very fresh, very
delicious. Two for a pound.

E H N O P 1 15 25 21 4 15 16 7
5 A This rose / These roses are for you. I love you!
25 26 27 28 29 B Oh, Frank! They / These are beautiful!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Thank you.

087a091-WB1-TNC1A.indd 6 24/03/2015 16:57

1.4 Are these your glasses?
1 Complete the photo comments with their, our, your, his or her.

Comment Share Comment Share

This is a photo of Tim and me on holiday. Sorry, are these sunglasses?

Comment Share Comment Share

This is Tim with horrible new sunglasses. Lions with babies Fantastic!

Cyber Tool
Write short descriptions
2 Correct the mistakes in a-f.
for your own photos and
a This is Peter and her girlfriend, Sharon. d These are ours chairs. post them online.
b You are pretty. Whats her name? e What are theyre names?
c Anna loves his pretty new earrings. f Are these yours keys?

3 Match phrases a-k to the answers.

a The American president lives there. Shakira

b The Argentinian president lives there. Charlie Brown
c A pretty Colombian woman. The White House
d World famous blue jeans. Deep Purple
e A famous black and white cartoon dog. Denmark
f An old, British, heavy metal band. An apple
g A small European country. Levis
h A popular orange cartoon cat. Where is the love?
i A red, green or yellow fruit. Snoopy
j He lives with the dog in e. The Pink House
k A Black Eyed Peas song. Garfield

4 1.10 Describe the objects. Follow the model.

Model: Car. Blue. Model: Song. Famous.
You: It's a blue car. You: Its a famous song.

087a091-WB1-TNC1A.indd 7 24/03/2015 16:57

Whats your full name?
They call me her, they call me Jane.
Thats not my name, thats not my name. 1.5
1 Read the forms and answer a-f.

e: Darli
n a li ty: Jam
Full name: Laurence D. Ublay Na t io e 1985
ir t h : 1 2th Jun ingsto
fb lose. K
Country of birth: France Date o E ly C
ss: 21
Date of birth: 31/08/90 t addre
Current address: 2 5 Rue de Lyon.
Toulouse Name: Liam Smith

Country of birth: England

Last name: Age: 17
First name:
Current address: 45 Colt
Country of birth:
Age: 23 Street, Oxford, England

1545 E 185th S treet, Bronx.

New York

a What nationality is Liam? 3 1.12 Listen and choose the best response.
a 1. Fine, thanks. 2. Not really.
b Wheres Gwen from? b 1. Not so good. 2. Not much.
c 1. Bye, for now. 2. Hi!
c Whats Laurences date of birth? d 1. Im well. 2. Youre welcome.
e 1. Im sorry. 2. Nothing much.
d Whats the Indian womans surname? f 1. Oh, sorry. 2. Sure.

4 1.12 Cover 3. Listen again and answer.

e How old is Priya?
Model: How are you?
You: Fine, thanks.
f Whats Liams address?
5 Read the song line on this page. Whats the
connection with the language of this lesson?
2 1.11 MAKE IT PERSONAL Listen and answer Find the connection between the lessons and
the questions. song lines in the Students Book for this unit.

Cyber Tool Can you remember...

Record your answers 8 countries and nationalities?SB p. 6
11 adjectives to give your opinion?SB p. 8
and send them to your
teacher or a friend. the 26 letters of the alphabet?SB p. 8
numbers 1-100?SB p. 9
5 Wh-questions?SB p. 10
10 everyday objects?SB p. 11
7 colors and 10 adjectives?SB p. 13
6 greetings?SB p. 15

087a091-WB1-TNC1A.indd 8 24/03/2015 16:57

2 2.1 When do you get up?

1 Complete a-g with to a, to the, to or . For a-e, 4 Re-read the text and answer questions a-c.
tick the true sentences. Answer f and g. a How many days have names from Nordic gods?
a I go caf in the morning. three four five
b We go supermarket at the weekend. b Which planet gives its name to a day in English?
c I go gym every day. Venus Mercury Saturn
d I want to go party tonight, but I have c What is the most romantic day of the week?
got to go work! Wednesday Thursday Friday
e I go home after school.
f Do you go school on Saturday? 5 2.2 Listen and check the times you hear, a-e.
g Do you go church?

2 2.1 Follow the model and copy the rhythm.

Model: home after school.
You: I go home after school.

3 Read the article and match the ancient gods to

the days.
7:30 12:45

ORIGINS OF A NAME a 6.15 6.50 Its ten to seven.

b 6.30 7.30
c 5.20 12.05
The names for the
d 5.40 12.45
days of the week
e 2.45 3.15
in some modern
languages come
6 Write the times you dont hear in 5.
from the gods of
Ancient Rome.
7 Order the words in a-f to make questions.
For example, Day
a ? / you / do / time / go / school / to / what
of Venus, the Roman goddess of love, is the modern
Spanish Viernes. With the expansion of the Roman
Empire, the Germanic and Nordic people adopted the b ? / time / go / you / to / what / bed / do
Roman practice. They modified the system to use the
corresponding gods from their culture, like Frige, the c ? / what / work / time / go / you / to / do
Nordic goddess of love. So both Friday and Viernes
are the Day of Love!
d ? / do / home / time / what / you / get

e ? / do / you / up / what / get / time

The Sun Monday
Mercury and Woden: music and poetry Tuesday f ? / to / what / you / gym / the / do / go / time

Venus and Frige: love Wednesday

The Moon Thursday 8 MAKE IT PERSONAL Answer Cyber Tool
Mars and Tiw: combat Friday questions a-f in 7. Record your answers
Jupiter and Thor: Chief of Gods Saturday I go to work at 7. and send them to your
teacher or a friend.
Saturn: Time Sunday

092a096-WB2-TNC1A.indd 9 24/03/2015 15:00

What do you do in the mornings? 2.2

1 Match a-h to the second column to make phrases from the Students Book.

a brush a shower
b get the bed
c get breakfast
d have dressed
e leave my teeth
f make home
g have up
h wake up

2 MAKE IT PERSONAL Put the phrases in 1 in order for your morning routine, 1-8.

3 2.3 Read and listen. Fill in the blanks with the phrases.

immediatelyat aroundfor twenty minutesat half past sixfor around

My Morning!

Im Alan. Im an Olympic athlete and this is my morning routine! My alarm clock wakes me up
and I get out of bed . I exercise thirty minutes and then I have
a shower and my mum prepares my breakfast. I get dressed and after that I have
breakfast, brush my teeth and leave the house eight oclock. Then I go to the gym for
more exercise! I havent got time to make my bed, my mum does that for me too. I love my mum!

4 Re-read and answer true (T) or false (F).

a Alan stays in bed after he wakes up. d Alan brushes his teeth after breakfast.
b Alan exercises for half an hour. e Alan makes his bed in the morning.
c Alan has a shower before he eats. f Alan leaves the house and goes to the gym.

5 MAKE IT PERSONAL Write a paragraph about your morning routine using the bold linkers in Alans text in 3.

6 Complete song lines A-I with love, loves, dont love or doesnt love.

I you like a love song baby. I dont ever wanna to feel like I did that day. Take me to the place
Selena Gomez and The Scene I , take me all the way. Red Hot Chili Peppers

B She you yeah, yeah, yeah. The Beatles I to , but my baby just
to dance. Tina Charles
When a man a woman, he can do no
C wrong. Percy Sledge I rock n roll. Joan Jett and The
I () you like I loved you yesterday.
My Chemical Romance As the nights go by, makes you want to die. Because
your baby () you anymore.
She me. I can see it when she smiles
E The Carpenters
ear to ear. The Descendents

7 2.4 Say the opposite! Follow the model.

Model: I love you. Model: He doesnt have breakfast.
You: I dont love you. You: He has breakfast.

092a096-WB2-TNC1A.indd 10 24/03/2015 15:00

2.3 Do you use your mobile phone a lot?
1 Complete extracts a-h with these verbs.

confiscatelistennot accessnot needsendtakewatch

a Celebrity says I havent got any time to texts. e Fans declare: This phone apps fabulous.

b Customers say new e-phone the Internet. Teenager writes 160 characters in 34 seconds
for new text message record.

c Camera is mobile phones top accessory. g Police politicians phone as evidence.

to music, photos, films. Politician argues: I my phone to

d h
This phones for every occasion. prove my innocence.

2 Complete the table with the words in bold in 1.

Plural nouns Third person s Verb be Possessive s


3 2.5 Listen and complete the family tree with

these names.


4 Look at the family tree. Are a-j true (T) or

false (F)? Correct the false sentences.
a Edward is Davids father.
b Sandra is Camillas aunt.
c Edward and Alexandra have got a daughter.
d Peter and Camilla have got cousins.
e David has got two brothers.
f Peter and Camillas grandfather is Ann.
g Anns husband is Richard.
h David has got a wife.
i Camilla is Peters sister.
j David is an uncle.

World of English
Many companies have a possessive s in their name,
but others dont use it they think it isnt cool!
McDonalds and Levis both have a possessive s, but
Starbucks doesnt. And the founder of Starbucks is
an English teacher!


092a096-WB2-TNC1A.indd 11 24/03/2015 15:00

Who do you live with? 2.4

1 Read an email interview with Alfredo and 4 MAKE IT PERSONAL Answer the questions in 2.

correct the mistakes in the underlined words.
Cyber Tool
Send an email interview
From: Alfredo Benedetti to a friend. You can
To: ID News send a second email
Subject: Interview
with more questions too.

My full name is Alfredo Benedetti

5 2.6 Listen to Justin telling Sally about the
Morales. Im from Bucaramanga in photo. Label the phrases E (Erica) or J (Jerome).

Colombia. Alfredos my grandfathers a goes to sixth form J
name too. Hes Italian, from Verona. b goes to university
c lives in Glasgow
Ha! Not all families Italians are big! But d lives in York
yes, I have a lot of aunts and uncles and e seventeen
a lot of cosins too. My family is small, f twenty-one
I only have one sister. My grandfather g works in a caf
live with my parents now. He is in my
old bedroom.

I live and work in London. Its difficult

because my english isnt perfect!

I love it! Its a amazing city, but

sometimes I want to see my family.

2 Order the words in a-d to make questions and

match them to the paragraphs in 1.
a your / what / full / name / is / ? / and / from /
you / where / are / ?

b live / where / you / do / ?

c city / you / like / this / do / ?

6 Use the information in 5 to write seven

d a / do / have / got / you / family / big / ? sentences about Erica and / or Jerome.

a Jerome goes to sixth form every day.

3 Write questions for answers a-c. b

a Her name is Marie. c
b My sister lives in Birmingham.

c Yes. She loves Birmingham. f



092a096-WB2-TNC1A.indd 12 24/03/2015 15:00

2.5 How old are you?
Its your birthday. Were gonna
party like its your birthday.

1 Add the missing word to questions a-g. 7 2.7 Look at photos 1-6. What can you say in

a How old you? each situation? Listen to check.
b Where you live? a H b !
c you got a boyfriend / girlfriend? b M C !
d What time you go to bed on weekdays? c H N Y !
e Have you any brothers or sisters? d C !
f Do use the Internet? e Have a g t !
g What you do on the weekend? f Enjoy y m !

2 MAKE IT PERSONAL Write your personal answers 1 2

to a-g in 1.

3 Order these words to make follow-up questions.

1 name / ? / is / what / his / her

2 your / is / when / ? / birthday

3 4

3 use / often / ? / you / do / it / how

4 do / many / sleep / ? / you / how / hours

5 weekdays / do / on / ? / you / what / do

5 6
6 a / is / cool / ? / city / it

7 old / are / how / they / ?

4 Match follow-up questions 1-7 in 3 to a-g in 1.

5 Complete the adverbs with a, e, o or u and 8 2.7 Listen again and try to remember the
number them in order of frequency, 1-6. final phrase in each dialogue.
lw ys 1 ft n
n v r s m tim s 9 Read the song line on this page. Whats the
connection with the language of this lesson?
cc si n lly s lly
Find the connection between the lessons and
song lines in the Students Book for this unit.
6 MAKE IT PERSONAL Use the adverbs in 5 to make
sentences a-i true for you. Can you remember...
a I go to parties. I sometimes go to parties. 8 go phrases with places around town?SB p. 16
b I go out on the weekend. the days of the week?SB p. 16
c I go to a party for New Years Eve. how to tell the time?SB p. 17

d I play soccer. 10 verbs for your morning routine?SB p. 18

e My mom talks on the phone when she drives. 8 verbs for your mobile phone?SB p. 20

f My father prepares meals. words for family?SB p. 21

12 words that end in e?SB
g I study English at home. p. 22
6 frequency adverbs?SB
h I give my father a gift on Fathers Day. p. 24
6 phrases for special occasions?SB p. 25
i I get up early on the weekend.

092a096-WB2-TNC1A.indd 13 24/03/2015 15:00

Whats the weather like? 3.1
1 Match song lines a-f to pictures 1-6. Complete the song line with a weather word.

Some Famous Weather Songs

1 4

a The fog is so thick, I cant see my hands.

The Wallflowers
b Im singing in the . What a glorious
2 5 feeling, Im happy again. Gene Kelly
c The answer, my friend, is blowing in the
. Bob Dylan
d Hey! You! Get off of my . Dont hang
around cause two is a crowd. Rolling Stones
3 6
e Here comes the , and I say its alright.
The Beatles
f But as long as you love me so, let it ,
let it , let it . Dean Martin

2 3.1 Make sentences about the weather. 5 Choose the correct form.
Follow the model. a The weather in my city is really mad. Sometimes
Model: Wow! Look at the sun. its sun / sunny but cold / cloudy
You: Yeah, it is really sunny today. in the morning, but in the afternoon its
warm / warming and rain / rainy.
3 MAKE IT PERSONAL Cross out one extra word in b I dont like rain / rainy days. I love hot / hotty,
each question. Then, answer a-e. sun / sunny weather.
a What is it the weather like today? c I like to stay at home and watch TV when its
b Is it hot in out? snow / snowing. Its too cold / cool to be outdoors.

c What does is the weather usually like in your city? d My best friend prefers to go to the beach when
its cloud / cloudy. I think shes afraid of the
d How is the weather in these days?
sun / sunny.
e Is it snowy in July in the your country?
e London is famous for its fog / foggy, but, in my
opinion, its more probable for a tourist to see
4 3.2 Listen and match these answers to the
fog / foggy days in San Francisco than in London.
questions in 3.
Its usually very windy,
but today its calm.
Yes, in some places. You
need a warm jacket.
Its really nice. Very warm
and sunny, I love it.
Its cold and rainy. Yuk.
Yes, it is. Its 40 degrees.
I hate it.


097a101-WB3-TNC1A.indd 14 24/03/2015 16:58

3.2 Are you busy at the moment?
1 Maya is writing to her e-pal in Finland. Use the 3 Complete the reply with the present

map to cross out the wrong answer in the first continuous form of the verbs in brackets.
paragraph. Complete the months in the other
From: Heidi

To: Maya
From: Maya Subject: Re: My city!

To: Heidi
Subject: My city!
Hi Maya,
I live in Kokkola, a small town in Finland. Winter
Hi Heidi, (start) here and its very cold. Day time
My name is Maya and Im from Trinidad and Tobago, (get) shorter and nights
two islands / mountains in the Mediterranean / (become) longer. Right now my boyfriend
the Caribbean. My city, Port-of-Spain, is small / (repair) his boat and (put) it in
the capital and its located in the southeast / the garage.
northwest of Trinidad, the big / small island. I (write) to you on his computer, so I
There are only two seasons here. The dry season havent got a lot of time. Talk to you later, OK?
starts in J u r and ends in J n Best,
and the wet season goes from J l to
D c b r. If you like hot weather and nice
beaches, this is the perfect place for a holiday.
Its never cold here. The temperatures in the rainy
season are similar to the temperatures when
its sunny and dry. The only bad thing about our
weather is the wind. Sometimes, its very strong!
Anyway, the best time to visit is during Carnival, in
F b u y or M h! Our Carnival is
famous. We dance to calypso or soca, our local
music. You have to see it. Its just wonderful!
Email me, please. I want to know more about
you and your city.

4 3.3 Choose the correct phone phrases to

complete dialogues 1-4. There are two extra
phrases. Listen to check.

No problem. I cant hear you.

Are you busy? Dont worry.
The lines busy. My batterys dying.
Call you later. Sorry, wrong number.

1 A ?
B Sorry, yes. Im at work.
A OK, .
2 A Can you repeat that? Sorry? .
B  . I said, Do you want to
2 Re-read the email. True (T) or false (F)? meet me at 8?
a Maya lives in the Caribbean. 3 A Hello?
b Port-of-Spain is only the capital of Trinidad. B Is this Hannah?
c Trinidad is to the south of Tobago. A Er, no.
d There is no winter in Mayas country. B .
e Winds are cold in Trinidad and Tobago. 4 A Call Mike now.
f Carnival is in the rainy season. B I am calling him. .

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What are you doing? 3.3

1 3.4 Listen to four dialogues and match them 3 3.5 Make sentences about the photos. Follow

to photos a-f. There are two extra photos. the model.
a d Model: Photo 1. Whats she doing?
You: Shes reading the newspaper.

1 2

b e

c f 3 4

2 3.4 Complete dialogues 1-4. Choose the

correct verb form. Listen again to check.
5 6
1 A Hi! What do you do / are you doing here?
B Im just drinking a coffee / drink a coffee and
relax / relaxing on my break.
A I see. But, what do you do / are you doing?
B Im a teacher. I always having a coffee / have
a coffee on my break.
2 A Excuse me. What is that? I mean, what kind of
motorbike do you ride / are you riding?
B Today I ride / m riding a scooter, but Ive got
two motorbikes. I usually am riding / ride my
4 Complete with the present continuous or
present simple of the verbs in brackets.
big Harley.
A Ok, thanks.
Are BASE jumpers crazy?
3 A So, what are you reading / do you read?
B Oh, its a story about Shakira and Piqu. Jack Agnello and Logan Reed (be) BASE
They are jumpers. They (jump) from buildings,
A No, I mean What are you reading? You antennas, bridges and mountains and they
arent / dont usually reading / read The Sun. (use) parachutes to land safely. At the moment, they
B Oh! No, youre right. I usually read / am (plan) their next jump. They
reading the Times, but I er I am liking / (want) to jump from a bridge in West Virginia, but
like the pictures in this kind of newspaper. they (need) to get permission to do it,
4 A Mum! Lucy and her friends are watching / so Logan
watch a film! (complete) a form at
B Yes, thats right. They watch / are watching the moment while Jack
American Pie. (check) the
A But, Mum, its 6 oclock. I always am watching / West Virginia BASE
watch Sunny Street at 6. website to get more
B Well, you can miss one day. The story is information. They are
always the same, anyway. very excited about it!


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3.4 What are you doing tomorrow night?
1 Today is Tuesday the 3rd. Look at Bobs calendar and answer questions a-j.


a Does Bob work at the weekend? f Whats he doing next Tuesday?

b Is he working tomorrow? g What time is he meeting his parents?

c Whos Bob playing tennis with tomorrow? h Does he often go to the gym?

d Is he free on Friday the 6th? i Whats he doing on the 22nd?

e When is he going to Beths party? j Do we know where hes going on holiday?

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Work 2 Work 3 Work 4 Work 5 Work 6 7 8

Go to Play tennis Watch a film
the GYM. with Rob. with
6:30 p.m. Jenny
9 p.m.

Work 9 Work 10 Work 11 Work 12 Work 13 14 15

Have dinner Have a Go to
with Mum meeting Beths
and Dad. with the party!
8:30 p.m. clients. 8:30 p.m.
1 1:30 a.m.
16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Go on Come home.

2 Complete sentences a-d with the correct verb tense (present simple or present continuous).
a Bob (work) from Monday to Friday.
b Bob (watch) a film with Jenny on Friday night.
c He (have) a meeting on Wednesday.
d Bob (go) on holiday from Monday the 16th to Saturday the 21st.

3 3.6 Listen and complete the calendar with these activities.

cook dinnerdo homeworkrestgo to Spanish lessonswatch a football match

4 3.7 Look at the complete calendar and answer the questions. Follow the model.
Model: When is he going to the gym? Model: When is he watching a film?
You: Hes going to the gym tonight. You: Hes watching a film on Friday night.


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Why are you learning English? 3.5
I want to break free,
I want to break free.

1 MAKE IT PERSONAL Complete these forum 3 3.8 Listen again and answer the questions.


replies with to or for. Then answer the lesson a What does Tom do?
title question.

b What does Stacey do?

Why learn English?
ilmalearning c What do Josh and Isobel do?
I want do my masters
in the UK, so I need
learn English quickly. I have
get a qualification too! d What does Stacey want to be in the future?

pleasure. I just love
languages. Oh, and fun,
too, because I want
4 3.9 Sarah is taking care of her son, Philip.
Listen and check the symptoms.
understand films and songs in
English. coldhothungrythirstytired

professional reasons. 5 Order the words in a-g to make offers for Philip.
Which ones are good ideas?
Ive got learn English
my current job. I need a drink / you / ? / a / do / want / cold
study hard now because b hot / you / a / would / drink / ? / like
I have write emails in c you / ? / do / a / jumper / want
English every day. d at / would / to / today / ? / you / home / like / stay
e out / ? / to / want / you / go / do
alexparentes f ? / sandwich / a / would / like / you
I need understand my g to / you / go / do / ? / to / want / hospital
beautiful English girlfriend!
Well, first Ive got 6 Read the song line on this page. Whats the
find my beautiful English connection with the language of this lesson?
girlfriend lol Find the connection between the lessons and
song lines in the Students Book for this unit.

2 3.8 Listen to the interview and write the Can you remember...
letter of the activities, a-f, according to what 6 weather words?SB p. 28
you hear.
4 temperature words?SB p. 28
a get up early the 12 months?SB p. 30
b be at the station at 6.30 6 seasons?SB p. 30
c work at the weekend 6 activities?SB p. 31
d prepare the evening presentation 3 more activities?SB p. 32
e change jobs 10 future time expressions?SB p. 35
f get married and have children 2 ways of offering?SB p. 37

want to have to

Josh and Isobel

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4 4.1 Do you like tennis?

1 Complete a-f with the sport for each ball. Then complete g and h to find two more sports.

1 2
b a b

6 c d
7 8 9
6 1 9 9 8 5
e f
7 4 3 2
h U

2 Circle the sport that is different and match it to the reason.

a basketball, golf, football, rugby You dont do it in water.
b golf, tennis, baseball, volleyball You must score points.
c cycling, swimming, surfing, windsurfing You use your hands to hit the ball.
d football, swimming, cycling, running You can only do it in winter.
e skateboarding, golf, skiing, American football It isnt a team game.

3 4.1 Listen to parents Rob and Claire talking about their childrens sports. Complete the schedule
with the sports. There are extra sports.


Chloe Randy
Monday football

4 4.1 Listen again and answer the questions.

a Who is practising sport today?
b What time does Chloes swimming practice start?
c What time does it finish?
d Who has to take the children to volleyball practice?

5 4.2 MAKE IT PERSONAL Listen and say I love / like / dont like / hate + the sports.
Model: cricket
19 You: I like cricket. / I dont like cricket.

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Can you drive a tractor? 4.2

1 Complete the groups with these words.

a bicyclea busa carFrencha gameGermana horseItaliana motorbikethe pianobingoa tractor

the violin a vehicle Japanese an elephant

play drive speak ride

2 Match questions a-d to the answers.

Interview with football player Rudy Winter

a What is your favourite sport to watch and to play?
b Can you play a musical instrument?
c Can you cook well?
d What languages can you speak?

I ve got a restaurant in Milan, it serves Japanese food, but, no, I cant cook very well.
My business partner Henry does the cooking. He can cook anything, hes fantastic.

 f course I love football, to play and to watch. It really is the beautiful game. But I also
like swimming and tennis, they are good for training too. I think I can play tennis well.

I really like learning other languages, and theyre useful for my profession. Im from
Holland, so my native language is Dutch. I can also speak English, Spanish and Italian.

I can play the guitar, and I can sing. I have some songs on an Italian compilation album,
with a collection of other artists! I sing a Bob Marley song, Redemption Song, and an
old soul song, Sitting on the Dock of a Bay, by Otis Redding.

3 Re-read the text and answer the questions a-d.

a Why does Rudy like tennis and swimming? c Who prepares the food in Rudys restaurant?
b Does Rudy sing original songs? d What two reasons does he give for learning languages?

4 MAKE IT PERSONAL Make true sentences with can or cant. Add very well or at all when necessary.

a I use Google . e I use simple tools .

b I understand directions . f I speak two languages .
c I cook . g I bargain .
d I remember names . h I make a good first impression.

5 In these words, pronounce ssi and ti //. Add another example from 4 to each group.

permissionprofessionexpression nationessentialinformation

6 4.3 MAKE IT PERSONAL Listen and write three sentences using the words in 5. Listen again and mark
the stress in 5. Can you notice a pronunciation rule?

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4.3 What are you wearing?
1 Complete these song lines with can or cant. Do you know these songs?

a I know I , I know I , be what I wanna be. Nas

b What I do to make you love me? What I do to make you care? The Corrs
c I make you love me when you dont. Adele
d Why we be friends? War
e live, if living is without you. give, I give any more. Mariah Carey
f I dance, I talk. The only thing about me is the way I walk. Genesis
g I kick it? Yes you ! I kick it? Yes you ! A Tribe Called Quest
h you feel the love tonight? Elton John

2 4.4 Ben can do everything well, but his brother Lance cant do anything very well! Make sentences
about them. Follow the model.
Model: Ben, bike
You: Ben can ride a bike very well.
Model: Lance, Japanese
You: Lance cant speak Japanese very well.

3 Look at the photo and answer the questions.

a Whats the young boy wearing?
b How many people are wearing ties?
c Are all of the people wearing shoes?
d Are all of the women wearing belts?
e Which person has got a suit on?
f Whos wearing a skirt?
g Are all of the men wearing shirts?
h How many people are wearing shorts?
i How many people are wearing a dress?

4 Write a description of one of these people and exchange it with a friend. Can you guess which person it is?

5 Circle the clothes item that is different and match it to the reason.
a boots suit jeans trousers You dont wear it in hot weather.
b blouse dress tie skirt It isnt a pair.
c tie shirt suit trainers You dont wear them on your feet.
d shorts t-shirt sandals jumper They are not formal.
e pyjamas coat shoes belt You wear them when you sleep.
f socks shoes boots trousers The others are womens clothes.

6 4.5 Tongue twisters. Listen and repeat as fast as you can.

a See Marissas dress and sandals. c Sean is wearing an orange suit and beige shoes.
b Check Sheilas silver shirt and skirt. d Suri has sixty pairs of sandals.

7 MAKE IT PERSONAL Answer these questions about you.

a How many pairs of shoes have you got? c What do you usually wear to work?
b How many pairs of jeans have you got? d What do you wear to a wedding?

102a106-WB4-TNC1A.indd 21 24/03/2015 15:06

Is your wardrobe organised? 4.4

1 Order the clothes items to complete tweets a-e. 5 Read the blog and complete it with:

Carol! Follow
@carol 5,000 TWEETS
OK, confess. You love shoes, right? Which girl hasnt
got a shoe collection? I know I do.
I am at the shopping centre. Need to is 30 pairs, including shoes, boots and
a buy a new dress (sdrse) and new sandals. How about ? But are small
(sseoh) for a party tonight. compared to some celebrities. My collection fills a
cupboard, fill entire rooms! But wardrobe
Cute (asasdln) but too is the most extravagant?
b expensive at my fave store. Maybe For a celebrity, Eva Longoria has got a small clothes
(oostb)? collection. The rumor is that shes got around fifty
pairs of jeans! Her fave boots? Ugg. Her wordrobe is
(sdrse) I like is too small . only 12.3 m2.
c Mariah Carey has got an IMMENSE collection of
clothes. According to some people, shes got over
1,000 pairs of shoes. She also loves her Louis
Checking a (uoesbl) and a Vuitton bags! They are all in Mariah magnificent
d (kitrs) now. Finally! wardrobe. is over 1,100 m2! Enormous!
Even male celebrities like Elton John have got
Really happy with this green GIGANTIC collections. is so big hes got to sell
e his old clothes every five years to create more space
(hrtis) and white skirt.
in his wardrobe. He gives the money to victims of
Only 175 too! AIDS. Great idea, Elton!

2 Read the tweets and answer a-e.

a What does she initially want to buy?
b What do you think fave probably means?
c What does she buy at the end?
d How much do the clothes cost?
e Do you know anyone like Carol?

3 4.6 Two parents are in a shopping centre.

Listen and answer the questions. 6 Re-read the blog and answer a-f.

a Is the father happy? a Does the writer believe Eva Longorias wardrobe
is big or small?
b Are they in a shop or a caf?
b Does Eva like Ugg boots?
c Does the father like Katies clothes?
c How big is Mariahs wardrobe?
4 4.6 Listen again and choose the correct word. d Mariah Carey has got exactly 1,000 pairs of
shoes. True or false?
E.g.: Where are our children?
e Does Elton John like to help people?
Dad Where / Wear hour / our Theyre / Their
f Find three words that mean very big.
Mom no / know ours / hours
Dad four / for too / two 7 4.7 Ask questions using whose. Follow
Mom here / hear by / buy the model.
Dad Theres / Theirs Model: socks
Katie Hi / High You: Whose socks are these?
Dad where / wear Model: jumper
Katie knew / new You: Whose jumper is this?

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4.5 What shoe size are you?
You cant always get what you want. But if you try sometimes,
yeah, you just might find you get what you need.

1 Match a-e to the photos. 4 4.10 Listen to Katie and her boyfriend, Brian,

a a credit card in a shopping centre. Answer a-e.

b the changing rooms a Does Brian like shopping?
c a pin number Yes, he does.
d a receipt No, he doesnt.
e the shop window He thinks its ok.
b What kind of shop are they in?
A sport shop.
A clothing shop.
A shoe shop.
c What size jeans does Brian need?
d How much are the shorts?
e What does Katie buy in the end?
A blouse.
A pair of shorts.

5 4.11 Imagine you are shopping with Katie.

Respond to the questions. Follow the model.
Model: What do you think of these boots?
You: I like them. They look great.
Model: What do you think of this blouse?
You: I like it. It looks great.
2 4.8 Order these words to make a dialogue.
Complete with words from 1.
6 Read the song line on this page. Whats the
Shop assistant you / can / ? / hi / help / I / , connection with the language of this lesson?
Jason i n / can / I / / shorts / ? / Find the connection between the lessons and
hello / those / , / try song lines in the Students Book for this unit.
Shop assistant a  re / here / , / you / sure / .
t here / / over / are / . Can you remember...
Jason g
 reat / theyre / !
7 sports?SB p. 38
I / ? / / pay / by / can
10 activities?SB p. 40
Shop assistant c
 ourse / of / .
10 abilities?SB p. 41
please / your / /.
4 professions?SB p. 41
Jason go / you / there / .
16 clothes items?SB p. 43
? / have / / please / , / can / I
6 possessive pronouns?SB p. 45

3 4.9 Imagine you are in a shop. The shop 4 clothes sizes?SB p. 47

the place where you try on clothes?SB
assistant shows you an item of clothing. p. 47

Respond as in the examples.

Model: brown coat
You: Can I try that brown coat on?
Model: blue jeans
You: Can I try those blue jeans on?

102a106-WB4-TNC1A.indd 23 24/03/2015 15:06

Is there a shopping centre on your street? 5.1
1 Complete the puzzle with places around town. 3 MAKE IT PERSONAL Use the words in 1 and 2 to
Across make true sentences for you.
3 You pay to swim in a . a Theres a fantastic in my town.
6 The Nile is a very long . b I think a is an interesting place.
8 Cars or horses compete at a . c There isnt a near my house.
9 Pupils go to a . d Theres a near my house.
Down e Theres more than one in my town.
1 There are a lot of shops in a . f My favourite is called .
2 You borrow books from a .
4 You can exercise in a . 4 MAKE IT PERSONAL Order the words in a-f to
make sentences. Are they true for your town?
5 You watch films in a .
a the / s / centre / museum / a / there / in / .
7 You buy books in a .
b no / are / cinemas / here / there / .
c big / there / any / parks / arent / .
d some / good / restaurants / and / are / there / .
e a / bookshop / s / fantastic / there / .
f there / small / are / rivers / two / .

Complete the song lines with there is, there are,
3 4
is there or are there.

a Imagine no heaven.
John Lennon

6 7
When I see your face, not a thing
that I would change. Bruno Mars

c  nothin you cant do now youre in

8 New York. Jay-Z

d  many things that I would like to say

9 to you, but I dont know how. Oasis

e  a lady whos sure all that glitters is

gold, and shes buying a stairway to heaven.
Led Zeppelin

2 5.1 Listen, mark the stress and the number f  a house in New Orleans, they call the
of syllables in words a-h. rising sun. The Animals

E.g.: Syllable. g 
a chance for me? Frank Sinatra

a bar e park h  a place in his heart for me?

Gladys Knight and the Pips
b club f restaurant
i  any more real cowboys? Willie Nelson
c hotel g stadium

d museum h theatre
Cyber Tool
Try to find these songs online.
Whats your favorite one?


107a111-WB5-TNC1A.indd 24 25/03/2015 12:39

5.2 Do you like watching TV?
1 5.2 Listen to a dialogue about a town. Which 4 5.4 Guess which of the phrases below

picture are they talking about? complete crazy statistics a-j. Listen to check.

1 cleaning the house cooking eating out exercising

online going out go to the cinema
playing video games shopping watching TV

What a life !
Where does all our time go? Look at these surprising statistics.

a American men spend about 10 hours a week

b On average, French people spend 32 minutes a
day .
c Americans spend approximately 30 minutes a day
2 .
d represents 20% of meals in the USA.
e British teenagers spend 31 hours a week .
f On average, American men spend 13.3 hours a
week .
g Only 53% of British teenagers like at the
h Americans spend about 151 hours a month
i American teenagers spend about 1.13 hours a day
j On average, Americans four times a year.

2 5.2 Listen again. Which places in the picture

dont they mention?
5 5.5 Use your emotions! Follow the model.
Model: cleaning the house. Sad!
3 5.3 Correct the mistakes in this dialogue
about the other picture. Listen to check. You: I hate cleaning the house!
Model: watching TV. OK.
You: I dont mind watching TV.
Model: eating out. Happy!
Add Topic Call Video Share Send File More Drawer
You: I love eating out.
A Hi, can you tell me about your city?

B Sure. Have a big shopping centre with hundreds 6 5.6 Listen to Leo and Becky talking about the
of shops. I go there every weekend. statistics in 4. Which activity do they both like?
A You can watch films there?
7 5.6 Listen again and complete the extracts.
B Of course! Has a big multiscreen cinema.
I love going to the cinema! a Leo I play for two hours a day easily.
A Your city is very modern? Becky ! Ugh, video games! I hate .

B Yes. But have also two old churches; theyre over

b Leo OK, well what you? What do you
two hundred years old! like ?

A Do you like your city?

c Becky Well, I like going out friends
Leo Hey! I like to go out !
B Yeah! Its a cool place. But not everything is good.
For example, there is a river very dirty because of
d Leo I just dont like shopping. Thats what you
all the pollution. do the .
Becky Ugh! No way! I dont like shopping .

107a111-WB5-TNC1A.indd 25 24/03/2015 17:01

What do you like doing on holiday? 5.3

1 Complete the labels with these verbs and match them to photos a-h.


the washing.
my bedroom.
a film. a b c d

the washing up.
video games.
the bathroom.
e f g h
2 Read the text and answer a-b.
a Where is the text from?
A book. A newspaper. A poster.
b The text is
selling a product. for fun. giving information.

TV!week Modern Families. 8.45pm. Channel 5

Recent statistics show that parents do most episode the team is talking to Celia Monroe,
of the housework, around 9 hours a week 49, and her son Angelo, 15, about how this
compared to teenagers 4.9 hours. In this affects their lives and their free time.

3 Underline the six numbers in the text. What do they refer to?

4 5.7 Listen and complete a-j with the correct form of the verbs.

hate (x2)havelike (x2)love (x2)mind (x2)tidy

a Angelo doing his washing. f Celia doing the washing up.

b Angelo absolutely doing the washing up. g She cleaning the bathroom.
c He never his room. h She to swim when she can.
d He playing video games and watching films. i She to read novels.
e Celia doing the housework. j She time for hobbies.

5 MAKE IT PERSONAL Complete the puzzle with holiday activities. For example, = N. Tick the ones that
you like doing.

A D $ N O V E L S
I G$ H T N $
K N $
N N $
N N $
W N $
N $
N $

107a111-WB5-TNC1A.indd 26 24/03/2015 17:01

5.4 Have you got a cat?
1 Read the article about the Galapagos islands and match the highlighted words to the photos.

There are over 50 islands in the Galapagos archipelago

and there are many ways to explore them. Snorkelling.
Biking. Walking. Kayaking. Just select the option for
you, or try all of them in our exclusive holiday package!
1 What to do: There are thousands of unique birds and
animals here, and you can come face-to-face with
wonderful wildlife. Swim with penguins on Bartolom
island. Go snorkelling on Floreana and see the turtles
2 or the pink flamingoes in the lagoons. See sea lions on
the white sand beaches of San Cristbal, or travel to the
quiet forests of the island to find the giant tortoises.

2 5.8 Re-read and answer a-d. Listen to check.

a What three activities can you do in the sea?
b Do you have to choose one way to explore the islands?
c Do tortoises live in the sea?
d Find five examples of wildlife.

3 Match 1-5 with a-f to make holiday activities. There is one extra activity.
1 have a nothing.
2 relax b through the forest.
3 take c shopping.
4 do d a lesson.
5 walk e a massage.
f in a hammock.

4 5.9 Listen to four phone messages. Tick (do) or cross (dont do) the activities.
a Water the plants. Feed the cat. Close the windows.
b Cook dinner. Prepare a salad. Do the washing up.
c Take the dog for a walk. Feed the dog. Feed the cat.
d Buy some herbal tea. Clean the house today. Go to the supermarket.

5 Complete instructions a-e.

a b
the windows in the morning and Remember to phone mum and sing
close again at . Thanks. Happy Birthday. XXX

c d e
After dinner, forget to do Your brother wants you to Buy some coffee and leave
the and dry everything!!! call after 7pm. on the kitchen table. Thanks.


107a111-WB5-TNC1A.indd 27 24/03/2015 17:01

Do you know the way to San Jose? Whats a staycation? 5.5

1 5.10 Complete a-e with these adjectives. 4 5.11 Listen and mark these buildings on

Listen to check. the map.

boringcheapuntidynearsafe museumbookshop
ID English schoolgymclub
a Its not dangerous to swim here its .
Look! There are a lot of people swimming.
b What do you mean its expensive? Its only 80
pounds. Thats very for a tablet.
c My office is very tidy. I hate rooms.
d I like history, its really interesting. But I always
sleep in my maths lesson. Its so .
e I live quite far from the city centre, but theres a
good shopping centre my house.

2 Read this magazine article. Are a-d true (T) or

false (F)?
5 5.12 Ask for directions. Follow the model.
Model: Do you know. Library?
Camping but not as you know it! You: Do you know where the library is?
Do you think that camping equals Model: Shopping centre. Near here?
cold, rain, insects in your clothes You: Is there a shopping centre near here?
and no showers? Do you think that
camping is cheap, but untidy? Not
anymore. Glamping is the new craze 6 5.13 Answer the questions. Follow the model.
in holidays you stay in a tent, but Model: Is there a caf near here?
its a five-star tent. Camping with
You: Yeah, theres one on Station Road.
glamour! If you want to go glamping
here are some tips:
. Search the Internet for a good price. 7 MAKE IT PERSONAL Write directions from school
It can be expensive!
. Remember to take stylish but warm clothes. You want
to your favourite place in your city.

to look good, not blue with cold! Cyber Tool

. Recharge your phone and MP3 player before you
Email your directions
go. There isnt always electricity on campsites, even
glamorous ones! Le ave sc hool and tur n... to a friend. Can they
. Take an umbrella. You cant change the weather and guess where it is?
you dont want your hair to get wet!

a Camping is always untidy. 8 Read the song line on this page. Whats the
b Glamping is a recent idea. connection with the language of this lesson?
Find the connection between the lessons and
c You need a lot of money to go glamping.
song lines in the Students Book for this unit.
d You can always watch TV when glamping.

Can you remember...

3 Match these new words to their definitions.
15 places around town?SB p. 51
1 a greycation a b eing polite on the Internet
how to describe your town?SB p. 52
2 infotainment b a young person that
10 things you do in your spare time?SB p. 52
3 netiquette watches TV, plays video
4 verbs to talk about what you prefer to do?SB p. 53
4 a screenager games and uses the Internet
all the time 14 holiday activities?SB p. 55

c a TV show that mixes facts how to leave a message telling someone

with fun what to do?SB p. 57
12 adjectives?SB p. 58
d staying with your
2 new English words for holidays?SB p. 58
grandparents to save money
how to ask for directions?SB p. 59


107a111-WB5-TNC1A.indd 28 24/03/2015 17:01

Audio Script
J Shes twenty-one, I think.
Unit 1 1.11
S And how old is Jerome?
Whats your first name?
J Er Hes around seventeen.
1.1 Whats your surname?
S Does he live with his parents in Glasgow?
Countries Where are you from?
J Yes, he does. He goes to sixth form every
Australia Australian Whats your nationality? day and works in a caf at the weekend.
Brazil Brazilian Whats your address?
Canada Canadian How old are you? 2.7
Chile Chilean W = woman M = man B = boy
India Indian 1.12 a W Hey! There you are! So, how old are
Korea Korean a How are you? you now?
Continents b Whats new? M Er twenty-one.
America American c See you later. W Haha! You always say that! Here is
Africa African d Thank you! your gift and Happy birthday!
Asia Asian e Whats up? M Oh! Thank you! What is it?
Europe European f I dont understand. b All Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the
way. Hey! Merry Christmas!
1.3 W Merry Christmas to you too.
c M Look! Its eleven fifty-nine quick
HBO Unit 2
everybody. Get a drink!
All 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Happy
ABC 2.2
New Year!
BBC W = womanM = man M Happy New Year! Cheers!
MTV a W Excuse me. Whats the time, please? d W1 Im sorry. I always cry at weddings.
VH1 M Its six fifteen. You look fantastic! Congratulations!
ESPN b M Excuse me. Excuse me. What time W2 Thank you. Im so happy!
NBC is it? e W Have you got everything?
W Erm Its about half past seven. B Yes, Mum.
1.6 M Oh, my train! W Have you got your passport?
1 The total is thirty euros. c W1 Psst! Is it time to go home yet? B Yes, Mum.
2 Heres your ticket and twenty-five dollars. W2 No, its only five twenty. W OK, darling. Have a good trip! And
3 Thats two dollars. There you go. Enjoy! d M1 What time is it? send me a postcard!
4 T
 hats forty-eight pounds! Thats M2 Its twelve forty-five. Time for lunch! B OK. See you soon.
ridiculous! e M1 Is it two forty-five yet? f M Hmmmmm. That smells delicious!
M2 No! Its quarter past three. W Thank you. Weve got soup to start,
1.7 M1 What?! Wow, Im really late. then spaghetti bolognese and the
C = Cynthia G = Geoffrey fruit salad. Enjoy your meal.
2.5 M Thank you. You too.
C Hello, tourist information, this is
Cynthia. What can I do for you today? I = interviewer D = David
G Yes, can you help me, please? I Hello, please introduce yourself and tell
C Sure, no problem. I just need some
Unit 3
us a bit about your family.
information from you. Whats your D Ok My name is David and Ive got two
siblings, Edward and Sandra. Our parents
G Geoffrey Jenkins. Thats G-E-O-double-F- W = woman M = man G = girl
are Richard and Ann. Hmm Edward
R-E-Y. Jenkins, J-E-N-K-I-N-S. lives with his wife, Alexandra, and their a W What is the weather like today?
C And whats your hotel address, children, Peter and Camilla. G Its really nice. Very warm and sunny,
Mr Jenkins? I love it!
G Hotel Panorama. 63 Sea Parade. 2.6 b W Is it hot out?
C Thank you. And whats your S = Sally J = Justin M Yes, it is. Its 40 degrees! I hate it.
telephone number? c W1 What is the weather usually like in
S Whos in this photo, Justin? Are they your
G My mobile number is 860-4279. brothers and sisters? your city?
C Thanks. And, er, whats your J No, thats my aunt Sarah, uncle Paul and W2 Its usually very windy, but today
email address? my cousins, Erica and Jerome. its calm.
G Its S Oh, they look nice. Where do they live? d M1 How is the weather these days?
C gjenkins19? One nine? J My aunt and uncle live in Glasgow, but M2 Its cold and rainy. Yuk!
G No, 90, nine zero. Erica lives in York. She goes to university e W Is it snowy in July in your country?
C Ok, thanks. Now what do you there. M Yes, in some places. You need a
want to know? S Really? How old is she? warm jacket!

112a114-WB-Audio-TNC1A.indd 54 24/03/2015 15:16

Audio Script
R Thats nice. How about you, Stacey? R Oh, right, sorry. So today Chloe has got
S Well, my name is Stacey James, and Im her
L = LizB = Bob
a police officer. C Swimming lesson. Yes, at half past four.
L Wow, Bob. Look at your calendar! Its R Have you got a fixed schedule? R So what is Randy doing today?
really busy! S Yes, Ive got to be at the station at half C Rob, please! Look at the schedule! Hes got
B Huh? Oh, yeah, I guess so. past six every morning. Sometimes I football on Monday and tennis practice
L Ooooh! Youre going to the gym tonight! need to work at the weekend too. on Thursday. Chloe swims on Tuesday
Oh, I like big muscles! R I see. I want to ask Josh and Isobel the and has got ballet lessons on Friday
B Yeah, well, tonight is just an experiment. same question. Please tell our listeners afternoon. What kind of father are you?
If I dont like the gym, Im not going what you do. R The kind thats got a terrible memory?
again. J Well, we are Josh and Isobel Markham C Well, Chloe finishes at half past six today.
L And you go to Spanish lessons too. Oh, and we work together. Dont forget that! And youve got to take
youre so intelligent! R What do you do? them both to volleyball on Saturday.
B Yeah, I go to Spanish lessons every I Josh and I are singers. We sing at
Thursday, after work. Im not taking a nightclubs. 4.3
class on the 19th because Im going on R So youve got free mornings and
a This is essential information for my
holiday. Im going to Mexico. afternoons?
L Oh, fantastic! Oh, say something in J No, we dont. Weve got to work in the
b This nation is going in the right direction.
Spanish. Please! afternoon to prepare for the evening
c Youve got my permission to make a
B Oh er Hola presentation.
good impression with this expression.
L Oh, Bob! Ok, lets see On Friday youre R Are you all happy with your jobs?
going to the cinema with Jenny. Jenny! J/I Yeah, sure, yes.
Whos Jenny? 4.6
T I think so, yes. Ive got a lot of freedom
B Jenny! Oh Hmm shes my er and I use my creativity every day. D = Dad M = Mum K = Katie
cousin. Shes my cousin. R How about you, Stacey? D Where are our children? Theyre late!
L Your cousin? Hmm And on Saturday, S To be honest, I want to change jobs. The M Oh! You know them! They can shop for
youre watching a football match with work in the police force is very hard, and hours.
Ben. Whos playing? I want to get married and have children. D Yes, but its four oclock. We said, Be at
B Oh. Its United against City. Big rivals. So I want to go back to college and study the caf at two.
L OK. What are you doing next week? Can law. I want to be a lawyer in the future. M Well, lets stay here and buy another
you remember without looking? R OK, its time for our break. More from coffee.
B Hmm difficult. Lets see. On Monday our guests after these messages D Hmm, oh, look! Theres Katie! What is she
Im staying at home and cooking dinner. wearing?
Tuesday Im meeting my parents. 3.9 K Hi, Mum, er hi, Dad.
Wednesday Im having a meeting
P = Philip S = Sarah D Katie! What is that? You cant wear that!
a long meeting with some clients.
Thursday is my Spanish lesson. P Mum! I feel bad. My stomach and, and K Oh, but Dad! Its the new look.
On Friday I usually do my Spanish my head.
homework and on Saturday Im going to S Oh, dear! Whats the matter? Are you OK? 4.10
a party. Whoa, I am busy! P No, Mum. Im not. I feel really bad. I feel K = Katie B = Brian
L You forgot about Sunday. S What is it? Have you got a fever? Are S1 = salesperson 1 S2 = salesperson 2
B Oh, I always rest on Sunday! you hot?
K Oh, Brian! Can we go in here?
P Oh, yes, yes. And then sometimes Im
B Oh, Katie! Not again! How many shops
3.8 very cold.
have we got to go to?
R = Rita T = Tom S Oh, dear! Are you hungry?
K Oh, come on, Brian. This is the last one.
S = Stacey J = Josh P No, no. Im not hungry. But Im very
I promise.
thirsty. And I feel tired.
I = Isobel B Come on then, lets go.
R This evening in Job Corner weve got four K Great!
different professionals. First lets meet
Tom Gregor. Hi, Tom.
Unit 4
K Hey, Brian, what do you think of this
T Hi, Rita. blouse?
R So tell us, Tom, what do you do?
B Its er Its interesting.
T Im a web designer. R = RobC = Claire
K Look, Brian. I need to do some shopping
R Tell us about your routine. Have you got R Claire, what time has Ben got football and you are not helping. You need some
to get up early every morning? practice today? new jeans. Why dont you go and try
T No, I havent got to get up early at all. C Oh, Rob! Hes only got football practice on some? See you later.
I organise my own hours. Monday. Today is Tuesday. B Fine. See you later.


112a114-WB-Audio-TNC1A.indd 55 24/03/2015 15:16

Audio Script
S1 Hi. Do you need any help? c N
 o, they dont. They live on land, in
B Yes, I, er can I try those jeans on, the forests.
B = Becky L = Leo
please? d The five examples of wildlife are
S1 Sure. What size? B Hey, Leo. Look at these statistics! They penguins, turtles, flamingoes, sea lions
B Er medium I think. are mad! and tortoises.
S1 Medium? Here you are. The changing L I dont know, Becky. Only one hour a day
playing video games. I love video games.
rooms are over there. 5.9
I play for two hours a day easily.
B Thank you.
B Really! Ugh, video games! I hate them. a H i, Martin, can you water the plants and
B Er excuse me can I have these in a
They are so boring! feed the cat? Oh, and please dont close
large, please?
L OK, well, what about you? What do you the windows. Dont worry, the cat cant
S1 Of course, sir. Here you are.
like doing? escape, shes too fat.
B Well, I like going out with friends, you b H i, Tim, Im working late today. Please
B Hi, Katie. So, these are my new jeans.
know, socialising. Not just sitting at home cook dinner and prepare a salad. Dont
What do you think?
playing video games all the time. do the washing up. I can do them after
K They look great, Brian. Really good.
L Hey! I like to go out too! I just dont like dinner. Bye for now.
B What are you getting?
shopping. Thats what you do all the time. c H i, its me again. Dont take the dog for a
K Well, Ive got these shorts and er walk, he has a bad foot. But dont forget
B Ugh! No way! I dont like shopping either.
this blouse. to feed him. See you later.
I dont mind shopping centres, because I
B Oh. The blouse. love to watch films d H i, darling. Theres no herbal tea in the
K What? L Ha! So you love to sit in the cinema kitchen. Can you go to the supermarket
B Well its just its the colour. Orange watching films and I love to sit in my and buy some, please? Love you.
and and pink and room playing video games. So we have
S2 Next, please! Hello, madam. Shorts and something in common! 5.11
a blouse. Thats
K No, no. Not the blouse. Er Only the M = man W = woman
shorts, please. G = girl B = boy
S2 OK. Thats 60, please. I = interviewer C = Celia
a M Is there a museum near here?
K How much?! Er I No. No, thank you. I So, Celia, tell me about Angelo. Does he
W Yes, its about five minutes from
Come on, Brian, lets go. help you around the house?
here. Go straight ahead on Station
C Well, hes not too bad, I mean, he doesnt
Road and turn left on Drury Street,
mind doing his washing not the
its on your right. Its very big, you
washing, just his. But he absolutely hates
cant miss it.
doing the washing up and he never tidies
Unit 5 his room its chaos in there!
M Thanks.
b G Is there a bookshop near here?
I And what does he do in his spare time?
5.2 C Oh, hes in his bedroom a lot. He loves
M Yeah, its there, on the corner of
W = woman B = boy Station Road and Holt Street.
playing video games and watching films.
All the time. G Oh, yes, thank you.
W So, can you tell me about your city?
I What about you? Do you like doing c B Do you know where the ID English
B Er, sure. Its a small city, but its really
the housework? school is?
cool. There are some really good
C No, I dont! I guess Angelo is like me! W Hmm I think youve got to turn
restaurants near the park. Er, actually
Hmm I guess I dont mind doing the right on Holt Street and then right
there are two big parks and I play football
with my friends in the one near the washing up because I know I can do it again after the library. The school is
school. What else? Theres a river going correctly. I hate cleaning the bathroom, on that street.
through the centre. We sometimes go but Ive got to do it. d M1 Are there any clubs in this town?
swimming in it during the summer, but I And how about your free time? M2 Yeah, theres one near Luigis. Go
my parents dont like it when I do that. C Free time! Youre joking! Hmm I love straight ahead on Station Road and
W What about things like shopping or to swim when I can, and I like to read take the second right. Then turn left
films? Are there any shopping centres or novels too. But I dont really have time for on Ruddy Street. The club is on the
cinemas? anything like that. left, opposite the restaurant.
B Well, there arent any big shopping e W Where is a good place to exercise
centres at the moment. Theyre building here?
one outside of the city. But theres a M There is a gym near the shopping
cinema in the city. a You can snorkel, kayak or swim. centre. Go to the end of Holt Street
W OK. Your city sounds great. Thanks for b N
 o, you dont. There are many ways to and turn left on Pilkington Road. The
talking to us. explore them. gym is the first building on your right.


112a114-WB-Audio-TNC1A.indd 56 24/03/2015 15:16

Answer Key
Unit 1 3 a The White House b The Pink House 3 (Possible questions.)
c Shakira d Levis e Snoopy f Deep Purple a Whats your sisters name? b Where does
1.1 g Denmark h Garfield i An apple j Charlie she live? c Does she like Birmingham?
Brown k Where is the love? 4 Personal answers.
1 Countries 2Australian
Australia Brazilian 1.5 5 b E c J d E e J f E g J
Brazil Canadian 1 a British b Jamaica c 31/08/90 d Patel
Canada Chilean 6 b Erica goes to university. c Jerome lives in
e 23 f 45 Colt Street. Oxford, England. Miami. d Erica lives in New York. e Jerome
Chile Indian
India Korean 2 Personal answers. is 17. f Erica is 21. g Jerome works in a caf.
Korea American 3 a 1 b 2 c 1 d 2 e 2 f 1 2.5
Continents African 4 Personal answers. 1 a How old are you? b Where do you live?
America Asian
A frica European 5 WB: Song line 1.5: Names and personal c Do you have a boyfriend / girlfriend?
information. d What time do you go to bed on weekdays?
SB: Song line 1.1: Verb be I am, you are (not). e Have you got any brothers or sisters?
Song line 1.2: Spelling / The alphabet. f Do you use the Internet? g What do you
3 one, two, three, four, f ive, six, seven, eight, Song line 1.3: You, my, the umbrella. do on the weekend?
ni ne, ten Song line 1.4: The color quiz and photo on page.
2 Personal answers.
4 b Italy c Russian d Chinese e Japan
f Peruvian Unit 2 3 1 What is his / her name?2 When is your
birthday? 3 How often do you use it?
5 1 B Irish. / m
2.1 4 How many hours do you sleep? 5 What do
2 A Is / American B isnt / s / Australian you do on weekdays? 6 Is it a cool city?
1 a to a b to the c to the d to a / go to
3 A Are B m not / Korean 7 How old are they?
e f to g to
4 A Is / Portuguese B Indian / s 4 a 2 b 6 c 1 d 4 e 7 f 3 g 5
5 A American B theyre not / re / British
3 The Sun Sunday. Mercury / Woden
Wednesday. Venus / Frige Friday. Moon 5 1 always 6 never 5 occasionally 3 often
6 A Mexican B isnt / s / Spanish Monday. Mars / Tiw Tuesday. Jupiter / Thor 4 sometimes 2 usually
6 B Hi! Nice to meet you too. My names Thursday. Saturn Saturday.
. Im . Im from .
6 Personal answers.
4 a 4 b Saturn c Friday
7 a Happy birthday! d Congratulations!
1.2 5 a 6.15 b 7.30 c 5.20 d 12.45 e 3.15 b Merry Christmas! e Have a good trip!
1 c Steven Seagal is a horrible actor. 6 b Its half past six. c Its five past twelve. c Happy New Year! f Enjoy your meal!
d You are an excellent actor. d Its twenty to six. e Its quarter to three.
8 a Oh! Thank you! What is it?
b Merry
e f 7 a What time do you go to school? b What Christmas to you too. c Happy New Year!
g The UK is a rich country. time do you go to bed? c What time do you Cheers! d Thank you. Im so happy! e OK.
2 a I think Batman is a terrible film. go to work? d What time do you get home? See you soon. f Thank you. You too.
b Luis Surez is an excellent player. e What time do you get up? f What time do
you go to the gym?
9 WB: Song line 2.5: Birthdays.
c I think So Paulo is a great city. SB: Song line 2.1: Days of the week.
d Robert Pattinson is a cool actor. 8 Personal answers. Song line 2.2: Simple present (third person):
e I think India is an interesting country. 2.2 the S on loves.
3 Personal answers. Song line 2.3: Family words, get up.
1 a brush my teethb get dressed c get up
Song line 2.4: Present simple questions (QASI).
4 a HBO b CNN c ABC d BBC e MTV f VH1 e leave home f make the bed g have a
shower h wake up
Unit 3
5 b go c a name d ten e eight f six g one 2 Personal answers.
6 f hi five b blue you 3 at half past six, immediately, for around, for 3.1
c a top a watch a a name Spain twenty minutes, at around 1 b rain c wind d cloud e sun f snow, snow, snow
g no a nose e ten yes 4 a F b T c T d T e F f T Pictures: 1e, 2b, 3c, 4d, 5a, 6f
7 1 16 / 14 2 75 / 100 3 20 / 10 4 12 / 2 / 4 5 Personal answers. 3 b in c does d in e the
8 1 30 2 25 3 2 4 48 6 A love B loves C loves D dont love E loves 4 c, e, a, d, b
1.3 F love G love / love / loves H love I doesnt love 5 a sunny, cold, warm, rainyb rainy, hot,
sunny c snowing, cold d cloudy, sun
1 First name: Geoffrey 2.3 e fog, foggy
Surname: Jenkins 1 a sendb doesnt access d Listen, take,
Hotel address: Hotel Panorama, 63 watch g confiscate h dont need 3.2
Sea Parade.
2 Plural nouns: texts, customers, photos, 1 islands, the Caribbean, the capital, northwest,
Phone: 860-4279 big, January, June, July, December, February,
movies, fans, characters, seconds.
E-mail: March
Third person s: says, writes, argues.
3 B:@ school. Verb be: This phones for every occasion. 2 a T b F c T d T e F f F
A:Coffee B4 class? This phone apps fabulous.
B:OK. C U soon.
3 is starting, is getting, are becoming, is
Possessive s: mobile phones top accessory,
repairing, putting, am writing
4 laptop, key, sandwich, glasses, phone, lipstick politicians phone.
4 1 Are you busy / call you later
2 I cant hear
5 +s + es -y + ies
3 Davids family tree. you / No problem 3 Sorry, wrong number
Parents: Richard and Ann.
bags 4 The lines busy
actresses cities Siblings: Edward and Sandra.
glasses countries Sister-in-law: Alexandra. 3.3
sandwiches nationalities Niece and nephew: Peter and Camilla. 1 1 f 2 b 3 a 4 d
4 a F b T c T d F e F f F g T h F i T j T 2 1 are you doing, drinking a coffee, relaxing,
6 1 This 2 That 3 These / them / They
4 those / They 5 These roses / They
2.4 do you do, have a coffee
1 grandfathers, Italian families, cousins, lives, 2 are you riding, m riding, ride
1.4 English, an 3 are you reading, dont, read, read, like
1 our, his, your, their 2 a What is your full name and where are you 4 are watching, are watching, watch
2 a her his b her your c his her d ours our from? b Where do you live? c Do you like 4 are, jump, use, are planning, want, need, is
e theyre their f yours your this city? d Have you got a big family? completing, is checking

115a116-WB-AnswerKey-TNC1A.indd 60 24/03/2015 15:18

3.4 permission, profession, expression. The 5.2
Answer Key

1 a No, he doesnt. b Yes, he is. c Hes playing syllable before (sh), ti and ssi is stressed. 1 Picture 1.
tennis with Rob. d No, he isnt. Hes watching 4.3 2 They dont mention the bookshop or the
a film with Jenny. e Hes going to Beths
1 a can, canb can, can c cant d cant local shop.
party on the 14th. f Hes having dinner with
Mum and Dad. g Hes meeting them at
e Cant, Cant, cant f cant, cant g Can, 3 B Have Theres
can, Can, can h Can A You can Can you
11.30am. h No, he doesnt. i Hes coming
home. j (Based on the calendar) No, we 3 a Jeans and a T-shirt.
b One. c No, some B Has Theres
dont. (Based on 3.6) Hes going to Mexico. are wearing just socks. d No, only two. A Your city is Is your city
e The first man from the right. f The young B have there are
2 a works b is watching c is having d is going
girl. g No, two are wearing t-shirts. h Only B a river very dirty a very dirty river
3 go to Spanish lessons every Thursday, watch 1. The third woman from the right. i None.
a football match on Saturday, cook dinner 4 a cleaning the house b shopping c cooking
on Monday, do homework on Friday, rest on
4 Personal answers. d Eating out e online f exercising g going
Sunday 5 b Tie. The others are womens clothes. out h watching TV i playing video games
c Trainers. They are not formal. d Jumper. j go to the cinema
3.5 You dont wear it in hot weather. e Pyjamas. 6 They both like going out.
1 to, to, to, For, for, to, For, to, for, to, to, to, to You wear them when you sleep. f Trousers.
7 a Really / them b about / doing c with / too
2 want to have to You dont wear them on your feet.
d all / time / either
+ + 7 Personal answers.
Tom a 5.3
Josh and Isobel d 4.4 1 d Do the washing f Tidy my bedroom
Stacey e, f b, c 1 a shoes b sandals / boots c dress d blouse / b Watch a film h Swim e Do the washing up
3 a Hes a webdesigner. b Shes a police skirt e shirt c Play video games a Clean the bathroom
officer. c They are singers. d She wants 2 a A dress and some shoes. b Favourite. c A g Read novels
to be a lawyer. shirt and a skirt. d 175. e Personal answers. 2 a A newspaper b giving information
4 hot, cold, thirsty, tired 3 a No, he isnt because his children are late. 3 8.45pm = the time. / Channel 5 = the TV
5 a Do you want a cold drink? b Theyre in a caf. c No, he doesnt. channel. / 9 hours a week = how much time
b Would you like a hot drink? 4 Where, our, Theyre, know, hours, four, two, adults spend doing housework. / 4.9 = hours
teenagers spend doing housework. /
c Do you want a jumper? here, buy, Theres, Hi, wear, new.
49 = Celias age. / 15 = Angelos age.
d Would you like to stay at home today? 5 Mine, yours, ours, theirs, whose, s, Hers, His.
e Do you want to go out? 4 a doesnt mind b hates c tidies d loves
6 a The writer believes it is small. b Yes, they e doesnt like f doesnt mind g hates
f Would you like a sandwich? are her favorite. c Its over 1,100 m2. d False. h loves i likes j doesnt have
g Do you want to go to hospital? (patient) e Yes, he sells his clothes and gives the
money to help victims of AIDS. f Enormous,
5 reading novels, sightseeing, kayaking,
6 WB: Song line 3.5: Want to. snorkelling, sunbathing, swimming, taking
SB: Song line 3.1: The weather. immense, gigantic.
a lesson, shopping
Song line 3.2: Present continuous. 4.5
Song line 3.3: Present continuous. 5.4
1 d, a, c, e, b
Song line 3.4: Present continuous for 1 Picture 1 shows the islands. Picture 2 shows
future and time phrases. 2 S Hi. Can I help you? a giant tortoise. Picture 3 shows sea turtles
J Hello, can I try those shorts in the shop on the sand.
Unit 4 SS  ure, here you are. The changing rooms
2 a Tourists can snorkel, kayak or swim in
the ocean. b No. You can choose any holiday
4.1 are over there.
option. c No. Tortoises live on land. d Penguins,
J Theyre great! Can I pay by credit card?
1 a volleyball b basketball c golf d baseball
S Of course. Your PIN number, please.
turtles, flamingoes, sea lions, tortoises.
e football f American football g tennis 3 1 e 2 f 3 d 4 a 5 b. Shopping is the extra
J There you go. Can I have a receipt, please?
h rugby activity. You can go shopping.
4 a No, he doesntb A clothing shop. c L.
2 a Golf. It isnt a team game. 4 a / / b / / c / /
d 60. e Nothing.
b Volleyball. You use your hands to hit the ball. d / /
c Cycling. You dont do it in water. 6 WB: Song line 4.5: Opposite adjectives.
SB: Song line 4.1: Sports and winners. 5 a Open / them / night b her c Dont,
d Football. You have to score points. washing up, d him e it
Song line 4.2: Ability (can).
e Skiing. You can only do it in winter. Song line 4.3: Cant statements. 5.5
3 Randy: football on Monday, tennis on Song line 4.4: Possessive pronouns and Tom
1 a safe b cheap c untidy d boring e near
Thursday, volleyball on Saturday. Chloe: and Kates child.
swimming on Tuesday, ballet on Friday, 2 a F b T c T d F
volleyball on Saturday. Unit 5 3 1 d 2 c 3 a 4 b
4 a Answers may vary. b 4.30 c 6.30 d Rob
5.1 4 museum bookshop club
4.2 1 Down: 1 shopping centre 2 library 4 gym
1 Play: a game, the piano, bingo. 5 cinema 7 library
Drive: a tractor, a car, a bus. Across: 3 swimming pool 6 river
Speak: Italian, French, German. 8 racetrack 9 school
Ride: a bicycle, a horse, a motorbike.
2 a b c d e f
2 c, a, d, b g h
3 a Tennis and swimming are good for training. 3 Personal answers.
b No, he sings songs by Bob Marley and Otis
4 a Theres a museum in the centre. b There
Redding. c His partner Henry. d He likes ID English school
are no movie theatres here. c There arent gym
learning languages and they are useful for
any big parks. d And there are some good 7 Personal answers.
his profession.
restaurants. e Theres a fantastic bookshop.
4 Personal answers. f There are two small rivers.
8 WB: Song line 5.5: Asking for directions.
SB: Song line 5.1: Things you can do in a city.
5 ti: directions. ssi: impression. 5 a theres b theres
c Theres d There are Song line 5.2: Dont mind + ing.
6 Personal answers. e Theres f There is g Is there h Is there Song line 5.3: Leisure activities.
Stress: nation, essential, information, i Are there Song line 5.4: Leaving a message on the phone.

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This Phrase Bank is organised by topics.
The audio is on the Portal, unit by unit.
Phrase Bank

Greetings Unit 5
Do you like camping?
Unit 1
I prefer yoga because I enjoy relaxing.
Good morning / afternoon / evening / night.
I dont agree. For me
Nice to meet you.
I dont like watching TV.
Hello! Nice to meet you too.
I dont either.
How are you (doing)?
What do you like doing on holiday?
Hows it going?
I really like walking.
Whats up?
What about shopping?
Fine, thanks.
We both love it.
Im well, thanks.
In my opinion thats a cheap, fun holiday.
Pretty good, thanks.
Its an OK place to live.
Things are good / not so good.
The most interesting place is probably the racetrack.
What about you?
Whats new?
Not much.
Bye for now. Routine
See you later. Unit 2
Do you exercise regularly?
Yes, I do. / No, I dont.
Personal information Do you often go to bed late?
How many hours do you sleep?
Unit 1
On average, around seven hours a night.
Are you Peruvian?
How often do you go to a caf?
Yes, I am. / No, Im not.
Every day after work.
Whats your first name?
I always have a shower at night before bed.
Hi! My names Maria.
What time do you get up during the week?
How do you spell your last name?
I get up at about half past six in the morning.
Ive got five brothers and sisters.
I go to school at seven oclock from Monday to Friday.
What nationality are you?
I go to the gym for an hour before / after school.
Im American.
I have an important meeting on Wednesday.
Im twenty-one today.
What do you do at the weekend?
Im from New York.
I relax at home.
Is your mother British?
When do you go to the supermarket?
Yes, she is. / No, she isnt. Shes Canadian.
Whats your address / phone number / email?
My address is 85 Brown Street.
Where are you from? Family and relationships
Unit 2 Unit 2
How old are you? Have you got a girlfriend?
Where do you live? Have you got any brothers or sisters?
In Madrid, because I work there. No, Im an only child.
Do you live with your parents?
No, I dont. I live with my girlfriend. / Yes, I do.
How many cousins have you got?
Your opinion
Whats your fathers name?
Unit 1 Where does your family live?
Bill Gates is an intelligent man. Whos your favourite relative?
I think hes a fantastic player.
Theyre small, black and cool.
Yuck! This coffee is horrible.


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Answer Key

Telling the time On the phone

Unit 2 Unit 3
He wakes up at 8.00am. Hi. This is Maddie.
I go to school at six forty-five. Are you busy?
I usually get home at around six fifteen pm. Actually, yes, Im cooking dinner.
Yes, I am. / Not really, Im fine.
Unit 3
Can I call you later?
Whats the time?
I cant hear you.
Its half past twelve.
Meet you at the underground in half an hour. Lets go!
My batterys dying.
Nice talking to you.
Jobs No problem.
Unit 3 Sorry, wrong number.
Im a Talk to you later.
What do you do? The lines busy.
Whats your job?

Weather and months

Future plans Unit 3
Unit 3 Hows the weather in Barcelona?
Im going abroad next year. Its usually very rainy.
What are your plans for tomorrow? Whats the temperature today?
Im meeting my brother. Its about twenty-eight degrees.
What are you doing at Christmas? Whats the weather usually like there?
Im spending Christmas with my family. Its really hot and sunny.
Whats happening tonight? Whats your favourite month?

Actions in progress Giving reasons

Unit 3 Unit 3
What are you doing? Why are you learning English?
Im watching TV. Because I like it.
Nothing special. For my job.
I have to pass an exam.
I need to write emails at work.
I want to travel.
Why not?
Unit 3
Im not hungry.
Im thirsty.
Unit 4
Can you run two kilometres?
I can, but not very well.
Unit 3 No, I cant. Not at all.
Do you want a chocolate biscuit? Yes, I can. Well, I think so.
No, thanks. I dont like them. I can speak two other languages.
Do you want to watch TV?
Would you like a drink?
Yes, please. Black coffee, no sugar.
Would you like to go out?

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Phrase Bank
Clothes Instructions
Unit 4 Dont forget to close the windows.
Whats he wearing? Please, feed my cat and my dog.
Hes wearing black shorts and an old T-shirt. Remember to water the plants.
Whose jumper is this? Is it yours? There arent any worries here.
No, its not mine.
People say she has fifty pairs of jeans.
Other useful expressions
Unit 1
Shopping Are those your keys?
Unit 4 Can you say that again, please?
Can I help you? Dont worry about it.
Can I see those boots? Excuse me.
What colour? Happy birthday!
We have them in black or brown. I dont understand.
Black, please. Im online with my boyfriend.
What size? Is that palace in Spain?
Can I try them on? Is that your bag?
The changing rooms are over there. Oh, sorry. / Im sorry.
How much is it / are they? We have a big problem.
Heres my credit card. Please, come with me.
Please, enter your PIN number. Sure
Here you are. / There you go. What are these in English?
Theyre apples.
This is my friend, Lucas.
Sports Whats the opposite of light?
Yes, it is. / No, it isnt. Its in Mexico.
Unit 4 Yes, they are. / No, they arent.
I dont play cricket. Youre welcome.
I go surfing every weekend.
Its golf. To play and to watch. Unit 2
Our country is good at judo. Do you use your mobile phone as a satnav?
What day is it today?
What do you usually do at Christmas?

Directions Unit 3
Whos that?
Unit 5
What does she do?
Are there any banks near here?
Shes a singer?
Do you know where the shopping centre is?
Me too.
Yes, go straight ahead on and turn right / left at the
traffic lights. Unit 4
Is there a shopping centre around here? I love to go to beauty salons.
Yes, its on Market Street. My wardrobe is small but clean and organised.
Wheres the shopping centre?


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Word List
This is a reference list. To check pronunciation of any individual words, you can use a talking dictionary.

211 two hundred and eleven niece cycling (bike riding)

Unit 1 221 two hundred and twenty-one parent(s) football
1000 one thousand sibling(s) cricket
Countries sister golf
Argentina Everyday objects son martial arts
Canada a bag twin(s) rugby
China earrings uncle running
Japan glasses wife skateboarding
Peru keys skiing
Spain a laptop Frequency adverbs soccer
The UK a lipstick always surfing
The USA a pen usually swimming
a phone often tennis
Nationalities a sandwich sometimes volleyball
American an umbrella occasionally
Argentinian a wallet never Professions
British childminder
Canadian Colors Holidays journalist
Chinese blue Carnival secretary
Japanese black Christmas teacher
Peruvian brown Easter
Spanish green New Year Clothes items
orange belt
Opinion adjectives pink blouse
cool purple Unit 3 boots
excellent red coat
fantastic yellow Weather words dress
great jumper
Adjectives Nouns sandals
intelligent bad cloud shirt
interesting big fog
good shorts
OK rain skirt
rich heavy snow
light socks
ridiculous sun suit
terrible new wind
old tie
Numbers 1-1000 pretty Adjectives trainers
small cloudy trousers
1 one
ugly foggy t-shirt
2 two
3 three rainy
4 four snowy
5 five Unit 2 sunny Unit 5
6 six windy
Places Places around town
7 seven
Temperature bar
8 eight
9 nine church cold bookshop
10 ten gym cool cinema
11 eleven home hot club
12 twelve party warm hotel
school library
13 thirteen Months
14 fourteen supermarket museum
January park
15 fifteen work February
16 sixteen racetrack
Days of the week March restaurant
17 seventeen April
Monday river
18 eighteen May
Tuesday shopping centre
19 nineteen June
Wednesday stadium
20 twenty July
Thursday swimming pool
21 twenty-one August
Friday theatre
22 twenty-two September
23 twenty-three October Holiday activities
30 thirty November camping
31 thirty-one Family members December kayaking
32 thirty-two aunt sightseeing
40 forty brother Seasons
41 forty-one child(ren) Autumn sunbathing
50 fifty couple Spring
60 sixty cousin(s) Summer Adjectives
70 seventy daughter Winter boring
80 eighty father cheap
90 ninety grandfather dangerous
100 one hundred grandmother Unit 4 expensive
101 one hundred and one grandparent(s) fun
111 one hundred and eleven husband Sports safe
121 one hundred and twenty-one mother baseball tidy
201 two hundred and one nephew basketball untidy

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