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Local: Homeopathy and Health Center

Address: 2515 Franklin Ave, St Paul, MN 55114

Phone: (651) 379- 1198
Web Adress:
Provides: A place to learn about and get homeopathic treatment
Additional info: You dont have to go to the clinic, you can contact them via skype
2. State: Minnesota Center for Homeopathy
Address: 7104 W Lake St, St Louis Park, MN 55426
Phone: (952) 224- 9292
Web Address:
Provides: a place to learn about homeopathy and to get homeopathic treatment
Additional info: All the practitioners have many certifications
3. National: National Center for Homeopathy
Web Address:
Provides: a place to learn about homeopathy, how to find a homeopath, and how you can be a
Additional info: This site is best if you want to learn how to become a homeopath because they
give detailed resources of how to become one

Study group

It is important for teens to know that there are others forms of medicine if that is what they want.
Homeopathy can bring a very individualized approach; Every Patient is Unique so homeopathic
medicines are individualized(science based medicine). For some people Homeopathy can be
very beneficial and work well.The Bristol Homeopathic Hospital carried out a study published in
November 2005 of 6500 patients receiving homeopathic treatment. There was an overall
improvement in health of 70% of them(natural news).
Influences Examples

Media (magazines, Anorexia Nervosa is a serious disorder that is often caused by the influence
newspapers, of media. Anorexia Nervosa has been treated by homeopathy, it requires
detailed specific prescribing of the right homeopathic
remedy(Homeopathic Centre).
Homeopathy treats the whole person, including, but not limited to, the
symptoms of the eating disorder. Therefore, the remedy works to get to the
Advertising, TV, core of why the compulsion is there in the first place(Jaine)
radio, videos,
films, promotions,
coupons, etc.)

Two hundred and thirty children with AOM received a first individualized
homeopathic medicine in the paediatric office. If pain-reduction was not
sufficient after 6 h, a second (different) homeopathic medicine was
given. After a further 6 h, children who had not reached pain control
were started on antibiotics. Pain control was achieved in 39% of the
Advances patients after 6 h, another 33% after 12 h. This resolution rate is 2.4
times faster than in placebo controls. There were no complications
observed in the study group, and compared to conventional treatment
(computer, research the approach was 14% cheaper(
Overall, the literature concerning a total of 83 original studies suggests
studies, new medicines
that homeopathy may have significant effects in some conditions, e.g.
or procedures, etc.) Galphimia glauca (low homeopathic dilutions/dynamizations) in allergic
ocular rhinitis, Anas barbariae (high homeopathic dilution/dynamization)
in influenza-like syndromes, classical individualised homeopathy in
otitis, in allergic complaints and in fibromyalgia, and a few low-potency
homeopathic complexes in sinusitis, rhinoconjunctivitis,

The value of homeopathy for depression has been validated in several clinical
trials. In a recent Brazilian study published in Evidence-Based Complementary
and Alternative Medicine, researchers divided people with moderate-to-severe
depression into two groups. Half received the antidepressant drug fluoxetine
(Prozac), while the other half received one of 20 different homeopathic
Communications remedies custom-prescribed by a homeopathic practitioner. After four weeks
and again after eight weeks, the two groups showed equal improvement when
evaluated with an established depression rating scale. (Some patients are
(family, helped by antidepressants.) But the homeopathy group reported significantly
friends, peers, fewer adverse side effects(BottomLineInc).
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) requires a professional
diagnosis but is often misdiagnosed in a child who is bright and often
teachers, etc.) extremely active. The remedy Chamomilla is used by homeopaths to calm an
extremely restless child who cant sit still and often wears himself out to the
point of tears. Stramonium is used for a severe case of hyperactivity in a child
who is often violent(alive).

Some conditions do not respond to microdoses because they require surgical

intervention, others require immediate and certain relief of symptoms, others are
addressed by simple nutritional or lifestyle changes, still others are relieved only
upon reduced exposure to certain environmental stresses---and then, there are
those who don't experience improvement from homeopathic medicine for unknown
Risks reason(Ullman).
Certain cases of asthma where breathing is significantly impaired, meningitis which
requires immediate antibiotic treatment to avoid possible brain damage or death,
and various other conditions require conventional medical treatment to assure

Homeopathic medicines may not also be appropriate for some symptoms which are life-
threatening and call for immediate, sometimes heroic means of treatment(
Unfortunately, homeopathy can have surprising and dangerous side-effects. These have
nothing to do directly with any particular homeopathic remedy, but rather they are an
indirect result of what happens when homeopaths replace doctors as sources of medical
Term advice. For example, many homeopaths have a negative attitude towards immunization,
Risks so parents who are in regular contact with a homeopath may be less likely to immunize
their child(1023 Homeopathy Theres Nothing in it).