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UMTS frequency bands

The UMTS frequency bands are radio frequencies 3 UMTS-TDD Frequency bands
used by third generation (3G) wireless Universal Mobile
Telecommunications System networks. They were al-
and channel bandwidths
located by delegate to the World Administrative Radio
Conference (WARC-92) held in Málaga-Torremolinos, UMTS-TDD technology is standardized for usage in the
Spain between February 3, 1992 and March 3, following bands:
1992.[1] Resolution 212 (Rev.WRC-97), adopted at the
World Radiocommunication Conference held in Geneva,
Switzerland in 1997, endorsed the bands specifically 4 See also
for the International Mobile Telecommunications-2000
(IMT-2000) specification by referring to S5.388, which • List of UMTS networks
states “The bands 1,885-2,025 MHz and 2,110-2,200
MHz are intended for use, on a worldwide basis, by ad- • 3GPP
ministrations wishing to implement International Mobile • Cellular frequencies
Telecommunications 2000 (IMT-2000). Such use does
not preclude the use of these bands by other services to • GSM frequency bands
which they are allocated. The bands should be made • LTE frequency bands
available for IMT-2000 in accordance with Resolution
212 (Rev. WRC-97).” To accommodate the reality that • List of LTE networks
these initially defined bands were already in use in var- • Mobile network code
ious regions of the world, the initial allocation has been
amended multiple times to include other radio frequency • Roaming
bands. • United States 2008 wireless spectrum auction
• White spaces (radio)
1 UMTS-FDD Frequency bands
and channel bandwidths 5 References
UMTS-FDD technology is standardized for usage in the [1] “WARC-92: World Administrative Radio Conference for
following paired bands: Dealing with Frequency Allocations in Certain Parts of
the Spectrum (Málaga-Torremolinos, 1992)". 1992-03-
[1] Band 32 is restricted to UTRA operation when dual band 03. Retrieved 2016-03-14.
is configured (e.g., DB-DC-HSDPA or dual band 4C- [2]
HSDPA). Docs/PDF/SP-000257.pdf WARC-92 Frequencies for
[3] “WARC-92 Concludes After Strenuous Negotiation”
2 Deployments by region (UMTS- (PDF). Telecommunication Journal. International
FDD) Telecommunications Union. 59 (IV): 173. 1992.
Retrieved 2011-05-18.

Further information: List of UMTS networks [4] “T-Mobile shifting 1700 MHz HSPA+ users to 1900 MHz
band”. TeleGeography. 2015-06-24. Retrieved 2016-02-
The following table shows the standardized UMTS bands
and their regional use. The main UMTS bands are in bold
print. 6 External links
• Networks on UMTS-bands 1 and 8 are suitable • 3GPP Specifications for group: R4 - Frequencies
for global roaming in ITU Regions 1, 2 (some info for UMTS (TS 25.101/102/104/105)
countries) and 3.


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