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A Comprehensive Guide To Area Events From Great Falls Community Media

April 2012


Putney School Students Save The Date

Stockwell Makes It Happen

Four One-Act Plays

A Month Of Events


Bela Schultz
of the Putney School
Thank you for all the encouraging and touching responses to our first issue. Its good to know that were on the right track.
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April 2012
Volume 1, Number 2

Earth Day Lives
Putney students remind
us how the world turns.

Calendar Listings
Theres more than enough
to keep us all busy.

Crazy Like Foxes
Drowning in a stream of
consciousness at the ETC show.

Art Is Everywhere
Down to earth in a
community space.

Hot Dance and Jazz
When icons were sidemen and
we all danced to jazz.

Four One-Acts
Light and dark shine on
our areas stages.
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Cover Photo By Paul Clipper

Passion Versus The Machine At The Putney School
Article by Gary Smith

heres an old stone wall that and turned for farming. The wall is a

T runs through the woods behind

my house. Here and there its
lost its way, disrupted by the roots
constant reminder of the impressive
power of people who pulled each
stone from the dirt and laid it end to
of a towering oak, crushed beneath a end with innumerable others. That
fallen maple, or sent to pieces by the wall, now deep in a shaded wood,
tires of a logging skidder. But mostly it also reminds me of the insistent
makes an uninterrupted line forward force of nature. These are all new
across the countryside, and back- trees, in a manner of speaking, and
wards in time a hundred fifty years to theyve reclaimed their places when
when this land was stripped of timber the earth was left to recover.

Putney students and faculty: Noah Wetheimer, Alice Roby, Bela Shultz, Lily Bell, Catherine Davis, Sylvie Graubard, Dawn Zweig

4 April 2012

Old and new tech combine at the Putney School in Putney , VT.

his month marks the 42nd anniversary of the Wordsworth, Audubon, Muir; even Benjamin

T first Earth Day. Conceived at the end of the

tumultuous 1960s, Earth Day escalated the
national consciousness of our degraded environment
Franklin petitioned the Philadelphia Assembly to stop
water pollution and to remove the unhealthy stench of
tanneries from the commercial district of the City of
and galvanized the will to fix it. Twenty million Ameri- Brotherly Love. Environmentalism isnt the protest of
cans took to the streets on a single day of protest and pollutants, its the advocacy for and the promotion of
public action. Workers left jobs, students left school, the natural world, and of a lifestyle by which we might
and in a broad array of marches and public theater the appreciate and reap its benefits, forever.
nation expressed its desire for a cleaner environment.
Earth Day in 1970 was the largest attempt to date at
Theres a popular mythology that environmentalism bringing the principles of environmentalism into the
was born on Earth Day. The truth is more complex. popular consciousness just as the age of mass media
Environmentalism, even if called by a different name, culture was hitting its stride. Senator Gaylord Nelson
dates back thousands of years to wise village plan- of Wisconsin perceived the power of the protests of
ners who created rules of hygiene for their communi- the time and proposed a National Teach-In designed to
ties. Across millennia theres a long unbroken chain promote an environmental agenda. The previous year,
of forward thinkers who made sewers, improved the Nelson had seen first-hand the devastating effects
workplace environment, protested deforestation, de- of the oil spill in Santa Barbara that spread black tar
cried dirty water, begged for clean air, and extolled over 100 miles of California beaches. When Clevelands
the life-affirming and embattled beauty of nature. Cuyahoga River caught fire in June of 1969 it ignited
The big names are easy: Thoreau, Emerson, Byron, the imagination of the television audience. Something

April 2012 | 5

summed up the day somewhat bleakly: A unique
day in American history is ending. A day set aside
for a nationwide outpouring of mankind seeking its
own survival. Earth Day. A day dedicated to enlist-
ing all the citizens of a bountiful country in a com-
mon cause of saving life from the deadly byproducts
of that bounty: the fouled skies, the filthy water, the
littered earth. Often its protests appeared frivolous,
its protestors curiously carefree. Yet the gravity of
its message still came through: act or die.

n April 22nd of this year, a new group of voices

O is added to the long list of environmentalists.

At the Putney School in Vermont, students
and faculty have created an Earth Day celebration
bursting with speakers and workshops. The idea
was hatched by Bela Schultz, 15, a freshman from
Newburyport, MA. Shes a firebrand with a certain
poise and a fierce intellect.

Schultz explains the genesis of this project, At the

beginning of the year, some students went to a 350
Vermont rally in Montpelier. It was unlike anything
Id seen, ever. I was so affected that on the ride back
First Class Postage, 1970. I kept thinking, What can I do to bring this energy
and this passion to Putney and to people in places
had gone terribly wrong in America. But abuse of the Ive known in the past who havent cared this much
earth wasnt new; what was new was the ability to cor- about the earth or Earth Day?
ral the nation, and also the nations will to join together.
Word of the teach-in spread quickly. 350 Vermont, part of a growing international move-
ment to mitigate the causes of climate change, is so
Responses to the day were as varied as the population. named because it seeks to bring the carbon content
Students who stayed in school wore gas masks to class. of our atmosphere to 350 parts per million, the safe
The House and Senate both adjourned so that politicians upper limit to sustain the earths ecosystem in a state
could speak on what was the years most popular and approximating our pre-industrial history.
least dangerous political issue. Automobiles were banned
from parts of cities, though New Yorks Mayor Lindsey A clearer sense of the root causes of the problem
kept his appointments in an electric car. In what now has evolved since 1970, but it was on the first Earth
seems a peculiar use of fuel, skywriters were dispatched Day that J. Murray Mitchell, a government climate
to spell AIR over populated regions. scientist, made his announcement to the American
Geophysical Union in Washington: Pollution, unless
Not everyone was cooperative. Thousands of under- checked, could so warm the earth in 200 years as to
privileged publicly boycotted the protest saying, The create a greenhouse effect, melting the Arctic ice-
newfound fascination with the environment has dis- caps and flooding vast areas of the world.
tracted citizens from the misery of the poor. New
Yorks Senator Jacob Javitz added a warning against With nearly a quarter of that time now passed, and
letting the fight for the environment overwhelm other with scientific projections now accelerating the
important movements like civil rights and the end of the pace of warming, one would think every year would
Vietnam War. see a constant growth of demonstration and public
expression on the topic. It seems the protest has
On the evening news, anchorman Walter Cronkite gone indoors. The Earth Day Network, the organized

6 | April 2012

progeny of that first day in 1970, has created a broad knows about the twenty million people who came
base of support in nearly 200 countries. It mobilizes out in 1970 and would like to find a similar moment.
movements around the world and connects them, on-
line, in a common space. The Networks Billion Acts of Theres always that period when people say lets
Green has amassed more than 500 million participants, do something about it, but then they stop talking,
Putneys actions among them. Despite the worldwide even though the problem is still there. She wants
participation, this year, in this the conversation to continue.
region, there appears to be only Not just repeating the de-
two publicly promoted Earth A childs world is fresh. pressing facts Ive been hear-
Day events: one at Antioch Uni- Its new, its beautiful, full ing all my life, but also devel-
versity in Keene, and one at the oping a love for protecting
Putney School. Bela Schultzs of wonder and excitement. this earth. I think one of the
idea has blossomed into a full- Its our misfortune that for most important things is to
fledged teach-in, based on a get people talking again.
premise of positive attitude
most of us, that clear-eyed
towards change. vision and that true instinct There may be no place more
for what is beautiful and suited to restarting the
n January, Ms. Schultz
awe-inspiring is dimmed. conversation. The Putney

I drafted a proposal to the

Putney School adminis-
tration outlining her ideas for
- Rachel Carson
School sits on a pristine site
overlooking rolling hills and
pine forests. Founded in
the Earth Day event. She was 1935 by progressive educator
already working with the Putney Co-op on another Carmelita Hinton, the farm-turned-school espous-
project, a plan to introduce area CSA farms to the es principles of connection to the earth. Students
community, and by a fortuitous turn of events, the cook their own meals, feed and milk cows, and
Co-op became part of her Earth Day event. Ms. Schultz shovel manure. Schultz teamed up with the schools
(page 22)

Opening in May at the Windham Hotel in Bellows Falls.

dinner lunch sunday brunch
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The Calendar Listings

vent listings are free; submit them by clicking the Submit an Event link on our website, (or for short). Additional information
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April 2012
Sunday, April 1 Shower Wall (visual arts) | Through Apr work in a non-juried show. Exhibits change
20 | BLCARTGRP Gallery; 295 Main St; every three months. | 802-885-7111, www.
Registration Deadline for No Film Chester,VT | Featuring NYC painter Mickie
Film Festival (cinema) | Falls Area Com- Hoffmans stark, moving, raw workbleak,
munity Television, FACT TV; 1 Hospital Ct; yet inspirational. Iron sculptures by Adam Live Irish Trad Sessions (music) | 6 PM |
Bellows Falls,VT | Contestants will have Howard are also on display. | 802-843-1162, Salt Hill Pub; 2 West Park St; Lebanon, NH
one week to make a seven- to fifteen- | Its Irish. Its traditional. | 603-448-4532,
minute spoof of a classic American film. |
802-463-1613, Trivia Night Lebanon (other) | 7 PM |
Salt Hill Pub; 2 West Park St; Lebanon, NH | Swing & Salsa Dance Classes (education,
Doubt: A Parable (performance) | 3 PM | Live pub trivia every Sunday night. Fun and music) | 7 PM | Tracy Hall WB; S Main St;
Hooker-Dunham Theater & Gallery; 139 prizes. | 603-448-4532, Norwich,VT | Swing 7-8; Salsa 8-9. | 603-
Main St; Brattleboro,VT | A popular and 643-5065,
progressive young priest has come under Trivia Night Newport (other) | 7 PM |
the watchful eye of the Principal Sister. A Salt Hill Pub; 58 Main Street; Newport, NH Ballet Hispanico (performance) | 7:30 PM
vague incident with the schools first black | Live pub trivia every Sunday night. Fun and | UMass Amherst, Fine Arts Center Concert
student arouses suspicions about conduct & prizes. | 603-863-7774, Hall; 151 Presidents Dr; Amherst, MA |
motive. Magnetic energy and vivacious choreogra-
| 802-258-1344, Monday, April 2 phy that fuses Latin dance with elements
of classical and contemporary forms. www.
Monty Pythons Spamalot (performance) Sculpture Garden (visual arts, outdoors) | | 545-2511 or 1-800-
| 4 & 8 PM | The Paramount Theatre; 30 Brattleboro Museum & Art Center; 10 Ver- 999-UMAS,
Center St; Rutland,VT | Two shows! non St; Brattleboro,VT | Newly completed
Lovingly ripped off from the motion picture Garden features two permanent artworks Wednesday, April 4
Monty Python and the Holy Grail, its a musical that double as seating areas. | 802-257-
telling of the legendary tale of King Arthur 0124, Lilys Crossing (performance, education,
and his Knights of the Round Table like no family/youth) | 10 AM | Claremont Opera
otherfeaturing beautiful show girls, flying All About Air (education, family/youth) | House; 58 Opera House Square; Clare-
cows, killer rabbits, coconut-carrying swal- 3:30 PM | Montshire Museum of mont, NH | Lily has planned a spectacular
lows, and French people. | 802-775-0903, Science; One Montshire Rd; Norwich,VT | summer at Rockaway Beach at her familys Afterschool science program for children cozy house on the Atlantic Ocean. But
grades 1-3. Launch parachutes, fly kites, and by the summer of 1944, World War II has
Red (performance) | 5 PM | Northern Stage; make stomp rockets while exploring the changed almost everyones lives. Appropri-
Briggs Opera House, 12 W Main St; White properties of air. Pre-registration required. | ate for grades 3-8. Open to the public sub-
River Junction,VT | New York, 1958. In a 802-649-2200, ject to seating availability. | 603-542-4433,
tension-filled studio, painter Mark Rothko
works furiously to complete a definitive Tuesday, April 3
work for an extraordinary setting. As the Knitting Together (benefit/charity) | 1 PM
huge project takes shape, his internal strug- Open Wall (visual arts) | 11 AM | Gallery | Village Square Booksellers; 32 The Square;
gle to reconcile his growing wealth with his at the VAULT; 68 Main St; Springfield,VT Bellows Falls,VT | A community charitable
artistic integrity threatens to destroy him. | | Theme: People, Places, and Things. Open organization knitting hats, mittens, and
802-296-7000, Wall is open to local artists to display their sweaters to donate to our local schools.

8 | April 2012

Yarn donations are always accepted. | 802- invited to enjoy professionally supervised or contact your local
869-2077 jam sessions every Wednesday. | 802 254- Vermont library for more information.
An Evening of Latin American Poetry Nearly Lear (performance, family/youth) |
(written word, cultural/historic) | 7 PM | 10 AM | Lebanon Opera House; 51
Brooks Memorial Library; 224 Main North Park St; Lebanon, NH | What
St; Brattleboro,VT | Amherst College if the great and tragic story of King
professor Ilan Stavans considers po- Lear were to be told by the kings
ems in which words are mechanisms closet companionhis own fool? This
of resistance against oppression. | is Nearly Lear. Appropriate for grades
802-254-5290, 5-12. | 603-448-0400, www.lebanon-
Rain Gardens: Everything You
Need To Know (education) | 7 PM | Jazz Trio (music) | 6:30 PM |
Rockingham Free Public Library; 65 Burdicks; 47 Main St; Walpole, NH
Westminster St; Bellows Falls,VT |
Bow Thayer | Jesse Carr, tenor saxophone and
What they are and how to build one.
& Perfect Trainwreck vocals; Eugene Uman, piano; and
Free and open to the public. | 802-
Thu, Apr 5 @ 7:30 PM the nationally renown bass player,
Bellows Falls Opera House
463-4270, Genevieve Rose. No cover. | 603-756-
Great lowdown country-inflected rock and roll 9058,
Trivia Night Hanover (other) | 7
PM | Salt Hill Pub; 7 Lebanon St; Acoustic Thursdays (music) |
Hanover, NH | Live pub trivia every Thursday, April 5 6:30 PM | Fritzs; 45 Main St; Keene, NH
Wednesday night. Fun and prizes. | 603-676- | A hand-picked medley of local musi-
7855, Online Courses for Vermont Library cians every Thursday. Musicians, contact
Cardholders (education) | Access over 500 to reserve
Jazz Jam Session (music) | 8 PM | online courses at no cost with just your a 20-minute slot. | 603-357-6393, www.
Vermont Jazz Center; 72 Cotton Mill Vermont Public Library card. These are
Hill #222; Brattleboro,VT | Listeners and non-credit, personal enrichment courses.
musicians of all levels and instruments are Register at http://vermontstate.universal- (next page)

April 2012 | Whats Up In The Valley 9

Bow Thayer & Perfect Trainwreck of Almost, Maine. As the northern lights Brattleboro,VT | Two award-winning actors
(music) | 7:30 PM | Bellows Falls Opera hover in the star-filled sky above, Almosts use chameleon-like abilities to shape-shift
House, Lower Theater; The Square; Bel- residents find themselves falling in and out between characters for a laugh-yourself-to-
lows Falls,VT | A kick-butt songwriter and of love in unexpected and often hilarious tears look at mental health & the happiness
performer who makes great lowdown ways. | 802-246-NEYT (6398) ext 103, industry. | 802-
country-inflected rock and roll. | 802-246- 275-7262,
6000, www.flyingunder- event/224265
History of the Railroad California Guitar Trio
Open Mic Newport (music) | 8 PM | Tupelo
in Cheshire County,
(music) | 8:30 PM | Salt Music Hall; 188 S Main St;
Hill Pub; 58 Main Street; 1844-1984 White River Junction,VT |
Newport, NH | Bring your A whirlwind of instrumen-
guitar, voice, harp, keys, tal styles fusing classical,
banjo, fiddle, what-have- rock, blues, jazz, world
you. Play solo, or front the music, progressive, as
house band. | 603-448- well as the quintessential
4532, California musical genre
surf music. www.cgtrio.
Open Mic Lebanon com | 802-698-8341, www.
(music) | 9 PM | Salt Hill
Pub; 2 West Park St; Leba-
non, NH | Local legend
Mike Benoit & friends. Play
Exhibit thru Apr 27 About Gladys (music) | 9
PM | Salt Hill Pub; 58 Main
solo, or front the house Historical Society of Cheshire County, Keene Street; Newport, NH | The
band. | 603-448-4532, Vermont funk rock trio returns. | 603-863-7774,
Ignat Solzhenitzyn Benefit Concert
Friday, April 6 (music, benefit/charity) | 7 PM | Green Moun-
tain Union High School; 716 VT Rte 103 Saturday, April 7
Gallery Walk (visual arts, music, perfor- S; Chester,VT | World renowned classical
mance, cultural/historic, other) | 5:30 PM | pianist Ignat Solzhenitsyn plays Beethoven, Baby Animal Day (family/youth, agriculture,
Brattleboro,VT | A year-round, 1st-Friday Schubert, Prokofiev to support baseball and cultural/historic) | 10 AM | Billings Farm &
festive stroll in downtown Brattleboro and softball 100% of proceeds go to Caven- Museum; Rte 12 & River Rd; Woodstock,VT
nearby locations. | dishs Greven Field. | cavendishbaseball@ | Meet the farms newest additions during, on-going family-centered programs with
Family Dance (music, family/youth) | 6:30 the lambs, chicks, and calves. | 802-457-
PM | Keene Public Library; 60 Winter St; River, Mountain, Falls (education, cultural/ 2355,
Keene, NH | Free family dance for children historic) | 7 PM | Windham Antique Center;
and adults of all ages and abilities. | 603- 5 the Square; Bellows Falls,VT | Archaeolo- Almost Maine (performance, family/youth)
352-0157, gist Gail Golec on 9,000 years of human | New England Youth Theater, Brattleboro |
history in the Connecticut River Valley. | See listing for Friday, April 6.
Almost Maine (performance, family/youth) 802-732-8081,
| Apr 6-8 & 13-15; Fri & Sat @ 7 PM, Sat & Santacroce Family Singers (music) | 4
Sun @ 2 PM | New England Youth Theater; The Double Trouble Tour (performance) | PM | Mole Hill Theatre; 789 Gilsum Mine
100 Flat St; Brattleboro,VT | All is not quite Fri & Sat, Apr 6-7 & 13-14 @ 8 PM | Hook- Rd; East Alstead, NH | Music and perform-
what it seems in the remote, mythical town er-Dunham Theater & Gallery; 139 Main St; ing arts in the unique setting of a working

(page 18) | April 2012

Interview by Mark Piepkorn

Crazy Like Foxes

The ETC Show Monday 7-8 PM

Five minutes into any ETC Show (Ellen Lawrence, Trish

Adams, and Cheryl Gay Sherwin), things have probably
already gone off the rails... in a very entertaining, non-
train-wreck way. We interviewed them during a recent thinking of Stevie Nicks? Shes blonde. Oh, I got a text
show. No effort has been taken in what follows to identify from Tuckerits actually Umbrella-ella-ella.
whos talking at any given timeits more than one of them
as often as not anyway. So Ellen said, Hey, lets get a radio show on that new
station in town. And I was like No! I cant be on the
Lively talk and music by three awesome chicks! radio! Trish was like Whatever. So finally I thought
When we wrote that down for them to read as we Well shell never follow through with it, so I said
went by in the paradewe do the parade every year OK... and she followed through with it! Our first show
weve never won thoughhe read it, and then said, was a half-hour long. Right, a half-hour. We were so
They wrote that, not me (laughter). Ohhh! He didnt stressed out (laughter), and weI had it all laid out,
want his kids to think that he was saying Chicks. minute by minute, what we would do and what we
would say. Yeahand it was very... you could hear all
Heythis is a really good song! I like that! I like that the click-clicks and pauses. So thats how it all kinda
one. I distinctly remember that song. I got a stereo came about. The station was brand new. Yeah. Yeah.
for Christmas, It was during a
and it was one of gallery walk too.
the first songs I
actually listened
Were not that interesting. Sorry. Because the sta-
tion happened to
to the lyrics of. - The ETC Girls be open during the
And I remember gallery walk and I
thinking, what?! wandered in here.
It was a creepy Oh! Yeah, because
song to me. Man from Mars who eats cars. She was so they had the little booth set up right therethey had
cool! I wanted to be like her. Shes a little scary. food and stuff. Thats right. Thats how they sucked us
right in. They havent done it again since then, have
We have different themes every week. So that guides they? I think we just had our fifth year, didnt we? I
us to a certain degree. Bruce, who follows us, picks think in June will be our sixth anniversary. I think. No
the theme from this poor black bag thats been taped one knows. I lost track.
back together cause I dont wanna recycle it, cause
this is the black bag. There was a paragraph-long one My husband suggested this songits not one of my
that had all these... OH! Two minutes, we have two favorite songs. Oh, I used to hate this song! But good
minutes. Are you talking about the one that... OH! choice. I still dont like it (laughter). When I was in
Sometimes theyll be like animalscolorsand other Buffalo New York this one time there was this Styx
times theyll be really... It was Foods that remind you cover band, and I had a migraine, and I was outside
of sex (laughter). That was the most difficult, I think. the bar puking the whole show. I cant stand to hear
them now. I still dont know why I dont like it.
Oh, I love Rhiannon. I thought she was a singer.
No, herthat singers name is Stevie. Oh, Rihanna! We just know each other so well that we know... I
Yeah, yeah, shes the one with the umbrella. Mary dont wanna say I know what theyre thinking, but I
Poppins? No, shes the one that goes Underneath my know where theyre going. What am I thinking right
umbrella-brella-brella. Ohhhhh. So this is a differ- now? Youre thinking that Im... (laughter). Our
ent one. Ohhhh... We still have two minutes. Is it conversations do go off on some tangent, and then
actually Fleetwood? Or is it Blondie? Its Blondie. Is off that way. Were not that interesting. Sorry. Oh,
Blondie and Fleetwood the same person? No. Are you weve got two minutes.

April 2012 | 11

20 | April 2012
Art Is Everywhere.
Exploring the connections with Barry Stockwell at the Hooker-Dunham Theater & Gallery
Article and photos by Paul Clipper

t is doubtful that a majority of river valley folks have ever attended an event at the tiny
Hooker-Dunham Theater. More likely the curious driver has noticed a small sign on the
east side of Main Street in Brattleboro while stalled in traffic approaching the turn
for Route 9 west. The sign says Hooker-Dunham Theater and Gallery, and more than a
few of us have wondered how anyone squeezed a theater down the back of that alley.

But art, you know, is everywhere. Actually that full quote is attributed to American
sculptor Louise Nevelson, a Russian migr who arrived in this country at the turn of
the 19th century. She said, Art is everywhere, except it has to pass through a creative
mind. If you look past the back alleys and unconventional locations you can see the art
potential in the most unexpected places. It just takes a little creative exploring.
Follow the alley away from the business of Main the renovation, Hooker-Dunham emerged as a gallery
Street, and take the stairs down a level and somewhat as well as a rather intimate theateronly 99 seats.
back in time. George Hooker constructed the main
building in 1884, hauling granite blocks down from The creative mind in H-DT&G was renewed in early
the hills to create an edifice overlooking the 2004, when Barry Stockwell came in to work with the
Connecticut River. Three years later the Dunham Wild Root Arts management team. Hes been there
brothers added their name to the front and built an ever since. Director Stockwell carefully sculpted a
addition on the river side.
Barry Stockwell in his office at Hooker-Dunham.
The annex served as a warehouse for Dunham Shoes
for most of the 1900s, and in 1984, a renovation
project left room in the basement for a small cinema
space. The space now occupied by the theater was
actually an alley between the two buildings; the
interior west wall of the theater is the stone
foundation of the original Hooker building. In the
early 90s the Hooker-Dunham Theater was a movie
house, designed after a small theater the building
owners, Leo and Simi Berman, had attended in Italy
on a vacation tour. They fell in love with the place,
our guide told us, and wanted to recreate it in the
Hooker-Dunham building.

What we see now inside the Hooker-Dunham Theater

took shape in 1999, when Wild Root Arts assumed
management of the seldom-used cinema space and
engineered a full renovation of the room. Following

April 2012 | 13

program of visual and performing arts that
evolves to this day. The fact that we consider
this a community space is very important,
Stockwell told us, anyone can rent the gallery
or theater and hang their exhibition or stage
their performance. This is most obvious in the
gallery space, where youll see a wide range of
exhibits from photography to sculpture, from
paintings to multimedia.

H-DT&Gs ever-changing exhibits are as diverse

as the experiences of its director. A Putney
resident, Barry Stockwell is an accomplished
musician, band manager and impresario. Born
and raised in the Brattleboro region, he is
possibly best known for his musical work with
The Stockwell Brothers, a bluegrassor new-
grassband in which he performs with his two
brothers, Bruce and Alan. Newgrass, or new
bluegrass, is taking the more tradition bluegrass
of Bill Monroe, Flat and Scrubs, and incorporat-
ing elements of other styles of music, according
to Stockwell. Its more contemporary sounding,
and thats what really appealed to us.

The Stockwell Brothers have been perform-

ing together since 1969, making them arguably
the longest-running Vermont folk/bluegrass
group, according to their web site. Albums to
their credit include Stobro and Leave My Dreams
Alone; their first as The Green Mountain Boys,
and collaborating with other musicians on two
albums on the Flying Fish label. Theyve toured
extensively, with an 11-country six-week
European tour being a highlight. It was great.
We got to see the world and make a little money.
But were all married, with kids, and we cant
really tour like we used to. Its tough to stay
busy here, in this area, without traveling a lot.

As well as playing occasional dates with The

Stockwell Brothers, Barry also promotes
concerts at other music venues in the region
through his Twilight Music management
company, including the popular Twilight on the
Tavern Lawn summer concert series in down-
town Putney. Stockwell is also the part-time
manager of Next Stage Arts, a group that has
recently converted the old United Church of
Putney building into a performing arts center.
Next Stage has a larger capacity than Hooker-
Dunham, 180 seats, so if I have an act thats a

14 | April 2012

little too big I can book them into Putney. The It was exciting to be able to connect them with
Yellow Barn is also using Next Stage for some of their an audience.
concerts. Were also doing movies and spoken-word
events through the non-profit Next Stage Arts Project. There are more and more venues around, in
I love doing things right in my home town. Brattleboro, but this place has always had a nice
niche. We encourage community involvement, we
Stockwells menu for the Hooker-Dunham Theater love to see different groups coming in and using this
includes acoustic music events, spoken-word space. Its a busy time, but its extremely exciting.
presentations, films, and a series of stand-up comedy
acts in the past. In addition to what might seem like Theres a lot happening in this little space a short
a full plate, the Hooker-Dunham Theater and Gallery walk off Main Street in Brattleboroart is
is also available for rental to the general public for everywhere! For the current schedule of events at
live theater, music, exhibits, private parties, meetings the Hooker-Dunham Theater and Gallery and Next
and other gatherings. The theater is also a popular Stage, watch the listings in Whats Up in the Valley, and
venue for the annual Brattleboro Literary Festival and check their website at
Brattleboro Womens Film Festival.

The main thing I love about this space is that its

small. Its allowed me to book acts that were just
starting out, Stockwell says, We had Grace Music
Potter and the Nocturnals here with an audience of
about 40 people. Weve had Kate Moss. Obviously Sat, Apr 7 | 7:30 PM Fri, Apr 27 | 7:30 PM
Prydein and Friends Cantrip and Friends
were too small for them now. But Gandalf Murphy, Next Stage Hooker-Dunham
Lori McKenna, they played here on the way up. Celtic Rock quintet with High energy Scottish music
two highland bagpipes, from Edinburgh and New
guitar, flutes, tin whistles, England by bagpiper Dan
bouzouki, mandolin, bass, Houghton, fiddler Jon Bews,
drums and vocals mixing a and guitarist Eric MacDon-
traditional Celtic repertoire ald. Plus Celtic trio Randy
with contemporary rock Miller, Ross Kahle, and
sensibility. Plus Celtic trio Roger Kahle.
Randy Miller, Ross Kahle,
and Roger Kahle. Other
Wed, Apr 18 | 7 PM Fri & Sat, Apr 6-7 &
Starry Mountain 13-14 | 8 PM
Singers The Double Trouble
Hooker-Dunham Tour
Traditional songs from Hooker-Dunham
around the world by an Two one-man shows: The
eight-member choral en- Rock N Wrestle Road
semble. Show by Collin Chace and
Sun, Apr 22 | 7:30 PM pialidocious by Seth Lepore.
Sierra Hull & Highway
111 w/ Mike Compton Tue, Apr 10 | 7PM
Next Stage Messages From The
International Bluegrass Other Side
Music Association award- Hooker-Dunham
winning mandolin prodigy Connect with your loved
Sierra Hull and her Tennes- ones who have passed and
see-based bluegrass quintet. receive their messages. Ran-
Plus Mississippi mandolinist dom readings for audience
and former Bill Monroe members by Intuitive Spirit
protg Mike Compton. Medium and Paranormal
Researcher Lisa Lanno.

April 2012 | 15


1 2 3
Monty Pythons Spamalot All About Air (education, family/ Open Wall (visual arts) | 11 AM
(performance) | 4 & 8 PM | The youth) | 3:30 PM | Montshire Mu- | Gallery at the VAULT; 68 Main
Paramount Theatre; 30 Center St; seum of Science; One Montshire St; Springfield,VT | Theme: People,
Rutland,VT | Two shows! Rd; Norwich,VT Places, and Things.

8 9 10
Trivia Night (other) | 7 PM | Salt Books and Beyond: Science History of the Railroad in
Hill Pub; Lebanon and Newport, for Preschoolers (family/youth) Cheshire County, 1844-1984
NH | Live pub trivia every Sunday | 10:15 & 11:30 AM | Montshire (cultural/historic) | Historical Soci-
night. Museum of Science; Norwich,VT ety of Cheshire Co., Keene, NH

15 16 17
West River Creamery Cheese April in Wonderland Kids Football Fields are for Band
Tasting (food) | 12 Noon | Camp (family/youth) | Mon-Fri, Practice! (music, education) |
Vermont Country Store; 1292 Apr 16-20 | MoCo Arts; 76 Rail- 9 AM | Redfern Arts Center;
Rockingham Rd; Rockingham,VT road St; Keene, NH Wyman Way; Keene, NH

22 23 24
Putney Community Earth Keene Restaurant Week Swing & Salsa Dance Classes
Day (education, cultural/historic) (food) | Mon-Sun, Apr 23-29 | (education, music) | Tracy Hall WB,
| 10 AM | Putney School; 418 Keene, NH Norwich,VT
Houghton Brook Rd; Putney,VT

29 30 31
Keene Pops Choir (music) | 3 Free Balance Screening
PM | The Colonial Theatre; 95 (health) | 9 AM | Bellows Falls
Main St; Keene, NH | Music from Senior Center, 18 Tuttle St. |
Americas great legacy. Sponsored by Springfield Hospital.

4 5 6 7
Lilys Crossing (performance, Jazz Trio (music) | 6:30 PM | Almost Maine (performance, fam- Baby Animal Day (family/youth,
education, family/youth) | 10 AM | Burdicks; 47 Main St; Walpole, NH ily/youth) | Apr 6-8 & 13-15; Fri & agriculture, cultural/historic) | 10 AM
Claremont Opera House; 58 Op- | Jesse Carr; Eugene Uman; and Sat @ 7 PM, Sat & Sun @ 2 PM | | Billings Farm & Museum; Rte 12
era House Square; Claremont, NH Genevieve Rose. No cover. New England Youth Theater. & River Rd; Woodstock,VT

11 12 13 14
John Willis (visual arts, educa- Zentangles! (spirituality, educa- Richard King w/ Jan Rosen Turn It Loose (music) | 8 PM
tion) | 7 PM | Landmark College; 1 tion) | 6 PM | Springfield Town (music) | 7 PM | Sunapee Com- | Mole Hill Theatre; 789 Gilsum
River Rd S; Putney,VT | How Might Library; 43 Main St; Springfield,VT munity Coffeehouse; Sunapee Mine Rd; East Alstead, NH
We Use Artistic Practice in Service? Methodist Church, Sunapee, NH

18 19 20 21
What Went Wrong? The Charles Simic (written word) | Tibetan Harmonic Healing Second Wind w/ Guests (music)
Clash Between Islam and 4 PM | Keene State College; Bowls (spirituality) | 7 PM | South | 7:30 PM | Claremont Opera
Modernity in the Middle East Keene, NH | Former Poet Church; 20 Church St; Newport, House; 58 Opera House Square;
(education) | 7 PM | Brooks Me- Laureate of the United States. NH Claremont, NH | Classy, a bit sassy
morial Library; Brattleboro,VT

25 26 27 28
John Nestle (education) | 7 PM Acoustic Thursdays (music) White River Indie Film Festi- Billings Farm Opening Day
| Brooks Memorial Library; 224 | 6:30 PM | Fritzs; 45 Main St; val (cinema) | Fri-Sun, Apr 27-29 | (agriculture) | 10 AM | Billings Farm
Main St; Brattleboro,VT Keene, NH White River Junction,VT & Museum; Woodstock,VT

See our full listings inside for more information, or at
Check with the event promoter beforehand to make sure there hasnt been a
cancellation or rescheduling. Let them know you saw it in Whats Up In The Valley!
(April 7, contd) activities for fun science learning and Swing & Salsa Dance Classes (education,
exploration. For children ages 3-5 and their music) | Tracy Hall WB, Norwich,VT | See
tool & die shop. BYOB. | Directions: Gilsum parent or caregiver. | 802-649-2200, www. listing for Tuesday, April 3.
Mine Road to Baine Way; search Mole Hill
Theater on Facebook Wednesday, April 11
Tuesday, April 10
Prydein (music) | 7:30 PM | Next Stage; 15 Knitting Together (benefit/charity) | Village
Kimball Hill; Putney,VT | Celtic rock quintet History of the Railroad in Cheshire Square Booksellers, Bellows Falls | See
Prydein featuring bagpipers Iain Macharg County, 1844-1984 (education, cultural/ listing for Wednesday, April 4.
and Dan Houghton. | 802-254-9276, www. historic) | Runs through Apr 27 | Histori- cal Society of Cheshire County; 246 Main Chicago (performance) | Tue-Sun through
St; Keene, NH | Speed, Safety and Comfort: May 6 @ 7:30 PM; plus weekend matinees |
The Double Trouble Tour (performance) A History of the Railroad in Cheshire County Northern Stage; Briggs Opera House, 12 W
| Hooker-Dunham Theater & Gallery, illustrates the story of the railroad from its Main St; White River Junction,VT | Nomi-
Brattleboro | See listing for Friday, April 6. construction through its demise. | 603-352- nated for 11 Tony Awards; the revival won
1895, 6 Tonys, including Best Revival of a Musical.
Red Molly w/ Mark | 802-291-9009, www.
Erelli (music) | 8 PM |
Peterborough Players Great Mystery Bus Tour
Theater; 55 Hadley Rd; John Willis (visual arts,
Peterborouogh, NH | education) | 7 PM | Land-
The dynamic female trio mark College; 1 River Rd
brings back their lively S; Putney,VT | How Might
music & engaging stage We Use Artistic Practice
presence. | 603-827-2905, in Service? Using pho- tographic explorations,
Sat, Apr 14 @ noon | Mystery on Main Street, Brattleboro artistic process, & educa-
NRBQ (music) | 8 PM | Bestselling authors John Connolly, William Kent Krueger, Liza tion as a way to relate to
Tupelo Music Hall; 188 S Marklund, & M.J. Rosethe tours only northern New England stop. others and attempt to
Main St; White River Junc- make a positive contri-
tion,VT | Known for live bution to the world. |
performances containing a high degree of 802-387-4767,
spontaneity and levity, and blending rock, Pub Night (education, cultural/historic) |
pop, jazz, blues and Tin Pan Alley. www. 6 PM | JD McCliments Pub; 26 Bellows Falls An Evening of Poetry (written word) | 802-698-8341, www.tupelohall- Rd; Putney,VT | Transition Putney hosts Pub | 7 PM | Brooks Memorial Library; 224 Night every 2nd Tuesday: good food, drink, Main St; Brattleboro,VT | Join poets Tim
and conversation about how we can build Mayo, Jeff Friedman, and Lucas Farrell for
SIRSY (music) | 9 PM | Salt Hill Pub; 7 a vibrant, localized, resilient, and connected an evening of poetry. | 802-254-5290,
Lebanon St; Hanover, NH | Albany, NY indie community. |
power-pop duo. | 603-676-7855, www. Live Irish Trad Sessions (music) | Salt Jazz Jam Session (music) | Vermont
Hill Pub, Lebanon | See listing for Tuesday, Jazz Center, Brattleboro | See listing for
Sunday, April 8 April 3. Wednesday, April 4.

Almost Maine (performance, family/youth) Workshops On The Edge (performing Thursday, April 12
| New England Youth Theater, Brattleboro | arts, education) | 6:30 PM | Heberton Hall;
See listing for Friday, April 6. 72 Winter St; Keene, NH | Every 2nd Tues- Zentangles! (spirituality, education) | 6
day, members of the Edge Ensemble share PM | Springfield Town Library; 43 Main St;
Contra Dance Brattleboro (music, their knowledge with any and all. | 603-352- Springfield,VT | Easy to learn, relaxing, and
family/youth) | 7:15 PM | Stone Church; 5657, intuitive art form using repetitive
210 Main St; Brattleboro,VT | A twice- patterns. A great creativity kick-start.
monthly dance party featuring fantastic live Astronomy Group Meeting (educa- | 802-885-3108,
music, excellent calling, and a lively group tion) | 7 PM | Whiting Library; 117 Main St;
of friendly dancers. | 802-257-9234, www. Chester,VT | A monthly stimulating evening exploring the universe through astronomy. Acoustic Thursdays (music) | Fritzs,
Free and open to all. | 802-875-6464 Keene | See listing for Thursday, April 5.
Monday, April 9
Messages From The Other Side (spiri- Open Mic Newport (music) | Salt Hill
Books and Beyond: Science for Pre- tuality) | 7 PM | Hooker-Dunham Theater Pub, Newport | See listing for Thursday,
schoolers (family/youth) | 10:15 & 11:30 & Gallery; 139 Main St; Brattleboro,VT | April 5.
AM | Montshire Museum of Science; One Connect with loved ones who have passed;
Montshire Rd; Norwich,VT | Combines random readings for audience members. | Open Mic Lebanon (music) | Salt Hill Pub,
great childrens literature and hands-on 802-254-9276, Lebanon | See listing for Thursday, April 5.

18 | April 2012

Friday, April 13 NH | Touching & hilarious tell it like it is | 12 Noon | Mystery on Main Street; 119
look at the lives of a group of female friends. Main St; Brattleboro,VT | Bestselling
Friday Morning Pageturners (writ- | 603-352-2033, authors John Connolly, William Kent
ten word) | 10:30 AM | Springfield Public Krueger, Liza Marklund, and M.J. Rose
Library; 43 Main St; Springfield,VT | A lively Ravi Coltrane Quartet (music) | 8 PM | discuss their novels, answer questions,
and welcoming short story discussion UMass Amherst, Stockbridge Hall, Bowker autograph books. The only northern New
group meets twice a month and discusses Auditorium; 80 Campus Center Way; England stop on this special tour. | 802-258-
one short story at each meeting. | 802-885- Amherst, MA | One of the most acclaimed 2211,
3108, working groups in jazz today. Ravi
Coltrane is the son of the legendary tenor Almost Maine (performance, family/youth)
Almost Maine (performance, family/youth) saxophonist John Coltrane and jazz pianist | New England Youth Theater, Brattleboro |
| New England Youth Theater, Brattleboro | Alice Coltrane. | See listing for Friday, April 6.
See listing for Friday, April 6. 545-2511 or 1-800-999-UMAS, https://uma- SPELL CHECK! A Spelling Bee for
Richard King w/ Jan Rosen (music) | 7 Grown Ups (other) | 6 PM | The Latchis
PM | Sunapee Community Coffeehouse; The Double Trouble Tour (performance) | Theatre; 50 Main St; Brattleboro,VT | Trios
Sunapee Methodist Church, Downstairs, Hooker-Dunham Theater & Gallery, of spellers are pitted against one another
17 Lower Main St; Sunapee, NH | Old time Brattleboro | See listing for Friday, April 6. before a whimsical panel: MC Tom Bodett,
songs, Americana, and contemporary folk. Judge Archer Mayor, and Beekeeper Jim
| 603-763-3241 (or after 6 PM, 603-763- Dan Hicks and The Hot Licks (music) Maxwell. Rampant wordplay, anecdotes,
4301), | 8 PM | Tupelo Music Hall; 188 S Main St; bicycle horns, and laughter. | 802-254-1109,
White River Junction,VT | Hicks deftly
Comedian Bob Marley (performance) | blends elements of swing, jazz, folk, and
7:30 PM | Lebanon Opera House; 51 North country music to create the appealing Eugene Friesen and Friends (music) |
Park St; Lebanon, NH | Youve seen Bob on sound he sometimes calls Folk Jazz. Hes 7:30 PM | Stone Church Arts; 20 Church
Leno, Letterman, Conan, Craig Ferguson... a snappy dresser, too. | St; Bellows Falls,VT | Top-notch musicians
now you can see him live on stage. | 603- 802-698-8341, give a jazz/world concert the likes of which
448-0400, is normally only seen in big cities. | 802-
Saturday, April 14 463-3100,
Girls Night (performance, music) | 8 PM | SCAConcerts.html
The Colonial Theatre; 95 Main St; Keene, Great Mystery Bus Tour (written word)

April 2012 | 19

Interview by Mark Piepkorn

Hot Dance and Jazz with Jimmie

The Jimmie Jazz Show Thursday 1-3 PM
We play hot dance, jazz, nostalgia, comedy, and and the kind
oddball; but mostly dance music of the 20s, the Jazz I like wasnt
Age, says Jim Baldwin, host of the Jimmie Jazz show. listed (laughs).
In those days, people didnt know what jazz was, And theres a
so it was anything you could dance to. As long as it lot of jazz
wasnt a waltz or a tango, it must have been jazz. As collectors, theyd sooner have a tooth pulled than
time went on, around 1923, 24, the better players in listen to a dance record. Because thats not jazz to
these bands were allowed to stand up and take a solo them. Everybodys got their taste.
sometimestrumpet, trombone, bass sax; today, we
collectors call that hot dance. I used to listen to a good disc jockey, Ray Smith of the
Jazz Decades out of WGBH in Boston, back 50 years
Sometimes people ask me what kind of music I like, ago. He played my kinda stuff. I learned a lot from
and I say, You heard of Benny Goodman, Tommy that guy just listening to his show.
Dorsey, Glenn Miller? Well, I like to hear those people
in the bands they were in when they were side men, Jimmie Jazz will have been on the air seven years this
paying their dues. Its not swing; that era started summer. It started out, actually, in Brattleboro, at a
around 1935... but the word wasnt used in the 20s. station down there. They used to have parties for the
The music I like had a swing feel, and people confuse personnel, and at one of the parties this lady said to
it with the swing era, but its two different things. me, You know, theyre gonna have one of these up
in Bellows Falls. So I asked around up here, and I was
Even today, no one can really tell you what jazz is. able to get in on the ground floor. And Ive been here
I read a book and it named at least 58 kinds of jazz ever since.

My folks bought me a portable record player from Sears Roebuck. I was just a young guy, 14. I had this pal, he
came over to the house with a record and asked if Id like to listen to it. I said Yeah. He had a copy of an LP by
The California Ramblers. And that record had great titles on itClap Hands, Here Comes Charlie, Col-
legiate, The Charleston, Everything is Hotsy-Totsy... I was hooked. I hoped my friend would never come
and ask for it back (laughs). Well, years later, at a record show, a guy had a box under the table. I pulled it out
and went through it, and there was that record! Man, I snapped it up. Its one of my favorite things.

Contra Dance Nelson (family/youth, Cheryl Wheeler (music) | 8 PM | Tupelo Almost Maine (performance, family/youth)
music) | 7:30 PM | Nelson Town Hall; 7 Music Hall; 188 S Main St; White River | New England Youth Theater, Brattleboro |
Nelson Common Rd; Nelson, NH | Junction,VT | Cheryls songs have been See listing for Friday, April 6.
Workshop/lesson 7:30, Dance 8-11. | covered by Dan Seals, Peter Paul and Mary,
603-762-0235, Kenny Loggins, Garth Brooks, Suzy Boggus, The Ariel Quartet (music) | 3 PM | The
Melanie, Bette Midler, Maura OConnell, Paramount Theatre; 30 Center St; Rutland,
Turn It Loose (music) | 8 PM | Mole Hill Sylvia, Kathy Mattea, and Holly Near. They VT | The American Record Guide de-
Theatre; 789 Gilsum Mine Rd; East Alstead, think shes great. | scribed them as a consummate ensemble
NH | Music & performing arts in the unique 802-698-8341, gifted with utter musicality and remarkable
setting of a working tool & die shop. BYOB. interpretive power. | 802-775-0903, www.
| Directions: Gilsum Mine Road to Baine Sunday, April 15
Way; search Mole Hill Theater on Facebook
West River Creamery Cheese Tasting Shower Wall (visual arts) | BLCARTGRP
The Double Trouble Tour (performance) | (food & foodie) | 12 PM | Vermont Country Gallery, Chester | See listing for Sunday,
Hooker-Dunham Theater & Gallery, Store; 1292 Rockingham Rd; Rockingham, April 1.
Brattleboro | See listing for Friday, April 6. VT | A selection of their cheeses. For
tasting. | 802-362-5950, www.Vermont- Bluegrass @ Home (music) | 7 PM | Lebanon Opera House; 51 North Park St;

20 | April 2012

Lebanon, NH | Crunchy Western Boys and
Reckless Breakfast. Free. Donations accepted
at the door for the performers. | 603-448-

John McCutcheon (music) | 7:30 PM | First

Baptist Church; 190 Main St; Brattleboro,VT |
Songwriter & storyteller par excellence, a
consummate performer of heart, wit, and
charm. One of the most respected and
beloved folk performers in the U.S. | 802-257-

Monday, April 16
Abenaki Lifeways Childrens Camp
(family/youth) | Mon-Fri, Apr 16-20; Cheshire
County grades 3-8 students only | Histori-
cal Society of Cheshire County; 246 Main St;
Keene, NH | Children will learn the regions
Native history and cultures. Activities include
cordage making; identify & collect spring plants;
make toys & play games; make models & life-
size structures; cook traditional food; basket
making. Registration required. | 603-352-1895,

April in Wonderland Kids Camp (family/

youth) | Mon-Fri, Apr 16-20 | MoCo Arts; 76
Railroad St; Keene, NH | For 4-12 year olds.
Explore the world of Alice in Wonderland
through singing, dancing, acting, arts/crafts, cre-
ative writing. We will put on a musical theater
production with costumes & sets designed by
the campers. | 603-357-2100,

Calvin Coolidge: A Presidential Story

(education, food, cultural/historic) | 12 Noon |
First Congregational Church of Walpole; 15
Washington St (on the common); Walpole,
NH | Walpole Seniors meet for potluck and a
talk by the great-granddaughter of President
Coolidge. Bring a dish to share and any memo-
rabilia about pets. Fun and good socialization.

Tuesday, April 17
Football Fields are for Band Practice!
(music, education) | 9 AM | Redfern Arts Center;
Wyman Way; Keene, NH | A Music Education
Guest Lecture sponsored by the KSC Dept.
of Music: Mr. Glen DEon, band director at Fall
Mountain Regional High School. | 603-358-

Live Irish Trad Sessions (music) | Salt Hill

Pub, Lebanon | See listing for Tuesday, April 3.

Swing & Salsa Dance Classes (education,

music) | Tracy Hall WB, Norwich,VT | See
listing for Tuesday, April 3.

(page 25)

April 2012 |

make a difference. The hope and coming together as a
community adds up.

evertheless, the truth is inescapable: America

N was more receptive to ideas of public protest in

the early 1970s than it is now. There are many
reasons for this, not all of them negative. The Earth
Day movement and its slogan of Think Globally, Act
Locally actually caught on. Ideas of localism are now
de rigueur, as is seen in the locavore movement and
other popular efforts to bring social change home.

Im not sure its such a bad thing going local and

being more decentralized and being pervasive on a
local level, instead this one-day 20-million-person
event, Roby explains, It might be beneficial to have
2012 Anuhea Sebtad, Putney School it be within our lives on a more moment to moment
basis on a smaller level.
from page 7
Faculty member Dawn Zweig agrees. A graduate of
Sustainability Squad, a group dedicated to lessening
Antioch University, Ms. Zweig has been the faculty
the impact of the campus on a fragile earth. The teams
adviser to Ms. Schultz and has helped to keep this
leader, Junior Sylvie Graubard, sums up their efforts
project on track. Its hard because, as a teacher and
this way: We define sustainability as living in a way
someone whos passionate about this, she says, it
that the world can exist and sustain life in the future
makes me sad that we have to have just one day; oh,
similarly to the way we live now. This is our first really
heres this one day to talk about recycling and then
big event.
well wait til next year to talk about it again.
Its not always easy, Graubard says. Keeping the
The one day concept launched in 1970 was neither
Putney School sustainable is probably less challenging
the beginning of the movement nor of the legisla-
than other schools because this place is more suscep-
tion for which it is sometimes credited. Before Earth
tible to these ideas than elsewhere; but still there is
Day came the 1955 Air Pollution Control Act, the 1956
some resistance from students who get tired of having
Water Pollution Control Act, the 1963 Clean Air Act,
the ideas shoved down their throats.
the 1964 National Wilderness Preservation System, the
1965 Water Quality Act, the 1965 Solid Waste Disposal
No less than lawmakers and the voting public, young
Act, the founding of the Environmental Defense Fund,
people are far from immune to issue fatigue. The
Greenpeace, the Wilderness Society, and the National
pressure to fix these problems has been with them
Environmental Policy Act.
since birth, making contemporary students even more
reluctant to address what sometimes must appear an
unstoppable force.

To combat the discouraging import of the topics grim

realities, Schultz and her cohorts focus on the positive.
At the beginning of this project it took a while to have
my mind let go of the negative ideas, she confesses.

Faculty member Alice Roby agrees, Its hard to stay

away from the despair sometimes. This issue is so
enormous. [We ask] what is writing that letter going
to do, what is going to this workshop going to do. Its
important to learn that those actions collectively do 1970 Earth Day Committee of Philadelphia

22 | April 2012

Part of the larger zeitgeist, Rachel Carsons 1962 book, the Earth Day Network is trying to achieve now using
Silent Spring, was the most well-articulated accounting the world wide web. The Putney students are of two
of the perils of progress. It captured the publics imagi- minds on that topic.
nation long before Earth Day, selling 100,000 copies
by the end of the first year. The books most compel- chultz starts the conversation like this: I was
ling chapter, A Fable For Tomorrow, imagined the world
poisoned by pesticides, all life extinguished and no
birds to greet the morning with song. President Ken-
S thinking about the internet and the many
possibilities it allows in promoting sustainability.
It should be good news for sustainability and spreading
nedy is said to have read the book and set in motion the word. But I think whats getting in the way is tech-
the most important government studies on the topic of nology being less of a way of communicating and more
pesticides. These eventually led to the ban of DDT and of a distraction. Its not allowing people to think about
the regulation of toxic chemicals in the environment. whats real and in front of your face.
Within two years of the books publication, Ms. Car-
son herself was dead from breast cancer but she left a She worries that the onslaught of digital information
powerful legacy. The burgeoning literature of ecology intrudes on her ability to focus on the topic. When I
fueled a further public understanding of the gravity of get on the computer to email about sustainability, Ill
the issue. get distracted by all of these other thingsnot just
specifically with the internet but also technology as its
growingprovides so many things to think about.
You click and you sign something
Sylvie Graubard agrees, Im on a hundred email lists
you might not even care about. about things that are wrong and you click something
and you sign a petition about something you might
-Sylvie Graubard, Putney Student not even care about. But [our project] is something
tangible and local because this is our world. This is
Despite the groundswell of opinion and legislation, be- our world.
fore Earth Day 1970, Federal environmental protection
laws were weak on enforceability. Most government Student Ellie Berler is less inclined to dismiss the
funding left enforcement and regulation to state govern- internet as a distraction and sees mobilization as
ments. The rapid growth of mass media in the decades something of a two-tiered structure: The unmediat-
after the war had made it clear we were all living in one ed experience is whats needed on a local level, she
connected world, interdependent in an entangled says, but by having all these experiences compiled
ecosystem that extended from the equator to the poles. on the internet I can get that feeling that I am one in
The national outcry on April 22, 1970 did more than two million people doing this same thing. Sophomore
arouse the public imagination; it united it in real space Catherine Davis concurs, Some things cant always be
and time which, if not truly the expression of a unified one big thing but, rather, multiple things all stacked
public, was the largest such demand of the people in together.
history. Theres something about bodies in space that
(page 26)
fills each of us with a sense of the whole. This is what

April 2012 | 23

FOUR ONE-ACTS ON STAGE IN APRIL Article by Mark Piepkorn

One-act plays arent some new idea spawned in our attention-deficit era: Euripides was writing
them back in the day, in the 5th Century BC. And like a great short story can pack more
wallop than a mediocre novel, a powerful one-act can blow a bigger production off the stage.
We have two pairs of compelling single-acts playing in our region this April. At first blush the
sets appear to be diametric opposites; but a closer look uncovers that the four delve into similar
territory. All of them deal with alienation, as well as with changethe lack of change, or the
need for it. But the plays in The Double Trouble Tour are just about as light as the ones in Two Men
On The Edge are dark. All of them make for compelling theater.


Two Men On The Edge is a night of one-act theater teaming the Two chameleonic actors shape-shift between characters in their
Samuel Beckett classic with a new work by Lionel Chute. Theres no respective one-act plays for a laugh-yourself-to-tears look at
hiding at the Mole Hill Theater. mental health and the happiness industry.

Regarded by many as the best one-man one-act ever written, In The Rock N Wrestle Road Show, actor/author Collin Chace careens
Krapps Last Tape is an absurdist masterpiece. Spanning a lifetime between characters like potty-mouthed heiress Delilah Bardeaux
of increasing self-loathing and despair using the clever conceit of Counterbeea peace activist, because war is interfering with her
a reel-to-reel recorder, every line, whether spoken or on tape sex life; eight-year-old poet Luis Saragossa, sending Teen Beat his
and every silence as wellworks to reveal that life. The play isnt poem Crazy 4 Justin Timberlake; and Huey Walker Lewis, a civil
devoid of humor, however. The actor tackling the work, Peter rights activist-turned-British tube station announcer. Released
Hendrick, told WUITV, Its a loaded play, and the intimacy of Mole from a mental health ward, theyre rejoining the world with
Hill will allow no hiding from the audience. their outsider perspectives on race relations, gay marriage, war,
and other big issues. The play affirms that the marginalized are
Round The Bend is an autobiographical consideration of Lionel essential voices for social change.
Chutes life, emphasizing his work as an environmentalist. He grew
up in New York City and was an actor there for 15 years before Seth Lepore turns the happiness industry on its head in his play
packing it in for the woods of New England, where he became a SuperHappyMelancholyexpialidocious, unearthing the farcical ideolo-
forester and botanist. He wound up leading a state program that gy of the positive thinking movement by scrutinizing its elements,
keeps track of rare plant and animal species. The crux is not from Texas megachurches-turned-motivational-hothouses to the
necessarily a spoiler: Today, Lionel says, I no longer believe that latest Oprahs Book Club self-actualization testament. He uses
human society can, or even really wants to, live in harmony with shrewd observations of our happiness hang-ups to expose the true
nature and natural systems. Ouch. This hits especially close to cost of this ongoing pursuit, weaving stranger-than-fiction yet all-
home on Earth Day weekend. too-real characters into the fold, shifting on a dime.

In an intriguing bit of theatrical collaboration, each actor is Lepore and Chace combine their skills as playwrights and actors to
directing the others performance. The Mole Hill Theater, which spotlight societys overlooked with a wry grace. The Hooker-Dun-
has a day job as a working industrial machine shop, seems a ham is a comfortable, intimate theater. See the article beginning
particularly appropriate venue. on page 12 in this issue.

Krapps Last Tape by Samuel Beckett; Peter Hendrick, actor The Rock N Wrestle Road Show, actor/author Collin Chace
Round the Bend by Lionel Chute, performed by the author SuperHappyMelancholyexpialidocious, actor/author Seth Lepore
Mole Hill Theatre | East Alstead, NH Hooker-Dunham Theater & Gallery | Brattleboro, VT
Three Performances: Four Performances:
Fri & Sat, Apr 20 & 21 @ 7:30 PM; Sun, Apr 22 @ 4 PM Fri & Sat, Apr 6-7 & 13-14 @ 8 PM

24 | April 2012

Finding Home (music) | 7:30 PM | Red- Chicago (performance) | Northern Stage,
fern Arts Center; Wyman Way; Keene, NH | White River Junction | See listing for
Mezzo-Soprano Emily Jaworski is establish- Wednesday, April 11.
ing a reputation for excellence in perfor-
mance. Most recently seen as Jazz Jam Session (music) | Vermont
Dorabella in Cosi fan Tutte, Idamante in Jazz Center, Brattleboro | See listing for
Idomeneo, and Aloes in Chabriers LEtoile. Wednesday, April 4.
Free. | 603-358-2344,
Thursday, April 19
Wednesday, April 18
Stagestruck! (performance) | Thu, Apr 19
Knitting Together (benefit/charity) | @ 10:30 AM; Fri, Apr 20 @ 7 PM | New
Village Square Booksellers, Bellows Falls | England Youth Theater; 100 Flat St; Brattle-
See listing for Wednesday, April 4. boro,VT | A sleepy Midwestern town
comes alive with the inspiring costumes
The Starry Mountain Singers (music) | brought by a traveling salesman. Gem City
7 PM | Hooker-Dunham Theater & Gallery; wakes up with song, dance & romance! |
139 Main St; Brattleboro,VT | Traditional 802-246-NEYT (6398),
songs from around the world by an eight-
member choral ensemble. | 802-254-9276, Charles Simic (written word) | 4 PM | Keene State College Alumni Center,
Centennial Hall; Main St and Marlboro St;
Keene, NH | Poetry reading and Bow Thayer & Perfect Trainwreck
Get select event discussion with the former Poet Laureate Thu, Apr 5 @ 7:30 PM
updates in your of the United States. Free. | 603-358-2695,
feed or stream! Proceeds benefit
The Friends of the
Acoustic Thursdays (music) | Fritzs, BF Opera House.
Keene | See listing for Thursday, April 5.
Presented by
Spring Meet the Authors (written Flying Under Radar
word) | 7 PM | Village Square Booksellers; and Vermont Festivals, LLC
in association with
32 The Square; Bellows Falls,VT | Authors
Elayne Clift, James Fowler, Toni Ortner, Cheryl Wheeler WOOL - Black Sheep Radio Thu, May 3 @ 7:30 PM and Kicking & Screaming.
Franklin Reeve, and Skye Stephenson will
read from their new books. | 802-463-
An Evening of Dance (performance) | Classic Film Series
The Founding Fathers: What Were Redfern Arts Center, Keene | See listing for On The Big Screen this month:
They Thinking? (cultural/historic, govern- Wednesday, April 18. April 4
ment, education) | 7 PM | Silsby Free Public
Library; 226 Main St; Charlestown, NH | An The Knights (music) | 7:30 PM | UMass
examination of the prevailing conditions in Amherst, Fine Arts Center Concert Hall;
April 11
the 1780s and the circumstances leading to 151 Presidents Dr; PSYCHO
the Convention of 1787. | 603 826-7793, Amherst, MA | NYC chamber orchestra April 18 of adventurous musicians who cultivate SUNSET BOULEVARD
collaboration and engage audiences in the
What Went Wrong? The Clash Be- shared joy of musical performance. www. April 25
tween Islam and Modernity in the | 545-2511 or 1-800- STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE
Middle East (education) | 7 PM | Brooks 999-UMAS, Wednesdays 7 PM
Memorial Library; 224 Main St; Brattleboro, Tickets $4; students & seniors $2.50
VT | Humanities scholar Dr. Richard Wiz- Open Mic Newport (music) | Salt Hill
ansky provides a reading and discussion. Pub, Newport | See listing for Thursday, The Opera House screens
Fascinating portrait of a culture in turmoil.
| 802-254-5290,
April 5.
first-run films all year!
Open Mic Lebanon (music) | Salt Hill Friday thru Tuesday,
An Evening of Dance (performance) | Pub, Lebanon | See listing for Thursday, with 3pm matinees
Wed to Sat, Apr 18-21 @ 7:30 PM | April 5.
All tickets $5; Tuesday Bargain Night
Redfern Arts Center; Wyman Way; Keene,
NH | Annual modern dance event an- Friday, April 20 Triple-Up at the Snack Bar
nouncing springs arrival with new work by Medium Popcorn, Soda & Any Candy Only $5
students, faculty members, and guest artists. BF3F: 3rd Friday Art Walk (visual arts, (802) 463-4766
| 603-358-2168, food, music, written word, cultural/historic) | The Square in Bellows Falls, VT

April 2012 |

Ms. Schultz is not so sure, Theres something so Ms. Schultz says her dark imagination forces her
beautiful and precious about ten million people doing forward. She can imagine a different future when
some thing all at the same time, as opposed to sitting at things dont work out so well. The thing that scares
home, by themselves, clicking a petition button. When me, she says, with some trepidation, is that all the
there are so many people actually together in person, changes that came from Earth Day came from the
theres a kind of energy that rubs off between them participation of citizens. Lately, corporations and
when their passion is actually being shared instead of governments have more power. Id love to believe that
just doing something that is uniform on the computer, things will have to change in a good way and, were it
on a machine. up to the citizens, it might change in a good way. But
now that theres so much power placed in these things
his is a modern discussion, one not available in above average humans that it might go another way.

T 1970. Then, the media went only in one direction

and though it was a powerful mobilizing force, it
was of less utility in promoting dialog. There is a grow-
My imagination goes astray when I think what it might
be if it goes the wrong way.

ing public awareness of the complexity of the prob- Rachel Carson was interviewed on CBS television
lemthe relationship of international economies. The shortly before her death in 1964. She praised the
dense web of commerce, politics, importance of youthful
and human rights figures so in- perspective, when [the]
extricably into the ecological dy- Passion vs. the machine is world is fresh. Its new, its
namic that its no longer sensible what it is for me... this idea is beautiful, full of wonder
to just demand a clean-up of the and excitement. Its our
environment. Long-term regula- still really important to think misfortune that for most of
tion comes at a short-term ex- about. -Bela Schultz us, that clear-eyed vision
pense to everyone. and that true instinct for
what is beautiful and awe-
Putney teacher Dawn Zweig puts inspiring is dimmed. She
it directly, The environmen- didnt mention the flip side
tal movement isnt just about of how easily we can see
sustainability, its about human the darkness when young,
rights. You cant take the social and how motivational that
piece or the government piece can be.
out of the equation. She never-
theless remains optimistic that hat stone wall in the
in all these nested systems there
are advocates for progressive
change, a fact that offers sol-
T woods behind my
house reminds me
of another thing: its a metaphor for how, individu-
ace to the students and forestalls fatigue. There are ally, each stone can be dislodged assembled in this
people working at all these different levels. A big part one place where they have stood the test of time. The
of what I try to do in my class, without overwhelming wall recalls of the passion of early farmers who lived
the students, is to explain complex systems. If people in a less tenuous balance with the earth, and with the
dont understand how these systems work, how will hands-on version of renewal.
they make good decisions?
Passion vs. the machine is what it is for me, Bela
Many aspects of this complex system can be explored
Schultz says, summing up neatly the simple enduring
at Putneys Earth Day event. More than thirty work-
force of Earth Day. ...This day is still important, this
shops will be led by area people. Local vendors will
idea is still really important to think about.
provide food, crafts, and information. The Putney Coop
will host local farmers and their services. There will
be live music throughout the day. Scheduled peakers For more information about the event, visit the site at
include a keynote address from Tom Wessels, whose
1997 book, Reading The Forested Landscape: A Natural
History of New England has become a classic.

26 | April 2012

4 PM | Bellows Falls,VT | Every 3rd 22 @ 4 PM | Mole Hill Theatre;
Friday, downtown Bellows Falls opens 789 Gilsum Mine Rd; East Alstead,
its doors for an evening of art, music, NH | Krapps Last Tape by Samuel
local shopping, food, and fun. | www. Beckett, and Round the Bend writ- ten and performed by Lionel Chute.
Performed in the unique setting of
Dim Sum Teahouse (visual arts, a working tool & die shop. BYOB.
food) | 5:30 PM | Brattleboro Museum | Directions: Gilsum Mine Road to
& Art Center; 10 Vernon St; Brattle- Baine Way; search Mole Hill Theater
boro,VT | Enjoy authentic dim sum on Facebook
from a pushcart, surrounded by
BMACs current exhibits. | 802-579- Moscow Festival Ballet: Swan
9088, Lake (performance) | 7:30 PM | Leba-
non Opera House; 51 North Park
Contra Dance Woodstock (music, St; Lebanon, NH | Performed in four
family/youth) | 6 PM | The Little acts to music by Tchaikovsky, Swan
Theater; 54 River St; Woodstock,VT | Lake was fashioned from Russian folk
Delicious vegetarian dinner included. tales and ancient German legend. |
6-7:30 Family Dance; 8-10:30 Contra. 603-448-0400, www.lebanonopera- A Sea of Color, 1000s of Rugs Deep
| 802-457-2075,
oldsampeabody 443 Winchester St., Keene, NH
Howie Day (music) | 8 PM | Tupelo 603-357-5152 800-339-5122
Samira Evans (music) | 7 PM | Stone Music Hall; 188 S Main St; White
Church; 210 Main St; Brattleboro, River Junction,VT | Singer and song- v Hand Washing v Moth Proofing
VT | Tax Relief night of dancing with writer Howie Day breaks his silence. Open 7 Days 9-5 v Repairs & Restoration v Appraisals
Samira Evans Band. Swing dance les- | 802-698-8341,
son 7-8pm; Samira Evans, 8-10:30pm. |
Saturday, April 21
April Bernard (written word) | 7 PM
| Village Square Booksellers; 32 The Jungle Jack Hanna (family/youth, The Beauty of Nature in Glass
Square; Bellows Falls,VT | The author education) | 1 PM & 6 PM | The Para- Hand-sculpted and blown vases, collectible
reads from her new book, Miss Fuller. mount Theatre; 30 Center St; Rutland, paperweights, seasonal gifts, and more.
Her writing has appeared in The New VT | Two shows! The renowned
Yorker, the Boston Review, and the New animal expert and host of TVs Jack Onsite gallery and glassblowing
York Review of Books. | 802-463-9404, Hannas Animal Adventures showcases demonstrations. By Chance or Appt. some of his furry and feathered
animal friends from all parts of the
33 Bridge Street Bellows Falls, VT 802-376-5744
An Evening of Dance (perfor- world, live and on stage. | 802-775-
mance) | Redfern Arts Center, Keene 0903,
| See listing for Wednesday, April 18.
Second Wind w/ Guests (music) |
Stagestruck! (performance) | New 7:30 PM | Claremont Opera House;
England Youth Theater, Brattleboro | 58 Opera House Square; Claremont,
See listing for Thursday, April 19. NH | Classy, a bit sassy, and always
fun. Fresh-sounding contemporary
Tibetn Harmonic Healing Bowls pop mixed with classic folk/soft
(spirituality) | 7 PM | South Church; 20 rockmusic played straight from
Church St; Newport, NH | Harmonic the heart... with a touch of fire. |
Healing with Tibetan Bowls. Free. 603-542-4433, www.claremontopera-
A very relaxing hour, bring a mat
or blanket. | 603-863-3729, www. An Evening of Dance (perfor-
mance) | Redfern Arts Center, Keene
Groove Culture (music) | 7:30 PM
| Putney Inn; 57 Putney Landing Rd;
| See listing for Wednesday, April 18. The Daily Cost of Color Advertising
$0 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $600 $700 $800 $900 $1000
Putney,VT | An exciting mix of funk, Two Men on an Edge:Two One-
latin jazz, and swing. | 802-387-5517, Act Plays (performance) | Mole Hill $988.38 The #1 Brattleboro Daily Theatre, East Alstead | See listing for
$828.60 The #1 Keene Daily
Friday, April 20.
Two Men on an Edge:Two One- $119.70 The #1 Regional Weekly
Act Plays (performance) | Fri-Sat, Rob Bartlett (performance) | 7:30
Apr 20-21 @ 7:30 PM, Sunday Apr PM | Lebanon Opera House; 51 $8.67

Prices are based on nonpremium-position local rates for a

1/4-page ad provided on the ad cards of respective publications.
April 2012 |
North Park St; Lebanon, NH | Stand-up that keep exciting fans young and old! | and refugees who have resettled in New
comedian whose credits include Late Night 802-775-0903, Hampshire over the past 100 years. This
with David Letterman and stints with Conan performance is open to the public through
OBrien. | 603-448-0400, www.lebanonop- Contra Dance Brattleboro (music, fam- a suggested donation. | 603-224-4071, ily/youth) | Stone Church, Brattleboro | See
listing for Sunday, April 8.
Les Amies (music) | 7:30 PM | Centre Tuesday, April 24
Congregational Church; 193 Main St; Sierra Hull & Highway 111 (music) |
Brattleboro,VT | BMC Chamber Music 7:30 PM | Next Stage; 15 Kimball Hill; Keene Restaurant Week (food) | Keene,
Series. Carol Wincenc, flute; Nancy Allen, Putney,VT | Tennessee mandolin prodigy NH | See listing for Monday, April 23.
harp; Cynthia Phelps, viola. | 802-257-4523, Sierra Hull and her bluegrass band. | 802- 254-9276, History of the Railroad in Cheshire
County, 1844-1984 (education, cultural/his-
Tribute to Attila Zoller (music) | 8 PM | Monday, April 23 toric) | Historical Society of Cheshire County,
Vermont Jazz Center; 72 Cotton Mill Hill Keene | See listing for Tuesday, April 10.
#222; Brattleboro,VT | Attila Zoller was Keene Restaurant Week (food) | Mon-
a top-tiered guitarist who performed and Sun, Apr 23-29 | Keene, NH | Participating Open Wall (visual arts) | Gallery at the
recorded with the most noteworthy jazz restaurants offer a unique prix fixe menu. VAULT, Springfield | See listing for Tuesday,
musicians of his time. This concert focuses This is the first annual event, spotlighting April 3.
on Zollers music as performed by those Keene as a culinary and cultural destination.
who knew him well. | 802-254-9088, www. | Live Irish Trad Sessions (music) | Salt Hill Pub, Lebanon | See listing for Tuesday,
April 3.
Cats Under The Stars
(music) | 8 PM | Tupelo Music No Film Film Festival Swing & Salsa Dance
Hall; 188 S Main St; White Screening Weekend Classes (education, music)
River Junction,VT | The | Tracy Hall WB, Norwich,
songs of the Jerry Garcia VT | See listing for
Band; an experience you will Tuesday, April 3.
not forget. | 802-698-8341, Wednesday,
April 25
Sunday, April 22
Keene Restaurant
Putney Community Week (food) | Keene, NH
Earth Day (education, Sat & Sun, Apr 28 & 29 | Bellows Falls | See listing for Monday,
cultural/historic) | 10 AM | April 23.
Putney School; 418 Hough-
The best entries from the Festival Challenge
ton Brook Rd; Putney,VT | on the largest screen in Southern Vermont, Young Scientist
Instead of focusing on the film/TV industry trade show, and festivities. Program (family/youth,
negative aspects of environ- education) | Apr 25 - May
mental issues, the day will 16 @ 9:30 AM & 1 PM |
have a optimistic feel, and will emphasize Business Coaching (education) | 9 AM | Montshire Museum of Science; One Mont-
some of the positive things that have been Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce; shire Rd; Norwich,VT | Geared towards
happening. Workshops, music, movies, 48 Central Square; Keene, NH | For preschoolers and kindergartners ages 4-6.
booths, keynote speakers. established and emerging business owners, Hands-on experiments, fun projects, and
including non-profit organizations. Time individual explorations in the physical and
Dreaming Again (performance) | 2 PM | management, team building, and cash flow natural sciences. | 802-649-2200, www.
The Colonial Theatre; 95 Main St; Keene, management. Free. | 603-352-1303, www.
NH | Dramatic play based on the authentic
stories of immigrants and refugees who Knitting Together (benefit/charity) | Village
have resettled in New Hampshire over the Writers Group (written word) | 6:30 PM Square Booksellers, Bellows Falls | See
past 100 years. | 603-224-4071, www.nhhc. | Springfield Public Library; 43 Main St; listing for Wednesday, April 4.
org/FencesandNeighbors.php Springfield,VT | All writers and would-be
writers age 18 and older are invited to join. John Nestle (education) | 7 PM | Brooks
Two Men on an Edge:Two One-Act Come and listen, get support for your writ- Memorial Library; 224 Main St; Brattleboro,
Plays (performance) | Mole Hill Theatre, ing, share your work if youd like. | 802-885- VT | The CEO and fighter test pilot will talk
East Alstead | See listing for Friday, April 20. 3108, about starting a high-tech avionics company
and flying jet aircraft. Not a lecture; a con-
Glenn Miller Orchestra (music) | 4 PM | Dreaming Again (performance) | 7 PM | versation about his extensive & long career.
The Paramount Theatre; 30 Center St; Rut- River Valley Community College; 1 College | 802-254-5290,
land,VT | The 19-member band continues Dr; Claremont, NH | Dramatic play based
to play the original Miller arrangements on the authentic stories of immigrants

28 | April 2012

Chicago (performance) | Northern Stage, White River Indie Film Festival (cine-
White River Junction | See listing for ma) | Fri-Sun, Apr 27-29 | White River Junc-
Wednesday, April 11. tion,VT | Recent prizewinners from major
international film festivals and submissions
Jazz Jam Session (music) | Vermont from regional filmmakers, selected for artis-
Jazz Center, Brattleboro | See listing for tic and social merit. Also panels, workshops,
Wednesday, April 4. readings, and parties. |

Thursday, April 26 Final Friday Coffeehouse (music) | 7:30 PRYDEIN & FRIENDS
PM | Stone Church Arts; 20 Church St; Twin bagpipe Celtic Rock quintet that mixes
Keene Restaurant Week (food) | Keene, Bellows Falls,VT | Our region brims with traditional repertoire and rock sensability.
NH | See listing for Monday, April 23. talent! Open mic in the intimate setting of NEXT STAGE SAT. APRIL 7, 7:30PM
the Chapel Gallery. | 802-463-3100, www. 15 Kimball Hill, Putney
Acoustic Thursdays (music) | Fritzs,
Keene | See listing for Thursday, April 5.
Open Mic Sunapee (music, performance) The IBMA award-winning
Open Mic Newport (music) | Salt Hill | 7 PM | Sunapee Community Coffeehouse; mandolin prodigy and
her all-star bluegrass
Pub, Newport | See listing for Thursday, Sunapee Methodist Church, Downstairs, quintet, plus Monroe-
April 5. 17 Lower Main St; Sunapee, NH | Stop by style mondolinist, Mike
to listen or join in! Sign up for your 15 min Compton
Open Mic Lebanon (music) | Salt Hill Pub, or three songs. Storytellers also welcome. SUN. APRIL 22, 7:30PM
Lebanon | See listing for Thursday, April 5. | 603-763-3241 (or after 6 PM, 603-763- NEXT STAGE
4301), 15 Kimball Hill, Putney
Friday, April 27 CANTRIP & FRIENDS
Rag Rug Weaving (other) | 7 PM | Putney
High energy Scottish
Keene Restaurant Week (food) | Keene, Inn; 57 Putney Landing Rd; Putney,VT | music from Edinburgh
NH | See listing for Monday, April 23. Learn the fun art of turning old clothes FRI. APRIL 27, 7:30PM
into beautiful rugs. Covers setting up the HOOKER-DUNHAM
Friday Morning Pageturners (written loom, rag preparation, weaving and finishing 139 Main St., Brattleboro
word) | Springfield Public Library | See list- techniques. | 802-387-2656, www.putney- INFO & TICKETS
ing for Friday, April 13. 802-254-9276

April 2012 | 29

I and Eye: Pictures of My Genera- Billings Farm Opening Day (educa-
tion (visual arts) | 7 PM | Brooks Memo- tion, family/youth, agriculture, cultural/historic,
rial Library; 224 Main St; Brattleboro,VT | outdoors) | 10 AM | Billings Farm & Museum;
An astonishing record of the far-ranging Rte 12 & River Rd; Woodstock,VT | One of
experiences of a generation. Peter Simon the finest operating dairy farms in America
is a nationally acclaimed photographer, and a museum of Vermonts rural past
photojournalist, author, and music historian. your gateway to Vermonts rural heritage. |
| 802-254-5290, 802-457-2355,

Cantrip and Friends | 7:30 PM | Hooker- White River Indie Film Festival (cin-
Dunham Theater & Gallery; 139 Main St; ema) | White River Junction | See listing for
Brattleboro,VT | High energy Scottish Friday, April 27.
music from Edinburgh and New England. |
802-254-9276, Hungry Town (music) | 7:30 PM | Stone
Church Arts; 20 Church St; Bellows Falls,
Comedian Bob Marley (performance) VT | Old-timey folkthe good stuff. | 802-
| Fri, Apr 27 @ 8:00 PM | The Colonial 463-3100,
Theatre; 95 Main St; Keene, NH | One of SCAConcerts.html
the hottest comedians in the country. |
603-352-2033, Ira Glass (performance) | 8 PM | The
Colonial Theatre; 95 Main St; Keene, NH |
Joan Rivers (performance) | 8 PM | The A beloved voice of public radio. Whether
Paramount Theatre; 30 Center St; Rutland, backstories of favorite episodes of This
VT | Comedian, TV host, and CEO Joan American Life or recounting elements of his
Rivers is an icon of American culture. Shell considerable experience in radio
be serving up an original, wickedly funny broadcasting, you can rest assured that it
performance of gossip, music, and politically will be warm, witty and worthwhile. | 603-
incorrect one-liners with abandon. Mature 352-2033,
contentadults only. | 802-775-0903, www. Sunday, April 29

A Romantic Getaway Greg Brown (music) | 8 PM | Peterbor-

ough Players Theater; 55 Hadley Rd;
Keene Restaurant Week (food) | Keene,
NH | See listing for Monday, April 23.
In a Unique Peterborough, NH | One of the best song-
Green Hotel writers in any style, marrying rugged roots
music to quirky, obscure, and frequently
White River Indie Film Festival (cin-
ema) | White River Junction | See listing for
Readmore is not an ordinary Bed and sharp-witted lyrics. | 603-827-2905, www. Friday, April 27.
Breakfast! Our menu features local, Keene Pops Choir (music) | 3 PM | The
sustainable, organic and seasonal Saturday, April 28 Colonial Theatre; 95 Main St; Keene, NH |
offerings, served in elegant but Music from Americas great legacy. Now in
Keene Restaurant Week (food) | Keene, its 33rd year, the POPS repertoire utilizes
relaxing surroundings. NH | See listing for Monday, April 23. the musicianship of the full ensemble as
well as soloists and guest artists. | 603-352-
Enjoy our many common rooms, No Film Film Festival Screening 2033,
cuddle up with a book by a fireplace. Weekend | Sat & Sun, Apr 28 & 29 | Bel-
Pour some mulled cider. lows Falls,VT | The grand culmination of
the No Film Film Festival Challenge. The
Our rooms feature whirlpool tubs, best entries are being shown on the largest
quilts and down comforters, nightly screen in Vermont! Also a film & TV
Additional info about these events,
industry trade show and other festivities.
turn-down, and full amenities. | 802-463-1613, and many more, are online at
Readmore Painting Spectacular Flowers (visual New
Bed & Breakfast
arts, education) | 9:30 AM | Gallery at the
VAULT; 68 Main St; Springfield,VT | Open events are added almost every day.
Bellows Falls, VT 802-463-9415 to all levels of painting ability with some Listings are free! Click Submit An
drawing experience recommended. Learn
basic floral painting techniques, with an Event on the website. emphasis on values and composition.
Registration required. | 802-885-7111, | April 2012

May Events Preview: and crafts, tasty food, workshops, birding
and much more. Come for an hour or stay
Friday, May 25
Wednesday, May 2 all day. | 802-722-3355, search Herricks Whose Live Anyway? (Performing Arts) |
Cove Wildlife Festival on Facebook 7:30 PM | The Colonial Theatre; 95 Main St;
One Nation under Contract (Govern- Keene, NH | Hilarious improvised comedy
ment, Education) | 7 PM | Brooks Memorial Wednesday, May 9 and song based on audience suggestions,
Library; 224 Main St; Brattleboro,VT | Pro- featuring comedians Ryan Stiles, Gregg
fessor Allison Stanger provides a disturbing Scripting Hitchcock: Psycho,The Proops, Chip Esten and Jeff B. Davis. | 603-
look at an important trend in politics: the Birds, and Marnie (Cinema, Education) | 7 352-2033,
privatization of American foreign policy and PM | Brooks Memorial Library; 224 Main St;
its consequences. | 802-254-5290, www. Brattleboro,VT | Explores the collaborative Saturday, May 26 process between Alfred Hitchcock and the
screenwriters of his greatest films. | 802- Vermont Open Studio Weekend (Visual
Friday, May 4 254-5290, Arts) | Sat & Sun, May 26 & 27 @ 10 AM - 5
PM | Statewide;Vermont | The 21-year-
Willy Wonka the Musical (Performing Friday, May 11 strong Springtime event visit craftspeople,
Arts) | Fri & Sat, May 4 & 5 | Claremont artists, and galleries all over Vermont. | 802-
Opera House; 58 Opera House Square; Fort At No. 4 Opening Weekend 223-3380,
Claremont, NH | Three performances! The (Family/Youth, Cultural/Historic) | Fri-Sun, May
candy man and his quest to find an heir 11-13 | Fort At No. 4; 267 Springfield Rd; Wednesday, May 30
comes to life in this stage adaptation. | 603- Charlestown, NH | The Fort at No. 4 opens
542-4433; for the season! | 603-826-5700, www. Slow Living Summit (Education, Health, Cultural/Historic) | Wed, May 30 - Fri, Jun 1
Sunday, May 6 | Brattleboro,VT | A major conference de-
Saturday, May 12 signed to foster cross-sector solutions for
Herricks Cove Wildlife Festival high-quality sustainable living in which com-
(Outdoors, Family/Youth) | 10 AM | Herricks Doo Wopp Hall of Fame (Music) | 8 mon good takes precedence over private
Cove; Herricks Cove Rd; Rockingham, PM | The Colonial Theatre; 95 Main St; gain. |
VT | Nature presentations, activities and Keene, NH | Doo wopp returns with a
programs featuring live animals, guided star-studded lineup. | 603-352-2033, www.
nature walks, a childrens wildlife parade

April 2012 | 31

Imagine a place...
that we own with our friends
where we can hear ourselves think
where we go because we want to
and where profit isnt the point

listen join participate

community radio is a vacation from everything else
learn all about us at or just tune in