Return of the Republic

Demonstration of Grievances, reorganization for liberation and how to rant, rally and rave the M.A. way . . .

Characteristics of a M.A rally

it’s all about making a statement . . . Intro One air horn blast succeeded by a second Drums Suitable drum rolls Aggressive expansion * Hanz Zimmer The Missouri Guerrilla roll from the Outlaw Jose Whales Human Cannonball * The Butthole Surfers. Parade of flags and standards Phalanx flag formation: the surrounding of the territorial / nation flag by M.A. standards and flags denoting this place is now under the protection / control of the M.A.

Enter the shock troops Voorhees parade gear and masks, marching, torches ect. Presentation of the middle class fasces The spiked purple baseball bat wrapped in a bundle of sticks tied with a golden cord. Potpourri & Pageantry: Music, Mosh pits & Menacing Mosh pits, loud menacing music played repetively Songs suitable music for menace I wanna destroy you * Circle jerks We all die one day * O b trice The kids aren’t all right * Offspring We’re just a minor threat * Minor Threat Bone Machine * Pixies

Rant of grievances by the Ball Boss and guests ranters Rant of grievances with a bull horn Conclusion The ceremonies will be concluded by a torch and banner procession out, national anthem, Stars and Stripes forever and other types of grandstanding. Now isn’t that better? No more than hippy crap no more love ins, no more flower power no more nothing. Only a persistent and aggressive energy to undo all that has been done and move all humanity in a decidedly different direction.

trappings of dissent
Uniform of the revolution
Voorhees Mask

The middle class fasces: A purple spiked baseball bat i.e. morning star wrapped in a bundle of purple sticks wrapped in a gold cord. Symbolizing that the only royalty the people recognize is the power is the liberty that which they hold.

Flight jacket with flags patches to denote allegiance Suspenders (optional) Black for the leftist White for the right Grey for the centralists Pants Dungarees or Camouflage shorts / pants Boots laces to match colors of tri-bolt affiliation optional

after the nastiness of the revolution

uniforms & trappings of the post-revolution

guns of the officers & bosses gold plated .357 desert eagle

M.A. militia rank and file Standard battle rifle of the M.A. AK 47 and Hybrids CZ arms a plus

Jack Boots

a new look for a new order of things, something black, something red, something grey in a hugo boss modern sheik. Something with style…

and for the oligarch . . . show trials, enlightenment camp and the illustrious concept of hate-love

When it’s done, and all the Oligarchs have been wiped from the face of the earth. The alliance will then retool humanity to attack space. When we inevitably meet life out there, there are but two questions of eternal truth put forth by God to govern all and that must be answered . . . 1. Can we kill it?

2. And should we eat it?

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