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Wonders of Grammar

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Adjective - Comparative
Form And Superlative
An adjective is that it is a word
that describes or clarifies a
noun. Adjectives describe
nouns by giving some
information about an objects
size, shape, age, color, origin or
1.Its a big table. (size)
2.Its a round table. (shape)
3.Its an old table. (age)
While a comparative adjective is
used to compare two things.
1.Abu is stronger than Siti.
2.Salmah is more diligent than
her brother
3.Amy is taller than Tina.
A superlative adjective is used to
compare three or more things. 1. Ah Meng is fat.
1. Tan is the oldest man in town.
2. This is the longest song that I 2. Jeremy is fatter than Ah Meng.
have ever heard. 3. Albert is the fattest.

Prepositions Of Location
The most common prepositions of location are :
In, on, at, under, between, beside, behind, on, in front of etc.
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N What is an adverb
An adverb is a word that tells Indefinite Pronouns
o ?us"qualifies"
more about a verb. It
or "modifies"
Indefinite pronouns refer to
people and things generally.
u adverb. For example : The
man ran quickly. The word
They are usually considered
to be singular pronouns, eg
n quickly, tells us how
characteristics of a verb. In
somebody, someone,
anyone, no one.
s this case it qualifies the verb
ran, into the speed the man
1.Somebody forgot his/her
Malaysia, Tunku Abdul homework.
Nouns are the name of ran.
Rahman, Gaya Street, 2.Everyone is trying his/her
people, places, things and An adverbs can also modify
Kinabalu Park or titles of hardest.
feelings. an adjectives. For example:
films, books, songs, 3.Is anyone going to bring
Heis really handsome.
Common nouns ; magazines, plays. These his / her mobile?
The adjective handsome is
are the names common to nouns need to start with In modern usage the plural
modified to the emphasis of
people and things, eg baby, a capital letter. there is often used to
the intensity of the adjective
flower, cat. represent both his or her, eg
Collective nouns; are the handsome.
Someone forgot their
Proper nouns ; names of a group of Adverbs could also modify
are the names of a people and things, eg a another adverb. For example:
particular place or person. hive of bees, a class of She drives incredibly slowly.
eg pupils. The word incredibly and
slowly, are two adjectives.

Verbs are words that describe actions. They tell us what poeple or things do.
The tense of the verbs tell us when the action took place.
We use the Present Tense of the verb to tell us what is happening now.
Example : I cook a stir-fry for dinner.
We use the Past Tense of the verb to tell us what happened in the past.
Example : I cooked a stir-fry for dinner last night.
We use the Future Tense of the verb to tell us what will happen in the future.
Examples : I will cook a stir-fry for dinner.

Nouns Gender Animals Homes Subject Verb Interrogative pronouns

(Wh questions)
i. What
The subject and verb in a
(for singular forms) e.g.
sentence must agree or
a.What is this?
work together.
b.What is that?
Singular verb for singular (for plural forms) e.g.
noun. a.What are these?
Example : b.What are those?
This is my pet rabbit. ii. Who
e.g. Who is he? (singular)
Plural verb for plural Who are they? (plural)
noun. iii. Where
Example : e.g. Where is the boy?
These are my pet rabbits. (singular)
Where are the boys

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