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Student Name: Sara Fernandes Date: Wednesday January 18, 2017

Placement: One to One Support: Grade 4

Purpose: This activity is an independent activity that the

Reason for completing student is completing however I will be assisting this
the task. This could be student if they require help with it. The purpose of
based on an observation this assignment is to create a structure which exhibits
you made, a a pulley system or a leaver system. This activity also
conversation between provides this student with a quiet space to explore
you and your site different options and verbalize them, as this child is a
supervisor, etc selective mute and may not talk openly in the
classroom in comparison to a smaller room with only
my supervisor and myself in the room.
Task: This activity was done in the moment so there was no
What are you planning in planning to this activity; I was following the cues of
response to your the student to understand what this child wants done
purpose? for the pulley system.
-Label your task (e.g. Objective:
Bulletin board focused - Verbalize their thoughts and ideas in a quiet area
on the importance of - Understand the purpose of the pulley system in a
play-based learning). visual perspective
-What are your 3
The student brought in their own materials:
objectives for this
experience? (i.e. Why They brought in:
are creating a bulletin - Paint brushes
board on the - Paint
importance of play- - Empty tissue box
based learning? What - Yarn
message are you - Cardboard
sending?) - Paper
- Styrofoam paper
Describe the experience: - Tape
- Glue
-List the materials and - Straws
resources you will use - Pencil
-Describe the completion - Water bottle caps
of the task, with a step This was an independent project however I and my
by step description supervisor assisted this student in doing their

Reflection: - This was a very good experience to have

-What went well? Provide happened. I was told that since this student has
examples for how you never met me before they would not speak to me
know it went well. so when she did speak me I was very surprised
-What didnt go well?
but I acted as if it was no big deal and it was
Provide examples for
how you know it normal that she was speaking to me. Even while
didnt go well. we were in the hallway by ourselves she was still
-What did you learn? speaking to me as if she knew me for a long
-What might you do time.
differently next time
you implement this - When the session was over, however I got good
same task and why? insight into how this child interacts with other
-Did you have to make people.
any adaptations or
modifications? If so, - In the future I will try to be more involved in the
what were they?
conversation as I was afraid I was asking the
-What type of experience
might you plan to wrong questions and I would get her to stop
extend on this one? talking to me so I would ask more questions and
be more involved in the process instead of
Field Supervisor Feedback: