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Didier van Hooren
First name: Didier
Surname: van Hooren
Date of Birth: 23 January 1998
Nationality: Dutch
Marital status: Unmarried
Driving license: Yes
Address: Herkenberg 6
Postcode: 6231 LK
Place of residency: Meerssen
Phone: 0031615313692

2010 2016 Secondary school: Stella Maris College Meerssen
Level: Advanced, pre-university
Profile based on: Economy and society
Subjects: Economy, Management & Controlling,
History, Applied Mathematics, English,
French, German, Dutch
Extra curriculum Organising senior trip
activities: Organising final leaving party

2016 _______________________________________________________________________________

Cambridge English Certificate
Level: Advanced

2016 present
University of Avans Hogeschool, s-Hertogenbosch,
Applied Sciences: The Netherlands
Study: Business Administration, fast-track
Profile based on: Management, Economy, Law

Professional experience
Committees: Student Union Zyso
Sept 2016 Feb 2017 (Committee for activities)
Jonkheid Bartholomeus Meerssen
May 2015 present (Public Relations and Sponsorship)
Jonkheid Bartholomeus Meerssen
May 2014 May 2015 (Committee for activities)

Company: Computer training Didier van Hooren
Oct 2014 - present Activities: Solving IT problems, installing programs,

2012 2013 Voluntary work: Kindervakantiewerk Meerssen
Activities: Organising summer camp for youth

Competences and skills / Personal profile

My name is Didier van Hooren. I am a good-humoured, calm

entrepreneur. I prefer working in teams that are determined and
strive for perfection. I would describe myself as a true team player,
who is also perfectly capable of working on his own. When there are
problems, I search for possibilities to solve them. If a new project
starts, I show a lot of initiative and enthusiasm.
I have been taking part in several committees, and therefore my
organisational qualities are well developed.

One of my qualities is public speaking. I am not afraid to give
presentations and I relish gaining the audiences attention.
Furthermore, I am practically orientated, however I also endeavour
to bring my academic qualities to the fore.

It is my ambition to start my own business. Currently I have my own
business in computer repairing and training, so my knowledge of
computers is quite comprehensive.
Looking for the right business plan is one of my passions. It actually
became more a kind of hobby to me.