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1. Easy Mounting– with included mounting strip.

Micro-Technology Inside:
Mounts on ceiling, dash, console, steering column, or any
other fixed surface. No wiring, no drilling, no hassle.


Solid State– Advanced electronics for long life and precision.

Precision- MEMS accelerometer for accuracy.
Sensitivity– More sensitive than the best driver.
Durable– Rugged housing of 6061 aluminum billet.
Self Contained- Long life battery, no wiring needed.
2. Switch It On– Self contained long life battery, so Easy Installation– Easily attach to dash, ceiling, or console.
there is no wiring required. Driver Safety– Alerts with audible tone and visual light bar.

3. Look and Listen– You will hear a gentle alert if you

begin to accelerate or brake too harshly. If your vehicle is
operated inefficiently, you will hear the alert, and see the The Digital Fuel Mizer reduces fuel consumption
rising light bar. by providing the driver with an accurate way to monitor accel-
eration and braking forces.
4. Let Off– To minimize fuel waste, simply let off of the
gas pedal slightly until the alert tone slows and stops. Do When the vehicle is operated inefficiently, it alerts
the same for braking. Of course, you can still accelerate the driver with a series of tones that vary in pitch and fre-
or brake as much as you need to for safety, but you will quency.
be reminded by the Digital Fuel Mizer that your vehicle is
operating inefficiently. If the driver is accelerating a little too hard, they
will hear a gentle alert tone, and see a rising light bar. Hard
acceleration will be alerted with a faster tone. Likewise, inef-
ficient braking will be alerted with a lower tone that varies
3 YEAR WARRANTY with braking intensity.
Without even looking at the instrument, the driver
will recognize fuel wasting driving conditions, and will be
$249 INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL able to adjust their driving accordingly.



Simple Instructions for Use:

Warning– Always drive your vehicle with safety in mind. The Digital Fuel Mizer cannot tell if you
are in an unsafe situation. Always accelerate or brake your vehicle as much as required to stay safe.

Acceleration– The DFM measures the acceleration of

your vehicle. It can also measure the acceleration due to
gravity. Extremely steep hills will register as you drive
with the DFM.

Installation Guidelines-For best accuracy, install the

unit within 15 degrees of level, with the rear of the unit fac-
ing toward the front of the vehicle. You may attach the unit
with the included self-adhesive tape, or even lay it in a con-
sole tray , strap to a sun-visor, or other convenient location.
Most dashboards, ceilings, consoles or steering columns
work well. In general, more level mounting surfaces im-
prove accuracy. The unit may be mounted on it’s sides,
bottom or top (even upside down or sideways).

Self Calibration-The DFM will complete a two second

self-calibration routine each time the unit is turned on. This
allows the unit to zero itself, based on the angle of installa-
tion. The device will sound three short beeps when it is
ready to go.

Drive– As you drive your vehicle, the DFM will alert you
to harsh acceleration and braking conditions that contribute
to poor fuel economy and premature brake wear. For opti-
mum driving efficiency, simply let off the accelerator or
brake pedal gently until the DFM is no longer sounding an
alert. Did you know:
Batteries– The DFM contains two long life AAA alkaline
batteries. If you should ever need to replace the batteries,
Every time you press the brake
simply remove all screws on the unit, and slide the circuit pedal it wastes fuel. For best fuel
board and battery holder assembly out the back. Replace the economy, and long brake life, let
batteries and re-assemble the unit.
your vehicle slow naturally as often
as possible– without using the
Independent Test Results

on 12
Old New Imp. Imp. Gallon
Date Company Vehicle MPG MPG (MPG) (MPG%) Tank

June 2008 Issue Winding Road Magazine 2009 Mitsubishi Galant:Ralliart 20.9 25.8 4.9 23.4% 58.80
May 16/17 2008 Atlanta Action News Channel 2 Honda Civic 32 36 4 12.5% 48.00
April 2008 Issue Car & Driver Magazine 2007 Mazda CCX-7 AWD 19 20.9 1.9 10.0% 22.80
Average 23.97 27.57 3.60 15.3% 43.20

Extra Miles Per 12 Gallon Tank Of Gas

Using The Digital Fuel Mizer

Average 43.2

Car & Driver Magazine 22.8

Atlanta Action News Channel 2 48.0

Winding Road Magazine 58.8

0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70
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