BioLargo, Inc.
BioLargo’s Advanced Oxidation
System (AOS) Poised to Impact
$862 Billion Global Water Market

G lobal Water Intelligence, a leading industry market
researcher, estimates the annual global water market
to be $862 billion.
Goldman Sachs calls water “the petroleum drinking water was found with excessive lead
for the next century”1 adding, “investors who levels in All 50 States3.
know how to play the infrastructure boom While some of the violations involve
will reap huge rewards.” With global water pathogens such as Legionella, most violations
consumption doubling every 20 years, they appear to involve recalcitrant contaminants
predict that by 2025 about one third of the such as lead and mercury that are difficult to
global population will not have access to remove with existing water treatment tech-
adequate drinking water. nologies. The EPA lists4 over 80 potentially
harmful contaminants found in their “Table
EXISTING WATER TREATMENT of Regulated Drinking Water Contaminants”,
TECHNOLOGIES ARE most of which are difficult for existing water
EXPENSIVE AND OFTEN treatment plants to remove. Some of the bet-
INADEQUATE ter-known contaminants are: lead, arsenic,
mercury, nitrate, benzene, and pharmaceuti-
After examining data from more than 36,000 cal residues.
water samples collected nationwide by the For the most part, modern water treat-
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from ment plants perform reasonably well for
2013 to 2015, Harvard researchers found disinfection, albeit with high capital and
unsafe levels of toxic chemicals in the drink- operational costs. However, based on the
ing water of 33 states2. In 2016, a USA Today numerous water safety violations, water
Investigation reported that after analyzing treatment plants can fall short when it comes
samples from 2012 through 2015, unsafe to removing recalcitrant contaminants.
newsbysector/utilities/2791116/Water-crisis-to- 3
be-biggest-world-risk.html contamination-water-usa-today-study
2 4
Dennis Calvert, CEO story/2016/08/unsafe-levels-of-toxic-chemicals- drinking-water/table-regulated-drinking-water-
found-in-drinking-water-of-33-states/ contaminants

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BIOLARGO’S AOS: faster than the commonly accepted industry
BREAKTHROUGH LOWEST protocol, hydrogen peroxide and ozone.
COST - HIGHEST IMPACT CLEAN The AOS is scalable and modular in
WATER TECHNOLOGY design. The AOS is also unique in its ability
to deliver residual iodine where the custom-
Figure 1 BioLargo AOS ‘Alpha’ Unit Built by ers desire, or it can remove residual iodine as
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology needed. Its flexibility allows it to be built to
After millions of dollars in R&D and more meet a wide variety of capacity and flow-rate
than 30 government grants (and counting), requirements, and the company is already
BioLargo’s research and development team working on what it calls “Gen 2” for ultra-
recently showcased the first pre-commercial high flow rates. The AOS Beta, which will
prototype of its patented AOS water treat- feature full data-logging and automation
ment system, billed as the lowest cost and features, is planned for early 2017.
highest impact, scalable clean water technol-
ogy in the world. BIOLARGO AND INDUSTRY
Figure 1 Test results show that the AOS achieves GIANT CHICAGO BRIDGE &
unprecedented rates of disinfection, and IRON FORM RELATIONSHIP TO
eliminates infectious biological pathogens IMPLEMENT AOS AND OTHER
such as Salmonella enterica, Listeria mono- BIOLARGO TECHNOLOGIES
TECHNOLOGY GAP WITH cytogenes and E. coli. The AOS has been
CURRENT WATER TREATMENT shown to be 100x more effective at eliminat- BioLargo recently announced a new rela-
TECHNOLOGIES ing Salmonella than the best-in-class poul- tionship with CB&I to support implemen-
try production water disinfectant, chlorine tation of BioLargo’s advanced water and
Today, chlorine remains one of the most dioxide. The AOS has also been proven air technologies and provide independent
commonly used water treatment technolo- effective in the elimination of toxic oil & gas performance verification. News of the CB&I
gies for standard disinfection processes, but water contaminants such as naphthenic acids relationship sends a signal to the investment
is under increasing scrutiny due to envi- and polyaromatic hydrocarbons. Research world and to big industry that BioLargo’s
ronmental concerns regarding its potential suggests the AOS also has the potential to advanced water treatment technology has an
byproducts. UV (ultraviolet light) is gaining remove soluble chemical contaminants such important contribution to help make clean
popularity because it does not leave any toxic as acids, solvents, sulfurs, pharmaceutical water affordable in a wide variety of indus-
residue or byproduct, however, it is costly to by-products, nitrates, phosphates, mercury, tries. The relationship also sets the stage
purchase and operate, requiring substantial copper, lead, aluminum, and most contami- to pursue business opportunities in which
input energy. Ozone is another technology nants identified by the EPA. Lab-scale test- BioLargo’s technologies or products will be
that can be effective, but is very expensive ing is planned to verify efficient removal used to serve clients of CB&I and BioLargo.
to purchase and operate, and requires high of these contaminants. Past results confirm With 40,000 employees and a 2016 back-
levels of input energy. that the AOS can match the best-in-class log of $20 Billion, CB&I is a world-leading
Filtration and membrane technologies are technologies in performance at destroying engineering, procurement, fabrication, and
also commonly used to filter out unwanted soluble organics while using less than 1/20th construction company, and a provider of
contaminants, but they are fraught with the energy and operating more than 10X environmental and infrastructure services.
high maintenance costs and biofilm fouling.
Some, such as reverse osmosis systems, often
require significant energy and can have lim-
ited efficiency.
Test results show that the AOS achieves
The world needs more effective clean unprecedented rates of disinfection, and eliminates
water technologies that are inexpensive to
build and inexpensive to operate in order to infectious biological pathogens such as Salmonella
meet the ever-increasing demand for clean,
safe water.
enterica, Listeria monocytogenes and E. coli. MicroCap Review Magazine 29
development work over the past year, is now
BioLargo recently announced a new relationship scheduled 2017. An additional $5 million
line of credit was committed by the inves-
with CB&I to support implementation of tor to support commercialization once FDA
approval is complete. Clyra is targeting late
BioLargo’s advanced water and air technologies and 2017 early 2018 to be ready for market.
provide independent performance verification.

The opportunities for BioLargo to make a
CB&I builds oil refineries, liquefied natural Clean™ industrial odor control prod- meaningful contribution for a healthy world
gas terminals, wastewater treatment plants, ucts for the large waste-handling markets. are massive. The company has invested years
offshore platforms, and power plants. CB&I Management reports, “We have a number developing, refining and validating innova-
is the world’s largest storage tank construc- of trials underway with leading companies tive products to “make life better”. As the
tion company, with tanks constructed for in the waste-handling industry, and the feed- Company continues to recruit highly quali-
the oil & gas, mining, municipal water, and back from customers confirms our belief that fied people, engage strategic relationships,
wastewater industries. They are also actively they want and need a reliable and afford- and properly capitalize various business
involved in the remediation and manage- able solution to their inherent odor manage- opportunities, management believes its tech-
ment of hazardous waste. ment issues.” CupriDyne Clean eliminates nology and products will continue to find a
According to BioLargo CEO Dennis powerful odor-causing compounds like H2S successful path forward to significant com-
Calvert, “all of BioLargo’s technologies can and ammonia instantly on contact, thereby mercial success as well as an important con-
serve a wide array of industrial customers.” maintaining clean, safe, and healthy air. The tribution to helping people and the planet. n
He adds, “Our mission to ‘make life better’ product is safe and non-toxic for humans,
includes helping industry tackle operational animals, and plants. As the word gets out, The company paid consideration to SNN or its affiliates for this article.

cost challenges effectively. That intersection and after clearing the usual lengthy hurdles
of service is likely where our new relationship involved with becoming a vendor for large
with CB&I will shine the brightest and we corporate and government accounts, man-
look forward to working with the exceptional agement believes that sales will grow with
team at CB&I to serve industry.” national supplier contracts.
In January of 2016, BioLargo announced
BIOLARGO PRODUCTS FOR that its Clyra Medical subsidiary closed
CLEAN AIR AND ADVANCED a $5.75 million financing package for its
WOUND CARE ALSO FINDING Advanced Wound Care products. Cash of
COMMERCIAL PATH $750,000 was earmarked for Clyra to com-
plete its product development work, testing,
Since the first sale in May of 2016, BioLargo labeling and ultimately its FDA application
has focused on marketing its CupriDyne and approval which, due to the successful

The opportunities for BioLargo to make a
meaningful contribution for a healthy world
are massive. The company has invested years
developing, refining and validating innovative
products to “make life better”.

30 MicroCap Review Magazine

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