A specially designed conveyor belt system is used by Rapid Response oil skimmers to clean up oil in the shallows of the

Gulf of Mexico. Filter belt

Rapid Response oil skimmer


Engines Twin 60 hp, 4-stroke outboards

2 3
Sweep extender




m) .2 . (9 n 3 i Approximate ft., speed 17 knots 30
Beam, over guard 8 ft. (2.4 m) Crew Four 1 pilot, 3 technicians



Sweep (in down position) Removable sweep extender sucks in oil and water

1 The sweep guides 2 The filter belt
the oil into the skimmer

3 Oil is scraped off

and into a recovered oil compartment; the water is squeegeed out and the process is repeated

Oil Water
Source: Kvichak Marine

Recovered oil capacity 1,000 gallons or 23.8 barrels
Graphic: Mark Nowlin, The Seattle Times © 2010 MCT

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