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The Point
Volume 3 Issue 26 July 2009

Bid anger in 5 steps

“YOU ARE drop-dead stunningly gorgeous, but Awareness.
you won’t see your beauty in the bathroom “Learn to be-
mirror!” goes one of the more striking insights come more self-
from the book “The 7 Aha’s of Highly Enlight- aware,” George
ened Souls,” by British life coach Mike George. says. This will
Backing up this statement is the reality that allow us to see
our nature is not anger, fear, hate or sadness, the first signs of
but peace, purity, and love. Once we realize irritation at the
this, our habits of anger will be kept com- subtle level of
pletely at bay. consciousness,
In another book, “Don’t Get Mad, Get he explains.
Wise”, George clarifies this by revealing the Once we recog-
seven common forms of anger: irritation, frus- nize these signs,
tration, grudge, resentment, contempt, hate, we can move to
and rage. the next step.
George defines anger simply as a “self- Acknowl-
created disturbance of one’s inner peace.” edge. “Remind
Citing emotional mastery as a path to peace yourself that
and freedom from anger, he suggests five you are fully Reflection: Look before you leap
ways towards “de-angering” oneself. responsible for
the creation of your irritation,” says the ricane is the eye of the storm, so it is with the
Fear is a mirror—face it life coach. “The fault is never the person hurricane of emotion. Meditation helps us
or the situation” This mindset will free us tune in regularly with our essential self, that
FEAR is a very negative state. It’s very important to
deal with it and finish it, because fear won’t allow you from the illusion of blame, which is often inner space where one will always find inner
to have yoga, to maintain your position of awareness the easy excuse for not looking at what is peace and inner power.’
within the self, to stabilise yourself in the highest con- really happening inside oneself— the Walking through these steps at the end of
sciousness. inner world of thoughts and attitude, the day can help one get away from the traps
In Hindi, it’s referred to as “the evil spirit,” and find- which are the seeds of our behavior and of suppressing, repressing or expressing an-
ing the right way to tackle it is paramount. If I am action. ger. George recommends the best way to deal
afraid of someone, it’s probably because there is some Acceptance. Here we learn to not with anger: transform. And the best transfor-
weakness in me that this person is addressing. Some- struggle with the irritation, for resistance mation, he points out, is to transform one’s
one may threaten me, get angry or upset with me, but will only make it stronger. With good responses to hurt, which is the primary emo-
the trigger is always my own inner weakness. humor, George creates an inner dialogue tion behind any feelings of anger.
So let me find out precisely what is causing this, and that one can engage in when irritation Finally, piercing through the veil of the illu-
understand it. Then I can have good thoughts and presents itself: “Talk to it, smile at it, sion of hurt, George shares the most transfor-
good feelings for anyone or all those who were instru- embrace it, ‘Hello irritation, you’re back!’ mative consciousness: “No one ever, ever,
mental in revealing it to me. Let me communicate with But don’t feed it.” ever hurts you.”
them and if, through such communication, things are Ascend. George cautions: “You are He continues: “Another way to say this… is
clarified and sorted out, then they will understand me
not your emotions. All emotions die un- to realize that you weren’t hurt, but (that)
as well.
der observation. You are the creator and your ego was disturbed. Your ‘essential self’
If I don’t feel confident that I can do this, let me find
it is your creation. Detach from it and was not hurt; your ego was the cause of dis-
an elder to intervene, to bring us together and, even-
tually, we can iron out things on our own. Pure feelings
observe it.” Once we have learned to be comfort.”
and good wishes are the key. I need never fear anyone detached observes of our own emotions, To regularly touch base with one’s true
again. we can move on to the final stage. self— “the untouchable and undisturbable
Attune. This step leads us to a higher you, the source of constant peace, love and
-Hirdaya Mohini plane, through the quiet part of our- joy”— is the most enlightened way to remain
Brahma Kumaris co-chief selves. Just as the quietest place in a hur- constantly anger-free and hurt-free.

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2 The Point Volume 3 Issue 26 July 2009

Vegetarianism is also for the soul

AFTER spending a weekend at the Center
for Spiritual Learning, members of Light- with fresh peanut sauce. “I learned that
workers, a spiritual social network, real- the kitchen could be a meditation room.
ized that a transition into a vegetarian When you invoke good vibes, you fortify
diet can be satisfying for both body and the food. After partaking of the food that
soul. was prepared with love, you feel an enor-
For so long, graphic designer Gui- mous sense of well-being.”
llermo Ramos had turned down invita- Bernardo also appreciated the com-
tions to attend New Age, meditation or pany. “There were no ‘oughts’ and
prayer groups. The retreat-cooking demo ‘shoulds.’ We felt the freedom of choice.
at CSL was his first immersion in a spiri- More important was that we felt no one
tual atmosphere, “I’m a sensate person,” was judging us. Everybody was totally
he says. “My strongest sense is smell, accepting.”
then taste. Everything else follows.” Ramos notes that Raja Yoga medita-
The minute he entered, Ramos was tion was a revelation. “I thought that, in
mesmerized by the fragrance of the in- order to meditate, you had to do it in a
cense. “It set the mood and was very special place. Through Raja Yoga medita-
relaxing,” he recalls. After a rest and tion, you can snap out of any situation
shower, he felt the physical cleansing because your eyes are open and you can
prepared him “to accept the graces.” meditate anywhere. Clarity helps in deci-
Magazine editor Lia Bernardo says the sion-making.”
atmosphere helped everyone enjoy a He adds that the process was very
good sleep. “The next day, everybody Fashion designer and etiquette doyenne Teresita Macasaet healing. “I went through so much in the
shows how to make Braised Tofu with bell pepper
was so centered and enthusiastic.” past year. In that atmosphere, I realized
Highlight of the activity was the that I have to learn to forgive myself.”
vegetarian cooking, and the physical After the retreat, some of the par-
and mental preparations involved. sample
ticipants stayed away from meat for a
The participants favored recipes pakora long time. In their next meeting, they
using natural ingredients over those and yuba exchanged vegetarian recipes.
that were gluten-based and mim- The retreat gave them the tools to
icked the meat flavors. “I loved the (RIGHT) cope with stress. Says Bernardo, “I
crispy tofu skin and the tofu sauce Banana used to be very tired when I went to
(with ginger, tomatoes and spices) blossom salad bed, and still I would wake up in the
which can be used for anything,” with middle of the night. Now, the experi-
says Bernardo. ence of peace helps me sleep like a
tomatoes as
Ramos liked the vegetarian stew baby.”

Manage Lighting up the workplace

Your Anger,
18-19 July, WHAT a difference an affirmation makes!
4pm Sat-4pm Sun Employees of the Water District of Tagaytay recently
held a positive thinking workshop in a Laguna resort.
3 Days Solace They were given lectures on types of thoughts, the think-
for the Soul, ing process and the self and, ultimately, an introduction
24-26 July,
to meditation. Midway into the program, the participants
4pm Fri-4pm Sun
were asked to determine if there was anything wrong
Nourishing the Mind, with their company. They instead pointed out what was
19 July, right with it.
5:30-6:30pm Sun Highlight of the activities was pointing out each other's
good qualities. At the end to the workshop, the partici-
We’d love to hear pants were moved to tears by the outpouring of love and
from you. good wishes. Because of work, they said, they never really
Write us at the had the opportunity to bond and get to know each other
at a deeper level. They agreed that looking at people's
virtues and not their defects was bound to guarantee What are they thinking? Workshop participants
better results at work. learn about how the mind works.