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TEACH Bedside Teaching (Ambulatory/Inpatient) Observation Feedback

Instructor: Peter Phan Observer: Dr. Centor

Course: VA General Medicine Wards: Ultrasound Date: Jan 26, 2017 Time: 1330
Any requested/specifc areas of focus: In a short period of time, introduce concepts of
ultrasonography as an adjunct to the physical examination.

Introduction Notes
1 Introduced self Talked with patient, introduced himself and
explained what he would do,
Asked the patient if it was acceptable for him
to be teaching the learners
2 Developed rapport with learners Excellent interaction with learners

3 Established ground rules or expectations Very clear

4 Set goals for the session/ time together Ver clear

Body of Session Notes

1 Uses learner centered approach to teaching Yes

2 Gets a commitment from learner Yes

3 Probes learners thinking for evidence behind N/A


4 Teaches general principles Excellent explanation of bedside ultrasound to

evaluate IVC

5 Reinforces the positives in learner's N/A


6 Corrects errors and omissions N/A

7 Encourages learners to select topics for self- N/A

directed learning

Use back for additional notes and to develop improvement plan.

Next Steps Notes
1 Sets plan for follow-up with learner for topics Very clear
that arose during session

2 Asks for feedback from the learner N/A

Dr. Phan demonstrated the techniques fo using bedside ultrasound to evaluate IVC collapse
in a patient with unclear volume status.
He did a great job involving the intern and resident, and made the patient comfortable
during the process

Strengths: Recommendations:
Clear explanations Continue these demonstrations very
valuable for learners. They loved it.

Great patient interaction

Improvement I Follow-Up Plan:

I saw no defciencies. He did a wonderful job on this teaching episode.