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Kyra Leetz

Matthew Mcguil

Mrs Gardner

English 10H/ 6th period

12 September 2016

Contemporary sonnet

When I've seen Time's slow darkening countdown

The rich-proud cost of America's sentry,

When sometime skyscrapers I see torn down,

And the men and women that have been here for a century.

When I have seen the hungry politicians meltdown

Advantage on the confederacy of our country

And the slow rise of technology starting to dictate,

And the popularity of words like slay.

When I have seen such growth in state,

Or state itself collapsing, to decay,

Ruin has taught me to think in the shower and debate

That Time will come and steal my iPhone 6 away.

This thought is as a death which cannot choose

But throw a tantrum to have an old phone, that I clearly overuse

Matthew McGill

In sonnet 64 time appears to rule everything: Shakespeare realizes this and

is complaining about how it is unfair that time will take away everything that makes
him happy. In order to do this Shakespeare uses strong imagery by describing
important places to him that will soon be ruined over time. He shows this by saying
When sometime lofty towers I see down-razed and When I have seen the hungry
ocean gain advantage on the kingdom of the shore which also helps with making the
poem have a darker tone. Shakespeare adds a harsh sound at the end of the first
quatrain when he rhymes defaced with down-razed. This shows how hes not just
angry with time but he is also disgusted with it. In the last couplet of this poem,
Shakespeare uses that phrase fears to lose. While reading this sonnet people might
not even consider this line but when thinking about it you may realize Shakespeare is
scared. Being scared is an important part of this poem because it is a new feeling in
this poem and after feeling angry and bitter Shakespeare is able to bring a new
aspect to the poem. This might also impact the reader to come to the realization that
being angry at time wont do anything so some people, like Shakespeare might feel
fear instead. Overall, Shakespeare is sending a warning to enjoy life but be careful
because before you know it time can take it away. We can be angry at it but, there is
nothing we could do since we are only humans. We might be angry or scared like
Shakespeare since we dont know what will happen on the other side. But, living with
that aspect on life can ruin you, so in order to be happy with life you should live in the
Kyra Leetz

Sonnet 64 Analysis

In sonnet 64, time has brought destruction and lamentation, for

the poet of the sonnet has realized there is no escape for time. The writer fears it will
take away the things that make him whole or happy. The feeling the author expresses
about the thought of loss is a cycle of decay or as the writer puts it, increasing loss
with store and store with loss Ones gain or win is another's deprivation. The sonnet
takes you through his journey and all of the things he has seen in his life. He explains
how he has watched time destroy all things. How the ruin has taught him to think
about how it will eventually take away his love and this is a thought like death itself.
This sonnet uses the ocean's rhythm and the flow of vowels to describe times endless
destruction. The poet repeats words frequently to emulate the the repetitiveness of
time and how everything built is eventually destroyed. Frequently the lines will end
with the sound A such as ruminate,defaced,rage,age thus making the sonnet
flow almost like the flow of time. The reference of the ocean goes back to that
constant battle between what we can't control and man's creation. The oceans
everlasting flow of back and forth is a hidden description of the way time destroys all
things. The rhythm of the sonnet relates back to the ocean's rhythm, his words going
back and forth leaving the reader with a serene acceptance of time, though his words
are harsh and destructive. In conclusion the poet emotionally gives the reader a
chance to relate to the loss of a loved one by times hand. Making the sonnets
meaning something most anyone can relate and sympathize with.
100 word story

The moon was out and it was a silent night except for the leaves on the ground. I
started to get angry at them for being so loud and disturbing the serene darkness but
moments later I remembered time would soon take them away. Everything was
changing, even my friends. Thats what hurt me the most. I went to see my friend
today. It was his 12th birthday and we decided to meet up to celebrate. It was the best
day I've ever had but I knew time would soon swallow us tearing our bond like times
curse on all the world.


When you finally find someone you love but you realize its pointless because you're
going to die soon