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UNHAS ROSS Aviation Security Notice (ASN)

No. and Date: 001/06.02.2017 REVISED

Subject: Kenyan citizens travelling/deployed in South Sudan IO Areas

To: All UNHAS International staff, UNHAS Operators, and UNHAS users

Objective: Awareness/Informing all Kenyan citizens using UNHAS flights while travelling
to and from IO Areas


On 23 and 24.01.17, while being in Kenya, two prominent SPLA-IO officials from Akobo
area disappeared under unclear circumstances. Kenyan authorities have been accused of
detaining with the intention to repatriating them.

Pro SPLA IO mass media speculates that the two officials were secretly transported and
delivered to South Sudan Government.


1. UNHAS International staff, Operators & users, WFP Security & WFP Country Office
advised to inform all Kenyan citizens to be cautious while travelling/deployed
to/from IO areas.

2. UNHAS users advised to analyze the necessity and risks of sending or keeping
Kenyan citizens in the field, in IO areas and especially Akobo.

3. If Kenyan citizens are to be transported out of IO areas UNHAS will solve these
requests as a matter of priority.

4. This situation will be closely monitored and adequate mitigating measures taken
depending on developments on this issue.