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30 Years
Ric Holland
Suermac PixelPaint
Letraset ColorStudio
1986 1987 1988 Wacom SD-420
Mega Screen Wacom SD - 510C Adobe Cordless Graphics
20MB Harddrive Digitizer Tablet Illustrator 88, tablets.
Summagraphics Introduces Mac SEs Mac II, Mac IIx
1985 MacTablet to provide faster SE30 Access to first Quantel

Ric purchases his first Apple LaserWriter Plus performance. Kurta Graphics Tablets Graphic Paintox with

Sustained innovation = 80% proven + 20% exploration ...year after year. DTP system a Macintosh
Plus and Apple printer.
Fax & Photocopier.
Cricket Draw
Aldus Page Maker
Adobe Illustrator 1.1
Grey Paint
Calcomp Graphics Tablet.
Quark Express
Hypercard, VideoWorks.
Wacom Tablet and
Barneyscan with

1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989
Graduatated Y - T Shirts Rick Holland Rick Holland Rick Holland Rick Holland Rick Holland Ricreation Studio Ricreation Studio Ricreation Studio
Graphic Design Promotional Creative Art Creative Art Creative Art Creative Art Creative Art Managing Director Managing Director Managing Director

Randwick College Clothing Creative Director Creative Director Creative Director 8 people on staff Neighbours Game Studio expands into two
Freelance Ric as Sole Trader Relocates 3rd studio Aldus Freehand opens a hit in the UK. houses. Focusing on
Employed full time Employed Full time Creative Director 1st employee Bai WindWear space to a house Streamlined finished up new possibilities in Ric takes 3 months to digital production.
Artist/Designer Creative Director Designer, illustrator Creative Director Director providing a variety of art techniques with type design and travel the world. Streamlining in-house
Creative Services Designer Finished artist Design, illustration Sports clothing facilities to an ever digital linework (post- illustration. Testing First 4 colour seps from design with external
Edward H. O’Brien Finished art (Wind surfing) growing client list. script) page layout. colour separations. Mac in Australia. digital services.

Rotring Pens 6 colour screen Ric’s 1st Studio space. 2nd Studio space Ric continued to grow Providing full TVC Print production services. Packaging art for 44MB Syquest removable Access to first Kodak
Drawing Desks

printing. Concept, design and co-located with his studio services plus production services. Concept story boards. computer games. harddrives, 20” Colour Screens Dye-sublimation Printer.

T-Squares Fabric printing. finished art.(bromides) photography studio. he started a sports Concept story boards. 3D models and props. Slide presentations. enables the DTP process to Endorsments gave Ric
Gumbo Clothing design and Illustrations - pen and 3D displays, photography, clothing company. 3D models and props. Screen printing and Prepress and print include colour separations on access to latest hardware
Scalpels manufacture. ink, poster paint, acrylic, darkroom, Artiscope Used the latest Screen prining and packaging proofing. services. In-house DTP. L300 and Agfa imagesetters. and software. Studio
Airbrushes 6 coulour handmade pencil B&W, water colour. bromide camera, techniques in screen packaging proofing. Full darkroom, finished Logo tracing for Harvard Graphics and other moving closer to becoming
Traditional media film separations. Airbrushs - Thayer & illustration, finished art. printing 8-16 colour Full darkroom, finished art, illustration (all types) postscript portability. slide-making software. Early a fully digital design house.
Bromide Camera Squeaker renderings. Chandler, Paaseh AB, Outsourced - transparency fabric prints. Original art, illustration (all types) Plus DTP equipment Comprehensive film recorder and Sharp flatbed Testing early PC CAD
Type setting Finished art. Holbein. retouching, typesetting, designs, illustrations and Plus new DTP equipment output to Linotronic L200 creative service. scanner purchased. Access to software for architectural
Film & Video Bromides. Photograpy direction. 4 colour offset printing. production techniques. output to Linotronic L100. Screen Separations Sytex and Hell screen angles. visualisation.

Festival of Sydney Branding & design. Prouds jewellery Catalogues, brochures, Original clothing range Games packaging and Catalogues, games Neighbours Game received Over 20 Board games.

Illustrations. Concept illustrations. Catalogues. posters, board game manufactured and a ‘Toy of the Year’ Award

marketing including TVCs. packaging and marketing Marketing solutions.

Concept ads. 6 colour hand- Retail promotions. concepts, packaging printed - 2 seasons Comprehensive list of including TVCs. having outsold Trivial Pursuit Branding solutions.
Sales incentives & separated artwork. Marketing collateral. design, finished art. Game packaging & clients attracted to Ric’s Comprehensive list of in the UK. Packaging, catalogues.
Presentations. Marketing collateral. Branding & Design. Marketing collateral, marketing creative reputation. clients attracted to Ric’s Ricreation Studio recognised Paintbox photo retouching,
Branding design Fashion marketing Digital was the beginning of creative reputation. as a leader in Board Game slides, prepress and print
collateral. Automotive marketing a steep learning curve with Integrated digital with development and production. services.
Film & TV marketing very few peers in Australia. traditional film separations
Branding and design. to control more in house.
1990 MetaCreations products
Photoshop 1.0 Painter 6, Expression,
Macintosh IIfx 1993 Bryce 4, Poser 4, KPT 6
Wacom Tablet Carrara, Canoma, Vector fx

1992 Ric meets Kai of

access to Time Arts Lumena 1991 Wacom Kai’s Power Tools 1994 MetaStream (ViewPoint)
PC based paint system with Photoshop 1.3 Beta Tester UD - 0608-A Digitizer II Wins 3 IdN Awards Becomes 3M Rainbow A3 1997 Office Advantage
Wacom tablet Broadcast Animation Ric pioneers digital Wins Australian Catalogue dye-sub printer agent. 1995 1996 MetaCreations founded Re-formes working
StrataVsion 3D achieved on Mac based video on the desktop Award Wacom reseller through Purchases Quantel Desktop Kodak Premier digital from a merger with Fractal 1998 relationship with Peter Stott
FormZ equipment. Output to with DigitalFilm and Endorses Supermac VideoBytes distributor Paintbox with Wacom tablet retouching system with Design, Ray Dream and First Intuos Graphics of VideoBytes as Wacom
Electric Image software. Betacam. VideoVision. and also presents for Radius. Early adopter Live Picture. interface. Wacom Tablet interface. MetaTools. Tablets for Ric’s 7th studio. Tablet partner.

1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999
Ricreation Studio Ricreation Studio Ricreation Studio Extreme Digital Extreme Digital Extreme Digital Vision Graphics Vision Graphics Extreme Digital MetaCreations Corp
Managing Director Managing Director Managing Director Managing Director StarNite Technology StarNite Technology Director/CD Director/CD Managing Director Regional Manager

Managing Director Managing Director Ric merges his company Ric interests venture Sold digital assets, staff Relocated to home office.
Winner of 5 MacWorld Conference Speaker Conference Speaker Launched a new brand with a leading pro - capitalists to consider and client base to Managed Asia Pac MDF.
digital art awards. Branding and Media Branding and Media representing a state-of- Earns international Largest digital design photographics lab in funding an online image focus on emerging new Education site licensing,
Appointed Patron of Publish 91 Publish 92 the-art digital graphics recognition for project achieved entirely Australia to create a bank server farm. web markets. Co-located evangelism, community,
Graphic Design Macworld Expo 91 Macworld Expo 92 studio. 10 full time staff achieving world firsts on desktop eqiupment - powerful new digital Looking to set up office in with 301 Recording sales & marketing,
Enmore College. Print & TV. Print & TV. in a new premises. in digital production. 60GB. (average HD 1GB) combination. 80 staff. Singapore. Studios. (Tom Misner) product development.

A2 4 colour film A1 4 colour film Recognised as 1st 10 networked Mac!!fx, Mac Set up separate brand Quantel desktop Paintbox E6 film processing R&D interactive division Interactive Branding and Extensive roadshows with
separations from separations from integrated media production Quadras and Mac SEs. to provide 3M Rainbow plus latest in Mac Quadra Digital retouching for Online Portfolios, Design agency. Web Adobe and Macromedia

vector/postscript files. vector/postscript files. studio in Sydney, Australia. Scitex Leaf 45 35mm and A3 Dye-sublimation workstations. Live Picture Film scanning and writing. Image Banks, development services. presenting concurrently.
Early interactive Broadcast animation 3D Animation, 5x4 film scanner. prepress proofs and early adopter software, Creative services. eCommerce systems, Creative services, Contributed to new product
projects with Hypercard created with Electric 35mm 32bit scans. Every graphics workstation be distributor/reseller Photoshop, Painter, Quark, Prepress services. CD-Rom portfolio maker. CD-Rom authoring, features. Exceeded sales
and VideoWorks. Image and Form Z, Scitex Bridge. has a Wacom Tablet as of digital products and Illustrator. CD-Rom and Web Adobe, Metacreations, Animation and digital targets. Channel support and
(Macromind Director) StrataStudio Pro Crossfield / Hell interface option. services. Visionalli events Visionalli events to present interactive production. Macromedia, Quark, video editing and development. Direct marketing,
Linked MacIIfx to Qantel software. screen angles released. Radius Videovision to present crossmedia crossmedia technologies. Large format printing. Kodak Premier, Quantel, encoding. database aquisition, permissive
Paintbox through tape Radius Rocket cards. Nikon 35mm film scanner, CoSA (After Effects) technologies. CD-Rom authoring. Broadcast and Wacom Tablets on 40 Quicktime VR, marketing, sponsorships,
writer and ColorStudio. Supermac Digital Film. Painter 1.0. CD-Rom authoring. Digital Video. presentation services. computers, two locations. Technical Support. training and channel partners.

Autologic marketing Branding of major tech- Branding of major Balarinji Fashion Balarinji - 2nd catalougue Queensland Tourist and Fashion models and Asia stockmarket crash HP Crossmedia
SPC Software - marketing and nology events plus print, technology events plus catalogue and video done using PhotoCD Travel Corp. Branding pro photographic prevented the expansion campaigns.

promotions. Merisel TV and presentation print, TV and presentation point of sales. scans and new and marketing collateral portfolios. plan and with a business Apple ad campaign.
Micro Aust distributors. media production. media production. Technology brand stochastic variable dot 10 xA1 4 Colour Major advertising partner reluctant to invest Successful Sydney
Brilliant images - slides Magazine covers and Ground-breaking A2 BHP marketing. printing method. offset printed posters. campaigns, AOL in web technologies. Ric Olympics website
First complete packaging 4 editorial. Steel Poster series. Music packaging. Regular guest speaker. Montages done using Publishing, marketing, de-merged and set up tender.
colour separations - output to Australian Society of Sony Medical, Game packaging. Training services. Live Picture in realtime branding, crossmedia again as Extreme Digital Metacreations local
view from Quarkexpress Accountants - Microsoft. AT&T, Quantel, (Atmosfear) Consulting services. with a Wacom tablet. events, bureau, R&D focused purely on web dev. representative.
Marketing for films and docs SAE. (Tom Misner) Book design. Creative services. Apple ad campaign. Kodak PhotoCD. Wright Technologies.

4 Day Thing - IDEA 4 Day Thing - IDEA 4 Day Thing - IDEA 4 Day Thing - IDEA
Student Workshops. 50 Charity Clients. 20-30 Students a year. Industry mentors.
Innovation Centre
Launch Video

Russell Brown

Thai Farmers Bank web team

Animania Festival

Studios 301 UNSW CoFA

Innovation Centre Art classes Ron Cobb

4 Day Thing

IBM Video Lab

Ric & CEO Thai Farmers Bank

Innovation Centre
Edward de Bono Ric’s son Cartoonists
2000 2001 Ric decides to write a book
Ric meets 2004 for Wacom to celebrate its 2008 2010
IBM eBusiness Innovation

Edward de Bono Ric supports Wacom 2006 25 year history and starts Presents his book 1989 Ric celebrates 30
Centre :: Sydney
World wide Dot Com 2002 Australia events - As a UI and Interface working towards ultimately development up through Ric is promoted into GBT years working in
200 seats wireless
crash starting to effect Ric presents Wacom 2003 Cartoonists Association. 2005 specialist Ric decides writing a PhD paper. Wacom management till Art of Making Marks Pro DCC industries.
corporates. eBusiness Cintiq 15x nto IBM Corp Ric has 1 Month Advertising and event Ric sees the new that it now makes sense New Brand Launch. finally allowed to approach published. Over 2500 projects
12 seats Apple
industry takes a sharp as interface solution for test trial with partner with IdN magazine Wacom Cintiq 21 UX for him to take a full Bamboo Launch Wacom CEO Yamada-san Receives CEOs Award. successfuly achieved
with Wacom Intuos USB
down turn. airline innovation centre Wacom Cintiq 18SX for Intuos3 launch and is now convinced. time role with Wacom. Cintiq 12WX Launch for the opening interview. Writer/Editor for IR Group and lots more to come.

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
IBM GSA IBM GSA IBM GSA Different Extreme iMedia Extreme iMedia Wacom Australia Wacom Australia Wacom Australia Wacom GBT Wacom GBM
Creative Director Creative Director Creative Director Creative Director Creative Director Creative Director Sales & Marketing Business Development Business Development Global Evangelist & Global Evangelist &

Interactive Branding and Interactive Branding and Interactive Branding and Interactive Branding and Consulting services Consulting services Australia & NZ Australia & NZ Australia & NZ Partner Manager Partner Manager
Design IBM eBusiness Design IBM eBusiness Design IBM eBusiness Design IBM eBusiness Project leader -
Project Leader - INXS Senior Lecturer Demonstrations and Demonstrations and Demonstrations and Project leader - Global Web Project
Use Centred Design Use Centred Design Use Centred Design Use Centred Design Industry Liason - AFTRS Digital Media Presentations. Presentations. Presentations. Global Web Project Global CMS Project
User Experience User Experience User Experience User Experience PR & Marketing - IdN Course Development Marketing Collateral, Marketing Collateral, Marketing Collateral Global CMS Project Evangelist & Partner
Brand Strategy Brand Strategy Brand Strategy Brand Strategy Brand Strategy - Gravity eBook Systems Tech Support. Tech Support. Tech Support Partner development. development.

60 staff comprising; Blue/Green screen room. Requirements gathering Small team; 301 Interactive; Develop and present Microsoft Vista/Office/ Delivered over 30 trade Delivered over 35 trade Microsoft Germany Beta testing Adobe
Business analysts. Digital Video lab workshops. Information Architects, Final Cut and Encoding, digital media courses for Expression relationship - events and presentations. events and presentations. Maxon Cinema4D software CS5 - Russell Brown

Information Architects. Wacom interface. Balancing the left and Graphic Designers, DVD authoring, cross media training. 80 copies Office/Vista Microsoft Vista/Office/ Windows 7 activities Painter XI - John Derry & John Derry.
Usability Engineers. Rack mounted Media right brain thinking to Usability Specialist, Interface Design. 1hr Lectures and 2hr Adobe, Corel, Autodesk, Expression relationship - and Expression Suite 2, - Training DVDs Syd Mead and Ron
Content Strategists. servers with touch arrive at a workable Content Strategist, Wacom Intuos 3. Tutorials. Training with Apple, Pixologic, 80 copies Office/Vista MS Evangelists MVPs Developer communities - Cobb events.
Graphic Designers. interface. solution. Responsible Technical Developers. 5.1 Surround Sound Wacom Intuos 3 for most Luxology, Maxon, Adobe, Corel, Autodesk, Developers, Dental and Bamboo Mini (Cloud Comp) Communities dev-
Producers. 2 video conference for maintaining the Brand/Business strategy. Mastering. students - 100 in total. eFrontier, Daz3d, Ambient Apple, Pixologic, Medical bus dev. Wacom WEG - Evangelist program CG Society, Deviant
Project Managers. rooms each holding 20 brand vision from start Creative services. 3D Studio Max. Industry projects 3rd year Design, Smith Micro. Luxology, Maxon, Brand launch. Web RFP - Web project tender Art, Global Web
Developers. people. to finish of project. Client Marketing and Promotion. ProTools. students. 20 shows per year. eFrontier, Daz3d, Ambient editorial. Print infotorial. RMN engagement on Web projects - continued.
Security Engineers. State of the art facility. satisfaction. R&D Labs Purchased Wacom Intuos 2. SSL and Nev Desks. Guest lecturer - Industry. Marketing collateral. Design, Smith Micro. Wacom Training Partners. project and CMS project. MS - Robbie Bach

eBranding Vodafone Wap. Lead eBranding of Thai SouthCorp Clean Air Sys SouthCorp Wines IdN Magazine - Wacom Ad UNSW CoFA. Expert support for Expert support for Interviews of strategic Art of Making Marks March - Tokyo
Branding and Marketing. Farmers Bank. 18months. Ansett Airlines Investor relations. partner with Ambience. Billy Blue Design School. Professional and Vertical Professional and Vertical professional customers Published through IdN. GBM Meeting

strategy for IBM Innovation Holden Dealer site. Airline Industry Innovation Fuji film retail prints. 301 Studios INXS UTS. Broadcast and Film, Broadcast and Film for Art of Making Marks Global Evangelist network Global projects
Centre. Caltex ‘Need it Now”. showcase - Wacom solutions IAG Intranet. re-mastered DVD for SAE. Web interactive media, Web interactive media book project. development. Global Web Content - Approval
$5 Billion AUD Westpac Dairy Farmers Corporate. Human interface research. Elite real estate. World Wide release. Qantum/CGC. Games Development, Games Development Web blog - Art of Wa ‘Evolution’ project. Global Process and
bank outsourcing bid and Australia National Parks. New Zealand Government Bid and Proposals. Gravity - 3G Mobile. AFTRS - LAMP. Photography/Retouching, Photography/Retouching Podcasts and video case CMS project. Bamboo Policies.
proposal. and Wildlife Services Intranet. Australian Government RFP responses. HotHouse - Toyota. eBook Systems. Design and Art, Design and Art studies. Manga festivals - launch site. Cut & Paste. Communities
Respond to Proposals. Sydney Local Councils. Red Cross - Distant learning Juice magazine. Aust Film & TV School. Business Dev/Sales. Medicine, Business, Medicine, Business, Cut&Paste style events. Adobe Pixel Mash. Snapshot and
(RFP) Hardware House website. CRM - Distant learning SAE - Launch HQ. Finance, Tertiary Edu. Finance, Tertiary Edu. Day Breakers Film Set. Autodesk - Mudbox partner. ecosystems.
4 Day Thing - IDEA 4 Day Thing - IDEA 4 Day Thing - IDEA 4 Day Thing - IDEA 4 Day Thing - IDEA
Student Workshops. 50 Charity Clients. 20-30 Students a year. Industry mentor. Sponsored Prizes.