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The purpose with this master degree project is to develop a speech recognition tool, to make the
technology accessible for day to day uses. The development includes a very extensive study of
hidden Markov model, which is currently the state of the art in the field of speech recognition. A
speech recognizer is a complex machine involving complex algorithm developed with the
purpose to understand human speech. However in a real environment there exist disturbances
that might influence the performance of the speech recognizer. Thesis starts with mathematical
understanding of HMM followed by problem faced by it and its solution. Then we move to block
diagram of speech recognition which include feature extraction, acoustic modeling and language
model, which works in tandem to generate search graph.

Whole project can be divided into two parts, simulation and implementation. This project
starts with simulation in any software like MATLAB. Training and decoding modules are to be
tested in MATLAB and it has to be verified for various words and sounds.

In the next stage training data generated in MATLAB is used for implementation of a
hardware based decoder. Hardware based decoder is designed using Verilog language in Xilinx
ISE tool.