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[1] On 20/3/2012 a case for a declaration order was filed in NZ’s Environment Court (EC)
(ENV-2012-CHC-061), after collecting evidence (including 22 affidavits strongly linked to video
& photo evidence) about 438 resource consent breaches via monitoring the poisoning operators
for approximate 1 year.
[2] The defendants responded by applying for strike-out. Some were immediately removed,
because their limited responsibility made the case against them clearly untenable; One of them,
the State-Owned-Enterprise ACP (producer of 1080 poison pellets), demanded $16,664.37
[3] The remaining 5 chose in an orchestrated deception to become “interested-parties”-only,
which can't even ask for strike-out, cost-security or costs – Reason was the apparent replacement
of the defendant status; Then they combined their lawyers into one and insisted that the
“clearly-untenable” prima-facie strike-out test (with the onus of proof onto themselves and thus
not needing an in-person hearing) needed a costly secret in-person hearing, which screened the
need for the main hearing from the public.
[4] They never provided this required “clearly-untenable” proof...
[5] EC judge Borthwick granted the SOE ACP $10,000 costs, against her own ruling in another
similar case. She also asked for clarification of the main case, a list of law breaches, and
formulations with answers to 2 legal questions, which were provided. She refused to accept this
list of 56 multiple (438) resource-consent breaches and the following 5 questions of law that
would overrule strike-out per Supreme-Court case law (point [7.4]):

Main Questions of Law (by the applicant):

[5.1.] Is the democracy-undermining (incl. intimidating) potential or real health-
damaging effect of proven, negligent, careless, and/or deliberate misuse of ecotoxic
1080 poison a less-than-minor effect on the general public (affected persons) per
SS.94A,95E(1) Resource Management Act (RMA), so that the public can be refused legal
input and judicial review of resource consent applications?
[see Meaning of effect S.3 RMA, esp.(d,f)]
[5.2.] Should the onus of proof per SS.94A,95E(1) RMA and SS.4,5,6,8,9,10 Bill of
Rights, that 1080 practises, handling and distribution would have less than minor effects
on the public (affected persons and flora and fauna), lie with the Resource-Consent
provider and or holder/applicant, rather than with the public (via its health & lives)?
[5.3.] Does the interpretation of “less-than-minor” level and “affected parties” per
SS.94A,95E(1) RMA have to be in line with SS.4,6 Bill of Rights 1990?
(See Ministry of Transport v Noort [1992] 3 NZLR 260 Court of Appeal; Majority decision for
the interpretations of laws to be in line with the Bill of Rights)?
Sub-Questions of Law (by the judge, modified by the applicant):
[5.4.] Are resource-consent-related permits or authorisations granted by persons other
than the consent authority (namely the West Coast Regional Council), and separately
certain named guidelines, within the scope of the resource consent granted by this
council and therefore enforceable under the RMA – that means a declaration per S.310
with enforcement orders per S.316 in relation to the compliance with the related permits
or authorisation?
[see S.17.3 RMA & Ind[4,7]
[5.5.] Does an authorised person involved in the enactment of a Resource Consent,
without being a consent holder, owe a duty or obligation to ensure compliance with the
conditions of a resource consent?
[see S.17.1 RMA & Ind[4,7]
[6] Chief EC judge Newhook took over, ignored these questions of law, and refused to dismiss
strike-out; He intended to hear security for defendants' costs for the secret in-person strike-out
hearing they themselves had asked for in an abuse of process ([“We have already lost the strike-
out, not having provided any required “clearly-untenable”proof; Now we ask for such frivolous
& vexatious cost-security hearing to cover-up and prevent this lost strike-out hearing, and want
to be paid for this excessive luxury in advance to stop the main hearing”]).
[7] These 5 questions of law were taken to the High Court (CIV-2013-409-001554), together
with strike-out Supreme-Court case law:

First Question of Law on Appeal to High Court:

[7.1.] Must the judge's discretionary opinion per S.287 RMA regarding the requested
referral of the applicant's 5 questions of law [point[5]above] to the High Court be based
on correct RMA applications/interpretations rather than on at-will arbitration?
And related subquestion of law:
[7.2.] Does S.314(1)(e) (scope of enforcement order) together with S.319(3)(a) give the
Environment Court jurisdiction to determine the applicant's 5 questions of law, with
ordering a change or even revocation of unworkable public-endangering 1080-related
resource consents?
[see S.17.3 RMA & Ind[2,3]
Second Question of Law on Appeal to High Court:
[7.3.] Should the defendants' strike-out case/application and/or security-for-costs
case/application have been struck out per S.279(4)(a),(c) on reason that proof of their
frivolous, vexatious and abuse-of-process character had been provided?
And related subquestion of law:
[7.4.] Does the Supreme-Court case-law example ([2012] NZSC 49) require entering the
standard hearing process under RMA provisions as default, when no proof of a “clearly
untenable” case was provided?
[8] These law questions remained pending, because judge Whata allowed the lower EC to
indirectly determine the cost-security in this High-Court appeal by deciding for cost security for
a secret in-person strike-out hearing, but he offered a further costly right of appeal instead:
[9] Lower EC-judge Kirkpatrick then quoted but ignored a recent Appeal-Court cost-security
case law, which raised the public interest above cost-security! He also falsified facts, ie. such
nonsense that the claimant Te Whare had asked for the strike-out hearing against his own claim!
[10] The parallel separate cost award for the SOE ACP was also appealed:

Question of Law on Appeal to High Court: (CIV-2013-409-001548)

Does S.285 RMA (awarding of costs as Environment Court considers reasonable)
exclude objective reasonability, including the provisions of S.279 (strike-out of costs
application if judge considers it frivolous or vexatious or otherwise an abuse of process)?
[11] The following questions of law were presented to the High-Court:
Main Question of Law on Appeal to High Court: (CIV-2014-409-222)
[11.1.] Does the public interest in upholding the Resource Management Act's safeguards
(appeal provisions S.299, enforcement order SS.314(e),316, etc.) against misuse of the
strongest purpose-made poison outweigh the pecuniary security-of-costs interests of
government-dependent/controlled poisoning operators (the defendants)?
SubQuestions of Law on Appeal to High Court:
[11.2.] Should the provisions of the RMA (appeal provisions S.299, enforcement order
SS.314(e),316, etc.) be effectively invalidated by granting security-for-costs on reliance on
falsified facts and by undermining current Court-of-Appeal/[Supreme-Court] case laws?
[11.3.] Should the lower Environment Court appealed against effectively have been
allowed to decide an appeal to the High Court in an obvious conflict of interest and
jurisdiction contrary to appeal provision per S.299?
[12] On 13/8/14 ([2014] NZHC 1903) judge Dunningham reiterated and whitewashed all
previous judgments, totally undermining the law structure and reducing it to the monarch’s
fascistic Might Is Right. To strike-out any doubt, open-court publicity and appeal, she prevented
the registry from recording the hearing, in which she even agreed with the appellant at the end!
She removed jurisdiction of the EC over S.95E(1) RMA to a new separate, cost- and time-
wasting High-Court process, because questions [5.1.-5.3.] endangered current unlawful 1080
resource consents beyond the breaches!

[13] On 27/7/15 ([2015] NZCA 356 ) the Court of Appeal refused to accept an appeal,
ignoring the public importance/interest shown in questions [5] and all other law-practise-
correcting questions of law above, elevating unlawful judge-made District Court Rules with their
security-of-costs-above-public-interest-provisions above Parliament’s statutory Resource
Management Act, Bill of Rights Act and more recent Supreme-Court-/Appeal-Court case laws!
This court’s procedure for special leave to appeal gives appellants only 15min to present their
case regarding the required public interest, but then basing its decisions only on wrong or even
falsified facts mentioned in the appealed judgments, not the correcting appeal argumentations in
relation to the raised questions of law… This abuse of public-interest appeal provision cannot
be appealed to the Supreme Court, but the underlying High Court decision can be appealed
under the extreme additional “exceptional-circumstances” hurdle -- hence this very summary…
However, this decision reinstalled the defendant status instead of the frivolous “interested-party”
status (see point [3]), thus indicating merit of this case…

[14] Remark: All these wasteful, perverse and costly court proceedings should hide the facts
that the resource consents are invalid, with the poisoning operations therefore being unlawful,
and that fatal or health-/fertility-damaging poisoning by scientifically proven accumulating
effects of “sublethal” 1080 doses (see Ind [5]) cannot be proven in court, because the 1080
poison changes into other fluorides, which are masked by toothpaste & water fluoridation in
chemical tests (called “natural background radiation” -- They have now dropped 1080 into the
drinking-water catchment for the more than 1.5m inhabitants of Auckland city ...). By the way,
there is no criminal-background check or weapon /”gun” license for 1080 poisoners having
access to this most dangerous chemical weapon, nor concentrated safety dye in the 1080 baits for
easy detection!
[ The following was not part of above Appendix A of the court file
Documents, but was added later for concise presentation ]
Further Developments in this Case: Instead of appealing to the Supreme Court, a new lawyer
convinced the appellant Te Whare to scale back its demands to toothless un-enforceable judicial
declarations (thus invalidating this case’s evidence due to protection against double jeopardy), and
to pay a reduced security-of-cost fund ($15,000) into a Lawyers’ trust -- despite warnings that this
would leave the appellant without any chance of success while additionally being bound to the
judges’ unlawful demands in order not to lose this fund.
Part of the fund was donated by the West Coast community for the purpose to achieve a proper
court hearing, and not for any unlawful demands arising out of above law-evading proceedings.
However, although initially upholding the order of payment of such costs with the aim of
punishing the community through the loss of this fund ([2017] NZHC 150; points [48,49,53,54]
show the judges’ clear understanding of this case), this government’s court ultimately refrained to
steel this fund, obviously due to the resulting undesired publicity incl. further court appeals.
Unscientific 1080-Poison Lies Propagated by NZ Gov’ts
[1.] 1080 warning signs showed only a red skull & bones pictogram indicating danger directly to
humans. Correction: The correct UN hazardous-substance pictogram label for 1080 shows a dead tree
and fish, the proper sign for indiscriminate environmental poison. TB-Free NZ’s latest “warning” signs
have propaganda character, without a skull & bones pictogram or even red colour.
[2.] 1080 is a humane poison. Correction: It is probably the cruellest poison, the resulting hydro-
fluoric acid killing the stomach while permeating throughout the body, affecting the central nervous
system, resulting in vomiting, hyperactivity (birds fly until exhaustion, dogs “run” while lying), spasms
and periodic shouting from extreme pain until respiration is fatally paralysed; urinal path becomes
blocked (anuria, probably through deposits of calcium fluoride similar to kidney stones).
[3.] Full recovery after sub-lethal 1080 dose. Correction: Lack of definite truthful time span or long-
term-effect research, but testicle damage and perforations of the digestive path have been found in
poisoned animals, while irreversible accumulation/embedding of calcium fluoride in bones and teeth
undoubtedly occurs; Victims also complain about persisting Parkinson’s-like effects on the nervous
system. Only a government-dependent laboratory tests for the Sodium-acetate part of 1080, if at all,
but not at all for any fluoride parts or resulting poisonous fluoric-acid. There exists no antidote.
[4.] 1080 poisoning operators were named “Animal Health Board”. Correction: This is maliciously
misleading Orwellian double speak; see points [2.- 8.]. This name was changed a few years ago to “TB-
Free NZ”, together with an advertisement/propaganda campaign that accused the possums (a major
NZ pest introduced to create a lucrative fur industry) of being the cause of the spread of tuberculosis
in cattle, instead of the rough conditions created by the removal of all shelter trees from the barren
paddocks. When possum numbers declined drastically, rats and mice became the new justification for
the 1080 war that caused their increase, also due to removal of their predators via secondary
poisoning; see [5.] below. The recent official slogan “Battle for the Birds” hides this:
[5.] 1080 bait pellets do not kill native endangered birds. Correction: NZ’s highly-intelligent
endangered native parrot, the Kea, is very inquisitive and examines and eats poison baits; The
endangered NZ owl, falcon, hawk die of secondary poisoning after eating poisoned prey/carcasses.
[6.] Dogs are extreme susceptible to 1080. Correction: Many mammals are similarly susceptible, but
sensitive dog noses like to find 1080 baits and poisoned possums, visibly proving the inhumanity.
[7.] 1080 does not hurt insects and esp. bees. Correction: It was patented in Belgium around 1920 as
mothballs (an insecticide), and bees were attracted to the sweetened baits.
[8.] 1080 is not killing aquatic life. Correction: Long-term effects have not been sufficiently researched.
It works indiscriminately, but fish appear to be less susceptible; see pictogram point [1.].
[9.] 1080 does not affect plants. Correction: Long-term effects on plants esp. trees have not been
sufficiently researched. Hydrofluoric acid resulting from 1080 dissolving in acidic soils near roots
attacks/chelates metals and esp. calcium into fluorides wherever it finds them, and is taken
up/accumulated by plants; This could be the cause of Kauri-die-back or Myrtle-rust diseases that
“suddenly” appeared (they may have gone unnoticed before, or a critical concentration of internal
damage to these trees been reached after 50 years of 1080 poisoning); see pictogram point [1.]. Some
plants’ Fluor-acetate synthesis against browsers is used for propaganda, but proves accumulation!
[10.] 1080 is biodegradable. Correction: It is extreme soluble in water and dilutes accordingly; It
degrades mainly via its poisonous transformation into hydrofluoric acid and then fluorides, which can
accumulate in the environment. Biodegradability is defined as the capability of decaying through living
organisms, but 1080 through hydrofluoric acid and fluorides is in fact indiscriminately killing bacteria
(the reason for the use of fluoridated toothpaste) and of course higher organisms…
[11.] 1080 does not accumulate. Correction: This appears on-the-face true, but is misleading to the
maximum; see points [2.,3.,9.,10.] above. Accumulation in the environment of resulting fluorides is
currently called “natural” background contamination, without consistent long-term monitoring.
[12.] 1080 in water becomes harmless by simple boiling. Correction: Dry 1080 becomes “unstable” at
110 ˚C , decomposes at 200 ˚C into acute toxic HF gas; Boiling-away the water would not change this.
[13.] 1080 dissolved in water concentrates according to its specific weight. Correction: Substances in
a solution are an integral part of that solution; insoluble amounts (also temperature-dependent) fall-
out of solution, and separate as emulsions/suspensions according to differing specific weights.
[14.] 1080 is not dropped into drinking-water catchments. Correction: The practice definition of
“catchment” was creepingly reduced to imprecise 30m strips on either side of a creek etc., while 1080
pellets were indiscriminately dropped into the water intakes of those people who did not consent to
aerial 1080 poisoning operations. At present catchments of pristine drinking-water creeks are
replaced with groundwater bores, combined with chlorination/fluoridation. Only recently were the
pellets mixed with wax so that they do not release all poison suddenly after landing in creeks.
[15.] 1080 is imported from the USA by the tons. Correction: This is most unlikely, due to the chemical-
warfare nature of this extreme poison requiring safeguarding warship escorts, because this amount
could be used to terrorise/kill millions of people! Instead, it is more likely to be produced directly in
NZ from hazardous waste created by the Australian-owned aluminium smelter in Bluff (this NZ locality
name is purely co-incidental, though), just like it is said that NZ produced Agent Orange in New
Plymouth for the Vietnam war – As this very summary shows, NZ (like the other 5-Eyes countries) has
the dictatorial/royal power for covering-up incl. falsifying historic records; There is a saying in the
British monarchy: “The victor writes the history.” Russia can always be blamed not only for hacking,
but also for 1080 experiments/assassinations gone wrong.
Conclusion: The only remaining lie that 1080 is good for your health just like fluoridated drinking
water has not yet been propagated; Hitler prepared the stage for clandestine misuse (incl.
assassinations) of fluoridation/1080 research today, but never went as far as using it in a war-like
manner like NZ does. on water-fluoridation/1080 research:
“… Without mad scientists and chemical engineers doing what Hitler told them to do, the
extermination of millions of Jews would not have taken place. By utilizing the huge conglomeration of
pharma experts, Hitler was able to create poisons for his enemies, prisoners of war and for medical
experimentation with drugs and vaccines. Mustard gas from World War I was modified and used to
kill the Jews in gas chambers (Zyklon-B). In fact, Zyklon-B would later be used by Americans for
chemical warfare in a country named Vietnam (aka Agent Orange). Fluoride was purposely added to
the drinking water given to the Jews in concentration camps. Dr. Fritz ter Meer, a key director of IG
Farben, was directly involved in developing nerve gas (Zyklon-B) and for using fluoride in the Jews’
water to keep them malnourished, weak and unable to rebel. Meer was sentenced to only seven years
in prison and was released after four years, through the intervention of Rockefeller. Fritz ter Meer,
guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity, returned to work in Bayer where he served as
Chairman for more than 10 years, until 1961.

Today these companies help manufacture agro-chemicals, with the help of Dow, Dupont, Syngenta,
Monsanto, Bayer, BASF and more. Not only do these companies water mass crops like corn and soy
with fluoridated water, …” Correction: Not in Germany where drinking water is not fluoridated.

The hyperlink below contains further 1080-related info. by Fritz Fehling, 31/12/2018
Fluorine-Ion Solubility Relative to Natural Calcium Fluoride
Chlorination for Fluoridation for 1080 Poisoning
 New Zealand’s West Coast draws the world’s purest drinking water directly from high-rainfall
mountains, without any pollution – some rivers’ test results were even purer than the rain
water! For more than 150 years the towns’ water supplies were permanently flushed by
shoddy leaking water pipes; “She’ll be right” became perfect…
 Not only after the Havelock-North serious water contamination (by dangerous sheep-shit
bacteria from those barren hills during heavy rain and flooding according to Radio NZ on
5/6/2018; West Coast hills are bush-covered without “bush sheep”…) were NZ drinking
water standards created that appear to even require chlorination/fluoridation, which in fact
reduces this highest water quality at least on the West Coast drastically.
 The West Coast local councils now implement expensive water treatment set-ups by stealth
to “comply with NZ drinking water standards”, all according to the policies of the past far-right
government that redefined protected water catchments effectively out of existence to enable
gapless indiscriminate aerial distribution of the extreme pest-control/warfare poison 1080
(sodium monofluoroacetate), and also redefined “dental-health” water fluoridation not to be
the forced whole-body“medical”poison-treatment human-rights violation that it is.
 These set-ups are not for the excessive bad-smelling/tasting chlorination, but targeted for
compulsive fluoridation after a Supreme-Court case allows the Ministry of Health to dictate
such forced medical treatment/tests. Such fluoride intake is uncontrollable not only for people
who drink plenty of water, but will lead to overdoses for the whole population through
processed (water-cooked) food, esp. when subsequently dried and then fluoride-re-hydrated.
For such reasons Europe (except of course the anti-democratic British monarchy; US, too)
does not fluoridate drinking water! Fluoridated water incl. processed food should logically
be mandatorily labelled, but is generally not done due to malicious ulterior motifs:
 Fluoric acid (HF) is the most corrosive acid due to its small molecule size, even edging glass.
The acidity value of mediums like the stomach’s hydrochloric acid determines the percentage
of fluorides converted into HF, which is freely permeable through biological membranes.
[This HF conversion is most likely enhanced with the extreme poison 1080 (fluoroacetate,
similarly soluble to sugar), killing the stomach before affecting the entire body and thus
causing an extreme painful death! Further study of the lethal effects of 1080 shows all
amplified effects of “sub-lethal” fluoride uptake, including blockage of the urinal pathway.]
Hydrofluoric acid is the chelator, which means it will readily connect to metals. Therefore
“sub-lethal” HF doses react throughout the body with metals, but calcium “impairs/mediates”
their diffusion -- obviously through chemical reaction! This can occur below the level of
precipitating (falling-out-of-solution) calcium fluoride, which it will form e.g. in the bones (as
accumulating osteoporosis), teeth, ligaments, aorta/heart (it can also block heart
contractions!), skeletal muscle and brain; Another accumulating effect is kidney stones.
Furthermore, there is a significant decline in renal (kidney) clearance of fluorides in people
over 65 – this means increased fluoride accumulation in the body! Such long-term results are
insufficiently researched, because human rights should prevent open use of human guinea
pigs for poison tests -- Now whole nations are turned into such guinea pigs…
 Another obviously intended motif is the disabling of 1080 tests due to the resulting high
fluoride background of the population, contaminating any evidence that could withstand
scrutiny in law courts and inquiries. Not only can 1080-pest-control safety measures be
unlawfully disregarded, but accumulating “sub-lethal” 1080-poison doses can be used to even
directly murder democratic critics – While the accumulating fluoridation is used as
(over)population “attrition”/reduction murder tool under the pretence of dental health care…
Laura Mills Fritz Fehling

Greymouth Star P.O.Box 95

P.O.Box 3 Harihari 7863



Chlorination for Fluoridation

(Letter to the Editor)

In the last months I had to notice a distinctive chlorine smell/taste in Greymouth and Ross. Even in
Germany’s big city Berlin only public swimming pools had this.

Recently I imagined this conversation: “Fluoridation and 1080 Fluoroacetate? Yes, Sir…Yes, Minister!
We’ve got them sorted. They’d love to switch from chlorination … No, they wouldn’t notice the
1080 … You really think I would make a good mayor? ... Thank you, Sir…”.

The West Coast is one of the few places where permanent flushing of water systems can be done
most of the time – This was standard practise for more than 150 years of leaking pipes from pristine
creeks, minus the “occasional” aerial 1080 poison drop into the catchments…

The recent warning of the Public-Health official Brunton that 1080 blood tests cost more than $300
each indicates that there are no meaningful 1080 tests undertaken by any official gov’t institution
(There are no truly independent labs) – This warning should prevent the public from insisting on self-
funded cheaper indirect blood tests that could prove at least a tendency:

The $80 “1080” blood test of my murdered horse (I caught the late poisoner) returned
“inconclusive” in an envelope from the Animal Health Board (I still have it), which was the previous
name of the TB-free-NZ 1080 poisoners, a charitable government trust – Trust them, they know
what they are doing!

Solution: Constitutionally safeguarded Democracy (= Republic), with checks & balances that remove
corrupt officials incl. judges…

In Loving Memory, Fritz Fehling, Harihari

[See also CHRONOLOGICAL SUMMARY OF THE 1080 CASE that proves New Zealand’s and the British
monarchy’s judiciary to be criminally corrupt (deliberately grossly incompetent): ]
Uncensored Editor(s) Fritz Fehling

POBox 44-128 POBox 95

Pt Chevalier Harihari 7863

Auckland 1246


Dear Editor(s)

Page 92 issue 52 states that 41% of American children have dental fluorosis according to evidence
from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention; However, their website shows lower figures dependent on 3 young-
people age brackets and questionable -- very-mild – mild -- moderate/severe status, making that
statement unreliable and potentially backfiring on people who use it to argue against official
fluoridation policies. Such broad populistic statement should be avoided and corrected.

But even the lower figures are in the single and double digits and do not justify this forced public
“medication”; Here are some more facts to use for your established contributors’ future articles:

1. Fluorosis pictures always show in an obvious way that the molecular structure of the teeth is
disturbed and thus weakened, probably like brittle-bones osteoporosis; This can only be
tested in a destructive way on living persons’ teeth and is therefore not tested but
unscientifically excused to be of no consequence…
3/2.htm states that there is a significant decline in renal (kidney) clearance of fluoride in
people over 65 – this means increased accumulation in the body! Under “oral uptake” it
states that fluorides occur as HF (fluoric acid) that is absorbed through the acidic stomach,
and that there are no experimental data about dermal (skin) or inhalation absorption…
3. further examines this: HF is
the most corrosive acid due to its small molecule size (common education describes it as the
strongest acid, even edging glass, which this article apparently rejects; This looks like
chemical hair-splitting to me…). The pH (acidity) value of the medium determines the
percentage of fluorides converted into HF, which is freely permeable through the biological
membrane [This HF conversion is most likely enhanced with the extreme poison 1080
Fluoroacetate, killing the stomach before affecting the entire body and thus causing an
extreme painful death!]. “Sub-lethal” HF doses therefore react throughout the body with
metals as a chelator, but calcium impairs/”mediates” its diffusion – obviously through
chemical reaction; this can occur even below the level of precipitating (falling-out-of-
solution) calcium fluoride, which it will form e.g. in the bones as accumulating osteoporosis,
ligaments, aorta/heart (it can also block heart contractions!), skeletal muscle and brain.
Further study of the lethal effects of 1080 shows all amplified effects of “sub-lethal” fluoride uptake,
including blockage of the urinal pathway (the victim usually dies before this occurs, unless the lethal
dosage was “too low”…)

This should satisfy any critical reader.

Greetings, Fritz Fehling

[ ]
By Mr William R. Norris, New Zealand National Poisons Centre

7.1 Mode of action
Fluoroacetate is converted to fluoroacetyl-CoA, thereby gaining entry to the citric acid cycle.
Citrate synthase then condenses fluoroacetate with oxaloacetate to form fluorocitrate, a process
dubbed as "lethal synthesis". (Buffa & Peters, 1950)

The time taken for lethal synthesis is on the order of 30 - 150 minutes, and symptoms will be
exhibited at some point after this latent period, depending on the species and dose. (Egekeze &
Oehme 1979)

The toxic isomer (-)-erythro-2-fluorocitrate exerts its action mainly on the citric acid cycle enzyme
aconitase, where it is thought to act as a suicide substrate at the sulphydryl-bearing active site of
the enzyme, causing a blockade at this point of the cycle (Clarke 1991). ATP is rapidly depleted,
disrupting energy-dependent processes. The capacity of cells to restore inactivated aconitase and
combat oxidative damage is probably also hindered.

Other enzymes affected include mitochondrial citrate carriers (Kun et al. 1978), pyruvate
dehydrogenase kinase, (Taylor et al. 1977), succinate dehydrogenase, (Mehlman MA 1967),
glutamine synthetase, (Paulsen & Fonnum 1990), phosphofructokinase, (Godoy & del Carmen
Villarruel 1974), and possibly ATP-citrate lyase (Rokita & Walsh 1983).

As a result of the blockade at aconitase, citrate levels rise dramatically, causing chelation of
divalent metal ions, espcially Ca2+. Depletion of these ions at a CNS [central-nervous-system]
site may be responsible for seizures in certain species. (Hornfeldt & Larson 1990)

Serum citrate levels generally provide a reliable biochemical marker of fluoroacetate intoxication.
(Bosakowski & Levin 1986) (emphasis added)

REMARKS (by Fritz Fehling, 7/11/2018): The above article probably relies on intravenous-1080-
injection experiments, thus ignoring the fact that the logical first (re)action of orally-taken 1080 is
its extreme high solution in the stomach’s hydrochloric acid/water, the fluorine ion strongly
connecting to the HCl’s hydrogen ion as HF (chemically a “weak” acid, but physically the most
aggressive), while pushing its chlorine ion into the solution; HF then permeates through
membranes, readily and directly reacting with metals and calcium as a chelator throughout the
body, not needing intermediates like fluorocitrate or consequent damage of enzymes!
The above indicates the difficulty to intercept multiple intermediate reaction stages for chemical
analysis in living bodies, or in corpses where all reactions have already taken place (see its
References: “Hornfeldt CS & Larson AA (1990) Seizures induced by fluoroacetic acid and
fluorocitric acid may involve chelation of divalent cations in the spinal cord. Eur. J.
Pharmacol. 179: 307-313”). It proclaims an “all-or-nothing” chemical-reaction type, thus ignoring
the reality of several temporary different parallel reactions taking place with a resulting common
outcome, where all dispersing highly reactive/corrosive HF-fluoric-acid ions have pushed-pulled
body elements irreversibly out of their complex organic connections and become fluorides,
fluorocitrates, etc… After all, chemistry is macro-statistical particle physics.
Remarkable is this article‘s inaccessibility to its numerous topic-8.-details “TOXICOLOGICAL
ANALYSIS AND BIOMEDICAL INVESTIGATIONS” (see below), as if this NZ-government
institution intents to cover chemical-analysis shortcomings, and to prevent gov’t-independent tests!
(This SODIUM-FLUOROACETATE section exists only as headlines and is not available!...)

8.1 Material sampling plan

8.1.1 Sampling and specimen collection Toxicological analysis Biomedical analysis Arterial blood gas analysis Haematological analysis Other (unspecified) analysis
8.1.2 Storage of laboratory samples & specimens Toxicological analysis Biomedical analysis Arterial blood gas analysis Haematological analysis Other (unspecified) analysis
8.1.3 Transport of laboratory samples and specimens Toxicological analysis Biomedical analysis Arterial blood gas analysis Haematological analysis Other (unspecified) analysis

8.2 Toxicological analysis and their interpretation

8.2.1 Tests on toxic ingredient(s) of material Simple qualitative test(s) Advanced qualitative confirmation test(s) Simple quantitative method(s) Advanced quantitative method(s)
8.2.2 Tests for biological specimens Simple qualitative test(s) Advanced qualitative confirmation test(s) Simple quantitative method(s) Advanced quantitative method(s) Other dedicated method(s)
8.2.3 Interpretation of toxicological analysis

8.3 Biomedical investigations and their interpretation

8.3.1 Biochemical analysis Blood, plasma or serum Urine Other fluids
8.3.2 Arterial blood gas analysis
8.3.3 Haematological analysis
8.3.4 Interpretation of biomedical investigations

8.4 Other biomedical (diagnostic) investigations and their interpretation

8.5 Overall interpretation

8.6 References
Introduction to the 2 New Zealand Supreme-Court Fluoridation Decisions

The 5-judge decision [2018] NZSC 59 reinforces drastic human-rights-invalidating drinking-water

fluoridation by NZ’s local governments that are (s)elected via the fascism-supporting First-Past-the-
Post British relative-majority system, where multiple-property owners (incl. even corporations and
trusts) can democracy-pervertingly vote in every local-government area they own property; See also
New Zealand Local-Democracy-Supreme-Court Documents:

This decision’s “scientific” part was apparently hidden prepared by the Ministry of Health (see below);
It allows non-health-professional local governments (and indirectly central governments, despite that
the Health Act explicitly prevents the Minister of Health requiring fluoridation when setting standards
of drinking water) to at-will medicate/subdue/damage the general public via administration of
“medical” treatment through the water supply… Infecting the public with weakened long-term
diseases incl. cancer via enforced vaccinations will be next, without compensation for side effects etc.!

It not only overrules several case laws, but totally invalidates NZ’s constitutional Bill of [Human] Rights
Act 1990 in favour of a totalitarian classical fascistic monarchy (which bypassed Parliament and
created a perverse illogical re-definition; see below): The defendant (and thus the fascistic judges)
even dared to use an outdated 1957 Commission of Inquiry explicitly proceeding on the basis that
“the subject [here: the general public] does not possess guaranteed rights”!!!

However, NZ’s fundamentally dissenting chief judge Elias very thoroughly describes every
shortcoming of the other 4 judges’ decision in an exemplary manner (from para [211] of [2018] NZSC
59) – Only a criminally fascistic-corrupt monarch(y) can leave such deliberately grossly incompetent /
criminally corrupt judges in their positions, while parliamentary monarch serfs do not dare to rock the
royal boat in favour of constitutionally safeguarded democracy with working checks & balances…

See Universal-Democracy-Constitution:

The 2nd decision [2018] NZSC 60 removes the public’s right to a fair and public hearing like e.g. the
European Convention on Human Rights provides (this court even quoted that relevant English case
law!); It “mooted” this case dealing with the belated re-definition of water fluoridation (declaredly
used for dental-care treatment) not to be medicine per NZ’s Medicines Act, instead of
correcting/limiting such belated perverse illogical re-definition – NZ’s government cabinet together
with the monarch’s governor-general hastily created the re-definition during this case’s proceeding,
because it proved the local (and indirectly the central) government’s unlawfulness and professional
incompetence. NZ’s judicial law practice uses such mooting to create extreme injustice by usually not
only burden law-wise victorious plaintiffs with their own legal costs, but also with those of the law-
wise losing (government) defendants in order to discourage any lawful court case against the
monarch’s hidden totalitarian parliament-despising rule via its fascists in cabinet and judiciary…

The monarch’s judiciary considers its rule as supreme to a democratic parliament’s sovereignty; see


The re-installing of above classical law practices is the true major reason for Brexit.
NZ Chief Ombudsman Fritz Fehling
P.O.Box 10152 POBox 95
Wellington 6143 Harihari 7863
[E-mail copies to Minister of Health and many others] 25/10/2018

[1.] NZ Ministry of Health’s (MoH) deliberate grossly-incompetent failure by refusing to deal with
“Request for Official Information about Scientific Evidence Used to Justify Drinking Water
Fluoridation” for “detailed scientific evidence that is used to officially justify compulsory drinking
water fluoridation” [wording in bold is copied from the original request letters]
[2.] NZ Minister of the Environment refuses to reply to Request for Official Information about
Official 1080 Testing Method and Fluoride-Background-Contamination Test Results

Dear NZ Chief Ombudsman Peter Boshier

[1.] MoH refuses to recognise above official-information request under the Official Information Act
1982, in defiance of the Minister, who clearly recognised it as such when referring it to MoH (see
enclosed copies). Consequently it is apparent that MoH does not hold such info, despite that NZ’s
compulsory drinking-water fluoridation (e.g. in Auckland) requires the existence and holding of it,
and despite that NZ’s Supreme Court in [2018] NZSC 59 regards it as “well-established”
[-- although per para [137,140] scientific reviews critical of previous studies were presented, stating
a lack of high quality research, and that benefits of fluoridation were overstated while the adverse
effects were understated. They also showed evidence of fluorosis even below the “safe” level, but
found that many of the studies indicating that fluoridation caused bone fractures or cancers were of
low quality and with a high risk of bias (which studies outside of laboratory conditions of decades-
long accumulating effects unavoidably have; poisons usually cause cancers). Para [10,11] states that
fluoridation works by direct contact with tooth surfaces (instead in fact with tooth bacteria) -- and
thus not through digestive intake of unnatural sodium silicic fluoride together with fluoric acid (from
industrial hazardous waste) that is transformed via the stomach’s hydrochloric acid into the most
corrosive membrane-permeating bone- and tooth-calcium-attacking/chelating hydrofluoric acid,
finally resulting in less-reactive natural calcium fluoride (as brittle-bones osteoporosis, brittle-teeth
fluorosis); This NZ court incompetently fudged these important differences, while they have been
omitted by all those biased “scientific” studies that did not even exclude fluoridated-toothpaste-
using people, thus skewing the results regarding any lesser effects by water fluoridation itself ! -- ].

I also ask you to investigate and strongly recommend per S.22 (esp.3(g)) Ombudsmen Act 1975 the
removal of MoH’s manager of official-information-act services and/or its Director-General from
official positons that require literacy; A fundamental deliberate if not malicious official failure of this
magnitude (instead of stopping compulsory water fluoridation) needs to be discouraged rather than
encouraged by effectively invalidating this law section, just as you (a NZ High-Court judge) and all
other ombudsmen did when generally refusing recommendation to reimburse complainants, thus
knowingly encouraging/causing such deliberate incompetence! You should therefore also
recommend compensation in height of $50 for designing and posting this very letter that should not
have become necessary in the first place.
This complaint is of priority public-health interest, and will attract international attention, more than
the executions by NZ police excessively using CS gas, which you tried to cover up…

[ The UN, which is promoting water fluoridation, is not a democratically elected body but dominated
by fascistic dictatorships that falsely believe to have a vested interest in using compulsory
fluoridation as a population reduction tool. WHO neutrality can therefore not be relied on! ]

An Unofficial Examination of the Official NZ Government Report by Fritz Fehling, 18/2/2019

Aug-2014 ; The Ministry of Health provided this report’s address after being directed by its Minister)

This report dares to pretend as scientific presumption that fluorides (that will certainly convert into
the most corrosive all-permeating hydrofluoric acid) are essential dietary nutrients for human
health (page 26) – The quoted scientific opinion of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA Journal
2013;11(8):3332) explicitly states on its page 2:

“Fluoride is not an essential nutrient. Therefore, no Average Requirement for the performance of
essential physiological functions can be defined.”

Some of this report’s other statements include:

Page 4: Fluorides work by direct contact with acidic bacteria on tooth surfaces -- not by ingestion;

Page 8: Fluoridated water plus toothpaste can raise the daily intake above the recommended level;

Page 17: No more tap water is taken in hot than in cold conditions, making the max. fluoride levels
safe -- not counted are intake of bought bottled beverages produced from fluoridated water;

“… While benefits [of water fluoridation] is certain, there is less clarity as to the magnitude of the
beneficial effect against the background of additional fluoride sources.” This effectively proves the
research shortcoming of water-fluoridation-benefit statements, and makes them utterly unscientific
guesswork/propaganda! Then it notes on

Page 20: In (East) Germany there was a continued decline of tooth decay after cessation of water
fluoridation. It explains this with the reduction of sugar consumption, restructuring of (East)
Germany’s publicly-funded dental-care system, and far later market penetration by fluoridated salt
(which is a result of EU trade standardisation, with a current market share of 68%. Fluoride intake can
thus be individually but insufficiently controlled, and is lower than with fluoridated water). But the
report’s authors still dare to state that water fluoridation in Germany would be reasonable; Fascistic-
capitalistic British monarchy and USA naturally avoid social health-care-provision taxes;

Page 25: Infant formula reconstituted with fluoridated water can exceed recommended upper levels
for daily fluoride intake; and generally contradicting:

Except for infants and young children, most New Zealanders’ intake is below levels considered
adequate for prevention of dental caries, whether or not they consume fluoridated water;

Page 41: The magnitude of increased risk of dental fluorosis in formula-fed infants is not clear;

Page 29: Dissolved fluoric acid clearly permeates the whole body, but fluoride transfer to breastmilk/
foetus appears to be reduced -- which indicates a partial evolutionary protection against fluorides;

Page 18: “but in very high doses it [fluoride] is poisonous, and has been used as a component of
pesticides” (it still is; remember the indiscriminate use of the extreme 1080 poison in NZ…);

Page 23: “In terms of chemistry and bioavailability there is no difference between added and “natural”
fluoride. The laws of chemistry dictate that fluoride ions in solution in water are identical regardless
of their source.” This means that any dissolved fluoride will primarily result in the most corrosive
hydrofluoric acid in an acidic solution like the stomach’s acid, and the report utterly fails to take this
into account, just as it failed to consider the insoluble property of natural (calcium) fluoride;

Page 30: “Most fluoride in food or water enters the bloodstream rapidly via the digestive tract, and
about half leaves the body quickly in urine, usually within 24h unless large amounts (>20mg) are
ingested. The majority of the fluoride that remains in the body (80% in children, 50% in adults) is
deposited in teeth and bones.” -- This is scientific for “accumulation”, and has to result in brittle-
bones osteoporosis/fluorosis long-term, despite that this report denies these damaging effects earlier
on! Remarkable is the statement that calcium-rich foods reduce the peak fluoride blood plasma
concentration, a likely result of calcium fluoride that is insoluble and cleared via kidneys.

Page 48: “The weight of evidence indicates that increasing amounts of fluoride might increase bone
volume, but there is less strength per unit volume.” This contradicts the earlier presumption of
qualitative bone and tooth hardening/strengthening at lower fluoride levels;

Page 44: “Multiple-dose animal experiments show potential adverse effects on bone, liver, kidney,
heart and testes, but only at doses greater than 4.5mg/kg/day”; This very rough estimate is derived
from acute-toxic “sub”lethal-dose animal tests during lethal-dose tests of 1080 fluoride pesticides, not
incl. accumulations, and animals cannot report on lasting effects on the central nervous system:

Page 50: Neurotoxicity/IQ effects was assessed at the age of 7, 9, 11, 13 and 38 years, without
evidence of water fluoridation affecting neurological development or IQ. -- Not tested were older
people who get osteoporosis and usually also lose brain function, both being an accumulating long-
term result of aging, which would hide/mask fluoride-caused osteoporosis and dementia. This cannot
be sufficiently separated for scientific tests, esp. when there are no non-fluoride-fed control groups
available. It is pseudo-scientific pseudo logic to extrapolate/generalise such result:

“No laboratory animal studies have reported reproductive toxicity at low fluoride doses.” “The York
review in 2000[89] did not find any evidence of fluoride-attributable reproductive toxicity in humans,
and the 2006 NRC review of EPA fluoride standards[46] concluded that adverse reproductive and
developmental outcomes occur only at very high concentrations…” All the while the general decline
of human sperm counts remains unexplained. To bluntly remove fluoridation as a possible cause is
plain unscientific propaganda. This report generally rejects fluoride-blaming studies on the reason that
they did not properly assess or adjust for multiple confounding factors (including e.g. with Down’s
Syndrome birth defects on page 51), but not so its chosen insufficient studies;

Page 52: “The authors suggested that chronic kidney disease could be aggravated by relatively low
concentrations of fluoride, which (in turn) accelerates vascular calcification. However, further studies
are required to test this hypothesis.” The point page_30 above should suffice as precautionary proof
in relation to insoluble calcium fluoride that kidneys have to deal with, possibly also as kidney stones;
But in the first place molecules with 15-17 fluorine atoms (PFOA/S firefighting-foam) pose increased
risk of chronic kidney disease in the general U.S. population according to point 7.5.1 of !...

Page 53: “However, individuals with impaired kidney function experience higher/more prolonged
fluoride exposure after ingestion because of reduced urinary fluoride excretion, and those with end
stage kidney disease may be at greater risk of fluorosis.” --- This means that compulsory unavoidable
fluoridated water is not safe for them, while health professionals are certainly not made aware of this!
It amounts to official recklessness, and could equal the death sentence; q.e.d.! see also
Ministers of Health & of the Environment, Fritz Fehling
David Clark and David Parker POBox 95
Parliament Buildings Harihari 7863
Wellington, New Zealand 24/11/2018

Re: Lack of Scientific Fluoride/1080 Testing and Safeguards

Dear Ministers David Clark (Health) and David Parker (Environment)

As poisoning by 1080 and fluoridation differs only in degree, I address you both directly first, and am
confident that you will forward it to the relevant official institutions.
It is plainly dangerous misleading of the General Public that in the past your ministries (incl. the
Environmental Protection Authority ERMA/EPA) concentrated on unscientific government-policy
propaganda, instead of competent scientific safeguarding of the public against poisonous fluorides
incl. the strongest purpose-made (environmental) poison 1080, all due to the fascistic-corrupt
National-Party governments’ appointments of likewise mates into official (incl. judicial) positions.

According to EPA’s letter (12/11/2018) no fluoride background contamination is tested/monitored, be

it in humans, plants or general! It claims that it would be difficult to identify whether detected fluoride
resulted from 1080, despite that monitoring tests before & after 1080 distribution would achieve this
by using a most-simple mathematical subtracting operation, with averaging…
Official 1080-fluoride testing procedures1) compare a modified sample’s ions to those of a similarly
modified 1080 reference using gas chromatography with computer programs: The sample’s (and the
reference’s) fluoride part is acidified into HF then discarded, its chlorine-based substitutes measured
instead, probably to prevent corrosive damage to the instrument. The program ignores any detection
of other fluorides, incl. HF from 1080’s similar “breakdown” in acidic solutions (like soils and bodies’
stomach acid where cell membranes allow unnatural concentrations of fluoric acid to permeate into
circulation, while separating 1080’s modified sodium-acetate part), which gives 1080 the poisonous
character in the first place! But EPA even dares to state that resulting fluoride residues of “broken-
down” 1080 had no significance. This is unscientific propaganda that officials still commit!

It is obvious that this approach is also used for testing fluoride/1080-poisoned humans/animals, if
tested at all, thus disabling the detection of any accumulating fluoride/1080 poisonings. In other
words: This deliberate systemic prevention of detection covers-up murder/assassination that can be
(and thus logically is) committed without any danger of detection. I know of several now dead humans
where the symptoms dove-tailed with 1080 poisoning, incl. the Green Party’s former leader Rod
Donald who probably intended to rock this old-established royal-fascistic boat!

The official funding for scientific research in NZ (currently determined by the author of the official
unscientific propaganda-like “Health Effects of Water Fluoridation: A Review of the Scientific Evidence”
(see also its examination at
Chronological-Summary-pdf ) is usually only provided when the expected research results would
guarantee in advance the support of government policies – here: water-fluoridation/1080 use for
pest control incl. population control. Existing water-fluoridation-poisoning studies inherently describe
also accumulating effects of ‘sub’lethal 1080 doses, but are ignored because all scientific 1080
research concentrated on lethal 1080 doses’ short-term effects for poisoning purposes.

The above inherently shows corrections and safety precautions needed to be implemented.

Greetings, Fritz Fehling

Official 1080 testing:
NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and Fritz Fehling
Ministers of Health and Environment POBox 95
Parliament Buildings Harihari 7863
Ref: Stop of Compulsive Water Fluoridation; Removal of Incompetent Director-General of Health

Dear Prime Minister, Ministers of Health and Environment!

[1.] Please use your positional and legislative power to stop compulsive “Community” Water
Fluoridation not only in the public’s, but also in your very own health interest (unless you know the
antidote…); You do not have any other reasonable choice! Here is a further aspect that reinforces the
scientific evidence of your office’s report1) esp. pages 52,53 about accumulative accelerated vascular
calcification by “relatively low” fluoride concentrations:
Mammals have evolved with (insoluble-)natural-calcium-fluoride background levels; This implies
short-term natural maximum (Calcium) Fluorine levels in the body (which is not pure water, probably
even reducing this maximum CaF2 solubility); These can be exceeded by additional compulsive-water-
fluoridation substances and their ability to achieve extreme higher accumulative concentrations2)
theoretically up to 497-infinite times to acute toxic levels (through e.g. accumulations in food plants
via fluoridated-water irrigation and background levels, 1080-poisoning-fluoride residues, swallowed
toothpaste, multiple cooking/reconstitution of fluoride-containing processed food with fluoridated
water, fluoridated beverages and now even salt). As any dissolved fluorides change in the stomach’s
chloric acid into membrane-permeating fluoric acid, such higher concentrations enter the body and
chelate calcium out of its connections in bones, teeth, ligaments etc, then locally falling-out of solution
and resulting in accelerated vascular calcification, kidney stones, urinal blockages, osteoporosis/-
fluorosis, etc., in short the whole range of fluoride poisoning regardless of excessive fluorides’ origin!

[2.] The Ministry of Health has replied, upholding compulsive water fluoridation as a matter of pure
fascistic-corrupt power, without any consideration of my correspondence2) that shows facts in your
office’s own “Health Effects of Water Fluoridation: a Review of the Scientific Evidence” 1) p.13-14 proving
danger and long-term damage to the public’s health!
Please remove the deliberately incompetent (fascistic-corrupt) Director-General of Health and his
deputy from their positions that they misuse to implement the unscientific policies of the past
fascistic-corrupt government; A review of the appointment (incl. change to a multi-person/-party
committee-like process) of the State Service Commissioner who solely appointed these officials is also
My official-info query2), and the resulting info provision2), showed that details of fluoride testing (incl.
methods and 1080 testing) were requested; This info explained that no testing of any fluoride is
undertaken in NZ, which implies fluorides in drinking water, and that the ministries’ arguments about
harmless “natural” fluoride background levels (that include unnatural water-fluoridation and 1080-
poison residues) are pure malicious propaganda, as is the pretence of assured safe non-accumulative
levels. In order to prevent any mentioning of scientific details in my correspondence, the ministry
pretended that it was about 1080 poison and therefore a matter for the Environmental Protection
Authority; They again showed a lack of required fundamental literacy skills2)!

Ombudsman officials also suffer from this lack of required fundamental literacy skills2)…

Greetings, Fritz Fehling

2) Table, CWF Correspondence
CONCLUSION from Fluoride Poisoning /1080 Case
( )

The Fluoride-Poisoning Frame …

[1.] The most efficient poisons – colourless, tasteless, odourless, skin-penetrating, symptom-delaying
for approx. ½ hour, and without antidote – have no beneficial dietary or medical effects when ingested
even in smallest doses, only long-term health-damaging and mental-passivity/obedience effects.

[2.] These poisons are added to the public’s drinking-water supply and food in a creepy compulsive
way breaching fundamental Human Rights; The total fluoride level cannot be controlled, let alone
avoided, while labelling is actively prevented (except toothpastes: having 500-1000 times more
fluoride than the water-fluoridation level, thus being health-damaging when eaten by children, they
have no poison/ingestion warning whatsoever, only pro-fluoride propaganda!).

[3.] They are at least an accumulating ageing agent not only via vascular calcification, but also brittle
bones and Parkinson’s-like nerve damage, if not directly used for extreme-cruel fatal-dose murder.

[4.] They are also pest-control poisons: 1080 is NZ-wide sprayed from helicopters, inhumanely killing
introduced pests incl. deer, with saturating propaganda that this unsafe process is beyond criticism.

[5.] No [let alone reliable, easy-accessible] testing/monitoring method for their poisonous fluorine
part is used, so that they cannot be detected under the increasing background contamination; If used
for direct reckless manslaughter/murder, any evidence could thus not withstand a murder trial –
Besides: fluoride poison has to be suspected first in order to apply a working fluoride-testing method:

[6.] Fluoridation substances have similar toxicity at less weight as this extreme pest-control poison
1080; they might be used instead, thus explaining most test results’ failure to detect any 1080 at all !

[7.] There are no workable restrictions on manufacturing, importing, distributing or possessing these
extreme fluoride poisons in small amounts, also due to their hide-out as aluminium welding/melting
flux, pest control poisons against rats, mice, cockroaches etc., and now as water-fluoridation poisons,
whereas drugs, murder weapons like guns, knives, etc. are explicitly listed in crime laws!

[8.] They are now available to any “authorised” person (without any safeguards against diversion of
small lethal amounts) at most NZ public drinking-water supplies, in pure concentrated form.

[9.] All of the above aspects have been actively hidden from the public via propaganda, even by the
UN’s WHO, proving worst-possible malicious ulterior motifs, and conspiracy“theory” gone -practice:

… Under Current Societal Frames …

[10.] NZ’s local governments implemented compulsive drinking-water fluoridation by stealth, after
their fascistic-corrupt central government created a propaganda-type pseudo-scientific report in
favour of compulsive fluoridation, which remained rather hidden from the public. NZ’s Supreme Court
assisted by completely invalidating Human Rights and the constitutional Bill-of-[Human-]Rights law.

[11.] NZ’s local governments are selected using the old primitive English First-Past-the-Post relative-
majority (but minority-rule) system that favours fascists due to their strong, even enforced, coherence.
This facilitates their appointment into key positions (e.g. chief executives and “authorised” water-
fluoridation personnel) according to fascistic brotherhood favours.
[12.] NZ’s governments are now elected on-the-face under a proportional system, but which still
allowed such minority-rule FPP “election” of minor-party candidates that repeatedly tilted the balance
in favour of far-right governments. The judiciary is appointed for life by one Solicitor-General, usually
a freemason and appointed by the prime minister/government cabinet without any checks & balances.

[13.] The British-NZ monarch is by definition a hereditary dictator and has retained even medievil
totalitarian power in a hidden way, also in law; Additionally, all parliamentarians, judges, local-gov’t
councillors, and higher officials are under oath of allegiance to their monarch, and could be punished
up to 10 years’ prison (for life if violence is incited) for treason and mutiny. The royals are integral part
of the freemason brotherhood (“old-boys’ network”, by definition a fascistic organisation like Chinese
Triad, Italian Mafia etc. that naturally aims for dictatorship) for centuries, because such corruption
maintains their anti-democratic power by elevating incompetent brothers into high-paying key
positons to protect each other from correction/punishment via e.g. democracy-like originated laws.

[14.] The all-seeing “Illuminati” eye on the American dollar bill shows the true traditional freemason
rule in that English-derived indirect-FPP-“election” minority-dictatorship system.

[15.] Most countries are far more obvious brutal dictatorships than the secretive British monarchy,
and learn to copy hidden tools like implementation of water fluoridation for (de-)population control.

… and the Unavoidable Logical Synthesis …

[16.] These fluoride poisons are therefore everywhere accessible to assassinators (see [5.- 8.] above)
targeting regime critics, freethinkers and people past their labour use-by date – being obedient silent
serfs is no escape, even in hospitals; Such by conditioning mentally-damaged (secret) henchmen
perversely love their job (orgasm via torturing/killing power) as they have done throughout history…

[17.] Such fascistic dictatorships aim for total population control for their perpetual “superiority”: A
Chinese-Triad-style computer surveillance dishing-out demerit points for behaviour deemed
undesirable by the dictator, which will develop into automatic execution orders when a threshold is
reached; With 5G(oogle’s/Facebook’s/Apple-Apps’ etc.) total-psychogram/-surveillance/-access it will
enable perfectly planned secret poison administrations, even directly into doomed-people’s homes.
The public will almost want to voluntarily die of fear while desperately hoping for a more “civilised”
Orwellian “1984” system mixed with Huxleyan “Brave-New-World” mind-soothing mass conditioning
– It is up to an Orwell-/Huxley-level freelance novelist to refine and sell this real-life picture…

[18.] As extreme fluoride poisons cannot be controlled, they must be explicitly outlawed;
Complacent fluffy-trusty-positive-thinking naivety ensures predatory dictatorship!

… Crushed by Infinite-universal Natural Justice.

[19.] Human history shows that rich dictators’ example of anti-social ego-centric ruthlessness/excess
is ironically one major cause for overpopulation and environmental damage that they try to curb by
violence down to wars, now as hidden “civil” (fluoride) wars. Irreversible global dictatorship lacking
by definition any checks & balances will punish critical analytical thinking needed for problem-solving
ideas, and will result in the temporary extinction of “higher” life by infinite literal Natural Justice.

There is no such thing as dead matter. by Fritz Fehling, 20/1/2019

[20.] For an antidote to dictatorship see Universal Democracy Constitution: