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Wake up. Turn your computer on.

Check your Bleep, your afternoon coffee is

inbox, the news, your calendar, social ready. Start your car with the touch
network. Synchronise your phone. Check of a button. Check your inbox, the to see what conditions to ex- news, your calendar, social network.
pect today. Bleep, your morning coffee Check to see what condi-
is ready. Start your car with the touch tions to expect tomorrow. Bleep your
of a button. Swipe in at the office. Turn dinner is ready. Eat it, sleep, dream
your computer on. Check your inbox, the of what you saw today on your monitor
news, your calendar, social network. Open and leave the bits behind.
an e-card from your best friend wishing
you a Happy Birthday. Rub your aching
eyes and wonder why you communicate all
day without really talking to anybody.
It sounds as unbelievable as its simple; love you for loving it. Yet, a little
choose analogue and your whole life will helping of digital technology is not a
change. You learn to trust your senses crime. Live offline but share online.
rather than an LCD, you poke your nose Have fun, laugh, flirt, seduce (with
into everything, you realise that the your camera), remember (on film), dont
best things in life happen spontaneously worry (in life) and shoot from the hip.
and that curiosity is the most natural
thing in the world. Your friends tell you,
Theres something about you, youre dif-
ferent, you glow, youre vibrating. And
they will immediately understand; living
analogue is sexy, contagious, tantalising.
Girls and boys love it and girls and boys
Wake up. Look, blink, and look again, not controlling everything. Let loose,
scrutinising what you see; it all seems embrace the uncertainty and go with
so absurd, comical, somehow different. the flow. You begin to rediscover the
Your bed, the chair, the sky, your hand, analogue world. Dont fight it; youre
colours, shapes, sense, nonsense; every- a Lomographer.
thing is strange, funny, closer, new. You
see the sun shining through your window
casting a beautiful shadow on the floor,
little particles of dust floating through
the air, you hear music playing even
though your iPod is off and you realise;
you are surrounded by beauty. Notice.
Relax. Take the risk of not knowing, of
Kiss the girl or boy sitting next to you you knew. Yet, every minute and every
on the tram. Youll either earn a slap second of your life can be like that!
in the face or have the best journey on Trial and error is your policy. Action
public transport that you ever had; either and reaction your strategy. Believe
way it will be unforgettable. Use that in yourself, never stop looking, never
dormant imagination to experiment and add stop asking and never stop recording.
some unexpected spice to your well-ordered
life. Perhaps you discover that theres
a 6th continent on Earth or a treasure
chest buried in your garden, or that the
Beatles recorded another White Album on a
comfy crackling 7" record. What an excite-
ment that questions everything you thought
Each person sees the world differently: Beauty appears where you least expect-
for Rembrandt it was dark and gloomy, ed it and once again you realise; it
for Gauguin; bright and funny, for the doesnt matter so much what something
Impressionists; blurry with thick strokes. looks like, but how you look at it.
Great art is not imitation but interpreta-
tion of the world. The world to you, the
Lomographer, is like a giant apple pie:
hot, deliciously glowing and you cant
get enough, consuming every last crumb of
it. You not only perceive colours more
intensely but people, faces, stories, the
very essence of your being start vibrat-
ing. Youre absorbing it all, sponge-like.
You are on a student exchange in a for- you considered that its more attrac-
eign country. You meet a lot of people and tive to play the piano than to twitter?
feel the need to impress them; the Ital- Its exciting to touch something, to
ians cook, the Russians drink, the Span- feel it, smell it, taste it, to have
ish play guitar, the Japanese sing, the something in your hands that doesnt
Americans dance, the Tyrolean yodel. You disappear with the click of a button.
surely are a very intelligent, amiable, Analogue is authentic, real, immediate.
friendly person. But all youve done in And so is life. And so is analogue pho-
the last 10 years is programming websites, tography. And so is Lomography.
writing blogs and beating high scores in
Tetris. You figure to yourself; all these
skills are virtual, existing in the digi-
tal realm but not in the real world. Have
As a wide-eyed Lomographer you are a human of art ever made. Dont throw away your
vacuum cleaner. You suck up all the in- photographs. Pictures that dont grab
formation around you; you are thirsty for your attention today might do tomorrow,
everything exciting, funny, wild, arou- the day after or in your next life.
sing and different. Your sensual percep- Rediscovering means rein-venting your:
tion; seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, taste, style, habits and general under-
tasting is more acute than that of other standing of the world. A true revolu-
human beings. Yet, even you have to take tion. Look twice to find real beauty.
care that you dont miss out on a diamond
in the rough. Remember when you had to /prophecies
listen to Mozarts The magic flute as a
child and were bored stiff? Now you rea-
lise its one of the most wonderful works
Have you ever left the house and half way with the wind in your sails. Nothing
through your journey you realise that else matters; youre alright as long as
youve left your mobile phone at home? youre with your Lomo.
It doesnt really pay to go back, so you
just spend the day without it. You feel a
strange sense of freedom that you havent
felt for a long time. Your mum, dad, boss,
colleagues, girlfriend, boyfriend, land-
lord, the ministry of finance or whoever
cant reach you. No one can change your
plans right here and right now. You are
a boat, the world is an ocean and you are
floating along wherever it might take you
In the 19th century it was believed that tions. It finds styles, relations and
the emerging technique of photography languages that remain undiscovered
would replace painting. It was obviously within the mainstream. Therefore ana-
better at depic-ting reality, which paint- logue is the most exciting form of
ing was mostly about back then. Surpris- expression nowadays; the avant-garde of
ingly however, painting didnt die but the 21st century.
instead dived into expressionism, cubism,
dadaism, surrealism art forms that went
beyond the simple replication of reality
and broke ground for totally new and
breathtaking perspectives. Through the
challenge of the new, the old re-invents
itself and breaks free from all conven-
There are no limits to your creativity and the max. Analogue life is not a step
the analogue world is far from being fully into the past but a glimpse into the
explored. Its like cooking your uncles future.
famous Borscht recipe but adding a magic
touch to it with a few extra ingredients.
Your guests will say Mmm thats deli-
cious, or Ive never tasted anything
like this, or Can you give me the recipe
for that?. You discover that if you
are inventive and trust your gut feeling,
new and awesome things arise naturally.
A Lomographer can survive everything but
repetition. Therefore he is creative to

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