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Fintech Funding Activities Worldwide

Januar y 2017

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Any of the data can be wrong since they are not checked with the owner of the data or owner of the company cited in this presentation.Disclaimer This report has been compiled for informational purpose only and should not be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell securities in any entity. The Report relies on data and insights from a wide range of public sources. Neither startups. .watch nor the sponsors/supporters are responsible for the information provided in this presentation.

2M in 85 rounds January 2017 Angel + VC Rounds Category Money Raised # Rounds Lending $331. 3 ~$770.170.400.540 8 Trading.110 14 Banking $123.920 5 Wealth Management $20. Invoicing.000 11 Bitcoin/Blockchain $ .000.180.190. invesDng $19.Lending is the most funded sub-vertical January 2017 .000 6 Insurance $32.000 5 AccounDng.854.240 27 Payment $168. Payroll $100.755.000 1 Personal Finance Management $700. Fraud $16.860.978.000 6 Crowdfunding $14. IdenDty.000 1 Scoring.000 1 https://fintechstartups.

$M # Rounds December 2016 January 2017 December 2016 January 2017 ~17% decrease in amounts raised ~7% decrease in #rounds https://fintechstartups.MoM Change January 2017 .2 Investments. 4 MoM Funding Amount Change MoM # Rounds Change -7% -17 % .5 91 85 770.

000 2 1 $100.000 2 2 $3.500. 5 Country Total Amount # Rounds # Seed Seed Amount # Series A Series A Amount # Series B Series B Amount # Series C Series C Amount # Series D Series D Amount # Series E Series E Amount # Venture Venture Amount USA $ Switzerland $8.000 1 1 $500.800.000 1 1 $ .000 France $3.820.000 ArgenDna $1.900.960.000.000 Italy $315.190.250.000 Japan $2.108.900.900.500.000.000 1 1 $13.000 India $73.000 1 $5.000 1 1 $20.240 2 Kenya $2.000 Israel $13.000 1 1 $3.830.000 1 $2.000 7 $78.720.000 1 $57.000.000 1 $32.000 https://fintechstartups.440.600.000 1 1 $15.000 4 2 $7.750.450.440.000 6 3 $2.000 Chile $100.000 China $169.000.500.830.000 UK $164.000.000 1 1 $100.000 Germany $45.640.000 8 $63.000 1 1 $100.290.000 Ireland $2.000 3 $83.000 14 6 $71.000 Turkey $13.850.000.000.000 Sweden $15.500.000 1 Brazil $100.000 Singapore $100.000 2 1 $3.110 4 $47.000 1 1 $ Uganda $500.650 13 4 $3.450.000 New Zealand $3.000 1 1 $100.000.000 2 $25.000 Canada $20.000 1 $6.USA.000 1 1 $13. China and UK are the top 3 countries which attracted most fintech fundings. January 2017 .860.000 1 $35.750.000 27 6 $17.000 1 $10.920 1 1 $315.000.920 Taiwan $200.

advisors.000. Brazil. invesDng Series A MulD lateral and dimensional por]olio compression Currency Capital Lending Venture Equipment financing. broker-dealers.000. Trading.000 E. Sorted by money raised Argentina Argentina. AI-powered cogniDve automaDon.000.000 Series B MulD-lender marketplace Kasisto Banking $9.840.000 Series A ApplicaDon-free consumer lending for banks and credit unions Qvivr - SWYP Payment $5.200. invesDng $1.000 Venture Bitcoin blockchain security and infrastructure provider AcDvehours Payment $22. IdenDty.000 Venture Card management.000 Venture Big data and AI for financial trading Microventures Crowdfunding $1. IdenDty. invesDng $3. lending and technology investment company. server-less apps where users control their data Pragle AnalyDcs Trading. Fraud $3.500.250.000 Series B Financial advisor Canada Destácame Scoring.000 Seed Cloud broker service for idenDty security $100K in 1 round Morty Lending $2. Inc. Payment Venture Provider of healthcare reimbursement and payment automaDon $100K in 1 round Only Angel and VC rounds are counted . Sorted by country name https://fintechstartups. invesDng $6. TradeShii Payment Venture Manage all aspects of your procure-to-pay process through simplified soluDons for invoicing.000 Venture Full service Financial Services firm $228M in 27 rounds Monese Banking $4. invesDng $6. loyalty.000 Seed Online mortgage pla]orm Alpaca Trading.850.760.Fintech Funding Activities . orchestraDon … BitFury Bitcoin/Blockchain $30.300.000 ConverDble Note Gas pump kiosk with Pay as you drive faciliDes LMRKTS Trading.9M in 1 round Startup Tags Amount Funding Type Description Country Ripio Bitcoin/Blockchain $ Seed It provides senDment data that predicts the market impact of central bank and corporate communicaDons Brazil ID DataWeb Scoring.000 Series A Bitcoin and digital payments ArgenDna fastnotas AccounDng.000 Seed Online banking pla]orm that offers quick current account opening for all EU residents Blockstack Bitcoin/Blockchain $4. .000 Seed Build decentralized.000 Series A Web-and-mobile apps for investors.900. 6 ~$250M invested in 31 rounds to America continent fintech startups USA Startup Tags Amount Funding Type Description Workfusion Banking $35. Inc. and financial brands Alkanza Trading. Canada. Crowdfunding Online equity crowdfunding pla]orm LendingStandard Lending $600. Chile $1.400. payments… Chile PaySpan. Payroll Seed Issue and manage invoices Brazil Wealthsimple Wealth Management $20.AMERICA January 2017 .000. Fraud Seed Behavior-based credit score Chile Only Angel and VC rounds are counted .000 Series A Smart bots and virtual assistants for finance and commerce Canada Fig Crowdfunding $7. and messaging tools MobileCause Payment $15.200.000 Series A One-card wallet USA Tribal Capital Markets Banking $5.750.000.000 Series B Cloud-Based fundraising & communicaDon pla]orm for nonprofits Credible Lending $ Series A Curated pla]orm for funding and developing games with the direct support of passionate players $20M in 1 round Dwolla Banking $6.000.000 Seed SoluDon for commercial real-estate lenders to help collect informaDon from borrowers… Verdeva Insurance $350.000 Series A ApplicaDon that enables hourly workers to get paid early when they need it First Performance Payment $17.000 Series E Bank transfer API with no per transacDon fees Starburst Labs.000 Series D It automates enterprise business processes by combining roboDcs.000.000.000 Series A Automated pla]orm to manage investment accounts CUneXus SoluDons Lending $5. (海海投汇) Lending $5.ASIA January 2017 .000 Series A Consumer-market incenDves pla]orm China .000 Series C Payment service provider Turkey $100K in 1 round https://fintechstartups. Crowdfunding Bitcoin hardware wallet Taiwan Singapore iyzico Payment $13.000 Bridge Online financing pla]orm China China Daxianbing (⼤大馅饼) Crowdfunding $2.000 Series A Supply chain finance P2P pla]orm China Jinfanghui (⾦金金房汇) Lending $5.000 SeriesA Mobile pla]orm empowering local stores in India with payments & banking services India $2.000. IdenDty.500.000 Series A Internet finance retail credit risk researcher and implementaDon finance company China 51rz. IdenDty.000.000 Seed Small business loans marketplace India Israel Wishberry Crowdfunding $ (第1⻋车贷) Lending $52. Fraud $5.500. Fraud $100.000 Bridge Car finance service provider China Turkey AgrPal (农信宝) Lending $1.000 Venture PredicDve modeling and opDmizaDon with real-Dme connecDvity Israel CAMPFIRE Crowdfunding $2. China 51Tuodao.200.5M in 1 round Taiwan KNAB Finance Lending $100.000.000 Series B Installment payment services to large farming groups on their agricultural equipment (达⼈人 Lending $10.400.000.000.000 Bridge Real estate financing pla]orm China Htouhui.000 Series D Service that gives users coupons for charging their mobile plans India Indifi Lending $10.Fintech Funding Activities .000.000 Series A Agricultural supply chain finance services pla]orm China 线) Star Moon Venture Lending $17.000 Seed AnalyDcal engine works within the banks to understand the spending pagerns of customers Singapore ~$73.5M in 6 rounds CoolBitX Bitcoin/Blockchain $200.000 Series B Lending financial services pla]orm China Nongfenqi Lending $ (⼈人众⾦金金服) Lending $5.000 Series A P2P internet finance market for car loans China 服) 51Fanfei (51返呗) Lending $10. 7 ~$273M invested in 25 rounds to Asian fintech startups Startup Tags Amount Funding Type Description Country Chedai.000 E.000.000.8M in 1 rounds Loan Frame Lending $ (拓拓道⾦金金 Lending $11.000 Series B Automobile financial lending pla]orm China (恩多在 Lending $29.000 Series B Lending products are integrated with the business cash flows and transacDonal linkages in that segment India Japan instantPay Payment $4.100.830.000 Series A Micro-finance lending pla]orm China 贷) Gongfudai (功夫贷) Scoring.000 Seed Short-term credit for businesses India ~$200K in 1 round Earnix Banking $13.000.000 Bridge Crowdfunding pla]orm China $169.000 Seed Rewards-based crowdfunding pla]orm India $13.000.000 Seed Crowdfunding pla]orm Japan India Connaizen Scoring.8M in 14 rounds Kaopu Jinfu (靠谱⾦金金服) Lending $1.800.000 Bridge Rural financial services company China $13M in 1 round FreeCharge Payment $57.

000 Series A Digital mortgage broker UK Ireland Borro Lending $6.000.000 Series C It operates as an online marketplace for foreign fixed deposits Germany Sweden Bezahlt (Blackbill Lending $5.440.790.300.540 Series Unknown Bitcoin nanopayment soluDon for web content UK Cleo Personal Finance $700.700. Crowdfunding Bitcoin marketplace UK ~$4M in 2 rounds $13M in 1 round SatoshiPay Bitcoin/Blockchain $854.920 Seed Online insurance broker which supports clients in selecDng contracts from different companies Italy iZegle Payment $15.070.000 Series Unknown Providing loans secured with luxury assets such as fine art. anDques.000 Series D It offers small businesses with portable point-of-sale soluDons and free sales overview tools Sweden UK Centralway Numbrs AG Banking $5.000 Cuvva Insurance Seed Pay-as-you-drive insurance UK France Turkey Bitstamp Bitcoin/Blockchain $1.000 Seed Blockchain-based and investor-directed pla]orm which bridges cryptocurrency and equity Germany CorlyDcs Scoring.000 Series Unknown AnD-fraud company that uses arDficial intelligence Germany Neufund Bitcoin/Blockchain $2.EUROPE January 2017 .000 Series Unknown Risk focused financial intelligence technology Ireland Flender Lending $610.000 Series C Payment service provider Turkey Funding Circle Lending $100.000.000 E. France Qonto Banking $1. IdenDty.230.000 Series A SMEs can find funds for their short-term financing needs by selling invoices to financial investors Switzerland iyzico Payment $13.000 Series Unknown Manage all of banking needs from smartphone Switzerland $165M in 13 rounds Advanon Lending $3.000 Seed Invoice financing Germany $16M in 1 rounds Internet) Fraugster Scoring. Crowdfunding Peer 2 Peer mobile lending pla]orm integraDng social networks Ireland MIOAssicuratore Insurance $315.100.110 Seed Payment technology pla]orm for the hospitality sector UK ~$8M in 2 rounds Italy ~$300K in 1 round Sorted by Country (Alphabetically) .000 deals from 90 lenders to find the perfect mortgage UK $1.000 Series A Online banking pla]orm that offers quick current account opening for all EU residents UK Germany Boughtbymany Insurance $9.240 E.000 Seed Intelligent assistant that helps users manage their finances UK Olpays Management Payment $340.140.790.Fintech Funding Activities .880.000.640.860.000.000 Venture Search more than 11.750. jewelry… UK $3M in 2 rounds Trussle Lending $5. Fraud $2. Fraud $5.000.000 Seed Payment soluDons for e-commerce pla]orms UK Switzerland Kashing Payment $188.190.000 Series F Online marketplace for business loans UK CompareEuropeGroup Insurance $21. IdenDty.000 Seed Corporate cards for employees and easily manage expenses as a team.000 Series A CollecDve buying power to negoDate offers on insurance UK $45M in 4 rounds Habito Lending $6. 8 ~$254M invested in 26 rounds to European fintech startups Startup Tags Amount Funding Type Description Country Spendesk Payment $2.200.000 Seed Online banking services to small businesses France Raisin (SavingGlobal) Banking $32.000 Series A Financial comparison pla]orm UK Monese Banking $10.

invesDng Seed Diversified financial services Kenya Ensibuuko Banking $500.6M in 2 rounds https://fintechstartups. 9 ~$3M invested in 3 rounds to African fintech startups Startup Tags Amount Funding Type Description Country BitPesa Bitcoin/Blockchain $2.500.000 Seed Mobile money enabled banking soiware for grassroot financial insDtuDons in Africa Uganda Sorted by Country (Alphabetically) Uganda Kenya $500K in 1 round $2.Fintech Funding Activities .co .000 Series A Digital currency payments Kenya Britam Trading.AFRICA January 2017 .

Baidu Wallet New Zealand New Zealand $1. JD Pay.3M in 1 round https://fintechstartups.Fintech Funding Activities . WeChat Pay. NEW ZEALAND January 2017 .AUSTRALIA. 10 ~$3M invested in 1 rounds to New Zealand fintech startups Startup Tags Amount Funding Type Description Country LaDPay Payment Series A All in one soluDon for .



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