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Street: Mark and Jan discuss Street: Jan and Mark reveal Street: Jan and Mark reveal Street: Jan and Mark reveal
what has happened. that Brian is refusing to go to that someone (we assume that Cathy has gone.
dead (Jan / Mark) the head teacher. Adam) has been found in the Moved schools. Thats what
What, dead? (Jan) What do you mean hes not woods. people are saying. (Mark)
What are we going to do? (Jan) going? (Jan) I mean are theres no Does Phil know? (Jan)
I know. (Mark) mistake or (Jan)
What are we going to do? (Jan) In the woods, Cathy found him
in the woods (Mark)
In the woods? (Jan)
Field: Leah talks at Phil about Field: Leah talks about Field: Leah threatens to leave Field: Richard is with Phil,
herself. happiness and the universe, and describes the groups talking about what has
Phil eating an ice cream. shows Phil Jerry. reactions at the funeral. happened to each character and
Do I disgust you? I do. No, I do. Phil slowly eating a pack of [Phil] take out a paper plate. trying to get Phils attention.
No dont because, its alright, Starburst. Places a waffle on it. Takes out a Phil, Phil, watch this! Phil, watch
its fine, I mean what is happy (Leah) pack of butter and a jar of jam. me, watch me, Phil! (Richard)
Youre not scared. Phil doesnt answer. Takes out a knife. He [Richard] walks on his
Scared, Phil. Im scared, they Phil eats another Toffo. Im going. Im out of here, Im hands.
scare me. Its Jerry. I killed him. (Leah) gone, (Leah) Everyones saying whats Phil?
Everythings much better, Did you see Jan at Adams whats Phil up to? (Richard)
though. I mean really, it is. memorial? Floods of tears. It John Tates found God (Richard)
(Leah) was wonderful (Leah) Dannys doing work experience
What have we done, Phil? Cathy [] shes like a celebrity at a dentists. (Richard)
(Leah) (Leah) Brians on stronger and
Maybe being seen as heroes is stronger medication. (Richard)
making them behave like Dangerous game. I feel sorry
heroes (Leah) for her. (Richard about Lou)
Phil considers his waffle. Cathy [] cut a first years
Decides it needs more jam. finger off (Richard)
Wood: group discussion, John Wood: the postman has been Wood: the group find and talk Jan and Mark have taken up
Tate loses control, Jan and Mark found, Phil threatens to kill with Adam, Phil makes the plan shoplifting (Richard)
explain, Phil takes over. Brian if he doesnt identify the to deal with him. No answer. They sit in silence.
We are screwed. (Lou) man. Like a warren in this hedge
Everything is, everythings Phil has a muffin. (Cathy)
fine. (John Tate) Theyve found the man? (Leah) Adam, my names, Ive got a
not fine exactly, alright, fair Because he saw him in the name, its (Adam)
enough, I mean things are bad, woods (Lou) What do you think, shall we rub
things are a little, alright, yes, I mean, what, they just picked our faces against the earth?
(John Tate) up this bloke [] and said you (Brian)
I cant get mixed up in this. Im look dodgy, youre a murderer I threatened to gouge one of his
gonna be a dentist. (Danny) because youve got a postmans eyes out. (Cathy)
Alright. New rule; that word is uniform? (Leah) Am I dead? (Adam)
banned. (John Tate) Well I thought, you know, show Do you want to stay? Are you
Say it and see what happens. initiative, well look for a fat happy? (Phil to Adam)
(John Tate) balding postman with bad teeth Phil smiles, kindly. Nods.
Youre going to hurt me? (Cathy) Im in charge. Everyone is
(Richard to John Tate) That is the most stupid- happier. (Phil)
Are you on my side? (John (Richard) Its Adam, Phil, Adam! We used
Tate) Youll land on Adams corpse to go to his birthday parties!
That just leaves you, Brian. You and youll rot together. (Phil to (Leah)
crying little piece of filth. (John Brian) Make a game of it (Phil)
Tate) Everyone else stays calm. Keep Phil places the bag over Brians
I think we should tell someone your mouth shut. [] Just get on head. He pulls the handles []
(Brian) with things. (Phil) making it airtight.
Phil drinking a coke. [Phil] starts to eat his pie. But hes not dead. Hes alive.
Hell do anything to be part of (Leah)
the group. (Mark about Adam)
we were just having a laugh
He burnt his own socks! (Jan)
he was terrified (Mark)
let us punch him (Jan)
He was laughing. (Mark)
Stubbed out cigarettes on him.
Dead. Hes dead. (John Tate)
Cathy, Danny, Mark, you go to
Adams house (Phil)
They stare at him open
Field: Leah talks about bonobos Field: Leah talks about dj vu, Field: Leah and Phil sit in
and chimps. Phil finally responds with one silence until Leah storms off and
Phil pulls out a bag of crisps. word. Phil calls her name.
They kill and sometimes torture Phil picking his teeth. Phil takes out a pack of
each other to find a better This is amazing, this is, the Starburst.
position within the social world has changed, reality is not Phil puts his arm around her.
structure. (Leah) what we think (Leah) [Leah] Storms off.
Empathy. Thats what bonobos If you change one thing you can Leah? Leah? (Phil)
have. (Leah) change the world. Do you
She strangles herself, her face believe that? (Leah)
turning red. No. (Phil)
Phil opens his crisps and begins
to eat them.
Were in trouble now, Phil.