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Cover: sunshine radiology | Architect: silver thomas Hanley

This Page: Katsumata centre | Architect: James deans & Associates

Opposite Page: c11 docklands | Architect: lend lease design

Originating from an ingenious, patented product idea, the unique success
story of ALUCOBOND began when the product was launched on the
market in 1969. Originally used for upgrading shop buildings, transport
applications and furniture construction, architects and designers soon
discovered the host of advantages of ALUCOBOND for the use in exterior
architectural applications and corporate identity programs, particularly in
faades, wall cladding and roof edging.

Since its first market introduction over 40 rigidity, low weight, excellent formability, buildings to the prestigious landmarks
years ago, ALUCOBOND has significantly weather resistance, simple fabrication and of modern urban construction. Since all
influenced the appearance of many ease of cleaning. In addition, a large choice ALUCOBOND products are fully recyclable,
buildings. During these four decades, a of colours and a wide variety of designs offer they are ideal for projects that highly value
constant development in architecture has architects and designers unlimited the use of eco-friendly materials.
taken place. possibilities for creative, innovative In the future, ALUCOBOND will continue
ALUCOBOND has contributed towards and customised planning. to focus strongly on innovation. With new
this development and today it is a ALUCOBOND is available in a large products and surfaces, we will offer new
prominent feature in a large number of range of formats and the possibilities for possibilities and solutions to the world
attractive, distinctive architectural projects implementing ALUCOBOND for interior of architecture.
around the world. and exterior applications are extremely
The enormous success of ALUCOBOND varied. It is used in projects ranging from the
is based on its excellent product qualities precise construction of residential buildings,
such as exceptional top-grade flatness and representative public buildings, company
headquarters, commercial and industrial

From Pioneer to Industry Standard
Since 1969, the original ALUCOBOND aluminium composite material has been
the most popular in the world. The innovative concepts of ALUCOBOND and of
the honeycomb composite panel ALUCORE have proved themselves through
many years of experience, innovative developments and first-class service.

The Original Worldwide Since 1976, numerous prestigious projects

have been carried out in Australia using
ALUCOBOND offers architects and The close cooperation between the
designers unlimited opportunities for Alucobond Architectural team and
creative, innovative and individual planning. ALUCOBOND worldwide distributors has Now CodeMark Certified for complete
The components can easily be fabricated and created a tightly knit international marketing compliance with fire requirements of
fitted on site. The wide range of interior and network that gives our customers significant the BCA 2013.
exterior applications are matched only by the advantages. Regardless of where the project
products versatility. is physically located, the ALUCOBOND Colours

High formability and stability team and its partners ensure quick and Available in an extensive range of Standard &
professional onsite service. Specialty colours and finishes. The majority
Diversity of brilliant colours and
The worldwide success of ALUCOBOND of which are kept in stock in our Distribution
excellent weather resistance
speaks for itself. Never compromise when Centres throughout Australia.
Individual design and easy processing it comes to quality and experience. Your
Wide range of sizes
Lightweight and large panel sizes nearest fabricator will provide a tailor-made
solution that will stand the test of time. ALUCOBOND is available in a wide range of
Internationally proven and recognised
sheet sizes and thicknesses.
fire performance
Fabrication Centres
The innovative concepts of ALUCOBOND Features & applications
For over 40 years, qualified,
and of the honeycomb composite panel ALUCOBOND is lightweight, extremely
independent fabricators and installers
ALUCORE have proved themselves through flat and rigid. ALUCOBOND has excellent
have become firmly established, offering
many years of experience, innovative vibration dampening characteristics.
professional service to the building industry.
developments and first-class service. ALUCOBOND can be bent, curved or shaped
They have acquired deep knowledge in
Since 1969, the original aluminium the processing of ALUCOBOND and their to any required angle. ALUCOBOND can
composite material has been the most skilled personnel and specialised processing be used as a fascia, as a cladding panel, for
popular in the world. equipment ensure that your project is interiors or signage.
completed on time and within budget. ALUCOBOND is ideal to fit into any curtain
Comprehensive Service
wall system.
The technical service teams at Alucobond Why use ALUCOBOND?
Architectural support architects and ALUCOBOND is the original and the Prompt delivery
building owners early in the planning stage. worlds most widely recognised aluminium Substantial stocks of ALUCOBOND are kept
They provide comprehensive technical composite material. at our Distribution Centres in Melbourne,
information and customised advice to assist Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.
Manufactured since 1969, by the worlds
with the perfect implementation of all ideas
largest and longest established aluminium
and plans. For every project, the proven Technical support
composite producers.
strategy to achieve a smooth completion Free technical support and backup is
lies in an early coordination between vision, ALUCOBOND has a factory applied coil
available. Just call the Alucobond
architectural plans and the many possibilities coated Fluoropolymer (PVDF or FEVE)
Architectural office nearest to you.
which our unique panels give to fabricators paint finish; recognised and proven
worldwide as the best architectural Australias most popular aluminium
and installers.
composite material only available from
coating available today for all climatic and
Our product and application expertise is the Alucobond Architectural.
environmental conditions.
fastest and safest way to success, whether
it be for buildings, renovation projects or ALUCOBOND is very cost effective, even
interior and exterior applications. in the most complex situations.

Left: Crown Metropol | Architect: Bates Smart

Perth Arena | Architect: ARM Architecture /CCN Architects

The unsurpassed finish and flatness of ALUCOBOND, its dynamic range ALUCOBOND to answer the call for a modern
of colours and exciting shapes allow the designer complete freedom of and efficient finish that will enhance the
creativity. Lightweight yet strong, ALUCOBOND is the ultimate material overall appeal of the dynamic urban setting.
for creating a striking first impression. Style
Realise decades of architectural individuality
High Rise Low Rise and classic styling with ALUCOBOND
Cladding a new building or refurbishing an Smaller structures, new or old, commercial aluminium composite material.
old one; there is no doubt that the long- or domestic, benefit equally from the The unsurpassed finish and flatness
lasting appeal of the contemporary finish, ALUCOBOND promisea building that says of ALUCOBOND, its dynamic range of
unparalleled durability and flexibility today and for the future. colours and exciting shapes allow the
of application makes ALUCOBOND an designer complete freedom of creativity.
outstanding choice. The means for creating a Public Buildings Lightweight yet strong, ALUCOBOND is the
striking landmark in any location regardless Public offices and civic centres demand a ultimate material for creating a striking first
of aspect or challenging environmental highly functional yet attractive solution for impression, with the durability to retain its
factors demonstrates the flexibility and exterior and interior cladding. The wide array sleek good looks, long after other methods
variety ALUCOBOND offers. of colours, shapes and textural detail allows lose their lustre.

Otto Apartments | Architect: Urban Design Architects

Residential Applications
ALUCOBOND may have started life as a faade of choice for
commercial architecture. Architects saw very quickly how ALUCOBOND
could work with residential design and so began the amazing
transformation of contemporary aesthetics with residential design.

Property owners and architects alike seek were never thought possible for residential
to continually challenge the status quo architecture. The possibilities now seem as
of residential projects using interesting endless as a creative mind allows.
surface finishes combined with unusual
architectural features and forms.
Adding distinctive style to a suburban
residence is now possible with
ALUCOBOND aluminium cladding, which
allows almost unlimited scope to create the
ultimate dream home. ALUCOBOND has
allowed architects to create faades that

Corporate Identity
Offering a wide range colour palette, limitless design opportunities and
availability of custom corporate colours, ALUCOBOND is the ideal product
for corporate branding. For these reasons, Australia's most trusted brands
choose ALUCOBOND composite material for their corporate identity.

ALUCOBOND is the ideal material to major organisations such as Woolworths, Alucobond Architectural
create and maintain your corporate image. 7-Eleven, Commonwealth Bank, Porsche, Our dedicated Corporate Identity Managers,
Unlike other alternatives, ALUCOBOND Masters and Hyundai use ALUCOBOND for quality European product and warehousing
incorporates attributes such as long term their institutional branding Australia wide. capability sets us above the competition.
colour consistency and weather resistance, Alucobond Architectural has a proven history
ALUCOBOND offers a tailor-made solution
excellent flatness, rigidity and formability, as of facilitating smooth supply programs for
for every project, in terms of exclusive
well as ease of maintenance. large corporate rollouts.
colours, eye-catching details, unusual shapes
With low maintenance, unmatched strength or innovative surface contours.
to weight ratio and CodeMark compliance,

Modern refurbishmenT

ALUCOBOND offers an instant update to any building facade by

transforming aged, tired or dated designs into new contemporary
structures with striking appeal. A popular choice with building owners,
ALUCOBOND is ideal for retrofitting existing buildings.

After years of constant use and the ongoing options, durability and flexibility of
effects of our harsh environment, many ALUCOBOND, all contribute to the
existing structures now exhibit stained modernisation of any building and create
concrete, cracked masonry, failing render a dramatic transformation.
and other time-related problems. ALUCOBOND offers outstanding
Inevitably, this adversely affects aesthetics protection from the weather and will
and market value. withstand the effects of industrial pollution.
The most efficient and effective way to ALUCOBOND is an energy efficient
restore exterior surfaces and protect and cost effective method of
asset value is with ALUCOBOND. The contemporary renovation.
Inset Before
combination of surface finishes, colour
Top After | Air Apartments | Architect Tectvs Architects

Product Range
ALUCOBOND PLUS Thickness: 3 mm / 4 mm / 6 mm ALUCOBOND PLUS
Width [mm] 1000 1125 1500 1575 1750

Length [mm] 2000 6800 2000 11000 2000 11000 2000 11000 2000 11000
Solid Colours
Metallic Colours
Special Effect Colours
Spectra Colours
2 1
Anodized Look
1 Mineral filled core
2 0.5 mm aluminium
Mill Finish
Hardly inflammable
according to EN13501-1

ALUCOBOND A2 Thickness: 3 mm / 4 mm / 6 mm ALUCOBOND A2

Width [mm] 1000 1125 1500 1575 1750
Length [mm] 2000 6800 2000 11000 2000 11000 2000 11000 2000 11000
Solid Colours
Metallic Colours
Special Effect Colours
Spectra Colours
2 1
Anodized Look
1 Mineral core
2 0.5mm aluminium
Mill Finish
according to EN13501-1

ALUCOBOND PE Thickness: 3 mm / 4 mm / 6 mm ALUCOBOND PE

Width [mm] 1000 1125 1500 1575 1750
Length [mm] 2000 6800 2000 11000 2000 11000 2000 11000 2000 11000
Solid Colours 2

Metallic Colours
Special Effect Colours
Spectra Colours
2 1
Anodized Look
Anodized* 1 Virgin Polyethylene-core
Mill Finish 2 0.5 mm aluminium
Normal flammability
Other specifications available upon request

ALUCORE Aluminium honeycomb composite panel Thickness: 6mm** / 10mm / 15 mm / 16 mm / 25 mm 2

Width [mm] 1000 1125 1500 1575 1750

Length [mm] 2000 6800 2000 11000 2000 11000 2000 11000 2000 11000
Solid Colours
2 1
Metallic Colours
Anodized Look
Mill Finish 1 Aluminium honeycomb core
**On request 2 0.5/1.0 mm aluminium

Available stock in Australia Dimensional tolerances (rounded) ALUCOBOND is produced in a continuous and fully
For available colours and sheet sizes refer to our Thickness mill finish resp. automated process; this process introduces
Standard Range. dimensional tolerances and factory edges that require
stove lacquered } 0.2mm
Other surfaces on request: the panels to be trimmed on all 4 edges prior to
Both sides Mill-Finish Width -0/+4mm
installation. 3A Composites and Alucobond
Both sides Stove-Lacquered
Length 1000-4000mm -0/+6mm
Both sides Clear Anodised Architectural do not recommend installation of
untrimmed ALUCOBOND panels.

The Product

ALUCOBOND has been developed as a rigid, yet flexible faade material

for architectural uses. ALUCOBOND is extremely weatherproof, impact-
resistant and unbreakable, vibration- damping, and ensures easy and fast
installation. ALUCOBOND is produced with various core thicknesses in
a continuous lamination process. All painted panels are supplied with a
protective peel-off foil.

Colours Please Note Special Effect, Spectra Colours &

ALUCOBOND is now available in 30 standard When working with Clear Anodised NaturAL Finishes
colours, 34 speciality surfaces including ALUCOBOND that the sheets have rack marks These eye-catching finishes applied using
Spectra, Sparkling, Anodized Look, NaturAL, at each end of the panel where they have the same coil coating process are the
Urban Design and Clear Anodised. Custom been held while being anodised. This mark result of continuous development of new
colours are available on request. extends 25mm in from each end of the panel
paint systems and provide evidence of 3A
The fluoropolymer (PVDF or FEVE) coating on both sides and must be trimmed prior to
Compositess know-how and competency
is applied to the aluminium coil prior to fabrication. These marks are covered by the
in the latest coating technology. Unless
lamination into a composite material, using protective foil and are not obviously visible.
specified, the gloss level of these specialised
a continuous coil coating process, which is PVC Tapes finishes are between 70 - 80% according to
based on the latest technology. The multiple The application of PVC type tapes, Silicone Gardner Scale.
layers are individually stoved at temperatures or Polyurethane sealants to the PE protective
of between 200-260C. foil or directly to the painted surface of Anodized Look & Urban Design
The quality of the coating is tested according ALUCOBOND is not recommended. The Anodized Look range combines high
to standards established by E.C.C.A Plasticisers and/or solvents contained within quality paint performance with a smooth,
(European Coil Coating Association) of these products could affect the painted low gloss appearance to provide a naturally
which 3A Composites is a member. surface resulting in a localised change in striking finish.
Fluoropolymer (PVDF or FEVE) coating gloss level.
systems combine good formability and Offering an extremely matt surface, the all new
excellent surface durability. They are Solid Colours Urban Design range provides a contrasting
extremely resistant against weathering, No matter whether a soft white or a vibrant option to higher gloss surfaces, enabling a
strong solar radiation and pollution attack. red is selected, solid colours are always a variety of effects on your next project.
good choice when a uniform appearance
Due to different production processes Utilising the same coil coating processes, the
without special effects is required. The gloss
being applied for ALUCOBOND PLUS, gloss level of the Anodized Look and Urban
of solid colours is between 30-40% according
ALUCOBOND A2 and ALUCOBOND PE, Design is between 10-15% according to the
to Gardner scale.
slight colour variations may occur between Gardner Scale.
different products. If colour consistency is Metallic Colours
required do not mix different products. The different appearance of colour and gloss
Anodising under various light conditions and viewing
DIN 17611 standards determine the criteria angles gives these surfaces a vivid impression
for anodised finishes (E6/ EVI), minimum and brings them to life. The gloss of metallic
thickness of the anodic layer 20 microns, colours is between 30-40% according to
corresponding to BS 1615: 1972 AA20. Gardner Scale.

Gloss Retention Colour Change

100 100
90 90 Siliconised Polyester
80 80 Polyester
% Gloss Retention

70 70
Solvent Acrylic
Colour Change

60 60

50 50

40 40

30 30

20 20

10 10

0 0
2 5 7 10 2 5 7 10
YEARS 45 South Florida YEARS 45 South Florida

AlucoBond tecHnicAl dAtA sHeet

Panel Thickness Standard Unit 3mm 4mm 6mm 3mm 4mm 6mm 3mm 4mm 6mm
Aluminium skin thickness mm 0.5
Core 70% Mineral Filling 93% Mineral Filling Virgin LDPE
Weight kg/m2 5.9 7.6 10.8 5.9 7.6 10.8 4.5 5.5 7.3
Section Modulus Z DIN 53293 cm3/m 1.25 1.75 2.75 1.25 1.75 2.75 1.25 1.75 2.75
Rigidity EI DIN 53293 kNcm2/m 1250 2400 5900 1250 2400 5900 1250 2400 5900
Modulus of Elasticity E EN 1999 1.1 Mpa 70,000
Alloy EN 573.3 EN AW 5005A (AlMg1)
Temper EN 515 H22 / H42
Tensile Strength EN 485.2 MPa Rm => 130
0.2% Proof Stress EN 485.2 MPa Rp0.2 => 90
Elongation EN 485.2 % A50 = > 5
Linear Thermal Expansion EN 1999 1.1 2.4mm/m at 1000C temperature difference
Finish Coil Coated Fluoropolymer (PVDF or FEVE)
Gloss EN 13523.2 Finish Dependant - Standard = 30 - 40%
Pencil Hardness EN 13523.4 HB - F

Acoustic Properties
Sound Absorption factor as ISO 354 0.05
Sound Transmission Loss Rw EN ISO 140.3 dB 27 27 27 27 27 27 25 26 27
Loss Factor d EN ISO 6721 0.004 0.005 0.0072 0.0087 0.0138

Thermal Properties
Thermal Resistance R DIN 52612 m2K/W 0.006 0.009 0.0151 0.002 0.003 0.005 0.0069 0.0103 0.0172
Thermal Conductivity l DIN 52612 W/mK 0.33/mm thickness of core 1.00/mm thickness of core 0.29/mm thickness of core
Heat Transition Coefcient U DIN 4108 W/m2K 5.68 5.58 5.34 5.83 5.80 5.71 5.65 5.54 5.34
Temperature Resistance 0C -50 up to +80

Fire Behaviour
Australian Fire Classication ABCB Cert. No. CMA - CM40032 Cert. No. CMA - CM40059 Cert. No. CMA - CM40022
CodeMark Type A & B Construction Type A & B Construction Type C Construction Only
Certication Mechanical Fixing Only Mechanical Fixing Only

Type C Construction Type C Construction

Mechanical & adhesive fixing Mechanical & adhesive fixing Mechanical & adhesive fixing
techniques permitted techniques permitted techniques permitted

AS ISO 9705 Group 1 Material Group 1 Material Group 3 Material

SMOGRA 1.385 m2/s2 SMOGRA 0.630 m2/s2 SMOGRA 3.198 m2/s2

AS1530.3 Ignitibility = 0 Flame Spread = 0

Heat Evolved = 0 Smoke Developed = 0 - 1

Sheet Sizes
Widths: 1250mm & 1575mm held in stock.
1000mm, 1500mm and special widths up to
2000mm available as project order.
Lengths: 2500mm, 3200mm & 4000mm held in stock.
Other lengths up to 10,000mm available as project order.

Surface Finishes
1. Standard Colour Range 2. Spectra Colour
3. Sparkling Effect 4. Anodized Look
5. NaturAL 6. NaturAL Finesse
7. Urban Design 8. Design Decor
High quality Fluoropolymer fi nishes (PVDF and/or FEVE) with optimum UV &
weathering properties are used exclusively.
Non standard custom colours are available subject to minimum quantity
requirements. Solar Refl ective Indices (SRI) and Light Refl ective Values (LRV) for
most of the above fi nishes are available upon request.
Right | mona Pavilion Hotel
Architect Fender Katsalidis/Antartica Architects



ALUCOBOND can be cut with a vertical panel saw, circular ALUCOBONDPE and ALUCOBONDA2, refer to Processing
or jig saw. For information relating to tool geometry, & Technical Data brochure.
cutting speed and feed rates for ALUCOBONDPLUS,

Shearing can be done with a guillotine. Use carpet protection on feeder table. Do not use ball
To prevent surface damage, use protective pads between supports as they damage the ALUCOBOND surface.
down-holders and ALUCOBOND surface and adjust to Shearing will cause a slight deflection of the cut edge on
minimum down holding pressure. the impact side.

Drilling Roll Bending

ALUCOBOND can be drilled with twist drills normally ALUCOBOND can be bent using a roll
used for aluminium and plastics on machines common bending machine (pyramid or pinch rollers).
for metals. To protect the surface finish of ALUCOBOND
Drill material: High-speed steel (HSS) during bending use only polished rollers free of
We recommend metal drills with centre-point. dents and other defects.

Riveting Contour cutting

Riveting is possible using solid or blind rivets ALUCOBOND can be cut to shape using CNC
with conventional riveting tool. For exterior machining centres, water jet cutting machines,
applications allow for thermal expansion and copy routers and jig saws.
possible building movements.

Screwing Clamping
Use conventional wood, sheet-metal or machine screws With serrated cornerjoint or butt-joint
made of stainless steel. For exterior applications allow for sections or clamped between special
thermal expansion and possible building movements. aluminium extrusions

Welding Punching
The plastic core of ALUCOBOND can be hot-air ALUCOBOND can be punched using
welded using conventional hot-air welding equipment conventional sheet metal punching machines
and plastic filler rod. Hot-air welding provides a water- or manual notchers. For clean cuts use sharp
tight joint for decorative purpose only. It is not suitable tools and dies with minimal cutting clearance.
for joints where structural strength is required. Punching will cause a slight deflection of the
cut edge on the impact side.

Bonding For interior applications:
For exterior use and structural applications: Metal adhesives
Adhesive sealing compounds Double-sided structural bonding tapes
Double-sided structural bonding tapes Adhesives and sealants do not adhere to the plastic
Consult sealant manufacturer for correct application. core. Apply to the aluminium cover sheet only.

Bending is possible with a folding table or The springback of ALUCOBOND is greater than that
a bending press. To protect the surface finish of of a solid aluminium sheet. To determine spring-back
ALUCOBOND during bending use padding strips. for serial production, make tests on sample panels.

Routing & Folding

r ~ 3mm ALUCOBOND composite material can be shaped using a very simple processing
method. The technique, called the routing and folding method, enables a fabricator
r to produce shapes of various kinds and sizes. A V-shaped or rectangular groove is
routed on the reverse side of the ALUCOBOND composite material using a disk or
90 V-groove for folds up to 90
end milling cutter. A thin layer of the core material should be left at the base of the
groove, i.e. on the inside of the outer cover sheet. The untouched outer cover sheet
can now be bent manually, giving an exact and clean folding line which follows
r ~ 3mm the routed groove. The outer radius of the folded edge depends on the shape of the
groove and its depth. The routing can be done using a vertical panel saw equipped
r with ALUCOBOND grooving accessories, a CNC machining centre, a portable sheet
milling machine or a hand router. The routing and folding method can be used for
135 V-groove for folds up to 135 ALUCOBOND composite material with all available standard surface finishes.
For information relating to tool geometry, cutting speed and feed rates for
Technical Data brochure.

ALUCOBOND surfaces are coated using exclusively high-quality continuous coil-coating process, i.e. with a continuous coating
and eco-friendly lacquer systems. and stove-lacquering procedure.
They are highly weather resistant and resistant to industrial The quality of the coating is tested according to standards
emissions. These properties are achieved using UV-resistant established by E.C.C.A. (European Coil Coating Association), of
bonding agents. For standard finishes, fluoropolymer top coats which 3A Composites are a member.
(PVDF & FEVE) are used. All surface coats are applied in a


ALUCOBOND Flat Stick Method ALUCOBOND Fixed Cassette System ALUCOBOND Alucofix System

Vertical Section Vertical Section Vertical Section

Horizontal Section Horizontal Section Horizontal Section

Right | Chatswood Civic | Architect: FJMT

structurAl BeHAViour

Comparison of the thickness and panel

weight with equal rigidity ALUCOBOND
5.5 kg
The composite structure of ALUCOBOND two
Aluminium 8.9 kg
aluminium cover sheets and a plastic or mineral filled 3.3mm

core results in an impressive strength-to-weight Steel

18.7 kg
ratio, even when comparing large panel sizes.
Fibre cement
11.7 kg
Even though the panels are very lightweight, which
makes them easy to transport and handle in the
factory and on site, they are highly rigid and strong, Rigidity E-J Weight kg/m2

thus making the most suitable for exterior wall

cladding. When properly designed and installed,
ALUCOBOND panels will keep their shape and
remain flat for life, even when exposed to extreme
temperature changes.

Wind load and permissible ALUCOBOND 3MM ALUCOBOND 4MM

panel sizes 2.2 2.2
wind load in kN/m2

The graphs for 3 and 4 mm thick 2.0 Panel width 2.0 Panel width

ALUCOBOND indicate the maximum 1.8 1.8

1.6 1.6
permissible panel length without having
1.4 1.4
to add a stiffener based on applicable
1.2 1.2
design wind load and panel width. 750mm
1.0 1.0 1000mm
Permissible design stress =55 MP, safety factor 0.8 1000mm 0.8 1250mm
1.65 is taken into account. 0.6 0.6
Values apply to 4-side supported panels. 0.4 0.4 1500mm

0.2 0.2
Values for other systems upon request. 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000
Permissible panel length in mm Permissible panel length in mm

International Fire classifications
Country Classification Classification Classification
EU EN 13501-1 Class B, s1, d0 EN 13501-1 Class A2, s1, d0 EN 13501-1 Class D
Germany DIN EN 13501-1 Class B, s1, d0 DIN EN 13501-1 Class A2, non-combustible DIN 4102-1 Class B2
DIN 4102 Part 7 passed DIN 4102 Part 7 passed
(VDIN ENV 1187) (VDIN ENV 1187)
Austria NORM EN 13501-1 Class B, s1, d0 NORM A3800 Class A Norm A 3800 Class B1, TR1, Q1
NORM EN 13501-1 Class A2, non-combustible Norm B 1301-1 Class D
Switzerland VKF Class 5.3 VKF Class 6q.3, non-combustible VKF Class 4.2
France NF P 92-501 Class M1 NF P 92-501 Class M0, non-combustible NF P 92-501 Class M1
NF F 16-101 Class F0
Italy CSE RF 1/75/A, RF Class 1 CSE RF 2/75/A, RF3/77 Class 1
Scandinavia DS 1065.1 (NT Fire Class A, non-combustible NT-Fire 002 hardly inflammable
British BS 476, Part 6 Index | 12 i 6 BS 476, Part 6 Index | 12 i 6 BS 476, Part 6 Index I 12 i 6
Standards BS 476, Part 7 Class 1 BS 476, Part 7 Class 1 BS 476, Part 7 Class 1
Therefore meets Class 0 Therefore meets Class 0 Therefore meets Class 0
(National Building (National Building Regulations) (National Building Regulations)

Czech Republic CSN 73 0862 Class A CSN 73 0862 Class B

Russia GOST 30244-94 G 1 (combustibility)
GOST 30402-95 W 1 (flammability)
GOST 12.1.044-89 D 1 (smoke emission)
GOST 12.1.044-89 T 1 (smoke flammability)
China GB8625 Class B1
Malaysia BS 476, Part 5 Class P BS 476, Part 5 Class P Approved for external wall cladding up to 18m height.
BS 476, Part 6 Index 0 BS 476, Part 6 Index 0
BS 476, Part 7 Class 1 BS 476, Part 7 Class 1
Approved for any type of external wall cladding Approved for any type of external wall cladding without
without restriction in height. restriction in height.
Singapore Approved for any type of external wall cladding Approved for any type of external wall cladding without Approved for external wall cladding up to 10m height.
without restriction in height. restriction in height.
Japan JIS A 1231 QNC JIS A 1231 QNC
JIS A 1321 Class 2 JIS A 1321 Class 2
JIS K6911 incombustible (F)
Republic of Korea KSF 2257 Passed 30min heating time
(in combination with rock
wool and gypsum board)
USA UBC 26-1 (ASTM D2015) < 4708 BTU/lb. UBC 17-5 passed UBC 17-5 passed
UBC 26-6 (ASTM D1929) Self Ignition Temp. > 650F ASTM E-84 UBC Class 1 ASTM E-162 Flame spread Index 0
UBC 26-7 (ASTM D635) passed ASTM D-2015 509 BTU/Ib ASTM E-108 modified passed
UBC 8-1 (ASTM E-84) tested with exposed core: ASTM E-84
spread of flame index 15 - Flame spread
smoke development 45 - Fuel contribution Index 0
index tested as composite - Smoke density Index 0
spread of flame index 5 Index 0
smoke development UBC Class 1
index passed

UBC 26-9 (NFPA 285)

(Intermediate Scale passed
Multi-story Test)
Combustion Toxicity
Test, NY
Canada CAN/ULC-S 134-92 passed
(Multi-story Test)

Useful Information
Naturally ALUCOBOND Colours), it is recommended to install the
panels in the same direction as marked on the
During the life cycle of ALUCOBOND
protective peel-off-foil. Colour variations may
composite material, no substances
occur between panels originating from
containing CFC, VOCs are set free at any
different production batches. To ensure
time. The core material does not contain any
colour consistency, the total requirement for
nitrogen, chlorine or sulphur. Therefore,
a project should be placed in one order
selecting ALUCOBOND for projects which
require environmentally friendly materials is Protective Foil
a natural choice. To avoid glue residuals on the surface
Environment, Health & Safety of the panels due to UV radiation, it is
recommended to remove the protective foil
For ALUCOBOND, effective, continuous
as soon as possible after the installation. The
environmental protection is a main priority. It
protective foils and the panel surfaces must
is of utmost importance to preserve natural
not be marked using ink (marker), adhesive
resources in order to ensure a livable
tapes or stickers, as the lacquered surfaces
tomorrow for future generations.
could be damaged by solvents or plasticisers.
It commits itself to continuous self- Make sure to remove the protective foil
improvement programmes for environmental as soon as possible after installation as
protection, many of which go above and prolonged exposure to the elements could
beyond government regulations. It is also in make the foil difficult to remove.
this area that ALUCOBOND strives to be a
Cleaning and Maintenance
leader in its field. All Alucobond finishes are
RoHS Compliant, and contain no Lead, Regular cleaning by companies qualified and
Mercury, Cadmium or Chromium. experienced in the cleaning and maintenance
of building faades not only maintains the
3A Composites were one of the first
aesthetic and representative finish of stove
companies to develop its own environmental
lacquered surfaces but also preserves their
management system, which is regularly
value and service life by removing dirt and
audited by independent auditors. The
aggressive deposits that are not washed away
successful certification according to EN ISO
by rainwater.
14001 speaks for itself.
Cleaning Cycle
The ALUCOBOND panels should be cleaned
Alucobond can be fully recycled, ie. Both the
on a regular basis. Generally once a year is
core material and aluminium skins can be
sufficient to maintain the painted surface
recycled and reused for the production of
in optimum condition, however this will be
new material.
dependent on the location of the building and
Storage / Handling the amount of dirt and airborne pollutants in
Protect ALUCOBOND pallets during that area.
storage against rain, seeping in of moisture For faades close to a marine environment or
and condensation. areas subject to exposure to severe industrial Top | Mona Pavilion Hotel
or chemical airborne pollutants a more Architect Fender Katsalidis/Antartica Architects
Only pallets of identical size should be
stacked, with a maximum of 6 pallets regular cleaning regime should be adopted to Above | Sunshine Radiology
Architect Silver Thomas Hanley
stacked on top of each other. avoid the accumulation of salt, industrial or
chemical pollutants on the painted surface.
Avoid storing the product for more than 6
months, as it may be come difficult to Maintenance Logs should be maintained
remove the protective foil. to record cleaning schedules, procedures,
cleaning agents used, and any visible change
When stacking the panels, nothing should
in the panel surface finish.
be placed in between them, as this could
produce marks on the panels. Warranty
ALUCOBOND stands for high quality and
longevity. Warranties according to the
To avoid possible reflection differences ( for product specification and approved field of
Metallic, Special Effect, NaturAL, and Spectra application can be obtained upon request.

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