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Vol. 77 No. 49 February 8 - 14, 2017 25 cents
Ray Smarsh Claims Monmouth County USBC Masters Title Doug McFarlane Jr. 300-857,
By Joanne Ramsey champion.
HOWELL, NJ - Ray Alex Cavagnaro Tad Jones 300 at Lodi Lanes
Smarsh, of Matawan, won his first match
LODI, NJ Doug McFarlane Jr 300 game during that same session
claimed the title at the against Thomas
took center stage spotlight in the In the Wednesday Coors 5-Man,
54th E. Luke Forrest Lemanski of
Tuesday Night Coors 4-Man at it was Robert Fabian out front
Monmouth County Hazlet, 423-354.
Lodi Lanes when he rolled perfect with his high game of 279 fol-
USBC Masters He then became a
with a 300 game in his league high lowed by Tom Walsh with 269,
Tournament at Howell member of the
857 series. Tad Jones punched Matt Grubiak 267-705, and Joe
Lanes on January 22nd, Losers bracket by
twelve in a row as well to tally a Leardo Jr 700.
2017. losing the next
Smarsh, was seeded match to George
into the 3rd position in Cretella, 376-354. George Stephens, Jr. Hit 300
the top 16 finalists MCUSBC photo Now in the Losers
based on his six-game Joanne Ramsey, tournament manager, with champion Ray bracket he was At Rockville Centre Lanes
qualifying score of Smarsh, runner-up Alex Cavagnaro, and Chrissy Lee, able to stay alive ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY - 235-748, David Williams 285-
1245. Alex Cavagnaro Monmouth County USBC President. by defeating the George Stephens, Jr blasted a 300 247-730, Keith Benenati 236-223-
of No. Massapequa, NY, next 6 opponents game in the Wednesday Night 257-716, Andrew Laurita 245-
was the leading qualifier with a six-game score of before meeting Smarsh in the final championship Mixed League. 236-224-705, and Ray Brooks
1335. Smarsh also had the tourney high average of match. In the third match, Cavagnaro defeated Dom Gregory Frank shot 258-255- 248-232-673.
221.333. In the two-game match play finals Smarsh DiReda Jr of Hazlet, 441-349. Next was Ron Harris
defeated Rusty Thomsen of Carteret, 469-403. Then of Westfield, 372-347, followed by Jon Coscia, 448-
went on to defeat Ryan Walsh of Port Monmouth, 434, followed by Bret Winters of Cream Ridge, 472-
Sal Angotti 300 at Majestic Lanes
472-422. Continuing his winning streak, Smarsh then 326, then meeting Cretella again and defeating him HOPELAWN, NJ - Sal Angotti 238-225-741, Michael Holoka
defeated Jonathan Coscia of Matawn, 459-428. Still 439-433, followed by defeating Smarsh, 478-469, earned top honors in the Friday 208-234-248-690, Mike Kelly
continuing the winning streak, he met George which put both in the championship match. Night Mixed League at Majestic 237-248-675, and Michael
Cretella, Morganville, who won the championship in In the championship match, Smarsh defeated Lanes blasting games of 226-300- Dellamanna 226-255-651.
2016, and defeated him with 436-315. In the next Cavagnaro, 434-374, to become the 2017 Masters 226 for a high series of 752.
match, he was defeated by Alex Cavagnaro 478-469, Champion. Anthony Caputo Jr. rolled 278-
which put him into the Losers bracket for the first 180 participated in the tournament, which is the
time. One more match was needed to determine the largest Masters tournament in New Jersey. Paul Bajorksi Hammered 300
John Buchanan III Became Oldest to Roll 900 Series At Farmingdale Lanes
By Aaron Smith - USBC Buchanan laced up on his favorite pair of lanes at
FARMINGDALE, NY - Paul 707, Matthew Pope 224-235-218-
ARLINGTON, Texas Less than three weeks from the 20-lane facility, but he did not find the ball reac-
Bajorski earned top honors in the 707, Frank Manetta, Jr 248-247-
his 71st birthday, John Buchanan III of Evansville, tion he was looking for early in practice.
Espressway Glass League blasting 700, BIll Latham 268-228-692, Ed
Indiana, gave himself an early gift as he connected on We were on 17 and 18, which is my favorite pair
games of 300-266 for a high series Stadtlander 218-253-218-689,
36 consecutive strikes to become the oldest bowler in in the house, Buchanan said. The ball I usually use
of 786. George Robinson 269-215-688,
United States Bowling Congress history to record a wasnt reacting quite as well as I wanted it to, so I
Nick Filosa shot 248-221-268- and Jason Nikol 267-222-680.
900 series. switched to a stronger ball and played a completely
737, John Ripple 227-223-257-
The right-hander fired three consecutive 300 games different line. I hardly had to change throughout the
during the Woodward Commercial Seniors league at set maybe a board through all three games since I
Evansvilles Franklin Lanes to become the 30th was alone playing where I was on (the fifth board). Lorenzo Chappoti Blasted 300
bowler to achieve the feat, surpassing Dale Gerhard As the strikes continued to add up and Buchanan
of Mill Hall, Pennsylvania, as the oldest to reach the approached the final frame, his first goal was to At Jersey Lanes
score. Gerhard was 59 years old when he rolled his reclaim the Greater Evansville USBC series record, LINDEN, NJ - Lorenzo Chappoti session high series of 720.
900 series last January. which he previously held after rolling an 858 series earned top game and series honors Pedro Chappoti III and Tony
Buchanan became the second bowler from Indiana during a tournament at Franklin Lanes in May 2003. while contesting in the Union Casado each posted a hit 257
to accomplish the score, joining Bob Kammer Jr. of County Mixed League at Jersey game and Nora Casado rolled a
Crown Point, Indiana, who recorded his perfect set in See OLDEST 900 Page 4 Lanres blasting a 300 game in his 245 to lead the women.
January 2011.
2 SPORTS REPORTER February 8 - 14, 2017

Four Candidates Slated for USBC Board Election, Mike Conti and Ralph Girodano 279
15 Amendments Proposed In Hankel Classicat Howell Lanes
By Terry Bigham - USBC October 2012, chose not to seek dates soon will be available at By John Jennings
ARLINGTON, Texas Delegates re-election. HOWELL, NJ Mike Conti and Ralph Girodano each rocked the
will vote on three open positions Of the 15 proposed amend- For the complete list of proposed maples for a 279 game to lead the last week of the first half in the Hankel
on the United States Bowling ments, two proposals are for amendments and more informa- Classic at Howell Lanes. Lefty Mike Fogarty blasted high series with a
Congress Board of Directors and league rules, eight proposals for tion about the USBC Convention 760 including a 270 and 256 games. Janine Smith fired high womens
will decide 15 proposed amend- tournament rules and there are five and Annual Meeting, go to series 634 with Jackie Shelbrick rolled a 247 game.
ments during the 2017 USBC bylaws proposals. Changes to
Convention and Annual Meeting, league and tournament rules will
set for April 24-27 at The Orleans require a majority of the votes cast
in Las Vegas. to pass; bylaws proposals require
Incumbents Jo Dimond of
Columbus, Ohio, and Karl Kielich
of El Paso, Texas, are among the
two-thirds votes for adoption.
Among the notable proposals for
league and tournament rules is to
Lodi Lanes
four candidates slated by the
USBC Nominating Committee for
allow leagues and tournament
directors the option to cap a hand-
the three open board positions. icap game at 300 and to cap a 
Both Dimond and Kielich will be handicap series at 900. A notable
seeking their third and final terms bylaw proposal is to change the ZZZ/RGL/DQHVFRP
on the board. formula that determines the num-
Also slated are Glenda Beckett ber of delegates each association .LQJRIWKH+LOOHYHU\6XQGD\SP+DQGLFDS 6FUDWFK
of Palmetto Bay, Florida, and can send to the USBC
Virginia. The USBC Nominating
Committee can slate up to two
The board elections will take
place Thursday, April 27, during

candidates for each open board
the USBC Annual Meeting at The
Orleans. Additional candidates
Marci Williams of Wichita, may run from the floor if they pro- 7KURXJK-DQXDU\
Kansas, is completing her final vide notice of their candidacy to 
term on the board, as she has the committee by March 27. Go to
served the maximum three terms,
while Robert Spigner of San for the
Nomination from the Floor form.

Francisco, who joined the board in Biographies of the slated candi-







February 8 - 14, 2017 SPORTS REPORTER 3


Chester Men: Steve Baird 299-723, Stephan Szarndenings Fox Hills Seniors: Robert Scott 266, Joe Dagostino 247-715, Rockaway Mixed: Ken George 278-752, Tom Selkow 278,
278-685, Felipe Labastida 252-575, Stephen Boylan 247-652, Stuart Gomer 237-645, Helen Loverro 178-449, Andree Kay Jerry Yodice 266, Manuel Matias 265-711, Tom Schweizer
Charlie Tredway Sr. 244-643, Harry Wright 231, Patrick 171-439, Johanna Hofgesang 155-431. 262-674, Daron Samples 253, Liesl Apgar 269-761, Keri May
Lyness 224, JT Wilkinson 224, Norm Wugman 224. 247, Joyce Hulbert 238, Denise Frey 223-613, Dori Tingoli
Morris Hills Mixed: Ronald Stickney 189-443, Manny 223-580.
Rockaway Foursome: Ken Emker 257-673, Ray Skovonsky Barroqueiro 182-469, Sal Antoniello 179-472, Bill Hamilton
256, John Kavanaugh 254-729, Mark Bradley 245-666, Joyce 168, Beth Williams 174-447, Dolores Webb 158-406. Spanish American Mixed: Joe Karas 276-758, Heriberto
Hulbert 226-646, Liza Gallo 203-567, Judy Von Itter 183-504. Matias 255, Tyrone Wahl 254-664, Jose Acevedo 661.
Rockaway Women: Carol Scheu 224-561, Susan Chillemi
County Tuesday Night Mixed: PJ Adams 290-849, Danny 206-591, Angela McDermott 196-470, Michaela Rumble 178, Bumper Busters: Joey Martella 97-173, Jacob Paniconi 94-
Nyyforuk 279-685, Donald Bryant 278-679, Gene Pukas 278, Pat Somers 179-473, Patricia Dickerson 178. 171, Jordan Lipp 92-173.
Heriberto Matias 265, Rebecca Chaparro 235-624, Diana
Piasecki 225-579, Lynn Coleman 209-596. Nor Bu: Ben Lay 235-662, John Hearn 234, Charles Wright Ball Busters: Robert Murray 222-588, Ty Carra 168-460,
230-645, Stacey Titus 246-684, Kathleen Reilly 214-573, Liam Reale 163-422, Matthew Dinnam 151-386, Brandon
Thursday Night Mixed: Robert Rhodes 267, Bob Minard Marie Vantreuren 203, Lisa Bischer 523. Lipp 125-308.
263-665, Collin Beasty 258-673, Jim Testa 252-689, Curt
Fraizer 246-624, Linda Alven 248-576, Carole Crenzio 214- Put Togethers: Geno McCroy 245-592, Scott Brandsetter Weekend Warriors: Robert Szumski 248-693, Isaac Russell
600, Nidia Haneveld 209-604, Antoniette Corbett 176. 197-523, Fred Driver 194-517, Sheryl Carfi 167-465, 246-639, Benjamin Ginsberg 137-360, Hannah Digangi 127-
Michelle Halko 162-458, Joann Mossi 162-418. 343, Chelsey Cruz 85-246.
4 SPORTS REPORTER February 8 - 14, 2017
Continued from Page 1
Alby Pezzella 759 Henry Clay 727
Stepping up in the 10th, I was thinking about the city record, Buchanan said. I ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY - Alby Pezzella led ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY - Henry Clay led the
had held the record before at 858, but it has been broken four or five times since the scoring in the Custom Thumbz Doubles scoring in the Thursday Senior Birds League
then, and I was hoping to get it back. After that, I just tried to stay as calm as pos- League firing games of 244-257-258 for a high rolling games of 279-201-247 for a high series of
sible and make good shots, which I was able to do. series of 759. 727.
Holding the record is pretty special, Buchanan said. A 900 series is an achieve- Lawrence Welfare rolled 278-245-743, Pat Ed Frontera shot 238-225-256-719, Jerry George
ment all bowlers strive for, but only a few are able to attain. I feel privileged to be Sassone 216-227-280-723, Robert Aiello 246- 246-655, and Aubrey Pereira 245.
in that group. 235-226-707, Tony Amendala 258-247-706, Tony Kent Jones 717
Buchanans achievement is pending approval from USBC and would be the 31st Taylor 257-236-693, Ron Don 221-214-257-692, ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY - Kent Jones led
USBC-approved 900. and John Balbi 221-214-257-692. the scoring in the Thursday Senior Birds League
The first USBC-approved 900 occurred Feb. 2, 1997 when Jeremy Sonnenfeld Dave Goldman 752 rolling games of 240-256-221 for a high series
rolled three consecutive perfect games in Lincoln, Nebraska. ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY - Dave Goldman led of 717.
the scoring in the Monday 4 Man Classic League Thomas Romanelli hit 236-210-239-685,
USBC-Approved 900 Series (31) rolling games of 247-267-238 for a high series of Aubrey Pereira 231-216-236-683, Charles
Jeremy Sonnenfeld (R), Lincoln, Neb., Feb. 2, 1997 752. Johnson 236-234-685, and Michael Carpenter
Tony Roventini (L), Greenfield, Wis., Nov. 9, 1998 Barry Clare shot 257-253-729, Gary Robertson 243-200-639.
Vince Wood (R), Moreno Valley, Calif., Sept, 29, 1999 246-224-246-716, Anthony Cimino 259-258-709, Mike Desmond 706
Robby Portalatin (L), Jackson, Mich., Dec. 28, 2000 Jeremy Slade 259-224-698, and Tim OBrien 269- ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY - Mike Desmond
James Hylton (R), Salem, Ore., May 2, 2001 226-696. led the scoring in the Wednesday Senior
In the Monday Ladies Classic League Remee Doubles League rolling games of 244-226-236
Jeff Campbell II (R), New Castle, Pa., June 12, 2004
Malley rolled 198, Trish Lugo 197, and Hope for a high series of 706.
Darin Pomije (R), New Prague, Minn., Dec. 9, 2004
Rose 182. BIll Carreras hit 252-248-700, James
Robert Mushtare (R), Fort Drum, N.Y., Dec. 5, 2005 and Feb. 19, 2006
Lonnie Billiter Jr. (R), Fairfield, Ohio, Feb. 13, 2006 Glen Smith 743 Hardaway 276-226-682, Ed Bratton 245-231-
Mark Wukoman (R), Greenfield, Wis., April 22, 2006 ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY - Glen Smith led the 668, Stanley Rosadio 226-225-664, and Mel
P.J. Giesfeldt (R), Milwaukee, Dec. 23, 2006 scoring in the Wednesday Early Mens League Brown 268-215-653.
Rich Jerome Jr. (R), Baltimore, Dec. 22, 2008 rolling games of 247-248-248 for a high series of Chris Bodzis 664
Chris Aker (L), Winnemucca, Nev., Oct. 30, 2009 743. ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY - Chris Bodzis led
Andrew Teall (R), Medford, N.J., Nov. 2, 2009 Ken Bruce hit 269-267-737, Jim Guardino 245- the scoring in the Saturday Scholarship League
253-211-709, Dave Goldman 289-247-705, rolling games of 209-238-217 for a high series
Andrew Mank (R), Belleville, Ill., March 18, 2010
Antonio Flores 280-218-694, and Al Digangi 211- of 664.
William Howell III (L), Middletown, N.Y., Oct. 21, 2010
247-222-680. Amande Petrillo hit 237, Ryan Martin 229,
Matt Latarski (R), Medina, Ohio, Nov. 28, 2010
Arlene Nolan rolled 200, C. Spinelli 186, Joanne Paul Igel 217, and Jeffery Persky and Colleen
Bob Kammer Jr. (R), Crown Point, Ind., Jan. 8, 2011 Frumento 175, and Angel Donnelly 174 in the
John Martorella Sr. (R), Greece, N.Y., April 12, 2012 Kingsepp 213.
Wednesday Clark Gillies League.
Jimmy Schmitzer (R), Riverside, Calif., April 20, 2012 Matthew Schurrin 653
James Williams (R), Pawcatuck, Conn., (bowled in Wakefield, R.I.), April 16, 2013
Kyle OConnor 737
Joe Scarborough (R), Charlotte, N.C., (bowled in The Villages, Fla.), April 21, 2013 ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY - Kyle OConnor Schurin led the scoring in the Saturday
led the scoring in the Thursday Mixed League Scholarship League rolling games of 276-209
Todd James (R), East New Market, Md., (bowled in Laurel, Del.), March 18, 2014
blasting games of 235-247-255 for a high series of for a high series of 653.
Amos Gordon (R), Colorado Springs, Colo., April 11, 2014
737. Chris Bodizs hit 235-2254-652, and Paul Igel
Earon Vollmar (R), Toledo, Ohio, Jan. 19, 2015
Robert Valenciano shot 240-233-233-706, Bill 233-213.
Hakim Emmanuel (R), Stoughton, Mass., Feb. 19, 2015 Koste 236-233-235-706, and Thomas Hannigan
David Sewesky (L), Dearborn, Mich., Jan. 10, 2016 235-246-215-696. Sean McGinn 693
Dale Gerhard (R), Mill Hall, Pa., Jan. 12, 2016 ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY - Sean McGinn
Sean Osbourn (R), Houston, Nov. 21, 2016
John Laurita 727
topped the scoring in the Thursday El Cheapo
John Buchanan III (R), Evansville, Ind., Jan. 11, 2017 ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY - John Laurita led League rolling games of 251-218-224 for a high
the scoring in the Wednesday Night Mixed League series of 693.
rolling games of 278-237 for a high series of 737. Boris Sosa shot 247, John Moran 243, Mark
Anthony Gubitosi Jr. Hit 288 Robert Benati hit 267-253-709, Pete Conway
247-236-689, Bobby Mazzei 247-247-687, and
Kopper 240-214, and Robert Walkowiak 223.

In Hankel Classic at Howell Lanes Salvatore Gambino 278-663. Patrice Nolan 683
Bird McCormick 728 ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY - Patrice Nolan
By John Jennings led the scoring in the Rockvilles League rolling
HOWELL, NJ Anthony Gubitosi, Jr. started with the first 10 strikes ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY - Bird McCormick games of 255-245 for a high series of 683.
and number 11 denied by a stubborn 10-pin for a 288 game and a 707 led the scoring in the Friday Night Mixed League Betty Ann Lescher hit 230-203, Kathy
series. Phil Lapini 224-257-236- 717 series for high series in the Hankel rolling games of 256-214-258 for a high series of Andrews 217-203, and Gloria Belmonte 214.
Classic and Brian Larson 276 qame and 715 for second high series. 728. In the Tuesday Koffee Kats League Gina Hill
John LaBau hit 279-222-705, Jason Grima 266- shot 196, Andrienne Lupo 190, and Laurie
227-692, Kenny Mojo 255, and David Lake 254. Bettineschi 178.
February 8 - 14, 2017 SPORTS REPORTER 5

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6 SPORTS REPORTER February 8 - 14, 2017
Holy Angels Take BC Title, Kristen Kane is Champ with 299-760 LEADERS AT LODI LANES
By Vince Albrecht 299: 760. Her third game was clearly
Top 20 Individual Results: Kristen Monday Sun Mix: Michael LaSpada 279-680, Steve
Holy Angels flew from the gate with dj vu: in last years third game,
Kane [PC] 237-224-299: 760, Danielle Vandenhenden 278-721, Brian Creeley 256-724.
standard games of 869 and 941 and Kristen opened with eight strikes, fin-
Quitola [RP] 181-228-209: 618, Arielle
never having to look back, coasted to ished with 265 and won the individual
Wallace [Hack] 219-184-188: 591, Sunday F. A. S. T.: Bobby Castillo 289-783, Mario Narvasa
this years Bergen County Girls Title. game/set. This time, she delivered the
Amelia Brunda [AHA] 202-206-179:
Spearheading the morning session were first eleven in her finale before being 275, Remielyn Diwa 257, Oliver Arcilla 246.
587, Tiffany Sucero [AHA] 213-184-
freshman Amelia Brunda 206: 587 and stopped by a ringing ten-pin.
176: 573, Naomi Ramos [Lyn] 214: 566,
senior Tiffany Sucero 213: 573, helping Of the eighteen schools entered, ten Thursday Public Safety: Tito Jackson 267, William Zika
Donna Lee Graham [Hack] 532, Alexa
build a one hundred eighty pin cushion advanced to the Baker games, total 265-690, Edward Schell 259, TJ Valentin 711, Billy Lyons
Hernandez [AHA] 532, Ciara Mottley
over Paramus Catholic heading into the results for which follow: 690.
[AHA] 200: 531, Emily Mamunes [NH]
afternoons fifteen-game Baker Format. Team Statistics: Holy Angels (AHA)
527, Gabby Stellacci [WW] 509, Allie
At the finish, Paramus Catholic barely 2653-2476: 5129, Paramus Catholic
Adamski [Mah] 503, Victoria Vucak Wednesday Men's 820: Steve Leach 268, Frank Mangano
held off Teaneck for second place as the 2473-2310: 4783, Teaneck 2253-2467:
[PC] 503, Kristen Benavente [WW] 265, Joe Alfano 257-758.
latter and fourth place Westwood fin- 4720, Westwood 2170-2431: 4601,
501, Angela Dinallo [Ram] 500,
ished with strong afternoon scores of Ramsey 2249-1503: 3752, Paramus
Caroline Gervolino [Rwd] 498, Annie Saturday D's Team Youth: Kryon Fairley 257-624, Jake
2467 and 2431 respectively. That the 2147-1536: 3683, Mahwah 2203-688:
Quinn [Hack] 202: 497, Olivia Wank Nappi 227-617, Hunter Perry 217-593, Krista Eskow 177-
Paladins performed as well as they did 2891, Ridgewood 2145-731: 2876,
[BT] 496, Jenai Bacote [Par] 206: 495 429.
was largely due to the spectacular morn- Hackensack 2235-614: 2849 and
and Samantha Conklin [Ram] 493.
ing performance by senior Kristen Kane Demarest 2032-709: 2741.




MARCH 11 and MARCH 12, 2017



86%&<287+$662&,$7,216$1&7,21('  21(:((.(1'21/<  )5((6+2(5(17$/ 









February 8 - 14, 2017 SPORTS REPORTER 7

Don Perillo 765 Tom Prendergast 743 Kenny Simon 677
Perillo topped the scoring in the. Prendergast topped the scoring in Simon paced the Tuesday Nite
Epic Edge Trios League blasting the Monday Night Fourplay Owls rolling games of 244-215-
29 Spruce Street
games of 259-258-248 for a high League blasting games of 258- 218 for a high series of 677.
Oakland, NJ 07436 series of 765, 258-227 for a high series of 743. Lukas Zito shot 258-236-676,
(201) 337-6516 Peter Cornell shot 299-257-759, John Petrizzi rolled 233-234- Rafael Santos 243-224-202-669,
Paul Bajorski 244-257-258-759, 234-701, Robert Liguori 253-248- Robert Grieb 237-667, and Roger
Featuring the Kale Buckley 266-244-216- 680, Eddie Allen 268, and Paul Herrscher 259-211-640.
Coors Light Winter Doubles 726,Anthony DElia 258-247-722, Baron 266. Nick Jorgensen 657
And and Keith Kasper 256-246-717.
Heineken Summer Trio
Fred Catapano 742 FARMINGDALE, NY - Nick
Pete Bohleber 760 FARMINGDALE, NY - Fred Jorgensen paced the Thursday
Newly Upgraded Quibica FARMINGDALE, NY - Pete Catapano topped the scoring in the Goodtimers rolling of 254-244 657.
BES X Scoring System
Newly Built Pro Shop
Bohleber topped the scoring n the Tuesday Early Birds League Bob Andrews shot 267-653,
Upgraded Bar Friday Late Mixed League blast- rolling games of 276-259 for a Wayne Coons 225-617, and Patty
Full Service Bowling Entertainment ing gmaes of 247-246-267 for a high series of 742. Bento 213-205-614.
high series of 760. Charles Jordan hit 247-226-676, Robert Laurice 255
NEW HOME TO: Tony Caridi shot 232-227-279- Nathaniel Fuller 236-224-675, FARMINGDALE, NY - Robert
738, Mike Agosta 245-255-228- Curtis Brown 247-226-676, and Laurice rolled 255, David Green
728, Wingo Hom 247-229-238- Tyrone Page 256. 246, Eric Vazquez and Richard
714, Howie Delman 235-243- Sean Mott 729 Delorenzo 244, and Michael
225-703, and Clayton Hunt 215- FARMINGDALE, NY - Sean Sciallo 238 in the Wednesday
225-245-685. Mott topped the scoring in the Party League.
Anthony DElia 744 Wednesday Early Mens League In the Sunday Early Birds Wayne
FARMINGDALE, NY -Anthony rolling games of 255-248-226 for Embleton shot 210, Derrick
DElia topped the scoring in the a high series of 729. Dobert 209, Christopher Quinn
Expresway Glass League blasting Mitch Kennedy 290-220-721, Ed 203, John Cusamano 201, and
games of 254-246-244 for a high Stadtlander 267-218-227-712, Megan Cesare 200.

02179$/(/$1(6 series of 744.

Kale Buckley rolled 212-258-
Michael Alvarez 279-268-706, Joe
Napoli 258-214-225-697.
Carmelo Randazzo 247
244-714, Mark Kaminski 269-
246-710, Kenneth Hosek 227-
248-233-708, and Rob Gotterbarn
Louis Gravino rolled 230, Joe
Costanzo 225-220, and Ralph
Lindgren 214 in the Sunday
Randazzo shot 247,
Yannacone 234, Brian Becktold

229, Brandon Wainwright 226,

([LW*63DUNZD\  258-223-698. Adult/Juniior League.
 Darius Fuller 225, and Gabrielle
Dworkin 220 in the Monday HS
Home of many Mens, Womens and Mixed Leagues Practice League.
Excellent Junior Program and Adult-Junior Leagues Matthew Lindgren hit 223,
NIcholas Fina 177, Stephan
Dialzon 166, Ryan Fina 162, and

Lea Ann Gravino 155 in the

Get In The Game Sunday Adult/Junior League.

6WDUWV0RQ6HSWWKDWSP League Michael Graston shot 229,
RXUZHEVLWHDQGVHQGextra specials to anyone on our e-mail list. 2QO\SHUZHHNSHUSHUVRQERZOHUVSHUWHDP Tris Stremmel 215, and Alex

Ocean Trio Challenge Steve Swersky 227

0DWFK3RLQWV\VWHP 180 in the Thursday Green Men .
-DVRQ2SSHOW$VVLVWDQW0DQDJHU Fall leagues now forming. 145, and Adrienne Laier 139 in the
%RE%DO]DUHN-XQLRU3URJUDP&RRUGLQDWRU Leagues available for everyone Joe Livolsi hit 210, Gerard
&DOOIRUPRUHLQIRUPDWLRQ Call for more information

Hoeler 204, and Pina Mason 173

  in the Friday Sunshine Kids
8 SPORTS REPORTER February 8 - 14, 2017

THE MAGIC AT MAJESTIC Kevin DeFrancesco 767 at Parkway Lanes

Mark Makwinski Jr. 747 Jose Medina 692 Kevin Kennelly 674 ELMWOOD PARK, NJ Kevin DeFrancesco led all pin attackers with
scores of 289-231-247 for a high series of 767 in the Wednesday,
Teterboro Bowling League, at Parkway Lanes.
Makwinski topped the scoring in led the scoring in the Garden State Kennelly paced the scoring in the
Corey Czechowski posted a 268 game in his 734 set followed by
the Wednesday Night Mens Mixed League rolling games of Thursday Mixed Nuts League
Edward Bakelaar Jr with 256-703, Peter Honan 254-702, Michael
League rolling games of 257-278- 244-258 for a high series of 692. rolling games of 257-236 for a
Guglielmino 256-700, Mike Semancik Jr 248-689, and Mike
212 for a high series of 747. Lenny Novak hit 226-229-217- high series of 674.
DeFrancesco 256-687 round out the list of high scorers for the night.
Mark Makwinski shot 225-227- 672, Mark Foglia 224-222-621. Joe Maloney rolled 245-238-663,
236-688, Chris Minch 235-237- John Baginsky 691 Nick Biamonte 222-216-221-659,
654, Art Jakubczak 226-632, and HOPELAWN, NJ - John Baginsky and K.C. Cabonalis 230-221-608.
Joe Coscia 235-627. led the scoring in the Monday Jose Medina 663
Matt Rothstein 740 Night Mixed League firing games HOPELAWN, NJ - Jose Medina
HOPELAWN, NJ - Matt Rothstein of 227-255-209 for a high series of paced the scoring in the Garden
led the scoring in the Wednesday 691. State Mixed League rolling games
Night Trios League rolling games Joe Herber rolled 205-257-655, of 238-208-217 for a high series of
of 225-267-248 for a high series of Nicole Baginsky 202-201-236-639, 663.
740. and Bill Aker, Jr. 237-202-618. Lenny Novak hit 232-204-202-
John Krupinski shot 214-227- Patty Hanlein 691 639, Johanna Larkin 229, and WHERE YOU WILL FIND A FUN , FAMILY ATMOSPHERE
232-673, Robert Tererfenko 215- HOPELAWN, NJ - Patty Hanlein Kyle Jannuzzi 222.
222-207-644, and Peter Marinello topped the scoring in the Friday In the Jerzey Pikers League Packed With Super Bowling Specials
211-243-643. Ceferino Rivera shot 213, and
Night Classic League blasting 40 Lanes With All The Space You Need
Joe Lampariello 733 games of 207-227-257 for a high Frank Jordan 203.
HOPELAWN, NJ - Joe series of 691. Plenty of Fun Filled Bowling Leagues to Join
Lampariello topped the scoring in Curtis Kyzima hit 234-225-208- Rich Rowley 644
the Raritan Bay Mens League 667, Vic Rispoli 223-215-227- HOPELAWN, NJ - Rich Rowley With Room For Just About any Size League
blasting games of 279-263 for a 665, Cesare Badolato 206-269- paced the scoring in the Winter
high series of 733. 663, and Joey Parisi III 226-208- Senior Citizens League rolling Majestic Lanes has some choice days and times
Tom Conlon hit 216-279-232- 224-658. games of 204-247 for a high series
727, Ed Bulkivish 253-211-235- Ryan Desmond 690 of 644. available for the upcoming bowling season
699, Carlos Toro 233-258-205- HOPELAWN, NJ - Ryan Fernando Chea hit 218, Cecelia Majestic is a friendly, clean, modern center
696, Marcos Hernandez 226-224- Mullane 197, Hugo Toro 192, and
244-694, and Jimmy Gill 216-
Desmond led the scoring in the
Thomas Ortiz Sr 191.
that is league friendly.
Family League rolling games of
206-266-688. 225-230-235 for a high series of Larry Clarke rolled 204, Ted
Sean Pech 730 690. Yeung 193, and Joyce Ellison 183 We believe in the sport
in the Jerzey Pikers League.
HOPELAWN, NJ - Sean Pech Daniel Pawelek hit 203-226-603, and the competitive side of bowling
topped the scoring in the Lisa Columbus 214, Kevin Kopko Ben Martino 642
Wednesday Majestic Open League 212-213, Steve Osiadacz 216, and HOPELAWN, NJ - Ben Martino
rolling games of 290-222-218 for Trish Muller 220 paced the scoring in the South Fabulous Food
a high series of 730. Joe Maloney 661 Shore League rolling games of
Matthew Kokal hit 233-265-679, 237-225 for a high series of 642. Including All Day Breakfast
HOPELAWN, NJ - Joe Maloney
David Franczak 247-201-625, and Brian Peccerillo hit 213-237-636,
led the scoring in the Thursday
Tom McGregor 245-210-615. Mixed Nuts League rolling games COry Vincifora 234, and Tony
In the Wednesday Earlybirds of 233-235 for a high series of Perez 237.
League Sue Ragas hit 203, and 661. In the Iselin AA League Tom Customized just for you and your Business,
Edie Cavallo 183. John Syslo hit 245-217-638, Leonard shot 212, and Shawn Child, Fund Raising, and Family Fun with no
Anthony Martino 730 Nick Biamonte 237-222-636, and Douma 211.
HOPELAWN, NJ - Anthony Alan Stuhl 212-226-622. In the Merck League Tom setup or cleanup, we do it all for you
Martino topped the scoring in the Vickery hit 210-219-607, Rob
Nicholas Piomelli 660
Premiere Pro Shop Sunday Trios HOPELAWN, NJ - Nicholas
Sarate 232-203-605, and Tom
Zumpetta Jr. 225.
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League blasting games of 259- Piomelli paced the scoring in the
224-247 for a high series of 730.
Joe Lampariello hit 259-229-
Thursday Night Mixed League Ta k e
235-723, John Roam 242-259-
rolling games of 237-229 for a
Yo u r 525 Route 9 North, Hopelawn, NJ
high series of 660.
213-714, David Parrilla, Jr 234- Mike Piomelli hit 208-201-226- Fa m i l y 08861
246-217-697, and Tommy Martino 635, John Lennox 222-201-621,
234-250-680. and Jeff Krock 226. B ow l i n g Phone 732-826-6800