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SAEAerospace AEROSPACE gr firwahiane tn =P MATERIAL (SAE AMs2759/9D SPECIFICATION Reveed 2008.08 ‘Superseding AMS2759/9C Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief (Baking) of Steel Parts RATIONALE ‘ANS2759I9D was iseued to correct a publishing error in “Your is retumed to "24" hours. 4. SCOPE 1A Purpose ‘This specication covers the requirements for embrittlement relief (baking) of heat treated steel parts to remove hydrogen Infused during plating and certain other chemical processing such as stripping, chemical milling. pickling, and etching 1.2 Application This specification is applicable to parts made from carbon, low-alioy, and martensitic stainless steel heat troated to 2 minimum strength of 160 ksi (1241 MPa) or heat treated fo a minimum hardness of 40 HRC or equivalent. It ie also ‘applicable to threaded fastenors made from carbon, low-alloy, or martensitic stainless steels heal vealed fo a minimum ‘strength of 150 ks! (1034 MPa) or 34 HRC or equivalent, parts mede from high strength precipitation hardening stainless steels other than A-288, and steel parts which have been case hardened (carburized, nitided, nitrocarburized, or carbonitrided). See 8.2 2. APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS The issue of the following documents in effect on the date of the purchase order forms a part of this specification to the extent specified herein, The supplier may work to a subsequent revision of a document unless a specific document issue is specified. When the referenced document has been cancelled and no supersading document has been specified, the last published issue of that document shall apply. 24 SAE Publications Avallable from SAE International, 400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale, PA 15086-0001, Tel: 877-606-7325 (inside USA and Canada) or 724-776-4970 (outside USA), ‘AMS2649. Etch Inspection of High Strength Steel Parts ‘AMS2750—-Pyromotry ‘AMS2759 Heat Trealment of Steel Parts {Ag Tectical Standards Board Roles provide ak “This reports pubiahed by SAE to savance ho seo of tchvical and engearna ecances. Tho use o ths repr is frit wei ans appeal an sult rey patel sence ay palertitegerant aay heetion, the 20 respon ure” SAF rau each sce repeat vey ve years a wc may Be reales, 4364 or ease, SAE aves your wen comments and sugges Copynght ® 2009 SAE emo A ns esd. No pat of is abeaton may be repre, edna refoelesam 0 nse, in any fom or by any meant, eaten, mecha, poloeping econ eres, au Popes ortn parison ef SAE, TOPLACE ADOCUMENT OROER:.. Tek. 8776067323 nse USAsnd Canada) Tat” eetrea70 outside USA) Fan: Taerreare X_CustomarSerdce@saeorg mo iverson SEM ‘SAE values your input. To provid ‘on this Technical Repor SAE AMS2759/9D Page 2 of § 3. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS In the event of a conflict between this specification and the document citing this specification, that document shall preva 3.1 Pyrometry shall conform to AMS2750 furnace class 6, instrumentation type D, as.a minimum. 2.2 Heat treatment equipment shall conform to AMS2759 and requirements specified herein. Furnaces shall be irculating-air type, 3.9 Procedure 33.4 Cleaning Parts shall be clean prior to baking. 3.3.2 Racking and Spacing Parts shall be placed in racks or trays, made of mesh or expanded metal, or supported or suspended so as to allow free circulation of the heating medium, except small parts may be randomly arranged in trays providing that layers of parts are Not thicker than 2 inches (61 mm) and the distance between the layers is not less than 2 inches (51 mm). Thickness of layers of small parts randomly arranged in trays may be greater than 2 inches (51 mm), provided tests have been made with load thermocouples to confirm that the center of the coldest load will reach the set temperature minus 25 °F (14 °C) within one hour of loading. 3.3.3 Paris shall be baked after the completion ofthe chemical processing or plating designated in Table 1 or 2. (See 8.2.) 33.3.1 Delay Time Limits ‘The elapsed time between completion of plating or other chemical processing operations and start of heating parts in the baking furnace shell not exceed 4 hours except, when baking is required after etch inspection (refer to footnote 4 of Tables 1 and 2) to dotect abusive grinding or machining, the elapsed time shall not exceed 24 hours. 3.3.32 Bake Set Temperature Standard bake set temperature shall be 375 °F (194 °C) in accordance with Table 1, nonstandard baking set temperatures listed in Table 2 shall be used for parts made from the following materials/processes: + Carburize or carbonitride case hardening heat treatment + AIS! 52100 steet! + Type 440€ corrosion and heat resisting steel + Music wire + Other alloys tempered below 400 °F (204 °C). 3.9.33 Bake Soak Time Bake soak time shall bo as designated in Table 1 or 2, as applicable. 3.3.34 Start of Soak Time ‘Soaking time shall commence when parts are placed In the furnace, the fumace door(s) are closed, and the temperature Indicated by the furnace controf instrument is within 25 “F (14 °C) ofthe sat temperature. SAE 33.35 33.3.5 AMS2759/9D Page 3 of § ‘Soaking interruptions It the delay time ( Is lass than 2 hours, soaking may be interrupted for the purpose of adding or removing parts. If the delay time ( is 2 hours or more, parts shall be soaked for at least one hour before any such interruption. {f the temperature indicated by the control instrument drops more than 25 ‘°F (14 °C) below the set temperature, the time during which the indicated temperature was below that temperature shall not be considered part of the soaking time of any pars in the furnace. ‘TABLE 4 - MINIMUM BAKE SOAK TIME (HOURS) AT 375 °F (191 *C) ‘Species ® i jones Pactngs® [cheniealTeatnens] stetrar,, | imo — Gy + ‘cava! uma | a | mi] cr | an | cu | ag | Au | Sn | Zant] cham®| ein Hardness” __| C8! - TaD el (1207 HPA AIS 1095 ane] og [os | a {=| elfetats|e| > |« AE, HP eNiico-0., a alalelalels{s|siafs | « Rene t09- | je E ‘one tgh 1 SkongtsCarben, | 72041 (1517 4a) fete tow-sioy, rasuece | % | 2 | 23 | 2} 6 | 9 | 3 | s | | 8 ‘oat st | Tove Seer amon Lowe | 9088 (1241,MP=) aa omaryeol slats taleis|sisaje] s | « ‘el Stee z Tigh Seng Manors,” |220%s1(1517 WP ‘Stainless other ora HRC bode had . baal Ll - = Z pe bd fe than aioe Tair ST sepa gan pall omicaeird! s 1s | s | ajo |s]s|s |e] a | ma TrPHe 4 sens 900, 1800, #025 17aP HS wasp. Riwso | 2 | 2] & | 2) @ | 3 | s ) s) se | 8 NA {S-spH staneed | CUSTOM S50 j t tase 24650 | wasqenooo | 22 | 2 | 2 | a |e} eo fs fe} a] 3 | um Sthiess NOTES: INA Noteppesbla (1) Orequvaient {Q). Includes electcoss nickel, unless age havdoned within four hous of plating {G) homie! Processing: Etching, Supping, Peking, Chemical Ming {Eten inspection to detest abusive grngngimachining orth presence of caburng- Bakng is raquiad aor etch Iepecton when hhyrechiore or ther ring acl Is used (op, AMSZ649, Typo 2 hyrochloteacld desu (6) Crhigher bot having minimum iss than 220 ki (1517 MPa} ora HRC (6) Ochigher apecties minum nareress (@) Trend fastenre = minimum 180 ts (1096 MPa) and higher r 34 HRC or equivalent ut minus N40 HRG oF equtvalon- hve hours for al processes {@). Fer platings nat Ete, uso baking te shown for eam, {@) © Custom 455 and Custom 465 are reqistored vade na T7-7PH, 15.5PH, 15:79H, PHIS8 Mo, and 17-0PH tha 100 es (1241 MP9) 23 of Carpenter Tecnology Corp. gjslared wadomarks of AK Stoel (Ameo), SAE AMS2759/9D Page 4 of § ‘TABLE 2 - MINIMUM BAKE SOAK TIMES (HOURS) ‘ON HIGH ALLOY, ULTRA-HIGH STRENGTH STEELS, AND FOR CASE HARDENED SURFACES a Chee Plaogs Treamonts soolPed,, | speced | Bake eseipten™ | xtnimum || tomperawe | Of] | 2 |r, feten® Hardness | PEG) | a |] cr [e220 | cu | Ag | Au | Sn [enti] chom *eten | can se Wire wm [asso] = || 6 [wlalal|e|s{slal « |e | 52100 ezunc® |ars-r(ss6"c)| 29 | 2 | x [os| asf as| als |s|z| 6 | « 52100 Below a2 HR |a76-e Uaic)] z | 2 | a [alas] e|asl|s|s|e| «| 4 ‘iocstainess | aonnc® [sore (uo-c)| 2% | 23 | 6 [ool ala|s|s|sla| ¢ | w Corburzed : ae | Gomuraad | | atpans |27svects6-c)| 23 | 23 | 8 [20] 28 | 2 sisal e [|e Niided Pre j - Niided meas [asecore)] 6 |e |e falefels|s|sie|[ s NOTES: TNA Not applicable Q) @) {5} Chemical Processing: Etching, Sipping. Posing, Chemical Ming {@)_ Exar nspecion o detect etuthe grrarginachiing oF te presence of carbuteing - Baking is requted eter etch inspection ‘whan tyereciecor anor educa ac fs used (02, AMSZE49, Typo 2 hyrochlo ald des) (6). Orhighor apecited minim hardness {6}. Forpiatngenetisioa, use baking time shown for cadmium, 0). Thindonse chvomsm pang (eg, ANS243). {8} Forinductonnardenes or carbo pats, an extended teko time in excass of 29 nous fproibted {8} Other atoys For otneraloys tempered at 300 °F (149°C) er owe, boing schedule of 275 °F (135 0) for $6 hous sal Deused, For other alloys temperes et 400 °F (206 "C) and holly a bekng sehecule of 375 °F (191°C) fr 29 hours sal be Used. For other alloy tempered between 300 T (149°C) and 400 “F (204°C), contact the cognizant engineering orgarzation to very the proper baking schedule. 33.3.6 Multistep Processes ‘An additional intermediate baking treatment is required if there is an interruption between steps exceeding 2 hours or if the elapsed time between the start of the first step and start of final baking exceeds 24 hours, 3, When the strength is 240 ks! (11855 Mpa) or lower (48 HRC or less), the intermediate bake soak time shall be 3 hours ‘minimum, unless parts are nickel plated. See 3.3:3.8.2 When the strength Is over 240 ksl (1655 Mpa) (over 49 HRC), the intermediate bake the soak time shall be 6 hours minimum, unless parts are nickel plated. See 3, When parts are nickel plated and heat treated to 200 ksi (1379 Mpa) or higher (43 HRC or harder), the intermediate bake soak time shall be the full amount of time shown in Table 1 or 2, a8 applicable. After completion of the final step of chemical treatment or plating, full baking in accordance with applicable Table + 34 Records or 2 is required. Records shall be maintained that show the Identification and the following for each lot 3.4.1 Date and time of completion ofthe plating or other chemical process. 3.42 Date and time of start of baking. 3.4.3 Dato and time of start of soak. E AMS2759/9D Page § of 3.44 Dato andltime of competion of baking. 3.4.5. Furace contol instrument set temperature. 3.4.6 Furnace identification 4. QUALITY ASSURANCE PROVISIONS 44 Reports Pracassor's reports shall include the baking time and temperature and shall state that baking was performed in accordance with AMS2759/9D, 4.2. Records shall be retained for al least § years, including all information required in 3.5, and shall be available for review by authorized representatives of purchaser. 5, PREPARATION FOR DELIVERY In accordance with AMS2759, 6. ACKNOWLEDGMENT In accordance with AMS27S59. 7. REJECTIONS In accordance with AMS2768. 8. NOTES 8.1 A change bar ()) located in the left margin Is for the convenience of the user in locating areas where technical revisions, not editorial changes, have been made to the provious issue of this document. An (R) symbol tothe let of the document tile indicates a complete revision of the document, including technical revisions. Change bars and (R) are not used in original publications, nor in documents that contain editorial changes only 82 Ordering Data In order to ensure that the appropriate baking treatment is applied to each lot of parts, itis essential thatthe processor be furnished with information identifying the material and its minimum strength or hardness or, in the case of precipitation hardening stainless steel, its tamper. Additionally, the tempering temperatures should be furnished {0 the processor for carburized or cerboriided parts and parts fabricated from music wire, 62100, 440C, or any other alloy tempered below 375 °F (191 °C) 8.3: Terms used in AMS ate clarified in ARP1917. 8.4. Dimensions and propertios in inch/pound units and the Fahrenheit temperatures are primary; dimensions and properties in SI units and the Celsius temperatures are shown as the approximate equivalents of the primary units, and are presented only for Inform: PREPARED BY "AMEC" AND AMS COMMITTEE "B'