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1. Safety Information
To prevent personal injury, equipment damage and service interruptions, personnel working
directly on equipment must be
trained, authorized, and qualified to carry out the tasks required
able to follow safety guidelines

2. Guidelines to ensure general safety

1. Keep the chassis clear and dust-free
2. Do not wear loose clothing they could get caught in the chassis. Roll up your sleeves while
3. Wear safety glasses if you are working under any optical source conditions that might be
hazardous to your eyes.
4. Avoid exposure to optical laser by not looking into the opening of an optical fiber or
5. Ensure to avoid moist floors, ungrounded power extension cables, frayed power cords on the
6. Never assume power is disconnected from a circuit. Disconnect all power by turning off the
power and unplugging the power cord before:
a. Installing or removing a chassis
b. Working near power supplies

3. Maintainenance
1. Power Supply: Check voltage to ensure that supply is within range of -40 to -60 Volts
2. Earth Resistance: Check the earth resistance to be less than 5ohms.
3. Equipment generates heat and hence room should have adequate air circulation. Check
working of air conditioner.
4. Fan filter to be cleaned.
5. Check rack fan is working.
6. Ensure that unused optical ports are admin down. This prevents damage due to optical

4. Handling and storing of cards

1. While handling cards ensure not to touch solder side of module, pin connector or the
2. Card to be placed in the antistatic bag and then only to be placed in box for packing.
3. Inspect all pin connectors on each module for damage before use.
4. Do not stack cards on or against each other.
5. Do not force cards into their packaging material.
6. Do not store several cards in the same container.
7. Allow each module to reach room temperature before you insert module into the shelf.
8. Protect all optical connectors of the transmit (Tx) and receive (Rx) optical cards with clean dust caps
at all times.
9. Leave spare cards in the original shielded containers until you need the cards.
10. To prevent damage to cards in storage, follow procedures that prevent:
a. accumulation of dirt or dust on the pin connectors
b. damage to the printed-circuit board or its components
c. warpage (of printed-circuit boards stored in areas where the humidity can exceed
95% and the temperature can exceed 70C)
11. While transporting cards, pack each module in its original shielded container and padding, or
in an electrostatically shielded bag. If you lose original material, place the module in a shielded
bag and use another container with sufficient padding.
Contact Us
24x7 Support
24x7 Support is provided by Tejas Support Center(TSC) via telephone, email or by taking remote
login on failures & queries raised by customers.
In case of any failure or query, customer calls TSC on 91-80-41719090 or send mail on or report through skype on tscsupport123.
TSC will revert with case ID and will request data/logs/primary analysis for further analysis.
Based on analysis TSC will suggest further Plan of action (PoA).
The customer can get back for any update or further help by quoting the previously shared case ID.
Tejas support Matrix for MTCIL/MSETCL:
Level 24x7 Tejas
NA +91 80 41719090
1 Support Support
Level Sidharth
Point of Engineer 8879286197
2 Kulkarni
After 4 Satish
Level3 Manager 9987099061
hours Yadav
Level After 10 Sanjay
Director 9821370810
4 hours Mote
Level After 12 Ravinder Group 9845121310
5 hours Souda Director

RMA Process:
The problem resolution process should have been completed.
Tejas TSC/NSG should have verified and certified the problem as a hardware failure and
requires the part to be repaired or replaced, as the case may be. Based on this resolution case ID
will be shared.
The repair or replacement, as the case may be, shall be through Tejas Return Material
Authorization (RMA) process.
Customer shares the Part details, Serial Numbers and any other additional details as required in
the RMA form for generation of an RMA Number.
Tejas RMA team provides an RMA Number for the failed part after verifying and confirming
the problem.

Once the RMA No. is available customer ships RMA items to Tejas as per following
Please mention your RMA No. in shipping documents and attach a copy of form along
with documents. Also Paste a copy of RMA form on the shipping box.
Items must be put in Antistatic bags and should be packed in corrugated boxes to avoid
In shipping documents, please declare that "The goods shipped are only for Repair and
Return and the value mentioned is only for insurance purpose and doesn't carry any
commercial value".
Items received without proper packing will be rejected and returned back to sender.