. I was cleaning one of the wine glasses for the party they were going to have tonight.

³Bella we need your help.´ Clara said, I jumped slightly and put the cup down, I walked into the kitchen. ³It¶s the champagne we¶re trying to make´ Clara said, ³What have you don¶t to it so far´ I walked up to the big iron pot. ³I¶ve put the ingredients in´ she said, ³All of them?´ I asked. She nodded her head, I dipped my finger in the liquid, it tasted just right. I went underneath the cupboard and pulled out glass bowl and put the liquid into it. I put the dish cloth over it. ³Go and put it in the cooler room, make sure in three hours you get it out´ I said, she nodded her head and took the bowl. I turned off the gas and then went upstairs again. I started to polish the wood furniture. I started to sweat slightly. Cold hand ended up on my neck, I laughed lightly from how relaxing that was. ³Better?´ Edward said, ³Yes thank you´ I said. His hand slowly moved away going down my back, I straightened up and turned around. ³Mr Cullen-´ ³Edward´ he interrupted me. ³Edward. I really think it isn¶t wise for you to be doing that in the condition that you¶re in´ I said, he looked at me confused. ³What condition?´ he asked. ³the condition that you Father said´ I turned back round to desk. ³The condition of controlling myself?´ he questioned ³Yes that¶s right´ I said. He snorted. ³I can keep control´ he said. ³If I couldn¶t I wouldn¶t be here. I wouldn¶t be able to touch you´ he said, he touched my hot cheek. I closed my eyes taking in his scent. When I opened my eye Edward was inches away from my face, I could feel his cool breath and the back of my throat, he moved in closer so our lips were just touching, he was making go all dizzy. I shook my head and moved out the way. I moved to other desk on the other side. ³You¶ll come into me soon´ he said, I shook my head. ³You wont, you¶ll find someone better than me´ I said, he was beside me now. ³That¶s the problem, I wont fine anyone like you Bella´ he said. ³No, you wont fine some like me. You¶ll find someone better´ I said, I dare to look up at him, I tried to stay concentrated on the polishing. ³There wont be anyone as beautiful as you´ he said, he stroked my cheek. ³I¶m a maid Edward, you¶re a Doctor¶s son. My Father a black smith´ I said. ³Does it matter?´ he asked. ³Yes, there a big difference, people like you go for woman that have life living for. As for me, I don¶t, I¶m a maid nothing special´ I said. Edward was silent for a minute. ³But you are special Bella´ he said breaking the short silence, I signed and turned to him. I went to talk but he pinned me to wall. His arms blocked my way of getting out, he moved I closer, I could feel his cold skin against the bare skin of my chest. His nose traced my jaw bone, until he reached my lips. I closed my eyes letting do what ever he liked now. I felt his lips on mine and then his ice cold tongue touch my bottom lip.

³Bella! We need you!´ one of the girls shouted. I didn¶t move I stayed where I was, Edward the same thing. ³Bella!´ they shouted again. ³Go´ Edward said, he sounded as if he was growling, I moved out from his arms, I looked back at Edward, he was still where he was, still like a statue.

Party The maids and I got ready for the party. We had to where a black and white dress. Boring really. ³Clara did you take out the champagne?´ I asked. She nodded her head. ³We just need to put it glasses´ she said, I nodded my head and went down stairs into the kitchen. The pot was on the big oak table. I pot on the side table and picked out the glasses. As I was putting the champagne in the glasses Edward came up behind me and put his hands round my waist. He started to kiss the hollow part of my throat, my breathing started to get heavier. ³Edward, please´ I said. ³I would like to do my job without fainting tonight´ I said, he laughed, his cool breath blowing onto my neck. ³You seemed to of had the ump with the girls when they called my name´ I said, he stayed still and then straightened up. ³That¶s because I don¶t always get that close to your lip everyday´ he said. I rolled my eyes, I was finished with the glasses. I turned around, Edward was wearing a suit with no tie. ³No tie?´ I asked. ³Don¶t like them. It chocks me´ he said, ³It don¶t give me anything to tug you on when I wont to reach´ I said, he eyes widened, I laughed and walked passed him with a tray full glasses. I walked into the main hall, many people were in there now, I walked around the room. Offering people the glasses. I watched people from the corner of my eye approve the champagne. I smiled to myself and walked into the kitchen. When I got into the kitchen Helen was sitting on the floor crying her eyes out. ³What¶s the matter?´ I asked, she didn¶t answer me she handed me a letter. It was a letter from her father saying her mother died a few days ago. ³She dead´ she said. I went down to her and picker her up. ³Stay here I¶ll be right back´ I said, she nodded her head. I went outside again looking for Carlisle. He was in the far corner. I walked over there quickly. ³Mr Cullen?´ I said he turned to me ³Sorry to disturb you but can Helen go in the private sitting room?´ I asked. He looked at me confused. ³What for?´ he asked. ³She terrible upset. She just got a letter saying here Mother just died´ I whispered. ³Oh, yes of course, they keys are on the hooks´ he said, ³Thank you´ I walked back into the kitchen and pulled the keys off the hook, Helen was still where she was crying. I took her hand and lead her into the room. I sat her down on the sofa. ³Just sit here for a while, calm yourself down´ I said, she nodded her head. I gave her one last hug and then walked out the room. I went back into the hall with a try fall of glasses. It was coming near the end of the night. I walked back into the kitchen again. As I walked in there was group of teenage boys standing by

the door. They were all whispering. When I walked back out with people coats one of them slapped me on the ass. I jumped slightly. I gritted my teeth together. Trying not to get over myself. Clara sorted out Helen. I put the last people coats on and Carlisle and Esme saw them out. ³Well I¶m off to bed´ Carlisle said. ³Is Helen ok?´ he asked. ³She¶ll be fine sir, just a good night rest will do her good´ I said smiling he smiled back ³Have the night off Bella, you did a good job tonight. Good night´ he said, ³Night sir, Ma¶am´ I said to Esme she smiled at me and followed Carlisle up to bed. ³Oh have the morning off as well Bella´ Carlisle shouted down the stairs. I smiled to myself and walked off to my bed room. Edward walked passed me grabbing hold of my hand. He lead me upstairs. ³Maybe tonight I might it a bit closer than you lips this time´ Edward said, he picked me throwing me into his arms. He ran up into his bedroom and closed the door behind us. He room was dark colours. Nothing like the other rooms in the house, whites and creams. He¶s room was a dark cream and browns, his floor was an old oak colour carpet and in the middle of his room was a massive bed. It was so much bigger than and king size bed. There were brownish grey curtains on the side of his bed, and the bed covers were black silk. It amazing to me because none of the maids including me never came in the main rooms. ³Now where was we´ Edward said pinning me to wall. I laughed lightly moved forward so that I was just touching his lips. ³You was just about to make the first move´ I said, he laughed and then moved his hand down my back, he pushed me close to his body ³That was right´ he said and the kissed me on the lips, I could feel his cold marble skin threw my dress. He picked me up slightly and turned around facing the bed. He moved his hand to my zip and zipped my dress down. I let my dress fall to the floor and kicked off my shoes, he laughed lightly and put me down to the bed. He pulled off his jacket and tossed it to the side, I laughed lightly and started to unbutton his shirt, when his shirt was half undone, I could see purple bruise on the side of his chest. I undone the rest of his shirt and quickly ripped it off, looking at half of his chest to his stomach was purple. I put my hand on the side that was purple and moved it down, Edward closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. The purple part of his chest wasn¶t as smooth as the rest of his body. It was more like my skin but slightly smoother but as smooth as his other skin. I moved my hand back up to his neck and then looked at his face. His eyes were soft, gold. I moved in slowly and kissed him on the lips. I didn¶t notice that we were both bare until his cold chest touched mine. I kept my hand above my head, Edward grabbed hold of my hand and started kissing me down my neck, even those his skin ice cold, we were still sweating. Edward got up on his knees and then started to get more serious. I woke up laying on Edward chest and feeling the cool wind from the open balcony doors, Edward arm was tightly round me, keeping me close to him. I looked up at Edward, his eyes were wide open. He looked unhappy. I sat up straight and looked at him. ³What¶s the matter´ I asked, I put my hand on the side of his face. He looked at me, his eyes had purple bags underneath as if he hadn¶t slept all night. ³Tell me´ I pleaded, his eyes were upset. ³My burns´ he said, I put my hand on his chest, he closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. ³Do you mind them?´ he asked with out opening his eyes. ³What do you mean?´ I asked ³What I mean Bella, is that do they scare you? Do they make you feel weird when we«´ he

didn¶t continue, he just turned his head as if he was angry. ³How can you think something so small can make me change my mind´ I said, I got one side of his face and focused him to look at me. ³Edward, look at me´ I said, he opened his eyes. ³Nothing will never make me change my mind about you. I wouldn¶t really care if your burns were on your face, or if you lost a led or an arm, nothing will change my mine about you´ I said. He looked deep into my eyes and then put his hands on the side of my face and then kissed me. He put his hand on my back and pushed me closer. He grabbed hold of one of my legs and put it round the other side of him. He pushed me up so that I was on my knees, with my back straight. He started to kiss down my chest, I bent my back letting him just take me over. I was cleaning the marble floor down stairs. Claire walked passed, she looked down at me and turned her nose up on me. That was nothing like her. ³I¶m sure Mr Cullen will be pleases that your working hard´ ³I suppose he saw you great effort last night´ she said, I got up from the floor and walked up to her. ³What do you mean great effort from last night?´ I asked. ³Well«from what I saw this morning-´ I cut her off ³What did you see this morning?´ I asked, I was becoming very curious with what word she was using. ³Well, last night, I heard a very funny noise up in Mr Cullen room. Very peculiar´ she said making a fake confused face by putting her finger by her chin. ³You still haven¶t answered my question. What did you see this morning?´ I asked again. ³Well being the stupid me I went to the wrong room and went into Mr Cullen room and found you in his bedroom all over him. Naked´ she added. I stood frozen and then shook my head. ³You shouldn¶t of been up on the second floor any way´ I said. She shrugged. ³Op¶s clumsy me. I went to the wrong floor, I thought I was on the first floor´ she said, I gritted my teeth together. ³So what¶s it got to do with you?´ I asked. ³It had a lot to do with me, because now everything makes sense, the kindness Mr Cullen has been putting on you. Calling him first name, the other maids have been noticing it as well´ she said, ³Maybe you should keep your nose in your business and no one elseµs´ I said. I walked back to me work. ³But its Dr Cullen business. Am I wrong´ she said, I froze in place. ³Oh, he doesn¶t know´ she said, ³You wouldn¶t dare´ I said. ³If I was to tell, you would be sac in a flash´ she said. ³I do have other things that I can fall back on´ I said. ³So I¶ll go and tell´ she said. I turned around and smiled at her. ³Go and do your business´ I said pointing up to the stairs. She looked at me confused, she started to walk up the stairs but she looked back at me a couple of times. I picked up the bucket and went to the kitchen to empty out. I heard Dr Cullen shout. ³Edward!´ he shouted. I washed the bucket and waited for my name to be called or someone to come down and tell me that I was sac. After a while Edward came beside me and watched me for a while. ³Bed news´ he said.

³I¶m sac´ I said, I dropped the bucket in the sink and dried my hands. I walked out of the kitchen and walked up stairs to my bedroom. Carlisle was by the stairs. I didn¶t look at him. I went straight to my bedroom and started to pack. Edward came in and slammed the door behind him. ³Wait Bella, we can sort this out´ he said, laughed and shook my head ³What can I do, I hide in the closet and wait in there until you want me?´ I asked. ³No´ he said. I looked up at him. ³Edward do you think I would have let Claire tell on me if I didn¶t have a plan´ I said. ³So what¶s the plan?´ he pleaded. ³Your Father said that your not aloud to be with a maid´ I said, he wanted more information ³Yes?´ he said. ³That¶s it´ I said. I got my suitcase and went down stairs. Carlisle was waiting by the door, his face wasn¶t happy. ³Dr Cullen.´ I said, he just glared at me, he handed me and envelope. It full of money. ³Dr Cullen when I first set for this job I asked no money. And I stick by what I say´ I said, I handed back the money, ³It¶s been a pleasure serving you and your wife. And Mr Cullen´ I said. I held back a laugh. ³I think you¶ve done a bit more the served Edward´ he said under his breath and then walked away. I went to walk out the door but Edward stopped me. ³Wait, when will I see you again?´ he asked. I thought about it for the moment. ³Thursday with the Governor´ I said, I peeked him on the cheek and then walked away.

Thursday ³Bella! You ready´ Mother shouted. ³Yes´ I said, I ran down the stairs. Mother and Father were most pleased when I came back home from my maid work, they just didn¶t know where I went to.

³Bella, you look beautiful´ Father said, I smiled at him. ³It¶s so nice to have you back sweetheart´ Mom said hugging me. ³Thanks«Mom´ I said. ³Come on we must go other whys will be late´ Father said, I nodded and headed and went out side and went in the carriage. When we got to the stand me and my Mother went up by balcony and watched as my Father knighted Dr Cullen as Sir. ³Isn¶t you Father such a charmer´ Mother said. ³I¶ve seen charmer´ I said. It started to get hotter under the cloudy sky. I got out my fan and started to fan. ³Hot?´ Mother asked. I nodded my head. ³I think Helen tightened my corset to much´ I said. ³Stop being such a wimp´ Mother said, I gasped. ³Have you seen Elizabeth?´ I asked. ³She her today with her baby boy´ I smiled to myself. ³I pronounce Dr Cullen as Sir Cullen´ Father call out. Everyone clapped ³I shouldn¶t be clapping he sac me´ I said, Mother looked at me confused. ³What do you mean?´ she asked. ³I worked as one of his maids´ I said. ³And why did he sac you?´ she asked. ³I had sex with Master Cullen´ I said. She stopped clapping and looked at me serious. ³Edward?´ she said, I nodded my head. She laughed loudly. I laughed with her softly. ³Don¶t tell Dad´ I said, ³Lips are sailed´ she said. Father started to talk to Carlisle and then he looked up at me, he nodded his head for me to come down. ³Ah´ Father said, I stayed in the shadows. ³You haven¶t meet my daughter yet?´ Father asked Carlisle. ³No, I don¶t think I have?´ he said, I smiled to myself. ³We¶ve meet across the line´ I said. I stood beside my Father. Carlisle looked slightly shocked when he saw me. ³We have meet before´ Carlisle said, I smiled at him. I looked over to Edward, I winked at him. ³Bella!´ someone shouted, I looked to my right Elizabeth waving. I smiled. ³Excuse me´ I said, I walked over to Elizabeth. ³Where¶s the baby?´ I asked. ³William got it´ she said William was just walking up with a small child in his hands. ³Bella´ he greeted with a smile. ³William. How¶s the Fatherhood going on?´ I asked. ³Well´ he said, I laughed. ³Can I see?´ I asked, he handed me the baby. The small boy had tiny brown curls like its Father he looked at lot like William. ³He looks like you William´ I said.

Edward took me back to his home. ³What about the maids?´ I asked as we walked up to the door.

³Don¶t worry about them, there nothing compared to you´ he said. I laughed lightly and walked in the house. Claire was just walking by and saw me. ³What she doing back´ she said. ³I don¶t really think you should be talking to the governor daughter that way´ Edward said, I smiled at her. ³Here maid. Can you take my coat I feel a bit hot´ I said, I handed her my coat. she snatched it out of my hand and walked off mumberling to herself. I laughed lightly. ³So does Carlisle mind you going out with me now?´ I asked, ³Complete changed his mind´ he said, I laughed lightly and turned around to him. ³Maybe if your feeling hot, I could cool down you skin´ Edward said softly, I laughed lightly ³I¶m all yours´ I said, Edward smiled at then looked around the room, no one was in the room, so he picked me up and ran to his room. When we got to his room Edward started to undo my lace at the back of my dress. My dress dropped to the floor leaving me in my corset, I kicked off my shoes. He laid me down on the bed and kneeled over me. He bent down and kissed me on the lips. I started to undo his button he moved his hand down my chest to the top of my corset, he ripped it off and then pulled back to looked at me, he traced the scar at the top of my chest and then one by my waist.

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