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Project Report

On Telenor Pakistan

For its Promotional Strategies

Submitted to :

Mam Anum Maqbool

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Zunair Rasool Roll No # 12

Naseem Akbar Roll No # 39

Jamal Ud Din Ahmad Roll No # 48

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Institute of Banking & Finance

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At first, we would like to thank Allah Almighty, the Most Beneficent and the
Most Merciful, who enabled us to complete this project report.

Then, we would like to show our gratitude towards our Respected Teacher
Maam Anam Maqbool who taught us Promotional Management and gave us
knowledge about its concepts that we applied in this report. We are thankful to
her for her encouragement and support and for giving us this opportunity to
polish ourselves and to explore the practical world.

We are also thankful to our Coordinator Dr. Irfan for allowing us the Visiting
letter. We are much obliged to Mr. Abdul Bais Khan, the Training &
Development Project Handler at Telenor who gave us his precious time to
share his knowledge with us. It was a great experience to have his company. His
guidance and a well elaborated discussion made us aware of all the activities
and strategies in which Telenor is engaged and made us realize the Values on
which Telenor Company is based on.

Last but not the least, we would like to thank our friends and class fellows who
shared ideas on different topics and encouraged and supported us throughout
the entire time.

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History of Telenor
Telenor is the leading telecommunication company in Norway, which is one of the
most advanced telecommunication markets in the world. Norway has one of the
worlds highest penetration rates for mobile, fixed line digital telephony, personal
computer and internet usages. The history of Telenor goes back a long way in
1885, when telegraphic service was established under the name of Telegrafverket-
a government institution. The Norwegian Telegrafverket has had several names
throughout the time of existence. In1968, the organization of Televerket has been
changed. The central administration was removed from the Ministry of Post and
Transport and converted into an independent state enterprise with its own board.
The research institute of Televerket, TeleverketForsknings institute (TF) was
established at that time. Previously, Televerket did not conduct any in house R&D
activities. In 1971-77, the regional division of Televerket was reorganized. Before
it consisted of 12 districts and 150 local administrative units, which then had been
turned into a new structure of 7 tele-regions and 27 tele-areas. A new
reorganization took place, when Norwegian National Parliament in 1985 decided
to alter the organization of Televerket. But it was not until 1988, the decision had
been implemented. In reality, Televerkets monopoly has been eradicated through
these reforms and it paved the way for more competition in, amongst others, user
equipment and cable TV. From1989, Televerket was also allowed to compete in the
market for value added services. In 1994, the Parliament again decided to convert
Televerket into a state-owned public limited company. This took place in
November in the same year. In early 1995, Televerket AS changed its name to
Telenor AS, with a new and business oriented organization structure.

Worldwide Coverage

The Telenor Group is committed to engage in the local communities where we

operate. Take a look at our latest initiatives in our operations worldwide.

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Telenor in Pakistan
Telenor Pakistan is 100% owned by the Telenor Group, an international provider of
high quality voice, data, content and communication services in 13 markets across
Europe and Asia. Telenor Group is among the largest mobile operators in the world
with 180 million mobile subscriptions and a workforce of approximately 33,000.

Telenor Pakistan has reported a subscriber base of over 36 million, making it

Pakistan's second largest mobile operator.

The company acquired the GSM license in 2004 and began commercial operations
on March 15, 2005. So far, it has invested over USD 2.3 billion in the local
economy and has created 2,400 direct and 25,000 plus indirect jobs. It also has a
network of over 200,000 retailers, franchises and sales & service centers, thus
providing means of livelihood to thousands of Pakistanis.

Over Rs. 147 billion in various forms of direct and indirect taxes have been
contributed to the national exchequer by Telenor Pakistan since the beginning of its
operations in 2005. Telenor Pakistan's corporate headquarters are in Islamabad,
with regional offices in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Hyderabad and

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Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision:
Were here to Help.

We Exist to help our customers get the full benefit of communication services in
their daily lives. The key to achieving this vision is a mindset where every one of
us works together: Making it easy to buy and use our services. Delivering on our
promises. Being respectful of differences. Inspiring people to find new ways.

Our Values:
We believe in our values which are as following:

Make it Easy

We're practical. We don't complicate things. Everything we produce should be easy

to understand and use. Because we never forget we're trying to make customers'
lives easier Everything we set out to do should work, or if it doesn't, we're here to
help. We're about delivery, not over promising, actions not words.

Be Inspiring

We are creative. We strive to bring energy to the things we do. Everything we

produce should look good, modern and fresh. We are passionate about our business
and customers.

Be Respectful

We acknowledge and respect local cultures. We do not impose one formula

worldwide. We want to be a part of local communities wherever we operate. We
believe loyalty has to be earned.

Mission Statement:
Telenor is a customer focused business mobile service
operator/telecommunications Company that seeks competitive advantage in quality
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and valued added service in both prepaid and postpaid categories through state of
the art technology. Telenor relies on building trusting relationships with customers,
owners, employees and society in general.

Telenor Pakistan has been the recipient of a number of awards from different
bodies. Following is the list of awards that Telenor has acquired.

SAARC Award:

Telenor Pakistan has won the awards for "Most Innovative Mobile Operator" and
"Mobile Operator with the Most Consumer Pull" at the 6th SAARC
Communication Industry Conference 2007 held in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Brand Award:

The 2008 Telenor Brand Award was given to Telenor Pakistan for the second year
in a row.


The AURORA Awards for Excellence in Advertising were held on 11th

March2007, after a period of 15 years. The awards range in various industry
categories, including FMCGs, Durables and Services and Social marketing &
Community Services. The aim of the awards is to recognize and pay homage to
creativity and excellence in advertising across Pakistan. Telenor Pakistan won
the best advertising awards at the all Pakistan Dawn Aurora Advertising awards
held in Karachi.

PSHRM Award:

The Pakistan Society of Human Resources Management (PSHRM) and Engage

Human Resources, a human resources consultancy, have announced the results of
the first Most Preferred Graduate Employer 2007 study. At a ceremony held in

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Karachi yesterday, Telenor Pakistan won the PSHRM Preferred Graduate

Employer Award for Most Preferred Telecommunications Company 2007.

Environment Excellence Awards:

Telenor Pakistan received an award at the 5th Annual Environment Excellence

Awards (AEEA) distribution ceremony which was recently held to honor the 36
most environment friendly companies of Pakistan. The National Forum for
Environment &Health (NFEH) organized the award ceremony in Karachi on 2
July. The award has been instituted to recognize and promote organizations which
make an outstanding contribution toward sustainable development.

Buzziest Brands of 2007-08:

The Buzz Power Conference & Award Show was held on 25th October 2008 at
Avari Towers, Karachi. The Conference was part of the Buzziest Brand of the Year
Poll, in which Revelation invited advertising, marketing and media professionals to
vote for their favorite brands. The poll aimed to identify those brands that are hot
and have the greatest buzz that is, those brands, which are so exciting that they
generate consumer word of mouth. Telenor Pakistan won the Buzziest Brand
Award for 2008.

Superbrands Award:

Superbrands Pakistan declares Telenor as superbrand of the telecom industry. This

is the first Superbrand award in Pakistan. Superbrands is an independent body that
identifies brands that perform above and beyond others within their respective

Largest Foreign Direct Investment Award:

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In 2011, it won the Prime Minister of Pakistan Trophy for Largest Foreign Direct
Investment (Telecom Sector) which was awarded by the Lahore Chamber of
Commerce and Industries.

Shaukat Khanum Social Responsibility Award:

Telenor Pakistan & Tameer Microfinance Banks Easypaisa was awarded the
Shaukat Khanum Social Responsibility Award 2011 by Shaukat Khanum Memorial
Cancer Hospital & Research Centre.

Lahore Easypaisa has also won the Best Mobile Money Transfer Entrant of the
Year Award at the worlds first Mobile Money Awards in 2011.

In 2012, Easypaisa was declared as the third largest mobile money service in the
world by Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP), a global partnership of 34
organizations housed in the World Bank whose goal is to advance financial

In previous years, Telenor Pakistan has presented the "Best Place to Work
Award" by Pakistans HR associations; and the Best Practices Award, presented
by The Data Warehousing Institute.


Telenor covers more than 3,500 cities and towns throughout Pakistan. The
company has over 8,000 3G-ready cell sites throughout the country and offers
GPRS and EDGE nationwide and HSPA+ services in over 300 cities.

Sales and distribution

Telenor Pakistans distribution network has over 200,000 touch points across
Pakistan that include company-owned customer sales and service centers,
franchises, sahulat ghars and retailers that offer GSM products and Easypaisa

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Third Generation Services

Telenor Pakistan is providing 3G services as the company has acquired a 3G
license in an auction that took place on 23 April 2014 in Islamabad, Pakistan and
expanding services rapidly. Telenor Pakistan has Pakistan's largest 3G coverage
currently in 300+ cities.

Fourth Generation LTE

On August 2016, Telenor Pakistan became the third 4G network of Pakistan.

Telenor Pakistan is currently providing 4G services trail in Islamabad, Lahore,
Multan and Karachi, Faisalabad and Swat.


Mobile Financial Services

Telenor Pakistan acquired 51% of Tameer Microfinance Bank in November 2008

and in 2009, launched Pakistans first and to date the largest Mobile Financial
Services brand 'Easypaisa'. In February 2014, Easypaisa won two GSMA awards at
the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain. It was honored the Best Mobile
Money Service in the World and Best Mobile Money Service for Women in
Emerging Markets.'

Internet Services

Telenor Pakistan took part in the spectrum auction held on April 23, 2014 and
acquired the license to launch 3G services in Pakistan for USD 147.5 million. With
the ambition of bringing Internet for All, the company started aggressive rollout
of 3G services across urban and rural areas of Pakistan. Today, Telenor Pakistan is

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the fastest growing 3G network in Pakistan and expanded the 3G coverage area to
45 cities by the end of October 2014. Telenor Pakistan currently serves over 1.3
million 3G customers across Pakistan.

Telenor Pakistan provides also wide EDGE connectivity across the country. It has
one of the largest data networks (GPRS) in Pakistan providing Internet services to

Corporate Responsibility

In addition to our focus on extending the benefits of mobile communications,

Telenor Pakistan contributes to society through selected social investments that are
focused on long-term partnerships that can contribute to lasting change. Focus
areas for Telenor Pakistan are; Disability, Education, Health, Emergency Response
and Employee Volunteerism.

Currently, Telenor Pakistan is partnering with Plan international to rehabilitate 44

partially damaged, flood affected, government middle schools across Pakistan to
benefit more than 10,000 students. PKR 145 million have already been allocated to
improve the infrastructure of school buildings, provide water sanitation & hygiene
(WASH) facilities, construct IT labs, install solar electrification and in house
maintenance of the facilities. The school improvement plan also includes
teacher/student training on use of ICT for education and improved conceptual
clarity through Telenor m-learning service as well as e-education content.

Khuddar Pakistan is Telenor Pakistan's flagship corporate responsibility program

which aims to create dignified opportunities for persons with disabilities. The
purpose is to become the most disabled-friendly organization in Pakistan in terms
of employment, service, and community support.

We have also has taken and continue to implement a number of environment

friendly initiatives that include mainstreaming energy efficiency and alternate
energy solutions, and implementing occupational health & safety practices that
comply with international standards.

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Telenor is providing eight prepaid packages and four postpaid packages.

Prepaid Packages:

Talkshalk A1
Talkshalk Har Second
Talkshalk Har Minute
Talkshalk 30 Second
Talkshawk 63
Djuice Jaagtay Raho
Djuice Din Raat

Postpaid Packages:

Persona EASY
Persona SIMPLE
Persona FREE
Persona Karoobar (Aimed at Business owners)

Telenors Portfolio
Following are the main business of Telenor.

The Internet
UMTS and Turbo 3G are both relatively new products available in the markets.
The services make it simple, fast and inexpensive for customers to use their mobile
phones or PCs to surf the Internet when they are away from home. 3G brought
valuable access to new fields in densely populated areas with less developed
infrastructure such as Bangladesh.

TV and Broadcast

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At present, the Telenor satellites broadcast around 200 TV channels throughout the
Nordic Region, Central and Eastern Europe. Satellite broadcasting has shaped
events over the last two decades and looks set to continue to have a secure position
in the Nordic countries, Central Europe and the Middle East.

Mobile Phone Services

By the year 2000, the mobile telephone service had become a prominent business
area for Telenor and a basis for the international growth strategy. This strong
position was the result of more than 30 years of evolution. Cooperation between
the Nordic countries to create a common standard resulted in the Nordic Mobile
Telephone (NMT) in 1969. This became the start of prolonged international
collaboration to set the future standards for mobile network.

Miscellaneous Services
The Telenor Group provides a wide range of innovative services that are available
throughout the world. Here is a selection.

Mobile Fun
Following are the mobile fun service of Telenor.

Mobile Sports

And he scores!!! You just got a text message alerting you about as sportive
highlight. Luckily you dont have to wait until you get home to watch that winning
moment you can watch it directly on your mobile.

Available in: Norway, Sweden, Pakistan, Thailand, Bangladesh, and Malaysia

Mobile Music

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Right now there are 1 million songs ready to download to your mobile. You can
share these digital rights management-free songs with your friends and family or
transfer them to your mobile phone, mp3 player and PC. Share that funky music!

Available in: Norway, Sweden, Serbia Pakistan, and Malaysia

Mobile TV

Keep your favorite TV shows available in your pocket and watch them anytime,
anywhere. You can easily access live TV channels on the move so you dont have
to miss out on any of the action. Keep yourself updated on news, sports,
entertainment and more, directly on your own mobile phone.

Available in: Norway, Sweden, Pakistan, and Malaysia

Mobile Communities

Get out and about, and stay connected and in touch with your friends. With Telenor
you can access communities. Windows Live MSN and Facebook on your mobile
and keep your friends close anytime, anywhere.

Available in: Norway, Sweden

Mobile Interaction
Following are mobile interaction services providing by Telenor.

Community Information Centers

500 Community Information Centers (CICs) offer high speed Internet access to
rural areas in Bangladesh, where the nearest Internet facilities would otherwise be
at least 20-30 miles away. The service was set up by Telenor's Bangladeshi mobile
operator Grameenphone.

Available in: Bangladesh

Health Line

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Health Line provides 24/7 access to medical services for mobile users in remote
areas, several miles from the nearest doctor. All Grameenphone subscribers in
Bangladesh can get medical assistance directly over the phone.

Available in: Bangladesh

ApnaPCO - Share a Mobile

Can you imagine life without a phone at all? That is the case for many people
living in some of the most rural communities in Pakistan. ApnaPCO is a business-
in-a-box solution, which allows people in remote areas to share a mobile phone
where there are no other alternatives making life a little easier. Can you imagine
life without a phone at all? That is the case for many people living in some of the
most rural communities in Pakistan. ApnaPCO is a business-in-a-box solution,
which allows people in remote areas to share a mobile phone where there are no
other alternatives making life a little easier


Are you a Telenor Pakistan subscriber and in need of expert medical advice?
Simply dial 1911 to get in touch with experienced doctors who can help you with
your problems wherever you are in the country.

Available in: Pakistan

Mobile in Flight

By using AeroMobile secure mobile communication technology you can now call
your colleagues, customers, friends and family whilst inflight from your own
mobile phone.

Available in: Worldwide

Mobile at Sea

Most people have experienced little or no connectivity at sea. Maritime

Communications Partner enables mobile phone coverage by installing and
operating the ship borne radio networks, linking the vessels with public networks
via satellite.
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Available in: Worldwide

Mobile Marketing

Register your phone number with your favorite shops and services, and receive
smss with up to the minute information on the latest events and offers. Dont get
first in line, avoid the queue altogether!

Available in: Norway, Sweden

Child Internet Protection

The Security Shield technology offered by Telenor protects children from

accessing sites that have not previously been approved or from22ncoming into
contact with unsuitable people on the Internet. Children have their own login with
a protected desktop controlled by parents.

Available in: Norway, Sweden

Mobile Commerce
Mobile commerce services of Telenor are as follow:

Child Sexual Abuse Filter

In areas with limited access to regular banking services and the Internet, people
can use their mobile phones to transfer money anywhere, anytime. The easy
accessibility of the service will bring new opportunities to DiGi subscribers with
insufficient access to regular banking services.

Available in: Malaysia

CellBazaar - Marketplace in Your Pocket

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Using CellBazaar, buyers and sellers in Bangladesh can trade basic goods from
their mobile phones, bringing the benefits of information exchange, community
networking and one-to-many trading to a previously unwired rural population.

Available in: Bangladesh

BillPay - Pay by Phone

BillPay is an innovative service, the first of its kind in Bangladesh. It provides an

electronic bill payment service for utilities services and for other companies.
Customers can pay their utility bills and other bills through this service regardless
of whether they own a mobile connection or not.

Available in: Bangladesh

Market Segmentation and Positioning

Segmentation is the process of dividing the total market for a good or service into
several smaller, internally homogenous groups. Since Telenor is a customer
oriented and quality driven company, it segments its market on the basis of various
different dimensions.

Market dominated by low-end, low-ARPU customers (largely Untapped)

Relatively large emerging middle class segment (Basic in Telenor Terminology)

Strong youth culture with needs similar to other markets.

Private postpaid almost non-existent.

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Small but profitable (high ARPU) Corporate/SME segment.

Women a largely untapped segment.

SWOT Analysis

An overall evaluation of Telenors Strengths (S) Weakness (W) Opportunities (O)

and Threats (T) is as follow:

Network quality & design

Superior customer care

Financial Strength
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Excellent Coverage & Distribution.

Commercial Launch of LDI & mobile services

Contract with Siemens & Nokia

Brand image of Quality

PTA initiatives

E-commerce usage.

Relatively low market share

Low profit margins

Negative cash flows in the initial years

Favorable Macroeconomic indicators

low cellular market penetration

Inefficiency & poor performance of other mobile networks

Co-branding e.g. Ufone with ABN AMRO

strategic Alliances & Infrastructure Sharing Facilities

International Mobile Equipment Identity System

Rolling Customers

Privatizations & deregulations- increased competitions.

Grey Traffic

MNP mobile number portability

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Wireless technology at boom

Public pay phones & calling cards usage where network is not available

Propagandas attacking brand image

Telenor Group Strategy
The Telenor Group has a strong track record of delivering on ambitious goals. By
2011, we aim to be one of the fastest growing mobile operators in the world, with a
strong broadband position in all markets, successfully developing new services and
adopting new and responsible business models.
The Telenor Group has defined six strategic ambitions which it aims to achieve by
2011.These are:

1) To deliver increased profitable growth

The Telenor Group aims to achieve a substantial revenue increase in the years to
come. This growth will mainly come from existing businesses. We will seek to
increase our core mobile and fixed voice revenues and explore broadband
opportunities in our emerging markets. The Telenor Group is also investing in
adjacent markets, such as basic financial services and machine-to-machine (M2M)
communication worldwide

2) To strengthen our performance culture across the Group

In all our operating companies, we will continue the successful practice of
combining a local approach with global expertise. This means that the local
management teams will build a unique performance culture based on their own
initiatives and in line with the Telenor governance model, Codes of Conduct,
vision and values, our people policy and the way we work across borders. In terms
of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), our objective is to improve working
conditions and environmental management by having clearly defined standards
across our operating companies and supply chains.
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3) To make responsible business a competitive advantage

Corporate responsibility at Telenor will be part of managing risk and linked to our
core business. For example, the measures we have taken to fight climate change
are motivated both by our commitment to corporate responsibility and by an
enlightened view of associated business benefits and opportunities: what is good
for the environment is also good for business. Telenor now has clearly defined
targets on CO2 emissions from its operations - not just to help save our planet, but
to save energy and money. Telenor has a strong track record when it comes to
sustainable business: it was ranked top performer by the Dow Jones Sustainability
Indexes (DJSI) in 2007 and 2008.

4) To provide a superior customer experience

Faced with an increasingly competitive environment, Telenor needs to differentiate
itself by providing a superior customer experience. In our vision were here to
help and core values (make it easy, keep promises, be inspiring, be respectful),
we put customer experience at the top of the agenda throughout the Telenor Group.
One of our ambitions is to reach a situation where end-users brand preference is
higher than the Telenor market share for all operating companies.

5) To ensure best practice benchmarking across the Group

Telenor will undertake benchmarking and best practice sharing across the Group. A
global objective is to achieve a higher reduction in the average operational cost per
minute than the expected decline in average price per minute. The Telenor Group
aims to achieve considerable continued growth in operating cash flow from all of
its operations.

6) To drive change and constant renewal

To secure a strong industry position, we need to innovate in everything we do. To
get the most out of our efforts, we have prioritized five group-wide innovation

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Broadband outside the Nordic countries. Our long-term ambition is to achieve the
same position in broadband (mobile and fixed) as we have in mobile voice today.

Connected objects / M2M. The Internet of things. The Telenor Group is

working to establish itself as a global player within this rapidly growing and
potentially huge market.

Financial services. The Telenor Group aims to establish itself as a significant

player in parts of the financial services industry in select under-serviced markets,
establishing a platform for long-term growth.

Partner innovation. The Telenor Group controls many valuable assets that can be
further developed together with partners. Partner-driven innovation is a cost-
effective way to create many new revenue-generating services.

Climate change. Our number one priority is to reduce CO2 emissions. The
Telenor Group aims to be part of the climate solution by de-carbonizing business
processes and reducing physical travel and transport.

Improving our performance management

The Telenor Group aims to create a stronger link between the strategy process and
performance monitoring. All operating companies will implement a new and
improved management model where strategic objectives and ambitions are
monitored closely at both the company level and the lower department level.

Challenges ahead

The global telecom industry is still growing and generating large profits. Looking
ahead, we expect usage of mobile and fixed voice communications to grow
significantly. Broadband also represents a huge growth opportunity. However,
there are challenging trends, e.g. maturing markets, financial instability, pricing
pressures as well as regulatory issues. Still, well-positioned players will benefit
from market growth and increased efficiency, enabling significant cash flows in the

Marketing Mix
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According to Bearden (2001), Strategic planning requires a nice combination of

strategies with products and other corporate resources. It requires the involvement
of fair execution of strategically plan from different functions like marketing,
production, finance, distribution and others. For strategy formulation, there is a
variety of decisions which should be there before its implementation. Where right
entry mode strategy is necessary, there is also a need of appropriate product-market
combination. Then other marketing mix elements should be given importance
because these elements can be the backbone for the business success

Telenors product Strategy

To get the real fruits of more open market at regional level requires the satisfaction
of the demands of the target market and this satisfaction can only be achieved if the
product or service offered in the market is suitable and acceptable for its purpose
and this can be obtained by adopting a regional product strategy suitable for
company and the market as well. Telenors study indicates that it is acting quite on
this concept that, in order to be more competitive in the world market, firms should
shift their emphasis from local customized products to globally standardized
products that are advanced, functional, reliable and low priced. But here low priced
strategy be to compromise and later on due to its quality, Telenors low price
strategy takes shift from low to high but competitive. Buzzel (1968) argued that
product standardization has different benefits (a) economies of scale, (b) faster
accumulation of learning experience and (c) reduced costs of design modification.
In the regional open market, Telenor is taking the fruit of this by adopting the
product standardization but the situation can be different in other markets. The
company used a multi domestic strategy to gain competitive advantage in its target
markets. A key factor in the strategy is the encouragement of senior managers to be
entrepreneurial in responding to local customer needs, product quality and
customer services. Telenors decision to standardize or adapt its products is based
on cost/benefit analysis of what they believe the implications of adaptation and
standardization are for profitability and market share. According to Dole (2000) in
normal circumstances, the cost of adaptation would be expected to be greater than
the cost of successful standardization. Telenor believes in long term advantages
and not in satisfaction of immediate demand, thats why they continue the exposure

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to the standardized products and services which leads them to greater market share
in the longer term.

Increase in number of regionalizing firms

Identifiable international consumer segments Summarizing it, regionalization

forced the company to rethink about its strategies towards product, to be more
competitive in the open market.

Telenors Price Strategy

Pricing across the borders is comparatively difficult from other decisions though it
is believed that pricing is the most flexible and controllable marketing mix
element. Companies operating in different markets experience extraordinarily
difference across the borders. This can be due to the exchange rate difference and
other barriers. But in our study, this matter is not much sensitive because of
psychic distance factor. Cultural environment and a geographical neighborhood
influence the pricing policy of Telenor. On the other hand, being a non-member of
European Union, it can be totally opposite of the general strategies adopted by the
companies located in European Union. Telenors pricing policy is influenced by
different factors among them five are much important and they are indicated

Market survival

Sales growth

Market position

Maximization of Profits

Maintenance of products quality

Though lower price is considered a suitable policy but in case of Telenor, it is

affected due to regionalization but not so much but competition factor is given
special consideration before development of price strategy. Thats why Telenor has
high price strategy due to high quality products and services but at certain level
penetration price strategy is adopted to stimulate sales growth. Here, at this aspect

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if we talk about the standardization or adaptation strategy of pricing, Telenor

follows adaptation policy as well because it allows each local subsidiary or partner
to set a price which is considered to be the most suitable for local conditions. On
the other hand, lack of control can be the weakness of this strategy and it may
require some cost for management.

Telenors Place Strategy

To manage the foreign channels of distribution is a key area in a companys efforts

to be more competitive in the market. As products become more standardized
across the world, the ability to compete on customer becomes more vital. Channels
of distributions developed by Telenor follow the cultural traditions of the target
market because it is important to understand and manage cultural differences
amongst different markets and Telenor has deep analysis of the markets before
developing its positioning strategy because cultural differences add to control
difficulties. In regional marketing, Telenor is taking advantages of his heavy
infrastructural products and its financial worth. In our study, we found that
company is adopting those strategies which are not used by the others commonly.
To make a huge as well as direct investment in the form of acquisitions and wholly
owned subsidiaries is high risky but more profitable decision for Telenor. Open
borders give a number of alternatives for position the products and Telenor is using
different distribution channels which vary from market to market and country to
country. As Telenor is involved in telecommunication business so usually it doesnt
involve in physical distribution but it has the partnership strategy and on the local
level, shops and customer care centers are used as place strategy.

Telenors Promotional Strategy

It is quite obvious from the business environment, that there is a rapid increase in
competition and markets became mature at the regional level. These factors
demand the companies to offer high quality products and services at competitive
price level through suitable distribution channel. In addition to its traditional role
of promoting products and services, international marketing communications is
increasingly used to facilitate the company with an important way of
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differentiation in open internal market. According to our findings, there are a

variety of promotional tools which are used by Telenor to inform and motivate its
valuable consumers in the regional market. The company developed a standardized
promotional package which is sufficiently flexible with the different ways in
different cultures and norms. Besides it, that package is also flexible in such a way,
in which subsidiaries can develop their own marketing positioning and related
promotional strategy. During our study of Telenor as a regional company, we found
that the company builds promotional strategies with two basic issues. First, the
company should have the clear picture of the objectives for regional marketing
communication strategy and, second is, how the company can combine the
different promotional tools and activities for the higher level of cost effectiveness.
On the other hand, Telenors regional marketing communication strategy can be
adapted because the market structures and distribution channels can be different
from market to market and country to country. However, mostly these factors are
not those, which can be said to be crucial for the company like Telenor.
Summarizing it, regionalization factor has influenced the Telenors promotional
part of marketing mix but in all the way it has positive edge for the company and
its business throughout the region.

Mobile banking and Easypaisa

In 2008, Telenor acquired majority shares of Tameer Microfinance Bank Limited
for its mobile financial services project They named the branchless banking service
"Easypaisa" and launched it in October 2009 In a country of over 190 million
people, with only 10,000 bank branches and approximately 15 million bank
accounts, Easypaisa was Pakistan's first branchless banking deployment aimed to
increase access to financial services for the people of Pakistan, with over 25,000
Easypaisa shops across the country Easypaisa was also quoted by CNN as the
"model to follow" in launching mobile banking services.

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Easypaisa is Pakistans first and largest mobile money service and third largest in
the world, catering to 6 million customers every month. It currently has over
40,000 agents in 750 cities and towns across Pakistan.

By the end of 2012, it had processed more than 100 million transactions with a
throughput of more than US$ 1.4 billion. Easypaisa was identified as a 2012
GSMA Mobile Money Sprinter one of the 14 most successful mobile money

Telenor Pakistan and Tameer Bank introduced over-the counter (OTC) mobile
money services an entirely new model that did not require registration for an
electronic wallet. Easypaisa achieved rapid national expansion by relying
exclusively on its existing GSM distribution structure. With a population of 180
million and only 15% bank penetration in 2008, Pakistan presented an attractive
market opportunity for mobile money. Easypaisa seized this opportunity by
creating an innovative partnership, a new delivery approach and an effective
distribution model. However, these innovations cannot stop here. OTC has become
the de facto model for mobile money in Pakistan, but it has significant constraints.
Without a stored value account, there are limitations to the product offering,
reduced profits for the service providers, and an inability to build a robust financial
digital ecosystem. Mobile money providers in Pakistan should focus their efforts
on driving adoption of the mobile account by expanding registration locations,
extending the product offering, raising awareness and educating consumers about
the benefits of a mobile account.

Awards won by Easy Paisa

In addition to success in the domestic market, Easypaisa has received wide-ranging

recognition globally. Easypaisa has been honored with multiple awards and has
gained global recognition which is a testament of Easypaisas success that it shares
with the world. Being the first and largest branchless banking solution, these
international awards reaffirm the impact Easypaisa has had while contributing to
the economic growth of Pakistan.

Awarded Best Mobile Money Launch of the year 2009

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Best New Entrant in Global Mobile Money Transfer Award 2011

Identified as Mobile Money Sprinter by GSMA MMU in 2012

Nominated as Best Mobile Phone Product & Service at the GSMA

Awards 2012.

Awarded Best Mobile Money Service at the GSMA Awards 2014

Awarded Best Mobile Service for Women in Emerging Markets at the

GSMA awards 2014.

Awarded Wall Street Journals Financial Inclusion Challenge Peoples

Choice Award 2015.

Nominated as Best Mobile Money service for Women in Emerging

Markets at the GSMA Awards 2015

Nominated as Best Mobile Money service for Women in Emerging

Markets at the GSMA Awards 2016

Major Competitors
Telenor from Norway is the 2nd provider in Pakistan almost on par with Mobilink's
29% of the users. While its 2G network is not so widespread in the countryside as
Mobilink's, Telenor is faster in building up a 3G network. In 2016, they cover more
than 250 towns in HSPA speed and are adding more places. They have the most 3G
customers in the country right now, but they are still limited to towns.

4G/LTE has started in August 2016 in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan,

Peshawar and Sawaton on 850 MHz and is open for prepaid.

Now its Competitors Include;

1) Mobilink

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Mobilink controlled by Russian Vimpelcom is still market leader in the country

with a 29% customer share. It has the widest coverage in 2G up to EDGE, but
seems to be losing the race for 3G to Telenor now. In 2016, it covers 350 cities
with 3G so far.
For 2016/7 it's planned to adopt Warid's (see below) 4G network and offer their
LTE to all of their customers as a single brand. Most of their prepaid products are
now marketed under the Jazz label.

2) Zong

Zong in Pakistan is owned by China Mobile. It has become the 3rd network now
with 19% of the users. It has a limited network on 3G so far in many towns but
started in 2014 with 4G/LTE on 1800 MHz in the centers of 7 major cities,
extended to 100 cities in 2016 giving it the widest footprint and most 4G customers
in the country. By the end of 2016 another 1000 4G sites will be added to the
existing 5000.

3) Ufone

Ufone by Pak Telecom Mobile Ltd. (PTML) is the 4rd operator in the country with
a 15% share. It started with 3G in 2014 as well and covers around 60 cities in 2016
so far.

4) Warid

Warid by is the smallest operator in Pakistan with a market share of 8%. It's
4G/LTE has started on 1800 MHz in 5 major cities so far: Lahore, Karachi,
Faisalabad, Islamabad/Rawalpindi and Gujranwala. It doesn't have a 3G coverage
at all. So it's not recommended for data, except in their limited 4G/LTE network.
In 2015 Waird announced a merger with Mobilink and will incorporate their
network under a single brand in 2016/7 giving its few customers then access to 3G
as well. It's likely that the brand will disappear.

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Telenor is the leading telecommunication company, which are the most advanced
telecommunication markets in the world. The Telenor Group is committed to
engage in the local communities where it operates. In Pakistan Telenor launched its
operations in March 2005 as the single largest direct European investment in
Pakistan. The company has crossed many milestones and grown in a number of
directions, making Telenor Pakistan a leading telecom operator of the country.
They are providing a service in almost 2500 cites of Pakistan and it is most
growing telecom industry in this country. In short it starts its business when there is
a very high competition in market and take very little time to grow in the market
and now it has almost 20% market share in Pakistan and standing at second place
along with Ufone who also has 20%. They are now providing different services to
its customers at a high quality which helps them to progress rapidly in country and
in features their objectives shows that in next few years the will become the market
leaders in Pakistan.

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