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_Liber Qliphoth: The Shells of the Tree of Life_ (Part One)

By Frater Nigris
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
The word of Sin is Restriction.

Herein are given the attributions of the Qlippoth (QLYPWTh: shells,
husks or demons) to each of the sephiroth (SPYRWTh: numbers, spheres
or emanations) and shevilim (ShBYLYM: paths) of the Tree of Life.
These 'shells' or 'husks' are leftovers from the Creation in some
Hebrew cosmologies.
There seem to be many different versions of how these shells came
about and 'where' they are located, metaphorically. Apparently some
have postulated that the Qlippoth were generated by the 'breaking of
the vessels' or 'cutting of the shoots' in which the Primordial Being,
Adam (ADM: man, human), engaged the First Sin of separating Above from
Below; the separation of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
from the Tree of Life.
Alternatively, the great Force and Form of the Creative Light, given
impetus by God's Will, generated all the spheres of the Tree of Life
at once, but with such overwhelming force that these 'vessels' were
broken in the process, spilling the excess Light. This Light became
the putrifying Qlippoth, which is compared both to the evil of the
world and to the Primordial Being's waste system, sewer or large
However these shells are described, they tend to typify the
destructive, egotistic, and sometimes feminine elements of Creation.
They are the 'dark side', the Shadow of Destruction which grows
alongside the Creative Light. They are as necessary and important to
the study of Qabalah (QBLH: tradition) as the Tree itself. While some
have associated the shells with the world of 'Assiah' (OShYH: action,
the Material World; the World of Expression), others seem to think
that they are the Tree's roots, perhaps even having given rise to the
Sphere of Malkuth (MLKWTh: realm, kingdom).

The information below is drawn from many sources. Certainly it is

neither comprehensive nor complete. Largely it is the work of members
of the Golden Dawn (Part One) and Ordo Templi Orientis (Part Two).
Where individuals differed from the others a (note) has been attached
for identification. Additional speculation not included here shall be
added in amendments as they are encountered. Suggestions for
additional study may be sent to the address listed at the end of this
The Shells of the Spheres
(The Demons of Influence or
Numeric Forces of Destruction)
1. Sphere: KThR (Kether)
Shell: ThAWMYAL (488*)
Transliteration: Thaumiel (also Kerethiel (Z))
Translation: Twins of God; The two contending Forces (R)
Description: 'The Bicephalous Ones', dual giant heads with
bat-like wings (M, Z)
Power: Division (N, Z, 1)
Comment: Dualism, Psychosis, Contention, Struggling
2. Sphere: ChKMH (Chokmah)
Shell: OWGYAL (120)
Transliteration: Ogiel(G); Ghagiel (C); Chaigidel (M);
Ghogiel (R); Chaigidiel (W); Zogiel (Z)
Translation: The Hinderers; (The Hinders [sic] (R))
Description: Black giants entwined with loathsome serpents (M, Z)
Power: Restriction (N); Attachment to lying and appearance (M, Z)
Comment: Containment, Confinement, Limitation, Inhibition
3. Sphere: BYNH (Binah)
Shell: SAThARYAL (703)
Transliteration: Satariel; Satorial (Z)
Translation: The Concealers; (also The Destroyers (Z))
Description: Gigantic, black veiled heads with horns and hideous eyes,
followed by the malevolent Centaurs called Seiriel (Z)
Power: Secrecy (N); Interference (Z)
Comment: Cloaking, Withholding, Secreting, Hiding
4. Sphere: ChSD (Chesed)
Shell: GOShKLH (428)
Transliteration: Gasheklah (G); Gha'ahsheblah (C); Gamchicoth (M);
Agshekoloh (R); Gog Sheklah (W); Gagh Shekelah (Z)
Translation: The Smiters; The Disturbers of All Things (G); The Breakers
in Pieces (G, R); The Disturbing Ones (Z)
Description: Black, cat-headed giants (Z)
Power: Agitation (N); Vampirism, Qliphotic instruction (Z)
Comment: Disordering, Disruption, Troubling, Distortion, Dishevelment
5. Sphere: GBWRH (Geburah)
Shell: GWLChB (49)
Transliteration: Golachab (G, C); Galab (M); Golohab (R); Golab (W);
Golahab (Z)
Translation: The Arsonists; The Burners (R); Burners with Fire (Z)
Description: Forms with enormous black heads, sometimes resembling
erupting volcanoes (Z)
Power: Aggression, Violence (Z, N)
Comment: Combustion, Consumption, Wasting
6. Sphere: ThPARTh (Tiphareth)
Shell: ThGRYRWN (1519/869); ZOMYAL (158) (Z)
Transliteration: Tageriron (G); Thagiriron (C); Tagaririm (M);
Tagiriron (R); Togarini (W); Zomiel (Z)
Translation: The Hagglers; The Disputers (R); 'Painful Movers' (Z, 1)
Description: Great black giants who work against each other (Z)
Power: Disputation (N), Vanity (Z, 1)
Comment: Debating, Argument, Fighting, Quarrelling
7. Sphere: NTzCH (Netzach)
Shell: ORB ZRQ (579) (also QTzPYAL (311) (Z, 1)
Transliteration: Oreb Zaraq (G); A'arab Zaraq (C); Harab-Serapel (M);
Garab Tzerek (R); Harab Serap (W);
Ghoreb Zereq, Qetzephiel (Z)
Translation: The Raven of Dispersion; The Ravens of Death (R);
Dispersing Ravens (Z)
Description: Hideous, demon-headed ravens issuing from a volcano (Z)
Power: Desire (N); Greed, Covetousness (Z)
Comment: Scattering, Dissipation, Dispelling, Exhausting
8. Sphere: HWD (Hod)
Shell: SMAL (131)
Transliteration: Samael; Samiel (Z)
Translation: Poison of God; and The Liar (R); The Jugglers (Z)
Description: Dull yellow, demon-headed, dog-like monsters (Z)
Power: Deception (N); Heresy (Z, 1)
Comment: Betraying, Beguilement, Misleading, Delusion
9. Sphere: YSWD (Yesod)
Shell: GMLYAL (114); (also NChShYAL (399) and OWBRYAL (319) (Z, 1))
Transliteration: Gamaliel; (also Nachashiel and Obriel (Z, 2))
Translation: The Obscene Ones; The Obscure Ones (Z)
Description: Corrupting, loathsome Bull-Men, linked together (Z, 3)
Power: Lewdness (N, Z, 1)
Comment: Indecency, Offensive, Uncouth, Uncivilized, Immoral
10. Sphere: MLKWTh (Malkuth)
Shell: LYLYTh (480)
Transliteration: Lilith
Translation: Queen of the Night; and Queen of Demons (G, R);
Evil Woman (Z)
Description: Woman who changes appearance from beauty to beastial (Z, 1)
Power: Temptation (N, Z, 1)
Comment: Enticement, Provocation, Alluring, Baiting, Stimulating,
Enchantment, Fascination, Bewitching, Attraction, Captivation
Numbers listed after Hebrew words are their value via Gematria.
Letters listed after attributions are abbreviations for the
G - David Godwin
C - Aleister Crowley
M - S. L. MacGregor Mathers
R - Israel Regardie
W - A. E. Waite
Z - Patrick Zalewski
N - Tyagi Nagasiva

Numbers listed after attributions are notes.

1 - This is my interpretation of Zalewski's text.
2 - Zalewski translates these as 'Evil Serpents and Blind Dragon Force'.
3 - Probably locked in anal intercourse.
[hmm, I wonder what this note is for. :D]
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PART TWO (The Shells of the Paths) is currently under construction...
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