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Investigating Members :
Report No. : TLL/Praguna/038
1 Harsh Vardhan (Operations Manager - North India)
Area : IP, Dharuhera 2 Lalit Yadav (RTITB certified trainer)

Name of person involved All operators at site Age: NA Sex: NA

Emp Code : NA Employer: Praguna

Designation: NA Department: MHE operations Section : NA

Date of Incident 7-Oct-16 Time of Incident 7:00 AM Place of Incident: IP, Dharuhera
Nature & Location of injury (If
Description of the Incident : State exactly what the person involved was doing at that time

Most of the operators stopped work at site for a few hours on 7th of October. Backup was provided within a couple of hours so
that the site does not suffer in productivity.

Possible Causes for the Incident

S.N. Causes Possibility
Unavailability of proof concerning the termination of an employee accused of stealing an
1 Yes / No
electric motor
2 Slight emergence groupism due to presence of local operators Yes / No
Please Identify the Reason attributed for above causes
S.N. Reasons Remarks
1 Observation and discussion with the operators
Actions suggested / taken to remove above resons/ causes
S.N. Action Responsibility Target Date
1 Written warning is delivered to all operators Harsh 13-Oct
Analysing each and every operator who is creating any nuisance along
2 Harsh 15-Oct
with Mr Raghuraj
3 None of the new deployment will be from near by locations Harsh Immediately
Trained will be available at site at the time of shift change (A&B) for at
4 Harsh Immediately
least 3-4 hours

5 Nidesh (suspect for theft at IP site) removed from site Harsh Done

6 Frequent visits at site Harsh Immediately

Submitted by:
Date: 12-Oct-16

Name & Signature: Dhruv Shandil

Operations Manager/Operations Head