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Sunday February 5, 2017 Sunday, February 12

Budget Receipts Contemporary Service 9:00 AM

$24,360.10 Bible Study 10:00 AM
Budget Needs To Date Morning Worship 11:00 AM
$92,736.90 Missions Committee 4:00 PM
Budget Receipts YTD AWANA 5:30 PM
$104,329.83 Evening Worship 6:30 PM
Receipts Over Budget By
MISSIONS COMMITTEE $11,592.93 Monday, February 13
The Mission committee is collecting used men's jeans and Saints Alive Rehearsal 10:30AM
work khakis in good condition sizes 28 through 36. They are BCM @ College 6:00 PM
also in need of men's hats and shirt and long sleeve T-shirts. Bible Study
They will also be collecting women's and children's summer 249 Tuesday, February 14
clothes only in all sizes. All donations will be used for the Youth Prayer Breakfast 6:45 AM
Migrant Ministry in June. Please drop off your donations to Mens Prayer Breakfast 7:00 AM
the church office. WEDNESDAY FAMILY
NIGHT Wednesday, February 15
February 15 Prayer for Pastor Srch. Comm. 5:30 PM
FLOWER CALENDAR Swedish Meatballs Children's Choirs 5:45 PM
If you would like to place flowers in honor or memory of a Mashed Potatoes 640 Youth Service 6:00 PM
friend or family member, please call or come by the church Green Beans Family Supper 6:00 PM
office to sign up and be sure the date you want is available. Rolls Prayer Meeting 7:00 PM
Dessert Mission Kids 7:00 PM
Chancel Choir 7:15 PM
Check This Out...
Visit our Library Thursday, February 16
Tables of Love 6:30 PM
Steadfast Love: The Response of God to the Cries of Our Friday-Sunday, February 17-19
Heart - by Lauren Chandler DNOW Weekend
Simplify: Ten Practices to Unclutter Your Soul - by Bill
Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart: How to Know for Sure You
First Baptist
Are Saved - by J. D. Greear Guest WiFi Password:
Check out these and other great books that can be found in the John 3:16
church library. Stop by and check out what we have.
EXTENDED SESSION February 8, 2017
February 12
PASTOR SEARCH COMMITTEE Early Session April & Haley Helms and Patsy Henry.
Please lift your Pastor Search Committee in prayer Extended Session Threasa Hall and Angela Shockley. Interim Pastor Dr. Milton Gardner
daily. They are: Jerry Pollock, Richard Dykes, Tanya Interim Minister of Music Hal Burrell
Crum, Frances Edmunds, Susan Lanier, Karon Minister of Youth & Students Rev. Jeff Baxley
OUR CONDOLENCES TO: Director of Children Stacey Jones
The family of Julia Boyd.
VBS Donations
It's that time of year again! Time to get ready for one of the
largest events in our kids ministry and one of the biggest During the past Christmas season, Savannah Padgett,
Thank you to the Chancel and Saints Alive Choirs for singing evangelistic pushes in our church life. Will you consider taking a led a campaign to provide nursing home patients with
praises to the Lord this past Sunday. It was beautiful and such star from the Fellowship Hall and purchasing an item to be used supplies and needed items. Please see the following
a blessing to us all. in decorating or in crafts? Stars will contain one item and will be message from Savannah:
Hal added over the next two months. This year, we need fewer items
for decorating, but they are a bit more expensive than previous
years. It may be best for a Sunday School class, Bible Study Thank you for your donations to the community
group or fun group of friends to join together to purchase the service project "It Is The Little Things that Make a
Wow! We had a great week. Mondays
rehearsal was super with some old friends item. THANK YOU for your generosity! Difference". Your donations and the grant money
returning and some new friends joining. Invite Family Fun Night! Valentine Bowl Friday, February 10 6 awarded made it possible for the residents at
your friends to come! We have members from pm Langston Gray Bowling Center Bainbridge Health Care and Memorial Manor to have
other churches that sing praises with us not Join us for some lovely bowling fun! Bring the family and your a wonderful Christmas.
just our church and not just Baptist. We have a friends and let's eat and bowl! Total cost is $5 per person with a
marvelous time singing and fellowshipping. We have new $20 max per family. Includes shoes, 2 games and pizza and Please be praying for our students over the next
music and Easter music to sing and ring! In March we will be drink.
taking our talents to the nursing homes to share Gods love week. Disciple Now begins next Friday, February
Remember! Family Fun Nights are a great way to invite friends
with them. who may not be interested in church to participate in the 17th. Pray for God to move in the lives of students of
fellowship of the church. It is our hope that through FFN, we can FBC and Decatur County.
The Fellowship Club met on Monday, February 6th. We had meet new friends with the intent to introduce them to Jesus. Plus,
46 in attendance. There was a delicious spread of South they are FUN!
Georgia cooking. Thank you to Clarene and Lewis Jones for
VBS Think Tank! Sunday, February 25 4 pm Fellowship Hall Upcoming Events
organizing the lunch, cleaning up, etc. Thanks also to Barbara
and Harold Fleshman and others that worked so hard in the I know what you are thinking... we have plenty of time until the February 12th Small Groups begin
kitchen. Thank you to Sandy Howell and Dot Connell for the summer! But ideas take a while to grow and we want the best February 17-19 Disciple Now
beautiful Valentine decorations on the tables. Mr. Lynn VBS yet! Bring your thoughts, ideas and suggestions to this February 26th Wired registration and deposit due
Roberts provided the entertainment by singing and playing open discussion on what works, what doesn't and what we can try March 17th Movie Night at Youth Building
guitar for our group. The first Monday of each month our for the next year. Parents, volunteers, former VBS participants-
Fellowship Club meets and shares a covered dish. Our church all are welcome!
provides the meat and everyone else brings whatever they BIG Summer Dates
wish to bring. After lunch we enjoy different entertainment Blessings,
VBS June 4-7
each month. Jeff
Camp July 17-21
Have a wonderful week! Stacey
In Him, Myra