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Analytical Exemplary Proficient Partially Proficient Weak Incomplete Poin
criteria ts
10p 8p 6p 4p 2p
CONTENT The essay is completely The essay is fairly The essay is partially The essay is faulty, The essay is wholly
relevant to topic, the completed, the opinion relevant to topic, there including serious inadequate, there is no
introduction clearly in the introduction is no opinion logical impediments in opinion in the first
stating opinion, whilst being further formulated in the first the sequencing of paragraph, while the
the contents offer developed with paragraph, which leads arguments / ideas. arguments offered lack
arguments to support it, arguments and to inconsistencies in logical development.
followed by a relevant ideas, the the logical
counterargument, counterargument is development of
leading to a conclusion present but could be arguments.
in which the opinion is better substantiated,
restated. the conclusion is
present but the
restated opinion might
be missing
ORGANIZATI There is complete There is a fairly There is partial There is serious Paragraphs are
ON AND logical connection of completion of completion of the task. inconsistency in the incomplete, both linking
COHESION paragraphs due to a paragraph Paragraphs are organization of the devices, mechanics,
judicious use of linking organization due to partially complete due paragraphs due to the and length
devices, mechanics, scarce misuse of to unfinished ideas and misuse of the linking requirements having
and length linking devices, scarce use of linking devices, mechanics, been disrespected.
requirements. mechanics, and length devices, mechanics, and length
requirements. and length requirements.
VOCABULAR A wide range of A range of vocabulary The range of A limited range of A very narrow range of
Y vocabulary is used is used appropriately vocabulary is vocabulary is present vocabulary is present;
appropriately and and accurately in the adequately used in the within the essay; less errors in word
accurately throughout essay; occasional essay; errors in word common items of choice/formation
the essay; precise errors in word choice / formation are vocabulary are rare predominate; spelling
meaning is conveyed; choice/formation are present when more and may be often errors can make the
minor errors are rare; possible; spelling is sophisticated items of faulty; spelling errors essay obscure at times.
spelling is very well well controlled with vocabulary are can make text The register used in the
controlled. The register occasional slips. The attempted; spelling understanding difficult. opinion essay is
of the opinion essay is register of the opinion can be faulty at times The register of the inappropriate for this
totally relevant to the essay is relevant to The register of the essay is inconsistent type of writing.
task, being organically the task with slightly opinion essay is due to the mixture of
integrated all along the incongruent lapses partially relevant to styles
discourse. within the discourse the task with a narrow
inconsistency of style,
leading to halts in the
logical development of
STRUCTURE A wide range of A range of A mix of complex and A limited range of A very narrow range of
S grammatical structures grammatical simple grammatical grammatical structures grammatical structures
is used accurately and structures is used structures is present is present along the is present within the
flexibly throughout the accurately and with throughout the essay; essay; complex essay; errors
essay; minor errors are some flexibility along errors are present language is rare and predominate;
rare; punctuation is the essay; occasional when complex may be often faulty; punctuation errors
very well controlled. errors are possible; language is attempted; punctuation errors can make the text obscure
punctuation is well punctuation can be make text at times.
controlled with faulty at times. understanding difficult.
occasional slips.
EFFECT ON The interest of the The text has a good The effect on the The effect on the The text has a negative
TARGET reader is aroused and effect on the reader. reader is satisfactory. reader non-relevant. effect on the reader.
READER sustained throughout.