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Colour your world
Sorry to you for any distress
this caused at a most difficult
Specialising in Mens&BoysCuts time of the year. 1/53 Hitchcock Ave.
ClosedTuesday Barwon Heads
PH:52541933 Sincerely 5254 2620
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BARWON HEADS Still life at the bluff


Perfect for the beach! 30% - 50%
FEBRUARY Spanish Gioseppo sandals
5254 2434
Mon to Fri 8.30am - 6pm Sat 8.30am - 12.30
Online Store & Wedding Registry available
58 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads
63 Golf Links Rd. Barwon Heads T 03 5254 1811 ___________________
2/53 Hitchcock Avenue 5254 2232
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Barwon Heads Alliance to protect the boundaries, most under a passing car. Crikey! I thought,
OUR BUSY SUMMER of our energies will be focused on what happens within that's a change from the usual
Oh well holidays are now over and we are back to the village boundaries. somnolence; maybe there'll be one or two
busy normal. people around in the summer. And there
We are very lucky to live in such a wonderful part of 9 BRIDGE ROAD DEVELOPMENT: Many of us have were, and even more next year and the
the Bellarine, and have shared our community with objected to this over development. This is an year after
thousands over the past six weeks. It was a great important site in Barwon Heads and its prime location
shame that the negative article in the Echo about the has contributed to our sense of place and our coastal I agree, Barwon Heads is decidedly not
impact of the pedestrian crossings on traffic flow feel since Barwon Heads was conceived and the what it was, it's better in just about every
dominated much of the conversation especially by house was built in or before 1895. Its value to the possible way. How different is the
those who like to drive everywhere. There have community is indicated by, 140 objections lodged with demographic slice of life here today? Now,
always been traffic log- jams in Barwon Heads and Council against the planning application; the 72 we have kids on skateboards, toddlers in
especially on the Spit; and we have to accept that with submissions of support for the Heritage Amendment jogging strollers, kiddies in chariots behind
the significant development around us that there will C354, and the introduction by the State Government bikes, a bulging primary school
be an increase in traffic. In 2005 Vic Roads admitted and the Minister for Planning of an interim heritage everywhere you can see evidence that
to the panel hearing objections to the new Bridge that control via Amendment C271 which affects the land Barwon Heads people think this is a good
they had not considered the impact of the increase in until December 2017. place to bring up families. It definitely
traffic we all knew would result from the Geelong By wasn't like that 15 years ago. Barwon
Pass highway and the two significant growth zones on We were surprised by the amount of paperwork that Heads is a fantastic place to live, and it's a
each side of the proposed bridge. We are now was served on objectors in December requiring further great place to have kids. How many
experiencing the long term consequences of its bad objections to be lodged with VCAT. This is a complex youngsters across Australia would envy our
location and inability to service the two zones. We legal process as there are two matters being dealt local Nippers, our junior tennis players,
note that the thousands of pedestrians, including with. horse-riders, netballers, footballers,
locals and many visitors were safe and happy. - The process for permanent heritage protection - skateboarders?
Amendment C354 is listed for hearing before a panel
What can we do? on the 3rd of March at the CoGG facility at 100 Talking Heads itself, of course, could not
(Participate in the Structure Plan ongoing discussions) Brougham St Geelong. We encourage interested exist without Trish, but Trish herself
- start lobbying again for load limits through locals and objectors to attend. depends on the lively community that
our village we have seen a significant - The second process is an appeal against contributes to it every month and the lively
increase in double trucks; tankers; huge the failure by the City of Greater Geelong community that reads it with attention.
supermarket trucks and even cattle trucks to decide the planning application within Rarely a month goes by without my getting
- lobby to ensure that the Geelong Ring the specified timeframe. So depending on a phone call from a reader. Sometimes,
Road (number one priority in CoGG the outcome of the Panel, VCAT will decide thankfully, they are appreciative,
budgets) is completed especially the link on the development. The matter is listed for sometimes they are critical, but either way
from the Surf Coast to Bellarine Highways the 3rd July. they are connected. How many small
- encourage an extension of the local towns have a local paper of the quality of
community bus this publication?
- lobby to change signage that encourages FAREWELL AND THANK YOU TO STEVE
traffic through town CRADDOCK So without looking at our home through
- encourage development of the park and One of our most committed and well loved people in rose-coloured glasses, I think we can all
ride concept Barwon Heads Steve Craddock, passed away in still shout Hi hip hooray for Barwon Heads,
- introduce residential parking permits January. Steve was a wise and caring person, a the Pearl of the Sea!
- talk to IGA about on-line ordering and participant in wide range of activities, former member
delivery of the Barwon Coast Committee. He wrote the most Thank you Steve, we will miss you. We offer Steve's
- enforce existing parking restrictions. beautiful and provocative articles in Talking Heads in family and friends our best wishes.
the Time and Tide column. Our Barwon Heads
The priority of the BHA has always been to try and community is a much better place for his contribution We now have over 200 members. The on-going
protect the community of Barwon Heads, and ensuring and his realism. support of our community is much appreciated.
that our coastal village is not absorbed as part of the
poorly planned sprawl from Geelong. Our focus is on I quote Steve from Talking Heads: Time & Tide Feb Next meeting:
people and place. 2012 Monday FEBRUARY 20TH (The Senior Citizens
Centre has closed indefinitely for works. We are
BARWON HEADS STRUCTURE PLAN: in its latest Hands up if you agree Barwon Heads is meeting at the Uniting Church Hall Hitchcock Ave
update the Council summarized the community decidedly not the village you moved here to Barwon Heads).
priorities: enjoy some years ago. I couldn't agree .
- maintain the settlement boundary more, and thank goodness it's not! Our speaker is Leigh Dennis Coastal Adaptation
- retain a village coastal character
Program Manager, Environment & Waste Services.
- plan for and manage traffic and parking At the end of our first winter here in 1998, He will talk about the threats posed by sea level
- provide safe pedestrian and cycling amenity there were 3 just shops open in the main rise and climate change. (Please email any
- value the natural environment Street, and a half-empty 'not very super' questions in advance so Leigh can prepare good
- protect the heritage and vegetation market that is now the splendid and totally
- introduce planning controls for Warrenbeen answers). We are also looking forward to our
refurbished IGA. Then, Barwon Heads was Federal Member for Corangamite Sarah
- and lots more called God's Waiting Room.
Henderson joining us at this or a future meeting.
We expect the Structure Plan to be the basis for all Once, in spring, I stepped incautiously out
decision making in Barwon Heads and for it to inform all You can reach us via
of my car down the newsagents' as
stakeholders. We look forward to the draft in early 2017
usual(needless to say it was the only car
and expect it to be very similar to the 2010 one with an parked in the whole street then from there
emphasis on protecting the environment and the coastal Sandy Gatehouse
to Geelong Road) and almost stepped
village. We will continue to work closely with the Save On behalf of the BHA Committee
page 4 talking heads
effect of more space that this provided. As always, our from certain reliable sources, but one would hope that
Book Department was particularly popular, with so many this kind of behaviour did not occur.
people commenting on the excellent way in which it is
set up, and the very cheap prices for books in such good As I write about this, I realise that many of
condition. our volunteers tell me that all the
We were fortunate that except for a few very hot days, wonderful people who read the articles I
and some rainy ones, the weather was mild enough that write would certainly not ever do any of
customers would come to us in the early part of the day
before they set off for the beach later. this disgusting dumping.
So I apologise for my
So these were the positives, but the
HIGHS AND LOWS negatives were very disappointing!
ranting, but would ask
that any of our many
It may have been that some of the Ocean Grove Op well-wishers keep
The busy month of January, when Shops were forced to put signs up refusing donations, watch when you are
we work for five days of the week OR it may just be that people are so thoughtless that arriving to donate,
and if someone is
they feel if no one "catches them", it is fine to dump
gave us some excellent "highs", but rubbish of all kinds with us. The most difficult of these there trying to drop off
rubbish, please
also some real "lows". episodes of dumping were those involving really rubbish
remind them that we
First, I do hope that everyone's holidays were safe and work FOR the
enjoyable. For many of us, to have family with us was The red VW Transporter van towing an community, as well as the church, and that the cost of
great, though like many of our volunteers, for all that we getting rid of rubbish means less that it available to go to
love them, it's great when we get back to our usual
unregistered trailer left us with an old vinyl worthy causes.
household routines. couch, on Sunday 8th. January between
In the mean-time, all the best to the kids who will be back
The real joy for us at the Op Shop is that this was the time 12.30 p.m. and 2p.m. at school soon, and let's hope that they will have milder
of the year when so many of our regular "holiday The CCTV footage showed the trailer's number-plate, weather for the first few busy weeks.
customers" come in to see us, and they BUY UP BIG!! but that of the van was not visible. The effort and cost of
It was even better that so many made very removing this, plus all the other detritus that we now
have just left out at the back of Show-room is God bless you all,
complimentary remarks about the upgrading of our
shop....the lighter painted walls and shelves, and the maddening! Certainly, we will be able to ask for help Helen Edwards - Shop Supervisor
On the 5th of January, Barwon Heads
lost one of the towns true inspirations,
Mark O'Donnell.
Many of you will remember Mark going about
Geelong Community Radio his morning routine around town, calling in for
a coffee, to get mail, his lunch and the paper.
An easy exercise for most, taken for granted but for Mark with a profound disability, a
concerted effort.
I had the privilege of being both Marks friend
and his carer for many years and he taught
SAVE THE TARKINE me to appreciate the simple things in life and
not to complain, as there is always someone
else in more difficulty.
The world is a little sadder with his passing.
Robyn Thiessen.

A peaceful and, at times funny, celebration of

Marks life was held at the Tin Shed where
family & friends shared stories about Mark
along with his stoicism in the face of his disability.
(Mark had Dystonia, a neurological movement disorder that causes muscles in the body to contract or spasm involuntarily. The
involuntary muscle contractions cause twisting, repetitive and patterned movements as well as abnormal postures).
Comments were shared about Marks determination and his refusal to complain.
Mark wore his lot with dignity.

Mark was a great lover of sport; watching

the cricket was a favourite pastime.
Robyn came home one day to find
ladder(s) leading up to the chimney and
there was Mark, up there twiddling with
the aerial... the telly had gone on the blink
during a game!
People will remember Mark fondly as a
gentle person who loved his family and
friends...and who in return was much
Celebrating Marks life. loved by them.
Rest In Peace Lyn Martin, Robyn Thiessen, Helen Cornes & Garry Martin
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Building Surveying

Building Permits,
Building Inspections, Planning
Compliance, Planning Permits,
ResCode, Owner Builder Reports
51b Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads
(upstairs entry in Clifford Pde.)
ph 5254 3216 mob 0417 377 113
Your Local Picture Framer BELLARINE & GREAT OCEAN ROAD
Jeanius Graphics coastal planning
Your wish is our business
Industry standard equipment and materials Planning applications
50 Carr St. Panel submissions
Barwon Heads 3227 VCAT representations
Strategic & general
Phone: (03) 5254 2101
Jean Lonsdale planning queries
Sole Proprietor Mob: 0419 588 069
The summer break has meant a Email:
Web: Shelly J. Fanning
quiet time for BH Seagulls Planning Consultant
Youth can not know how age thinks and feels.
Basketball Club, but games thstart But old men are guilty if they forget what it was LL.M/LL.B(Hons)BEnvPlan MPIA
back from Monday February 6 , the to be young. mobile: 0408 734 169
J.K. Rowling
second week of school term. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

We have teams across most age groups and divisions

going very well, a good few weeks should see many of
Rural Australians For Refugees are presenting a
them playing finals. Writers event to raise money for Asylum Seekers
Something to note for the future, hopefully starting over
this winter season Barwon Heads Seagulls basketball Resource Centre.
club will be entering representative teams in the Geelong Arnold Zable, Alice Pung and Tony Birch will discuss their latest books.
competition. We will be entering teams in Under 12's
boys and girls, and Under 14's boys and girls, as a start They all grew up in crowded inner city Melbourne and each author has a connection with vulnerable people and
point, and will be holding tryouts after school at some their acceptance within society. Arnold with Polish Jewish emigrant parents, Alice with Cambodian emigrant
point early in term 1. One of us from Seagulls will organise parents and Tony with an Irish, West Indian and Aboriginal background.
a time to talk at school assembly to let everyone know The event is on the 19th of February, 4.00pm at the Queenscliff Uniting Church in Hesse Street. The cost of
about this. So, if your child is playing for Seagulls and $30.00 per person covers the writers discussion, a free drink on arrival and a light supper. Wine is available for
would like to represent their age group in a Seagulls team $7.00 a glass. Tickets can be purchased from the Queenscliff Information Centre (5258 4843) Lyn (5255 26380
in Geelong, make sure to come to the tryouts. When we or Di (5256 1004).
have dates organised, we will send out a message to
everyone also. Di Poolton and Lyn Mulligan
A notice to parents on this Seagulls will require the help Bellarine RAR Event Organisers
of parents to run these teams successfully. As a non-profit
volunteer organisation with only a small committee the Bellarine for Refugees
assistance of parents is essential and gratefully
appreciated by the club, and in order for these rep teams Please note correction to information included in January edition of Talking Heads:
to run smoothly we will require parents to volunteer for Ist meeting for 2017 will be held at the Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden on Tuesday 28
coaching roles, and for team organisational roles.
Thanks everyone, see you all in term 1. February at 3.45pm
Cameron OBrien
___________________________________________________________________ Email address:

Core Financial Planning has merged with PFG Financial
Services. Our firm continues to deliver strategic financial
planning advice and with an extended team, we can assist you
in achieving your financial goals.
Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm Friday 9am to 4pm
PFG Financial Services Pty Ltd ABN 23 052 977 189 and PFG Global Pty
Shop 4, 50 Hitchcock Ave, Barwon Heads 3227
Ltd ACN 161 691 103 trading as PFG Financial Services (Global) are
Corporate Authorised Representatives and Credit Representatives of AMP
For more information visit our website or contact us on
Financial Planning Pty Limited ABN 89 051 208 327 Australian Financial Ph: 5255 9555
Services Licence 232706 and Australian Credit Licence 232706 or email
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Sponsored by STRUMPET

To win a prize -Colour in then take your February entries into the Post Office

Word about the Hood Andrea Dennett

Leading" is a hooded plover survival strategy. During the breeding season (September to April) Hooded Plovers are sometimes
seen running along the shoreline about ten metres ahead of humans who are out for a beach walk or run. The beach-nesting
hoodies have been incubating their eggs or guarding their flightless chicks when disturbed by approaching danger. Leaving eggs
or chicks hidden, the parents have positioned themselves in front of the intruder and are "leading" them out of the danger zone.
Only after escorted to a safe distance will the adult birds return to their breeding site.

Hoodie eggs are laid on surf beaches in shallow sand scrapes, above the high-tide line.
Once hatched, the chicks must forage for themselves on the open beach and low-tide exposed reefs, under the watchful eyes of their parents.
After nine perilous weeks, four as eggs and five as flightless chicks they are fully grown and able to fly. Few eggs are surviving to fledged adulthood.

There have been over 30 attempts this season by the Bellarine's nine breeding pairs of hooded plovers.
Failures have been attributed to foxes, dogs, tides and avian predators.
As we go to print, not a single chick has survived so far this season.
Fingers crossed for the new pair at Raffs Beach with their eggs due to hatch late January.
Humans can do their bit to help this local endangered species survival by "Leading" -
placing their dogs on lead when visiting the surfbeach home of the hooded plovers.

For more details, or to become involved in Hooded Plover monitoring, please contact:
More information: or or

Photo by John Hargreaves:

"Unleashed dogs are a significant threat to beach-nesting birds, because they run and
explore unpredictably through territory and may disrupt adult birds, chicks, nests and eggs.
Here, an uncontrolled dog runs through a nest site, well away from owners, with a second
dog about to pursue."
Connecting with your Kids
As parents, we naturally want the best for our children. We want them to have happy, safe and rewarding lives filled with possibilities.
However, these days the statistics regarding adolescents are alarming; increased rates of anxiety, stress and depression. More than ever, we need to be connected as a
family so if your child needs someone to talk to during tough times, they are able to come and chat whenever they feel the need.
In addition to creating a connected family, businesses are looking for new employees to have a variety of different life skills, which can also be known as 'soft skills'.
These skills are vital for our children to succeed in the futures they design for themselves. Life skills are often learnt later on in life on the job by trial and error. They require
individuals to be adaptable or to, so to speak, 'read the play'. Life skills are the people skills that enable us human beings to be able to socialise, communicate and interact
with each other in harmony.
There are so many benefits for our children in learning these life skills at an early age. And, more than all that, being connected as a family is one of the most special things
that can be experienced in life.
Grateful about Gratitude
After listening to someone discuss the importance of gratitude one evening at Finn and Monty's school, the following night around the dinner table I was talking with my
family about gratitude; what it meant to me and how I thought it differed from luck. We all started to think about the things in our lives that we are grateful for. I shared how I
was grateful for my family, my health, the job that I have and hours that I work giving me so much family time, and the house we live in (it's not the best house around, but
we all love it). Sandi, Daisy, Finn and Monty all shared many different things that they were grateful for; some I could have predicted, others surprising.
This was such a loving and caring mood that we created together. It was also such a different space to be in for me I am often thinking of the next thing. What will I build
next? What project will I take on? What toy will I buy next? I often forget to be present to what is 'now' and to appreciate what I truly am grateful for. This discussion around
the table was such a wonderful thing for us all to stop and think about all the things in our lives that are truly wonderful. It was such a precious conversation to share
Some ideas to try:
Write a letter or card to someone to thank them for something that they have done for you.
Name someone who has helped you become the person that you are today. Contact them and tell them.
Discussions to have as a family:
What are all the things that you are grateful in your lives?
What's the best thing that has happened to you today so far?
What have you learned recently that will help you in the future?
What's the best thing about your family?
Today, what made you smile? Laugh? Confused? Wonder?
He who knows he has enough is rich. Lao Tzu.
Have fun connecting with your kids. For further information, visit the Facebook page 'Connecting with your Kids' or go to connectingwithyourkids on Instagram.
Cheers, Andy McNeilly

Barwon Heads Bowling Club

Nearly a month off Pennant bowls and
feeling you should get back to it.
Whilst the break was taken Club Singles
Championships were completed.
The Mens Final saw Ken Allen, a winner of three
previous Championships but missing for the last few
years, recharge the batteries and take on Leigh Collins.
Ken won in a great game to add to his large collection of
various awards at the Club. Leigh, a relative newcomer
to the game showed hell be in the mix for the coming
The Ladies saw Anne Way defeat Margaret Leonard in
a great game of bowls. Both ladies did very well and will
be prominent in the next coming seasons.
All other Club competitions are continuing .
With Pennant just recommencing nothing much has
changed, ladder wise, etc.
As bowls is mostly enjoyed by the older members of the
Ken Allen and Anne Way community some interesting sidelights occur from day to
One particular bowler after volunteering to drive to Belmont last season generously took passengers on a tour of
most of Highton and surrounds before stumbling on Belmont.
Same driver this season with all that knowledge from last season,
did the same trip, but arrived with two very shaken passengers one of whom kissed the ground as soon as he exited
the car.
No explanation needed.
Until next time,
Good bowling.
Kate Majella OConnor Jac Pam Natalie

Sunday 5th February Love Your Glasses!

and Sunday 5th March 2 Park Lane, 99 Presidents Ave.
Interested volunteers or participants can email Ocean Grove main Beach Ocean Grove for further info from 9am ph: 5255 5655
www. for an appointment
talking life
page 8 talking heads 0416 119240

with Rachael Hely

It was an hour of down-gearing when all I have a choice as to how we tread along
wanted was cruise control. our path. As my white knuckles gripped the steering
It was a journey of continual stopping
when all I wanted to do was move wheel and my right foot on the brake
forwards. Then just before I reached the turned numb, I saw myself idling in that
first freeway - where I could almost taste place where I didnt want to be. Where I
the freedom of 5th gear - two out of sinc was tired, hungry, in pain and just stuck.
reds stopped me flat - twice. The scent of But instead of wondering why 67 traffic
my mums kiss long gone, I punched my lights were in conspiracy against me, I
steering wheel with expletives that would considered the questions as to why they
make her memory of my childhood blush. may be holding me back in this space.
Maybe there was an accident waiting to
I sat there in my car under the Westgate happen up ahead.
So, I had spent 10 of the last that night. Stuck there in the place where I
Or maybe just in front of me was not
24 hours sitting bolt upright had sat most of the waking hours that day.
where I just wasnt destined to be?
Id clocked up over 500 km with still at
in a car, driving. least another 10 to go. I was so tired it Maybe these lights were shining boldly on
Siri told me the last leg of the drive would was like I was seeing through time buoyed my outer journey - only to force me to stop
be easy. It involved 2 freeways, a big only by caffeine and cortisol. I mused and consider what I had going on inside?
tunnel and no less than 67 traffic lights. angrily to myself about how this was the Of the 67 traffic lights between my home
I was promised these final hours of my most uncomfortable Id ever been in my that was and my home that is, only 3 of
journey were to be easy. Taking me from whole life. Until I became conscious of my them were green.
the place where I grew up to the place internal dialogue.
Thats a lot of braking. Thats a lot of
where I live now. From the trees of the And let myself accept to be stopped. stopping. Thats a lot of unplanned
mountains to the salt of the sea, its like a Think standing series, psoas release and downtime of not moving filled with
drive between homes like a drive between kaia starium (body stillness). thinking. And did I spend the whole of my
two lives. journey rejoicing in this process?
So often we might feel that we are being
The scent of my mums kiss was still fresh blocked by our journey forward. Maybe we No.
on my skin as I drove away and left my are trying to move past something but its
first family home. I turned down my But I did catch my wandering frustrations a
hard. number of times. I remembered that life
childhood driveway and hung left.
Or maybe we are trying to move isnt just about the destination, its about
Only to watch the first of the 67 traffic light somewhere but were stuck. the journey. That the gift of frustration is
fade to amber - and then red. shifting it into wonder. That the gift of
Or sometimes we just want the journey to
Traffic light number two did the same. be finished because weve had enough of being stuck is a glimpse at being still. And
And then again on number three. sitting and were sick of driving, and we that as we turn into this last month of
Followed by the gates dropping at the just want to be home. But when we realise summer, were all getting well and truly
railway crossing, creating yet another that throughout our journey, sometimes into the routine and action of the new year.
barrier along my way. As I drove through the distance is to be endured rather than And I hope every so often we all get stuck
those night streets of Melbourne, I was celebrated. Because we have no other by a succession of red traffic lights.
continually faced with constant reds, when option but to keep going. So we can be more grateful for our
all I really wanted was steady greens. But we do have choice as to how we destinations when we get there.
experience the endurance, like we do

No car parks? Ill just leave it here thanks!

Remedial, Relaxation, Sport, DeepTissue & Trigger Point Therapy


Seaside Serenity
Daryl Wilkie Ct.M Dip.R.M Dip.H
First in Barwon Heads
Since 1985
Over 16 Years Massage
AAMT Member - Extras

0403 956 900

Artwork courtesy of the Ocean Grove Voice
Ph. 0403 956 900
talking heads page 9

(03) 5255 2585

3/73 The Terrace Ocean Grove

High quality dental care, service and results.
We are transparent about our treatment processes and
the affiliated expenses, and will never proceed to treatment
unless you are fully informed of all aspects.

We accept all health funds and we can claim on the spot with Hicaps.
We also accept VET affairs, VEDS (Victorian Emergency Dental Services)
and VGDS (Victorian General Dental Services) forms.


As many of you will already know, my lovely husband
Steve Craddock passed away on January 12th. He will
be remembered by many of you for his regular column in
'Talking Heads' called 'Time and Tide' in which he
WHAT IS THE RIGHT AGE TO ruminated upon local issues, reflected on the state of
START DENTAL CHECKUPS? politics, federal, state and local. His acerbic observations
delighted many and incensed others. But he was always
careful to publish his phone number in case anyone took
A lot of parents are unsure of the appropriate umbrage at a piece or wanted to debate points over the
age to bring their child to the dentist. phone; which they frequently did.
Hence, for some kids, the first visit is with a toothache.
Resolving a toothache usually requires invasive dental He was a passionate supporter of the community and
procedures involving anesthesia. Having a traumatic was for a time the President of the Barwon Heads
first dental visit leave's a bad memory for children and Association, where he often organised guest speakers
the fear of the needle and dentists gets ingrained. We on local issues to liven up proceedings and became
see adults who have dental phobia due to similar famous for finishing meetings on time, the shorter the
experiences in their childhood. better.
Steve also served for a couple of years on the Barwon
The best way to avoid these situations is to get children Coast Committee which he found very stimulating and
in for regular dental visits from the age of two onwards rewarding. He was able to voice his concerns about the
when all the primary teeth have erupted. local and wider environment; development and infrastructure plans for the Bellarine; and
It desensitizes the child to the gradual introduction of many other local issues, always in his direct and forthright manner.
dental instruments in the mouth, the fear of a new Steve didn't beat about the bush!
place, white coat, the different chair, etc. The check-
ups are non-invasive, fun & playful, so children leave He published a website called 'Barwon & Beyond' which reflected the contrasts he observed
happy with a gift. Starting check-ups early also helps between life in France where our daughter lived; and life on the Barwon River.
the dentist build up trust and friendship with the child. He sometimes began or ended his column with the words, 'down here, on the river bank'.
This website is where he archived his 'Time & Tide' articles.
What's involved in the checkups:
Checking the number of teeth and oral In recent months, he was very much engaged on publishing a blog in which he reviewed
hygiene habits. books that he enjoyed. Reading was a lifelong obsession of his and he took great pleasure in
Diet evaluation and guidance passing on his knowledge and enthusiasm to others. He had regular readers from all over
The jaw growth pattern and bite to assess the world; from Japan to Canada; from the Seychelles to Slovenia; as well as a devoted
any potential crowding issues in the future group of local readers.
Airway evaluation -
Any myofunctional problems like tongue tie, I have been buoyed up by the support and friendship I have had from the community. Steve
wrong swallowing patterns, mouth breathing, etc and I have made so many good friends here who, together with family, have been rallying
Any potentially harmful habits like thumb or around. I thank them all very much for their support of me and their kind words about Steve.
finger sucking/tongue thrusting / excessive drooling/ lip It is touching to know he occupied a special place in their hearts.
sucking etc.
It would be recommended to keep the consultations And now he is gone. He was such a force of nature! It is hard to believe. We are holding a
with the same dentist so that the progress of any gathering of close friends and family to celebrate his life on February 5th from 2.00pm in the
advice given or treatment plan can be monitored Barwon Heads Village Hall. Anyone who would like to join us in giving him a great send off is
through to the next visit. most welcome.
You can find more information on our website, or you can make an In lieu of flowers, guests may like to make a contribution to Cottage By The Sea in
appointment with one of our dentists to see what the Queenscliffe in keeping with Steve's lifelong passion for encouraging young people to enjoy
best solution is for you. adventures in the great outdoors.

Phone number- (03) 5255 2584 Fond regards,

Dr Mahwash Masood Pat. Editors comment p.20
talking heads page 10

News from the Beaches and Coastal Environs

generally competent and responsible are used to review and finalise the plan. The plan
Barwon Coast is a Committee of will then endorsed by the Committee and submitted
organisation, consistently got their to the Minister of Environment for approval and
Management appointed by the State plans for trails through the dunes implementation.
Government with responsibility for the Watch this space; Barwon Coast will keep the
management of 13km of coastal crown community informed on the plans development and
Here I should disclose that though I
land from 7W Collendina to 42W Blue when it is available for public comment.
have left the Committee, I was a
Rocks, Barwon Heads covering our CAR PARKING:
beautiful beaches in Ocean Grove, member for years while these trails When coming to the beach, please remember
Barwon Heads and 13thBeach. were being planned. In my opinion, the parking is limited. To avoid adding to this already
group never seriously listened to their challenging issue, when looking for parking, prior
Our Committee members are local to just parking and walking away ask yourself, am I
residents appointed with consideration of critics, and they never seriously restricting others from getting out, am I blocking
the skills and experience that they have to consulted residents. I don't think the other road users, can an ambulance, fire truck or
offer in the management of this important Committee or the Coast managers are garbage truck get through where they need to go.
piece of coastline. people with malign intent, but I do think Remember there are alternatives such as riding a
bike, walking where possible. Thank you for your
they can easily form paternalistic ideas cooperation.
The Barwon Coast Committee of Management; A mark of the man that such comments Dogs on Our Beaches:
members past and present, as well as staff are held in high regard. We all know that dog owners love to take their pets
members are greatly saddened by the news of Hopefully some lessons have been learnt. to the beach; however not all people like to be on
Steve's passing. Our sincere condolences to Pat the beach when uncontrolled dogs are present.
and family. Uncontrolled dogs pose a real threat to other beach
Deputy Committee Chairman Mark Rodrigue A NEW COASTAL MANAGEMENT users and also importantly our wildlife that has
reflected on his time with Steve on the committee PLAN nowhere else to go.
Steve was humorous, witty, sharp, and a strong In December 2016 Barwon Coast began the In off leash areas dog owners must have their pets
voice for community interests. Mark directed first phase of community engagement for a under EFFECTIVE CONTROL at all times. This
current committee members, who may not have new Coastal Management Plan. means they come immediately the first time they
known Steve so well, to one of Steve's many blogs; That phase, to gather information, opinions, are called and are leashed when other dogs,
this one specifically on the once proposed 13th comments and ideas from our community, people and importantly wildlife are present.
beach trail; (Park & Ride, Not Path & Pave finished on 22.1.17.
1/03/2011) The committee is very pleased to report that Gary McPike
through the many avenues and opportunities General Manager
Well times have changed, and attitudes
for comment, we have received a wealth of
have changed, and the Coast Committee information.
and hardworking Friends of the Bluff have Our consultants, in partnership with committee
worked conscientiously to restore the members will now collate all that information
and use it to draft the Coastal Management
landscape and replant with indigenous Plan.
natives. People really care about the It is anticipated that sometime in March (2017)
natural landscape, and really value what the draft plan will be ready to release to our
remains of our wild scenery. So how did it community for review and comment.
Everyone will then have a 6 week period to
all go wrong? How has the Committee, a comment on the plan before those comments

Lauras Beach Houses

As featured on ABC TV series Seachange. Accomodates 4 adults plus children
with fully equipped kitchen, living room, A/C, bathroom, laundry, TV, Stereo,CD,DVD,VCR. Plus all bedding & elec.Blankets.
Private decking with a relaxing opportunity to take in the views of Port Phillip Bay, the Bluff & the Bridge.
Also available- Deluxe 2 & 3 br Cabins, 1 & 2 br Cabins, Heritage Boat House, & powered sites
Superbly located at Barwon River Estuary with ocean views.
A/C cabins, fully equipped kitchen, living room, ensuite,
TV, private decking.


Email: Web: Ph: 03 5254 1115
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Sanctuary for the Soul with Lyndal McKechnie
A day seminar to empower and support you to remember your bodys innate gifts
of self-healing. Create wellness everyday yourself with the power of the mind.
Fertility/Pregnancy Acupuncture & Wellness with Petra Joley -
a Nurturing & intensive support for women wanting to enhance & achieve a mindful birth experience,
encouraging women with difficulties into a positive state of wellness for true health during their birthing time.
WALK FOR PEACE Beach Labryinth Walking Meditation
In a modern ceremony blessed by the Aboriginal elders of the land, we invite a coming together
of communities to gently and peacefully walk in meditation through a beautiful traditional grounding
Presented by meditation brought through the ages. It helps to feel connected & share the space with all who
The Lotus Spa now live here & be compassionate to one another of any culture, race, age & gender.
at Barwon Heads A washing away of the past & step forwards to a unified future.
Headaches - Osteo Clinic
Im off to Vietnam in June...and Ill be tasting, The diagnosis of cervical headache is frequently under-diagnosed. Many symptoms are similar to other
learning, watching & writing recipes as I move classifications of headache such as tension headache, migraine, hormonal headache and even cluster
around...your July Talking Heads will come headache. There may be clear dietary, environmental or hormonal triggers for the onset of the patients
from there. headache. However, it is common that these triggers are only active when there is an increased sensitivity in
Heres a sneaky look at what I may be eating the structures of the upper cervical spine.
and cooking ...
The Osteopath will thoroughly assess your neck and headaches. They will ask specific questions to rule out
Vietnamese noodle salad other causes of headaches. They will then feel and assess the structures of your neck to decide if they may
be causing your headache. If the neck structures are involved, the Osteopath may find:
200g dried rice-stick noodles; 1 tbs lime juice; ! Tight and painful structures in your neck (joint and muscle)
1 tbs fish sauce; 1 tbs brown sugar; 1 long red
chilli, finely chopped; 2 cups beansprouts, ! Pressure on specific structures of your neck will reproduce your head pain
trimmed; 3/4 cup fresh mint leaves; 3/4 cup ! A forward head posture and stiff mid back
fresh coriander leaves; 1/4 small red onion,
thinly sliced; mix of thinly sliced fresh ! Reduced motion in the upper joints of the neck
capsicums, cucumber& celery; 1/2 cup ! Reduced endurance in the deep muscles of the neck
roasted salted peanuts; crispy fried shallots,
After correctly diagnosing the neck as the cause of headache, treatment may be quite straightforward.
to serve (optional) noodles in a large,
heat proof bowl...cover with boiling
water...stand while you prepare other Stretch of the Month
ingredients...rinse under cold water and drain
...combine lime juice, fish sauce, sugar and
Chin Tuck Stretch
chilli in a bowl and stir to dissolve This gentle stretch can help alleviate the aches associated
sugar...combine noodles, beansprouts, other with tight muscles around the neck and upper back. This can
thinly sliced veg; mint, coriander, onion, be done first thing in the morning, as well as during breaks at
peanuts and lime juice mixture in a bowl & work to help minimise tightness and decrease the potential of
gently toss to combine...serve topped with tension related headaches.
fried onion, if using and some fresh herbs
Gently bend your head forwards with one hand whilst
guiding your chin towards your chest with the other
until you start to feel a stretch at the back of the
Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat a few times
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Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden

If you look around the Geelong As with Henrietta's garden, we have rules about Henrietta has finally moved on to another suburb, and
fertilizers and herbicides, we share our time and skills at we also have an ever-changing population of garden
district and the Bellarine Peninsula, working bees, and we have regular donors of garden enthusiasts. While we miss those who go, we welcome
you will find that there are quite a scraps to enhance our compost. those who have joined, and we look forward to their
We are fortunate enough to have recreational space active participation.
large number of Community and a room which the Community at large can hire. Like
Gardens. Of course, we reckon Henrietta, we do seem to have a few petty pilferers of If you are interested in our Garden, come along and
ours is one of the best, but it is produce. We are currently considering what to do about have a stroll around (Moonah Gardens Park, 38
this! Geelong Road, Barwon Heads)
interesting to see what others are Russell Mitten
doing.. Committee Member

You may have seen a delightful article in The Age on COMMUNITY ARTS GARDEN
Saturday, Jan 14, by Henrietta Cook. In it she describes GEELONG RD
her love affair with a Melbourne Community Garden,
called Veg Out. It closely mirrors our experience in the
Barwon Heads Arts Garden.
Although Barwon Heads has more open space than
many Melbourne suburbs, our little village is becoming
quite densely built-up, and open space is a precious
commodity. As well, the Garden is a place for people to
stay connected. Henrietta quotes one of her fellow
Here I'm just Rob in my vegie patch. But it's not even CHARLEMONT ART SPACE PRESENTS
about the vegetables. It is about getting people together
and spending time together, all different types of people.
It is important and it is relevant
I'm not sure that any marriages have bloomed in our GEELONG RD
garden, as they did in Henrietta's, but many enduring
friendships have formed, and much gardening advice is
You can accept it or discard it, as you wish!

Coast Exhibition 4-20 February 2017

BELLARINE Seaview Gallery is must to visit over the summer months. Showcasing an amazing array of artwork
from traditional to contemporary works.
Seaview presents artists from all over Australia and has an ever-changing exhibition diary.
This month sees works from Donald Ramsay and new artist Lisa Wang.
Shirley & Joe Hornak
Donald Ramsay grew up in Melbourne and became interested in painting while still at school. He
SALES & REPAIRS TO later travelled overseas to further his artistic experience. His first solo Exhibition was in 1979. He has
ALL POPULAR MODELS won a variety of awards and is represented in a
48 GRUBB RD. OCEAN GROVE number of significant corporate collections
Ph. 5255 2432 Mob.
OPEN 04079AM
7 DAYS 045652
Fax 5255 2399 Email
including eighteen works purchased by Elders
IXL. Seaview
Lisa Wang started work as a full-time artist in


2007. Lisa enjoys working with a variety of
subjects and is known for her unique use of light,
confident strokes and ability to capture fine
Take a stroll through the gallery and enjoy the DONALD RAMSAY
talent of our amazing artists and their varied styles
and techniques.
4-20 FEBRUARY 2017
GARDEN ART & WATER FEATURES Open 10:30 5:00 daily
86 Hesse St Queenscliff 3225
1135 Surf Coast Highway Mt.Duneed 9am - 5pm
450 Wallington Rd. Wallington 10am - 4pm
(03) 5264 1771 Lisa Wang - Seagull St Leonards
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Mon Fri. 9am to 5:30pm

Sat. 9am to 1 pm
Closed Sundays


(Mon. to Fri.)

55A Hitchcock Ave

Barwon Heads
Ph 52542312
Your Independent Local Pharmacy

One of the advantages of RAFFLE WAS
reading books is that you get
to playwith someone else's WON BY
imaginary friends, Steve Wickam
at all hours of the night
Thanks to everyone
Dr. Sun Wolf
who - donated, worked on
the day who came
Cattery, Geelong & District Steve is seen here with family
& raffle queen, Margie Isom
P: 5255 3496 ___________________________
22b Sinclair St. Ocean Grove
Mon - Sat 10.30 - 4.30

At The Cat Cave Boarding we, like you, love cats

so caring for your pet isnt a chore, its a
Variety of care options from day care, short,
long and emergency care. The
Prices are all inclusive with food, treats,
medicating (if required), enrichment...
And lots of one on one attention.

Healing from the inside out

Small casual yoga classes
Ph:03 5254 2325 3/86 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads
___________________________ Deb Prinzi 0421 695 956
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caf & cider bar HANOI KITCHEN

Vietnamese Cuisine
Seafood platters from the kitchen of Hong Lee
Made with Love
no. 1 Souvlakis
Gourmet burgers
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Pulled pork sliders


SOUVLAKI CHIPS & CIDER $19.90 Locally blended Tea
Locally roasted specialtycoffee
ALL DAY BREAKFAST Tuesday - Saturday 7.30 am -10pm Sunday 8am - 4pm
Closed Monday
Cnr. Hitchcock Avenue & Bridge Road
Barwon Heads (03) 420 205 25
03 5254 2468 Licensed ~ Cnr BridgeRd/HitchcockAve Barwon Heads
Soba is the Japanese name for buckwheat. It usually refers
Cold soba noodles to thin noodles made from buckwheat flour, or a

with sesame dressing combination of buckwheat and wheat flours...Japanese love

them cold & dressed simply...often the noodles are served
on ice with a dipping sauce but lets keep this
simple...prepare a large bowl with water & ice...cook 500gm
soba noodles in plenty of boiling, salted water for 5 minutes
then drain & plunge into cold water bowl...drain & divide
between 4 bowls...bring 3 cups dashi (or veg stock) & 3/4
cup dark soy to almost a boil, add 4 tsps mirin, 1 tsp
sugar...stir then remove from heat...add 30gm dried bonito
flakes...allow to sink to bottom then strain liquid...add 2 tsp
sesame oil and serve dressing in small bowls next to cold
noodles...dress noodles then slurp away

Ph: 5254 1090

60 Hitchcock Ave
Barwon Heads

Gorgeous sandwiches,
salads, _________________
daily specials
and soups. All day brekkie, lunch & dinner soup
Bread, cakes, biscuits, Open 7 days and 7 nights seafood
& really good coffee steak
Fully licenced gourmet wood oven pizza
Closed Tuesdays Take away options veg & gluten free options
78 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads Telephone: 5254 2772
private functions welcome
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Talking food
Once the old Fire Station,
BeachHouse Barwon Heads
showcases some of the
Bellarine Peninsula's
fine produce, wine, cider & beer

Rocket ravioli w/-tomato & Walnut sauce

300gm fresh firm ricotta; 2 tsp finely grated lemon rind; 1 bunch shredded rocket;
pkt wanton wrappers; 4 chopped tomatoes; 1/4 cup lemon juice; 2tbs olive oil; 1/4
cup crushed walnuts; 1 minced onion; 1 tsp brown sugar; 1 beaten egg; 1 crushed
garlic clove; sea salt & fresh black pepper...mix ricotta, rind, grind of black pepper &
rocket 1 tsp mix on a wrapper then, using floured rolling pin, gently
flatten a 2nd wrapper and place over 1st, gently pressing air out then seal with on a floured tea towel...repeat until all mix is used...
To make the sauce, fry onion, garlic & walnuts gently in olive oil until soft...add
tomatoes, lemon juice & brown sugar & cook until thickened slightly - season...cook
ravioli in salted boiling water, a few at a time until they float, then remove & drain
on a dry tea towel...repeat with remaining ravioli then (reserving cup liquid) serve
3 - 4 ravioli per person then stir the reserved cooking water into the sauce & spoon
a little over ravioli with a drizzle of olive oil & a few basil leaves & grated
parmesan... serve with rocket, pear & blue cheese salad
Opening hours are
RockeT, PEAR & Monday to Friday 9am - late
Saturday and Sunday 8am - late
Get a fresh bunch of rocket (or 3 BeachHouse Barwon Heads
good handfulls)...trim, wash & dry 48 Hitchcock Avenue
then toss in a bowl with 1 cored & Barwon Heads
thinly sliced firm pear cut into 03 5254 3376
slices...sprinkly with juice from
lemon and mix through (this stops
the pear from browning)...shave in
some fresh parmesan then dress
1 tbs olive oil, juice of 1 lemon, 1
tbs seeded mustard & 1 tbs
Open 7 days
balsamic in a jar & open every day
shake well & lightly toss through
salad...serve with ravioli and a open late most nights 03 5254 2741
very big smile
45 Hitchcock Avenue Barwon Heads
Ph: 5254 3229 2/86 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads
page 16 talking heads

Wagne r in Paris
A story of prison,
ambition and song
7pm Saturday 11 February
Barwon Heads Community Hall,
cnr Ozone Rd and Hitchcock Avenue
Members: $30 Non-members: $35
Bookings essential at: or call 0439 061 475
Featuring Opera Australia singers including local Surf Coast soprano Wendy Grose,
this fascinating show debuted in 2016 at the Melbourne Recital Centre, and Barwon Heads
will be the beginning of a regional tour before heading to the UK and Europe at the end of 2017.
Book now to avoid disappointment!
Can't make this concert? Our next monthly event will be held Call KB: 0468 773615 or Deb: 0407 834792
2.30pm Sunday 5 March at All Saints Church featuring international duo Johannes Moller
and Laura Fraticelli, playing "Jorge Godoy III" guitars. Instagram: airstreambabe / Facebook: airstreamannie


Local Surf Coast soprano Wendy Grose is ready and raring to go for the forthcoming performance of
Wagner in Paris on Saturday 11 February at 7pm in the Barwon Heads Community Hall.
Fresh from a highly successful premiere at the Melbourne Recital Centre in November last year, Barwon Heads marks the
commencement of a regional tour for the show before heading to the UK and Europe at the end of 2017. Presented by the Barwon
Heads Fine Music Society and performed by artists from chamber group The Parlour; Wagner in Paris is a recital interwoven with
dramatic dialogue, with Wendy and Opera Australia colleagues mezzo Karen Van Spall and baritone Adam Miller singing lieder and
French art songs by a variety of 19th century composers, including some of Wagners earliest vocal works. Well before he penned Ride
of the Valkyries, Wagner and his wife Minna endured an impoverished three years in Paris while Richard tried to establish himself amid
Europes artistic elite. Ignored, shunned and eventually imprisoned, Wagner chose to conveniently forget these details and barely referred
to them again. This story is exposed by Minnas illegitimate daughter, Natalie, the least written about but most enduring woman in
Wagners life. Based in fact but liberally sprinkled with supposition and rumour, this captivating story is told through letters, prose and
song. its usually the women behind the great men who have the best stories to tell says The Parlours Artistic Director, Karen Van
Spall theres always a rich subtext to any biography or autobiography and by exploring it and shining a light on it, were given a clearer
view of the subject. Its a bit like searching in the background of a photo for hidden characters.
She continues the Parlour is a group of artists bringing fine music
to life in the most accessible and relaxed environments: Art Song,
ballads, show tunes and more - anything that tells a story. Wagner in Paris is presented as a salon
performance in the round; the audience should feel free to move around, to go to the bar during the
performance, and definitely stay to chat with the performers after the show. Wendy adds on a
personal note, it is such a thrill to start our tour on home ground. All the cast are looking forward to a
Sea Change for the weekend - weve hired a house near the hall and intend to enjoy all the gorgeous
food, wine, beaches and shopping our region has to offer!

Tickets for Wagner in Paris are available on the website (or if you
do not have internet access, call 0439 061 475). Tickets are $35 or for BHFMS members $30.
Wine, beer and softs will be available at bar prices before, during and after the performance.

For more about The Parlour go to, and for more about Barwon Heads Fine
Music go to Wendy Grose is an actor and musician. Wendys
numerous credits in theatre and opera include performances with The Royal Opera House Covent
Garden, Welsh National Opera, Opera de Lyon, Chamber Made Opera, Back to Back Theatre, The
Production Company and the Queensland Theatre Company. She has appeared as a featured
recitalist in Britain, Italy, France and Australia, as soloist with orchestras internationally and in
broadcasts for the BBC and ABC.
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Big Bang Bellarine!

On our doorstep are three of the best venues around,
each unique.
Jack Rabbit continues to blow people away with
amazing vistas, food and wine.
Local favourite, Leura Park Estate offers a relaxed,
rustic chic ambience, premium wines, lovely casual fare
and live music Sundays.
Helen Martin - A Disquieting Beauty

Flying Brick is the go for cider tasting, local wines, beer

and an innovative menu designed to inspire, indulge
and share.
Take your pick and enjoy your doorstep!
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Celebrating 7 years in Barwon Heads

Karen Clarke Lizzy Ryan Wayne Clarke Claire Dagley Bonnie Beasant
medispa podiatrist physiotherapist dietitian administration
Thank you to all of our clients for your wonderful support and we
look forward to continuing to assist you
with your allied health and cosmeceutical skin care needs into the future.

OPEN MON - FRI 8.30am - 6pm and SAT 8.30am - 12 noon

2/76 Hitchcock Avenue Barwon Heads 5254 1100


To honour Poet's Past , Present and Future .
Songs by Sally Wilson (Opera )
and the Choir of Ocean Grove
Like and follow us on facebook & go to our
_____________________________________________________________________________ talking heads page 19

IGA Proudly Supporting

your local BARWON HEADS
CFA Volunteer 5254 2525
Firefighters 8am to 8pm 7 days a week
Free Home Delivery


Know your fire plan February 2017
The start to the 2016 / 17 fire season has been quite mild in the Central district with only a few very high fire danger days. Other parts of Victoria have not
been so lucky and we have also seen NSW and Queensland experience many extreme hot weather days.
As we head into February the Bureau of Meteorology predicts a drier month and warmer days and nights across eastern and northern Australia, with
cooler days and nights more likely in Tasmania and southwest WA. What does that mean for our region in south east Victoria? Quite likely a continuation
of the mild summer we've been experiencing, which is not a bad thing.
However, we will still have hot days, and it's important to know what we can and can't do.
Monitor fire danger ratings and know the rating for the area you are in
Know your fire plan and share it with your family
Download the VicEmergency app to your smart phone. This app provides the latest fire information and warnings. Set the app to notify you of
incidents occurring in a chosen area and use it to stay up to date with local Fire Danger Ratings and Total Fire Bans.
Light any fuel based barbeques including camp fires on a Total Fire Ban day. This also applies to liquid fuel barbeques and camp ovens. It is ok
to use either gas or electric barbeques only if they are designed specifically for food preparation
Operate machinery that could cause sparks, eg angle grinders or whipper snippers
Lock children or pets in cars, even for the shortest period of time.
To find out more, visit
We have a Facebook page informing you of local community safety events and insights to what the Brigade is up to. Every Monday fortnight at 8pm we
feature a member of our Brigade in #FacesofBarwonHeads do jump on and give us a Like.
The Barwon Heads Fire Brigade is seeking new members. If you are interested in learning new skills,
meeting new people and being part of a team that contributes to the safety of our community, please
call Captain Helen Wood on 0438 507 273, or email Secretary Kira Crawford Brooks on
_________________________________________________________________________________ Riversholme Ltd offers professional, prompt and
local help with Home and Business IT systems.
s Repairs, upgrades and new computers
s Expert and qualified tuition
s Data protection & backup
s Internet and web
s Anti-virus
s Intel server specialists
s Network & phone cabling
s IT planning & policy for business
Phone: 5254 2101

Book the Bellarine Great Ocean Stays

Andrew, Meryll & Rachel Smith Proud winner of the 2016 award -
Quality homes wanted in Barwon Heads and Accessible Business at the
Pt. Lonsdale for Holiday Rentals Geelong Business Excellence Awards.
We now have waiting lists of guests for summer Studio/1br/2br/3br/4br Jump on board! Contact us to discuss
requests in these areas. 4.5 AAA Rated (Green Star)
Barwon Grove Holiday Rentals holiday rental & business listings.
Holiday Accommodation
1/25 Wallington Road, Ocean Grove3226 0403 515605
03 5255 4676 mobile 0412 102 145 Ph: 03 5254 1066 / 0417 543336
Buy Sell Swap & Tell
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Marvelous Music In May THANKS STEVE

a Huge Success
President - Sandra Gatehouse
Meet @The Senior Citizens Hall
3rd Monday in Month @ 7pm
All welcome

President-Bernard Napthine
THE LOBSTER POT? 5254 2312


The Final Quarter
With the summer in full swing holiday makers and
Helen Carruthers 5254 1299
beachgoers may not have heard the 3/4 time siren.
Here at the Lobster Pot or Barwon Estuary Heritage
Centre that siren marked the end to the daily opening
program that concludes with the Australia Day long SUSTAINABILITY GROUP
weekend. Community Arts Garden
During the brief break the volunteers who keep the John Burke 5254-1921.
place open have a chance to draw breath and gather
their thoughts to be ready for the final quarter- those
weeks from Australia Day until Easter when the COMMUNITY GARDEN
Lobster Pot opens from 1.00-4.00 p.m. at weekends President -John McIntosh
only and includes the Festival of the Sea when a 0422 816 766
bumper crowd of visitors is usual. If you and your Email- Steve Craddock, as the president of the
nearest and dearest missed the mid- summer Barwon Heads Association, wrote the first of
opening season then you can make use of these his many articles for Talking Heads in July
FRIENDS OF THE BLUFF 2002 (Pictured above)
weeks your next and final chance to make your visit
to find out about the natural world that is the setting for
President - Jon Duthie After he stepped down, he was invited to
our village on the estuary. 5254 2626 continue his interesting, factual and
sometimes controversial articles under the
heading Time & Tide.
The Lobster Pot is the green building by the river near
'At the Heads' restaurant that seems to be mostly
WANTED TO BUY A contemporary thinker, Steve was well
closed but is now alive with visitors and smiling
Old Interesting Stuff informed, well travelled and tackled a number
volunteers who welcome the visitors, answer Antiques, Furniture, Art Deco, Books, of challenges Barwon Heads was (and is)
questions and offer friendly advice as necessary. Collectables, Surfboards, facing as a village, much to the irritation of
Let me also suggest that anyone considering Household MargaretGoods public officials, bureaucrats and others.
community involvement and seeking an opportunity We buy single items or house lots. Steve consulted widely with the community
to share their knowledge of and passion for the sea and he always gave people the opportunity to
Call Peter Summers at contact him for discussion. He provided a
should consider becoming a friend of the Lobster Pot. How Bazaar 5278 5453
You will be welcomed. The group can be contacted forum for those who felt they had no voice.
through Barwon Coast. Steve gave much to Barwon Heads and took
Call in at the office or ring Maddie Glynn (52541118).
Now please let me enjoy this orange before the siren Margaret 0419 350 103 Steve will be missed and we send love to Pat,

blows. Alison and Steves many friends. Trish
Rob Kuebler

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

J.K.Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone LOCAL MARKETS

|| =Barwon Headsl
Last Saturday 9am - 1pm
LOcean Grove- Kingston Park l
1st Sunday 9am - 1pm
l Pt. Lonsdale l
at Pt Lonsdale Primary School
2nd Sunday 9am - 2pm
l Drysdale at Recreation Reserve l
3rd Sunday 9am - 1pm
l Portarlington at Newcombe St l
(Opp Port Hotel)
1st Saturday 9am - 2pm
l Queenscliff at Princes Park l

b Last Sat Sept to May

Remember to take your baskets,
cloth or hession bags or your jeep to
save our communities from the curse of
the plastic bag invasion 0416 119240 talking heads page 21

13th Beach SLSC

The summer holidays have been great for the
club and there are a number of thankyou's
that need to be made.
Firstly we would like to thank every one in
Barwon Heads who donated to our annual
door knock on a very hot Saturday night in
January. The door knock was coordinated by
a fantastic crew of volunteers, many who had
just finished assisting with the Nippers
Our Nippers program had a new format this year,
being held over a two week period. We were
blessed with great weather and it was an enormous
success. A number of our nipper's then competed
at their first carnival on the 6th of Jan across at _______________________________________________________________________
Torquay, which was a lot of fun for all the
competitors. There are a number of training
programs planned in the upcoming months and
they are listed on our website
Bee with a backpack of the sensor variety . Running at
Torquay Surf Life Saving Club from the 18th of
February, is the Open Water Grey Medallion for
55+. This course will consist of 5 sessions across 1
month. It encompasses many aspects of lifesaving
from basic first aid to self-survival techniques; that
are not only applicable on the beach, but can be
drawn upon on a daily basis in a broad community
setting. For further information call David Potter on
03 9676 6948
This month there will be patrols every weekend, so
please remember to swim between the flags WANT TO
Hugh Nairn
To play all girls footy
for Barwon Heads in 2017?
Call 0402300819
Junior team aged 12-15
and youth team 16-19.
13TH BEACH SLSC 2017 _______________________________________________________________________

ocean grove
blinds & awnings
67 madeley street

ph: 5256 3668

Design and Construct fax:5256 2668 BLINDS ON YARRA

55 yarra st geelong
Will Gordon
DB-U29460 ph: 5229 2880
mobile 0414 354 079


Nick Heyward
Ph: 0412 121 906
Fax: 5254 2274
All Aspects of Building & Construction
Architectural New Homes & Additions
P.O.Box 1075 Barwon Heads 3227
The Directory
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0416 119240

Animal Rescue (Jirrahlinga) 5254 2484 CAFES/ RESTAURANTS
Police 5256 2698 Barwon Orange 60 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads 5254 1090
Barwon Heads Fire Brigade Secretary/Admin. Enquiries 0401 231 753 Beachhouse Barwon Heads 48 Hitchcock Ave. 5254 3376
Ocean Grove Fire Brigade 5255 1746 Hanoi Kitchen Cnr. Bridge/Hitchcock 420 205 25
Barwon Water 5226 2500 Mangroves cnr. Hitchcock Ave/Bridge Rd Barwon Heads 5254 2468
CLUBS & ORGANISATIONS Starfish Bakery 78 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads 5254 2772
1st Barwon Heads Scout Group 5251 2210 CARPENTRY & HOME MAINTENANCE
13th Beach Golf Academy & Public Driving range 5254 2622 Damien Mason Carpenter 0417 8911 22
Barwon Grove Golf Club (The Tin Shed) 5254 2826 David Cole 5254 1657/0419 118221
Barwon Heads Association Pres. Sandy Gatehouse 5254 1654 Reliable Carpenter. Loves small jobs. Call Mick 0405 484 344
Barwon Heads Community Hall FOR HIRE CARPET & TILE CLEANING
Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden call Judy 5254 1034 Barwon Carpet Cleaning All areas 7 days 0428 502 670
Barwon Heads Film Society Alex 5254 1139 F & G Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaning Geoff Stanley 0428 520 525/5250 1845
Barwon Heads Fine Music Society Inc. contact Jenny Wallace Smith 5254 2580 CARPET REPAIRS & RE-STRETCHING
INC. Barwon Heads Chorale Contact Jo 5254 2670 Kim Brasiers Carpet Service 5254 2857/ 0418 376 820
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Barwon Heads Tennis Club 5256 1527 Ladybirds Cleaning & Maintenance Shelley 0403 436 252
Barwon Heads 13th Beach Surf Life Saving Club 5254 2469 Tri ama Cleaning Services Tracey 0412 135 866
Bellarine Martial Arts Centre 2/3 Smithton Grove Ocean Grove 0404 800 640/0400 218827 COMPUTER REPAIRS & TUITION
Bellarine for Refugees Group contact Margaret 0419 323 166 Leigh No fix, no fee. I will come to you. 50+ a speciality. 0439024870
Ocean Grove Bridge Club Marcus Hill 5256 2550 Riversholme P/L 5254 2101
Steve Sowden
Seachange Quilters at Senior Cit's. Clifford Pde.Barwon Heads Karen 0402 159062
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Barwon Heads Caravan Park Ewing Blythe Drive Barwon Heads 5254 1115
Barwon Grove Holiday Rentals 0412 102 145 / 5255 4676 DECLUTTERING
Ocean Grove Holiday Rentals 0403 515 605 Bye Chaos Tatiana 0477 067 612
Lauras Beach Houses Jetty Rd Barwon Heads 5254 1115 Onsite Organising Jennifer 0430 052 920 1-7 Geelong Rd Barwon Heads 5254 1066 DENTAL CLINIC
The Nook 1 bedroom cottage, private get away near river 0400 871 073 Ocean Breeze - Trak Arcade 73 The Terrace Ocean Grove 5255 2584
PFG Financial Services 4/50 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads 5255 9555 Coastal Dentures Andrew Irving 79 The Parade OG 5255 4700
Helen Holt MYOB Certified BAS ph: 0418 188847
Ocean Grove Accounting & Taxation Services Luke Joyce 5256 2815
Claire Dagley Dietician @ The Heads 2/76 Hitchcock Ave. 5254 1100
B & C Air conditioning, Installations, Breakdown & Service 0418 827 642
Surfcoast Dog Grooming Ocean Grove 5255 1336
Point Lonsdale Television 0411 490 430, (03)5258 2068
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ARCHITECTS Green Lead Electrical Martin 0467 097 101
Irons McDuff Architecture 5254 1337/ 0404 041 337 Mick Leverett - Electrician 0435 418 704
Ros & Smith Architects + Planners 5254 2789 / 0427 012196 Thirteenth Electrical 0419 705 313
Victoria Hamer Architects 03 9349 4033 Warren Jankowski Electrical 0404 163 609
ArtsKool @ Kazworks Adults & Kids Art Classes 0437 582772 AGM Fencing 0425 715 373
Seaview Gallery ~ Queenscliff ~ Contemporary & Traditional Art & Glass 5258 3645 FITNESS HEALTH HEALING MASSAGE
ATTRACTIONS Bowen Therapy Andrea Neale 0407 794 087
Jirrahlinga Wildlife Centre Taits Rd Barwon Heads 5254 2484 Ocean Grove Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture 5255 2905 / 0432 961 910
BANK Barwon Heads Massage, Seaside Serenity, Daryl Wilkie 0403956900
Barwon Heads Community Bank 70 Hitchcock Avenue 03 5254 1700 FLY SCREENS
BEAUTY THERAPY FLY Screening Solutions - Insect screens & doors; Security doors 0408 699 690
Skin and Soul Aesthetics 1st Floor 51 Hitchcock Ave. 0411 727 930
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Count On Bookkeeping Cath 0430 601470
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Homes by Chapman. HIA AWARD Winning Builders. 0414752159
Jardine Homes Design & Construct Will Gordon 0414 354 079
J & S Trickey Builders 0419 389 932 / 52542264 5254 1878 / 0416 119240
Jason ONeill Builder Spec. in Environ. Sustainable Homes 0419 393 173
ReKooporations Building Services- renovations, bathrooms & more 0418 357092
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Bellarine Flooring 9 Sykes Place O.Grove 5255 2044 TREE SERVICES
GIFTS & HOMEWARES Treecycling - Tree services, stump removal, onsite mulching Noel 0458 641127
Frith 58 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads 5254 1811 WEB DESIGN
HAIRDRESSERS - LADIES, MENS & CHILDREN Ben Pell Studio Paradiso Design 'We build brands and websites' 0406 636 201
Hair Dudes- Mens 84b Hitchcock Ave. B.Heads 5254 1933 WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOING
Kylie Curcio Hair Stylist 66 Hitchcock Avenue Barwon Heads 5254 1705/ 0408 036 383
Gary Priests Photo & Video Wedding Package $1195 ph. 0417 121 702
Melissa Connoley Hairdressing, Make Up, Beauty 0432 187 767
Frenchys Coastal Glazing, all glazing, mirrors, frameless shower screens and more 0448541221
Barwon Heads Handyman Experienced and problem solving 0422 340805
Ocean Grove Blinds and Awnings 67 Madeley St. Ocean Grove 5256 3668
Nick Gilbert My Handyman for all those little jobs. 52543186 / 0411 225 516
Peter Macmillan 5258 4248 & 0415 493 302
Pip Interiors- Interior Design, Colour Consulting & Custom Made Blinds 0425 710784
Sparkle Pete 's Domestic and Commercial Window Cleaning Services 0439 995624
Green Steam Ironing & Laundry facilities 7 Smithton Grove OG 0424 051735
Barwon Heads Winestore Wine, beer, cider, spirits & more 2/86 Hitchcock Ave. 5254 2741
Bellarine Black Diamond Garden Service 0429 990 850
KR Garden Care Mowing, pruning, mulching. Barwon Heads 0427 265 852/5254 3160 Kyo Yoga Garden Studio or Kyo Hub 0438 562 723
Rachael Hely Yoga 0430 515 424
LEGAL SERVICES Summit Energy Healing Deb Prinzi 0421 695 956
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Whyte Just & Moore 1/50 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads (03) 5222 2077
Lastys Mobile Mechanic Unit 2/168-170 Fyans st South Geelong Darren 0409 955768
Bellarine Mower Service 48 Grubb Rd. Ocean Grove 5255 2432 / 0407 045652
Greg Sly Optometrist 87 The Parade Ocean Grove 5256 1295
Ocean Eyes Optometrists 2 Park Lane, 99 Presidents Ave. O/Grove 5255 5655
13th Beach Osteopathy & Health Services 1/86 Hitchcock Ave. B/Heads 5254 2668
Osteopathy at Barwon Heads Geelong Osteopathic & Healthcare Clinic 5229 8021
Colourman Painting James Long 0407 415541
Steve & Cathy Flynn Painter & Decorator 52555667 / 04111 26291
Jirrahlinga Taits Road Barwon Heads 5254 2484
Physio @ The Heads Wayne Clarke 2/76 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads 5254 1100 Ocean Grove Accounting
PICTURE FRAMING & Taxation Services
Jeanius Graphics 50 Carr St. Barwon Heads 5254 2101 / 0419 588 069
Plaster patching / small jobs - Paul Rouhan 0458005623 & SELF MANAGED SUPERANNUATION FUND
BMC Plumbing - Blair McGregor 0418 376 014 Phone 03 5256 2815
Coastal Roofing New & Re-roofing 5255 2732 / 0418 593 434
Davis Plumbing P/L 0419 504 085 / 0421 814 669 80 The Avenue Ocean Grove 3226
Kim Nankivell 13th Beach Osteopathy & Health Services Barwon Heads 5254 2668
Podiatry @ The Heads Matthew Payton 2/76 Hitchcock Ave 5254 1100
Barwon Heads Next to the Community Bank 5254 2319
Concept Psychology Services. Suzanne Brown, Clinical Neuropsychologist. 0488 992721
Prompt same day clearance Mobile Ph. 0476 277 423
The Rubbish Guy Hank 0419 518 523
Sylont Watching Service 0419 529 623
Ocean Grove Travel 63a The Terrace Ocean Grove 5255 4422
Travel With a Difference Tremont Court B H. 5254


Billys Bins Domestic & Commercial Darren Last
Crane Hire also available Independant Mercedes Benz Specialist
& FREE Car & Scrap Metal Removal
*Conds. apply Trish Temple M. 0409 955 768 P. 5222 3010
Unit 2, Rear of 168-170 Fyans St. Sth Geelong
0418 385 667 E.
* All major credit cards accepted Mobile: 0414 583 708 Pick up and delivery of motor vehicle for service or repair
from Barwon Heads can be arranged ARC AU No: Au36554
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Save Barwon Heads Alliance (SBHA) has on our Instagram account so bring your fur have included: letter box drops (of pamphlet), signs
been overwhelmed with community support baby down on weekends to Starfish and visit on SBHA members fences around the town, banner
on Barwon Heads Road, membership drive and a
over the summer period; our membership us for a happy snap in front of our Save regular article in Talking Heads. As part of our
drive has exceeded our expectations. We Barwon Heads sign. membership drive, we have explained the potential
are still recruiting there is still time, so extent of the development that rezoning could bring.
We do need financial support in preparing to provide Discussions have occurred with the COGG planners,
please join, invite your family and friends too expert evidence for the submissions that will need to be participation in a range of forums locally and
and circulate our new pamphlet. developed for the April 2017 deadline to respond to the regionally in relation to planning. We have also met
Memberships can be left at the Post Office, draft Barwon Heads Structure Plan (to be circulated by with our legal and environmental consultant teams.
Peppercorn, Red Dog and Starfish. You can COGG). Currently all our activities/resources are
provided by a group of very committed local volunteers. In our discussions with COGG planners, they have
come and talk to SBHA members on We have secured the services of a legal team (who advised that a number of land owners (on both sides
weekends at Starfish, sign up, get a sticker have previously supported us) and also expert of Barwon Heads Road) want to rezone from rural to
for your car and donate to the cause. witnesses/consultants to add to the information residential. All these rural properties lie outside the
Barwon Heads dogs are also being featured developed to inform the 2010 Structure Plan or provide current town boundary. If this rezoning is successful,
additional advice/evidence. These are the main this could mean between 700-1000 new housing lots
expenses that we are asking the and potentially double the size of the town
community to contribute to other (permanent residents). As we all know Barwon
than communication costs which Heads has never been identified for or planned to be
have includes the 60 odd 'Save a coastal growth zone unlike our neighbouring
the Wetlands, Save the communities of Ocean Grove and Torquay.
Boundary, Save Barwon Heads' Developing the rural land outside the current town
signs and our membership boundary will only be for financial benefit and the
pamphlet/stickers. A direct detriment of the current and future generations of
deposit (with name as reference residents, holiday makers and visitors.
for receipt) to SBHA to BSB
number 083 825 and account As for fun. Save the date. Come and have a great
number 857 608 939, cheques night and meet all the others who are working to
made out to SBHA or a cash Save Barwon Heads. We are organizing a family
contribution (to our membership friendly Bush Dance fundraiser at the Barwon
stall at Starfish) would be greatly Heads Hall. The amazing Sal Kimber will call the
received. dancing and there will be an auction and a
celebrity MC to make the evening run to
Our local activities over the past perfection. This is on Saturday 25th Febuary.
few months (which will continue) Starting at 6pm and goes until 11pm.
See page 1.

Barwon Estuary Project

2017 is a very active year for the Barwon Estuary Project. We have in store:
1. Bird Photography Workshop Sunday 12 Feb, 2.00 -5.00 pm Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden
Local bird photographer, Martin Griffith, will provide enthusiasts with improved skills in:
Using light Birds on a branch Types and use of auto focus Focus stacking
Focussing attention Photo editing essentials
The workshop is free and enrolment is required:
2. Creative Writing Workshop, Sunday 19 Feb, 2.00 4.00pm, Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden
The third and final BEP writing workshop will take place on Sunday February 19. The first two have produced some
excellent writing and a fascinating variety of responses to the Barwon Estuary. The third will focus on a discussion of the
participants' work, as well as projects arising out of the workshops. These include involvement in the Festival of the Sea
and a proposal for a 'Haiku Walk' along the river. Yellow-billed Spoonbill Image: Martin Griffith
The workshop is free and enrolment is required
3. Guided Estuary Walk, Sunday 5 March, 10.00am 12.00pm
Each season, we conduct a free guided walk of the Barwon Estuary. Local experts Kate Wynn, co-ordinator Estuary Watch, and Cassy Twomey, horticulturalist and
botanical artist share their insights and experience as they lead participants in discovering the seasonal changes in the biodiversity of the Estuary.
The guided walks are free and enrolments are now open for the third and fourth walks (05/03/17 and 21/05/17). All welcome-adults and supervised children. A great family
activity. Enrolment required
4. Estuary Art Workshops 2017: details to be confirmed in project newsletter
April Illustrating the Estuary using mixed media
May Botanical Art
June Cartooning
July Illustrating scenery with water colour and pen
The workshops are free and open to all. Enrolment is required.
5. The Barwon Estuary Nature Watching Diary
Our diary is in its final stages of production and will soon be available, free of charge, to project participants who wish to
Document their Estuary observations and share them with our community.
For your free copy, send your contact details (name, address, email, mobile phone number) to Margaret Griffith, Breathing tubes stop
Margaret Griffith the Mangroves from drowning
Barwon Estuary Project Image: Cassy Twomey
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From the beginning of the club's history there players together to field a D Grade and the call went out. witness as flopping like a wet mop) on the ground to
have been instances of players from the same Tim was happy to play and having already shared a field avoid the collision. Of course, Dana took the catch and
family representing the club. with son Angus he offered the services of his 14 year old Tim tells me that the look on her face was of someone
Many brothers, cousins, fathers and sons and maybe daughter Dana and a little bit of club history was on. spared a painful blow, but it's more likely it was a look of
even the odd grandfather and grandson. In recent So how did the game go? Well Tim scored third best in pity for her terrified father.
seasons though there is a new tradition emerging. It's the team with 16, but as a tail ender, since D Grade So - a new chapter in the history of the club is written and
the father-daughter in the same team. opening bowlers give him nightmares, but he must have a new chapter in the history of the Ford family too. I'm
In a recent match played in D Grade, another of these been dismissed before young Dana came to the wicket sure that when she's an old lady Dana can tell her
took place with father Tim and Daughter 14 year old because he was square leg umpire while she was batting grandchildren of the time she played cricket with her
Dana playing a match together. Tim is a former B Grade and took video of her batting. As I said conduct father and how her dad covered himself in glory. I'm sure
skipper, former secretary, current very generous and unbecoming but not the worst travesty of the game in that now he's an old man he's telling his friends the same
well regarded sponsor and stalwart of the club who was Tim's square leg umpiring career. story, but more emphasis on his glory.
once cleared to St Leonards CC in an effort to raise the Anyhow, Dana scored 1 in her debut and she took a In cricket news, the weeks since the break have seen
average IQ of both clubs. It's fair to say that Tim's catch, which I'm told was a moment of mayhem in itself. It some good results for the club with A Grade winning both
reputation as a player was more suited to the saints, seems that a ball was skied between Tim and Dana. Tim games in a fixture anomaly which saw them play the
since he took every measure available for him and his thought it was too far away from him to get to and Dana same club twice in a row. B Grade had the bye first up
team to win or to avoid defeat. It wouldn't be fair to say thought it was too far away for Tim to get to as well, but and then had a great win with Liam Fallon getting a
that at times Tim's conduct was unbecoming of an officer Tim also thought that Dana may have misjudged the wonderful century. C Grade got their behinds handed to
and a gentleman while on the playing fields of the BPCA, catch, was moving too slowly and wasn't going to get to it. them by the top team and then went agonizingly close to
but life's not fair, so there I've said it. Extreme Dana was simply moving gracefully across the grass to a pulling off an outright win, with under 15 player Charlie
gamesmanship? Check. Robust sledging? Check. position where she could catch the ball. Tim thought Hurst starring with the bat with 61 and then Tyler Friswell
Rules manipulation? Checkedy check check. Cheating? Dana had panicked and was frozen in place. Dana was taring the batting apart with 8 wickets for the match. D
I can neither confirm or deny. To paraphrase George already in position and knew that she'd catch the ball Grade have played some close games and had good
Costanza, It isn't cheating if you truly believe your comfortably unless someone panicked. Tim panicked! bowling performances recently from Sammy Singh and
decision is correct Teddy. To be fair to Tim though (and He began sprinting to where he thought the ball might a late order 53 from Duncan Ferris Buller. Under 15s
life isn't fair remember) his record as a player is fairly land. The problem with this is that Dana was already have set some new standards with Josh High scoring 22
great. He was a swash buckling opening batsman for where the ball was going to land and there is a rule of and 50 and Sterling Shier batting for 30 overs as an
many seasons, with the ability to score very quickly or nature that no 2 Fords can occupy the same space at the opener in a recent game. Under 13s continue to win in
get out, and he performed both in equal measure. As a same time. Of course the laws of physics also suggest both teams and are sitting second and fifth on the ladder
bowler, Tim was a swash buckling opening batsman, that when 2 Fords do occupy the same section of the currently, both with great chances of finals action.
with the ability to score very quickly or get out, but it was universe together, the one that's panicked and is running The action is hotting up as the competition for finals gets
as a wicket keeper that Tim made his name. I must have at three miles an hour and has eleven time the mass of closer and A Grade are a good chance of being in the
played 80 games of cricket with Tim and I can tell you the stationary Ford, then the stationary Ford will be action with B and C Grades only outside chances, but
that from what I have heard he was as good as any crushed. However, either Dana is too young to have fully making every game count.
keeper in the game at country level. I have to say that, taken in the laws of physics as they pertain to Fords, or It's a good time to be around the club and there's some
because in all the seasons and all the games I played she possesses a level of courage genetically gifted her excellent cricket to bee seen so come on down and see
with Tim, I never saw him in the gloves. He clearly by her mother, because she stood her ground. Tim, also us and share in the community.
fulfilled his potential in that facet of the game and simply being unaware of the laws of physics, was suddenly filled
moved on. with dread, since he believed he was about to suffer a
A few weeks back it was proving difficult to get enough painful collision and in terror he dived (described by a


Bollards Revenge
The bollards finally have got their revenge on Nev.
From calling out Bollards Up for so many years, Nev
was riding along down the end of the street he
actually lives in, and he hit a bollard. Poor bugger.
Pretty funny though! I asked the BHCC crew about
their thoughts on Nev's accident and here are a few
thoughts from the crew..
What I assumed but had no evidence for, was that the
President's misdemeanors with bollards are World Record
consistent with an elite cyclist: most recently Steven behind, beside or especially in front of which one Late last year, a new Guinness World Record was
Kruijswijk smashed into a bollard in the Vuelta last bollard attempting revenge so painfully discovered. All achieved by the BHCC. There was a total of 18 riders
year (once again the bollard failed to get out of the our sympathies go to the Saratoga bollard and we out one morning. Yes, you read that correct 18 riders.
way). Nev is clearly so focused on the finish line that eagerly anticipate the Breamlea bollards' revenge at a Luckily nobody was in a hurry to get to work that
immovable objects along the way are discovered too time of their choosing. Expect the unexpected Nev. morning as the team at Annie's put in a great effort to
late. Nev is partial to a puff, pant and moan while under get all those coffees out to us. weak skinny latte,
Neville: Open 2 Eyes. duress so you strong flat white, soy latte, cappuccino, skinny latte in
Bollards: Open your eyes. can only imagine the moaning and groaning after he a mug, mug of chino, weak flat white, baby chino,
Neville: It's mainly mental. went down - poor English Breakfast tea, hot chocolate, long macchiato,
Bollards: No, it's not. bugger. weak decaf latte, moccachino and soy chai latte.
Neville: Bollards up. I've noticed Nev's recent willingness to pass up his
Bollards: Wright up yours. time on the front and roll As the holiday season comes to a close and our
Neville: This training sh!% is overrated. within a matter of seconds. wonderful town starts to return to normal, the BHCC
Bollards: Yeah, Wright. riders continue to get out in the mornings. Everyone
Neville: I'm Neville. There was a young Barwon Heads man, heads back to work and the regular Breamlea run will
Bollards: Who? Who belonged to the Open 2 View clan, return. No more 2 or 3 hour rides. No more venturing
Neville: Bollards up. His signature call, out to Torquay, Bell's Beach, Portarlington or Point
Bollards: Neville down. Was to be his downfall, Lonsdale. Thank goodness for the Breamlea bike path
Ahh Nev integral to the identity of the BHCC, a The bollards are his kryptonite to Superman. (but maybe not for the bollards eh Nev?).
pioneer of BH cycling BUT, almost dangerous to ride Andy McNeilly
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Jayde Young from Barwon Heads, Madi
Phaelander from Wallington and Vanessa
Mazaraki from Geelong West helped bring
home the 2017 National Futsal
Championships Title.
Jayde and Madi began playing soccer for Barwon Heads
Soccer Club which is a fun and friendly dedicated soccer
club with many volunteering their time to make it the
wonderful club it is today and is growing every year.
The club helped the girls get a great start early and with their
seasons playing with Barwon Heads their passion kept growing
and they were offered places in the skill aquisitions program and
then lead to the opportunity to play in the WNPL for Galaxy United
where they met their great friend and team mate Vanessa.
The girls were keen to continue their soccer in the off season and
played in a local Futsal competition and then went onto playing for Vic Country at the recent championships. They were held in Penrith in very warm
conditions reaching over 40 degrees Celsius on finals day. The girls team,coached by Diarna Cartwright, was made up of girls from Geelong areas,
Bendigo ,Ballarat, Gisborne and Macedon. They fought hard making it into the finals. The semi was a tough game for the girls needing to beat the top
team, they were successful with the game going into extra time and winning on their penalty shootouts. The Grand Final was held later that day with
the girls pumped and playing strong defeating NSW winning 3-2.??The girls came home very happy and proud 2017 National Futsal Champs. Well
done Girls. Jayde, Madi and Vanessa are now training and preparing for their soccer season with Galaxy United and we wish them all the very best
for the
Photo upcoming season.
- MMcEvoy

Brendon Brice Electrical Pty Ltd

* All electrical Work
* Free Quotes
* Phone & Internet Points
* TV Points
* Split System Air Conditioning * Safety Switches
* Domestic & Commercial * Stove & Hot Water

* Installation & Maintenance

* Computer Network Cabling
All Work Covered by a Certificate of Safety
Mobile: 0416 165 855

Creating unforgettable holidays
online shopping - Maximum group size of 10 - Leisurely Pace
- Australian Tour Leader - Authentic experiences
- Boutique accommodation - Exclusive culinary experiences
Small group tours and tailor-made travel.
Mobile Travel Agent. Ill come to you on the Bellarine, Geelong and the
Frida Kahlo $59 each For more information please call Rosie on 0424 226 388 or
Natural linen/cotton zippered cushions
50cm x 50cm with soft,quality inserts (also with zippersl) HOME
Triple scented candles (no parabens)
stunning tins -various sizes A SAFE RESTING PLACE, A HOME G

41 Geelong Rd
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Saturday 12-5pm (measures by appointment only)

03 5253 1855 | 63 Murradoc Road, Drysdale