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America's Nastiest Crimes; against its Citizens

The impetus for the American Constitution was to prevent the tyranny that a imperialistic ruling
class imposes upon its citizenry. The Constitution encourages individualism that bonds with Christian
Judeo principles of morality, along with assurance that that dogma will be protected. Yes, it is an equity
(contract) document and thus amendment capabilities are available; however, the 1811 13th Amendment
was ratified to guarantee that imperialistic corporations could not overpower Citizens in office; while
using violations to the basic heart of the Constitution as acceptable under color of equity jurisdiction.
Abraham Lincoln is the culprit that overwrote this 13th Amendment that sealed the doom of excluding
American CITIZENS that do not belong to the CULT of the BAR association. So the entire structure of
Government is now controlled within a corporation of legal “manipulators” that Christ hated. [His
definition of hate was to love less]

The isolation of government has initiated a racketeering scheme that becomes easy to promote
by peer pressure tactics; the same way the syndicates operated in the roaring 20s. Labeling a product as
illegal, is a sure way to gain financial success by “criminalizing” enterprising business folks. This
automatically creates a war against crime attitude stimulated, that in turn is amplified by government
propaganda to gain support for “stupid” crusades - that are eventually quenched by tremendous
overpowerment. America taught Adolph Hitler genocide by its treatment of the American Indians;
while the Indians taught General Rommel how to destroy American tank battalions! This kind of
growth is so destructive to societies - and is still going on strong...I should say stronger!

Drugs have been around for 4000 years now and our DNA is most likely adjusted to them.
Alexander the Great's troops traveled the barefooted distance of the circumference of the planet Earth
to maintain a war machine - to conquer the world; thanks to opium; the same stuff that was given
Roman Gladiators to enhance their performance. [“Oops there goes one arm. Well I have another one
left until they slash my heart..Oops!”]
The 1920s issued prohibition that was so extreme that soda parlors could not sell an Ice Cream
Soda on Sunday. This initiated leaving the soda water out, and was the birth of the Ice Cream Sundae.
All the mess of gangster killings and police corruption apparently was based upon stupidity as
demonstrated by repealing the alcohol prohibition, only to criminalize marijuana usage instead, a better
product all around, and as time has demonstrated, is far better than tobacco. [The real stuff Indians put
in their Peace pipe]
Hemp apparently created fear with the Cotton Growers of America, because the Marijuana
plant fibers were superior, and cheaper, so they initiated movies (with the approval of government) to
display (falsely) the horrors of smoking 'pot'; creating homicidal maniacs out of peaceful folk. The
reality is that if warriors were smoking pot, they would prefer to go bird watching. The Indian
massacres were prompted with Whiskey, the currently legal crap our government prefers us to
consume, so they can criminalize us for accepting their lies; while fostering and pampering felons in
office, that are obviously above the law; while snorting cocaine and driving inebriated.

The basic question I have is why punish the elderly because of youngster's abuse of applicable
natural medication? We should have the right to walk in the woods and gather comforting herbs and
drugs, that require no patenting; that also excludes corporate interference, and abuse. Raising marijuana
in your backyard for personal usage is constitutionally guaranteed - but is blocked by Admiralty
jurisdiction (that fits martial law instead of free enterprise). This is now 100 years of criminal activities
promoted by the Cotton Growers Association, and manipulated by a uncontrollable government that
seeks circulating capitol instead of biblical morality. The word uncontrollable is related to the Citizens
of America; whereas the planetary plutocracy is currently so far above the law that we the people don't
count anymore; so pulling strings by leaders to obtain knee jerking peers has free reign. This spawns
lots of agencies that attempt stupid wars against trivia, which in turn depletes America instead of
nurturing it. Having rules for non adults to have possession of “illegal” substance should evoke a
penalty as a misdemeanor; rather than have those kinds of rules extend onto old timers (more than 40
years old) with a felony attached.. Sigmund Freud placed quality of life more important than quantity,
and felt the use of Cocaine was a helpful ingredient to maintain a youthful aspect; but prissy educated
folks with bent stuck up noses took him down (most likely they were a majority were legal alcoholics;
another classical demonstration why democracy stinks).

The intensity of American communistic brainwashing rattles the mind of free thinkers. And then
to see structures of rules erected on emotion, that have no legal foundation other than the acceptance of
a fantasy by the democratic majority, is truly a demonstration of stupidity. K2 Marijuana is now
approved (LEGAL) in all 50 States for the last 4 months. Yet, we have imperialistic folks that are
supposed leaders refuse to accept law and order, and force a “cult” group into criminal activities - in
Allen Texas. They illegally closed shops stocking merchandise through gestapo tactics (because the
business is small scale and cannot retaliate). They increased the drive on illegal possession, and apply it
onto K2. They want all the benefits of government, yet quickly become vigilante renegades militating
against decisions made by a higher authority. Because motivation is Southern Baptist morals, we truly
are witnessing a similarity of the war in Afghanistan, whose terrorists are clinging to the morals
contained in the Quran. Because of no body count (at this time) the moralists think they are wining
against equity, until the time comes to “pay the piper.” The moral leaders will want more income for
the “fight;” that they will lose, increasing the burden upon taxpayers. Oh, it has become obvious
economic growth increases with the stupidity of our leaders, an axiom that has been going on after the
smart ones accepted the American Constitution that criminals in office swear to; but refuse to follow;
replacing Common law with Equity. I believe until the size of the injured parties equals or exceeds the
vigilantes, they will get away with this abuse. Then after extreme emotional upheavals, the FBI will
finally step into the foray for more circulation of taxpayers capitol. Another win for economic growth -
that truly has negative effects upon society - by compounding abuse to the abused, while attempting to
'Teflon' coat the abuser, that has more status.

Anyone that has the audacity to attempt to improve existence and survival, via simplicity and
ingenuity, is classified as stupid, especially if he uses 5th grade math (instead of calculus) to correctly
prove his inventions. Progress is dependent upon 'Razzel Dazzel & Massivity' instead of Efficiency in
order to maintain control over a citizen's property [that one only has an equitable interest in to begin
with]. We have the majority currently in love with the SUV, but they expect all the rest of the citizens to
pay for their luxury. Highways too narrow? Widen them! Parking spaces too small? Enlarge the lot and
do it “right.” Roads breaking up? Sue the engineers and drain the cities coffers for 'me and my
Suburban.' This makes Italy more advanced then America. The small Fiat sells for 1/3 the price of
America's monstrosities, has more then double the MPG, moves 4 passengers about a lot faster then we
can (because our traffic is frequently choked down to 15 mph on our freeways due to large numbers of
huge vehicles moving one people each). While I am at it, America has the most over displaced vehicles
in the world, and the accident rate and exhaust pollution proves it. With modern technology a 100 cc
motorbike can move a 200 lb person at today's maximum legal velocity; however the 2 wheel
suspension has a resonance factor that should limit it to 40 mph. The modern car should be constructed
of a reflective plastic laminate, with a bismuth telluride interior coating - thus have no need for air
conditioning other than a circulation fan. This 600 lb lightweight body to handle 3 passengers should
be powered with about a 250 cc rear engine (for efficiency), onto a trapezoid footing (making the spare
tire work until needed). We are talking of a smaller vehicle to reduce traffic loading and snarls. In fact,
reducing (enforced) expressway speeds to 45 mph would actually improve reliability of throughput,
less accidents and snarl ups, lower insurance rates, but a lot of agitated delinquent drivers that enjoy
wheelies and spin outs. Why does our government cater to potential criminals, while providing them
the means to be extraordinarily lethal?

All the above babble is generated because of the abuse to elderly citizens, who can visualize the
destruction of society over the years. I guess the timing for K2 is correct to allow us elders that are
classified as useless, because we don't have the energy to attack, and thus are harmless to a pecking
order society. We can contentedly maintain decorum by just not giving a damn!

Stock Market?

This is the greatest example of sophisticated stupidity. Because our basic product is now usury,
we have lots of small invisible (but “legal”) corporations dedicated to the Ponzi scheme. These
seedlings of financial success are working their way into the ethics of the larger corporations; with law
now adjusting to support slimy programs [the same tactics as developed by Adolph Hitler]. Add the
printing of counterfeit money by government and you can watch the corporate clowns moving the
numbers back and forth, using time as a tool for survival; with the chance that as long as the passing
the buck back and forth continues, that the clock will run forever! Its going to Crash! All over this
planet! And that will be the first step in regaining health, and avoiding World war IV (if timed correctly
instead of manipulated (as usual) by corporations).
[Note: With 50 wars going on about this planet that I classify as WW III, and with their heavy duty
expansions by nuclear assistance, I classify that as WW IV]
Yes, there will be disastrous effects like letting jailbirds out because of lack of funds; however,
50% of them don't belong there to begin with - being punished because they are the victims of self
punishing crimes is like whipping the prisoner, John the Baptist for whipping himself. We will have
150 thousand MIAs because we cannot retrieve our soldiers so they will become the Vandals of Arabia
(until they run out of bullets). At that point the survivors will be forced to integrate and become citizens
of that culture. We as a species are so sociologically underdeveloped, and so overpopulated, that life
and death blessings are totally distorted. We normally force terminal patients to “enjoy” their pain with
drugs, maintain brain dead bodies (with the hope of survival?), and stuff psychotics into institutions,
while concerning ourselves with chosen officials that might execute innocent folks. This would all
change as we become more socialized by force. Cult groups would form hit men so that leaders that go
beyond the moral blue line get eliminated. This will be a more brutal society, but one that will be more
in line with nature instead of greedy empire building. Thought crime punishment will diminish for
simpler law to exist. OJ wants his wife eliminated, he hires a killer to do it (and stays away from the
scene to avoid accidental incrimination), and then society goes after the real murderer instead of the
orchestrator. [And the killer cannot pass the blame onto their weapon of choice - as in the past attempts
with hired assassins ]

Vehicles racing about will diminish, 50 year old aircraft will be destroyed/dismantled.
Governments will impose martial law - until military gives up because the only punishment left for
government to impose is execution (too many “criminals” and no place to put them). There is the
bright side however. The criminals in office have been declawed, and are striped to their good looks
and bullshit. Small business can grow without capitalistic communism and government intervention.
Hunting and fishing will return as survival, instead of seeking trophy's and status by the wealthy. In fact
the philosophy of Cajun Louisianan most likely will inundate the world that is left. They have great
work ethics, comprehend free market, in fact are classified as the happiest State in America. Surviving
corporations will have to adjust to fulfill needs instead of their open-ended bank accounts. Small light
cars will replace the current monstrosities on the road. The smaller vehicles will support infrastructure
existence, while reducing specialization of service oriented maintenance. Obviously new companies
will emerge to fight the dogma created by greedy capitalists, and hopefully sensible efficiency will win;
over deadly performance. I believe the greatest invention of personal transportation is the bicycle. It
uses the human energy and efficiently amplifies it about three times for improving mobility to make up
for homosapiens natural weakness (relative to the other mammals on the planet). Automobiles truly are
health hazards that physically retard society to the point that riding a bike to the health club, and home
again without spending time inside, would be more beneficial then working out.

Now if the the gargantuan money 'volley ball' continues toward 2012 without the market
collapse, Obama may be forced to adopt Israel as the 51st state, creating American involvement in their
misery. This will put England on edge to the point any upheavals that Israel orchestrates will have
American backing, so escalations of any kind will have British nuclear bombardments onto America's
shriveling (because of old age) infrastructure targets. This will be to the glee of the Plutocracy, who
views wealth only as a tool for control. Power! Winners, losers, isn't important as long as some
semblance of power remains in the hands of the plutocracy. Dictators will abound repeating the middle
ages, but with modern firepower for slaughter efficiency. Life will loose its sanctity, and assisted
suicide will become as common as prostitution.

Disclaimer: Now the reader of this fictional quatrain can accept the logic of my arguments, or
chose to follow through with their own research from both sides of what is going on in the world, to see
if he/she can possibly come out with the same conclusions. I hope the curious take the bait, and support
a new America; before it has to rise above the ashes!
Alvin 7/4/10