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The site is oriented towards the northeast .The width of the main road towards
the front of the site is about 12.2m in width and another road towards the west is
10m in width .There is only one entrance to approach in the site the entrance of
the site is about 15m .Here they also used sustainable techniques which in terms
resulted in cost .


The site is divided into three parts they are residential,recreational and service
zone where the services are zoned at the front of the site at the front towards the
south where the main road is about 12.2m and where the entrance are possible
on the south Visitors parking are zoned at the front of the site visitors parking
and transforms yard where the visitors car park is about 321.2 sq.m and the
transformer yard is about 38.5sq.m The reception block is positioned on the site
at the front to avoid strangers not to come in where it also helps in adding more

next to the reception they had given open space reservation as an open space
between the residential units .Where the zoning of the site helps more in terms
of security and safety by having space particularly for instance separating
services helps to make normal flow on the site .The supermarket is placed at the
center of the residential where it is easy to access by all the users.Before
supermarket children play area is also zoned at the residential area where they
have given or created interaction space on the site.


The site falls under special building category where the distance can be 6m
-10m.(1) Special Buildings means

a) a residential or commercial buildings with more than 2 floors; or

b) a residential building with more than six dwelling units; or

c) a commercial building exceeding a floor area of 300 square meters:

Provided that any construction on the second floor with prior permission as an
addition to an existing ground and first storeyed authorized ordinary residential
building which is three years old shall not be construed as a Special Building

(2) (a) The minimum width of the public road on which the site abuts or gains
access shall be 10 meters. Provided that if the extent of the site is more than
1100 sq.m. a special building for residential use may be permitted on a site
abutting or gaining access from 9m. wide public road. Provided further that
special building for

residential use may be permitted with the limitation on a maximum number of

dwellings and / maximum height of the building on a site abutting or gaining
access from 9 m wide public road subject to compliance of the planning
parameters.As per regulation, they have provided roads and internal road in the
site is at a minimum width of 8m in the site.

.(i) Road width means the road space as defined in DR no. 2 (35). The qualifying

width for permitting special building shall be available atleast for a stretch of

along the length of the road abutting the site and the stretch from a junction can

straight or a curve or zigzag or combination of the above.

To cite examples:

a) If the road over its general length is of 10 meters width, but because of some
kinks in front of the site one end is 9.8 meters and the another end is 10.2
metres is acceptable.
b) If the general road is of width less than 10 meters width, but only widens
opposite to or nearer to the site is more than 10 meters, is not acceptable.

c) If the road is generally of 10 metres width up to a considerable length on one

side but discontinues and narrows into a road of smaller width on the other side
of the site in question and the plot owner is willing to leave enough space for
continuity of 10 metres road in front of his site, this will have to be checked and
decided on case-by-case.

d) If the general road width is less than 10 meters and the site owner merely
agrees to leave enough space to have 10 meters in front of his site only, this is
not acceptable.


The service is placed at the front where they are easy to access by the
corporation, At the front of the site they have service like sewage treatment
plant, transformer yard .As there is no way for the services to be approached.
Here the sewage treatment plant at an area of

at an area of 77.7 sq.m where the transformer yard is about

38.15 sq.m.The services are kept apart from the residential unit whereas its safe
and also easy to repair where it does not affect the flow of the users.


In this site, the OSR are used as open space .The site is going to be extended in a
few months .As per regulation in the site, the main arterial road is about 15m
and for sub-arterial, they been given 8m.As per regulation the plot coverage
should not exceed more than 30% where in this case the plot coverage is about
24.87 and F.S.I is about 0.257.