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Da Archive

September 6 2016
This is a compilation of the last 35 pdf share threads
and the rpg generals threads. A HUGE THANK YOU to all contributors.
It has been cleaned up some, labeled poorly, and shuffled about a little to perhaps be more useful.
There are links to perhaps 17,000 pdfs. Don't be intimidated, some are duplicates. Go get a coffee and browse.
As Anon says; Surely in Da Archive somewhere.

Part I is the Personal Collections. They are Huge.

You need to go to each one and look at them. They often have over 1000 links each.

Part II is the Alphabetical Section.

Well.... when I say alphabetical, I really mean artistically arranged according to my whim.

Ctrl+F will be of little use in this document, you will have to wander around and look with your eyes.

Please buy a copy of a book if you use it.

No really, I mean it.
The Negarons generated by struggling game publishers have been proven to psychically attach
themselves to the dice of gamers who like a game enough to play it but not enough to support it.
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Mixed Personal Big Collections most have HUNDREDS of files

These Are The LOTSASTUFF FILES --- Tons & Tons & Tons o' goodies!
LOTSASTUFF 's Awesome Reference Resources.
City Builder, Magical Society, Historical Costumes, Name books, Central Casting, Encyclopedias,
Medieval Life, Mapping, World Building, Kobold's Guides, Spacefarer's Guide
ASOIAF, AD&D 1E 2E, CoC, Cyberpunk 2020, FGU, GDW, Morrow Project, Palladium, Rifts

FOLDER TWO: Ancient settings rpgs & rules, Horse & Musket, Osprey, Avalon Hill, Medieval

FOLDER THREE: WFRP 2E, Civil War, Judge Dredd RPG, Napoleonics, Victorian, WW I

FOLDER FOUR : Modern, Vietnam War, World War Two

FOLDER FIVE : GW Boardgames, Hero System, MERP, SF Wargame, Space Opera, Star Wars
Files, Strategy & Tactics Magazine, Street Fighter RPG, TSR,


Aliens RPG
Car Wars
Crimson Skies
Doctor Who (FASA)
Dungeon Crawl
Field Of Glory
Heroes Unlimited
James Bond RPG
Judge Dredd Games
Judge's Guild AD&D Modules
Robotech (Palladium)
Star Trek (FASA)
Star Wars (WEG)
Starship Troopers RPG
Top Secret
Warlock Magazine


Albedo RPG
Chain Reaction
Dead Reign
Marvel RPGs

BIG collection by Atomic Frog ASOIAF, Anima, Ars Magica, Changeling, COD, D&D, DCC,
Eclipse Phase, Elder Scrolls Rpg, Geist, Heroquest, Hunter, LL, Mage, M&M, nWOD, Pendragon,
Promethean, Rocket Age, Savage Worlds...... just go look already.

Anon Y Mous Collection of world building and game mastering

DntzVw's Collection of resources, namebooks, DMing, World building!VIE1CLTD!Pz9SEGXkadxWvVpuDntzVw

BbukFA Collection- Savage Worlds, Achtung Cthulhu, Technoir, Demon Lord's Companion!axkmmbKT!NKiex_659PAGOlaKBbukFA

Well-Known's Collection (includes Catthulhu and Golden Sky, Shadowrun, Traveller)

3.5 D&D book Collection by Cory L.

Another RPG Fan's Collection includes 13th Age, Boot Hill, CoC, Falkenstein, Cyberpunk,
Cypher System, D20 Modern, Double Cross, D&D, Eclipse Phase, Engine Heart, Exodus, Fate,
Fate Excellerated, GURPS, Hc Svnt Dracones, Hero System, Unknown Armies, 40k, and FATAL)

Nice Collection including Numenera, D&D, Dresden Files, L5R, Judge Dredd, Shadowrun, WW.

sup /tg/ Collection

including Bundle of Holding, Catthulhu, Fate, Dresden Files, Firefly, Maid, Trail of Cthulhu,
Paranoia, John Wick, Hero System, Heroine, Judge Dredd, Marvel, M&M, Numenera, Paranoia,
Tokyo Brain Pop, White Wolf

Val's Astonishing Collection including Riddle of Steel, Rolemaster, Savage Worlds, Savage
Worlds Slipstream, Scion, Shadows of Esteven, Sorcerer, Supernatural, Thieves' World, Top
Secret, Transhuman Space, Traveller, Twilight 2000, V&V, Witchfire

Freddy Bolger's RPG Trove ---Hundreds in this one!9k0mnRDA!4izJiGrCIFeoHBlbskROwg

Mr Slayer2 Collection
13th Age, AAH, AMPYO, Cerulean Seas, Challenge Magazine, D6, Dark Conspiracy,
DragonStar, Dream Park, Earthdawn, Firefly, Kobolds AMB, M&M, Mutant City Blues, Numenera,
Savage Worlds, Tekumel, Torg, Tribe 8, Truth & Justice, Weird War II, Wild Talents

Huuuge Collection including 13th Age, 2300AD, 7th Sea, Adventure, Ad.Con.King, AFMBE,
Amber, Apocalypse World, Ars Magica, Barbarians of Lemuria, BRP, Battletech, Beyond the
Wall, Blood and Treasure, Burning Wheel, CoC, Castles and Crusaders, Circle of Hands,
Crimson Skies, Crimson World, CYOA Books, Dark World Games, DC Adventures, Delving
Deeper, DRYH, Double Cross, Dragons at Dawn, D&D 5th Ed, Dungeons the Dragoning....
AND IT KEEPS GOING UNTIL ............................ Yggdrasil!!GgZGlKAY!MRRUIHUqlPNXS58UTppRIQ!bgQngbIL

Zero Xaoc's Collection

13th Age, A Penny For My Thoughts, AMP Year One, Apocalypse World Engine, Beyond the
Wall, Car Wars, Conspiracy X, CthulhuTech, Don't Rest Your Head, Dragon Age, Dresden Files,
Eldritch Skies, Engine Publishing, Fiasco, Flatpack, Grimm, King Arthur Pendragon, Kult, Little
Fears, Maid the RPG, Malifaux, Monsters and other Childish Things, Mutant-year-zero, Myriad
Song, Numenera, Other Dust, OVA the Anime RPG, Over the Edge, Paranoia, Part Time Gods,
Rocket Age, Rotted Capes, Stars Without Number, Technoir, The Laundry, The One Ring, the
Strange, Through the Breach, Toon, Victoriana, (AGE) Adventure Game Engine

Alex 3 Collection of open source games including Mike Row Skope


RAUMTHEMAD / HOARDER's Collection including AFMBE, Chaosium, CoC, Hackmaster,

Mongoose Traveller, Nephilhim, nWoD, Unknown Armies

Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles and Gear Krieg!aMEziYQL!7lUPbf7rKMvwnXuqEvP8zg

G Files Collection
G.I. Joe, Galacta-3, Galactic, GURPS, Gamma World, Game Engine Manual, Game Mastery,
GangBusters, Gangland, Godlike, Grimtooth's, Guild Hunters, Gunslingers & Gamblers, more.!i0RCRbwZ!dlo_q7wufhOrNF-NAJqDiQ

Dgk2g's Collection including Alternity, Amber, B.A.S.H., BESM, Champions 6e, Cortex Plus,
Dresden Files, FATE, Fight RPG, more

Concise Collection in a .rar

Cyberspace Chicago Arcology.pdf
>d6 Bloodshadows.pdf
>Dark Conspiracy New Orleans.pdf
>Darwin's World Against the Wastelords.pdf
>Darwin's World Bixby's World Almanac.pdf
>Dawning Star EOS Resource Zone Map.jpg
>DC Heroes Batman Sourcebook 2nd Edition.pdf
>DC Heroes 2995 The Legion of Super-Heroes Sourcebook.pdf
>Dead Inside Cold, Hard World.pdf
>Dead Inside Corebook.pd
>Dead Inside Imago Deck.pdf

Small Collection
Elements of Magic splatbook for d20, Traveller Core book, PF, Dreamscarred

Last Ringo's RPG Trove 100+pdfs 1PG Games, Abandon All Hope, Atlantean Trilogy, Cartoon
Action Hour, Doctor Who, Dragon Age, Dragon Kings, Dragon Warriors, Dungeon World, Dying
Earth, FATAL, FATE, Game of Thrones, HeartQuest, Hollow Earth Expeditions, Legend-RQ, Little
Fears, Lone Wolf, Lord of the Rings, Misc RPG (191 files), Monsters & Other Childish Things,
Mutant Epoch, Noir, Numenara, OneDice, Riddle of Steel, Rocket Age, RuneQuest, Slayers,
Savage Worlds, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Shadow Sword and Spell, Stars Without Number, Star
Siege, The Strange, Trancers, Treasures Awaits, Tunnels and Trolls

CoC, Shadowrun and Star wars d20 Collection


Devil's Workshop - Espionage and Full Metal Zero's_Workshop Devil's Workshop
Espionage/Full Metal Zero/every Sidetrek Adventure Weekly, including 11.

Anon'sTwo Collections
RPG Collection torrent
D20 Collection torrent

The Swedish Connection Collection

EVERYTHING ventyrsspel/Target Games did (i.e. the entire swedish rpg output, besides one or
two exceptions) during the 80's/90's, for a very long time. Chock/Drakar o Demoner/old
Mutant/Kult/Mutant Chronicles/Sagan om Ringen/Star Wars and a ton of other stuff.


All the official material for the post-apocalyptic Mutant: Undergngen Arvtagare, set in Scandinavia!jgVGXSgZ!w-QzAjOdBmcoDBykcOF-UQ

Good Haul Collection


Five Lark's Collection of BRP
Woodland Warriors At Sea.pdf
Woodland Warriors Greyrock Isle Setting.pdf
Woodland Warriors Out West.pdf
Woodland Warriors Rpg.pdf

Five Lark's Stopgap Dumping Ground Collection

A -E
Alternity New Planetary System Generator
Alternity Starships
AmberZine 01 to 15
CoC A Collection of Ancient Lore
CoC Adventures in Turin
CoC All Is Not Well in the City of Angels
CoC All Nighter
CoC Alone Against the Dark
CoC Blood Brothers 2
CoC Blood Brothers
CoC Business Cards
CoC Call Amarja of Cthulhu
CoC Campus Crusade for Cthulhu
CoC Cthulhu-Fu
CoC House on an Island
CoC Lord Karma Has Gone Insane
Cold City Companion
Cold City Corebook
Cthulhu Rising 23rd Century Costs and Equipment
Cyberspace Chicago Arcology
D&D 1e The Forgotten King
D&D 1e The Investigation of Hydell
D&D 2e Forgotten Realms Conspectus
D&D Animated Series Handbook
D&D Foldup Paper Models Compiled Archive
D&D Ghostwalk - Update for 3.5e
D&D Ghostwalk - Web Enhancement
D&D Oriental Adventures - Silent Warriors
d20 Avalanche Press Nile Empire War in Heliopolis
d20 Avalanche Press The Last Days of Constantinople
d20 Avalanche Press The Little People
d20 Board Enterprises Forge of Imagination
d20 ComStar Games Instant GM - A Bag of Tricks
d20 ComStar Games Instant GM II - On Your Mark, Get Set, GM
d20 Devil's Workshop d20 Western Sourcebook Horses of the West
d20 Devil's Workshop Full Metal Zero Sourcebook Debatable Actions
d20 Unknown Publisher Pulp Seeds III
d20 Unknown Publisher Pulp Seeds IV
d20 Unknown Publisher Pulp Seeds V
d30 companion (Maybe not sure had d30 Sandbox Companion)
Dark Conspiracy New Orleans
Darwin's World Against the Wastelords
Darwin's World Bixby's World Almanac
Dawning Star EOS Planet Map
Dawning Star EOS Resource Zone Map.jpg
DC Heroes 2995 The Legion of Super-Heroes Sourcebook
Dead Inside Imago Deck
Dreaming Cities Corebook
Dreamwalker Corebook
Dreamwalker d20 Corebook
DUST Adventures core rules
EABA (Everything I have)

Some more fills for Da Wishlist - Fills F-O

FASA Star Trek adventures from the 80's - 90's

Fate of the Norns Ragnarok: Denizens of the North
Fates Worse Than Death
Fellowship - A Tabletop Adventure Game
Fellowship (for the author, actually)
Fiasco set "The Call of the Necronomicon" by Andre Geist
Fireborn stuff
Fragged Empires - Protagonist Archive 1 (Antagonist Archive?)
Fragged Empires- DM Screen
Fragged Empires- "Genetic Spectres"
Fragged Empires- "Let Sleeping Gods Lie"
Fudge 10th Anniversary
Fuzion Appleseed.pdf
Fuzion Guns and Butter.pdf
Hellas: Worlds of Sun & Stone
Hellboy Corebook.pdf (not the GURPS one)
Hero System Bestiary
Hero System Equipment Guide
Jeremiah RPG - Mongoose Publishing
Liber Chaotica complete edition (probably)
LotR The Bringer of Gifts Part 1.pdf
LotR The Bringer of Gifts Part 2.pdf
Mars Martian Characters by City.pdf
Mars The Master Mind of Mars.PDF
Marvel Universe books, esp Core book and Guide to the X-Men, OCR (Alas not OCR)
Masters of Magic from Legend of the five rings -3rd- edition
MERP Far Harad The Scorched Land Maps 2.pdf
MERP Far Harad The Scorched Land Maps.pdf
MERP Far Harad The Scorched Land.pdf
Morrow Project 4th Edition
Musha Shugyo
Mutant Year Zero - Zone Sector 1 - Doom Sphere (Eng. or Swedish)
Night Witches, based on the Russian bomber division
OutWorlds Star Sector Atlas for FGUs Space Opera

Five Lark's Amazing Request Fills Collections

Marvel Super Heroes The Ultimate Powers Book.pdf

Marvel Super Heroes The Ultimate Talents Book.pdf
Marvel Super Heroes The Unofficial Lonely Planet Guide to Aliens & Space Travel.pdf
Master of Orion Corebook.pdf
Mist-Robed Gate Corebook.pdf
Necropolis 2350 Corporate Soldiers.pdf
Necropolis 2350 Mercenary Campaigns.pdf
Necropolis 2350 Players Guide.pdf
Necropolis 2350 The Long Sleep.pdf
Nephilim Past Lives.pdf
Nephilim Temple of the Ancients.pdf
Operation Perfect Blue Corebook.pdf
Over the Edge It Waits.pdf
Over the Edge Welcome to Sylvan Pines.pdf
Ptolus Adventures.pdf
Ptolus Conversion Document - Arcana Evolved.pdf
Ptolus Corebook.pdf
Ptolus DMs Companion.pdf
Quick20 Corebook.pdf
Reve The Dream Ouroboros Character Sheet - High Dreamer Supplement.pdf
Reve The Dream Ouroboros Character Sheet.pdf
Reve The Dream Ouroboros Journeyers.pdf
Reve The Dream Ouroboros Spell and Ritual List.pdf
Reve The Dream Ouroboros Worlds.pdf
SLA Industries Cannibal Sector 1.pdf
SLA Industries Mort.pdf
Scarred Lands Edge of Infinity - The Scarred Planes.pdf
Scarred Lands Hollowfaust - City of Necromancers.pdf
Scarred Lands Secrets & Societies.pdf
Sengoku Revised Edition.pdf
Sengoku Shinobi - Shadows of Nihon.pdf
Sengoku Shinobi Ryu.pdf
Silver Age Sentinels Emergency Response.pdf
Simply Roleplaying Core Rules.pdf
Simply Roleplaying Reference Sheets.pdf
Simply Roleplaying Weapons.pdf
Sorcerer Sex and Sorcery.pdf
Sorcerer The Sorcerers Soul.pdf
Space 1889 The Game of Kings.pdf
Star Frontiers Zebulons Quick Reference Booklet.pdf
Starcluster Corebook.pdf
Starcluster 2 Cold Space.pdf
Starcluster 2 Corebook.pdf
Starcluster 2 Guide to Advanced Aliens.pdf
Starcluster 2 Smilin' Jacks Used Spaceships.pdf

Stargate SG-1 Stargate Atlantis.pdf

Starship Troopers The Arachnid Empire.pdf
Starship Troopers The United Citizens' Federation.pdf
Superbabes Game of the Century.pdf
Thrash Corebook.pdf
Thrash Handbook.pdf
Thrash New Skills.pdf
Thrash Sourcebook.pdf
Torg Kanawa Heavy Weapons.pdf
Torg Kanawa Personal Weapons.pdf
Torg Nippon Tech.pdf
Torg Space Gods.pdf
True20 Lux Aeternum Expanded Setting Guide.pdf
True20 Mansion of Shadows.pdf
True20 Mecha vs Kaiju Errata.pdf
True20 Wild West.pdf
Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls - Adventurers Compendium.pdf
Unhallowed Metropolis Character Sheet.pdf
Unhallowed Metropolis Corebook.pdf
Unhallowed Metropolis Detective Calling.pdf
Unhallowed Metropolis Errata.pdf
Weapons of the Gods Companion.pdf
Weapons of the Gods Corebook.pdf
Weapons of the Gods Secrets of the Qin Warriors.pdf
Wushu Car-Fu.pdf
Wushu Character Sheet.pdf
Wushu Cut-Fu.pdf
Wushu Gun-Fu.pdf
Wushu The Fringe.pdf
Wushu The Matrix.pdf
Wushu Wyrd-Fu.pdf
Zen & the Art of Mayhem Battle Armor.pdf
Zen & the Art of Mayhem Combat.pdf
Zen & the Art of Mayhem Corebook.pdf
Zen & the Art of Mayhem Ki Mastery.pdf
Zen & the Art of Mayhem Light Hearted Combat Rules.pdf
Zen & the Art of Mayhem Optional Rules.pdf
Zen & the Art of Mayhem Psionic Disciplines.pdf
Zen & the Art of Mayhem Schools of Magic.pdf
Zen & the Art of Mayhem Styles of Martial Arts.pdf
Zen & the Art of Mayhem Weapons.pdf
Eldritch Ass Kicking, it's like Harry Potter but without the children
Celestius Ex - By the way, Domini Domini Domini, you're all Catholics now!
Buck Rogers XXVC in the MMD century
Low Life Big Book of Props.pdf
Low Life GMs Boss Blocker.pdf
Privateers and Gentlemen - Main file has both it appears
Capes, because they're a bad idea to wear when in a fight
All the Kingdoms of Kalamar but unfortunately not Svimohzia
Unhallowed Metropolis, unhallowed for your pleasure

--- - - - - - - --- --- - --- --- -

1PG - Setting - Idyll.pdf

Amazing Engine Once & Future King.pdf
BRP - Nephilim - Adventure - Temple of the Ancients.pdf
BRP - Nephilim - Reference - Past Lives.pdf
Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century Dont Be Alarmed This Is Only a Test.pdf
Bubblegum Crisis Errata.pdf
Castle Falkenstein Steam Age.pdf
Chill Things Revised.pdf
Cold Space Character Sheets.pdf
Cold Space Corebook.pdf
Dragonstar Extensive Timeline.pdf
Dragonstar Secret of the Shifting Sands.pdf
The Fantasy Trip Wizard.pdf
Farscape Corebook.pdf
Fuzion Appleseed.pdf
Fuzion Babylon 5.pdf
Mutant City Blues Firearms.pdf
Mutant City Blues The Quade Diagram.pdf
Opus Operandi Chains in the Dark.pdf
Opus Operandi Dark Side of the Sun.pdf
Realmwalkers Light Earth Conversion.pdf
Realmwalkers Light Edition.pdf
Realmwalkers The Order of the Fifth World.pdf
Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies Corebook.pdf
The Shroud Gods of the Shroud.pdf
Weird New World.pdf
Marvel Super Heroes The Unofficial Lonely Planet Guide to Aliens & Space Travel.pdf
Starship Troopers The Arachnid Empire.pdf
Starship Troopers The United Citizens' Federation.pdf
Superbabes Game of the Century.pdf
True20 Mecha vs Kaiju Errata.pdf
Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies
Hollow Earth Expedition and the Army of Darkness
Living Greyhawk Gazetteer

Da Wish List (P-W)

Pendragon 5e stuff not already in any of the archives. Namely The Book of Battles
Pillars of Glass for Bethorm/Tekumel
play dirty 2
Power and Privilege, The Rosicrucian Covenant Book (for Witchcraft;
Pulp Cthulhu
Ribbon Drive
Rifts Sourcebook 1 - Revised and Expanded
Rocketship Empires 1936 - In Fury Triumphant and The Gunslinger Betty
Role Aids Beneath Two Suns.pdf
Savage Worlds Rippers Resurrected
Serenity Jeremiah's Bounty Hunting Gear.pdf
Serenity Sam's Smuggler's Emporium Part 1
Serenity Sam's Smuggler's Emporium Part 2.
Shadow World books (everything I have)
Shadowrun Paranoid Animals of North America.
Singularity System
Spacemaster New Biotech.pdf
Spellbound Kingdoms
Spirit of the Century The Moon Monkey Mystery.
STALKER - The SciFi Roleplaying game
Star Legion Derris City Map.pdf
Star Munchkin RPG
Star Wars Arms and Equipment Guide For d20
Starship Troopers RPG suppliments; (not sure what but I added everything I had)
stormbringer 5th editon all books (Most should be in BRP archive)
Strange Stars - From Hydra Cooperative (This is for FATE)
Strike Legion
SW Lightsaber Construction.pdf
Tales from the Floating Vagabond Corebook.pdf
Terribly Beautiful Corebook.pdf
The Apocalypse Stone
The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen Corebook & Revised and Expanded
The Runed Age
Top Secret Operation Starfire.pdf
Top Secret Packing Heat.pdf
Top Secret SIG-Sauer Weapons.pdf
Top Secret The Doomsday Drop.pdf
Trail of Cthulhu Stunning Eldritch Tales.pdf
Traps & treachery 1 & 2
twilight 2000 2.1 rules (2.2)
Undead : Deep Space
Ventrue: Lords over the damned
Warriors of the Red Planet
Whirls of Catthulhu (aka Worlds of Catthulhu)
Wind on the Steppes book for BRP

For BRP Stuff listed

Also everything is here:!Xo9l2RSD!OU6SqWjQUOrh8F08wBGSLA

Da Wish List (P-W)

Pendragon 5e stuff not already in any of the archives. Namely The Book of Battles
Pillars of Glass for Bethorm/Tekumel
play dirty 2
Power and Privilege, The Rosicrucian Covenant Book (for Witchcraft;
Pulp Cthulhu
Ribbon Drive
Rifts Sourcebook 1 - Revised and Expanded
Rocketship Empires 1936 - In Fury Triumphant and The Gunslinger Betty
Role Aids Beneath Two Suns.pdf
Savage Worlds Rippers Resurrected
Serenity Jeremiah's Bounty Hunting Gear.pdf
Serenity Sam's Smuggler's Emporium Part 1
Serenity Sam's Smuggler's Emporium Part 2.
Shadow World books (everything I have)
Shadowrun Paranoid Animals of North America.
Singularity System
Spacemaster New Biotech.pdf
Spellbound Kingdoms
Spirit of the Century The Moon Monkey Mystery.
STALKER - The SciFi Roleplaying game
Star Legion Derris City Map.pdf
Star Munchkin RPG
Star Wars Arms and Equipment Guide For d20
Starship Troopers RPG suppliments; (not sure what but I added everything I had)
stormbringer 5th editon all books (Most should be in BRP archive)
Strange Stars - From Hydra Cooperative (This is for FATE)
Strike Legion
SW Lightsaber Construction.pdf
Tales from the Floating Vagabond Corebook.pdf
Terribly Beautiful Corebook.pdf
The Apocalypse Stone
The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen Corebook & Revised and Expanded
The Runed Age
Top Secret Operation Starfire.pdf
Top Secret Packing Heat.pdf
Top Secret SIG-Sauer Weapons.pdf
Top Secret The Doomsday Drop.pdf
Trail of Cthulhu Stunning Eldritch Tales.pdf
Traps & treachery 1 & 2
twilight 2000 2.1 rules (2.2)
Undead : Deep Space
Ventrue: Lords over the damned
Warriors of the Red Planet
Whirls of Catthulhu (aka Worlds of Catthulhu)
Wind on the Steppes book for BRP

For BRP Stuff listed

Also everything is here:!Xo9l2RSD!OU6SqWjQUOrh8F08wBGSLA
- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- - - - -

Da Wish List (A-O Second Pass)

Ancient Odysseys (any and all)

Better Angels Core Rulebook
Better Angels No Soul Left Behind
Blade of the iron throne
Blood of the Elements
Breakfast Cult
Bureau 13
Celestius Ex
Chaosium monographs: (Some are in BRP archive)
Chaosium's Superworld (Should be in BRP archive)
Chronicle System: Chronicle of Sorcery
Chronicle System: Mountain Terrors
Classic Fantasy for RuneQuest 6 /Mythras
Contact (german RPG) (English Language)
Dark Streets
Dead of Night
Disaspora corebook
Eoris Essence (Book 1 & 3 - crappy scans)
Fading Suns - the church sourcebook, Priests of the Celestial Sun
Focal Point: The Complete Game Master's Guide to Running Extraordinary Sessions
I am Zombie
In Dark Alleys
John Wick's Wield
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins.
Maelstrom Arion Games (Fantasy Toolkit only)
Magic World Please, or anything d100 fantasy (see BRP archive - link below)
Mutant Year Zero - Zone Sector 1 - Doom Sphere
Mythras (what I have)
Nephilim and its sourcebooks (in BRP archive)
Night Shift
Nightbane by Palladium
Nobilis core rulebook

For BRP Stuff listed

Also everything is here:!Xo9l2RSD!OU6SqWjQUOrh8F08wBGSLA
- --- --- --- --- --- - - - - - - - - ---
wow - just... wow.......
the S Collection
Shadow of the Demon Lord books (SotDL), Shadowrun 5e, and 7th Sea 2e.!NspnDDAQ!G8zeGkGk95Vt_f5EKrO0xQ dead

Alex 3 Collection of open source games including Mike Row Skope

T. Chris's Collection
Myth+Magic Starter, Ravenloft, True20 and Blue Rose:

Cool Stuff? Needs better title Collection

Vlad Dumitru's Very Nice Collection

QLZ Collection D&D, L5R, SR, WOD, Everway!KI00XCZA!sFV9L2S77bld5vzEmw5-vg!2VNVjQLZ

Anon's Awesome Collection of Awesomeness

D&D, Boot Hill, Flame Princess, much, much more.!3FcAQaTZ!BkCA0bzsQGmA2GNRUZlxzg!vJsyAa5T dead

Leading Edge Games Collection

Carl Kolchak's Collection of 1page RPGs and more

CoC, D&D 3.5, Fate, Kult, Laundry, Leverage, Pathfinder, Unisystem and some White Wolf.

1850s Guns, Delinquent Schoolgirl Cop, Iron & Silk, and Legacy of the Ming

Notminebut hasaloadofstuff Collection

Frazle's RPG Stuff including Pulpy Goodness's_RPG_Stuff

D&D and DM/GM resources

- - - - - - - - - - --- --- - --- --- - - - -

Mageguru's TSR/WOTC - OD&D/D&D/AD&D/2e/3-3.5e/4e Trove Collection

What is unique is that I have gone through EVERY file and have ether cleaned up or recreated the
cover artwork, found missing content, cleaned up in most cases the internal pages, scanned my
own books that were missing, etc.

(Except Dark Sun, that crap pissed me off, wish someone would get the DMsGuild versions).
Files have been marked if they are still missing items, and I have log files to show any additions,
updates, and what is missing (please help).

TSR - OD&D/D&D/AD&D/2e!AwhlTLKD!J45Rhcm1Hbrm1YdbBwEuVA

WOTC - 3-3.5e/4e!VkgGlSzK!11kU_hPmZpCqYBx8uRaHhA

But here is a Missing list:

Missing Products to bring TSR product line to 100%:
Outdoor Geomorphs Set 1 - Walled City (Missing 1 Geomorph Page)
GR3 - Treasure Maps (Need scanned version)
Mystara - Player's Survival Kit (Missing 54 Fame & Fortune cards)
Dragonlance - Fate Deck
Dragonlance - The Last Tower - Legacy of Raistlin (Need Scanned version)
11450 Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game (Silver Anniversary)
Dragon's Den (missing standups)
The Haunted Tower (missing standups & cutouts)
FOR10 - Warriors and Priests of the Realms (missing page 88)
AC3 - 3D Dragon Tiles - The Kidnapping of Princess Arelina (missing 2 cutout pages)
The Fright At Tristor (Proper OCR on DMsGuild)
Assault on the Fane of Lolth
The Forgotten Forge (The actual module, not the snippet cut from the Eberron Campaign book)
Confrontation at Candlekeep
--- -- ------ - -------- ---

-------------------------------END BIG COLLECTIONS SECTION----------------------------

--- --- --- A-Z RPGS and Wargames-- --- --- ---

1001 Nights
1001 Nights (by Meguey Baker)

13th Age - Shadows of Eldolan and the maps


7th Sea 2e. (the new one)

7th Sea 1st edition:!GgZGlKAY!MRRUIHUqlPNXS58UTppRIQ!38JwHYqD


Abney Park's Airship Pirate
Aces & Eights

Active Exploits

Advanced Sorcery is in the BRP 4e folder:

Ad Con King!6MsGzDLB!4-PKuhFBY6OA1FBXIOke3g

AFMBE Folders

Aftermath and Boxed set

AG4010 Blood of the Valiant.pdf
AG4014 Glimpse of the Abyss.pdf

Against the Dark Yogi

Airships by Bastion Press - Full

Alternity Starships
Alternity stuff:

Amberzine 1, 2, 3, 4, and 12

-Amethyst - - - --- --- --- --- --- --- - - - -

Amethyst for 5th E D&D
SW - Amethyst Untamed - Players Guide
SW - Amethyst Untamed - World Guide

Dust Adventures - Core Rulebook
DUST Adventures - Operation Apocalypse

D&D5e - Amethyst - Quintessence
FATE Core - Amethyst - Destiny
13th Age - Amethyst - Apotheosis
- - - - - - - - - - --- --- --- --- --- - - - - - - - - -

Ancient Odysseys Treasure awaits!

Anima: Beyond Fantasy

Anime OVA


Apocalypse World

Arc Threads

Ars Magica!egckRLjZ!iJ-TkOG6QEXDUw4yyKOHxg
Ars Magica 5th

Artesia: Adventures in the Known World

Askfageln - Best of Fenix - Volume 1.pdf - 31.5 MB fniu83xjkl3j

Askfageln - Best of Fenix - Volume 2.pdf - 37.4 MB supaanngncdu

Askfageln - Best of Fenix - Volume 3.pdf - 27.0 MB gxhz697lr0x9


Baby Beastiary Book 1:

Barbarians of Lemuria - Mythic Ed

Barbarians of the Aftermath

Base Raiders - Death Traps Volume 1
Base Raiders - New Superpowers - Vintage Villainy
Base Raiders - New Superpowers - Boost Patches
Base Raiders - Boiling Point
Base Raiders - Core Rules

Basic Roleplaying Chaosium

2nd ed:
3rd ed:
4th ed:
I think this is 1st ed, but my folder is all messed up so I'm not 100%:
BRP Chaosium
- - --- --- --- - --- --- - - - - ---- - - - - - - - -

Batman and Legion of Superheroes


----------- ------------- --------- ------- -------- -------

Battlefleet Gothic
Where can I find the rules?

>What rules books do I actually need? (Updated again)
(Short version: 2007 edition of the rulebook, 2010 Update, and Armada)

>Where can I find physical miniatures to use/proxy with? (Updated, but still incomplete: feel free to chip in with others in-

>Paper ship Proxies:
(uploading more)
>Boarding action rules
See the physical models link for some appropriate options for Navy troops

>BFG:Armada beta is now live

>Battleflee/tg/othic Steam Group

- - - - --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- - - --- ---- ----- -----

Battlelords of the 23rd Century

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Combat Manuals: Mercenaries (final build)

Touring the Stars Compilation!ixlWHA5Y!VC7rjxgsAxnDddAkvqFU2LF2U7oU8zE_X6dYUV5Ggqs

Touring the Stars Manassas!vt8k2DaS!IR0VJXpFyhcWhDOZHF_uNo7yaBHNqKo2h-2nrSaENRc
>/btg/ does a TRO: spam)

>How do I do this Against the Bot thing?

>Overview of the major factions?

>How do I find out what BattleMechs a faction has?

>Map of /btg/ players (WIP):

>BattleTech Introductory Info and PDFs

>Rookie guides

> - BattleTech Wiki

>Megamek - computer version of BattleTech. Play with AI or other players

Unit Designing Softwares

>SSW Mech Designer
>MegaMek Lab

>BattleTech IRC
#battletech on

>PDF Folders
- --- ---- - --- ------- ----- ------ -----

Better Angels

The Black Company Campaign Setting.

Blades in the Dark!5oZCFb7T!K94KK6zCwa986hwVErgzoh07bHRuq3O7_6J2qOPIQ90
Blades In The Dark v.6
Blades in the Dark early access v6:
Blades in the Dark
Blades in the Dark (7.1)
Blades in the Dark v7.1

Blade of the Iron Throne

d6 Bloodshadows:

Blood on the Snow

Blood Red Sands:

old Blue Rose

Book of the Manor!380kVYxZ!f3AkZRO6_pUoHLh847Z7_AscxXLg92WPGC7Te1WUN1Q

Book of Vile Darkness

Boot Hill:!9k0mnRDA!4izJiGrCIFeoHBlbskROwg!AkNXDaxS

Brave New World - Defiants.pdf
Brave New World - Delta Prime.pdf
Brave New World - Evil Unlimited.pdf
Brave New World - Glory Days.pdf
Brave New World - Player's Guide - Ravaged Planet.pdf
Brave New World RPG.pdf

Breakfast Cult.!vREFkBwZ!h2UZCESURQXBuxer2aRQTR5XhC0eTfNQkKDITmPrA90

Bulldogs! book based on Fate Core

Broken World ABBADON v. 1.2

Bulldogs in Space-Fate version:

Bulldogs different version

Bureau 13:

Bureau 13's_RPG_Stuff#tcrx7xyexjh9l
Frazle's Bureau 13 Trove
Tri-Tac Invasion US supplement for Fringeworthy/Bureau 13(2 links, same file):

Burning Empires

Burning Wheel!0pZkQAoY!WOv8QDEY6vaG1BdiVOBofw


Cadwallon RPG

Cakebread & Walton d100 - Clockwork & Cthulhu.pdf - 29.2 MB


CAHS2 (Full Color)
CAHS2 (Printer-Friendly)
CAHS2 Giant Transforming Robots
CAHS2 Going Japanese
CAHS2 Halloween Special
CAHS2 Valentine Special

CAR WARS Ultimate SJG Car Wars trove.!F9Y3FCTJ!tORCGEpdLkPvADkl5ogCQQ

Cartoon Action Hour:

Central Casting Heroes
Central Casting Heroes of Legend
All 3 Central Casting background books:


Champions Complete
Champions 6e

Changeling the Lost 2nd ed!wpB0ib4a!EsAU0AE4ihrNlDWzp3-MIw

Character Webs

Chicago Arcology:


Chris Perrin's Mecha

Chronicles of Darkness

Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine!rg8RwapS!M44bWLyhGpEbn-j-wNeLgLv62QvsoRybVlzcHrvhPJ8

Cipher System

Clash On The Fringe

The Clay That Woke



Continuum this .rar has three books - the Continuum core, Further Information (the GM book),
and Narcissist (the one that lets you play as the antagonists). Narcissist was never finished, as far as I know.!3khEHAAB!JkLk_RCeqDAx27AqrWHzMfGLEpcRYIJ3Mxof3n9l_58

Codex Martialis

Cold And Dark - Core Rules
Cold and Dark - Better Worlds

Cold City Companion.pdf (big .rar with other stuff)

Cold City Corebook.pdf
Cold City:

Cold Ruins of Lastlife:

Conan 2nd Ed trove


The Corporation

Cortex Plus Hacker's Guide

Crack Kung Fu Fighting Bunnies Go Corebook.pdf
Crack Kung Fu Fighting Bunnies Go:

Crime Scene's_RPG_Stuff#rt2ppfrdeyma8
Crime Scene: Supernatural

CRGE Conjectural Roleplaying GM Emulator

Critter Comandos


Chronica Feudalis!j1N0lCrY!IraTS2jmwjRg8ovEKm_GTyQs_bDOIluU4Ku6BS-2hZU

Cthonian Stars

More Cthulhu:
Neon Samurai's CoC Mega Collection
CoC 7th ed

D20 CoC manual

CoC Delta Green file
Delta Green - Last Equation
THE NEW - Delta Green: Need to Know
Delta Green Agent's Handbook (the new one)
Delta Green 6th edition only - no 7th, sadly:
DG Countdown

Cthulhutech - two metaplot books and Unveiled Threats

Achtung! Cthulhu!ywcHkIAA!ycphEhCOkbnjOvAQ4t7TBg
>CoC Blood Brothers 2.pdf
>CoC Blood Brothers.pdf
>CoC Business Cards.pdf
>CoC Call Amarja of Cthulhu.pdf
>CoC Campus Crusade for Cthulhu.pdf
>CoC Cthulhu-Fu.pdf
>CoC House on an Island.pdf
>CoC Lord Karma Has Gone Insane.pdf
>CoC Lord Skyppen's Mansion.pdf
>CoC The Horror on Two Forks Trail.pdf

CoC A Dead Whale or a Stove Boat.pdf

CoC Adventures in Turin.pdf
CoC A Collection of Ancient Lore.pdf
CoC All Is Not Well in the City of Angels.pdf
CoC All Nighter.pdf
CoC Alone Against the Dark.pdf
CoC Alone Against the Wendigo.pdf

CoC Alone Against the Wendigo.pdf

Masks of the Nyarly Dude
Masks Companion:
The Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion!dxB3GRbJ!eSpvTheGkF_wumQevO2JyhSTr9RQH-giALgTD-92u-4
And the handouts:!YtpF3a7I!LJMi_HdqlG8--jXyK_xqwsfzF6elr0ueQ-SAHKlhjhM

CoC stuff:

The Texts of Lore that Men were not meant to know:

A good playlist about the gods and other entities of Lovecraft:

Call of Cthulhu 7e
- - - - -
Call of Catthulhu

Pulp Cthulhu!L9EFWSIT!o6clZxfdrVSOLkmcQz3wQ2Af9-hKsUxKc7214VynuY4

Trail of Cthulhu
Trail of Cthulhu: Slaves of the Mother:

CoC quick start
Maybe more here

achtung Cthulhu: elder godlike

main book

All CoC

CoC Peterson's Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors

CoC CYOA incl. chargen

Cyberpunk 2020 Trove!6kkFkLaa!6EZSzqCRAasDWlkLeo9ibQ
Cyberpunk 2020 Ref Screen
Rough Guide to the U.K.: Riding the Edge to 2020's Britain
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ---- - - - - --

Cyborg Commando

Cypher Heroes I.pdf

D20 Comstar Game Instant GM 1&2 are in here!XhJkTTxL!Nu3J65Q1s_T-fcRXo3bFqg

D20 Modern

d30 DM companion pdf
DC Heroes
DC Heroes Batman Second edition sourcebook in pdf

Daring Comics - Core Rules

Dark Continent GMs Guide!agVVGJbZ!sQ-pHcyyy-QLNWmiy6dMXqeP9v4yqcyGX70H7s2ba0w
Dark Continent Players Guide!LsUAzC5a!T-paqsHRmVqlKu6ZelK1OW-az4NkzzNEtrkyItHpqxQ

The Dark Eye (Das Schwarze Auge English translation, 15mb):
Das Schwarze Auge!KcYnFRwB!svAhjnY3pBgihPFs2CUoUg
German language trove for Das Schwarz Auge:!KcYnFRwB!svAhjnY3pBgihPFs2CUoUg
The Dark Eye - Core Rules (v2 Bookmarked).pdf - 72.7 MB
The Dark Eye - Core Rules (v2 Bookmarked).pdf - 72.7 MB

Dark Future Scale is matchbox toy cars. Roughly 20mm

Main Rules, White Line Fever Expansion, All White Dwarf Articles:!ftdB3bIT!IgxVPgB0kAOnDfWdsj3RgTWMrXAmah3lg6TE2lMfPtg

DH2.0 Enemies Beyond supplement!8pQ2wRRA!OpxnUbJKmbnE5Jm0WJHGOTVakvQyuz_sLtComGsT_NM

Darwin's World Bixby's World Almanac
Darwin's World Against the Wastelords

Dead Inside Cold, Hard World

Dead Inside Corebook

--- --- --- --- --- ---

Deadlands - Doom Town or Bust!FthgST5Z!6xmf--yd21hkbbyOP3FxP9LoQrq3bLKogXonTuUfnbA
Deadlands Book of the Dead
Deadlands Classic
Deadlands Reloaded http://mega:///#F!axkmmbKT!NKiex_659PAGOlaKBbukFA!zgtlyQTR

Deadlands Reloaded!2FwAxKxR!FtLi8f2Ged_BNmkK8xd1DQ
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---------
Deadzone 2
Deadzone 2.0


Deep Carbon Observatory

Degenesis - English version!god3HCjY!HTBJ-MxsVbPmgpB2wZ4ZechIjd54zC7VC7LinS99rIU
Primal Punk
newest Degenesis books (in English)

Demon The Descent, Heirs to Hell supplement

De Profundis

Dicey Tales #1

Dirty Secrets

Dogs in the Vineyard
Dogs in Vineyard:

Don't Rest Your Head - Madness Powers


Dragon Age
Dragon Age Trove
Dragon Mech

Dragon Rampant by Osprey

The Dresden Files

Dino Blast

Drakar och Demoner (a Swedish RPG)

Riotminds have made everything in the Drakar och Demoner IP, up to 6th edition (including
Chronopia), freely available! Classic RPG material from 1982 to 1998 in ~70 pdfs.

The Svavelvinter Campaign, 4 massive modules,

>Pt. 1
>Pt. 2
These two posts should contain all the DoD pre-Trudvang material ever published.

Dresden Files RPG

DMing resources and references materials

Due Vigilance: Black Chapter
HeroLab files for Due Vigilance Black Chapter

Dune- Chronicles of the Imperium

- --- ---- --- --- --- --- --- ---- ---- ---- ---- -----
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Ed
D&D 5E

>Official /5eg/ Mega Trove, contains all official 5e stuff:!BUdBDABK!K8WbWPKh6Qi1vZSm4OI2PQ

>Pastebin with homebrew list, resources and so on:

>/tg/ custom Character Sheet!x0UkRDQK!l-iAUnE46Aabih71s-10DQ

fifth edition foes (3rd Party)

Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Curse of Strahd
Curse of Strahd (39 meg)
Strahd maps

Kobold Book of Lairs for 5e

5thedDnDonlineResourcesFanStuffnOfficialStufftoo --
Official D&D website:
Official organized play website:
Errata and dev rulings:
Discussion: -- Search for 5e general threads! (/5eg/)

--Devs on Twitter--
Mearls (designer, "rule of cool" dev):
Crawford (official rules dev, his word on RAI is considered final by WotC):
Perkins (the story guy):


--Encounter Builder--

--DMG Tables and Other Tools--


D&D 5E Impromptu encounters

_D5e_-_Hexcrawling_Wilderness_Exploration_and_Random_Encounters.pdf - 686 KB

- - - - - - OTHER D&D - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - --other D&D - - - -

2E Ravenloft, including MotRD!8VthBLAC!GJb3YYMFKUIaqIDb6qvL5Q

planescape planes of law

Legends & Lore -- D&D

D&D 4E Trove
D&D 4.0 Trove

The Apocalypse stone for 2e AD&D:


Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk


Spelljammer Rock of Bral

D&D Trove Few books of 2E, 3E and 5E; Lots of 3.5E , 4E and Advanced DnD; Dragon Magazine;
Dungeon Magazine

Amethyst for 5th E D&D

Dungeons and Dragons: Night Below

Chris Perkins' "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition"

Here's the DMG:
and the PHB:

collected pdf for either Age of Worms or The Shackled City (printed in Dungeon magazine)

the Slaying Stone 4E D&D

D&D (2 troves)
Dragon Magazine Covers
Dragon Magazine

4e - Ultramodern V1.04.pdf - 86.2 MB
Mirror: userscloud com/dxisou9r8eox

3rd party 5th ed!BUdBDABK!K8WbWPKh6Qi1vZSm4OI2PQ

(lots and lots more D&D in the Big Collections)

- - - --- - - - - - - ------ ---------------- ----------- ------------ -----------

Dungeon Crawl Classics
DCC Trove.!0AlCVAiA!pYTH91f7VOmSS_Z1VVsn2w
Dungeon Crawl Classic

Dungeon Questing.pdf

Dungeon World and True20!7IZlDDiB!VjNHDZ0Vwrqtnh_vEcApFQ
Dungeon World - The Perilous Wilds
Dungeon World SRD
Dungeon World

Dust core rules:

Dust Devils

------ ------ ---- - - ---- - ----- --- - --- ---- --- --- --- --- --- ----------------------------------

>Zone Stalkers

>Morph Recognition Guide

>Million Year Echo

>Firewall (Updated):
>Transhumanity's FATE (FATE Conversion)

>10 things you should know about Eclipse Phase

>Advice for new players and GMs

>Online character creator

>Eclipse Phase hacking cheat sheet

>Eclipse Phase xls Character sheet


>3 new adventures for your use in convenient PDF form

>Various Eclipse Phase fanmade resources, and links to more

>An Eclipse Phase yearblog full of items, locations, NPCs, and plot hooks

>Community homebrew document

>A metric ton of additional guns/ammo/weapon mods

Eclipse Phase - X-risks!KwcS0bJK!9KLjZegzebaq-mlPUin45Q
- --- ---- ----- - --- ---- ----- - --- ---- ------ ----- - --- ---- ------ ----- - --- ---- -----

Old Eldritch Ass Kicking*ss+Kicking+Corebook.pdf
New Eldritch Ass Kicking*ss_Kicking_Classic_RPG_

Elements of Magic splatbook for d20, Traveller,

End of the World, pick your flavor

The End of the World - Alien Invasion
The End Of The World' games released to date, including the brand new Aliens book!DxtFCQIK!J3pQwyfdsjdBW0zJaLGNew


Eoris Essence!rwsjjKbC!s8s1WVbVBKAfXbAWlimXJA


Etherscope and Misc!2268&authkey=!
the Great Metropolis
Etherscope Mysteries of the Occult

Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters

Everlasting RPG
Book of the Unliving (Revised).pdf
The Book of Unremitting Horror.pdf
Book of the Light.pdf
Book of the Spirits.pdf
Book of the Fantastical.pdf
Codex of the Immortals.pdf

- --- --- --- - --- - --- --- - --- --- - - - - - ------

Exalted Final 3E Core Release!ctgxyJaC!ygkrLnFsrnBJzIUZY-dJsMfyFrhFQgDsQuuo52fcW0I

Resources for Third Edition

>3E Backer Core!E1dRBBIa!
>Character Sheet & Init tracker:
>Just a charsheet w/o permission request shenanigans
>General Homebrew dumping folder:
>Collection of old 3e Materials, including comics and fiction anthologies
>Charm Trees:
>Solar Charms:
>Martial Arts:

Resources for 2.5 Edition:

>All books with embedded errata notes, as well as some extras:
>Chargen software:
>Anathema homebrew charm files:
>MA form weapon guide:

Resources for 1e:


Exalted, Creatures of the Wild

Fading Suns Revised Players Guide

Fairy Meat Core book (38 meg)
Fairy Meat Complete Trove - Core book is 9 meg

Fantaji - The Universal Role-playing Game

Fantasy Age

Fant Gamer Unlim

FAPP - Gay Furry Neckbeard Yiffing Porn LARP rpg

(Does your mother know what you guys are doing to each other in her basement?)

Far Away Land Tome of Awesome

Fat Dragon Terrain

link to dropbox in this pastebin

Fate System Toolkit!KkIVRapQ!3UltH3xkRx22uxsSJ0gECcjSrp7QLqxFqPw2357htXw
Fate: Tianxia: Blood, Silk, and Jade supplement
Daring Comics FATE

Fate Freeport companion:

- - - - - - - - - -- -- -- -- -- -- - -- -----

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --
Feng Shui
Feng Shui 2
A Fistful of Fightscenes
GM Screen
Feng Shui - Action Movie Roleplaying - Alternate Beginnings for Feng Shui Campaigns.pdf
Feng Shui - Action Movie Roleplaying - Back for Seconds.pdf
Feng Shui - Action Movie Roleplaying - Bullets at the Orphanage.pdf
Feng Shui - Action Movie Roleplaying - Burning Shaolin.pdf
- - - - --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- - - - - - - -

Fighting Fantasy:!ellRxKKb!698hqbj0xhUIPuP-F9aWvQ


A Fistful of Kung Fu


---- ---- --------- -------- ---------- --------- -------- - ----

Flames of War SCANS database:
---Includes our Late War Leviathan rules!
Official Flames of War Free Briefings:

Current /tg/ fan projects - Noob Guide &FAQ, and a Podcast
Quick Guide on all present FOW Books:

Archive of all known Panzer Tracts PDFs:

WWII Osprey's, Other Wargames, and Reference Books
and, for Vietnam.

--Guybrarian Notes:

Panzerfunk, the /fowg/ podcast. the Azul Division: no longer linkable off the

main page
--- --- --- --- ---- ---- --- - - - - - - - - - - - --- --- --- --- ---

Forge of Imagination

Fragged Empire core

Freeport Campaign

Frostgrave (Spanish)
Frostgrave Core in English!50wQlYpb!JZuhuz9bOPtpRFK8zKSlUjp9VEJDtlAkef-oJC4EsBg


Gamma World 1st - 4th!z9wHCQwC!HCeMOum5467vvbTd2XwiMw

The Garden of the Plantmaster for 3.0

Geist (Full and Quick-start)

Goblin Quest


Golden Sky Stories and Goblin Quest!55xF2SSS!pmQiV4O3es6gx-zjGhp5Cw

Grancrest (English) should be in the translated jrpg folder:

Grim World

Grimtooth's Traps - all

All the GUMSHOE stuff I have.

This includes:
Ashen Stars
Mutant City Blues
Night's Black Agents
Trail of Cthulhu
Fear Itself
Music for some reason.!2xMWWAAL!9cqQhxZcwdw7YoBOmuMvLg

Gumshoe Zoom seems to be available on Drivethru:

Gurps disasters meltdowns fallout
GURPS 3e - Mecha
GURPS - Old West -- 2nd Edition
Archive of GURPS general!yxFxlD4I!CGTYsnTE_8XAmcJxdMehAQ!mxdxyaoS
GURPS Illuminati!pdhmgZCC!S6XV4eBwjIdUhgqeaXx_qjDkPhU4tgLkRpVwLpNxdsk
GURPS Illuminati (with p. 124)
GURPS Weird War II
GURPS Covert Ops!bwwEnBhb!Que3SPjfop2TWkjjMnWmkEDB2YL3csGp463ze-2920o
GURPS Trove!yxFxlD4I!CGTYsnTE_8XAmcJxdMehAQ!mxdxyaoS
Gurps Classic: IOU (official digital PDF)

------- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Gypsy Knights
I got about two downloads before the site wanted me to register with other sites before allowing me to download the rest.
Open each link in a new private window (Firefox) or new incognito window (Chrome) to download more than a couple or a few from
Core Setting
The Hub Federation
Subsector Sourcebook 1 - Cascadia
Subsector Sourcebook 2 - Franklin (Updated)
Subsector Sourcebook 3 - Hub
Subsector Sourcebook 4 - Sequoyah
Cascadia Adventures 01 - Save Our Ship
Cascadia Adventures 02 - The Lost Girl
Cascadia Adventures 03 - Fled
Ships Of Clement Sector 04 - Small Craft
Ships Of Clement Sector 05 - Traders And Scouts
Ships Of Clement Sector 08 - Berlin Class Colonial Destroyer
Ships Of Clement Sector 09 - System Defense Boats
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --- --- --- -
Hackmaster (4e, not the new game)!YMRT1YhY!y3y1MtpNpwgXbYw_9KshxQ
Hackmaster 5th Ed

Haven: City of Violence:

Hc Svnt Dracones Core:Extended

Hellboy GURPS


Hero System

Heroes of the Feywild


Hollow Earth Expedition (but no Revelations of Mars)


Hong Kong Action Theater

Horror Adventures:

horror/Insanity rules for Ubiquity:

Horselords of Rohan

How to Host a Dungeon
and the expansion:
Hunter: The Vigil - Mortal Remains

How Was The Sex??? by Derek Chapell:

Imperial Armor 13

In A Wicked Age

Infected! Character Sheet.pdf - 2.6 MB
Infected! RPG.pdf - 32.8 MB

----- ---- --- ---- ---- --- -----

Infinity is a 28mm scale skirmish game where everyday citizens are free to move as they please
throughout the universe.

>All the rules are for free. Buying the books is only relevant for fluff:

>Provisional Catalog where you can look at pretty pictures of the miniatures you're thinking of

>Rules wiki:

>Official Army Builder:

>Token Generator:

>N3 Hacker Helper:

>N3 Reverse Index Web App (so you could compare units across factions)



>Faction Rundown:

>All Consolidated Rules:

>Operation Icestorm Scan (beginner missions)!AkkG0ZZA!CE-YzCWIWVROcSnnlkZI8SMWxWoNb1LkFbWI-LamYR8

>Latest news is the Economically Questionable RPG Kickstarter

>The Actual Faction Poll

>Scans (More Needed):
>Check out Operation: Flamestrike

Infinity Human Sphere!y1VVFC5Q!kSEypUCzwI6Y4DWP4VnABnK7ZmtCENG4n9AWnc5XM5c

---- - - - - - - - - - - - - ----- ----- ---- ---

Interface Zero 2.0 core book and the Hacking errata.
Savage Worlds Interface Zero!DopRkBjJ!0CDSgmp17yum2U1Iu0tu_4MF8zf15ZgR0t2bRcTp9X4

Iron Kingdoms stuff

Ironclaw/Jadeclaw _
Ironclaw 2nd ed rules:

Ironclaw PDF collection for the morbidly curious(nearly complete. Includes two of the three novels,
and some 1st edition stuff for fun.

Itras By

Jovian Chronicles

Katanas & Trenchcoats: Episode 1 - Welcome to Darkest Vancouver



Ken Writes About Stuff - - Kenneth Hite


kineticists of porphyra books (all three)!HgQXCbjI!WIjCeEpf5d-M_yJVuITPfRUPTmi8_Np4ehi4OaLxG8E

Kingdom (Made by the Microscope guy) not available in Da Archive.

Kingdom Of Nothing

A lot of the Kingdom Death stuff

Kingdom Death Core Rulebook!cQpwWZTI!XuopIJPMtTCp4o4-_CdGIg
Kingdom Death: Monster rulebooks (includes expansions)!mI0VERRS!kxB2EYZpL_vXWqMKHUQjmA
These are VERY poor scans unfortunately.

Kobold Guild to Combat:

Kuro Tensei

Labyrinth Lord

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

LoFP - World Of The Lost -

Lands of Adventure FGU

Last Stand, by Funhaver Games
Creator uploaded the game to google drive and made it free, along with a few other microgames,
also in that folder.

The Laundry
---- --- ---- --- - --- ------- --- ---
Lazy DM
Lazy GM Freaks and Horrors - The Creative Conclave
Leagues of Adventure Core rules

Leagues of gothic horror+bonus:



Legend of the Wulin

Legend of the 5 Rings Trove Bunch of 2nd 3rd and 4th By Southofsanity
An Atlas of Rokugan. (Not the 4th ed rare one.)
Legend of the Five Rings Troves, very nice.
--- --- --- --- ---- ---- ---- --- --- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Legends of Anglerre

Lesbo Jet Fighters: Dive Into the Sky

Little Fears -Happy Birthday, Fates Worse Than Death

Low Life core book:!axkmmbKT!NKiex_659PAGOlaKBbukFA!DwE1xQJL

Maelstrom main rulebook:
Maelstrom Companion, Fantasy Classic Beastiary and the Cardboard Figures.

Mage the Awakening 2e!B4US0aqZ!ZfMiO0LX9FP2pRWGMJKmosYd8PJiChPGx3ZJLKUJZs8
Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition plus a bonus of How Do You DO That

Magical Fury

Magical Society - Beast Builder


Malifaux rulebooks (1.5, Rising Powers, Twisting Fate, Storm of Shadows)

Mars Attacks
Tutorial Game:
Core Manual:
*NEW*Humanity Resists PDF:
*NEW*Extermination PDF:


Masks, a new generation!lFBUSAhB!AaSZWa25FazbL3_9JuHal57mrly84std2FC_dTk5e4I

Maze of the blue medusa!kdxkhIbL!2v0TD0EFLjUgvP6FZkcguZhOlI_sPfoh9f3mEXZWtWI

Mecha: Kaiju

Mecha Vs. Kaiju - Fate Core Edition


Mechanical Dream!iwxRETYC!92YZNGq7TKlSeEFBCMOWYA

Meikyuu Kingdom (Make You Kingdom!) Japanese pdf

Mekton Zeta

Mekton Careful, it's dangerously unsorted!55xF2SSS!pmQiV4O3es6gx-zjGhp5Cw
Not as complete, but sorted.!N0pVFKrD!jK6lBw0Al8OW1whLxiSGTQ
Also the VOTOMS and Bubble Gum Crisis RPGs
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Microlite 20 here:

Microscope - Not available in Da Archive, probably never will be.

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Miles Christi - (French)
Livre de Rgles!DNUyXYzT!2TfVdPUGWO7QD21_u_gvyyamiv8l7zGEeQHEoI78_zE

Plus some more stuff:

cran et Livret!PVlxULLK!I6_qR0g35BSGRyhtvoZ8_fnXcep3GSBsZ6wwbnoZ350

pitre 1-La Richesse de lmir!iYcARbrJ!ehLKKQU5YeIzuDSHmjM1RrESpe-RbejFaGuQAiSqXaQ

pitre 2-La Commanderie de Paumiers!fNtXhRxY!WjwlnLRPBeqK7SRMLYCW_luTc_aikQWyU8xDERwwjPE

Le Jeu de Cartes des Croisades!PINmHT6a!xnseUm1_AWQZEuB1Tqcbhm6KkdrdkbXffAm8Gluc5-Y
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Mindjammer transhumanist FATE Core stuff!oocWXaKB!ChzTsrEePQ4huLaisBneDly-6F-UlztdBlNYjh2LTx8

Mini Six

Mistborn Book: Core!CUtjWJqZ!_ue3vL864sOhxj-omME8RDfhFLfQvMgyEXjMBZ5_qUo
Mistborn (novels, not the rpg)
Mistborn Adventure Game expansions. Novel and one of the expansions

Monster Hunter International

Monsters & OCT

Mordheim - all the stuff

The Mountain Witch

Mouse Guard
mouse guard 2nd edition


Mutants & Masterminds
Mutants and Masterminds manga and mecha
M&M 3E Heroes' Handbook
Mutants and Mastermind Cosmic Handbook
A Better Mousetrap M&M 3E!75oGjL4B!l4yyR5nticWsNV9uQv8xiUTdZ9Y27-lcHAOQkVQsWkk
DC Adventures - M&M
Hero High - M&M

Mutant Chronicles 3rd Ed. Core!AoAHGCab!152apypSGaUJzlbq43T0jbHa219xV9J3nIzYjfOGRfQ

Mutant Genlab Alpha!CxdHBDBB!0HZhY82Ccm7Uoutpf1T3zXvx87BVZYPdg7pnMs5_c6E

Mutant Epoch - Pitford:
Mutant Epoch

Mutant Future Corebook

Mutant Year Zero!hEkCERwZ!_AHV73ellqcg90Sg41963w
Mutant Year Zero Zone Compendium 2 Dead Blue Sea
Mutant year zero!5QVCCSjS!WJAu_TDaQi5ABSCBeS2XOQ

Mutant: Undergngens Arvtagare All the published books in Swedish!jgVGXSgZ!w-QzAjOdBmcoDBykcOF-UQ

Myriad Song Includes the Adventures book.
Mythic Britian



Nemesis (ORE+UA)

Neoclassical Geek Revival.

New Gods Of Mankind

Night Witches

Night's Dark Agents's_RPG_Stuff#ogexe8v8i0no5

Ninjas and Superspies

The Ninja Crusade - Core Rulebook 2nd Edition

http uploaded net/file/52b40t19 slash The%20Ninja%20Crusade%202e%20-%20Core

Nobilis 3:

NPC Development - Character Traits

NPC Essentials

Numenera Trove
Numenera - Notable Ninth Worlders
Numenera - Naval Perils
Numenera - More Tales from the Ninth World

One Last Job

The One Ring
One Ring
Erebor - The One Ring
One Ring - Rivendell

Open d6/d6 System (a lot available for free)

Osprey Games' Black Ops
Osprey 'Of Gods and Mortals '

OSR Trove:
Useful stuff, etc.

Outbreak Undead

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Drawfriend Art Books and Tutorials:!2RARFaLA!VTiQb6eRXfV4V6mYQ6FJTA

Paint and Modeling Materials

>Citadel Painting Guides:

>Painting Videos only!XEJSFDCL!9ZZKiLi6M_wguI1uTpyjPg!WUsUlSLb!556OumKLhusFd9Fw5dBMdA

>DIY Lightbox

>How to Moldlines

>Magnets - how do they work?

Beginners Guide to Drawing:

The w/ic/i art guide:

Figure Drawing:

Advanced Terrain Modeling

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Palladium Fantasy RPG 1st Edition (cleaned)'s_RPG_Stuff#15x3yc33ndho8
Palladium Fantasy Trove by K. Nope

Dead Reign from Palladium!KhsTyRbC!OnFdmT3HyTSoWmN8cZ7yPA
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RPG manual, Adventure Handbook, GM Handbook.
collection torrent.
Paranoia Trove and a list of things missing.!AoZ3XZYC!cL0uEPTLpirJ11OiWQ7S4A
Paranoia: 2e rulebook (w/ foldouts), 1e core books and adventures.!u8wjiLIQ!ZZ-1s7DyJOsE6t_o1RjDYw

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Unified /pfg/ link repository:

Ultimate Equipment Errata (updated 5/19)

Please search for the Uneratta'd content here. Save them, and wait for Nerfonomicon Anon to
compile them.*/

Ginormous Pathfinder Collection!s8tzBATQ!xi4ySiPaVLvEp_Xt92RTvQ

Rise of the Runelords module anniversary edition

PZO1002 Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition.pdf
PZO1002-PGE Rise of the Runelords - Player's Guide - Anniversary Edtion.pdf
PZO9000-1E Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Interactive Maps.pdf
Anniversary Edition Handouts.pdf

Modern PathFinder SRD online pdf

Pathfinder Adventure Books

Magic Tactics Toolbox for Pathfinder

PF Rule Zero Underlings!8gVTHAiB!RBUjx5rO8NqF2ySQqQdaNK2fIdv6Sog23lq7lOb02Rg


Pathinder Core & Advanced Race Guide.!jNlEiJ7D!35Iqrg8maVQlq5KzE7weyw

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Pendragon Troves!TwUxkbhA!CVBXFzEzPwNZ50BG4abhFQ
Pendragon 5e - Book of the Manor!380kVYxZ!f3AkZRO6_pUoHLh847Z7_AscxXLg92WPGC7Te1WUN1Q

A Penny for My Thoughts


Pokemon PTU

Polaris and useful things for Polaris

The Power Hack.pdf

The Price of Freedom

Priests Of The Celestial Sun

The Quiet Year

QAGS - Quick Ass Game System 2E
QAGS- Funkadelic_Frankenstein_on_the_Mean_Streets_of_Monstertown
Quantum Black:

Deluxe Revised Recon

Reign Enchiridion
Reign (maybe better scan)

Remnants by Outrider

Renaissance Deluxe

Revised Gamemaster's Guide

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Rifts World Book 35: Megaverse in Flames.
RIFTS post-apocalyptic

Savage Rifts (all books so far)

Palladium Rifts books

Pinnacle Forums

Forums of the Megaverse

Temporal Nexus - Pal Rifts Stuff

Sav Rifts Fansite Stuff

Rifts pictures on Pinterest
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Rippers Resurrected's_RPG_Stuff#634c76kntxkwp

Rogue Trader!9hU2TAYa!KZTKLrGFpiknBnQHefZr67yuZ9QhYN2Lh84jsAwMXJI

Role Master Campaign Law /%28ICE1300%29+-+Rolemaster+-


#rpg-books on dejatoons

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Runequest 6th Ed core book
For all your RuneQuest needs:
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Goddamn Santa Claus - Literally, Santa Claus for 3.5 D&D (even worse, its official)

Savage Worlds Interface Zero!DopRkBjJ!0CDSgmp17yum2U1Iu0tu_4MF8zf15ZgR0t2bRcTp9X4
Savage World Last Parsec
Savage Worlds Deluxe and tons of settings.!axkmmbKT!NKiex_659PAGOlaKBbukFA!j8VASDCL
Savage Worlds
Ultimate three kingdoms guide for savage worlds!MgUzQTiB!7NuhO_rVe49MfwKLhQSOzQ!ox9gRKaQ

Savage Worlds Rifts GM Guide:

Savage Worlds Necessary Evil:

Savage Worlds!6MsGzDLB!4-PKuhFBY6OA1FBXIOke3g
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Scarlet Heroes pdf

SDCL Collection!axkmmbKT!NKiex_659PAGOlaKBbukFA!j8VASDCL


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Shadow of the Demon Lord
Shadow of the Demon Lord
Tales of the Demon Lord!0IQyAaYZ!aRxAv_5-K5dUKikQ-b1DNg!lIwkEZyI
Exquisite Agony - Shadow of the Demon Lord


Shadowcraft - The Glamour War

Shadowrun Chrome Flesh

Huge Shadowrun archive

>Chummer 5:
>Issue tracker:


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The Shadow of Yesterday

Shadows of Esteren

Shard Basic Compendium:!qg9A2ZBK!Amb9-dNcQUYPg3yZib1Yl-1feWTn-18Y5WJlexrR1lo

Shock:SS and useful sheets

Shotgun Diaries

Sixth Gun

Skirmish Sangin nifty free downloads here

SLA Hunter NG201202 Hunter Sheets Issue 2.pdf
SLA Industries and Mort Sourcebook

Slasher Flick


A Song of Ice and Fire
green ronin ASOIAF rpg

Song of Swords

Advanced Songs of Blades and Heroes


Space Hulk and other Old Games Workshop Games!S1k2VLqI!eu5NIRiA0DO-ZqQcn-HPXA

Space Opera

Space Patrol


Species & Societies

Spirit of 77!z0h0FBDB!G4T0q2j_qdvJ6z0GConfHDZFkrhllEZ4byVRc48rJOo!mlInFJJQ!9UQQQRJYfWrMF9UBQDBclnixSyshNjmHTmAts8bX6ek
Spirit of 77 - Double Feature 1 - Disco Ambulance and Womens Prison of the Apes.pdf - 4.8 MB gmv7zchv6vyn
Spirit of 77 - Double Feature 2 - Jukebox Villains and BEAST Bound and Down.pdf - 2.6 MB 2mvnh266mq24

The Sprawl!UAkHUAbR!xylnisQWjMQ1p-Grf3_GCSt8OTuP7mzZ2P24o-0gmdQ!RR0S1YIB!7yHlATjyyLfOXlT_OC2D0w

Star Frontiers!O8YCyLgI!HqOILBCBJ4JEd0YBgY71kw

Starships & Spacemen 1e(FGU)
Starships & Spacemen 1e (FGU) Expansion
Starships & Spacemen 2e (GG)
Starships & Spacemen 2e (GG) Character Sheet
Starships & Spacemen 2e (GG) Ship Log

Star Trek

A massive flood of FASA Star Trek stuff about two years back on usenet on alt.binaries.e-book.rpg.

Star Trek Trove


Klingon D-7 ship floorplans

http://www.cygnus-x1 net/links/lcars/book-of-klingon-plans.php

Last Unicorn Game's RPG
-Official and Fanmade Resources

Decipher's RPG
-Fan Supplements
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------ - -----
Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing and Star Wars: Armada Miniatures Games

Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG System (EotE/AoR/FaD)


Other Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Tabletop (Imperial Assault and the Star Wars LCG)

Fantasy Flight Games Dice App (Works with X-Wing, Armada, the Star Wars RPG system and
Imperial Assault)

Older Star Wars Tabletop (d6, d20/Saga, etc.)


Reference Materials & Misc. Resources

All Canon Novels and Comics (via /co/)

Just What IS Canon Anyways?


The Clone Wars Viewing Guide


Shipfag's hangar

Star Wars West End Games

Star Wars d20 Arms & Equipment

Special Modifications, the.Star Wars :EotE sourcebook for technicians (scan)
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion and/or Force and Destiny!blI01Jga!6uL6fLHF2rJFKDN57E14WQ

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Straight to VHS

Strange Stars - Setting
Strange Stars Fate Rule Book

Strange tales of the Century

Strange Trails


Nature of Davokar supplement:
Pay what you want.

Symbaroum ULTRAPACKED download!

This is everything available in english, and what freely available pdfs there are in Swedish.
PLUS my own translated and McGuyver'd pdf for the april fool's published Andrik race! Some Iron
Pact material, a few adventures and creatures, slipped into the zip too. Some useful html filler, but if
you would like to know more about that you just need to visit the Iron Pact website.

Tannhauser Boardgame!30FkhSQL!cMXJB__a82aXBVoFF7ioXmhCMcx1tdl93kl90SVr5cU

Tavern Tales The pdf is free.


Tenra Banshou Zero

Teratic Tome
That Worldbuilding game

Thieves' World!O0wFGazK!qUIDYhsQHj1vTlVSX3EW3g

This Is Not A Test

Through the Breach Players Guide

Tome of Beasts by Kobold Press!xIcw0JrS!e_WL2JWFEU7HN0DwK69F9J9MLoe7qv69qez0lDGPWUQ
or reduced size PDF, choose your poison!lYMzDabD!tYi_pRutIlH_xFs_CuZjNKi_dkHRakl7MlQJdl1ZkYI

Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide (Savage Rifts)

Torchbearer Rulebook and Beastiaries

TOSS a bus stop RPG framework

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Traveller Traveller Traveller

alpha centauri
Master Folders:!WRQnUIJQ!RWEzUCE1dTTxdQDLkHvNfg
Classic Huge Traveller collection!DkdyQITY!Y1VxiiEtuqDwhHo5wEw65w
The new Edition of Mongoose's Traveller!d5IAQByR!G9A3kyibcWRXCbKqnTEe04yanD1Xw7XKgYujyx_7U60
Mongoose Traveller core book

GURPS Traveller

Galactic Maps:


Music to Explosively Decompress to:

>Old Timey Space music [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]
>Slough Feg [Embed]
>Goldsmith - Alien Soundtrack [Embed]
>Herrmann - The Day the Earth Stood Still [Embed]
>Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene [Embed]
>Tangerine Dream - Hyberborea [Embed]
>Brian Bennett - Voyage [Embed]

Traveller Mongoose 2e's High Guard and Central Supply Catalogue,!2AMGmYLT!zW95XZo7ZB2pxNn6z9dT6Q

Traveller 4th!WRQnUIJQ!RWEzUCE1dTTxdQDLkHvNfg!OcpgRAYT

----------- --------------------- --------------- ---------------- --------- ---------------

True20 and Dungeon World!7IZlDDiB!VjNHDZ0Vwrqtnh_vEcApFQ

Twilight 2000!C9sQhbwb!NVnD4jvUn5inOrPJIAkBhA

UFOs Usborne World of the Unknown

Ultimate Intrigue:

Unknown Armies

Urban Shadows
Urban Shadows:

Vampire: the Masquerade clanbooks
The Black Hand -Vampire 20th!qsQFDbCT!kvaLj2gAxHKxsrk7L-HvI7ECNIWXC8p3DJmYdArKuu4!KI00XCZA!sFV9L2S77bld5vzEmw5-vg!2VNVjQLZ
Vampire the Masquerade Revised Core
Vampy t Masquerade
Bloodsucker the Charade - 20th Anniversary

Vast and Starlit

A Very British Civil War

Victory By Any Means -Napoleonic Naval Naughtiness

World of Warcraft Trove


List of mini providers:

List of Historical Tactical, Strategic, and Military Drill treatises:

ZunTsu Gameboxes:

/hwg/ Steam Group:

Games, Ospreys & References folders:

Wargaming Compendium
a few wargames - - Bolt Action, Heavy Gear, more
>Black Powder
>Bolt Action
>Hail Caesar!s9xTTDpQ!CasEjRETeqZsJ5LOzYrJdg
>Warhammer Ancient battles 2.0
>Warmaster Ancients
>Advanced Squad Leader
>Battleground WWII
>By Fire And Sword!jxgCWTYD!FCp52DAqIUc-EM-TsRsWv7fB92nJ3kkzKsNcD_urI5Q
>Modelling & painting guides
>Twilight 2000/2013 RPG!C9sQhbwb!NVnD4jvUn5inOrPJIAkBhA
>Phoenix Command RPG!b5tgXRwa!mzelRNrKPjiT8gP7VrS-Jw
>Next War (GMT)'s+Complete+Wargaming.pdf
Jet Age
Age of Blood

Warmachine/Hordes Books, No Quarter, & IKRPG

>>textuploader <dot> com / 52c6a
PP Youtube (gameplay tutorials, tournament coverage, and announcements)
List building at
Latest Errata
Steamroller Rules
The Giant List of Podcasts and Blogs
Table of contents for all NQ issues
Abridged Lore
>gargantuans abridged:
>hordes abridged:

Lexicanum Iron Kingdoms Lore wiki:

---- -------- ----------- ------------ ------------ ---------- ------------ ----------- ---------

----------------- ---- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

>Rules databases!pFgm0RKR!J06C1gVYcjzNGsF8YNLsjQ


>40k 7th edition quick reference sheet(s)
>Forgeworld Book index

Warzone Damocles Operation Shadowtalon and Burning Dawn.

I made them the same document. I skipped the basic wargear stuff, since those are in the respective codices.

warhamfan 3rd

A whole lot of 40k stuff, both in Russian and English.

40krpg/ 40K Roleplay General: DH2 Edition

For all your questions on Dark Heresy (1st and 2nd Editions), Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black
Crusade, and Only War.
Not the wargame. Not Chapter Master. Or Space Hulk.

Book Repositories (If you're planning to download any Rogue Trader materials, read the .txt file in
the RT directory)!Pl0UgbJa!vDtTXMKnvZ26fUbuw4X9tg

Shield of Humanity PDF!xlRWBaiI!MmOEkMse0wHVsyLDGbZJVGUXgVEuB9lWSyVl6ZhvgGM

40K RPG tools, a site that contains stats or references for almost all weapons, armor and
NPCs/adversaries. Not updated past DH2 core.

40k RPG Combined Armory (v5.43.150418), containing every piece of gear in all five lines. Not
updated with any DH2 content.

Fear and Loathing (Ver 1.5.2) and The Fringe is Yours (Ver 1.6.0), /tg/ made Rogue Trader
homebrew supplements for playable xenos, Knights, Horus Heresy gear, and other things.

40K Resources!XgRDEDAJ!Np6F-HqCwdYzHXmeSs7m7w

40K Witch Hunter!q98TlLII!dTZmk9X1__FEezV0Rkaunzf1UH7eqCak1iJPbcrny9g

--- --- -- ------------- ---- -----------

Warhammer Fantasy
>1d4chan (Compilation of all the End Times changes) (All pages marked WF on the /tg/ wiki)
>Warhammer Wikis (Warhammer Fantasy wiki) (Warhammer Fantasy wiki) (Warhammer Online wiki with lots of
background articles too. Also AoR is not ded: /vg/ for details.)

>Resources(Armybooks, Supplements, Fluff, Crunch)

>9th Age

>Total War: Warhammer

>End Times: Vermintide

>Mordheim: City of the Damned

>Bloodbowl 2

>Third party Miniature manufactures

>Newbie Introduction to Warhammer Fantasy (Download,
start reading at page 174 for the story and all the races)

>Man O' War

>List of Warhammer recommended proxies

>Rescued WHFRP 2e Fan Material (Please download and post any material you find not in this

Warhammer Books

Warhammer Only War Shield of Humanity
Weapons of the Gods


White Dwarf Magazine 01 -409

The Pack for Werewolf the Forsaken 2nd Edition

Witch Girl Adventures

Wonderland No More books for Savage Worlds

World of Aventuria (setting book, 14mb):

----- ------- ------- --------- ------------ -------------------- ----------------- ------------

World of Darkness

The best oWoD game that ever was. Everything ever published for the IP, plus a very well-written
fanbook for one of the antagonist factions:

Pandora uploaded all her character art to Imgur, and provided a zip.
(If you could start uploading them to that'd be swell)

Someone linked Dreams of Avarice

And someone else linked the Demon Storyteller's Guide


--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- - --- - --- - --- ---- ----- ----- ------ ---- - - - -
World of Warcraft!rYoRzZjD!5uIs9jac47lVxFwnJbGVVsPTyUSyuoKWIPj87p-bjkk

Worldbuilding Resources:
On designing cultures:

Random generators:

Mapmaking tutorials:

Free mapmaking toolset:

Random Magic Resources/Possible Inspiration:


Random (but useful) Links:

The Science of Science Fiction Writing

------ - - - - - - - - - - - - ----

WWG Wormhole!eFQlWBZZ!-yzg6Uxuj0go5nP-gdwrDg

Worlds In Peril!2FhX3D7Z!b5nVzv2yEeXUM1sNUM7oGY1WE6oiJlVuOz4cTUV8EcA
Worlds in Peril (free CC version - none of the art:)

World of Dew

Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade 1st edition Core book

All My X Crawl Stuff

Zaibatsu is free, here:

Zombi RPG:

------------ ------- ---------- ---------- --------- ------- ----------- ----------- -------

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