Show Some LOVE for the Shores

As February is considered the month of LOVE, it’s a good Calendar of RSCA Events
RSCA 2017 Annual Meeting
time to start showing some love for the Shores, and your
Wednesday, February 8th, 7pm @ RWS Library
neighbors! Let’s focus on concerns related to three elements:

RSCA February Board Meeting
C lean , C ourteous , s afe

Thursday, February 9th, 7pm @ RWS Library
Clean & safe -- We are fortunate the Redwood City Police

EGGstravaganza -- RSCA’s Spring Egg Hunt
and Parks & Recreation Departments have a process for
investigating and cleaning up recent graffiti spotted in the
Shores. RSCA works closely with both departments, and Saturday, April 8th, 1:00-1:01pm @ Marlin Park

Sounds of the Shores Summer Concerts
encourages residents to attend upcoming RSCA meetings to
get involved with issues affecting the Shores; it’s what we do!
In the meantime, if you see people loitering in unlit areas after Sunday, June 11th, 5-7pm @ Marlin Park
dusk, Police Chief Spicer recommends calling the police to Sunday, July 9th, 5-7pm @ Marlin Park
investigate the situation. If you see something, say something! Sunday, August 13th, 5-7pm @ Marlin Park
Clean & Courteous -- Responsible pet owners have much (bands will be selected in late-spring)

Annual Levee Cleanup -- August
to keep in mind for the safety and love of their animals, and
for the larger community. ere are many problems that can
arise if a dog is off leash, so please follow the laws as a (stay tuned for details)

Halloween Walk -- late October
responsible pet owner by keeping dogs on leash and picking
up after them, particularly on bike routes, walking trails,
running paths, playing fields and anywhere else it poses a (stay tuned for details)

Santa Visits the Shores -- December
health risk or nuisance. Show some love for your neighbors,
and for your dogs by utilizing the dog park on Radio Road!
Courteous & safe -- Shores roadways are shared by many (stay tuned for details)

You can always find more information about these
resident and visitor vehicles, delivery trucks, buses, bicyclists,
and other community events on our web site at
runners, walkers, children and animals. As vehicles pose the
largest danger, all drivers need to be diligent and follow
traffic laws. Show some love for the Shores and your
neighbors by driving as though you are being graded by the
DMV! Make complete stops at intersections, wait until
pedestrians and bicyclists have completely cleared the
crosswalk before you start to turn into it (especially for our
youngest community members as they are learning), do not
drive faster than the speed limit, put down your phone, keep
your eyes open for animals (and geese) crossing the road,
huge puddles, or other obstacles.
As winter will soon pass into spring, please remember to
be clean, courteous and safe. Keep the Shores a GREAT
place to live and work!
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e PILOT February 2017 Page 3
274 Redwood Shores Pkwy, PMB #603
Redwood Shores, CA 94065 - 1173
2016 Officers*
Sue Nix
Jim Cvengros
Lynn Kathleen Adams
Bob Slusser
Harris Rogers

Board of Directors Members
Nina Boire Mike Mancusi
Carol Ford Connie Munevar
Shannon Guzzetta Clemencia Rodriguez
Don Long Andrew Young
*2017 Officers and Directors will be announced after our February meetings.

RSCA’s Board of Directors meet at the
• Love for the Shores & Your Neighbors ......Page 1 Redwood Shores Library on the 2nd ursday of
each month at 7pm. Our next Board Meeting will be:
• Calendar of RSCA Events .........................Page 1 February 9th, 2017

• RSCA Annual Meeting Notice..................Page 5
• From the Mayor: A Look Back..................Page 5
Jim Cvengros Carol Ford Sue Nix
• At Home in the Shores: Expanding ...........Page 8 For CC&R copies & information, email <>
• It’s Elementary School Update ................Page 10
• Community Service Update....................Page 10 DEADLINES for e PILOT
• St. Mark’s Corner: Not Giving Up ..........Page 12 Deadline for space reservation is normally the end of the first
week of each month for the following month’s issue.
• Library Events for February.....................Page 12
Email <>
• For Your Health: Batata Poha ..................Page 13 for a precise schedule.
• Mother Nature & Enterprise 2.0.............Page 14 PUBLISHER: Redwood Shores Community Association
• Lots to Do on February 11th....................Page 14 e PILOT is the official monthly publication
of the Redwood Shores Community Association
• Classified Ads..........................................Page 16
Circulation: 6,000 Shores Households & Businesses
• San Mateo History Museum Events ........Page 16
Opinions published in e PILOT are solely those of the
• Lynn’s Kitchen: Raspberry Walnut Torte....Page 17 authors and not the expressions of RSCA unless so officially
• End Notes: RSCA Members ...................Page 18 & expressly designated.

Page 4 February 2017 e PILOT
“What did you do over the holiday break?” My day job at a If you have a question to “ASK
school affords me the benefit of having some time off over the THE MAYOR”, email it to
holidays and that is a question I often hear asked as I return to <>.
work in early January. Besides spending time with family and Include “ASK THE MAYOR” on
friends, celebrating the holidays, eating too much, reading a the subject line. I will select one
few good books, and watching too many insignificant NCAA question from all those I receive
bowl games, I spent some time looking back at 2016. and answer it the following
A year ago in my introductory PILOT article as the Mayor, month. If your question is chosen,
I stated, “I am looking forward to the things WE can you’ll win a prize!
accomplish together through the collective wisdom, Mayor John Seybert, City of Redwood City
strengths, dedication, positive outlook, and hard work of all
of us. Our community, our City staff, and our Council.”
So looking back at 2016, what did WE accomplish?
It would likely take an entire edition of e PILOT to fully
discuss all that we accomplished in 2016, so here is a partial
list of the things that stood out to me:
• Increased focus on affordable housing (Bradford Street
project, Downtown, Housing & Human Concerns
Committee/City Council study session).
• Focused on traffic and transportation solutions (City-wide
traffic/transportation study, Complete Streets Advisory
Committee, Woodside Road/101 Interchange Design).
• Added public safety resources and increased opportunities
for community connections. notice of
• Improved and upgraded infrastructure (recycled water, RSCA’s Annual Meeting
sewer systems, streets, sidewalks, and parking).
Wednesday, february 8th, 2017 at 7pm
• Increased public art and cultural experiences.
redwood shores library*
• Fostered economic development (welcoming several new, 399 Marine Pkwy at Bridge Pkwy
innovative companies to our community).
• Enhanced financial sustainability (balanced budget,
reduced long-term liabilities). is is your chance to get up to date on the issues that
affect the home and family lives of every Shores resident.
• Increased transparency (Council committee reporting,
advanced public notice of major agenda items, community Hear about the “State of the Shores”, get a preview of the
development website for projects). “State of Redwood City” and San Mateo County, plus we’ll
• Improved communication (Council Communications have an update on infrastructure and other projects affecting
Committee, community engagement initiative, blog series, the Shores, especially the waste water pipeline replacement.
Redwood City Conversations). RSCA will also elect its new Board of Directors.
• Supported neighborhood quality of life (tree preservation, *e meeting space is provided as a community service by the City of
LED streetlights, infrastructure improvements, traffic safety, Redwood City. e City neither sponsors nor endorses this event nor the
street sweeping, increased community connections with PD). presenting individuals or organizations.
• Appointed a new city attorney.
• Addressed long-term and challenging issues related to Redwood Shores Community Association
the Docktown Marina while balancing multiple
community interests.
I want to congratulate and thank our community, staff, and
my fellow Council members for coming together and
accomplishing so much in 2016. Now I look forward to 2017!
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e PILOT February 2017 Page 7
Is Expanding Your Home Right For You?
Whether you want to add a breakfast nook to your kitchen, of Los Altos-based Hammerschmidt Construction, Inc.
or a second story to your house, an expansion can dramatically (Just ensure that whoever you work with is able to submit
improve your home. But building an addition will not work accurate buildable drawings for all steps.)
for everyone in the Shores. Here are four questions to consider.
4. should I build up, out, or within my house?
1. am I allowed to expand? Building within the house’s existing structure is the least
First, check that additions are allowed by the rules of your costly and easiest form of expansion because there are no
home’s community. Every home in the Shores is governed changes to the foundation or roof. An example of this is
by CC&Rs (Covenants, Codes & Restrictions). If you’re in adding a loft between a living room and a high ceiling.
an HOA, check with them first. Next, submit your plans to Building out may work if your lot is large enough, but you’ll
obtain approval from either the Redwood Shores Owners’ need to comply with restrictions such as setback
Association (RSOA) or the Redwood Shores Community requirements. If lot size is limited, building up might be the
Association’s Architectural Design Board (RSCA ADB). best and only option. Whether you want to build up or out,
(Most homes east of Shell Blvd are covered by the RSOA, and you’ll need the help of a structural engineer to check your
homes west of Shell Blvd by RSCA’s ADB, if not by an HOA.) existing foundation and determine what needs to be done
Once you have approval from the RSOA etc., you would go to support a second story.
to the Redwood City Planning Department to obtain a
building permit. Each of these steps has a lengthy review
process to ensure each
project abides by that
specific property’s
CC&Rs and all code
requirements. You
should take this into
consideration when
submitting your
2. How much will it cost?
Building an addition is a major investment in time and
effort. Expect the project to cost between $300 and $500 Add a bedroom or office to your home by building a second story over the garage.
Photos courtesy of Owings Brothers Contracting:
per square foot. ere also may be additional costs you
hadn’t planned for. For example, after expanding only the Even 100 sq ft, in the right place, can dramatically improve
family room, you may realize you want to replace your entire your home. So if you decide it’s right for you, go for it!
home’s floors to match. Consider these details and budget
3. Who should I work with? Liza Riguerra is a technology
professional turned award-winning
You want to make sure that the new addition flows with the
interior designer who lives in
style of the rest of the house, so it’s important to enlist the help
Redwood Shores. Connect with her
of an architect who can work with a licensed contractor, or a
on Houzz, LinkedIn or Twitter.
design-build contractor (for interior expansions). “Working
with a design-build firm is a great way to streamline the process
and control building costs,” says John Hammerschmidt

Page 8 February 2017 e PILOT
e PILOT February 2017 Page 9
Greetings from the Belmont Redwood Shores School District!
sandpiper school expansion
e Sandpiper school expansion was recommended for
approval by the Redwood City Planning Commission on
December 6th, 2016. Final review and approval is scheduled
for January 23rd, 2017, before the City Council of Redwood

City. If the project is given approval (our PILOT deadline
preceded the Council meeting), the site work may begin as
soon as February 20th. By using modular, off-site construction,
we hope to have the new building in place by August 16th,
and we are excited to begin offering 6th grade at Sandpiper for Redwood Shores Elementary School's 3rd grade Brownie
the 2017-18 school year. Subsequently, 7th grade will be Girl Scouts Troop ran a successful “One Warm Coat Drive”,
offered in 2018-19, and the school will be programmatically ultimately collecting a total of 138 coats. Kudos to 3rd
complete, kindergarten to 8th grade, in 2019-20. As a graders Maya T., Samantha R. and Ashley H. for taking on
reminder, this will be the first middle grades program in the a range of leadership actions that made the drive possible.
Shores, it will offer our families school choice, and it will allow ey designed and hung posters around the school, made a
more students to be educated locally, without commuting in speech to all students and families from grades 1-5, and
and out of the Shores. All good news! collected and delivered all of the coats. ey earned their
february is Kindergarten enrollment Month Girl Scouts Philanthropist badges and raised awareness
about those in need during this chilly season.
We want all families in the community to know that February
is enrollment month for prospective kindergarteners. If you Best wishes and thanks.
know a family with a child in preschool, please share this Annie Cahoon, Principal
information. Our initial school assignments are made once Redwood Shores Elementary School
our first round of enrollment is completed on February 28th,
so there is an advantage to enrolling by that deadline.
Enrollment procedures are on our website at
redwood shores elementary school field renovation
Back in December, the school board approved a contract for
the Redwood Shores Elementary School field to be renovated.
As of the writing of this article, we are still waiting for a break
in the weather so that the contractor can rototill a reasonably
dry field. Once that happens, there will be a two-week project
to re-grade the field, install topsoil, and roll out new sod. e
new sod typically takes 8 weeks to take root properly. We
look forward to the school having a new and improved field!
If you have questions or feedback,
I can be reached at 650-620-2703
or <>.
Michael Milliken, Ph.D.
BRSSD Superintendent

Page 10 February 2017 e PILOT
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Anna Ow
RH centerfold

e PILOT February 2017 Page 11
Lent isn’t for Giving Up; it’s for Giving In
by Richard Watkins
Ash Wednesday, which falls on March 1st this year, marks the
beginning of the Lenten season. And as it approaches, I am
reminded of when I was a kid how each year I had to make the hard
decision to give up something…gum. Actually, it wasn’t hard at all.
It was a fairly easy “give up” for me as I really didn’t chew gum all
that often. At the most, I would be missing out on maybe seven or
eight gum chewing opportunities in a month and a half!
In my twenties, I shifted away from giving up physical things to try
to give up behaviors or actions such as not using profanity.
Unfortunately, I usually broke those attempts upon my first or
second dealing with people at work on that particular Ash
Wednesday morning. As I reached my thirties, my standard line was
that for Lent, I was giving up hope, which always got a laugh. Now
that I’m in my forties, having become more spiritually aware and
mature, I have realized the true intent of Lent and the Lenten season.
erefore, I have given up on giving up…and given in on giving in.
It may surprise you (as it did me at the time) to learn that the
tradition of giving up something for Lent (candy, coffee, fast food,
etc.) isn’t something required by the Catholic Church. It is more
a penitential act practiced by Catholics for their sins committed
during the previous liturgical year. One could look at it as a self-
imposed penance. As for the Church itself, aside from the
prescribed days of fasting and abstinence on Ash Wednesday and
Good Friday, and the abstinence of meat each Friday of Lent,
there are no other obligations for Catholics to give up something
(unless, of course, it is something directly sinful).
Catholics are asked to give in to something. To give in to God
and the redemption of life through the cross. Also to give in to
prayer and to the reading of Scripture; to give in to fasting and to
give in to the offering of alms. Catholics are also asked to give in
to God by renewing their Baptismal commitment and to
reconcile themselves with Him which was made possible by
Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.
It is important for Catholics to engage in “spiritual self-discipline”
leading up to Easter. e resurrection is considered the greatest
holy day of the Christian year (even more holy than Christmas,
which I think you can all agree is a pretty big one). erefore, it
is appropriate to prepare for such a holy day by engaging in such
disciplines just as Christ spent 40 days in spiritual discipline and
fasting before entering into his public ministry.
And while giving up that Triple Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat,
Caramel Macchiato with double whip and sprinkles or that
Double Bacon, Mushroom, Swiss and deep fried Twinkie Burger
for the 40 days during Lent might not be a bad thing for your
physical health, it isn’t obligatory for…no, scratch that. ose
should be obligatory give ups. Lent or no Lent.
For additional information and times regarding St. Mark’s Lenten
activities and services, please see our online brochure at

Page 12 February 2017 e PILOT
Here’s a wholesome and tasty recipe that you can make any time
of the day, as breakfast, supper or a simple snack. is fluffy rice
dish is a popular breakfast in Gujarati cuisine. It pairs nicely with
a cucumber Raita (spiced yogurt condiment with veggies) or a
savory Chutney or Pickle. It’s savory, sweet and gluten-free!
Batata PoHa
Flattened rice with curried potatoes, whole spices, nuts & berries, and
fresh herbs. (Recipe contributed by Teena Arora.)
1½ cups Poha (thick flattened puffed rice)
2-3 small potatoes (boiled, skins removed, cubed)
2 tbsp oil (coconut, canola or olive)
1 tbsp mustard seeds
1 tbsp cumin seeds
ping of Hing (asafetida)
1 sprig (10-12) fresh Curry leaves
1 onion; diced
1½ - 2 tsp salt (to taste)
½ tsp turmeric
5-6 garlic cloves; chopped
1 tsp ginger paste
¼ cup peanuts
¼ cup cashews
¼ cup dried berry blend or golden raisins
¼ cup coconut flakes
fresh juice from 1 lemon (adjust to taste)
3 tsp sugar (adjust to taste)
¼ cup fresh cilantro leaves; chopped (garnish)
1-2 fresh ai green chilies (optional)
1 tsp Currysutra Garam masala (garnish)
1. Soak poha (thick flattened puffed rice) in water for 20-30
minutes. en, drain and set aside.
2. Boil potatoes and let cool. Remove skin and cut into cubes.
3. Heat oil in a non-stick skillet on medium high heat.
4. Add mustard seeds; after 15-30 seconds, add cumin seeds.
5. Add hing (asafetida), curry leaves, and onions.
6. Cook for 5-7 minutes. Chef Teena is a nationally recognized, award-winning
7. Add salt, turmeric, garlic, and ginger. curator of cuisine that is robust in flavor, medicinal,
8. Add potatoes and stir. and often Indian inspired! She has over 25 years of
Culinary Education & Consulting experience and has
9. Add peanuts, cashews, raisins or dried berries and coconut. notably worked as a Chef Consultant at Stanford
10. Reduce heat to medium. en, add poha and stir constantly University and a Chef Instructor at Whole Foods
for 5-7 minutes. Market Salud Cooking School. Currently, Chef Teena
offers cooking classes, corporate team-building events,
11. Add lemon and sugar. private in-home instruction, pop-up dinner tastings,
12. Garnish with cilantro, ai chilies and garam masala. personal chef services, and restaurant consulting. She is
passionate about teaching people how to cook healthy,
Note: It's recommended to use the ick Poha vs. in. You can find a vibrant, nutrient rich, delicious foods, with ease!
package at the nearest Indian grocery store in your locale. For Redwood After all, “you are what you eat” and “health is wealth.”
Shores residents, Namaste Plaza in Belmont is the closest Indian market.
e PILOT February 2017 Page 13
by Harvey Radin
Hats off to the RWC crews that maintain parks and other
landscaped areas throughout the Shores. eir trimming and
pruning work helps foliage withstand the rainy, blistery
weather we’ve been experiencing over the past couple of
Sandpiper Elementary School is hosting the 2nd annual
months. Speaking of weather, doesn’t it seem like the El Nino
robotics tournament on Saturday, February 11th, from
rains a year ago were a drop in the bucket compared to all the
8am to 4pm. For more information, please contact
rain this winter?
Despite so much pounding precipitation, most of the trail
along the levee has been drying pretty quickly after storms, Carlmont Parents nursery school’s open House event
probably because of the combination of dirt and gravel on the is on Saturday, February 11th from 10am to 12pm at
surface of the pathway. is, along with the trail’s design -- it’s 751 Alameda de las Pulgas in Belmont. e preschool is
gradient or slope -- is keeping stretches of the trail dry enough located behind the church with an
and, shall we say, up to speed for walking and bicycling. So, incredibly spacious outdoor play
even when there’s rainy weather in the forecast, you know your space, and a variety of interesting
jogging and walking gear and your bicycle won’t be sitting, options for children 2.5 to 5
gathering dust all winter long. years old. For more details, see
A while back in e PILOT, we talked about business
enterprise in Redwood Shores. Here’s more about our
enterprising community. Did you know there’s a company e san Mateo County History
here that is a leading platform for information about nonprofit Museum will join redwood City its sixth
organizations? And there’s a business engaged in “helping annual lunar new Year Celebration
organizations safely leverage social media to enhance their on Saturday, February 11th, from 11am to
brand...” by monitoring “the content and context of public 4pm. is free event will include
social media activity related to an organization’s brand, performances on Courthouse Square just
technology, employees, customers and partners.” outside the Museum and craft activities for
An executive search firm has an office here and there’s a kids within the building. For more details,
company that’s “the leading source of user-generated buying see or call 650-299-0104.
advice for outdoor sporting goods and consumer electronics.”
And we have here in the Shores a nonprofit corporation with Belmont redwood shores rotary Club’s
a mission “to develop and promote state-of-the-art... lobster fest is on Saturday, February 11th
engineering resources and applications for use in mitigating at the Twin Pines Senior Center in
the effects” of a range of hazardous conditions. Belmont. More information and tickets
And during a hard day’s work, there are places to go where you are available for purchase on our website:
can kick back and enjoy tasty cuisines and great coffee, or you All proceeds fund our
can shop for groceries for home cooking. And there’s medical, community service projects.
dental, vision and skin care, financial services, real estate firms
and hotels. Stay tuned for more about enterprise in the Shores. On Saturday, February 11th, the
(After a career in corporate redwood symphony welcomes
communication, Harvey Radin guest conductor omas
wrote books and articles about public shoebotham of the Palo Alto
opinion and PR. His articles have Philharmonic for a performance of
been published in Business Insider, Strauss’ Alpine Symphony. A pre-
American Banker and regional news opera discussion will begin at 7pm,
media. He can be reached at: and the symphony starts at 8pm, in
<>.) the Main eater of Cañada College.
More information and tickets are
available at
Page 14 February 2017 e PILOT
Full Page for
AP Realtor
20% OFF for
Does Your Ad Belong Here? (Van Available)
(650) 921-2038
Classified 30 words ...$45
Redwood Shores
Certified Public Accountant
(+$2.00 each additional word)
1/8 Page or
Providing tax preparation and planning,
Business Card ART ...$95 accounting and bookkeeping services
email <> 15+ years experience Shores Resident
Call Kerman at 650-291-4219
High Quality Licensed Family Day Care
Private, For over 16 years, All Ages, in my
Redwood Shores Home. Flexible Hours,
Homemade Organic Meals, Excellent References

Redwood Shores Handyman
No job too small, can do almost anything.
Redwood Shores Resident
Call Scott 650-464-3276
or email

Silvia’s Housecleaning Service
License #22085 - Bonded and Insured
San Mateo County History Museum Events

References available on request
Paintings of frank’s tannery

Serving the Shores for 21 years
(415) 860-6988
A new exhibit will open on Tuesday, February 14th, featuring art
depicting the iconic structure which was built in 1872 and
destroyed in 1968, when it was engulfed in one of the most
spectacular fires in Peninsula history. e site of the factory was
near Bayshore Freeway at Walnut Street. Open until mid-May.
World War I and Menlo Park’s Camp fremont
On Saturday, February 25th at 1pm the San Mateo County
History Museum will present Barbara Wilcox, author of World
War I Army Training by San Francisco Bay: e Story of Camp

Fremont, who will speak about her research and sign books. As
the date for America’s entry into that war is April 6, 1917, the

Excellent service, good references.
talk will be close to the 100 year anniversary date. Camp
Fremont was an important training facility during the war.

Call Ana or Edgar 650-924-0406
e San Mateo County History Museum is
located at 2200 Broadway within the 107-year-
old “Old Courthouse” in Redwood City. It

features exhibits related to the use of natural

resources, suburban development, ethnic
High Quality Licensed Child Care & Preschool in the
experience and entrepreneurial achievement on
Shores. Chinese Immersion and Montessori Program.
the Peninsula from the time of the Costanoan
Indian through today. e Museum is open Enrichment Curriculum. Nutritious Food.
Convenient Location. Experienced Teachers.
every day except Monday, from 10am to 4pm.
More information is available at or 650-299-0104.
Page 16 February 2017 e PILOT
(How a Connecticut Yankee embraced California Cuisine)

– Lynn Kathleen Adams

February is such a funny little month. What other month
can you celebrate such an eclectic range of holidays and
events–from the pomp and circumstance of unceremoniously
dragging Punxsutawney Phil from his makeshift burrow, to
Super Bowl Sunday, to the frivolity of red roses, candies and
special dinners to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day, to
honoring two of our most famous Presidents on President’s
Day, now memorialized on the third Monday in February, to
the mysterious Leap Year which appears only every four years?
My paternal grandmother and my niece shared February 12th
birthdays, and we always celebrated their birthdays with a
special dinner that included a delightful dessert of choice.
One of Grandma’s favorites was this simple yet elegant
Raspberry Walnut Torte that my mom had perfected. It’s
easy to make and delicious, so in keeping with Valentine’s
Day, you might like to try the following dessert. Note,
because it was February in Connecticut, we did not have
access to fresh red raspberries as we do now in California.
But do use them as a garnish! If you are a clever cook, you
can probably easily adjust the recipe to use fresh raspberries
rather than the frozen variety.

Drain raspberries, and save juice in a separate cup. Spoon
raspberries over the crust and sprinkle with the walnuts. Set
aside. Beat eggs and sugar until light yellow and fluffy. Add
1 ¼ Cup All Purpose White Flour salt, ¼ Cup flour, baking powder and vanilla. Blend
/3 Cup Confectioners’ Sugar together. Pour over raspberries and walnuts. Bake at 350
½ Cup Soft Butter (room temperature) degrees for 30–35 minutes until top is lightly browned. Set
10 oz. Package Frozen Red Raspberries, thawed aside and make Raspberry Sauce.

¾ Cup Chopped Walnuts
2 Large Eggs
1 Cup Sugar
½ Cup Water
½ tsp. Salt
½ Cup Sugar
½ tsp. Baking Powder
2 Tablespoons Cornstarch
1 tsp. Vanilla
1 tsp. Lemon Juice
(Oven Temperature 350 Degrees)
Combine water, reserved liquid from thawed berries, sugar
Combine 1 Cup Flour, confectioners’ sugar and soft butter and cornstarch in a saucepan. Cook this mixture, stirring over
– blend well with hand mixer. Press mixture into the medium heat until thick and clear. Add lemon juice. Cool.
bottom of a lightly greased 13” x 9” baking pan. Bake at
350 degrees for approximately 15 minutes until lightly To serve dessert, slice raspberry torte into squares and arrange
browned. Remove from oven, set aside to cool. Keep oven on a small dessert place. Top with fresh whipped cream, and
at 350 temperature. pour the raspberry sauce over the whipped cream and torte.
Garnish with fresh raspberries and a sprig of mint. Enjoy!
(Lynn has been an RSCA Board member since 1994.)

e PILOT February 2017 Page 17
We are Thankful for Our Members! We also want to recognize these very special members who
We appreciate those of you who, with your Membership have made additional contributions in this and previous years:
dollars, support our efforts to keep the Shores a great place Richard & Joyce Baur
to live. You make possible our community events like Remy & Alexandra Burger
October’s Halloween Parade, December’s Santa Comes to Ms. Sandra Chung
the Shores (co-sponsored with Redwood City Libraries), Michael & Frances Fong
spring’s Eggstravaganza egg hunt, our Sounds of the Shores Fang Yin & Hongjun Fu
summer concerts, and our annual Levee Cleanup. You also Ms. Virginia Hughes
make possible our advocacy with the City, County, and Pete & Katie Kitrinos
other government agencies on issues that affect the Shores. Kent & Helen Lee
And We Appreciate These SPECIAL Members!
Andrew & Lesli Leong
Takeo & Michi Ohira
Along with our annual reminders for RSCA Membership, we Milan & Julie Parikh
provide the opportunity for our Members to volunteer Mr. Jerry Patrick
“something extra” to help fund part of our many activities. We Timothy & Irene Poston
want to acknowledge the following Shores neighbors who, as Pat Pritchard
of mid-January, graciously made that additional contribution: Ramon & Sonia Quesada
Philip Baneth Ms. Donna Smith
John & Irene Chan To all of you who made 2016 such a wonderful year, here’s
Jimmy & Jean Kan our best wishes for 2017!
Xiao Ding & Qinghua Liu
James & Debora Lynch
Filippo Mancini If you haven’t received your Membership letter yet, simply
Ms. Kim Marie Moore tear off the form below, fill it out, and mail it with your
Manas Tungare check for $45. Just $45 to support over 45 years of RSCA’s
Robert Wallace service to the Shores.
Tom & Milande Werbinski (If you have received your Membership notice, please get it back
Eddy & Wendy Wong to us soon so we can plan our 2017 activities.)
Angie Weiping Ye & Hong Xia Since 1970 RSCA has been working to make – and keep –
Lisa & Winslow Yee the Shores a GREAT place to work and live! Please be a part
Jingjing Zhang of that effort with your 2017 Membership.
Stacy Markel & John Zolck

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