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May, 2015

Rampur Textile Park

- Making it Happen !
(using Land Pooling Scheme)

Vishwanath Sista
Adjunct Faculty,
Dr. MCR HRD Institute,
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad
The LPS is an Area Development Plan !

It clearly differentiates between private domain and public domain the land owners of
LPS get back 50% of developed land with pucca access roads (Private domain);
While the remaining 50 % goes for open spaces, roads, amenities & facilities; and
Capitalization for implementation of Master Plan therefore it factors in both
external/trunk infrastructure as well as internal infrastructure

Caution LPS is not a layout ! It is the 1st level of land assemblage, carving out developed parcels
of land within the given grid roads of the Master Plan!
Criteria for selecting Rampur as a textile park

Connectivity advantage:
National Highway 163 connecting Hyderabad passes through Rampur in
Telangana and Bhopalpatnam in Chattisgarh passes through Warangal.
Pendyala Railway Station in Rampur village is located on Delhi-Nagpur-
Kazipet-Secunderabad route and nearest major stations are Kazipet railway
station (travel time of 1hr 26mins) and Warangal railway station (travel time
of 1hr 9mins) respectively.
Strategically located 17 kms from Warangal town with less than 30 mins travel time.

Potential for industrial development (Industrial land use) as per Proposed KUDA
Master plan.

Existing IDA Rampur

Location Map Rampur (V), Dharamsagar(M)
Warangal District
Total Area : 3080.38 acres

Cadastral Map of
Rampur village

Satellite Map of Rampur

Existing Land use Map of Rampur village

The Total population of

Rampur village is 5277.
Males are 2597 and
Females are 2680 living in
1265 Houses.
Total area of Rampur
village is 1667 hectares or
4119.24 acres.
KUDA Master Plan
The Selected area for Land Pooling Scheme is adjoining a developed / developing area and
has proper accessibility, by a National Highway and also through Railway station.
Transform irregularly shaped cadastral parcels to appropriate plots to be used in more
economical manner
Efficient, sustainable & equitable land development through Co-operative public
Land parcels within an area are pooled together
Percentage of each land parcel calculated to determine a contribution to public areas &
Percentage depends on objective of the development, size of the subject area &
required public-uses
A detailed draft Land Pooling Scheme has been prepared which will contain the following:
Sy.Nos, Village, Extent of Land.
Incorporation of Master Plan roads, Amenity areas, land use etc.
The land use break-up of the Scheme.
The plots to be retained by TSIIC/KUDA for sale.
The plots which would be re-allotted to the land owners.
Conservation of water bodies and also allocation of plots for open spaces and amenities
Conceptual plan showing the proposed utilization of land under land pooling scheme situated at
Rampur (V),Dharmasagar (M),Warangal District
Total no. of 10% for
Category Category Area
land Internal roads Total area
<0.5 32 10.5687 1.1743 11.743
0.5-1 52 48.483 5.387 53.87
1-2 105 186.984 20.776 207.76
2-3 37 101.6973 11.2997 112.997
3-4 34 117.36 13.04 130.4
4-5 38 161.388 17.932 179.32
5-6 22 115.425 12.825 128.25
6-7 23 151.668 16.852 168.52
7-8 21 162.972 18.108 181.08
8-9 15 129.708 14.412 144.12
Land Utilization Analysis 9-10 11 109.35 12.15 121.5
10-14 6 69.867 7.763 77.63
>14 3 216.33 0 216.33
of Land Pooling Scheme Total 1581.801 151.719 1733.52

Total Area 3080.38

Comparative chart(area in acres)
area as per percentages(ideally) Breakup for Rampur_LPS
Farmers 50% 1540.194 1581.8 51.35
Open space 10% 308.03 337.108 10.94
TSIIC_Dvpt 154.014 or
5-10% 174.49 5.66
(for sale) 308.03
Amenities 3% 92.411 190.43 6.18
462.05 or
Roads 15-20% 298.478 14.54
Plots_TSIIC 10% 308.03 348.545 11.32
Way Forward
Total Station Survey for LPS area

Details of ownership of all parcels of land

The level and cost of infrastructure as per UDA Standard (which is insisted for
approval of Layout)

Method of re-allotment / registration in detail.

Type of the development entitled for each of the plot based on the use of the

Original location of the land and location of the developed land, comparative
assessed land values etc.

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