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Before you learn the steps to increasing your reading skills its good to know
something about reading first.

Reading to Learn

Reading is an essential part of language instruction at every level because it
supports learning in multiple ways :

1. Reading to learn the language
2. Reading for content information
3. Reading for cultural knowledge and awareness.

To Improve Your Reading Skills

To improve your reading skills you have to :

1. Determine your reading goal
Determine reading goals will increase your reading efficiency. You can
choose and prioritize text depends on your reading goals.
2. Choose the right text
You need to choose the text which contain relevant information for your
reading goals
3. Use the right reading styles
There are some types of reading styles. Its depends on your readings goals.
When you read a novel the normal styles you might use is reading in
detail. Focusing on word by word. Its different whwn you read a phone
book you will obey anything and just focusing on something you have
4. Use note taking techniques
When you fnd useful information you can use note taking techniques. Its
provide useful aid of reading. Here the techniques :
 Underlining and highlighting
 Keyword
 Question
 Summaries

 Later. 3. Concentration When you have problems about concentration such as you cant concentrate for a specific block of time. Comprehension The best way to know if you are comprehending material is to monitor your recall as you read Using Reading Strategies Student can read more quickly and effectively by using this strategies : 1. an increase in your reading speed will occur.  Once this increased word span becomes a comfortable habit. 2. The environment you create to study has a great impact on your ability to concentrate. sometimes increasing reading speed is also necessary.Increasing Your Reading Speed Althought increasing reading skill is more important. Vocabulary The better your vocabulary the better understanding and recall of information read.  As this becomes more natural. concentrate on reading the line in only three fixations. Three Important Factors Which Can Inhibit Your Reading Efficiency : 1. environment and internal thoughts you can combate it by break up your reading into small sections and take a break between two sections. reduce the number of fixations to two per line. Previewing : Reviewing titles. practise without drawing lines. heading section or pictures caption to get sense of the structure and content of the text . or your concentration is easily distracted by others. When you decide to increase your reading speed you have to  Don't worry about how quickly you are reading but instead.

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