By Jamie Ott

LOVE AT FIRST SITE/OTT, J. 2 LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT Milo patted his dark slicked-back hair and breathed out heavy. He didn’t want to go to Nicholas’ “friend’s” party. Milo loved him, as they’d known each other all their lives, but Nicky was just a hack. Truthfully, he didn’t want to spend another evening hankering out in the cold while Nicky pretended to be a Mr. Debonair. Just as Milo was about to call and cancel, the doorbell rang. Mr. Debonair dressed to the nines in his feather grey pin striped suit and his phony friend Alec. “Hey man, ya ready?” “Haaaa,” he breathed, “yeah.” On the way, Nicky and Alec rambled on about some of the women they worked with. Alexandra, whom Nicky had been seeing for a few months, was pressuring Nicky to get serious with her. Just like cold-hearted Nicky, he broke up with her immediately, and Alec went after her. Milo ran his hands through his hair and sighed; he wished they’d shut up. Nicky said, “So! Are you ready to party tonight?” “Not really. In fact, I was getting ready to cancel on you, but you were already at the door.” “No way! You’re crazy, man! Didn’t I tell you? This is one of Jerry’s parties, the guy I’d been telling you about.”

LOVE AT FIRST SITE/OTT, J. 3 “Yeah, but you know a lot of guys and they never pull through. I just don’t feel like hanging out in the cold, having useless chit-chat with strangers.” “Man, you are such a buzz-kill, seriously. Can’t you just liven up a bit? You’re like a wet blanket. Besides, this is gonna be off the hook, I just have a feeling; Jerry works in the modeling industry. There’s gonna be a bunch of hotties there and you’ll be glad you didn’t cancel.” Nicky would never grow up. They’d been out of college seven years and he still party-hopped, drank until he couldn’t stand, and wore the same stupid boxers with the breast prints and penis’ all over them; they were his “lucky boxers,” supposedly. They pulled up to a deserted building on a dark street. There was hardly any light or life to indicate they were in the right location. They looked up and down the street, which appeared to be completely empty. “All right, let’s go,” and Milo made to get back in the car. “Wait! The address was 2240, this is 2238. We’re not going anywhere, yet.” They walked to the building next door, which also seemed completely empty. A red-brick path lay to the right; they followed it through to the dim lit back. A silver mailbox with multiple slots indicated 2238. Alec opened the steel door and they followed him up several flights of stairs. At the very top, there were two black doors, upon which Nicky knocked. When a well suited man answered the door, Nicky gave him a gold quarter.

LOVE AT FIRST SITE/OTT, J. 4 “Heads or tails?” asked the man. “Uh,” Nicky shrugged, “tails?” as he furrowed his eyes in confusion. The man stood back, “What does that mean?” asked Milo. “How the hell am I supposed to know?” Although the building was dark and rundown from the outside, within was quite cozy. There was a large empty waiting room with a few red couches and light colored walls. A large restaurant-style, metal netted fireplace was in the middle of the room, and a bar was in the far right corner. They followed the man through the waiting room, past a set of stairs, and into a short hall that had two doors. Milo looked around as the sound of someone crying echoed from somewhere. When a loud, high pitched squeal followed, Milo began to feel annoyed. He just wasn’t in the mood for another dumb party with unintelligible women. The man opened the door to the right. Everyone looked normal in their casual suits and formal dress. A large dance floor to the right was unoccupied. There was a large bar to their left and a dozen or more little round tables at which sat most of the guests; mostly in pairs of two. Milo recognized a Bach Flute concerto being played through speakers in all corners of the room. When the music stopped, everyone stood up and the guys moved two

LOVE AT FIRST SITE/OTT, J. 5 seats to their left while the women moved two steps to their right. Yes, it was a speed dating party. The man closed the door behind them. “I’m not staying here. I don’t speed date. If this is a setup because you think I am some sort of loser, well, I can get plenty of tail on my own?” They both looked at Milo, “No, we’re just as confused as you are,” said Nicky. A tall man with white hair in a dark blue suit walked up to them. “Nicky, glad you made it,” he said in an extremely deep voice. “Hey, Jerry. Listen, what is this? A dating game?” “Yeah, don’t look so shocked. Look at these women; they’re average, good looking, successful, intelligent, and well kept. These women will go the distance to please their men; the kind of woman every self assured man needs, and vice versa. Here,” he pulled three sheets of paper from a little table at the entrance, “fill out these little questionnaires, and then sit where it tells you. I’ll be in the back taking care of business, and drinks are on the house – just tell him tail lights out. Good night,” he said with a smile. The questionnaire had the basics, such as age, gender, race, and profession. Milo lost respect for the venture once it asked if he liked breasts or butt more, and if opening doors

LOVE AT FIRST SITE/OTT, J. 6 for his partner made him feel: A. Proud, B. Respected, or C. Indifferent. What kind of nonsense was that? “Well I like tits, there’s no doubt about that,” said Nicky, but Alec was torn. Milo was relieved that Nicky and Alec had to go sit at the furthest set of tables because he didn’t need them taunting him. What if he actually met someone interesting? Disappointed, Milo went through three uninteresting women before meeting someone whom he felt there might be a connection. Her name was Sandy, and she was a “quirky Gemini” according to the stupid little card. Sandy composed herself with the elegance of a queen, yet had the heart shaped face of innocence. She looked at him with large, expressive watery brown eyes; at which, Milo could do nothing but stare. When she said hello, he forgot, momentarily, to reciprocate. What could Milo say? Sandy was the adage, beautiful like a flower. Her voice was the metaphor, a song of birds. Milo was euphoric until Nicky slapped him on the shoulder. “What are you, deaf? Let’s go!” he said annoyed. *** “Those women are all messed up in the head, that’d be why. One was really bitchy; I wanted to tell her to get therapy. After her, another told me she didn’t mess around with boys and that I needed to grow up. I figured I’d give it

LOVE AT FIRST SITE/OTT, J. 7 one more shot, but when the next chick called me a shit head-loser, I figured I’d had enough. Besides, I knew if I was getting hammered, things probably weren’t going to well for you; figured I come and rescue you. This party was a dumb idea but the woman at the bar was all right, so I gave her my number.” Milo turned toward the backseat, “What about you, Alec? Have any luck?” “Not really, I met two women. One was really mean too, she ordered me to buy her a drink. The second one just talked my ear off. You?” “Yeah, I was talking to a total hottie. I guess you didn’t notice, but I got her number, so it’s all good.” *** Milo couldn’t wait to get his paws on that Sandy. She was somewhat mysterious and there was a way about her shyness that gave Milo the distinct feeling she was more than meets the eye. Still, he was a guy, and so he waited a day and a half before calling her; they made plans for Friday. Nicky and Alec were hanging out on the couch watching the football game. Milo had to really bitch at them to get them to leave. “Oh come on, asshole! You’re gonna pick some chick over your bros?” “Get out,” said Milo.

LOVE AT FIRST SITE/OTT, J. 8 “Come on, man,” Nicky said to Alec. “You’d better get some tonight because it’s the only way I’ll ever forgive you for this.” “Yeah, pay your cable bill and you won’t have to worry about forgiving me.” *** When she opened the door, Milo couldn’t believe his luck. There she was in a beautiful strapless white dress and heels. Something about her looked pure and he wanted to dirty her on the spot. “Wow,” he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, “You look beautiful. Are ya ready?” “Yes. Come in for a moment? I just need to brush my hair and teeth real quick.” “Okay.” “Nice place,” he looked around and took in the wide open living room with wooden floors and expensive Persian knockoff rugs. Several leather couches and a 96 inch flat screen covered the wall to the furthest right. What really intrigued Milo was the collection of miniature water and oil paintings she had hung throughout the place. “What do you do for a living?” “I have a catering company. Wanna go?” “Sure.”

LOVE AT FIRST SITE/OTT, J. 9 Milo felt that night was one of the better dates of his life. Sandy was articulate and smart; she had a sense of humor and could be laid back as well as elegant and proper. Over dinner, she told him a bit about her youth, but she seemed interested in hearing Milo speak too. He was impressed because there was nothing he hated more than to hear a woman go on and on about herself. At the end of the evening, he walked her to the door and she asked if he would call again. Milo assured her that he would. A week later, they had another great night on the town. They did the typical date thing and went to a movie, a comedy about two guys who fall in love with the same woman, who turned out to be a man. Inside her apartment, they sat down and she poured him a beer. Within twenty minutes, they were making out on the couch and he had his hand under her shirt. He couldn’t believe his luck, but she stopped him abruptly and he thought oh great, here we go. But, then, to his excitement, Sandy stood and pulled him by his hand! She led him to her room and told him to sit on the bed. She walked to the closet and pulled out a short leather handle with many bits of leather strips that dangled at one of the ends. “Do you know what this is?” “No.” “It’s a flogger,” she flung the end with the strips onto her hand. “It doesn’t hurt. Want to try?”

LOVE AT FIRST SITE/OTT, J. 10 “Uh, okay.” She unzipped her white dress, under which she wore a white thong and matching strapless bra. Sandy walked over and lay face down on the bed, her head on her pillow. Milo stood up and flung the funny leather toy at her ass. “You know, I’ve seen these things before; I just didn’t know what they were for.” “Mmm,” she responded. “Harder.” Milo flung the flogger even harder and he saw little red marks form on her bum. And then she said, “Higher,” and “lower.” Before he knew it he was flogging her entire body which she seemed to thoroughly enjoy. Milo found that he really enjoyed it too. He used all of his strength to give her as much pleasure as possible; she could take all he had to give! She was amazing, but he also found that with every stroke he awarded her, he felt more and more aroused himself. Finally, Milo ordered her to roll over onto her back. He couldn’t help but muse at how he sounded so authoritative when he said it, and her easy compliance gave him an instant hard on. He wasn’t interested in his hard on, however, and he continued with flogging her breasts, belly, thighs, and all the way down to her feet. She cried and writhed on the bed and Milo’s hard on raged even more. After two hours of flogging, Sandy asked for break. During which, she went and made them a pot of coffee. Yes, he

LOVE AT FIRST SITE/OTT, J. 11 was horny, but his mind was above it. He was in some sort of trance, and on some sort of high. It was midnight and they sat on the couch in the living room and talked. It was so strange because, normally, watching a woman as beautiful as Sandy in her underwear on the couch would’ve made Milo do anything he could to get her clothes off. Yet, they sat on the couch talking idly and making love to her was the last thing on his mind; he wanted to go back to the bedroom and flog her some more. Back to the bedroom they went, and this time Sandy insisted that he use his hands to spank her. She lay on the bed and Milo obliged; he pulled back a firm, straight hand and smacked her ass hard. It was most thrilling for Milo to watch her reddened cheeks flap a little back and then jiggle into place. That night they didn’t even make love, but he smacked her hard, he smacked her soft, sometimes he kissed her tender flesh. Over the weeks Milo couldn’t get enough of Sandy. Never once did he even try to make love to her, yet he knew he did, in fact, love her. On that night when she begged him to finally make love to her he knew by the look in her eyes that she truly loved him back. That same night, he asked her to marry him and, after she said yes, he un dressed her. She sat on the bed, calmly and well behaved. Milo walked around with a horse whip he’d bought at the Hustler store. Milo ordered her to lie face down and that night he whipped her like she’d never been whipped before.

LOVE AT FIRST SITE/OTT, J. 12 Then he rolled her over onto her back and tears leaked out of her eyes and he asked her, “Do you love me?” “Yes.” “Do you really want to be my wife?” To which, she replied, “Yes.” Milo stood up and undressed. She looked up at him as he removed his tie, his shirt and everything else. He lay on top of her and kissed her soulfully, working down her neck, and breasts. Milo picked up his tie and affixed it to her neck to the point of her discomfort as he told her she was then his forever. She choked a little and he continued to kiss her mouth. Sandy gasped for air just a little as he laid his entire body weight on her and went in and out of her, making a slow and passionate, discomforted love to her. Funnily enough, despite the kinky flogging, spanking, and whipping they had engaged between them, their love making was missionary and docile, but full of meaning. In retrospect, Milo felt that it meant more than all the mind blowing, hot, enraged sex he’d ever had in his life. In that moment with Sandy, it was two people without facades without needs to fulfill, but two people who genuinely respected, wanted, and loved one another; it was exactly what he wanted. *** “So, you’ve been spending a great deal of time with Sandy,” they sat over a happy hour downtown.

LOVE AT FIRST SITE/OTT, J. 13 “Yeah she’s great. What about you? Seeing anyone?” “Yeah, there’s someone, I met her at the same party. Man, she’s a kinky woman, but it’s totally worth it. You’re really gonna get married?” “Yeah, I’m in love.” “Tuh,” Nicky rolled his eyes. “What is that on your neck?” Milo leant in and noticed several lines of three inch long scabs on the lower left nape of his neck. “Oh, nothing,” he said trying to pull his shirt collar to cover “Kinky sex?” said Milo. “So tell me about Sandy.” *** Several weeks later, Milo showed up at Sandy’s house. They had plans that night to attend a party of her friend. Milo couldn’t help but feel proud when he looked at her and the awesome two carats that sat on her finger. She kissed him and he drove them to the party. Immediately, he recognized the same building where he’d met Sandy. They walked up the stairs and found the same man acting as host.

LOVE AT FIRST SITE/OTT, J. 14 “Hi, Sandy,” he said warmly. “You look happy,” and they hugged and kissed. “You’re engaged, lucky guy. Heads or tails?” “Heads,” she said. “You know the way” and they walked up the flight of stairs Milo remembered from the last time he’d been there. They walked down to the end of the hall and there was a loud scream, making Milo remember the screams he’d heard before. Milo stopped at the door and looked hesitantly at the handle, and then up at Sandy. Sandy laughed as she opened the door and inside was an enormous dark room with soft white lights spread variously throughout. After a moment for his eyes to adjust, Milo walked through and looked about. “Come on,” Sandy grabbed Milo’s hand and led him in. She said hi to several people along the way. There were black tables, chairs, and couches everywhere. A large dance floor to the back of the room and a bar with a line behind it, but Milo couldn’t take his eyes off the women. The women were dressed in various leather costumes and carried various black instruments of the leather kind while many of the men wore only silk looking boxer shorts. One woman seemed to have forgotten a bra because her breasts sat clearly displayed to the room as she lay on her back on a bed in the middle of the room. A man in black boxers took out his cock, lay on top of her and began to suck and lick her breasts as he pumped his cock in and out of her.

LOVE AT FIRST SITE/OTT, J. 15 “What is this place?” “It’s the head room,” “Yeah but what is this place?” “It’s a place for Doms and Subs, what does it look like? You’ve been here before.” “Yeah, but to a speed dating service.” “You mean, you really don’t know?” “Know what? Is this some sort of fetish club?” “This is the infamous Black Love Club. The speed dating service was for people who like a bit of kink in their relationship. We met at the spanking part of the club, tails.” “OH MY GOD!!!” Milo’s eyes bugged out of his head. “What is it?” Across the room Milo’s friend, Nicky sat on an ottoman at a small round table. At first, Milo thought he was naked, but then, to his relief, he was wearing black shiny boxers. A dark haired woman with an extremely red mouth sat next to him. Milo didn’t know if he should approach Nicky or what. Really, he just wanted to run from what he was seeing. As he pondered what to do, he watched Nicky exchange words

LOVE AT FIRST SITE/OTT, J. 16 and then the woman smacked him hard across the face, Nicky’s head swung around and as he looked up, their eyes met. Nicky turned a deep shade of red and Milo just stood there with eyes bugged.

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