Quite QUITE When is used when we we something It we are in favour of are in favour of something Rather RATHER when we are

more critical It is used when we are more critical Fairly It Both can go with adjectives and adverbs means “good” but not as good as one expected FAIRLY Rather Means good but than good as one expected Can mean “better”not as one expected” when used with favourable adjectives or adverbs RATHER

Choose fairly, rather, or quite

___________ __________ Ugly Short

__________ Beautiful

__________ fat

_______ _________ __________ _________ ____________ ___________ ___________ Easy test cute different tables tall hot poor

___________ noisy silly

______ long

__________ full

__________ dirty

_________ disgusting

________ silly

___________ rich

_________ bad

_________ fast

Complete with quite or rather 1- The trains to London ____________frequent but they sometimes arrive ____________late 2- She played _________well, although she began the game ________nervous Ly 3- The air is hot outside but it´s ___________cool in the house 4-I feel _________cold. I¨m going to put the central heating on 5-The sun´s _____________too hot for me, I´m going into the shade 6-The sun´s ______________warm, you should get a lovely tan 7-The children are _____________polite although they´re _________noisy 8- A You look ___________tired 9- B Yes, I´ve heard ______________tiring day, although it was _________ Enjoyable Complete the sentences with fairly or rather 1-He sent them to university He wanted to give them a good education. 2-He sent them to university. He wanted them to have a good education 3-He sent them to university. He told them to put their names down for entrance 4-I´ve left her a note. I want her to tell where to meet us 5-I´ve left her a note. . I want her to know where to meet us 6-He´s sold his house. He wants to pay his brother´s debts 7- He´s sold his house. He wants his brother to be able to pay his debts 8-He´s given his brother some money. Then his brother can pay

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