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Matrix is really Vicky Tokamato an ex-teenage pop star, who after a freak

accident was transformed into an electrical powerhouse. She has become

enraged over the lack of fan help who were there when the event occurred
and took it out on the people of the town. Later as her power grew she
became resentful that her old fans had abandoned her (she feels) and now
looks to punishing them for their lack of vision.

Brawn 1 Agility 3 MIND 2

Soak x1 Defense x3 Mental Defense x2
Immunity 1 (electricity) [1pt]
Offensive Super Multi-power [5pts]
 Electrical Blast 2 (Special Attack, mid range, x4 Dmg)
 Electro Spike 2 (Special Attack, small burst, point blank, x5 Dmg)
Take Electricity Form 1 (Shape-Shifting [Limitation: Burn-Out]) [3pts]
Teleportation 2 [Limitation: Only in electical form & only thru
conductive lines, etc.] [1pt]
Must recharge powers through a power source 1xday [-2pts]
Mental Malfunction
Revenge against those who mocked her.
Public ID
Perform/Singing, Play Instrument; Commerce/Bargaining, Finance.

Breakdown: 12 stats + 10 powers – 2 Weakness = 20pts