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ISSUE 1/2002

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Page 2 HERZ-press fittings

The new HERZ-product range
of 2002 offers numerous
and screw connections
technical innovations

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The new HERZ-subsidiary
HERZ-Kavkas takes care of
customers in Georgia, Armenia
and the Azerbaijani Republic

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Dear customers and partners,
Dear friends of HERZ,

HERZ built a new home for all its

customers and guests from Austria
and from all over the world. The new

HERZ product range

2002 NEW Parts 1 to 5
training centre now floats between Numerous product innovations and chan-
the two existing parts of the HERZ ges according to the technical progress
building in Vienna 23. It offers gained access to the new HERZ product
completely new possibilities for the range. A whole product group HERZ-
technical training of customers, re- press and screw fittings has been added.
presentatives as well as pupils and Therefore, the HERZ-product range now
students and just everyone who is contains 5 brochures.
interested in HERZ. Part 1 informs about HERZ-thermostats
Technical display installations and and thermostatic valves, return valves and
modern presentation techniques make radiator control valves, HERZ-3000 con-
it possible to illustrate and explain nection systems for valve radiators, con-
HERZ products and their multiple nection systems for radiators, three and
applications on the spot. However the four-way valves and connection parts. Part
new seminar centre still needs some After a longer time of preparation 2 contains the coloured program for the
fine finishing. We expect the final ac- the HERZ-product range, containing thermostat series HERZ-De Luxe. In part
complishment by the end of February 5 parts, is issued in printed form and 3 you find information on HERZ-tube
2002. By the time of the official is currently sent and distributed to fittings and distributors. Part 4 is still valid
opening we will contact plumbers, our customers. The partly new divi- in its 2000 version and contains HERZ-
designers and companies with sugges- sion of the content took place while skirting boards. Part 5 informs about the
tions for the usage of the new training considering more practical reasons. completely new product group of the
possibilities. With this reorganisation we provide HERZ-fittings.
Another break through in the deve- a further improvement of the HERZ Following, you get a brief survey on the
lopment of the company group di- services. You find a brief summary of most important changes in the parts 1 to 3.
splays the expansion of the HERZ- changes in the product range 2002 in The programme in part 4 stays unaltered.
product range by the HERZ-press and this issue of the HERZ NEWS. De- For part 5 you will find a detailed product
screw fittings. Those are displayed in tailed information will be provided information on the collection pages of
the print fresh part 5 of the HERZ- through your local agent and the ap- this issue of HERZ NEWS:
product range. This takes us to an in- plication engineers situated in our
novation of the appearance of the Viennese head office. Beside so much
HERZ NEWS. For the first time our agglomerated product information New in the HERZ-program 2002
customer newspaper contains 12 pa- HERZ NEWS 1/2002 contains again Part 1
ges. The Special for the new fitting numerous HERZ-stories from all Complementing on the field of
product range is summarised on the over the world! control systems
four centre pages. Hence, it can be HERZ-four-way valves for monotube
taken out like a collection and enclo- Yours truly, connections
sed to the HERZ catalogue. With this Covers for HERZ-3000
new service we hope to cope with all HERZ-switch distributor Switch fix
readers wishes for detailed product CALIS-three-way valves, 100 % distribution
information through our new custo- Dr. Gerhard Glinzerer Part 2
mer magazine. General Manager Extension of the program of the
thermostat series DE LUXE
Part 3
Three way mixing and distribution valves
incl. valve drive
HERZ-measure computer Flow plus
HERZ NEWS, the customer magazine of HERZ Armaturen HERZ-shut-off valve, Y-shaped valve,
with external thread
Media owner, publisher and editor: HERZ Armaturen Ges. m. b. H., Richard-
Strauss-Str. 22, A-1230 Vienna/Austria, Fon: +43/(0)1/61626310, Fax ext. 27, HERZ-compact distributor for radiator
Email:, Internet: connection in the dimension of 1"
Editing: Gudrun Haigermoser, HERZ Armaturen.

Layout and graphics: Alexander Fauland. At the moment, the new HERZ-product
Production: Odysseus printing works. range 2002 is only available in the German
Circulation: 5000 Published twice/year.
version. International versions will be is-
sued in the middle of 2002.

2 1/2002

View over Tiflis (left picture). Located at the Georgian capital, HERZ takes care of customers in Georgia, Armenia, the Azerbaijani Republic and soon
in Turkmenistan.The small team (right picture) of HERZ Kavkaz takes care of the growing Caucasian market:Valery Sharia (The company Universal,
a HERZ partner in Georgia), Rimma Agazarova (accounting), Mag.Oksana Polianskaja (export manager of Eastern Europe, HERZ Vienna), Archil
Kekelia (Manager HERZ Kavkaz), Merab Jindoev (general manager of HERZ Kavkaz) (from left to right). In the background a beautiful view of Tiflis.

fittings, there is also a demand for the bio-

HERZ Kavkaz mass vessel of the HERZ fuel engineering.

Georgia is a country rich in wood. Heating
with wooden chips and firewood is perfect-
ly obvious. The interest in solar energy
The youngest daughter of HERZ is born plants is increasing. This area is covered
by HERZ energy technique, an associate
Since September 10th 2001, the latest
S subsidiary of HERZ HERZ Kavkaz
has been registered. The team of mana-
Georgia and supplies its local partners out
of Austria. The demand for HERZ-products
is increasing steady in Georgia, Armenia
company of HERZ.

Local technical assistance

ging director Merab Jindoev, located at the and the Azerbaijani Republic. Therefore
Georgian Capital Tibilisi (Tiflis), also takes we search for possibilities to facilitate the Another task of HERZ employees is to
care of the Caucasian countries Armenia completion and to enable quick supplies provide technical assistance for local
and the Azerbaijani Republic. Further ex- possible even of small numbers of units. plumbers. Training in products and provi-
tension of the business relationships is also The foundation of a local subsidiary paves ding of records may increase the standard
scheduled for Turkmenistan. the way for the installation of a bonded of convenience in domestic installation.
Since more than two years HERZ has fo- warehouse. Local customers have the pos-
stered the business relationship with sibility to obtain HERZ-products quickly.
And once more, HERZ proves its compe-
Georgia today:
tence in customised service, also in inter- HERZ Bulgaria
national markets.
Name of country: Republic of
Noble visitor
(Skartvelos Respublika)
Demand for the entire at the fair booth
HERZ-product range
Area: 69.700 km2 High politics was a visitor at the
All products of the HERZ-product range booth of HERZ Armaturen at the
Inhabitants: about 5 million are demanded in Georgia. Besides the de- International Technical Fair (ITM) at
Language: Georgian mand in the area of heating mountings and
Independence: Since 1991 from the USSR
Presidential republic with
constitution since 1995
The former Georgia:
Location: Asia, at the Black Sea; Georgian is one of the eldest spoken langua-
neighbouring countries:
Russian Federation (N), the ges. Tibilisi, the capital is more than 1500
Azerbaijani Republic and years old. It owes its name to springs of hot
Armenia (SE), Turkey (S) sulphurous water; Tibilisi means, hot city.
Resources: Cole, natural gas, peat, The Georgian people had its golden times
manganese, wood, citrus during the 12th and 13th century. After centu-
fruits, tea, grapes, tourism ries of independence, Russia annexed it. After Polvdiv/Bulgaria late September 2001.
World cultural the downfall of the empire of the tsar, the first The general manager (Lozan Stoilov,
heritage: Historical churches of Georgian Republic was proclaimed in 1918. left) of the Bulgarian HERZ subsidiary
Mtskheta, Cathedral of However, the Red Army conquered it in 1921. welcomed Mr. President Stojanow and
Bagrati, Monastery of
Gehlati, Mountain villages Until its independence, Georgia had remained informed him about the high quality
of Swanetien. a part of the USSR. products of HERZ.

1/2002 3
Products and innovations

Perfect teamwork!
HERZ-three-way mixing and distribution
systems with adjusting drive
HERZ-Armaturen expends its extensive product range

in the area of the control valves (mixing or distribution

valves) for the steady control and three-point control.

T he new HERZ-three-way valve assort-

ment with external thread including
drive was specially developed according to
increased customer demands. It is avail-
able in the nine ranges of DN15 to DN50.
Due to their alignment to a nominal pres-
sure of PN16, their usage is various. Even
with cold or hot water up to 110C. Thanks
to a glass fibre reinforced Teflon gasket,
they are tightly closing.

Why control?
The new three-way mixing and di-
The system demands as well as the often stribution valve from HERZ
changing temperatures require the control (part no. 4037) and the suitable
of heat and cooling systems in order to adjusting drive (part no. 7712)
guarantee a well functioning operation. guarantee a perfect teamwork
The new HERZ-three-way valve regulates for the control of heating and
the performance by adjusting the opera- cooling systems.
ting temperature or the medium flow rate.

They match perfectly

and everywhere!
Valve and drive fit easily mounting is simple Brand new at HERZ
and additional setting can be spared.
The nominal line can be chosen anytime Floor control set
linear, per same percentage or squared. This
electronic adaptability proves the perfect The HERZ-floor control set controls the
teamwork between valve and drive. steady flow temperature of combined
radiator and floor heating systems (FHS
up to 42 m2). The set consists of co-
Flexible drive with
ordinated components, summarised in the
unique internal functions
table below.
The internal value of the HERZ-three-way
valves is determined by the combination of The HERZ-floor control set controls the flow temperature of a combined
adjusting drive and control electronics. floor heating and radiator heating steadily and reliable.
Due to its compact design, this drive works
reliable even in narrow places and deman- HERZ-floor heating control set 1 8100 01 (for floor heating systems up to 42 m2)
ding environment. It supplies a force of at Pieces Product
least 350 N. The newly developed gear uses 1 HERZ-TS-90-thermostatic valve, straight form
little energy and is silent. Its function is 1 HERZ-GP-radiator control valve, straight form
readable anytime on an LED-display. The 1 HERZ-thermostat with tuning antenna
valve cone can be put in its desired position 1 HERZ-tuning controller
by a crank, without opening the drive.

4 1/2002

Modern connection technique

New in the HERZ-product range
HERZ-press fittings and HERZ-screw connections
In his foreword of this HERZ NEWS issue, the general manager
Dr. Gerhard Glinzerer called the latest expansion of the HERZ
product range a "break through in the development of the
companies group". The extension of the 2002 product range by
press fittings and screw connections is a further crucial step
towards the fact of being a supplier that offers a complete range
of domestic installation technology. On the following pages, we
will give you a survey over this new product range from its
evolution to its mounting. For further questions please do not "Thats the right way to press HERZ-fittings!" Mag. Susanne
Juza, HERZ-sales manager and Dr. Gerhard Glinzerer,
hesitate to contact our local agents or the department for
HERZ general manager present the newcomers of the
application technique. product range.

The IPA the most screw fittings for plastic tubing and mixed influence the product development and
progressive connection metal/plastic tubing. guarantee high quality.
technology for HERZ
Participation in product development Stable connections guaranteed
In order to extend its product range, With no doubt the designers of IPA have Fittings produced for HERZ are high pre-
HERZ acquired IPA Produktions- und crucially influenced the market and pro- cision parts. The connections have to show
Vertriebs Ges. m. b. H. The IPA with its head duct development of fittings during the best performance and have to last long even
office in Kaumberg/Austria was one of the past twenty years. Long term experience, under worst conditions. The new product
first European manufacturers of fittings technical know-how and the inclusion of group of the HERZ product range guaran-
and leader in generating press fittings and suggestions from the mounting practice tees: a stable connection for many years!

The IPA Produktions- und Vertriebs Ges.m.b.H. with its head office The machinery consists predominantly of up-to-date CNC-
in Kaumberg at the Vienna Woods (Wienerwald) has been a member machines. Another guarantor for homogeneous work and highest
of the HERZ group since 1999. 50 employees are currently involved product quality.
with the design and production of high quality fittings.

1/2002 5

HERZ-press fittings and the appropriate tooling are a solution for a

HERZ-press fittings perfectly designed

The extension of the HERZ product range by press fittings and screw connections is a further impor-
tant step towards the fact of being a supplier of overall solutions in the field of domestic installation
technology. A diverse and perfectly designed product range guarantees numerous applications. The
large selection of fittings for the tube dimensions 14 to 50 makes it possible to construct a whole
domestic installation, starting from the riser pipe up to the last user, all with HERZ-fittings. Numerous
certifications and tests of different tubing and manufacturers guarantee additional flexibility in the
usage of HERZ-press fittings.

HERZ-press fittings:
One product plenty of benefits
vision control prior and subsequent to pressing through three openings
in the sleeve
precise positioning of tube on the fitting by means of control opening at the
press sleeve
suitable for water and heating by exclusive usage of non-dezincification brass
perfect junction by means of stainless steel and double radial press
guaranteed tightness of the junction by means of two O-rings
various application possibilities due to perfectly designed and co-ordinated The opening in the press sleeve
product range makes a visual control prior and
subsequent to the pressing
large selection of fittings in the tube dimensions 14 to 50
possible a perfect pressing of
quick and simple mounting with commercial tooling HERZ-fittings is guaranteed!

6 1/2002

any problem

d and suitable for various applications

The material as well as to shock, torque and tensile load,
high-grade and long lasting is a further guarantor for a long lasting The HERZ-universal
A perfect and long lasting installation sy- connection. calibrator can be used
stem for heating and water is guaranteed
by the exclusive machining of non-dezinci- The assembly quick and safe
in many ways
fication brass used for the production of The HERZ-press connector combines all It is used for burring and calibrating of
HERZ-press fittings. benefits of a secure, quick and simple as- the tube and is available in numerous
sembly. A special design of the fittings and dimensions. The calibrator can be used
the cheek plate leads to a particular preci- for standard or click grips or it is
se and convincing result: a 100 % tight con- tightened to a commercial rechargeable
nection, even in a cold and pressure less screwdriver.

HERZ-press fittings are also available in
various sets

The connection quickly installed

and long lasting
Whether used in heating design, domestic
installation or industrial piping secure,
long lasting and enduring connections are for standard grip
the primary goal in all fields of tube instal-
lation. Where welding, gluing, soldering
and awkward handling of gas- and oxygen
tanks used to be necessary, today one
single and simple step is sufficient: just
pressing done! That is the way in which
perfect and tight tube connections are
made with the HERZ-press fitting system. The cheek plate (TH) for the pressing device for click grip
Insensitivity towards temperature alteration is available in the dimensions 14 to 50

1/2002 7

Just a few steps to get a Control of the pressing

enduring connection Through the control opening
After cutting the tube to in the press sleeve you can no-
length, burring and calibra- tice the right position of the
ting, the tube end will be tube. There are two synchro-
checked for cleanness and nous, ring-shaped press traces
perfect burring. The chamfer on the circumference of the
has to be circulatory to pre- press sleeve. An intermediate
vent the O-ring from tearing and steady vaulted dent indica-
out. tes a correct pressing process.
The suitable fitting will be fi-
xed to the tube all the way to Complete offer
the stop. The clearance to the with tooling
basic part is approx. 1mm. HERZ-press fittings are quickly
The right position of the tube mounted with commercial too-
can be controlled through the That is the way HERZ- ling. The HERZ-product range
opening in the press sleeve: press fittings are comes with a complete press
The tube has to reach the stop pressed correctly! tooling kid including charger
at the fitting. Now the press and rechargeable battery. Of
jaw will be put on and the press device will course, all these components and the suit-
be switched on. The pressing is completed able press jaws are available in the dimen-
when the press jaws are closed completely. sions 14 to 50 and also separately.

Curiosity: Actually well pressed

Technical data for all HERZ-press fittings and screw connections: is this conduit in a Caucasian hotel!
The plastic tube-connections are suitable for We did not even promise a discount on
Water and heating installation and application classes 1, 2, 4, and 5, according to quantity.
ISO 10508
Tubes made of PE-X (DIN 4726)
Plastic/metal compound tubes (NORM B5157) HERZ-screw
Tubes made of PE-RT (DIN 4721)

Maximum operation temperature:

95C at 10 bar HERZ did also expand its product range in
the field of screw connections for plastic
Quality of heating water: tubes for the universal application in the
According to NORM H 5195 respectively VDI-directions 2035 field of heating and water. New in the pro-
duct range are cramp-screw connections
for 1/2" and 1".

NEW: HERZ-product range part 5

HERZ-press fittings and HERZ-
screw connections
The HERZ-product range has got off- Did you get your
spring! Additionally to the classics of personal issue of
part 13 (detailed information on page 2 of HERZ-product
this issue) and part 4 that describes the range/part 5 yet?
HERZ-skirting board system, the print Or do you need
fresh part 5 is available now. This issue additional issues?
contains the extensive assortment of We will be pleased to help you.
HERZ-press fittings, HERZ-screw connec- Contact your local HERZ agent or the
tions and suitable tooling and accessories. HERZ-head office in Vienna, phone
Also included is a mounting guidance for +43/(0)1/616 26 310 or send an e-mail to HERZ-wall angle with internal thread,
HERZ-press fittings. nickel-plated

The complete product range is available as from March 2002!

8 1/2002
Products and innovations

HERZ-3000 connection
systems for valve radiators
The specialists for every installation variant and with high reliability

Current innovations of HERZ make a product quality possible that already today meets the
standards of tomorrow. With the HERZ-3000 connection system you invest in the future when
it comes to quality and reliability. The system is developed for connection of valve radiators
and provides precision technology for perfect heating comfort.

D uring the last years, the flat radiators

with integrated valves have become a
standard product in the field of residential
It contains only the cases, when a radiator
can be easily removed from the system by
closing the valve.
HERZ-3035-double connection distri-
butor asymmetrical, for valve radiator
with connection on right side; with shut-
construction. Beside the optical aspect, espe- off valve, dumping and charging of radi-
cially the time saving during assembly is an HERZ-3000-Bypass body for one and ator, cross-free pipe installation.
essential benefit. This change was accom- two-pipe systems (3066) H E R Z -
panied by the usage of new raw materials. The classical 3033-double
product among connection
the HERZ-con- distributor
An enormous number of
nection systems symmetrical,
possibilities for all systems
(as 3050, for valve
HERZ-Armaturen has early accompanied market and radiator with
the development and product innovation. It innovation leading since many years) was centre connection and shut-off valve,
provides an enormous number of various redesigned and adapted to new technical dumping and charging of radiator,
build-in situations. Besides the system cha- requirements. cross-free pipe installation.
racteristics, like the one or two-pipe system Direct connection to valve radiator with
and the raw material, the connection set of 3/4" external thread and cone with pre- HERZ-3000-connection part for two-
the chosen radiator brand is decisive for mounted O-ring gasket; no flat gasket is pipe systems with integrated thermo-
the choice of the suitable HERZ-product. needed any more. static valve, display on thermostat
Further criterions are the design of the pi- Design in straight or angle design to upper part for direct reading of pre-
pe system and the pipe installation and the chose between left or right flow direc- adjustment.
future demands on the operating comfort. tion to radiator.
Even technical details like charging and 3/4" external thread or M 22 x 1.5 exter- HERZ-3000-connection part for one-
dumping the switch from one pipe to nal thread on tube connection for pipe system with integrated thermo-
two-pipe operation or even the alteration HERZ-cramp set. static valve.
of flow direction (HERZ-Switch fix) are no Ability to switch from one pipe to two-
problem with HERZ-fittings and establish pipe system, alteration of the share of HERZ-Switch fix (3030 01), switch di-
almost an entire installation liberty. the radiator between 30 and 50 % (pre- stributor for two-pipe systems.
adjusted 40 %).
Pre-adjusting, closing, dumping and HERZ-skirting connection distributor
The suitable HERZ-3000-product
charging with HERZ-accessories. for two-pipe systems; with secondary
for every application
heating installation, offers the possibili-
The following survey helps to make the HERZ-3000-double connection ty of cross-free pipe installation under
right product choice for each application. distributor for two-pipe heating skirting.

connection distributor
for two-pipe systems

1/2002 9

Agricultural University and primary school of Grimmenstein (Styria/Austria)

Two educational institutions are

heating with wood chops and HERZ
T he high performing wood chops hea-
ting with underfeed stoker the
HERZ-Firematic is a clean, reliable and
the heating with
biological heat, the
CO2 emission is re-
economical heating system. The systems duced by 140 metric
are built customised and suitable for every tons per year compa-
condition. red to a gas stoker.
In order to preserve
the structure of the
Higher performance and
building, the system was
comfort for BOKU
drafted individually for
The forestry education building of the accommodation in the
Universitt fr Bodenkultur (BoKu) in old room for the oil tank.
the Rosalien mountains is a model enter- The feeding of wood
prise in every respect. Since the fall of chops happens on two
2001, a HERZ wood chop heating system conveyor screws into the
has been operated. The performance of the bunker. The output is done by
firematic system works out at 150 kW. means of two ground spring mixers.
The building that provides room for 56
people used to be heated with a whole piece
Only local wood chops from farmers are
used as fuel. This means additional and se-
feeding stoker. On cold days, it was neces- cure revenues for the local farmers. The minded heating
sary to feed wood every half an hour. The
handling is much easier with the new wood
capacity of the system is not fully charged
to capacity yet. The connection of additio- with wood and
chop heating system. Plus, 40 bank meter
of firewood are economised each year. The
nal users is currently negotiated.
Controlling the system by remote mainte- HERZ
storage room with its 28 metric tons capa- nance by PC and telephone relieves the While thinking about a new heater
city has to be loaded with wood chops only maintenance additionally. Should an error nothing can exclude the topic of bio-
once a year. occur, a message is sent instantly to the mass systems. Conservation-minded
operators phone. HERZ-systems like the wood chops,
Grimmenstein: wood piece and pellet heating systems
Ecology-minded from HERZ-firematic in a performance range of 3 up to
the scratch The benefits at a glance 500 kW will soon provide the standard
of oil or gas heating systems.
The village of Grimmenstein cares for its Only at HERZ: Automatic stoker Easy storage, sometimes all-automatic
children and heats the primary school with cleaning, even during operation fuel feeding and comfortable operation
a wood chop heating system from HERZ Electronically controlled and surveyed are regarded as a matter of course for
instead of heating it with an oil stoker. The burning HERZ-Biomass-heating systems. The
performance comes to 300 kW. Through Double back burn safety typical woodland of Austria provides
Flexible system design and enough wood. Fuel supply out of
customised planning the home country is guaran-
Adaptable to every heating teed for the future. Permanent
and storage room price increases on fossil fuel
All-automatic controlling become a side aspect!
comfort and autonomic
ignition More information at:
Performance range from HERZ Feuerungstechnik
9 to 500 kW A-8272 Sebersdorf/Stmk.
Phone +43/(0)/3333/24110;
The forestry education building of the More about HERZ-firematic-systems can Fax-ext.: 73
Universitt fr Bodenkultur (BoKu) in be found in the corresponding brochure. E-mail:
the Rosalien mountains is heated by an Request directly or download from the
HERZ-Firematic system. Internet:

10 1/2002

A floating box
made of steel and
glass before
makes the technology of HERZ transparent
"We want to design a floating box that makes insights from the
outside possible and therefore also the technology that is behind
HERZ-Armaturen." explains architect DI Rudolf Guttmann the
basic consideration that stands behind the new education centre during construction

of HERZ-Armaturen.

D uring a construction time of only six

months the new home for customers
and guests from Austria and all over the
twice in reality with the education and
symbolical with the new education centre
for customers and partners.
world was created between the already exi- The education centre (its final completion
sting buildings of HERZ in the 23rd district is scheduled for the end of February 2002)
of Vienna. will also play an important role in the field
The use of steel and glass has been chosen of media and presentation technique. Open (almost) done!
on purpose and without any fancy stuff. show installations display the various ca-
"The architecture shall not distract from pabilities of HERZ-products from all colours and a cosy atmosphere establish
its true purpose, that is to connect techni- business units. the right climate to get new power for
cal contents", explains architect Guttmann. During the training sessions, food and re- further information input. In order not to
The front side made of glass and open to freshments are served. The new guest can- forget about technology, a radiator gallery
the front, allows insights and all activities teen is located in the cellar of the old shows a survey of various possibilities of
can be watched from the outside. Therefore, wing and is connected with the education the HERZ-radiator connection and control
HERZ shows the desired transparency centre by a circular staircase. Friendly systems.

New business field

HERZ Energietechnik Ges. m. b. H.
End of 2001 the youngest HERZ asso- association is to develop complementary
ciation the HERZ Energietechnik and new products in the field of regenera-
Ges. m. b. H. with its head office in Sebers- tive energy for retailers, trade, industry
dorf was founded. The goal of this new and public.
New Internet Domaines
Heavenly heat HERZ Feuerungs-
from HERZ technik Ges. m. b. H.
During his trip through the Ukraine, Pope
John Paul II also visited Lemberg (Lviv), the Since a short time, the web-site of HERZ
centre of the western part of Ukraine. During Feuerungstechnik besides the classic
his visit he stayed at the residence of the is also accessible
metropolitan of the Greek-catholic church,
through two new addresses. On www.pellet-
right in the centre of Lemberg. The residen-
ce was especially renovated for the important visitor. Here and you
again, HERZ-armatures provided cosy heat and a comfortable find all relevant information on enterprises
atmosphere. and products presented in a clear and
informative way.

1/2002 11
Experts with HERZ
On December 8th, the dignified opening of
A Heart for the art
the Club The good HERZ expert took place
The concert of the Vienna Violin Quartet, organised by HERZ-Armaturen, has
in Wieliczka, Poland. 61 chosen experts almost become a tradition and last year it took place for the third time at the
obtained the member pass, the certificates museum of natural history (Naturhistorisches Museum).
and the guarantee documents as well as the On September 28th, HERZ invited customers, friends and partners from Austria
working clothes and bags provided by HERZ. and from all over the world to Vienna to spend an unforgettable evening in an
All plumbers who are members of the HERZ-
impressive surrounding.
Club are now able to give a 10 years guaran-
tee on all their installations made of HERZ-
systems. In addition, there are regular educa-
tion programmes, presentations and intere-
sting special events. You will
P rof. Dr. Bernd Ltsch, general mana-
ger of the Naturhistorisches Museum
and Dr. Gerhard Glinzerer, general manager
Polka; a contemporary composition of the
19th century entertainment music, from
Ren Reuterer & Werner Mller dedica-
the characteristics of the club and the of HERZ-Armaturen indicated in their ted to all HERZ customers.
foundation celebration in the next issue of opening speeches the common sense of the The Vienna Violin Quartet pleased with its
HERZ NEWS. museum and HERZ. musical program containing the pre-history
Due to the usage of energy saving and high of the Vienna entertainment music up to
quality products and the force of renewable current attempts to join the tradition. They
energy a decisive contribution is done to played works of Johann Strau Father and
preserve our nature for the future, even Son, Joseph Launer and Johannes Brahms.
outside of museum walls. After an overwhelming applause of the en-
The almost 200 guests were welcomed in a thusiastic audience, the guests were invited
traditional musical way: The Plumber to a buffet on the upper floor of the museum.

Mag. Andrzej Latosinski (right side),

the general manager of HERZ-Poland
passes on certificates to the members
of the founded club The good HERZ

The promoters Dr. Gerhard Glinzerer, gene- The Vienna Violin Quartet provided an un-
ral manager of HERZ-Armaturen and Prof. forgettable musical evening. From left to right:
Dr. Bernd Ltsch, general manager of the Gnther Seifert, Melan Setena, Eckhard Seifert
Naturhistorisches Museum, prepare (all members of the Vienna Philharmonica),
themselves for their welcome speech. Josef Pitzek (Radio Synphonieorchester)