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Matrik Penelitian Kualitatif

Judul: The Struggles of Lilly Linton in Robert Thiers Storm and Silence Novel (2016)

Pernyataan Metode Penetilitan

Penelitian/ Daftar
No. Konsep Lingkup dan Asumsi Data dan Pengumpulan
Fokus Analisis Data Pustaka
Pembatasan Sumber Data Data
1. What types of According to Sri Scope: 1.Lilly Linton Data: Technique: Technique: 1.Aurobindo,
struggle that Aurobindo on Essay This faces outer Words, (non-test) Descriptive Sri. 1950.
are faced by of the Gita (1950) research is struggle phares, Documenta- qualitative Essay on the
based on and tion using Gita. New
Lilly Linton there are two kinds of (social
literary feminism York: The
in Robert struggle, which are stuggle) in sentences
study. approach Sri
Thiers Storm inner struggle and Robert from the Procedures: Aurobindo
and Silence outer struggle. Thiers conversati 1. Read the Library.
Limitation: Procedures:
novel (2016)? Storm and on of the novel
The 1. Prepare and
Beauvoir maintains in researcher Silence main organize the 2.Hyde, J. S. &
2. Write down Quest, N. E.
2. How does Tysons book limits the novel character data for
the 2013. Half
Lilly Linton (2006:97) that women research (2016) Lilly analysis.
significance the Human
overcome should not be content only to struggles. Linton. 2. Explore and
notes. Experience:
analyze the code the
those with investing the 3. Highlight The
struggles of 2.Lilly Linton Source of data.
struggles? meaning of their lives the notes in Psychology
the main data: 3. Describe the
in their husbands and overcomes different of Women,
character The novel codes
those colors. 8th Ed. USA:
3. What kind of sons, as patriarchy Lilly Linton 4. Make a
struggles by Storm and 4. Tabulating Wadsworth
feminism that encourages them to in Robert representati
Silence the data Cengage
are potrayed do. Thiers being a on in tables.
Storm and feminist and (2016) by 5. Make report Learning.
by Lilly
Silence fight against Robert in
Linton in Enns & Sinacore, and
novel patriarchy. Thier. descriptive.
Robert Thiers Tong in Hydes and (2016). 3.Tyson, L.
Storm and Quests book 6. Conclude 2006.
Silence novel (2013:53) categorize 3.Lilly Linton the findings. Critical
(2016)? feminism into five experiences 7. Validate the Theory
acuracy. Today. USA:
major types of kind of
feminism: feminism in
1. Liberal or between the 4.Thier, R.
moderate liberal, 2016. Storm
feminism, cultural, and Silence.
2. Cultural feminism, London:
3. Marxist or socialist Smashword.
feminism, radical, and
4. Radical feminism, postmodern
and feminism.
5. Postmodern

Surabaya, 9 Agustus 2016

Pembimbing I, Pembimbing II, Mahasiswa,

Dyah Rochmawati, S. Pd., M. Pd Sella

NIP/NPP: NIP/NPP NIM: 135300149