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Man power planning and budgeting

End to End Recruitment Process:

HR Operations:
- Joining formalities and Induction
- Offer letter & Appointment letter
- Relieving Procedures & Full & Final Settlement (F&F)
- Exit Interview

Junior/ Mid/ Senior Level Interview Methods

Creating Job Profiles
Salary Negotiations
Live Interview Demo
Background Check
Resume writing

HR Challenges:
- Attrition issues in various sectors
- Effective Retention Policies

On-Job training


* Practical Form filling, ECR, Challans & Calculations *

* Practically covered the applicabilities of each act, penalties, which industry would you
be applying which law, role plays that will give you practical purview how you will be
handling unions collective bargaining, etc

Labor Laws Covered:

- The Factories Act 1948

- The Payment of Wages Act 1936
- The Contract Labor( R & A) Act 1970
- The Minimum Wages Act 1948
- The Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provision Act 1952
- The Employees State Insurance Act, 1948
- The Inter State Migrant Workmen Act
- The Minimum Wages Act 1948
- The Maternity Benefit Act 1961
- The Payment of Gratuity Act 1972
- The Industrial Dispute Act 1948
- The Payment of Bonus Act 1965
- The Labor Welfare Fund Act
- The Shops & Establishment Act
- The Industrial Employment Standing Order Act
- The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act.
- The building & Construction workmen Act 1996
- The Trade Union Act 1926
- The Employees Compensation Act 1926
- The Apprentices Act 1961
- The Employment Exchange Act 1959

* All labor laws are covered with in depth practical solution with case studies, role plays,
objectives test, presentations.

* In-depth training on labor legislation applicable for industries and offices with practical
examples/cases by industry experts.

* Health & Safety guidelines

* Consequences of non-compliance
* Importance of Industrial Relations
* Effective disciplinary action process
* Protocol of handling inspections and notices
* Understanding Labor Psychology
* Collective bargaining
* Dealing with Unions
* Patrolling


Organizational Development Overview-

> Blooms Taxonomy

> Training Process
> Training Methodology & evaluation

Identifying Learning and Development(L&D) needs:

- Training Need Identification: How to identifying training and development needs within an
organisation through job analysis, appraisal schemes and regular consultation with business
managers and human resources departments.

- Training need Analysis

- Training Calender

- Training Budget: How to manage the training budget

Aligning business needs with training needs

Leveraging L&D to achieve organizational growth

Management development and types of skills training

How to partner with third parties (Vendor Management)

Designing, both in-house and with expert third parties, a solution which includes a blended
approach to learning such as coaching, classroom training, 1-2-1 sessions, action learning & e-

Delivering these blended solutions and training sessions to your delegates, mostly at
management level.

How to manage and oversee the development of your training team.

How to conduct appraisals using different methods like 360 degree or Bell curve etc

What training materials are required for an in-house training, Etc.

Become a Trainer.


Under this module you will be able to Practically create CTC of higher Salaries with proper tax
implications & Salary slips, What are the different appraisal methods and how to use them
practically, PMS, KRA's & KPI's, Hiw to statistically read & understand Survey through which you
will be able to understand whether your company is a good pay-master, Salary calculations of
huge employees & payroll management, ENTIRE HRIS on the SOFTWARE which none other
institute will provide and much more you can read below-

Introduction to Compensation & Benefits (C&B)

Study principles of wage fixation and understand minimum wages.

Significance of employee compensation.
Status of C&B professional in the industry.
Meaning of Compensation, Remuneration, Benefits, Perquisites, Total Reward.

Understanding C&B Surveys / Reward Surveys in different industries, Data collation,

comprehending reports, Data analysis.

Job analysis
Job pricing
Salary range spread
Presentation to stake holders

Internal Benchmark:
- Understanding and calculating Medians, Percentiles, Minimum, Maximum and Range.
- Preparation of CTC Structure:
- Understanding components of CTC
- Flexible pay programs
- Designing CTC
- Tax Implications
- Good Reward Practices
- Variable Pay Programs:
- Short Term Incentives (STI)
- Mid Term Incentives (MTI)
- Long term Incentives (LTI)
- Employee Stock Exchange Schemes

Organizations Life Cycle & C&B Strategy

Executive Compensation

Understanding importance and connection of Job Analysis and Job Evaluation in Compensation
& Benefits.

Performance rating criteria, linking performance to reward, reward review Proposal, budgeting
process, approval on compensation proposal by compensation committee, system enablement.


- Attendance management
- Leave management
- Salary Components
- Designing Salary Breakup
- PF, Rules, Forms calculations
- PT & Labor Welfare Fund
- Gratuity/ ESIC/ WC Policy
- Salary Sheet Preparation
- Salary Disbursement
- Payroll Software


* Business Communication:
- Telephone etiquette
- Email etiquette
- Attitude development
- Team Building
- Do's & Dont's of corporate communication

* Vendor Management:
- Checklist for different vendors
- Documents to be maintained
- Registers, etc

* HR Policies:
- Creating different types of policies

* Process of setting up a new HR department.

* Balance Scorecard
* HR Jargons
* Competency Mapping
* Skill Matrix
* Ethics in Business
* Succession Planning
* Stress Management
* Work-Life Balance
* Health & Safety Aspects of HRM
* Customer Centric Marketing
* Customer Servicing
* Recent Trends in HR
* Myths about Soft-skill training
* Understanding of Selling skills
* 'I' is important
* Team Management
* Being Successful
* 10 Steps to a happier workplace
* Advance Excel
* HRIS Software