5 Right - Leading to operational excellence

  Constraint focused operational planning and leadership - Workshop for top managers

Operational leadership
• Strategy and operational leadership
• The process of operational leadership
• Operational excellence: 5 times right

Setting the right goal
• So many goals – but where do we want to go?
• Step 1: Set your operational goal

WHAT YOU WILL TAKE HOME Designing the right operational plan
• Step 2: Map your business system
Understanding of ... • Constraint focused operational plans
• Sales as business system – not
• Step 3: Design your constraint focused operational plan
just processes.
o Critical success factors
• Simple tools for constraint
focused operational leadership o Necessary conditions
o Constraints
Experience - by ... o Constraint resolution plans
• Applying the methodology to Right leading the execution of your operational plan
your own business. • This is the perspiration phase
• One-to-one coaching by • Why your people do not keep their promises
workshop leader. • Leading the execution of operational plans
Right adjustment of your operational plan
09:30 Welcome, introduction
10:30 – 10:45 Break
• „Deep“ reviews
12:00 – 13:30 Lunch • Where is the root cause?
15:00 – 15:15 Break • How to resolve it?
17:00 End
Doing the right things yourself: Your job as operational leader
WORKSHOP LEADER • Captain. Coach and role model
Dr.D.Legat, Managing Partner, • Masters of operational leadership
Delta Institute Switzerland
About us: the DELTA T-Cockpit
600 € per participant, • Top management tool for operational planning and leadership
10% discount for groups • Permanent focus on the goal
• Focuses everyone on their obligations
PRICE INCLUDES • Supports „quick“ and „deep“ reviews
• Lunch, coffee • Supports both hierarchies and matrix organizations
• Workbook • Worldwide access for everyone in the plan
(Legat, Woehr)

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