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rom: Maa > Date: Sun, tan 29, 2017 at 02 PM Subject: Re: Plan fo rpid responses 1: Daan Ce MpiaanstanaomiommiimmlllP:, Phoebe Hex1rd ot: ‘Thank you inn. "have been reehvngemalls through the nw system where people can send an emit allthek TM reps without knowing who they aeorher eral adresses. IT'S WONDERFUL! oily represent pt. 7 but om recauing them from pet where lve cow. (ve recived 14 11 urging met vote Yes and ony3 o's think were reeshing for et. 7 rmight be the reverse, but Fe interested to now. ‘ce (On Sun Jan 29,2047 at 340 PM, Melss Smads wrote: Frank Gat stl onthe fence This report or CF Peer masa Who Kicks Dt Be. Date: Sun, fn 29,2017 736 PM ‘Subject: Re: Fd Targeted TM cals To: Meliss Gexeahieeimesstninimmtabenmnianaassistasonaenaenationsititinns HiJohanna& Metis, Im sening histo you both because jst got off the phone with Frank Gath ‘We spe or 5 min, very amicably. ee stl leaning towards no because he dos’ the 1-2 rant (a child pycholgt he thinks this wont be god for Kids), bute si leaning towards, sat eft He sees this 59 50 year deco and wants to get ght Methinks the teachers/staff matter more than the bung. Hele concamed thatthe naw bulding may not have the physcl space needed for future growth of choo ged population (wl there berm to expand? Wl he playground be big enough?) | shared my experince asa parent how good tachers/talf ar they wil make the trantion work ~ How many spel needs teachers/saf eurrently adres and can beter addres na town wide schoo How dispied teachers/salf aren the other wo schools, thisbelng 2 tt that turned my mind eaty on ‘The piece where he seme most open to bing swayed was with regard tothe funding. Ishared my statewide ple experience, knowing we wont see tis money gan fora dense, He posts that with federal charge, the funding Is ven les secure So] ended on the not that we can take the mene, bull the schools and advocate actively to make them works ofa He sayshe's heard (alls, pstcards, ters from lt f people about his and appreciates the input. He encouraged me to come to TM and speak and share that he/they are swayed by what peopl share sing the dcusion. Wlthere bean open ike, 0 you krow? Inaditon tothe conversation with Frank | spoke with oan Tekin (arady yes] & lft messagas for al of others fom Precinct, leaving my ame, number, and sere gattude for thelr serving, and my support for the projet. Hope this help! ‘nave a ster for tomarrow olan tobe ther, ‘Thanks for adding me tothe FB Groupl est, Geny ‘on Sun, Jan 29,2017 a 328 PM, Phosbe Hanard wrote ‘Great news! Thanks Mala Sent rom my Phone (on Jan 29,2017, 2225 PM, Meliss Gane ra rote: ‘The report tht Stave Sloom s nwa YESLA good end works with his fe and they have been worlig on hin, ‘on Sun Jan 29,2017 a 923 AW, Katherine Appy athenesne¥@emal com> wrote: ‘Thanks Meg wil pasion Sent from my iPhone (on Jn 29,2017, a 838 AM, Micaela? Wt ‘Greetings — One day to goll For anyone who wants litle lt In worrying about our choos. want tobe sue you allow about the demonstration today, Sundey, at 100 onthe Amberst Common to protest the recent ent-mmigrant poe that Trump signe on Friday and that has rested n chaos and tragedy in rp around the werd. Peas pass on the word to people who would want to Krew about this local epportunty to take a tan Meg saree ed ee (On fn 28,2017, 35:20 AM, Mammalia > wrt: _tached ithe “chet shee th Mia's corrections, Peat print hs ut for youse es - reustomize something -and email he team you hae any questions ‘What re we thinking he protea fr doing tls wil be? Peter wilhere a comment and tet everyne soak athe sheet ona parcular sue or wile be able to ‘ut and paste information on hi phone? WII he have et of people who are prepared to addres these ues? “ania, \ couldnt incude a of ke’ comments on the MSBA ppcine. Here they are: ‘We wil get bckinto the MSBA pipeline soon other drcs have dona: We hve been told repeatedly 3c got back into poet with hor delay. No ‘mater how mary mes repeated, this remais untrue. One community, Hoplite, was able to turn 3 "a" vote around with 3-year delay. ut Granby has St not ‘ceived funding forthe school they tured down and Carver tock over a decade, a tree "a votes before being forced by the MSBA to pass their vote before they would even be considered for funding again. Lincoln aed ther vot in 2012, hos applied multiple nes, adis si wating to get beck in, What 9y8TM ‘woud vote this down again? Clear communication from the MSBA that we wl gEack nthe hopper with the other 150+ dries requesting supper. Andif we (> ahead and fx the immediate [sues with WW heating and Foo, we wl be pushed frter down the is. Years olay We're ambing with our chien. ‘sional, even adver yeor Sly to gt back n-untkely—noud et the project bok ver 7 ears fullgeneaton of students elemento school-os would bing us bck to the lace we were In 2013 (net nw). Adallanaly the MSEA ono fied budget ht wl be consumed bye few moj projet incoming years ‘Samer (S256 milion High Schoo passed ths fl Watham hasan upceing vee cna $283 milion dlr High Shoo nd Fal River and towel have projects coming up tht ore estimated over 200 milion, Al our jects il have Ngh reimburse rte given the poverty in these communities, and wl ne lw for ‘mony new projects to get int re pple. Con Fr, Jan 27,2017 a 9:32 PN, Phosbe Haszad cphoebehezerd@amailsommurate: Yl people onthe Noor CANNOT cede ime to oer | checked in with and he wa'allow to dont plan on that ea trategy (on Fr, Jan 27,2017 at 9:22 PM, Anastasia Ordone wrete Thanks, Nia. This ely hell Adding afew more people to this thread that are actively preparing fr TMon Monday. One alc daeeaton we cant assume Tuaties Umber i eleaee sor aa Une nentg oe caine poet cama reiels est Siet oec NR Cee cad val Mceeiee Leer tobe prepared in casehe doesnot owt ‘mals attaching an upeted st f people we know are gol to speak, though thee are many others who have signed up tha we don't have names for, and thats bay. Aten updates “ime with Vie thi morning and she's ot buding. Her rezone are the ones we've heard efor, Unfertunate, but not unexpected, ‘Meg nd met with Tin ahs morning, The statement fom the Fis reat, and he's as planing on speaking aan ndvual TM mamber about the much higher os to taxpayers I his projects delayed We believe ete best messenger fortis message, ut since’ not assured that Jn wl cll on him Ten ‘gested some language coming tmorron!] that can be used by any other speak t sana that he wil peak to this opi. lease raise yout hand if you keto beth mestenger ang ave already signe upto speak, and/or wil be waving your hand nthe alt Pau my wl be speaking forthe ase, and Tim Sheehan willbe speaking for SUC. This great news becaus Pauli so widely respecte, and Tim isjust reat on everyting.) est, Poastasn Cn i 127, 2017 #907 PM, Nica rameter te: [have wrangled "cheat sheet” of topics/atacks wih ory abbreviated responses Phoebe has setitto Mike Mort for his thumbs upcnthe nfo wl forward that fss00n asl get the okay. We've ben oa that Jim moderate) willl on TM members thay ralsethelr ands bu that thy are uty o ba caled on again. We've aso been tol that's rare for him task non-TM member 0 speak without having them on his ist. eal, we have people covering ail these topis/ttacks butifwe dont, anyone who pens can start thelr comments by saying they woul ket rst address the comment that was made eater and how that Ip before thelr prepared speech-oF ‘choose to charge direction someone ese has successfully addressed what they waned to tk about ‘ache, fr now, ae the topiciatacs for youto cand (d el me we've missed anythin!) gal, forward abbreviated responses tall thes (tfiton a Aoublesied singe page) soon. ‘would be terri to know if you ae slready planning to speak to any ofthese. We alo from what understand, have the option to cede cur time to someone flee Tis maybe strate if you fel what you propared to say has become redundant - though ever voles valuable, egrdes of redundancy (ting some points hame mayo factbe th best strategy -soharétocal) eed on 2m planning to spea to his comment in my prepared spach: Amherst elementary students excel nou current schools Onward Nisa (on F427, 2017 27-8 PM, Back Dering ot Somethings amiss here can reach 10,00 popla no matter what st serve they hve have the email addresses of allo hose people you have the eral adereses fal of the TM members then they canbe resched with ane ame assigned to them. Hey, ean getintouch wth eemall proder and get all the enals forall South Amherst, with 850% cegeeofcnfgenc. ft wil ot hve emails for al ofthe resident of South Aes, oly hate who have an ema aes. Original Messge— From: Chrstophendidimnaiemmtamaiss ‘Yo: Phoebe Hazzard cerPeter Mes oo TR aiiccciiialiisaciaiis' nS Ac aaeamN: Arosa Orcone® Ca See ———— Jc TT Katherine APH ee Subject: Re: Teachee Ad HAE the TCC orig onan ema system to reach TM members nek ret -ertlesallof hoon Mary Sastre th one dere prcinhu@amberstma gow where xis the number ofthe prec. ‘Soto reatheverone on thes sry, would take enema. ‘That's the good news. The bad newsisthat it does seam tobe working property yet | sent myself tet ad it det work. got coupe of postmaster messages os 5 happy to make a contrbuton tothe ad. How dodo that? (on Th Jan 19,2027 a8 3:45 PM, Phoebe Harard wrote: FY ust ried 6 make another donation anit sald there was problem andthe ogaizer needs to signin. Elle John. Phosbe (Qn Thu Jan 19,2017 23:5 PM ahr ree 0: Yes, you absolutely want your strengest/most- persuasive rumbers/percertages tobe rude f possible (On Thu 19,2017 321 FY SVT vt: ‘Ok rest Lt me know how can ep ei ask some coeagues for ots but ufortnatly we dnc ealyhave time to focus. hs ke the des of hight the percentages again thanks! (nth, an 18,2017 254 eR? 1: Inlokng at todays paper a uarer poe ase actaly nots messes 543 10 ad isthe size that was used by SOLD in Noverber-see photo alow. ‘The ha page ad i $1882 50 (an addtional $941.25 nd seems oto reach. ve never sea ocl plc a that ge. know nay before considering the malig costs - wo had considered tbe! the ad prices ae at higher thon inital thought (On Jn 19, 2017, 9242 Pe mains rte: Stove and can pitch to, (Oe Tha J 19,2087 12:44PM NT rt: ‘Ma, en pitch Ie more than have. Important. (On Thy Jan 19,2017 a 12:22 Ps TTP orc: {am happy to help in someway. thinkits important (on Thu Jan 19,2047 a 12:08 Pu, Katherine Appy wrote Sent from my Phone (on Jan 39,2017, a 2127 0, magi wrote "im wiling to tck a more money. Cor someon rE othe gofunéme page? Maryann ont from my Spent Samsung Galoxy57 rial massage — From: Krste Date: 139/37 11:16 AM (eM OS D0) To: Michele (ce: Anastca Ordones: rere, Kahin Appy ceatnerneanpy@amoiicon> Subject: Teacher Ads | would olunteer to hand deliver the ne to Noho tomorrow instead of going tothe TM prep meting. eat do bth, locks ke we ae about $300 shot fora ‘quarter pag ed. Do we thinkwe can ase anather $3007 as anyone stoped forward tolead on the design? We would want the plan has grat educstinal opportunites for eure her or wot be nvlved since the a willbe focused on teacher support arthe fat that (On Thu, Jan 19,2017 2 10:7 AM, Merona aa? Wot: rt ovng forward on is, lease share any suggests, offers at hel, eservatins ‘ve spoken wth the Garett and don't have ime to share extensively right now but the dealin for submission ofthe adi Monday nd sornaone is equ to Sgn documents and pay in person by Friday at non. cant be that person because the ais attempting to niuence Town Meeting and am on Town Mtg ‘The space savalable oppo the Edo page and the bac/white quarter page cost fora pot ad with reserved premlum space $541.25. ‘Thanks and seriously please chime in es, Nchele (onan 39,2017, 83142 AM, Anasala Ordoner wrote Yes Rand to hand deliver my 2d and payment, addin to emaling the camera ready POF fll (On Wed, an 18, 2037 st 9:21 PM somalia 0: ‘When spake othe Gazette on the topica few day ago war tea the a needed toe ready by ngon Friday to beln the paar next week think they mentioned hand delvere, Word document and money re3dyby noon aswel we can pull sof wil be important and know teachers have spoken to thrkthis is important (On Wed, on 18,2017 7.01 P,P RTERERE rot: [think wouldrt hurt to have the fnta litle on thesmal size sos impressive how many rames there are. That woud bei we ddn'thave money for4/2 page and thought /@ might be too sal (On Wed, an 28,2017 ot 5:24 Pr, AEE ct: Thanks Ne, It aftr sa they have closed fr the ay but eft a message. wil a send an emai There away to submit ana electronically but having no experience with {hist abet confused at that one port Thanks for the feedback rom everyone o this important toi est, Mehele (On an 38, 2037, 5.05PM, HERON: Serry toad to this stream, i’crucial to book the space ASAP. Ths has to appear nxt weak, wock fos tornrrow ght? Ard when napotiting the space or can ‘ten wrangle infect ofthe cased rep about whather the oppaitonhas an 2, Good to have an adn cae they have one. | hnkif the teachers wane and Ris Sponsored by them, sae they asd so uch money, isa good atepy. bitin eT Cad (on Jan 36, 2037, a:00 PM, Anata Ordon anastasia ordoner@eml com> wrote ‘Yes the teachers names would ton a hal page ad BOLD gt even mare names. on a halt page ad. we ean raise enough fr shalt page at would be the best opin. (n Wed, en 28, 2017 ot 4:57 PY, ena te ‘Anastasia, would the tedchersslnitures ft on aha page a How much more woud that cost? think running an a without names could work again Us Sent rom my iPhone (On san 18, 2017, 23:51 PM, Anastasia Ordoner anastasia ordoner@emsll com> wrote: ‘Thanks, very helpful LHusegot reduced prc from Sunrase (theyre amazing. of $656 fr the copes. Ths brings our totaling malig to about $1,140, [Asa reminder, the teaches! petitions being included in the packets every Town Mating member who recsvsit wile the names there. We wil have some ‘money lft ove [ebou 50 ors), so perhaps we cn cele bt mre and think abouta quarter page a Ca fall the names int, but prtapsecan chide a Special message rom teachers toTM members? ‘andsan, we dont know he opposition alto sending ou a mang. supposed maybe Sy rand could donate another $500.) a (On Wed, an 16, 2017 at 2:19PM, hodesamberstchodssamherst Saal com>wrote: 2002240480 highend mang plus printing ‘Sent from my Varzen Weles 4G LTE smartphone =a, 03/18/20 (ew-05:00) _— rasta Ocdonen SR Prove Haters it A TR Ket: Nop Subject: Re: Teacher Ads oc question Ale. 1m going to let the malig packet crew canty bu |ceaily had‘ thought ofthat. ‘The ea todo stargetedmalng ast kee costs down but maye that's to rh tpl, We dort want supporter to fealtethe/ve been kept outa the loop. (onsen 38,2017 01221 7%, Ace SVN we Aivsgingtbe ead oT members oyu ave ea ese or ibe gig tothe serve, whch not eveyone ss? (© Wed, an 38,2017 91:55 AM, Sig 7: Wal ‘We've raised $1754 withthe fundraising campgn- thanks Joa impressive results in avery short ie span of ust two weeks. There enough to pay for the packet tobe printed and miles to TM member. wl kobe sible gal. The plan ito malthe packet to No/On the fence voters and make it avalable halt all: tswl educ costs, Someone correct me his not the pan of you fea diferent approach shouldbe taken Theres money remaining fora. The question remain so what type of ads willbe most effective and ofcourse are there other mor effective ways to use the funds isd? One thoughts that an adn the newspaper ating the ares of teacher supperters and perhae retired teachers could plac sme external lance on Town Meeting members, Le. by having those names out inthe ger publ eye Some czens may fel prompted to contact TM members whe oppose the project the Guletn prefered tothe Gazette? The ene peton et wth ll names wae ported with he relate nes feature on Massive tht elu Many of youhaveun successful camalgn for elected offi. woul be helpful to have some input rom ths group about how bes to proceed and times of he ‘sence. We ao aren nee of someone wth graphics sls to create the a, Kel for fe. ‘Thanks, -~