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0 Introduction
The enterprise culture is the intangible assets of the enterprise, which the
enterprises will form their own unique value concept, behavior norms, business
strategy, enterprise image with the development and continuing to accumulate of
enterprises. This is the unique connotation. The unique corporate culture is strong
the spiritual intension is stronger (Yanfang, L., 2003). With the development of
the knowledge economy, the competition among enterprises is increasingly
reflected in the culture of competition, which this fully shows that the corporate
culture and enterprise development are closely related, enterprise culture has
become a key factor in the competitiveness of enterprises and enterprise decision
basis. The key to the development of enterprises is the innovation, the key to
innovation is the concept of innovation and cultural innovation. Enterprise culture
through innovation to achieve their own development and the development of
enterprises (Jianjun, L., N.D.). The following article will analyze how the
management of the board of directors affects the innovation of enterprise culture.
2.0 Develop the culture of innovation in organization
2.1 Set specific innovation goals for management
The purpose of enterprise culture innovation is to improve the internal
coherence and external competitiveness. At the same time, the key of
enterprise cultural innovation is the concept of innovation, which the basis of
the concept of innovation is the world's advanced culture. The board of
directors shall establish the boardroom of corporate cultural innovation that
concentrates on the innovation of enterprise culture research and consulting,
and periodically presents the highest decision-making level with the idea of
corporate culture innovation. Once the board has established a goal, they will
set specific and detailed goals for innovation plan (Deschamps, JP.,2015). For
instance, Whirlpool's Chairman and CEO, Jeff Fettig who set a target that the
enterprise will double the performance by the innovative channels in the next
two years. The senior managements be aware that want to do this. They need
to reallocate the innovative resources of company and to strengthen and make
a breakthrough in the early product from the late stage of products. Whirlpool
would not have been able to establish set outrageous expectations for
innovation, to measure the results of those actions or actively rebalance its
innovation investment, if there is not a comprehensive plan (Hamel,G. &
Tennant,N., 2015). Therefore, the board of directors should be combined with
the current situation of the development of enterprise, which according to its
own situation and find out the existing enterprises between the current
problems and other enterprises of the disparity, and to clear objectives to the
targets expected of the innovation of enterprise culture. In the process of
corporate culture innovation, the board of directors to determine the corporate
culture in the enterprise management in the core position, establish business
objectives, to develop the various stages of the target (Schein, E., 2007).

2.2 New leaders with an innovation focus

There is no question that will redefine the meaning of corporate philosophy
when the new CEO took office. If CEO's ability to meet the strategic
requirements of the enterprise, which indicates that a new and vigorous period
of the company. However, if the new CEO's innovative values do not conform
to the culture of the enterprise that can cause the company's original cultural
collapse, or even return to the initial (Deschamps, JP.,2015). For example, Jim
McNerney is the former vice president of General Electric (GE), who become
3M's CEO in 2001. He has brought Six Sigma management models for 3M
enterprise that has improved the performance of 3M for a while. At the same
time, since it conflicts with the original corporate culture, which leads to the
tension of the company. Up until 2005, McNerney resigned from the position
of CEO. The new employees take over and deal with the tensions of culture
who are George Buckley. He kept the Six Sigma approach, but changed some
institution that tolerate mistakes and errors exist. Later did the facts prove that
the series of events let 3M company's cultural innovation set out the key step
(Kevin Hurren, K., 2015). Therefore, in a sense, the enterprise culture is the
culture of entrepreneurs that is the entrepreneur's personality, which is the
pursuit of life, value orientation, entrepreneurial spirit and the sense of
responsibility, the comprehensive reflection of the spirit of innovation. It can
be seen from the innovation process of the enterprise culture, which the
enterprise culture innovation is a top-down process, and the top leaders play
an important role in the enterprise culture innovation. They must set a good
example, through their own actions to all members of the enterprise value.
Only in this way, the enterprise's behavior norms can gradually change so as
to make cultural innovation to produce the desired effect (Kasper, G.&
Clohesy,S., 2008 ).

2.3 Management Performance System

The board of directors should establish the basic ability of the corporate
culture, which form a performance management system based on capacity.
The ability is the foundation of innovation that innovation is the driving force
for the development of enterprise. At the same time, talent strategy is the
cornerstone of the development of modern enterprises. It is necessary for
competition that is the source of enterprise development. Therefore, the
development of enterprises, the board of directors must establish a fair and
reasonable competition mechanism. And this kind of competition mechanism
must be based on ability (Palmer,D. & Soren Kaplan, S., N.D.). For example,
that attaches great importance to employees in apple enterprise. Jobs believes
that every engineer is a genius, and emphasizing the work of the staff of
passion and open. When the talents join to Apple enterprise, the company
will give them a large stock option and will give them a comfortable working
environment. Therefore, employees of Apple can enjoy the play to their
creative freedom, no bureaucratic interference influence them. Although Jobs
take things seriously and personally to Apple's affairs, but his love for the
group work of brainstorming such like the argument and debate, which
should make the staff to develop creative thinking in group work
environment (Sullivan,J., 2011). The company and the directors to provide
training, education, professional development opportunities, logistics,
internal communication, etc., to achieve a certain dignity of the individual.
Thus it can be seen that helps to achieve from the enterprise values to the
formation of a relatively uniform by all employees of the basic assumptions
of the transformation process by the performance management. Then, the
relationship between corporate culture and performance management is a
complementary relationship.

3.0 Conclusion
Once the formation of corporate culture, it will play a huge role in the operation
and management of business. It does not because of changes in the board of
directors to make a difference, but continue to flourish and inheritance. This
shows that corporate culture innovation is a complex project, which not the board
of directors to develop a number of systems will be able to solve the problem
which need to do a lot of work. These are just some of the ideas for the analysis
of corporate culture innovation, and other large number of work also requires the
board to do one thing to do. At the same time, it should be clear, because the
social culture is always in the dynamic development, and the corporate culture as
a part of social culture that will also face the innovation and development. The
innovation of enterprise culture is a long-term work, which will run through the
development of the enterprise.

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