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Questions and Answers

1. To cause water or other liquid to percolate through something, so as to

dissolve out soluble constituents.

A. Aeration
B. Aquifer
C. Sand filter
D. Leach

2. These are fixtures that are installed in janitors closets and building
maintenance areas for use by the building maintenance personnel.

A. Broom Closet
B. Service Sink
C. Master Control Panel
D. Wash Basin

3. The septic tank has a total volume of 6.48 cum, what should be the required
volume of its leaching chamber?

A. 2.16 cum
C. 3.24 cum
B. 1.62 cum
D. 2.59 cum

4. The reference in measuring the depth of a trap seal of the trap:

A. Crown weir to bottom dip

C. Inlet to outlet
B. Bottom dip to top dip
D. Crown weir to top dip

5. The quality of Galvanized Iron pipes are rated by:

A. class-steel
B. schedule
C. mm.
D. Gauge

6. The minimum soil pipe size for a water closet:

A. 3 diameter
B. 4 diameter
C. 2 diameter or D. 6 diameter
7. The minimum distance (in meters) of well from a septic tank

A. 15
B. 10
C. 25
D. 20

8. The length of a pipeline measured along the center lone of the pipe and pipe

A. Roughing-in
B. Nominal Diameter
C. Developed length
D. Branch Interval

9. Sediment that settles out of sewage, forming a semi-solid mass on the bottom
of a septic tank

A. Sludge
B. Effluent
C. Scum
D. Leeching Chamber

10. Prevents water hammer:

A. water meter seal

B. float valve
C. check valve
D. air chamber

11. One of the first steps in the selection of a suitable water supply source is:

A. (water) potability
B. topography
C. budgetary cost
D. (water) demand

12. Minimum fixture drains size for Water Closets.

A. 1.5
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
13. Location of cleanouts should be place at every ________ run of horizontal
soil or waste piping.

A. 25m
B. 10m
C. 20m
D. 15m

14. Liquid sewage that has been treated in a septic tank or sewage treatment

A. Sludge
B. Scum
C. Effluent
D. Waste water

15. In N. P. C. P. it is the lowest portion of the interior part of any pipe or conduit
that is not vertical

A. Indirect
B. culvert
C. Invert
D. inverted

16. How many gallons do an average daily consumption of a Bathtub?

A. 5 gallons
B. 30 gallons
C. 40 gallons
D. 100 gallons

17. Fluoride as additive in water supply is a chemical for:

A. purifier-chlorine
B. coagulant
C. disinfectant
D. dental

18. Faucet fitted with nozzle curving downward used as a draw-off tap:

A. firehouse
C. lavatory faucet
B. hose bibb
D. garden hose
19. A rigid type of pipe known to have a good chemical resistance, excellent
impact strength, especially at low temperatures and maintains rigidity at high
temperatures. (black / gray pipe)


20. A pipe fitting to change in one single direction (course) the following of water:

A. tee
B. cross tee
C. wye
D. elbow

21. A flexible type pipe that is excellent in chemical and crush resistance has
impact strength and flexibility and good low temperature performance. (black-
bluish pipe)

B. Copper Tubing
C. Polyethylene
D. Polybuthylene

22. A flexible type of pipe known to have the only flexible plastic tubing suitable
for use with hot and color water pressure system. And it also known as an
excellent chemical resistance to acids and alkalis but is not suited for fuel oil,
gasoline or kerosene distribution system. (blue or gray pipe)

A. Polyethylene
B. Polybutylene
C. Polyvinyl Chloride

23. A flange that closed the end of a pipe. There is no opening for the passage of

A. Cap
B. Plug
C. Blind Flange
D. Blank Flange
24. A device for regulating the supply of water in a flush tank by means of hallow
floating ball which by its rise or fall shuts or opens a supply valve.

A. Ball Cock
B. Compression Cock
C. Key Cock
D. Self-closing Cock

25. A cast iron pipe in which the carbon is reformed by magnesium inoculation,
resulting in a material having high strength without otherwise changing its basic
properties. Good corrosion resistance makes this type of pipe especially useful in
underground installations.

A. Acid Resistance Cast Iron Pipe

B. Galvanize Steel Pipes
C. Galvanize Wrought Iron Pipe
D. Ductile Iron Pipe

26. A 180 degree bend in a pipe.

A. Elbow
B. Return Bend
C. Drop Elbow
D. Wye

27. A pit or reservoir serving as a drain or receptacle for water or other liquids.

A. Building Sewer
B. Septic Tank
C. Sump
D. Cistern

28. A Piece of pipe lesser than 12 length / threaded on both ends.

A. Bushing
B. Air Chamber
C. Nipple
D. Coupling

29. A device installed in piping to prevent the reverse flow of storm or sewage
into the drainage system ot their branches.

A. Check valve
B. Backwater valve
C. Downspout
D. Catch Basin
30. Minimum fixture drains size for a Bathtub

A. 1.5
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

31. Water from laundries, wash basins, sinks, shower, and bathtub.

A. Soft Water
B. Grey Water
C. Black Water
D. Storm Water

32. In the N. P. C. P. it is a metallic sleeve caulked or joined to an opening in a

piping into which a plug is screwed that can be removed for cleaning the interior
of the pipe.

A. Caulking
B. Oakum
c. Ferrule
D. Lead

33. In N. P. C. P., a tank located above or integral with water closet, urinal or
similar fixtures for flushing or removing excrements in the fixture

A. discharge tank
C. flushometer tank
B. flush tank
D. water tank

34. In N. P. C. P. it is the law of the plumbing practice in the Philippines.

A. R.A. No. 1379

B. R.A. No. 1278
C. R.A No. 1378
D. P. D. No. 1378

35. In N. P. C. P. it is a device, which discharges a predetermined quantity of

water into fixtures for flushing purposes and is activated by direct water pressure.

A. globe valve
C. gate valve
B. flush valve
D. flushometer valve
36. In N. P. C. P. is the top edge of a receptacle from where water overflows

A. Flooded area
C. Flooded
B. Flood level
D. Flood level rim

37. In N. P. C. P. individual vent is pipe installed to vent a fixture trap & which
connects with the vent system above the fixture served or terminates in the open
air. A term I. P. S. means _______________

A. Individual pipe size

B. International pipe size
B. Iron pipe size
D. Industrial pipe size

38. In N. P. C. P. a pipe connected from building gutter to the downspout or


A. guide pipe
C. storm water pipe
B. leader
D. vertical pipe

39. Common source of potable water in some rural areas

A. surface water
C. rain water
B. ground water
D. all of the above

40. Assuming the waste pipe of a fixture is 50 mm, what should be the size of its
vent pipe?

A. 32 mm
B. 25 mm
C. 38 mm
D. 50 mm

41. Theaters or movie houses water requirement is determined or estimated at 5

gallons of water per day per

A. Total numbers of moviegoers a day

C. Floor area space of auditorium
B. Total number of auditorium seat
D. Box-office record
42. The part of a vent line which connects directly with an individual trap
underneath or behind the fixture and extends to the branch or main pipe at and
point higher than the fixture trap:

A. blow-off pipe
B. vent thru roof
C. unit vent
D. back vent

43. The clear vertical distance between the spout of a faucet or other supply pipe
and the flood level of a receptacle.

A. Air Chamber
B. Trap
C. Vent Stack
D. Air Gap

44. An outlet, pipe, or receptacle for excess liquid.

A. Backflow
B. Overflow
C. Back Spill
D. Over spill

45. A valve that supplies a fixed quantity of water to fixtures for flushing purposes
when actuated by direct water pressure.

A. Globe Valve
B. Flush Valve Assembly
C. Mixing Valve
D. Flushometer Valve

46. A type of private sewage disposal that has a vault constructed of concrete for
the collection or raw sewage and a wooden shelter.

A. Cesspool
B. Privy
C. Latrine
D. Septic Tank
47. A coupling device for connecting 2 pipes neither of which can be turned,
consisting of two internally threaded end piece which are tightened around the
pipes ends to be joined, and an externally threaded center piece, which draws
the two end pieces together as it is rotated.

A. Reducer
B. Union
C. Nipple
D. Coupling
Questions and Answers

1. The amount of heat which is absorbed or evolved in changing the state of a

substance without changing its temperature.

A. Latent Heat
B. Thermostat
C. Heat Wave
D.Thermal Heat

2. A system of devices, usually installed below ground level, to scatter or spray

water droplets over a lawn, golf course, or the like.

A. Hosebibb
B. Sprinkler System
C. Lawn Sprinkler System
D. Lawn Shower

3. Minimum width of a septic tank.

A. 80 cm
B. 90 cm
C. 60 cm
D. 40 cm

4. Minimum length of a septic tank.

A. 2.0 m
B. 0.9 m
C.1.0 m
D. 1.5 m

5. Minimum liquid depth of a septic tank.

A. 60 cm
B. 80 cm
C. 100 cm
D. 50 cm

6. Maximum liquid depth for septic tank

A.1.7 m
B. 1.0 m
C. 1.2 m
D. 1.8 m
7. Minimum capacity, in cubic meters, of the secondary compartment of a septic

A. 1.2 cum
B. 1.1 cum
C. 1 cum
D. 2 cum

8. Minimum dimension of a manhole access to a septic tank.

A. 500 mm
B. 502 mm
C. 508 mm
D. 504 mm

9. Minimum length of the secondary compartment of a septic tank with a

capacity of more than 6 cubic meters

A. 1.5 m
B. 2 m
C. 1 m
D. 1.2 m

10. Minimum distance of a water supply well from a septic tank.

A. 12.5 m
B. 15.6 m
C. 14.3 m
D. 15.2 m

11. Minimum distance of a water supply well from a seepage pit or


A. 15.2 m
B. 45.7 m
C. 54.5 m
D. 32.8 m

12. Minimum distance of a water supply well from a disposal field.

A. 28.5 m
B. 40 m
C. 30.5 m
D. 15.2 m
13. Minimum gauge of galvanized sheets used for downspouts

A. 22
B. 20
C. 24
D. 26

14. Minimum height of a water seal for each fixture trap.

A. 62 mm
B. 35 mm
C. 50 mm
D. 51 mm

15. Maximum height of a water seal for each fixture trap.

A. 102 mm
B.105 mm
C. 90 mm
D. 100 mm

16. Maximum length of the tailpiece from any fixture.

A. 70 mm
B. 40 mm
C. 60 mm
D. 50 mm

17. Minimum extension of the VSTR above the roof.

A. 20 cm
B. 12 cm
C. 15 cm
D. 10 cm

18. Minimum extension of the VSTR above an openable window, door opening,
air intake, or vent shaft.

A. 1 m
B. .9 m
C. .6 m
D. .5 m
19. Minimum trap diameter for a bathtub

A. 2 1/2" dia.
B. 2" dia.
C. 1 1/2" dia.
D. 1" dia.

20. Minimum trap diameter for a shower stall.

A. 1" dia.
B. 2" dia.
C. 3" dia.
D. 2.5" dia.

21. A rough or sharp edge left on metal by a cutting tool.

A. Hedge
B. Burr
C. Cleanout
D. Spur

22. Minimum elevator width of single slide door elevator for small commercial or
residential building.

A. 0.6 m
B. 0.8 m
C. 1.00 m
D.1.20 m

23. A device that is basically a double throw switch of generally 3-pole

connection that will automatically transfer the power from the standby generator
to the building circuitry during electrical power failure.

A. Single switch
B. Panel Board
D. Automatic transfer switch

24. Another name for passenger elevator.

A. Lift
B. Case
C. Dumbwaiter
D. Escalator
25. The minimum face to face distance between elevators in three and four car

A. 2.0 m
B. 1.5 m
C. 2.5 m
D. 3.0 m

26. Collection line of a plumbing system is sometimes referred to as.

A. Vent Stack
B. Soil Pipe
C. House Drain
D. Main Sewer

27. Maximum height of a dumbwaiter.

A.1.8 m
B.1.5 m
C.1 m
D.1.2 m

28. A type of lighting that provides illumination to special objects like sculptures,
flower arrangements, etc.

A. Task Lighting
B. Specific Lighting
C. Accent Lighting
D. General Lighting

29. Standard length of an electrical metal conduit.

A. 20'
B. 15'
C. 5'
D. 10'

30. An assembly consisting of a pulley wheel, side plates, shaft, and bearings
over which a cable or roped is passed.

A. Sheave
B. Governor
C. Panel
D. Break
31. The other type of flame detector other than the ultraviolet type.

A. Motion Sensored
B. Laser
C. Infrared
D. Light Beam

32. Farad is the unit capacity of a ___.

B. Resistance
C. Capacitor
D. Sound energy

33. Another name for distribution panel.

A. Panel Board
B. Power Board
C. Power Panel
D. Outlet

34. Standard size of wire for a circuit line.

A. No. 14
B. No. 12
C. No. 8
D. No. 10

35. Standard size of wire for a switch line.

A. No. 14
B. No. 8
C. No. 10
D. No. 12

36. A device for converting alternating current to direct current.

A. Motor
B. Generator
C. Converter
D. Rectifier
37. Another name for a Rectifier.

A. AC Generator
B. DC Generator
C. Converter
D. Inverter

38. A controller sensitive to the degree of moisture in the air.

B. Thermostat
C. Humidistat
D. Hydrostat

39. Consist of a flyball or flyweight device designed to stop an elevator.

A. Elevator Stop
B. Governor
C. Motor
D. Break

40. A stop valve placed in the service pipe close to the connection at the water

A. Water meter
B. Main Sewer
C. Corporation Stop
D. Gate valve

41. A vent with a function to provide circulation if air between drainage and vent

A. Common vent
B. Loop vent
C. Relief vent
D. Circuit vent

42. Length along the centerline of the pipe and fitting.

A. Pipe length
B. Span
C. Finished length
D. Developed length
43. Flange used on a pipe to cover a hole or opening in a floor or wall which the
pipe pass.

A. Acroterion
B. Escutcheon
C. Wall plate
D. Floor plate

44. A valve used in a flush tank controlling the flushing of fixture.

A. Angle valve
B. Check valve
C. Flash valve
D. Globe valve

45. Any liquid waste containing animal or vegetable matter in suspension or


\A. Sewage
B. Black water
C. Grey water
D. Dirty water

46. Component of fire extinguisher.

A. Argon
B. Carbon monoxide
C. Carbon dioxide
D. Titanium

47. Interrelationship between value of voltage and current with the same

A. Phase
B. Cycle
C. Watt
D. Ampere

48. Descriptive of any material such as synthetic resin which hardens when
heated or cured, and does not soften when reheated.

A. Abs
B. Upvc
C. Thermoplastic
D. Thermosetting
49. An Instrument which responds to changes in temperature, and directly or
indirectly controls temperature.

A. Hydrostat
B. Thermostat
C. Barometer

50. Thin sheets that are used for controlling heat in drywall construction.

A. Rigid board insulation

B. Gypsum board
C. Insulating board
D. Panel board

Questions and Answers

1. What pipe should not be buried underground?

A. BI pipe
B. Polyethylene pipe
C. GI pipe
D. None

2. Which is not a rule of a thumb when designing a drainage?

A. As much as possible, pipes must run in a straight line

B. Underground drainage line should be on top of compacted soil
C. It should be underneath the driveway
D. None

3. In a location where there is no provision for drainage line, what is the next best

A. Store waste in the tank and dispose in sanitary fill

B. Use drain tiles connected to open field
C. Connect to the nearest creek
D. Any of the above

4. Which plumbing fixture does not have a water-saving feature?

A. Lavatory with pop-up

B. 1.5 gallon flush water closet
C. Flow limiting feature
D. Waterless urinal

5. In storm drainage system, it is used to prevent aggregates, debris and other

unwanted objects from entering the drainage system?

A. Trap
B. Catch basin
D. Storm trap
6. Where are storm sewer usually placed?

A. Under the sidewalk on narrow road and under the road on wide
B. Near the curb
C. At the center of the road
D. None

7. Minimum size of trap of shower drain?

A. 3.
B. 4
C. 2
D. 1 1/2

8. According to NBC, pipe support should be every,

A. 3 m
B. 1.5 m
C. 2 m
D. 4 m

9. A plumbing devices designed to intercept most greases and solids before they
enter a wastewater disposal system. Except for one;

A. Trap seal
B. Grease interceptors
C. Grease recovery devices
D. Grease converters

10. Allowable slope of sanitary sewer?

A. 1ft of 1 meter
B. 1/2 in of 1 meter
C. 1/4 of 1meter
D. 1/4 of 1 ft

11. Kind of pipe not suited to be exposed to ultraviolet rays?

B. Iron
C. Pvc
D. Gi
12. Where should you place soil-pipes for high-rise structures?

A. Pipe chase
B. Partitions
C.RC wall
D. Column

13. Best location to put the soil pipes?

A. Drywall
B. 150mm CHB wall
C. Pipe chase
D. Box-up with the column

14. Can you embed a 4" diameter pipe in a 150 wall?

A. No
B. Yes

15. Should not be used for a pipe chase?

A. Chb
B. Drywall
C. Shearwall
D. Double wall
16. In the given figure, identify the plumbing fixture in label "8"?

A. 2" 1/4 bend

B. 2" trap assembly
C. 2" 1/4 bend
D. 4" closet bend
17. Which wall is best suited if soil pipe will run through it?

A. Drywall
B. 6" CHB
C. Shear wall
D. Retaining wall

18. A pipe fitting having a large radius of curvature?

A. X11.1
B. X11.2
C. X11.3
D. X11.5

19. A tee shaped pipe fitting for making a three-way joint?

A. X11.8
B. X11.9
C. X11.6
D. X11.4

20. A tee having a slight curve in 90degree bend transition to channel the flow
from a branch pipe in the direction of the main?

A. X11.1
B. X11.9
C. X11.6
D. X11.7
21. A cross fitting having a slight curve in each of the 90degree transition to
channel the flow from branch pipes in the direction of the main?

A. X11.1
B. X11.6
C. X11.8
D. X11.9

22. An elbow having lugs for attachment to wall or joist?

A. X12.1
B. X11.5
C. X11.4 or X11.2
23. Base on the figure above, which of the following is a 1/8 bend fitting?

A. A
B. D
C. C
B. B

24. Base on the figure above, which of the following is a 1/4 bend fitting?

A. A
B. D
C. C
D. B
25. In the figure above, which is a reducing socket?

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D

26. In the figure above, which is a flange adaptor?

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D
27. Where will you least place a downspout?

A. At corner of walls
B. Inside columns
C. Wall hung
D. In between window openings

28. Copper pipes are classified as what main pipe?

A. Galvanized iron
B. Ceramic
C. S/s
D. Pvc

29. Where traps are used to prevent foul odor from coming out. Which of the
following does not have a water trap?

A. Kitchen sink
B. Lavatory
C. Floor drain
D. Bidet

30. Where is water meter located?

A. Right after the main distribution line connection

B. Beside the water pump
C. Within RROW, right before the property line
D. Right side of the water pump or in it's flow direction

31. What is the color coding of pipes for potable water?

A. Cyan
B. Green
C. Blue
D. Light blue

32. What is the color of pipes for steam?

A. Light blue
B. Gray
C. Blue
D. White
33. Minimum clearance from the floor of pipes for AC units when crossing a
hallway or corridor?

A. 2.1 m
B.2.2 m
C. 2.3 m
D. 2.4 m

34. What is the color of communication line piping?

A. White
B. Orange
C. Gray
D. Silver

35. Plumbing permit shall be invalid if work has not commenced after a period

A. 6 months
B. 1 year
C. 180 days
D. None

36. Standard Water pressure from NAWASA?

A. 60psi
B. 120psi
C. 30 psi
D. 40 psi

37. Valve permitting a gas or liquid to flow in 1 direction?

A. Check valve
B. Globe valve
C. Angle valve
D. Gate valve

38. How do you connect 2 hub less cast iron pipes?

A. Coupling
B. Elbow
C. Structural compression gasket
D. Polymer compression gasket
39. What is the most efficient tools for cutting cast iron pipe?

A. Handsaw
B. Hacksaw
C. Chisel and hammer
D. Snap cutter

40. A term used to describe pumps that are interconnected with each other?

A. Gang
B. Series
C. Battery
D. None

42. What type of pipe is not recommended for water line?

A. Copper
B. Lead
D. Iron

43. A drain connecting one or more fixtures to a solid or waste stack?

A. Combined drain
B. Floor drain
C. Circuit drain
D. Branch drain

44. During the site inspection, the architect notices that a soil pipe will cross a
beam, whats the best advice he can do?

A. Resize the diameter of the soil pipe, enough that can go across
the beam without affecting it
B. It doesn't matter anyway, let the master plumber handle it.
C. Drill a hole of the beam, enough diameter that a pipe could go in
and pass through. Just make sure that the hole is precisely in the
middle to avoid the bars to be hit in.
D. Simply ask to relocate, it's just a pipe anyway

45. What should not be permitted to cross a beam?

A. Soil pipe
B. Electrical wiring
C. Water pipe or D. AC ducts
46. Maximum distance of clean-out?

A. 5 m
B. 6 m
C. 10m center to center
D. 15 m

47. What is the best fixture for a public comfort room?

A. Gate valve
B. Flushometer
C. Faucet
D. None

48. There are several reasons why soil stacks are not allowed in columns. Which
is not a reason?

A. Pipes will interfere with reinforcing bars

B. The size of the columns will be larger
C. Cracks and leaks cannot be detected
D. The gas emitted will deteriorate concrete

49. How do we size sewage pits?

A. Volume of solid waste only

B. Volume of liquid waste
C. Volume of solid, liquid and storm
D. None

50. What can be discharge directly to sewer system?

A. Buiding sewer
B. Oil and grease
C. Storm water
D. Grey water

51. Alternative to the conventional septic tank?

A. Aerobic treatment system

B. Cistern
D. Landfill
52. What is the maximum depth of septic tank?

A. 1.10 m
B. 1.20 m
C. 1.50 m
D. 1.80 m

53. There is a septic tank installed on top of a rock by seashore. The tank is
exposed on low tide and covered in sea water during high tide. Which of the
following would be an appropriate water proofing for it?

A. Waterproof all surface

B. Waterproof all interior surface except the floor
C. Waterproof all interior surface except the ceiling
D. Waterproofing is not necessary, it will just add cost

54. What type of materials is used for the base of a septic tank?

A. Earth base
B.Mass concrete
C. Lean concrete
D. Reinforced concrete

55. What do you call a liquid waste ( without urine/ industrial waste) discharges
into the sewer?

A. Gray water
B. Storm water
C. Black water
D. Ground water

56. A sewage treatment that includes the exposure to air?

A. Aerator
B. Air-dehumidification treatment system
C. Exposed STP system
D. SW treatment system

57. The sewage treatment process that involves the use of hydrochloride to kill
pathogenic bacteria?

A. Disinfection
B. Aeration
C. Chlorination
D. Hydro-chlorine filtration
58. Best for sanitary pipes?

B. PeX

59. What is the typical slope of a waste pipe?

A. 1%
B. 2%
C. 3%
D. 4%

60. How could you differentiate between a soil and waste pipe when laid side by

A. Color
B. Material and texture finish
C. Thickness
D. Diameter

61. This material is used in threaded pipe connections to prevent leakage

A. Polymer
B. Elastomeric gasket
C. Teflon
D. Structural polyester thread

62. When there is a low pressure from the water main, what will you use to
supply higher levels?

A. Pneumatic pump
B. Sump pump
C. Jet pump
D. Booster pump

63. When water goes up through a vertical pipe, it stops at a certain height.

A. Gravity and friction overcomes the pressure and the water slowly
B. The pressure inside the pipe equates to the pressure outside the
pipe causing the water to stop at that point where it apnears
C. It's own gravity weight counters its speed of going up
D. All things stops
64. What is installed in a fixture to alleviate the effects of too much water

A. Water pressure regulator

B. Back splash
C. Water filtration
D. Regulator cup

65. In high rise buildings, why is there a need to resize water supply pipes?

A. Because different fixtures have different supply attachments

B. To use up the difference in pressure from the service to the
supply fixtures
C. Pipes are like trees, main branch are bigger and becomes
smaller at ends for carrying wind loads and storms
D. Pipes having bigger size have bigger pressure and reduce the
size for distribution to fixture for lower pressure

66. What is the principle of governing the size of pipes in designing plumbing

A. The longer the pipes length to the fixture, the lesser the pressure;
the shorter the pipes length, the greater the pressure is
B. The bigger the pipes diameter, the lesser the pressure; the
smaller the pipes diameter , the greater the pressure is
C. The smaller the pipes diameter the lesser the pressure; the
bigger the pipes diameter, the greater the pressure
D. Slopes is the primary consideration and sizes will be considered

67. Minimum height of siamese connection from ground line?

A. 38mm
B. 45mm
C. 500mm
D. 600mm

68. In plumbing system, if pipes are electrical wires, what are the equivalent of

A. Tee
B. Floor drains
C. Clean out
D. Valve
69. Best size of pipe connected to 5 sinks?

A. 3"
B. 2 1/2"
C. 2"
D. 4"

70. How do you connect PPRC?

A. Mechanical fastener
B. Solvent
C. Fusion welding
D. Coupling

71. What is use for water treatment in a swimming pool?

A. Chloride
B. Sodium
C. Cyanide
D. Hydrochlor

72. A common ingredients for water disinfectant, except for ?

A. Trichlor
B. Bichlor
C. Dichlor
D. Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione

73. What is used in water pipelines to absorb the shock caused by water

A. Shock regulator
B. Air chamber
C. Water regulator
D. Shock absorber system

74. A pump used to eject sewage or liquid waste?central sewage booster

A. Centrifugal pump
B. Sump
C. Rotary pump
D. Central sewage booster
75. What do you call a water-tight receptacle used to store household waste?

A. Pit
B. Septic vault
D.House drain

76. A pipe that conveys the discharge of water closets or fixtures having similar
functions with or without the discharges from other fixtures?

A.Waste pipe
B. Soil pipe
C. Branch pipe
D. Drain pipe

77. A toilet bowl in which the flushing water enters through the rim and sipping
action ignited by a water jet draws the contents of the bowl through the tramway?

A.Siphon jet
B. Siphon vortex
C. Reverse trap
D. Reverse trap
78. Base on the figure shown, identify the type of closet at leter "A"?

B. Siphon-jet
C. Wash-down
D. Reverse-trap

79. Base on the figure shown, Which of the WC is the noisiest?

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D

80. What is the minimum trap seal?

A. 1.5"
B. 2"
C. 2.5"
D. 3"

81. An individual vent for a plumbing fixture located at the downstream of a

A. Vent pipe
B. Back vent
C. Branch vent
D. Vent through roof

82. What do you call a control valve used to shut off at the water supply to a
building in case of emergency. It is installed at a water service pipe and operated
by means of long key inserted through a curb box?

A. Curb cock
B. Corp stop
C. Cock stop
D. Emergency cock

83. Opening use to received pipes?

A. Vertical shaft
B. Pipe chase
C. Ducts
D. Raceway

84. It is the line in a single diagram that runs from the fuses to the home run?

A. Ground wire
B. Riser
C. Main
D. Single fuse diagram

85. What property is used to distinguish between potable and sanitary uPVC

A. Thickness
B. Nominal diameter
C. Outside diameter
D. Color

86. What is the standard water consumption (gallon/ person/day) used in a 2

story residence?

A. 30-40
B. 40-60
C. 50-80
D. 90-120

87. What is used to shut off flow of water during maintenance?

A. Check valve
B. Angle valve
C. Gate valve
D. Globe valve

88. Where would you locate water distribution pipe farthest from?

A. Large trees
B. Carport
C. Drainage
D. Water tank

89. A pipe fitting to join two straight lengths of pipes?

A. Coupling
B. Nipple
C. Tee
D. Elbow

90. Level 3 types of water service refers to?

A. Artesian well
B. Individual shallow well hand up installation
C. Public faucet
D. individual house pipes- in connection with meter

91. A faucet fitted with nozzle curving downward used as a draw-of trap?

A. Firehouse
B. Bibcock
C.Lavatory faucet
D. Garden hose

92. One of the first steps in the selection of a suitable water supply source is?

A. Water (potability)
B. Topography
C. Budgetary cost
D. Water (demand)

93. The minimum size of a swimming pool drain?

A. 3dia.
B. 4dia
C. 2dia
D. 6dia

94. Fluoride as an addictive in water supply is a chemical for?

A. Purify
B. Coagulant
C. Disinfectant
D. Dental

95. The quality of Galvanized Iron pipes are rated by?

A. Class
B. Schedule
C. Thickness
D. Gauge

96. A pipe fitting to change in one single direction (course) the flow of water:

A. Tee
B. Cross tee
C. Wye
D. Elbow

97. Womens urinal fixture?

A. Washdown
B. Flatback
C. Feminine stall urinal
D. Bidet

98. The minimum distance (in meters) of a well from a septic tank?

A. 15
B. 10
C. 25
D. 20

99. A piece of pipe threaded outside all through out to connect short runs of two
pipe fittings?
A. Nipple
B. Supply pip
C. Coupling
D. Close nipple

100. Prevents water hammer?

A. Water meter seal

B. Float valve
C. Check valve
D. Air chamber

101. Theater or movie houses water requirement is determined or estimated at 5

galloons of water per day for?

A. Total numbers of movie goer per day

B. Floor area space of auditorium
C. Total number of auditorium seat
D. Box office record

102. Water well yield is a factor considered to determine the size of?

A. Fixtures
B. Electrical wiring
C. Water pipe
D. Pump

103. A pipe fitting shape like letter S?

A. P-trap
B. Double Bend
C. U-trap
D. St. Bend

104. The part of a vent line which connects directly with an individual trap
underneath or behind the fixture and extends to the branch or man pipe at any
point higher than the fixture trap?

A. Blow-pipe
C. Back vent pipe
D. Soil pipe

105. The minimum number of water closet unit required for the female population
of an elementary school?
A. 1 per 75
B. 1 per 35
C. 1 per 50
D. 1 per 100

106. The minimum size of trap and waste branch for a bidet?

A. 3 diameter
B. 1- 1/2 diameter
C. 2 diameter
D. 1 diameter

107. A pipe which conveys only liquid waste, free of fecal matter?

A. Wet vent
B. Waste pipe
C. Vent pipe
D. Soil pipe

108. A general term used for any vertical line of soil, waste, or vent piping?

A. Stand pipe
B. Riser
C. Shaft
D. Stack

109. The minimum slope of a building drain?

A. 1/16 in./ft.
B. 1 in. / ft.
C. 1/8 in. /ft.
D. in. /ft.

110. The minimum sized of a trap and waste branch for a pedestal urinal?

A. 2 diameter
B. 2 1/2 diameter
C. 3 diameter
D. 4 diameter

111. The minimum size of a trap and waste branch for a shower stall?

A. 2 diameter
B. 3 diameter
C. 1 1/2 diameter
D. 1 diameter

112. The minimum sized of a trap and waste branch for a size of foot bath?

A. 1 1/4 diameter
B. 2 diameter
C. 1,1/2 diameter
D. 1 diameter

113. Black steel pipe with galvanized malleable fitting is ideal for?

A. Oxygen pipe
B. Electrical conduit
C. Gas pipe
D. Water Pipe

114. The minimum number of a urinal fixture required for the male population of
both elementary and secondary school?

A. 1 per 40
B. 1 per 50
C. 1 per 60
D. 1 per 30

115. The prescribe color coding of piping under refrigerating division of all pipes
and fittings?

A. White
B. Yellow
C. Gray
D. Black

116. A type of coupling or joining device having internal screw threads or nuts
with opposite screws at the end. By turning the internal screws, it is possible to
connect two metal rods and regulate the length and tension of this rods?

A. Vice grip
B. Union patente
C. Turnstile
D. Turnbuckle

Questions and Answers
1. A device for converting alternating current to direct current.

2. Another name for a Rectifier.

3. A controller sensitive to the degree of moisture in the air.

4. Consist of a flyball or flyweight device designed to stop an elevator.

5. Flange used on a pipe to cover a hole or opening in a floor or wall which the
pipe pass.

6. Any liquid waste containing animal or vegetable matter in suspension or


7. Interrelationship between value of voltage and current with the same


8. An Instrument which responds to changes in temperature, and directly or

indirectly controls temperature.

9. A machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, a generator

of alternating current.

10. Freon in air-con must be compressed and liquefied in order to absorb _____.

11. Treats hard water.

12. Unit of loudness level.

13. Unit of sound absorption equivalent to 1 square foot of perfectly absorptive


14. Fluctuation in pressure, a particle displacement in an elastic medium.

15. The luminous intensity of light is expressed in _____.

16. In Latin, it means 'lead'.

17. Receptacles intended to receive and discharge water, water-carried waste

into a drainage system with which they are connected.

18. Instrument used for measuring atmospheric pressure.

19. Bets type of fire detection that can detect fire during the incipient stage.
20. Condensing unit is a part of a ___.

21. A faucet fitted with a nozzle curving downward used as a draw-off tap.

22. The luminous intensity of any surface in a given direction per unit of projected

23. A unit of illumination equivalent to 1 lumen per square meter.

24. The material used for filament in an incandescent bulb.

25. The equivalent of filament in a fluorescent lamp.


Questions and Answers
1. Identify the miter joint from the following.

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D

2. A roofing tile which has the shape of an S laid on its side is a

A. Mission tile
B. Pantile
C. French tile
D. None of the above

3. Identify which figure is a dado wood joint.

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D
4. That part of the building foundation which forms the permanent retaining wall
of the structure below grade is a

A. Foundation course
B. Grade beam
C. Foundation wall
D. Shear wall

5. Identify which figure is flemish (double stretcher) brickwork.

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D

6. Joint employed to reduce restraint by accommodating movement of masonry

walls are known as

A. Cold joints
B. Control joints
C. Block outs
D. Expansion joints

7. A system of framing a building in which the studs are continuous to roof

supporting second floor joints is known as

A. Post and beam

B. Western framing
C. Balloon framing
D. Post and lintel
9. Identify which figure is a blind and sub-mortise and tenon joint.

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D

10. Rough plaster finish obtained by flinging plaster on a wall with a hand
operated machine is

A. Tryolean finish
B. Trowel finish
C. Broom stripped finish
D. Smooth finish

11. Identify which letter in the target is a valley jack rafter?

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D

12. A principal member of the truss which extends from one end to the other
primarily to resist bending is a

A. Web member
B. Girt
C. Chord
D. King post

13. A protein: the chief nitrogenous ingredient in milk is

A. Lactose
B. Tempera
C. Alabaster
D. Casein

14. a composition of two or more metals fused together usually to obtain a

desired property

A. Annealing
B. Alloy
C. Built-up
D. None of the above
15. The horizontal distance from the face of a lock or latch to the center of the
knob or lock cylinder

A. Backset
B. Backfill
C. Built-up
D. Lockset

16. A commercially pure iron of fibrous nature, valued for its corrosion resistance
and ductility is

A. Cast iron
B. Black iron
C. Wrought iron
D. Heavy iron

17. The Filipino term for horizontal stud is

A. Pabalagbag
B. Tahilan
C. Pilareta
D. Pamakuan

18. The Filipino term for riser

A. Muldura
B. Takip silipan
C. Planehuelda
D. Baytang

19. The Filipino term for collar plate is

A. Hardinera
B. Guililan
C. Sinturon
D. Soliya

20. The Filipino term for temper (metal work)

A. Subhan/Subo
B. Espolon
C. Poleva
D. None of the above

21. The Filipino term for plumb line is

A. Pantilya
B. Asintada
C. Plumbo
D. Hulog

22. A beam that projects beyond one or both its support

A. Continuous
B. Cantiliver
C. Tie
D. Projecting beam

23. A wall (bearing or non-bearing) designed to resist lateral forces parallel to the

A. Non-bearing
B. Prefabricated
C. Shear
D. Grade wall

24. Using stair tread-riser proportion formula RT = 75, given riser equals 6
how many risers will there be between two floors having floor line to floor line
distance of 7.8125 feet?

A. 15
B. 17
C. 19
D. 20

25. A modern method of installing wood parquet flooring on wooden boards sub-
flooring is by

A. Gluing/pasting
B. Nailing into battens
C. Wainscoting
D. Drilling

26. The standard height of window sills for office rooms in upper floors is

A. 1.2 meters
B. 0.60 meters
C. 1.00 meters
D. 0.90 meters

27. The dimension of commercial acoustic boards for aluminum T-runners used
for dropped-ceiling in offices is

A.30 x 60 x 1
B. 24 x 50 x 7/8
C. 24 x 48 x
D. 24" x 60" x 1/2"

28. The total floor area 16 feet wide by 60 feet deep needs one inch (1) x
4(commercial size) T & G flooring. Assuming that the available T & G is 1 x 4 x
16 and the effective width is 3.5 , the total board feet needed is

A. 1,280 bf
B. 1,098 bf
C. 1,330 bf
D. 1,298 bf

29. A system of framing a building on which floor joists of each storey rest on the
top plates of the storey below and the bearing walls and partitions rest on the
subfloor of each storey is known as

A. Balloon framing
B. Flank framing
C. Western framing
D. Floor framing
30. In the design of a large shopping centers where space is required, intervals
of columns can be wider than the ordinary by adopting a structural method of
construction called

A. Compressioning
B. Post-tensioning
C. Pre-casting
D. Pre-tensioning

31. Humidification and condensation in exterior walls can be minimized by

A. Providing stud space between exterior finish and interior finish

B. Providing building paper sheathing
C. Providing building paper sheathing and space filled
D. None of the above

32. Heat gain through the structure of a habitable room occur in tropical regions
at walls and roofs by conduction. This can be minimized by the use of

A. Wood
B. Concrete
C. Steel
D. Plastic

33. A material used to remedy vapor flow

A.Glossy surfaced asphalt saturated paper, 50 lbs or more

B. Wall paper
C. Asbestos cement board
D. Cement plaster

34. Dry walls do not require appreciable amount of moisture and they are
customarily finished with

A. Mortar and cement

B. Plywood on studs
C. Lath and plaster
D. Plastering

35. Wallboards or plywood maybe applied over studs. They can also be applied
over CHB masonry wall by using

A. Wood battens
B. Studs
C. Sheathing
D. Furring

36. It is necessary to provide _______ to turn back water whenever joints occur
in which dissimilar materials come together.

A. Flashing material
B. Binding material
C. Counter flushing
D. Covering material

37. The part of a foundation system which supports the exterior walls of a
superstructure and bears directly on the column footing is a

A. Foundation course
B. Grade wall
C. Foundation wall
D. Grade beam

38. A narrow strip of wood applied to cover a joint along the edges of two parallel
boards in the same plane is a

A. Fillet
B. Cant strip
C. Batten
D. None of the above
39. The stressing of unbounded tendons after concrete has cured is

A. Pre-tensioning
B. Pre-casting
C. Lift slab
D. Post-tensioning

40. The boxing in of covering a joist, beam or girder to give the appearance of a
larger beam is known as

A. Beam formworks
B. Beam blocking
C. Grade beam
D. Girder beam